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Murder of U.S. Marine Aaron Contreras over Edward Lee Howard (Bechtold and Bush)

I've already blogged about it, but I knew Aaron Contreras and I am sure he was murdered, not just "killed by accident". I included some comments sent to him up to Nathan Bechtold, because Nathan is one of the individuals Aaron Contreras was trying to warn me about. Aaron was still in high school when he attempted to get my attention to have me realize how I had already met the Bechtold family before I had ever moved to Sherwood, Oregon. I didn't recognize them as stalking me because I had been living in Moses Lake, WA, in another state, when I was traveling out of country and met George Bechtold, and then after I met George, Nathan Bechtold was invited to my house in M.L. to sexually assault me. Of the generational premeditated attacks against me, the Bechtold family used George Bechtold (gen. 1) and then Nathan Bechtold (gen. 2) and next it was Robin Bechtold (gen. 2 or 3--Nathan's younger brother) and I didn't connect the fact that the Bechtold family I "was just meeting for the first time" in Sherwood was the same as the one I had already partially met. Several people were murdered prior to 2004. You notice 2004 was a big "coming out party" for Barak and Katie Middleton and many people were killed first. Aaron (2003), Edward Lee Howard (who knew Aaron, 2004), Robert Garrett Sr. (who knew Edward Lee Howard), and so on. Aaron attempted to tell me about Edward Howard and I didn't know who he was talking about or didn't remember at first. Aaron probably had no idea I was basically a walking surveillance system and that anything he shared with me probably was transmitted straight to NSA and George Bush I and II. He also said to me at one point, "Is your name Cameo Garrett or Cameo Howard?"

He was the only person out of everyone at that school that tried to warn me. He tried to tell me about Edward Howard and he also tried to warn me about the Bechtolds and to get me to remember who they were and which ones of them I had already met. He knew they were stalking me. He also knew about Nathan and Nathan Bechtold was one of the individuals who was at my house in Moses Lake when I was forced to have penises in my mouth as a "Milkshake Machine" for retaliation about someone reporting crimes against humanity (against me) to the United Nations. Nathan Bechtold didn't even live in Moses Lake and because I'd only met his Dad previously, in Oregon and in Africa, and maybe seen him in Oregon, he was coming to my house from a totally different state. He was one of the men there who the other men discussed, saying they thought maybe he was one of the "strawberry" parts of their milkshake, because they had "vanilla" (white, blond or brown pubic hair), and they had "chocolate" (a black man), and they were saying Nathan and another guy there could be the "strawberry" part of the mix and disputed whether it should be over reddish pubic hair or pinker toned penises. They put Nathan into the "strawberry" category and then mentioned his brother at one point as well saying is it good enough if their brother has red hair. They knew Barak Obama. They all made fun of me when I made an involuntary noise at one point, because it was being rammed to the back of my throat and said, "She LIKES it. She LIKES the BLACK SNAKE!" they were saying, 'Did you hear that moan she made? She LIKES it." I was being raped and electrocuted and in pain. They knew I didn't "like" anything they were doing to me. They not only raped and tortured me, they degraded me with comments like that.

The entire Bechtold family assaulted me sexually: George, Nathan, and Robin. Robin was stalking me in school and had already targeted me and Aaron was looking scared and trying to get me to realize it. He was saying, "Do you remember Edward?" and I would say, "Huh?" and he'd say, "Edward Howard. Do you remember Edward Howard?" I was so detached from my "former life in Moses Lake" I didn't think about most of the things I had done in the other location. I had been blasted with torture, had a brain surgery done to my head, been secretly flown back and forth to a dozen different countries in short periods of time, and had been on-the-go up until a period of quiet prior to moving to Sherwood, Oregon, Bechtold Territory. We were moved right into the Devil's Den. When I was meeting new people in a "new state" I never thought "Oh, that person looks like someone from the past" because I had the assumption everyone and everything was "new" and I'd never met any of those people before. Aaron tried to warn me because he knew I wasn't remembering clearly. He knew two things and tried to get my attention about two things: Edward Lee Howard. And then after trying to tell me he was giving me a message from Edward Howard, and that he was on Howard's side, he tried to warn me to stay away from the Bechtold family. He's dead. Why is he dead? Because someone decided to get him to enlist with the U.S. Marines which is fine, but they deliberately stationed him in Janet Bechtold's mother's territory of California and then when he was in Iraq, he was hit. Why wait that long? I think someone was just saving it up. Maybe they thought they'd follow him around for awhile and see what they got out of him. Maybe get him to put in a few years service, track him, and then before the big corrupt debutante ball, murder a whole string of individuals who had tried to warn me or who could 'get in the way' by making reports. He was also friends with, or mentioned by Erica Ballinger's sister, Christy, who also had California connections and Mr. Yuille-Tanzer/Sterling contacts. I heard her say once, around Erica, or Erica said over the phone to me, after he died, "Did you know about Aaron Contreras?" and I didn't know. I think people wanted to see what my reaction was in case they thought I might speak up about him. George and Janet Bechtold are so sick, and so sickly messed up with sick family and sick kids, they had Janet's mother trying to get illegal diamonds in Africa and attempting to use her personal influence to ruin my life; George interrogating, torturing people and forcing me to work in a diamond pit and then French-kissing me in front of people as he forced me on the ground; Janet making fun of me as "homeless" saying 'how does it feel' after first trying to set me out to her wolves in San Francisco or her own house (image) and giving me bad grades on creative story-writing she judged for OSU; Nathan pulling his pants down with a bunch of gang-rapists in my house to expose his penis and put it in my mouth while I was electrocuted to make "a milkshake"; and then they forced me to move to a house on Robin Bechtold's fucking bus route so he could stalk me there, try to rape me, spy on me, move money around, move next-door to buddy George Bush, and then later rape me and make comments referring to Edward Howard as he did, and noting George Bush as well. They are SICK. Of course, with rapist James Comey as FBI Director, Bechtolds, Obama, and other criminals who have tortured me and are still doing this to me and my son, feel secure.

So when I had told "Detective" fuck-up Brian Gross I wanted to report Robin Bechtold along with Josh Gatov for rape, he tried to turn the entire rape report I was making away. He told me I might want to go disappear somewhere and "get a new coat." Brian Gross is a criminal. He deliberately got two rapists off for rape, by prematurely closing the investigation and didn't even make any report about Robin even though I reported it. He also had two major conflicts of interest and already knew it--one was that his partner was Anderson and the other was that his boss was one of Nathan and Robin Bechtold's best friends, Potter. Chief Tom Potter, I don't know, I think he's possibly connected to Jason Potter, who was good friends with Nathan and Robin. He tried to ruin my resume in work by being my boss, hiring me for a job in Portland while knowing me, and having Lorraine Rose's son's girlfriend working there...so get this...TWO different England Middleton contacts at that workplace: Josh Rose's girlfriend (who knew Lorraine and Emmanueal Rose who were involved in hate crimes against me in England for Gary Goldsmith, Daniel and Katie Middleton and then helping organizing the bridge sodomy of me in Coquille fucking Oregon. THEN switch it over to George Bechtold, who was part of their fucking illegal diamond smuggling ring. While Lorraine and her Gary-Middleton jews were cleaning up and cutting the diamonds, Georgie Porgie was packing them over. Now WASN'T he. There's the little Jewish Supremacy Hate crime rapist connection to the Robin Bechtold rapist link. SHAZAM. So here's Emmanual Rose strangling me at a house in Coquille, as they check to "see if we can push it through" and then set me up through "Alan" (Chris Dabney friend) to be sodomized on a bridge with George Bechtold and Bush standing guard. This is after Nathan was using me as a "Milkshake Maker" with men who were lined up to put penises in my mouth when I was electrocuted. Did Nathan ever tell anyone "She's being electrocuted" ? Of course not and neither did Robin Bechtold, who was nothing but a Tory. The article from Canada was about getting the young tories to deflower Caroline when I was the one at the end of a line being called "Honey" and told, "That's what you call a milkshake honey" with James Comey there, Nathan Bechtold, and others as well. So when I'm reporting Robin later, and Jason Potter was my "boss", I had my resume ruined and couldn't get another job and was blacklisted because the Pedophiles had deliberately tried to ruin my work reputation.

Aaron Contreras was murdered. He was deliberately shot down or put into the line of fire and blasted down, however he died, like Bathsheba's husband under the evil eye of King David the Pervert.

The other thing is that when I was gang-raped at the Middleton's house, in England, I was at Daniel's diamond shop first, because Gary Goldsmith's friend Daniel was around and wanted me to look at some things, and had some Russian Jews with him in the shop. Gary and Daniel were there together and then Gary left the room and Daniel was telling me to look at some diamonds through a microscope. While I did, I had something happen to my eye that was viewing the diamond. Basically, somehow, with some kind of technology, he targeted my eye and damaged it as I was looking through the microscope. It was like a sudden laser to my eye and then I couldn't even see out of that eye. Then he did it to the other one but not as bad, and my eyesight was blurry and when I later was being electrocuted at Carol Middleton's house, I could see some man going to her bed afterwards but I couldn't see the face because my eyes were damaged and still recovering. After this was done to me, I was later led through an underground tunnel at another location blindfolded with Katie Middleton holding my head and "leading" me ahead of her into a room where I was sodomized. Like she was the "guide" or had the light or could see or something and I couldn't and then taking me into a cavern where several individuals waited to assault me over a pile of bricks.


Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Remembering the servicemembers who died in the service of their country.

Marine Capt. Aaron J. Contreras

31, of Sherwood, Oregon.
Killed in a UH-1N Huey helicopter crash in southern Iraq. He was assigned to Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron (HMLA)-169, Marine Aircraft Group-39, Marine Corps Air Station, Camp Pendleton, California. Died on March 30, 2003.

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"Ten years have gone by and I still cry every time I think about you. I miss you so much. You were my best friend and brother all in one. I think about you almost every day and wonder how Janelle and the family are doing. Janelle, Aidan,Rose,and Ashley if you come across this someday, please write me. Send me pictures! gary.morgan@kiewit.com"
Gary of Chicago,Illinois, USA

"Capt Contreras,
You are still greatly missed. Continued blessings to you and your family. It was an honor to serve with you as a Viper. Semper Fi,"
LtCol John and Deena Neville of Patuxent River, MD

"I was there that night and saw the helo crash. A sadness hit me. The horror of war. Another fallen Marine. I will never forget Capt Contreras. Although I did not know him well I would see him around the area. Rest in peace.

Semper Fi sir.

John Ortiz
MSgt USMC (Ret)
John Ortiz of Oceanside, Ca

"Each time I am asked about serving in Iraq, my thoughts return to the unfaithful night of the ARFF Marines trying to assist you during the war. It was something that will stay with me the rest of my life. We had know way of knowing any names at the time it was you. Upon finding out, I was deeply saddened to realize it was someone I knew personally really bought tears to my eyes. I remember you and I coaching Aidan and Michael in the youth basketball leagues. It was a joy to assist our sons learn basketball and grow. You are now guarding the pearly gates of heaven.

Semper Fi,
Vincent Alexander
Msgt. USMC (ret)"
Vincent Alexander of Oceanside, CA

"Each time I am asked about serving in Iraq, my thoughts do not return to the unfaithful night of trying to assist you during the war. It was something that will stay with me the rest of my life. Then a few days later to find it was you my Marines were fighting really bought tears to my eyes. I remember you and I coaching Aidan and Michael in the youth basketball leagues. It was a joy to assist our sons learn basketball and grow. You are now guarding the pearly gates of heaven.

Semper Fi,
Vincent Alexander
Msgt. USMC (ret)"
Vincent Alexander of Oceanside, CA

"05-30-2010…Aaron & Janelle, I attended a great Memorial Day Service at church today. I’ve been thinking of you, Janelle, and your family all day today. God Bless those that have given their tomorrows for our todays. You, my brother, are a hero! God Bless you and those that sacrificed their lives for our country!

For the Joy of the Lord is your strength, do not be dejected or sad… NEH 8:10"
Rick Newnum of Kernersville, NC

"wow.... I came across Aaron's name in a listing of fallen soldiers, and it just struck a chord with me, so i did an internet search to see who he was. I am amazed. I'm sorry I didn't have the privilege of knowing Aaron. He is clearly loved, respected and looked up to. I was crying reading some of the comments, then I found out that he also is a Christian, and read a comment that made me laugh about him singing "oh where is my hairbrush" from veggie tales, as my husband does the same. Well, I may not have had the privilege of knowing him here in this life, but I know I'll get to meet him in heaven. My prayers are with his family, We lost first child, our infant daughter, my precious Jovie, 3 years ago, and i know from experience that prayers are still envied even years after our loved ones are gone to be with Jesus. God Bless, 2-19-2010"
Rebekah Spear of Menifee, CA

"Another 4th of July, another birthday that will come and go, but memories that will live on in our hearts forever!! Missing Aaron greatly!"
Jenkins Family of Serving Proudly - USAF - CO Springs, CO

"To the family of Capt. Contreras,
I apologize it had taken so long for me to write you and offer my condolences for your loss. Every time I try to write on this I get choked with emotion and feel what I say doesn't give justice to Capt. Contreras. I was there the night of the crash. I was a young lance corporal in the crash fire and rescue platoon. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about that night. Semper fi, sir, and rest in peace. I can be reached at sandusky_m01@yahoo.com if you would like to chat."
Sgt Sandusky of Indianapolis IN

"I will NEVER forget you. Respect to you as a person and an Officer in the USMC. Semper Fi Devil!!!"
Cpl Mullins/HMLA 169 '03 of San Diego, Ca

Thinking of you my dear cousin. With all my love."
Jane of Houston, Texas

"It may surprise many that my involvement in the new grandstand project at Sherwood High School had little to do with the benefit to athletics at Sherwood High School. I personally got involved because of the sacrifice that Marine Captain Aaron J. Contreras made in service to our country in the war on terrorism when he lost his life in Iraq on March 30, 2003.
I never had the privilege to meet Captain Contreras but after all he is a member of the Bowmen family so I feel like I know him. My son Josh, a proud Bowmen sophomore was born on March 30th. So on that day when my family and I celebrate his life, I am and will forever be reminded of Captain Contreras.
In a recent newspaper article in the Oregonian, the September 11, 2008 edition much was made about how this magnificent community asset would be paid for. Not to say that isn’t important but a great opportunity was missed to share why this project is so important to our community. You see, Captain Aaron J. Contreras represented the best Sherwood has to offer. The facility is not about athletics for me. The facility is a fitting and appropriate way to honor the memory of a great American who called Sherwood Oregon his home. In the big picture what our community has done in constructing this Grandstand and how it is paid for pales in comparison with the sacrifice that Aaron’s family made. To his Mother and father, siblings, his wife and children and extended family Sherwood Oregon will be forever grateful to the commitment Captain Contreras made to his City, his State and his Nation.
I am proud to have participated in a small way to bring honor to his name and the Contreras family with the construction of Aaron J. Contreras Memorial Stadium."
Jim Patterson of Sherwood Oregon

"I can't believe it's been 5 years. It doesn't seem possible. I think of you and your family everyday. I remember visiting you in AZ when Aidan was just able to walk and hold a basketball. The memories are good. Thank you for your sacrifice and touching my life the way you did. You will NEVER be forgotten."
Christine Marleau of Damascus, OR

"Its been 5 years, and I still remember hugging you in your kitchen before you left, like it was yesterday. You were such an amazing man. Will never forget Catalina with Janelle!! And never will forget you."
L&C of New Market, MN


It's been 5 years now and we still think of you every day. Thank you for touching our lives and for leaving such a lasting impression.

Ryan and Erika Hart 3.30.08"
Erika Hart of Richlands, NC

"Aaron-Wanted to let you know that I have followed your lead. You made an impression on me that you probably did not realize at the time, as I did not either. The two years that I knew you at ERAU were not easy for either one of us, but your plate was full. You handled the unexpected with maturity and confidence. Your moral compass was strong, that was what impressed me most about you. To finish up at ERAU and be commissioned in the USMC was a tribute to your hard work and Janelle's support.

I talked to your parents shortly after your death, I hope they as well as Janelle and the kids have found what peace they can. I will always remember flying down to Russ's wedding in the 172 RG, remember my dive-bomber approach? I still laugh when I remember that. Anyway your picture is on my mantle, and now my wife and 3 kids know about my friend.

After Sept 11th, I started thinking about how to make a difference. Your passing two years later spurred me into action. I know it sounds strange, but I gave up my corporate career and became a police officer because I wanted to serve, and to help my country in some small way. My memories of you and your strong convictions along these lines kept me going when things got rough. Anyway, the day I graduated from the police academy, I had you in my thoughts and prayers..I know you are looking down on your family and watching out for them still, goodbye my friend..

Marty Hynes"
Marty Hynes of Brentwood, CA

"Aaron, it's almost the end of the year and almost Janelle's birthday. I can't help to think of the surprise birthday party you gave her in '02. It was such a fun and memorable night and Ryan and I still talk about it from time to time. You sang karaoke all night long! Every time I hear Candlebox I think of you. You are truely missed my friend and you will always be in our hearts. By the way, if Ryan and I have a daughter we plan on naming her Erin after you."
Erika Hart of Richlands, NC

"We are doing a piece about Aaron and the american way of our soilders in the January school paper at SHS. Please read and respect"
Current SHS Senior of Sherwood Oregon

"I don't know who all knows this but, Sherwood High School is building a new stadium. "The Aaron J. Contreras Memorial Stadium." We are doing lots of fundraisers for the 1.5 million that is needed (we are halfway there!). Please contact SHSstadium@comcast.net if you are interested in more information. Thank you, and God bless the Contreras Family."
SHS Mom of Sherwood, OR

"Happy Birthday to the one we miss like no other. We are also able to celebrate our freedom because of such selfless sacrifices such as yours."
Jenkins Family of Alabama

"July 4, 2007
To the family of Aaron J. Contreras. Aaron gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. I cannot and will not let our fallen heroes be forgotten. My deepest sympathy to you."Some gave all."
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers of Carson City, NV

"rick, if you look this up - I thank yo You so much for your message - email me, I would love to chat. Janelle, janellec@bendbroadband.com"

"The amount of how much we miss you does not change on this day, it just brings it a little closer to the surface..."
Jenkins of Alabama

"It's Memorial Day, 2007. Aaron, Janelle, we prayed for you and your family yesterday in church. I was Aaron and Janelle's roomate in college at Embry-Riddle. It seems so long ago... Aidan came along, Aaron was so proud. Aidan, your name was almost "Blade", has your mom ever told you that story? Those were great days...

Aaron, not long after your passing, your co-pilot came home to North Carolina to the same small town that I live in now. I met him at the airport and thanked him for his service to our country. I asked him if he flew with you on that final flight. He looked shocked and said yes and then I told him we were friends and roomates in college. I ate dinner with him and met his parents. His parents realized how blessed thay were to have their son and they prayed for Janelle and the kids.

Aaron, you are missed by countless people. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. God Bless you Janelle! And God Bless your family."
Rick Newnum of Kernersville, NC

"Capt. Contreras,
Sir, I would like to say thank you to you and the two other Marines who were killed in that crash for your service and sacrifice for our Country. And to your family and loved ones, I wish to extend my deepest sympathy.

Semper Fi Devil Dog!"

"Not a day goes by that we don’t miss you Aaron. You are a true hero in our household! We talk of your bravery quite often. We send our love to your family and our friends."
Ron Engel & Crystal Robbins of Tigard, OR formerly of Sherwood, OR


I think of you often. I would have never told you growing up but I looked up to you. You always made the right choice and this made you a leader. You made those around you a better person. I remember when you were worried that members of our basketball team would get into trouble on new years eve so you called a mandatory all night party at your house. You were destined to be a Father and a Marine. Thank you Aaron. I will make sure that my daughter knows who you were and what you stood for."
Don Livingston of Sherwood, Oregon

"I salute you, Aaron, for your bravery, for your love, for your faith. You have been in Heaven 3 years now seeing the awesome face of our God. I know you are happy. We miss you and love you. Please keep praying for us."
Carol Ann of NYC & Sherwood, OR

"Thank you Aaron for being such a loving and caring Christian. Thank you for setting an example of how fathers should love their family. I miss you everyday."
UJ of Sherwood, Oregon

"Janelle,....I just met you in psy class last quarter...what an amazing journey you are traveling....I hope our sharing has helped...it has me...I am glad there is that eye-to-eye understanding between us....you are traveling well, lady, be proud and look at those beautiful children you both created! Aaron was your husband and half of only YOUR heart. See ya next week!!"
Marty of Terrebonne, OR

"Wow. I never even knew this site existed. I mean I did, but I think I'm getting old enough to actually realize what it is and what it means. I was just reading all of the comments everyone has made. I just wanted to say how much they mean to me and my family. It's been three years now. Every single day I think about what he would be doing if he were still here. Not a day goes by that we don't think about him and miss him. Love you pops."
Aidan (son) of Bend, OR


I miss you from the time I get up, until the time I go to sleep. Love you bro."
Spagman of Seattle, WA

"To the family of Aaron Contreras. I just returned from a memorial service for the 3rd anniversary of the Iraq War. Everyone was given the name of a soldier who had sacrificed their life in Iraq. I received the name of Aaron Contreras. When I saw that he was 31 years old when he died it broke my heart and I wondered if he had a young family and now from reading this website I see that he had a wife and 3 young children. It also looks like there are many others who also loved him. I want you to know that I now feel a connection and will have Aaron in my thoughts and prayers forever. I am a nurse and work with Veterans every day, I have great admiration for the sacrifices that military families make for all of us. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you"
Jane Hafner of Fairway, ks

"Just thinking of you. The boys and I were watching an old Veggie Tales tape. On it was "Where Is My Hairbrush." I remember like it was yesterday, you singing that song. Before children, I thought you were crazy singing that song over and over and OVER. Now I laugh with you, it is stuck in my head too!!! Memories, all good, mean so much!! To all the brothers, we have talked (not enough) to Janelle and your Mom and Dad. However, I just wanted to let you know that we think and pray for all of you often."
Frankie of Alabama

"Dear Capt. Aaron J. Contreras,
I know you'll be able to read this up there in heaven so I just wanted to pass this story on to you.
I also am a Captain and a helicopter pilot in the Marine Corps and have recently returned from Iraq where I was wounded in combat. This weekend I was in Washington DC where I visited the World War II Memorial. I was wearing my Delta uniform and unfortunately walking with crutches (due to my injury). While I was walking around the Memorial your mom and dad approached me and identified themselves as the parents of a Marine who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving in Iraq. I spoke with your mom and dad and I just wanted to tell you that they looked like they were doing well. Your parents are so very proud of you. Your dad carried a gentle smile yet looked strong when we spoke of you. Your mom was encouraged by the uniform and had a particular way of making me feel comfortable even though I could tell that she misses you dearly. Both your parents were strong and I could tell that they were the parents of a Marine. Aaron, I guess I just wanted to tell you that your parents looked like they were doing well and that they miss you. I thought of them for the rest of the weekend and they're in my prays. God Bless.
September 19th, 2005"
Capt Raymond S. Lopes USMC of Staten Island, New York

"8/18/05 - I didn't know Aaron as well as I would have liked, but I did see first hand his love for his family. Janelle, I think of you and the kids often. I wonder how you cope and deal.

Your "cub scout" family."
Gail (Wade's Auntie) of San Diego, CA/USA

I have read this page so many times trying to find the strength to write what I am feeling. I guess that is why it has taken me over a year of just reading. Every time I try, the words turn to tears.
This past week we took an emergency trip because we thought "Granny" was going to pass away. She is doing better, mostly from prayer, and who knows, maybe a little help from you :) ! It has been very difficult, because, besides you, Jeff has not really had to experience the loss of someone so close. We treasure every moment that we had with you. Jeff, still to this day tears up with just a mention of your name. The other day I had a garage sale I sold some free-weights that were in a box. Jeff realized they were gone, reminded me that you gave them to him. I could tell that it was not a huge deal, he was just a little saddend because you had once owned them. At Jeff's promotion ceremony Janelle gave Jeff one of your Captain bars and I guarantee they will have a "Marine" shine forever.
We also think of you and Janelle on a daily basis with our little ones, Nicholas and Aaron. I guess you probably know how our Aaron got his name :) (It was actually a consideration for Nicholas if he would have been a girl, we wanted to use the name then as well, to let you know how much you meant to us) You both did, and you know Janelle continues to do, such a wonderful job with Aidan, Taylor and Ashley. We are constantly asking ourselves, "What would Aaron and Janelle do in this situation?"
This weekend "July 4th", like every July 4th, we will continue to celebrate the day of your birth and your life. Your soul continues to touch us and remind us that our God is truly amazing. We love and miss you ever so much."
Frankie, Jeff, Nicholas and Aaron Jenkins, USAF family of Prattville, AL

"Aaron - We honor you this weekend. I wish we could have known you better. Your wife and children are always in our thoughts. Don and Carma Corcoran"
Don/Carma Corcoran of Portland, OR


It has now been 2 years, and Tom told me about going to visit you at the cemetery last week. 5 helicopters flew overhead - I hope you know how that comforted him, and your other brothers, and your parents. To know that you are here, and that you will never forget us, as we will never forget you. I'm sorry I could not be there, but I think about you every day. We all miss you so much, and will love you forever."
Leanne Contreras (Sister-in-Law) of Walnut Creek, CA

"I never knew Aaron, but have found out, from the articles that he was a wonderful amn who loved everything about life. There is a beautiful tribute to Aaron at Oregon State University, and it reminded me how proud I am to be an American. God bless."
Margaret of OR

"I never knew Aaron, but I grew up with his wife Janelle. I ran into Janelle and their three children at the airport on their way home from Aaron's funeral.
What an amazing family. Janelle is a very strong woman and will teach her children to be the same. Aaron must be looking down and smiling to know that Janelle will teach his children how to love unconditionally. I am so proud of Janelle. Thank you for allowing Aaron to serve our country. We will never forget him my friend."
Nycole Peraza of Vancouver, Washington, USA

"To the friends and family of Aaron J contreras:
My sincere condolences for your tragic loss. My husband Justin Linden was also KIA in Iraq, and it kills me to know how many of us have had to bare this horrible pain. Your loved ones sacrifice is greatly appreciated by so many great Americans. Aaron will live on forever in your hearts."
Sarah Linden of Portland, OR USA

"RIP Sir"
Petty Officer Cawthon of RTC Great Lakes, IL

"I am really sorry for your friends that you lost and I'd like to thank the nice people that are making the sculpture and the quilt. I would like to join in with them to make something for you and your family."
7th grade student of Barker Middle School

"I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. I am sure he was a very wonderful dad and a wonderful man. For the children I am truly sorry for your fathers death. I would never be the same if my father died. It would change my life forever. So from the bottom of my heart I am so very sorry for your pain and suffering."
7th grade student of Barker middle school

"Aaron, I remember all of those nights a CCD. I remember all of those nights at your parents house watching football tapes. I remember first playing soccer and then football. Those times do not seem that long ago. I will miss you my friend."
Nathan Bechtold of Sherwood, OR

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