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(UPDATED 1/19/14) In A Car Underwater: Murder of My Lawyer & Thebault Family

One of the things that happened once, either in a practice test of some kind or not, and for "real" was I was in a station wagon or van or a car with my family when it was driven off of a cliff into water and sank with all of us inside. At the time, I thought it was an attempt to murder me. There was a reason I thought it was to murder me.

The part which seems like it couldn't have been an attempt is the fact there were people watching from the outside when we surfaced, so to me, that would seem to say it was staged, but then again, staging can be for testing and it can also mean it was just premeditated.

The reason I had thought it was possibly an attempt to murder me was because someone expected me to be fastened in a certain way that would have been impossible to get out of. This happened when I was an older kid or young pre-teen. My seatbelt, that I was wearing at the time, was jammed stuck. To me, it did not "seem" to be a natural jam. Even though yes, I'm sure seatbelts can jam underwater, it felt like no, this was another kind of jamming and something else was being done maybe or had been done ahead of time, to enforce it.

I escaped only because I had a pocketknife on me and I hadn't told anyone I did.

Basically, I felt the jam of my seatbelt sensed up to me as a military jam of some kind. The windows were also mostly up and I started rolling them down before they could get stuck, which I possibly started doing when I saw we were going over into the water. It was then that I noticed my parents already had possible ways to escape with windows down or something and there was another person in the car but I don't know if it was my brother Levi or another adult.

What I remember is I narrowly made an escape for myself through a window and then when I found my seatbelt was jammed and holding me underwater, I had a pocketknife which I used to cut with and got myself out. I tried to help the other person but I didn't have air so I went to the surface to get air and then was going to go back to help but then a Dicksie stayed under to do something which was to rescue the person I think.

I don't remember what exactly happened except that I sensed it was a murder attempt of me and possibly the other person. If I had gone under, I would have been strapped to the weight of the vehicle and held underwater and never surfaced.

When I was out I saw there were cops around, like dirty ones. I felt some of those cops were working with the cops who plotted other things later and wanted to call me mentally ill and not take reports I made of being gang-raped by officials, trafficked, tortured, and under assassination hits. It was cops and FBI. Dirty. There was an officer from several different places I'd visited before so I knew already that they were cops. It wasn't like I was guessing.

From what I remember, the man sitting next to me was my "lawyer". I supposedly had a lawyer who was hired to represent me for some serious matters and he was killed in the vehicle, and I think I was planned to be killed to, to get me out of the way.

It was the one time, as a kid or pre-teen, I had someone legally representing me who said the royals and the CIA owed me a lot of money. He was negotiating a settlement package, which he said would include a "confidentiality agreement" which was to ensure if I received the money, I promised not to talk about what had been done to me by any of those people. I was having to agree I had never been around CIA, couldn't mention operations or missions, couldn't talk about royals or Prince Charles, and basically, it was a settlement intended to protect my future and to compensate me for some of my damages.

I had to sign a retainer, first agreeing to have him represent me. I reviewed other documents as well. Then I was shown a "confidentiality agreement". They made it all the way through negotiation, and settlement, and offered me the money contingent upon my signing the contract and then what happened, is a hit was put out against my life. When I survived the hit and my lawyer didn't, and it was just Robert and Dicksie with a bunch of people on the sidelines who thought I'd be dead and wanting to witness the fact I never surfaced, instead of having a party later, they threw a fit, beat me and said I was "mentally ill" and needed "treatment".

Who was going to speak up for me?

My lawyer was underwater. None of the cops or FBI there tried to dive in to rescue anyone, that is a fact. The only people who had access to windows and their seatbelts off at the time they went into the water were this Robert and Dicksie. I was sitting in the back with my lawyer.

So you know, it's been real easy for me to get a lawyer ever since.

So guess where this lawyer was coming from? Chicago, where drug and hit man Barak Obama & Co were and where Barak was going to law school later. At least that's where our car was driving from at one point, and another time I know we were in New Jersey.

I also knew and had worked for the Thebault family prior to meeting them again, forgetting who they were, as a nanny later. When I was hired to work for them, I had no recollection of them at all. It never crossed my mind, not even once, that I had ever met any of them before.

I had met them, and worked for them actually, at the business, not in their house. I also met Philip's mother at her house in New England, and their golden labs. I met Dolores (Dorsey) Young Thebault there, and was introduced to his mother by Philip. I also knew Tom O'Mara who was married to her daughter Jeanne. Others who I met were the father, the owner of the company, and Brian. I worked with Philip far more than Brian.

I was introduced to doing a tracheotomy in the U.S. Army through the Sr. Thebault who had some access to their medical corp. However, one of his sons was in love with me. Or so he said. He told me he was in love with me and that "I am obsessed with you" (said often) and "I can't get you out of my mind." He was also very psychic. He had a gift for telepathy. He called me his muse as well. I met him sometime after being around Charles of Wales and before I met Donald Trump. From what I remember he had something to do with helping to arrange for a lawyer for me. I mean, the lawyer who went down with a car underwater with a bunch of cops looking on.

He was one of the most overtly "sharing" in his telepathic abilities with me. The royals, if they knew something about me or anticipated something, didn't always let it be known but Philip was excited to find "someone like me" he said, or that, he said, "Was exciting". He said he thought I was fascinating and I guess he actually enjoyed reading my mind. I'm really not sure what that would have been like at my age...I know one time, knowing he could read my mind, I played a video game for him in my head. I thought, "I wonder what he'll think if I think out a pac-man game in my mind". So one day without playing pac-man or the game but knowing how I could imagine it and visualize it in my mind, I started "playing it in my mind" and waited to see what his response was. He caught on. He was that gifted. He looked at me with this weird look, sort of shocked, and I smirked a little and he looked back and realized I was doing it on purpose.

I worked for them at their office. The company.

I don't know for sure where I stayed or stayed the night because I don't remember having a regular house but I stayed with a woman one place, at a house, and was driven to work. It seemed to me, something like a traveling model set-up where there was this shared flat or house and I was pretty independent but had an older woman around at times too. I thought of her as some kind of manager, like she was my manager. There was a long island in the kitchen, sort of a bar where I ate. I rarely sat down to eat, just standing at the counter to eat cold cereal quickly before going to work. I did make a dinner party once but that was rare. Then other times, Philip actually had me stay the night with him, but not often. However, it became to be increasingly more often and I assumed it was, as he said, "Because I'm obsessed with you".

I suppose it may have been a U.S. idea or effort to transition me from Charles of Wales. Afterall, I'd actually married him. So to get me away from that, maybe they came up with the Thebault idea. I'm not sure. At the time, I thought it did seem like maybe he was first playing a game but then possibly changed his mind. I thought, "Who knows. Maybe he really IS obsessed with me."

When I was years later working as a nanny at the Brian and Lisa Thebault house, I never connected the two the entire time I was there, or later either. Lisa said she seduced Brian by staying up late with him and bringing him coffee and said she was the black sheep of the family and it was called a Cinderella story or something. Well I had thought, "She seduced him by staying late and bringing him coffee?" Never once did I think about what I had done as the personal assistant to the head of the company. I know when I think about it now, that I remember I stayed as late as he did and brought him coffee. I did it to be supportive. I didn't have any other idea in my mind with that aside from "He works hard and I should bring him coffee". So I'd take coffee or whatever and stay out of his way so he could work and be on hand if he needed anything.

From what I remember, I still had some telepathic ability of my own then. I was being electrocuted with U.S. sponsorship, most, after I worked for them and after I no longer had the "manager" that I lived with. Who was...? Who knows. A CIA "handler"? or FBI agent? She was blond.

If it was all an act, it was an act. If some of it was real, well, ...?

I believe Lisa Thebault was already working for the company or did shortly after I was leaving. I know at some point the father and brother acted mad at me and jealous. I took the father, when he was there, coffee too, and then he handed the company to his son Philip to run most of the time and I was acting as his assistant more than the father's assistant. The father had sort of a smile on his face when he did this so I thought, "I guess he wants me to work for his son then" so I did. His son kept his head down in his work most of the time. He didn't even look up all the time when someone entered the room. He was preoccupied. I did overhear or was around a couple of fights between them all. They would get heated and one got cold. They reacted differently when they were angry and I thought it was interesting so I observed wondering why they could all be so different and still be related. I was the only person given exclusive access to a private safe. It was nothing new to me because I'd been asked to keep the code of a safe before, and to protect the information and valuables and I did. I never stole from any safe or vault and I never actually gave away any secrets about where valuables were hidden either. I also knew some people could read minds so I wouldn't allow myself to think of the location either, and I would mix up scenes in my mind to confuse locations and ideas in case someone was trying to figure it out.

As I remember, possibly some money was maybe missing once, or a document, at "the firm" (the company) and I think the father looked at me about it, but I thought at the time, "They know I didn't take anything and it's an excuse to have me away from Philip." I knew they all knew. Where would I put it anyway. I had no accounts, no hiding spots that were personal and I was followed everywhere. It was impossible. At the one safe anyway, it was money and notes, not a bunch of jewelry either. I sort of thought I got hired and asked to watch the safe because they knew I never told anyone about other people's valuables so they trusted me. To me, it was a point of pride to be trusted in that way and I had a good feeling about it. It was then ironic to have false accusations made when it was the last thing I'd have done. It was always an excuse to have me moved out of a business, or because, game or no-game, someone was jealous of me.

Sometimes Philip would want to talk to me. If it was later at night and he got his work done, we'd talk, which I liked because he was more relaxed and joking. I had no friends my own age. I was in some ways more mature than some or had more life experience early, but all of the people were adults so for friendship I wanted to hang around until it was later and talk. He would flirt with me a little, but teasing mostly. I do know one day for some reason, I had something to give him and sat on his desk or a desk, in the middle, with a leg crossed over another leg and he sort of reacted. He later wanted me to address some men he knew from South America the same way and said about me, "This is the boss." He sort of stood behind while I sat on the desk and business people were there. I do not remember doing anything for him sexually that made me "the boss". He thought I was good at business.

Things I did that were business-like? Well, I stayed at the office longer than anyone with him. I got there before anyone else and I was the last to leave. I was organized and put papers in files and kept my own place neat and organized (at my flat or apartment that I shared with a woman) and I also kept things together for the executive office. I read the newspaper and filled him in on the important news, and kept track of stocks and managed the safe. I also reviewed analytical reports and gave opinion about them which he used for making investments. I made the coffee exactly the way he wanted it, practicing until it was exactly the strength he liked. I actually got it correct the first time, he told me, and he said no one ever did and then I tried a few other things. I wasn't sitting around doing nothing when I was there. I worked.

So you can see how it goes for anyone who calls me "The Boss" or tries to call me "The Boss". And, you know, my lawyers are really excited to jump in to save me after one of them drowned in a premeditated murder with a bunch of cops and FBI looking on.

Something Robert Garrett Sr. used to say to me was, "I like my women like I like my coffee--hot and black." Philip Thebault also liked his coffee hot and black and I saw at least one black woman in his bedroom. Was she related to Barak Obama?

After I worked for Thebaults a few days and then was visiting in England again, Charles said to me when he saw me, "I didn't know you were black." I said "What?" and he said that's why he was going to divorce me. That was the most confusing thing he ever said to me in my life. I didn't know you were black??? I wasn't black and if I was, why was that a big deal to him? Who told him I was "black"? I even wondered did he mean to say I didn't know you were back? because I had walked in on Charles one day when he didn't know I was back from the U.S. and he was with someone and it had seriously hurt my feelings. I had been told "Go see Charles. Charles wants to see you" and then I walked in with "them" like that. It looked like my Mom. It looked like one of the DICKSIES was there on the bed with Charles. I couldn't believe it.

I ran out crying, "I WANT A DIVORCE!!!!" Charles tried to calm me down and I said I wanted a divorce and then I talked to Prince Philip about it. I wrote letters to him sometimes, nice notes and then also notes asking for advice over my marriage. Yeah. seriously. I am not sure how I knew about divorce but I must have heard someone else saying it to have repeated it. I actually think I learned about it because of watching something with Diana Spencer on t.v. It was a show or movie she watched with me. I never saw divorce papers because no one wanted to acknowledge there was ever a marriage. I saw a post-nuptial agreement on my honeymoon, which was on a ship, and that was it. It mostly, what I remember, was that it was a property rights paper. I do remember I felt stiffed by Charles because it looked like he was saying I would make no claim to any property at any time and gave all property rights to him. I was not provided a lawyer or allowed time to review it. I was handed the document, barely had enough time to read it and was pushed to "sign it" by Prince Charles. I said to him, "Why am I not entitled to half?" I said this because as far as I knew, husbands and wives shared things equally. I also said to him (or thought), "Is this property my property and you're wanting to take it?" I started wondering if it was possible I had some legal right to property on my own, which was why Charles married me in the first place, to get legal proxy to it. I also said, "I would like to have a lawyer look at it before I sign it." I was a pre-teen, but I told him I wanted "my lawyer to review it". He said no, there was no time for a lawyer and sign it. So I was not even given my right to confer with a lawyer first. (HellO ElizabETH. Did you STEAL my DNA from me before I was born?) It stated all jewelry I was given was mine and that I owned all rights to it, and that other things given to me were legally mine and I would agree to that (personal gifts). What I saw the document as, was a slight betrayal because prior to this, we married on trust (supposedly) and then Diana was not even in the picture. Had it not been for my flattering and positive comments about Charles, she'd have never married him. It was basically reducing me from sounding like his wife to his professional escort. I had married him, I had not signed up as his mistress at all. They all knew I was technically, by their church and royal law, married to him. The document did not say "divorce". My way was blocked. I was told I could not leave the cabin room (on the ship) until I signed it and there would be no lawyer. I was held hostage in there to sign the thing and there were guards around the outside. I did try to speak up for myself and I did have common sense, but I had no option as a hostage. I didn't want him to think I was "greedy" or that interested in money or property because I really wasn't, but it was concerning to me that this contract was brought up sort of as a "jack-in-the-box" for me to not have time to look at. I did love him as I was able to love for the time and my youth. I also think it was a legal marriage in some civil way because one place where we married it was legal with parental consent, which was obtained. I wanted to be married and have kids. Later, I looked into having kids and Prince Philip almost had a heart attack. I was around babies sometimes and I felt ready to be a mother. I wanted to raise my own child. If Charles didn't want to, and he'd said "Later", I could always have a kid on my own through IVF and I knew about it because someone told me about it. I thought the idea was interesting so I looked into it. I looked into it before I'd ever had a period, not realizing you have to have a period before you can be pregnant. I always had a mothering instinct.

Then at the Thebault's, Philip kept having me over more often and to his private place. If he had a wife I never heard of her. His place was sort of opulent compared to the office. There was one house where it was almost everything cream colored or white in the bedroom and then there was another place with lots of velvet and textured opulence and darker and jewel tones, like a penthouse idea. He fought with his family because he said he wanted to take me to the company party as his escort. They said you can't take her to the company party, which was a dance and formal party and he said he was taking me and they got upset. I actually remember Charles of Wales did a similar thing, saying he was taking me to one of the royal balls and they said no you're not and he said yes I AM. It wasn't like they didn't all know. You see? They all knew. They all knew and they all wanted to keep it a secret, or most of them did. Supposedly, one of them didn't like the hypocrisy or something and wanted me to be in the public.

Then with the Thebaults, one of the men who later showed up looked like Raul Bujanda and if so, that's an FBI agent. Another person in the meeting room being told I was the boss or instructing was a Robert Garrett jr. When I later walked into the room and Philip (or someone who looked just like him) was with an exotic black woman (very pretty and sensually posed and attired, up close to him) I sort of just waited for him to say what he had asked there for. I had the impression she did not like me at all and wanted to do something about me. The next place I ended up was actually an island where I was held at a house with a black woman there and military surrounding it. I'm pretty sure she was connected to Barak Obama.

I don't know about Philip's intentions completely, but he was killed (faked death or not) and then Tom died. He started looking scared. Philip did. Something was happening he knew about and he was getting scared. I didn't know what it was and I kept asking him. One time I thought Philip had a twin too because he could look just slightly different on some days and it sort of freaked me out. He said I can help you get a lawyer if you think you need one.

Another thing is that his brother Brian went to Southern California university which is where the Jordan leader went to college and got a role with the U.S. Army right about the time Mike and Carol Middleton were moving away from Jordan with Katie, back to England. Philip, the older brother, went to notre dame. I showed up with a Notre Dame sweatshirt, to their house as a nanny one day, after Philip was dead and I didn't remember who any of them were and Brian looked at it and said, "You're a Notre Dame fan?" and I said "Huh?" and he said "You're sweatshirt" and I said, "Oh, someone just gave it to me. I guess." He said, "My brother went to Notre Dame." I said, "Oh."

Never once connecting the fact that this Brian Thebault was the same one I'd worked for decades earlier as Prince Charles' pre-teen wife. It never crossed my mind.

I was around when Philip died. I can't remember all the details now but his family was involved (father, brother, and maybe Tom) and it's possible it was either staged to look that way and/or it was a faked death. I remember the FBI had something to do with it. Right after that, I was fired from work and then my lawyer who had already been hired, was murdered in a "drive off the cliff" for the premeditating police and FBI. I was told "You're not getting anything now" because they took the documents and signed contracts and evidence down into the deep with the lawyer and the car and I am sure it was supposed to be me dead too. It was a reasonable amount too, nothing outrageous but a decent compensation amount at the time (million or more because I remember millions were discussed). I am pretty sure I had the pocketknife already and didn't tell anyone, but if I didn't have it myself, the lawyer who knew he was dying gave me his right before we were in the water. I don't remember that he was still conscious for some reason when we were in the water. I cut my seatbelt off and then tried cutting his and pulled at him but he was heavy and I needed air so I surfaced and I was going to go down again and then Dicksie was there looking mad at me. I thought she was mad that I hadn't brought him up with me but I didn't have enough air so I was about to try again and she went down instead and then came back up without him. I thought why would she go down there if she wasn't bringing him back up? None of the cops on the shore did anything. No one dove in, or reacted or called for someone to go underwater. They stood around plotting what to do about me. That was the West Coast side of things. On the East Coast, supposedly Philip Thebault was dead.

Kelly Burris? Sonoma Sheriff cop? Hah. They're all liars. They're seriously fucked up liars.

Robert and Dicksie got scary too. They suddenly changed like the entire game was flipped now, and now I had no evidence, no lawyer, no contract, no confidentiality agreement, and all of their cop and FBI friends standing there were all going to lie. They would say things like "The U.S. doesn't owe you ANYTHING" and "YOU were never married to xxx" and "You were never working for ...." and "Where's your evidence" and "Do you have a lawyer?"

Do I HAVE a LAWYER? Yeah, down at the bottom of "Golden Pond".

I had the drowning attempt, electrocution and torture, assassination by CIAs' Plame and Pentagon, rape by FBI's Barak Obama, and a number of horrific crimes committed against me all at the same time. All on U.S. soil and that's not including crimes against me when they kidnapped me to other locations outside of the U.S. They used (possibly) Thebault's French connections for some of the additional torture of me in France. Another matter the lawyer was helping me with was my deed in Russia and money that was paid to me from a Russian man I worked for.

Another cop who was standing there waiting to see me die was/is the head of the "Human and Child Trafficking" center in Riverside, CA. So basically, he gets to find out where all the complaints about child trafficking are coming from and then help coordinate murders of those attempting to protect the rights of the kids. From the small amount of research I've done, most of the "trafficking of humans and children" centers are run by people who are themselves traffickers. It turns out that instead of having rescue stations where victims actually can find safety, they risk being murdered going to the "King Pin". They're mostly discovery agencies that find out who knows what and then pass on information to have "talkers" killed over it.

When a Robert and Dicksie were trying to kill me with others like Plame, and calling out different languages (Russian, French, Israeli, and german) it's like she was trying to signify their operatives in these countries or getting revenge in some way for some idea about them. what else?

Also, the CIA Director was trying to murder me. That really didn't give me any kind of "head-start" in this country.

I was also brought in to see a CIA Director who was dying and the circumstances of my being tortured were rubbed in his face before he died because he was one Director that some felt had supported me. It was always secretive. I am pretty sure he was assassinated and did not just "die" randomly a few minutes after seeing me. I saw him looking panicked. He knew they were going to kill him in the hospital. So it's not like even some of the CIA Directors really knew who was behind crime because the U.S. was already too corrupt to be able to tell. They wanted to kill that Director to prevent him from supporting me or testifying for me.

I will post more about this in a separate post.

The two cars that went underwater with me in them were one in New Jersey or New York and I went off with people inside and floated to the top by getting out somehow. It was pitch black, solid night. The men waiting to see what happened on the shore were men I knew to be a cop (I believe, "Kevin" was one I think) and Jews (Gary Goldsmith and Daniel). It is very remotely possible someone like Gary Fowler was around as well because there is something about him (he is now FBI Director in Oregon) that looks familiar. And one of them,...I recognize the name Fowler being mentioned. I heard the name Gary, but I saw the guy who looked like Gary Goldsmith who I knew. The name Fowler was said apart, like a last name mention.

I don't think anyone expected me to live. It wasn't like they had a crew of rescue people around. It did look like there was some kind of a government hand in it however.

That car going underwater was before the car went underwater with my lawyer in it, who died. When Dicksie went down after him I wasn't sure actually if she was trying to save him, trying to get a document or object from him she knew he had, or cutting him or doing something underwater to him to make it look like he was dead before we were in the water. For example, maybe someone could lie and say I was the one coming out of the water with a pocketknife and when they looked for bodies underwater, they found out his throat was cut or something, and would claim I cut his throat and someone got distracted and ran off the road. I mean, anything is possible. I wasn't harming him though, that is for sure, and he was trying to get a deal from the CIA and other agencies.

The CIA Director who I think was murdered was William Casey. It was not, as is on the wiki, that a reporter or someone asked him a final question about if he'd testify in the "Iran-Contra Affair", it was me. The U.S. military and FBI brought me into his hospital room to see him. I had already seen him before and in his directorship I was flown to the Vatican to meet the Pope secretly. It was a plane with no windows and was very secretive. He blessed me there, the Pope, in person and showed me some symbolic things only the highest clergy in the Vatican would know about. I wasn't sure what Casey thought of me but when I was brought in to see him, I was shocked to be sort of thrust up close to him and they said go ahead and ask and I said, "Mr. Casey, would you testify for me that I was married to Prince Charles and then I was told to marry Usama bin ladin?" (something like that). I had said to Robert, "I know William Casey knows and HE'LL testify for me". So they took me to him to ask and he looked up, with a jerk and nodded "Yes". The group around me made him think they were all supportive. His own wife was there in the room--Casey's wife. As soon as he said yes, and I felt I had someone standing by me so I could prove my rights and that I was not mentally ill and not be subject to further U.S. attacks, they all turned on him. He knew it. He knew, all of a sudden, "Oh my gosh. They're going to kill me." And he knew they were going to do some horrific things to me. His wife's face hardened when he nodded yes, and the others looked hard all of a sudden, and mean, and then the military around me grabbed me and began forcing me out of the room and I saw a syringe. He supposedly died a few minutes after nodding "Yes," that he'd testify on my behalf. It wasn't just about "Iran-Contra". The people in that room acted jubilant like they were all together and now were killing Casey and taking me off to be mutilated and then I was told, "So who is going to testify for you now? Casey is DEAD." I said "I just talked to him" and I was told, "He just died."

Every time I had a lawyer or director or someone ready to vouch for me, another huge conspiratorial group was murdering them. I still remember Casey's look of panic as I was being pulled away. He had acted usually like he didn't like me but then I had realized he was trying to stick up for me and at the last minute, some of them thought so too and wanted to murder him. He didn't "die of a brain tumor". He died because his own country killed him. His own wife, who I saw standing there, did NOT look sympathetic at all. She looked like a rat. That was something I had actually shared with Mr. Casey before he was in the hospital. I told him, "I think there is something wrong with your wife." He said what do you mean, and I said, "Do you think it's possible she could want to kill you?" He had very deep soul-searching eyes and he got quiet. He didn't take what I said lightly at all because I could tell the thought had crossed his own mind. I said, "Do you think you've done anything that could make her want to rat on you or try to kill you?" He didn't say anything out loud, but he nodded. I inferred he agreed with me, that he had suspicions about his wife.

Sure enough.

It's said the reporter was Woodward. It's possible Woodward was next to me or in the room but I was the one asking the questions. Casey appeared to feel safe with me but unsafe as they were taking me out of the room and he looked scared for me.

What he had said at one point (Casey), joking around was what, you think she thinks I'm fooling around or something? and I said "I don't know. I don't think she loves you. It's more like she's spying on you." At that, he was quiet and nodded seriously without saying anything and then played it off, so as to let me know he agreed quietly by joked about it or played it off out loud.

I know the U.S. murdered him. I was being heavily tortured as well, after I told him this, which was around 84-86.

I know George Bush Sr. (former FBI Director) used his 8 days as "Acting President" to organize a gang-rape against me. I had said I thought he was a "wimp" and he went into a rage over it, along with other men who felt to prove they were manly, they needed to sodomize little girls. George Bush Sr. was also present for the fire in Russia, and had attempted to murder me with it.

It's really little wonder Camilla likes visiting them.

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