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Kidnapped At Medford Airport

I was kidnapped at the Medford, Oregon airport in the late 80s.  I've written about this, but one of many forms of kidnapping of me, committed by U.S. government employees, was a kidnapping of me in the open, public view of this airport.

It was around the time I was going to OSU as a pre-teen and Edward Howard had already visited and I was told to go there if I wanted to pick up a dog.

I was looking at getting a dog and at the time, I also looked at cryobanks because even though I hadn't had my period or wasn't able to get pregnant, the idea was interesting to me when I heard about it through studying how plant DNA is extracted and they are bred.

I was going to get a poodle.  I thought about a larger dog but I wasn't sure how I could take it on the bus.  I figured a toy poodle wouldn't be a problem hiding at all. 

I've said it before, but I got there and there were men there acting like they had a right to arrest me.  They blocked my way and said I was trying to leave the state or country.  Even if I was, or had gotten on a plane, that wasn't their business.  They had no legal right to block my freedom of travel. 

My parents were not even around, and I hadn't told them, but I was living on my own for the most part.  I wasn't even living in the house with them.  They said they didn't want me living with them because I was "dangerous".  This was most likely a U.S. idea after I shot a guy (not with premeditation and not impulsively either, but to defend myself) in Africa who was about to shoot me.  I was told he had been Secret Service.  If so, it's odd they'd be trying to kill me.  I thought Secret Service did the exact opposite kind of work.  I was 100% not harmful or dangerous because I never, ever, premeditated harming anyone or killing them.  I was also not delusional or impulsive and therefore dangerous.  For example, I didn't imagine he was pulling the trigger to kill me and I wasn't "flighty" or impulsive at all.  I was trained not to panic in emergencies so just getting trigger-happy wasn't my tendency.  It was an unexpected, justified self-defense.  All of the circumstances around it also pointed to the fact that he'd really been a dangerous person.  If I had seen him with a gun while there was a wild animal in front of us, I'd have thought he was just protecting us from the animal.  I would never think "it's pointed at me".  But the animal had already tried to jump me and kill me and you could see how many there were--one.    So when it ran past the other way, to see him looking at me with hate and the gun pointed on me, with his finger pulling the trigger,...??? 

There was no warrant on me, or protective order.  No one brought it up or had me confined or said I was charged with something or that I couldn't leave one place to go to the next.

The kidnapping of me was really a kidnapping.  The U.S. had people surrounding me at that airport, and said, "Where do you think you're going?"  and "You're not going anywhere."

It was the same thing when the U.S. cops and FBI illegally put a false warrant on my car for purposes of obstructing my travel in 2004 when they knew I was in college and had needed my car for lawsuits.

Pretty much, the U.S. has blocked and obstructed my travel and has performed kidnappings of me, as long as I can remember.

Also, I am not sure the guy really died either, because they could have been blanks.  I was never really sure, the few times I saw deaths, that the person really died because the CIA and FBI people can do anything.  They can make something look real that's not even real.  At one point, someone even introduced me to "Faked Deaths 101" as a lesson.  I was taught a number of faked deaths, by watching faked ones, and how to spot a more natural or faked looking death.  Also, how to look dead or "down" myself.  I was shown blood packs too for fake blood and they were not your kitchen ketsup packets.  It was very real looking fake blood.  You sometimes licked it, to taste whether blood was blood (salty) or glycerin (sweet).   I am not sure which group of U.S. employees taught me this part but some of it was U.S.  A few things were maybe UK.

I remember William of Wales and teaching him to fake his own death inside the house before we went outside so I could more range to teach him "shadowing".  There was a servant or someone there who didn't like it because they felt it was too 'spooky' to see William lying on the ground, effectively faking his death.  He was good at it.  I demonstrated for him of course.  I didn't have any real blood packs either so I used ketsup and then when Diana saw what I was trying to do, she was nice enough to bring over real fake blood packs.  I thought it was really nice, that someone was contributing to support what we did.  Diana is the one who taught me how to tell the difference between fake and real blood (salty or sweet).  Different people showed me blanks too, in the UK and U.S., and how to fake getting hit and I watched others demonstrating. 

I was the one who got him a present that wasn't appreciated.   I was told I could pick out a present for him for Christmas or his birthday and that it was advised to keep it under a certain amount of money.  I got him a big gun.  It was over the amount or something and then what happened is when presents were unwrapped, he liked the one from me the most and it made Diana feel bad, like I was trying to outshine her and what she was giving.  I just thought, "I think he would really like a cool gun" and then I imagined how we could play more spy techniques with it.

I think the worst thing I ever did, with regard to decided "cruelty" but not feeling cruel at all, just more like obedient, was I got set up to do something for a royal supposedly and then I was accused of being heartless.  I loved animals but then one day I was told Val (Princess Michael) had a bunch of kittens and they couldn't keep them.  They were put into a bag and I was told, "The Queen wants you to drown them".  I think it was, "The Queen wants you to drown them" but possibly it was another one of these "If you do this, you can be Queen" comments.  I said why can't we give them to someone else?  and they said we can't.  They said we can't just give them away for free and if they stay, they'll eat too much of the cat food and take up territory.  I asked if I could keep one and was told no.  I said why don't we shoot them instead of drowning them?  I figured it would be faster and more merciful.  They said no one had ammunition.  So I went over and got the bag of cats (kittens) and said, "Okay" and then as I was walking out, a Dicksie (I think), Carol M., and Valerie stopped me saying, "What are you doing?" and looking at me with hate, one of them said to me sharply, "NO!" and took the kittens away and then said, "Oh you poor things, she was going to kill you".  So they made me feel like I was a mean little girl with no morals or something.  I never killed any animal though, unless it was in a hunt. 

One other thing about the man who had the gun in Africa, who was Secret Service, either it was him or a different of them committed suicide in front of me which was extremely traumatic.  He was some kind of an official or government employee and said "I can't do it" and gave a name out and then rather than be caught maybe, for giving me information, he put his own gun into his mouth and fired and I screamed.

It was in the same kind of field and the same kind of Secret Service man. I mean, the same type of everything, and I was in total shock because I thought "Why would he KILL HIMSELF?" and then there was this group of FBI and Secret Service kicking me. It is possible that his only reason for killing himself was like a spy vial of poison where, if worried about being apprehended by an enemy and tortured, the person would take poison to die instead...I thought, "Maybe he thought he'd be tortured by them for telling me anything or not killing me so he killed himself rather than suffer at their hands."

I only saw one suicide like that in my life.  I know I went over to look at him and picked up the gun he dropped, out of instinct and wondering if the blood was real and then the group of U.S. men accused me of killing him and said "you're holding the gun" but I told them, "Yeah, because I just picked it up."  I didn't realize they might try to frame me over something.  I can absolutely affirm that one event was a definite suicide.  AND I was being blamed and I didn't do anything to him at all. 

It was a similar thing when I had a lawyer in the backseat of a car with me and he said something to me and gave me his knife before our car was driven off a cliff or bridge into the water to sink.  I was jammed into the belt and this was while negotiating a massive settlement, that was supposed to go to me, and he gave me the knife and I had to use it to cut myself out and then I needed air and was going to try to rescue him but Dicksie went down instead and then came up and the police and FBI and corrupt "human trafficking team reporter" people all saw me walk out with his knife and accused me of doing something to him when I didn't.

It was after that, I was being told I was "dangerous" and I wasn't.    I hadn't killed the Secret Service guy who committed suicide on himself with a gun, and I hadn't killed my lawyer who went underwater, with his own knife but I had these cops and FBI around attempting to frame me as having done this. 

I guess I will have to correct what I wrote about the Secret Service guy in Africa because he was the one who committed suicide.  I also believe there was another situation there or before where it was a self-defense. 

He committed suicide unless it was faked, I'm not sure because I wasn't able to stick around.  I had no reason or motive to kill or harm either of them.  I think I wondered too, because a Robert Garrett jr. was behind the man a distance away and at first I wondered if he'd really killed himself or if the gun shot was from behind, like from Robert, but he put his gun at himself, from what I remember saying "I can't do it."  I thought he'd killed himself because he decided he couldn't kill me and didn't want to get in trouble for refusing.

Diana Spencer (I think) was around when one of the jets crashed.  I had thought the person I was with, that we were losing some of the guys on our trail but Diana looked really upset later, sort of worried and upset and something made me wonder, because she said, "They were trying to help you."  I am not sure what they were trying to help me with.  She saw it because it was my plane, their plane, and then her plane.

Like, in order...Plane A        Plane B      Plane C

I remember her expression because you could look back in a rearview mirror and see people and my eyesight was pretty good.  I had above-average sight at the time.  When I saw her, I was shocked to see her expression fall and a look of fear.  Previously, she'd had her game-face on, sort of the smiling, having fun aggressive team face, like in a sport.  Sort of a smirk maybe, but enjoying herself in a way.  So then when I looked back and it was gone, I thought, "Why is she so upset?" and it was confusing to me.

When we all got out she had tears in her eyes.  She did or a Dicksie did.  It looked like a Carol and a Dicksie (possibly) with her in that plane.  Camilla was also in their plane and I had wondered why Diana and Camilla and a Dicksie were all together.  Another time, there were possibly 4 planes.  One went down, but the others were maybe split into two other planes. 

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