Monday, January 20, 2014

(UPDATED 1/21/14) Assault In A Field With Staghounds

I worked with staghounds as a girl. I loved the dogs. They are beautiful, proud, fighting hero-dogs that can sniff anything out and have an incredible stamina. The ones I worked with were longer haired and the older variety, sort of an oldest of the old English and Irish wolfhound-deerhound. They slightly look like a greyhound but have a little more of a wolfish face at times, and shaggy coat.

One day, to punish me for "being too much" I was assaulted in a field with a man.

I was compared to a wolfhound or staghound. Then to conceal it all, someone in England made me stand for hours like an English Pointer and told me repeatedly, "You're not a guard dog." I'm serious. Mike Middleton and Carol Middleton were part of that "grooming" process. An English pointer, you know, lifts up one leg, bends it, and points and I was forced to do this, but like a stork, with a leg bent resting on the other leg. "You're not a guard dog." This was after they were calling me a "Staghound" all the time and compared me to being one. The Staghound and English Pointer are totally different dogs. I really don't know what their point was, but I was assaulted one day, along with being forced to stand like an English pointer for weeks, in a field by a man who "looked" like Prince Philip. It was a tall blond man. He looked like Philip or his son Edward or maybe Alan, this guy who set up some things. Then I was bleeding from the assault, cut or something, and the staghounds wanted to eat me alive. Staghounds are that way. They have blood instincts like wolves but they're almost even more...I don't know. They are a mythical, powerful dog. On one hand you can look at them and think "What an ugly scraggly haired mutt dog" and then all of a sudden you look again and it's right between the eye. Shock. Beauty. The most beautiful dogs.

They also seem to morph depending on their surroundings. You could see a couple in the back of a beat-up truck out in the sticks of the poor dusty country somewhere and in passing think, "What ugly, poor-man dogs." Then all of a sudden, you see the same dogs in the woods or forest, running on a trail in a hunt and they are ...oh my gosh...what the f..just happened...they are the dogs of the fairytales. And you think how the h..did that same dog look so ugly over there and so beautiful over here? not to mention their class and social standing went from starving shackhouse poorman's rough redneck survival dogs in the sticks with no culture to the most regal dogs of the woods. They are shapeshifters of the dogworld. I don't know how or why but you can't put a cute outfit on them and get them to act. It's just perspective. They even look beautiful with blood all over. Anyway, now and then I remember how they can be. Regal is not even the right word. It's more like mythical. They sort of have a body like greyhounds, and mostly the long-haired ones seem to be gray. Like wolf color, which is maybe how greyhounds, though short-hair, got their name. Then they are said to be from an old European deerhound, or irish wolfhound, sort of like a great dane, or even in Russia there is a version. They ran in packs and could take down a full size deer. However, when they were tamed as hunting dogs it was realized a deer could be got with just one or two. I know one time I was starved deliberately as a kid. They gave me water and nothing to eat until I was almost dying of starvation and I was a young kid. Then they put me out in a field with staghounds and after the staghounds made a kill, I ate the raw meat and had blood all over my face. I was that hungry and that starved. They wanted to reduce me to looking like an animal, like a dog. I realized as I was trying to stay alive, someone was taking photos of me that way. I am serious. I was put out there starving, to eat raw meat of a kill with staghounds and being photographed to look like an animal. I mean, this is when I was supposedly under the "guardianship" of the U.S. as a citizen and they were forcing me to starve. Some of the hunting, most of it, was in England but what I'm saying is the U.S. knew where I was and they didn't care how I suffered. Where is the lawyer who was negotiating a settlement for me from them? He's dead.

Then later, in another location, some men who had sort of 'pseudo-shagdogs' that weren't the older variety but kind of a rangey American staghound type, bound me by the feet and hands with rope, threw me in the back of a pick-up truck and took me to a clapboard house where I was tied up for a long time. I don't remember that I was sexually assaulted at that location, but I was tied up. Supposedly, I was being told it was for my protection.

Also, about the Russian fire and who was there, I mentioned Mike Middleton and Edward and Robert and that Edward wore bug-eye glasses and was assaulted under a microscope but there were sort of two assaults of two different men. One was possibly Mike Middleton but I'm not sure. I think I thought why would anyone be assaulting him but I must be wrong. It was most likely Edward because I remembered I was hanging out with him a little and then this happened and I kept wondering why they were beating up on him and then he seemed so desperate. They were taking photos of me, showing the photos to him, threatening him, you name it.

George Bush sr. was right there when he was hoping I'd catch on fire and explode myself. There was some kind of a chemical lab around and everything was crashing and I was being pulled into a room like something out of a movie. Then I saw these knife scar marks on someone's back and realized, that person, this young man wants to kill me. There was always someone around, trying to kill me or frame me to get others mad at me, thinking they should do something to me. I can think about it now and realize how bad it was, but even at the time, I suspected most of it when it happened. I knew I was getting set up all the time because I could interpret their actions and what they were doing to me. What I was NOT able to do, was put it altogether, and realize the bigger picture of how bad it was. I would forget things because they'd hypnotize me, tranquilize me and move me or fly me to a new location and then pretend nothing happened, and switch timezones and locations and acts so often, they never wanted me to have time to think about or dwell on what the last crime against me was. Their entire motto was to "move it forward". The faster they went from one transaction to the next, or crime scene to the next, the better they felt their odds were for having my memory disrupted. Just as I began to recognize and realize the magnitude of one crime, as the shock was wearing off, and reality was settling in, they'd assault me again. Repeatedly, one after another assault. So when I would forget or be forced to focus on some other aspect of surviving or what was done to me, I wasn't putting all of it together. Not to mention, some of the groups I was shuffled around were spaced out. The U.S. government would have me not see one group for 10 years and then "pave the way" for me to work for them or be living next to them, and expect me not to remember while the others did and used it all against me and against my resume, career building abilities and social life. When did I ever have a chance to have a normal social life? These people were setting out not just their grandfather's to assault me, but then the fathers and then the sons, in serial grotesque acts of generational rape and assault. They got off on it. That is how sick they are. You know, it's unbelievable enough when it's one family that does this, say 3 men from the generations with one family. It's another thing when it's over a dozen families using every generation they've ever had to attack me. The other obvious clue is that this is coming from inter-connected government people.

I also remembered some of the torture against me at the cabin in Idaho when the men were making fun of me after they'd electrocuted me saying, "She called the wrong dog".

On dogs, separate tangent, I like different kinds for different reasons actually. I mean, breeds of dogs. But they were talking about something else, and also making observations about electrocuting me.

As to degrading photos taken of me, aside from the child porn, how about photos of me eating raw meat with staghounds, with blood all over my face, or not being allowed to drink anything until we were reduced to licking dew off of the leaves of plants later? "You want to marry this one? Date her? Have her join your business? Well, look at THIS." Not to mention whatever they'd staged to look like I was doing worse. Here's normal U.S. citizen "Garrett", regular kid, you see, in school, look! school photos! nothing wrong of course! but LOOK! she's NUTS. She's LICKING PLANT leaves and she eats raw bloody meat in the woods with her BARE HANDS. Because you know, that really "adds up", you know...every American kid can be expected to be found doing that.

And then these people tell me to get a "psych eval" for CPS and lie about me so they can harm my son.

It was after I was forced to starve and eat raw meat that I was then in England being called "Iron Wolf". "Do you know what YOU are? You're an IRON WOLF."

I remember they even made fun of me when I was starving because someone put their hand in to remove me from the meat I was eating from the deer or whatever the staghounds killed, and I was ready to bite them and pushed their hand away and then one of them made fun of me saying, "I think she growled." Josh Gatov was connected to that group. He was a generational abuser. They then joked with each other that "She's so hungry her stomach is growling through her mouth." So guess what? The Roos family was there. You know, the Roos people who went on to be ambassadors to Japan and whose relative (most likely) Tony Roos, took part in an attempt to murder me through a car accident later.

So then think about that in context with Michelle Erickson, calling my son, who was starving and losing weight as a U.S. hostage, a "binge-eater". She called my son a "binge-eater" when her family is a Pedophile money-making machine and when she knew how I'd been forced to starve until I was eating raw meat in a "binge". THAT is the "real" Michelle. She's a criminal. Her "friend" who tried to tell me not to "talk about" Erickson, was Japanese-American judge Alicia Nakata, who is friends with the Roos family.

You see how this comes around? The U.S. kidnapped my son and starved him and forced him into starvation, and then when he had a chance to eat next to me, Michelle Erickson, the U.S. Navy employee whose family is supported by money from pedophile photography, who knew how I was starved, made FUN of my son. As, of course, the Barak Obama family did. Because who did Michelle Erickson know besides Alvaro Pardo? Alvaro knew the Thebault family I'd worked for, who kept diamond smuggling business with the Barak Obama family. Both Roos persons were there when I was forced to starve. Let me repeat this...they went on to represent the U.S. for Japan with Judge Alicia Nakata representing Michelle Erickson. And WHOSE house was I tortured at afterwards and called an "iron wolf" at? Middletons.

Does anyone have any guesses about whose "cover" I can still expose?

Another thing that was done to me when I was taken to the back of a pick-up and tied up, is that later I was put onto a flatbed trailer that hooked up to a tractor kind of thing (as is shown here, and one of the dogs had on a collar with the green tear shape pendant on it too: and I was tied and chained down to it, outdoors, in the open air and sun, and they took my clothes off and had dogs all over me, licking me and took photos of me that way. It was staghounds and hunting dogs. It was a different location from where I was forced to starve and then had to eat raw meat that the dogs killed. This was a different location and I remember it as being in Australia, where actually some of the Roos family moved to and lived for awhile. It had the dirt and terrain sort of like Africa, where we were in Africa, with the hard dirt and dust everywhere. The other place where there were greyhounds was in Texas when we had to go there to visit George Bush's ranch, but they were greyhounds not staghounds.

Also, prior to the U.S. assaulting me with technology to my face, to my chin specifically, they had a Roos show up to stalk me at a library around the same time a couple of women at the local Safeway tried to make fun of me, with regard to when I was a kid. The women checkers are a blond whose name I'll check but she looks like a woman I used to work with named Shiloh and the other woman is Elaine. Basically, everything done to me with torture and disfiguring me has been out of tyrannical actions by people who are so lost and mentally ill they can't handle the idea of free speech and should move to England where their friend Katie might protect their precious egos. Other women involved are Hispanic. They've been driving around me, checking up to have a look at the "results" for the last 3 months. This Roos is one of the individuals who saw me with blood on my chin and face, having to eat raw meat because of starvation.

The one location was supposedly Russia. Supposedly. The times I was around the staghounds most was in England but in Russia, is where I was taken to be starved supposedly and forced to eat the raw meat out in the snow. It was John and Susan Roos there, their Asian friend, Justin Timberlake and apparently William of Wales, and a few others that are a REAL surprise. The other location was supposedly Australia, after horse riding and being dragged by a horse and things it was then my getting thrown into the back of a truck and being tied up in a clapboard house where I was left for a day until Mike and Carol Middleton showed up. I thought it was Joy Sterling and Forest Tanzer at first and then they were calling each other Mike and Carol and I hadn't seen them in a long time, and they had English accents. However, because Joy and Carol and Mike and Forrest liked to interchange with each other a lot, either is possible, but it looked like the same old Carol to me. It also sounded like Mike and he acted the same and was, I think, slightly taller than Forrest. I remember thinking, they want me to be degraded on this flatbed for their daughter Katie. In fact, they had a girl there they were calling "Katie" as well, who they told to help them with tying me up to the flatbed so I could be photographed. Then they were calling me a pig and saying the dogs finally got a pig. Robert Garrett jr., one of them, was there too, acting like he was part of having Katie help tie me up. I wondered why my "Dad" was letting Middletons tie me up to be degraded and photographed like that, and having Katie help him tie me up. Katie Middleton is a good friend of "Alan". I cried a lot over what was done to me. I couldn't stop crying. It was never enough for them. I mean, never enough. They were never satisfied. Dicksie was nearby watching and she didn't seem upset by it either. I couldn't always see her because I was on my back being tied down to the trailer. Even the color of the rope was the same. They had her using turquoise-light blue cords for some of the tying and it was to a rusty painted white (but peeling) flatbed.

They had Katie Middleton "hog-tying" me on 4 different occasions when I was a kid, and then they were all attempting to murder me. They had her tie me to a flatbed to be licked without clothes by dogs, and calling me a pig; one of the Dicksies had her at the house in Moses Lake tying me to metal stakes in the shed and locking me inside the shed for over a week that way; they had her "hog-tie" me in a U.S. military helicopter; and they had her hog-tie me in my room at my house in Moses Lake (not just the shed). In addition to this, she electrocuted me at a place where I was forced into a variety of costumes and positions with people watching to laugh at me, and was instructed to cut me with a knife; and she was instructed to cut me with a knife in the safe room one time and I passed out when I saw blood from someone. Alan was there (not the safe room, I don't mean there), and was Katie's friend. He had no objective than to degrade me and humiliate me. After calling me "pig" so many times, at one place, they forced me onto the top of a table and stuffed a red apple into my mouth and had me bound and tied to be the "Stuffed Pig". I couldn't move and I had no way to get the apple out because they put it in and tied it there. So a few years later with Carol Middleton at the house in Seattle, where they had all premeditated Barak Obama raping me, they held out this red ball the same size as the apple to me like I was the stuffed pig. I was forced onto a table and tied up at the Avila house (Holly and Pablo, who took my son Oliver with help from corrupt U.S. government workers), at Guzman's (Locklyn and Valentine)briefly, and at some place Jim and Shirley Sandberg were at. I had so-called 'cousins' walking past the table, picking out bits of things I was decorated with, because they made an entire table decoration out of me. They had food and fruit and greenery around me, and on me, like I was a pig going to the spit to be roasted in a fire. Then they had a bunch of Jewish orchardists who lived next to the Avilas come over and make fun of me while I was that way. Maybe not a bunch but a couple and the rest were relatives and Catholics. Susan from CASA showed up to make fun of me but I don't think she was with CASA then, but she was the same one and she was also the one who made sure I was locked in a dog cage for certain amounts of time. From what I remember, the same thing was done to me in England with the Middletons. They had Diana Spencer go over to "inspect the pig" and then they stood there, she and her sisters, and made fun of me while I couldn't say anything and had tears running down my face. They had given Katie a stool or little step-ladder to stand on too, so she could reach the table for "decorating" me. I'm not kidding. The most unbelievable things were done to me. What was even sicker is it wasn't like the just were mean one day and decided to force me onto a table as a "stuffed pig", they were getting people to sexually assault me with jamming sticks and rods into my rectum. So it's not just like "Oh, mean hazing" or something or some kind of temporary cruel joke or "lesson". They were doing horrific, horrific things, as adults, knowing exactly what they were doing, under no compulsion (unless someone was threatened with death and I didn't know about it) to do these things. Some of them made comments about what should they stick into my rear end while I was on the table tied up too, saying she has her mouth plugged, what about the other end. If I did something like this when I was younger, I was younger than the kid age I was at when they did this to me and probably under some kind of directive to obey my elders. These people didn't really have an excuse. I remember they let Katie try to put a finishing "touch" on me. Imagine what that was. I also know Charles Spencer showed up and took part in this and one or two of the royals outside of the Spencers. They were telling Katie she could "plug" my "other end" with a "cherry". One of the men assaulted me sexually while I was tied up that way, pulling my pants down, inserting something inside of me and then taking it out. A Robert was there along with another man.

It's all true and there is more. One of the Spencer sisters took out a vibrator from their purse and talked about using it on me. Then one of the Dicksies said wait, and took a cherry, ate it and took the pit out of her mouth and then with people watching, including Katie, inserted it into me. So she put a cherry pit into my body and they made fun of me saying it was the cherry "pit" and I was a "hole". Which is something Chris Dabney called me later, and then William of Wales referred to, in mocking me over the "c.p."

So years later, having someone take out my taper candles from my candle holders and putting nuts in the holder instead, the same day Diana was there, as they had the metal band around my head to electrocute me with the two screws on either side, was interesting. That's in addition to having a little spitwad crumpled up paper that said "Be Happy" aimed into my shirt during an assassination attempt.
Some of the other people present when I was tied to a flatbed or after this, when I was beat up with long hard sticks by two men (a Robert Garrett jr. and Mike Middleton) next to another staghound (sort of like the one in the yard featured with the red collar)were Katie Middleton, Carol Middleton, Laura Ingraham, Bill O'Reilly, and Bill and Melinda Gates. It wasn't everyone but that was some of the group that watched. Laura was going off about how it was revenge for the gays and I had no idea what she was talking about. Then they had Katie Middleton put a "rhinestone" studded collar around my neck and told me to kneel down like a dog so she could lead me around, and this is after they physically and sexually assaulted me, outside, in the yard. They also told her to have me open my mouth to 'eat' a 'pearl' or bead necklace she had with her, and then took it out and then when the collar was around my neck, I was in such shock, that they were literally trying to force me to be led around by her (and then they used a girl Michelle, who I believe was possibly Michelle Erickson) that I almost blacked out. They said, "Now take her diamonds away from her" and someone took the "diamond" studded "collar" off of me and gave it to Katie. Another person there was, I believe, George Bechtold.

I am positive that one was Bill O'Reilly and the other was Laura. They later participated in other crimes against me. From there, after degrading me and taking photos of me, I was knocked unconscious. When I woke up, we were in Texas, and a Robert Garrett was talking to Raul Bujanda. I had met Raul before because I saw him around the Thebaults once, and I also saw him in, I believe, Colombia and not just Mexico. I possibly saw him in Mexico at a border once but I remember other Mexicans more. I am pretty sure I saw him in Colombia. I think it was there that he was forced to kneel down in front of me and told "She is your boss."

Raul hated my guts.

I was briefly in Colombia. It was maybe for a week, not very long, but I met some of the Colombians there and no one who was Colombian really did cocaine--it was Europeans, Americans, and Mexicans (some). One of the slightly more Italian-looking men, or Colombian looking men, told Raul Bujanda to kneel and bow down to me and he resented me from that day forward. Every time I saw him after that, as a kid or pre-teen, he looked at me with hatred.

When I was older, he got up close to me, pretending he had nothing against me and not showing his feelings and acting like he didn't know me. I didn't recognize him because it had been so long, but it was the same one and he HATED my guts and seriously liked Katie Middleton. He was working with "Tom" and talked to Robert Garrett jr. about Tom (O'Mara I believe) and he was getting info and working with George Bechtold. Because I saw Raul around the Thebaults, and Tom O'Mara was married to one of the Thebaults, I figured he was talking about him and not my half-Uncle (if I'm related) who is Mexican, "Tom Garrett".

He took money from Robert Garrett jr and said where are the photos because he wanted degrading photos of me for himself and whatever group he was with (possibly FBI by that point) that wanted to degrade me. When he looked at the photos of me he smirked and he made degrading and humiliating comments to me like how does it feel to be a bitch and made a lot of dog comments.

From there, we went to a greyhound track betting place. Like greyhound dogs. After this, we went to see George Bush jr. and I know his name is George too, but I figured Raul was talking about George Bechtold, not George Bush jr.

I am pretty sure Raul was forced to kneel down to me and beg for his life. I remember it was a hard floor and pretty sure it was Colombia and he always resented me for having to kneel down to a pre-teen "white girl". He supposedly, he claimed once later when I met him not knowing who he was, turned his own father in for being in the 'mafia'. So what did he think he did?

He fucking thinks he traded "up" by joining the FBI mafia.

The other name he mentioned was "Alberto" who I understood to be an Alberto Gonzalez. Basically, when he got the photos and looked at them, it was like seeing me forced to kneel down in front of an Irish Wolfhound (when his name Raul means "wolf" in Spanish) made him feel better about having his ego bruised when he was forced to kneel in front of me. He thought, "She got to insult me when I am a MAN so now I feel better because she was forced to kneel to Katie Middleton and dogs."

It wasn't a Robert Garrett jr. who was around or telling him to kneel to me either, in Colombia.

So here is Raul Bujanda, who knew Thebaults (who knew Barak Obama) and who knew George Bechtold (who knew Barak Obama) and who knew Gary Goldsmith (who knew Barak Obama), and I'm being taken later to Chicago around FBI's Julia Thornton to her house while people in the FBI plotted how to have Barak Obama rape me. The FBI used people who already had motives against me to defame me internally and they tortured me.

So what did they do? They got Alvaro Pardo to mess with me next, and to show me diamond rings he claimed were for us, which were the same design as the rhinestone studded collar Katie Middleton and Michelle Erickson were being told to put around my neck.

This is while the FBI has known, 100% of the time, my son Oliver was kidnapped from me.

I was asked in Colombia, "Is Raul Bujanda a rat?" and I looked at him and waited to see what my impression was and said, "Yes, I think he's a rat."

Turns out, I was right. Raul Bujanda was working for the FBI, so yeah, he was a rat. I didn't have his work confirmed at the time, but I thought he was a rat. The FBI tortured me over this. That was way back, so the FBI has been involved in hate crimes against me, with revenge motives, for decades.

They're liars and they are the worst mafia. Raul Bujanda just took all of his own mafia connections to the FBI with him, got a step-up approval, and started using it to go after people. I was also asked if I thought one of the Robert Garrett Jr.s was a rat and I told the truth, I thought maybe so. They flipped out over it. Between that and a Dicksie being against me with the Bairds and Jews having a hit out against me, as soon as we were back in the U.S., the FBI was making sure they could do a surgery to ruin my brain and torture me. They didn't want me to be psychic anymore because I was ratting out too many of their fucking criminal agents.

Basically, the U.S. wanted to murder me over my telling the truth. The FBI has been lying about me and having me electrocuted for decades, and used their own FBI mafia and others they knew to premeditate raping me and then in the meantime they were involved in illegal activities used to generate money for Middletons. Not just the Middletons.

Between this and then marrying early (to Prince Charles of all things) and not having legal protection for it and then sent all over the place to be trashed instead when I mentioned "pedophilia" or having people try to kill me, I was a living prisoner my entire life.

The FBI and United States have zero "actual" legal rights over my son. They all know what they did and stood by is criminal and that he is my son legally, they never had a right to pursue us, never had grounds to steal him from me and use lying pedophile military families, and they never adopted him out from me by valid grounds. They are all involved in RICO crimes against me. Their papers all "look" fine, because they all lied. So they stamped them, and got Judges who are corrupt to sign them, and claim it's legal when it is no more "legal" than a false document. Funny how I was forced to work in all of those departments and how the feds were writing out checks, for my work, to go to the UK.

Other places they took me to, to try to bribe people and make sure I could never safely flee the U.S. were South America (some regions) and Cuba.

So it's fine for me to "tutor" CIA kids, or royal kids like William, and U.S. military kids, or to be a "nanny" for decades for FBI and other federal families (who abused me and assaulted me and then used my inability to recognize them later against me), but they colluded against me to kidnap my own son from me and then wanted to stick me with Alvaro's kid instead. I'm sure it was supposed to be either just screwing me over for Barak Obama's friends or some kind of repeat idea where one minute I'm hanging out with Lee and teaching him things, or think my brother is Levi, and then I'm not allowed to see anyone who is actually my relative and instead told, "You can go teach William of Wales", which turned out to be an excuse to create more false photos or ideas that I was doing something weird to him or trying to manipulate him.
I believe I've written about this before, but I remembered more of what happened in Russia when I was starving. I really was hungry, I remember that. And there were times I was much hungrier or starved far, far worse. I only remembered just the scene of being outside and who was there but then I remembered the rest of it.

The U.S. was using it to set Edward Howard up and kidnap me. They did not just take photos, they were taking audio tape in the house and from what I remember, it was a Robert Garrett jr. I think. He was suddenly pulling this military-CIA trick on Howard when I was staying with Howard at a house in Russia which was surrounded with snow.

I think it's possible that Vladimir Putin was a CIA asset, though I'm not positive, because he or someone who looked just like him, showed up for everything. The person who looked like Putin was not inside of the house from what I remember, but outside, watching and I knew what he was expecting and then Robert Garrett jr. or someone there handed him some cassette tape and said, "She's acting" and they tried to say I wasn't really abused and tortured in the U.S. and that they had a right to take me back to the United States, which is where they conducted further attacks against me.

What happened was I was staying with Edward Howard for awhile and Robert showed up and was mad that I had said I was hungry or didn't eat enough there or that anything bad happened to me in the United States. He used some kind of photos and documents to show Edward while he was there, to blackmail him into letting me go with him back to the U.S. Edward got panicked and a Robert was saying, "See? You can't take care of her." What I was told to do, and I didn't realize Edward was being told to keep his mouth shut or die, was there were some people outside and it would work for my case to stay there, having political asylum from the U.S., if they had an idea of how bad things had been for me. They said it would be a really big deal if you could pretend like you're starving and eat some raw meat to show them. It was either Edward to Robert or vice versa.

At one time, I literally DID do this, because I was starving, but it must have been in England, not in Russia. I do remember it happened for real once, and I was 100% not acting. But because it was so important and it wasn't a lie to say I was tortured or hungry in the U.S. I was told well there isn't a lot of 'evidence' so if you act the way you did that one time you were really hungry, then it would help your case. I said "You want me to lie?" and I was told, "Not really, just do what you did when you remember how you were starving and it will be a way to show them." So I said "Okay, I'll try." So I went out there, stumbling in the snow, and when some dogs killed an animal, and there was access to the meat of the animal there, I acted the way I really had once, but I tried to act, exactly the way I had and how I'd felt at that one time and I went wild, and tore into the animal with my bare hands and pulled out raw meat and was eating it in front of "the diplomats". It wasn't a lie, because I had done this specific thing, so I did this and from what I remember, Putin showed up and looked at me and then one of them said, "She's acting. Here's the tape" because they had recorded what I'd said in the house to agree. I wasn't sure a real tape was given or that there was anything on it and someone said there wasn't. However, then all of a sudden, I was being sent back to the United States. If it wasn't Edward, they called him that and it looked like him.

I mean, right and left, however the CIA or FBI could try to trap me and make me look like a liar, or that something wasn't really as bad as it was, or no one harmed me, and that instead I was a lying criminal of the worst kind, they were doing this to me. It was also inciting a lot of hatred against me and distrust and accusations that I was just conniving. While it was "technically" an on-spot lie in a sense, in another very real sense, it wasn't a lie at all. I just had to re-enact a moment of horror in my life and I figured at least it gives them an idea. Instead, I think it was used against me to force me out of my right to not return to the United States because of extreme and severe crimes against humanity against me. I do remember at the time though, I also thought they were just taking photos so someone could say I was nuts, because it looked nuts, but I did what I thought was in keeping with what the truth really was. Like I said, I believe they tried to use it to discredit me.

So then from there I was taken to a hot island with military showing up all around me, which is when I stayed with this woman, with Lee, with a woman from Jaimaica. So Diana showed up and people were calling me a liar. It basically worked like a hand-in-glove for the next thing they plotted, which was to set me up to "teach" William of Wales and then accuse me of hypnotizing him and being a manipulator. All they had to do was pull out a tape where it sounded like I was convinced to act out a lie, and then say "She's a manipulative, scheming, lying, little girl". Well, it also was used to discredit further abuse and reports I made about abuse done to me. Because then at the house there, instead of being told to pretend like I was starving, they really gave me no food and not only did they not give me food, they didn't give me water. So when I was licking dew off of the leaves of a plant from dehydration, and trying to give some to Lee, it was real. Someone was going in and spraying the plant leaves with water too, but not giving us any water, so all we could do was lick what came off of some leaves. Our lips were cracked. I mean, we were not just parched and thirsty, this went on with the U.S. around outside, holding us hostage there, for days.

Then one man I saw while fishing, either Edward or Robert or someone, made fun of me one day, about acting and said "Can you cry?" I was completely set up. The U.S. and some in the UK wanted desperately to keep up a lie, claiming nothing bad really happened to me, and I was just "acting" to "con" people and get what I wanted. In actuality, I did not spend very much time at all, 'acting'. My life was mostly what you saw upfront. I wasn't able to cry on-demand and I was fascinated by other kids' and adults' ability to do that. It took me too long. I had to sit around and wait too long for my years of torture-shock to go away to try to think about how sad I really was to produce tears, because I did sob a lot, but then I was being forced not to. I was able to act out being hungry because it was recent enough in my memory to do it and didn't require fake crying.

Then when I was tutoring William, I sometimes told him, "Now you pretend to be xxxx and I'll pretend to be xxxx and then try to follow me" and I was putting on simplistic impressions of other people for him to learn something, but that was like role-playing, not acting.

So hmm. How come the CIA and Pentagon and Camilla wanted me to "Be HAPPY" and toss that note inside my shirt while cutting my line with the hope I ended up dead at the bottom of the cliffs?

Oh yeah. Acting. Their lies, not mine.

It was following my tutoring of William with things like: "Okay William, now I'm going to 'be Linda' okay?" (for Melinda Gates, because yeah, they'd met just like we all did). "Now you follow me like you're following Linda and I'll do the kinds of things she does." He knew who "Linda" was when I said "I'll be Linda". The only one like her or with that name around was Melinda Gates. So then I also did impressions for him of others, like Valerie, and other royals and he was catching on and then some adult stopped me later, like I remember a Dicksie did at one point and said, "You're teaching him to SPY on his OWN family?!" I replied, with my nose in the air, "Yeah. So what. He might NEED to some day."

Then I started to explain, "Well there isn't anyone else to do an impression of that he knows so he can learn different kinds of people to shadow, so I used some of the family. I also used Melinda and other people too, if I knew he knew them." My mother, or one Dicksie said, "No, you're teaching him to SPY on his family." I said, "So what if I am? You don't think he might ever need to know how to do that?"  She looked at me and said "NO."   I said, "Kings and Queens and royals killed each other through history all the time and even non-royals do.  I don't think there is anything wrong with learning."  She said, "Is that what you do with us?" and I said, "What?" and she said, "Do you spy on us?" and I said, "Come on.  I just saw Edward Howard's wife Mary giving someone documents about Howard on the island and you think I think you couldn't do the same about me?"  She said, "So you SPY on US."  I said, "No, actually I don't.  But why are you acting so defensive?  Maybe I SHOULD."

In truth and actuality, I didn't spy on them.  I did kid-style sneaking around like all kids, but I wasn't "actively spying" on anyone in any professional sense.  I did for William, my best.  I was training him with skills he could use not against his family but for his own safety if he wanted or just to have as a tool.

She said, "That's encouraging him to be distrusting" and I said, "No, you're making a much bigger deal about it.  I don't think he should be distrusting, I mostly used them because they're just people with different personalities who he knows.  Everyone acts different and you can follow them different ways so that's what I was doing and trying to make it fun and interesting for him.  But yes, I think who knows, if one day he wanted to spy on someone because something happened, he could and they all keep an eye on each other."

My Grandpa Garrett married a woman named "Be-Linda" who followed him 10 paces behind until he said to walk next to him, and I was going through dozens of CIA and FBI and Pentagon-NASA assassination attacks, in between trying to head off hate crimes and figuring out why some internationals suddenly acted mean to me.  Belinda wore a ton of jewelry at her wedding and I asked why and was told, "Well in Malaysia, the woman doesn't get to have any property if something happens to her husband so all she has that is considered to be her own property is her jewelry."

(You can all see I'm the one with diamonds)

(some random placement of items that I suddenly noticed tonight, a few minutes ago and decided to photograph as they are.  The back of the book says "When Kings Walked As Living Gods" and then the scraps of paper are from an art project and the books below is physical science by shipman, wilson, and higgins).  The loop is interesting to me because I just re-watched a Dan Rather interview of Edward Howard from 1995.)

(as I took the photo some items fell in a cascade from the shelf onto the couch and I photographed them the way they fell)

Me? This is just me, amused.  I don't know what that shadow reflected thing is next to one side of my head but I think it looks like a dahlia or like a flower.  It's a random illusion.  These photos were all taken within 1-2 minutes of each other.  Again I ask, is it schitzophrenia to notice symmetry?  I think not.  

Back to my topic, I'm not really sure why a Dicksie or Robert would care what I taught William anyway.  I am also not sure what the greatest motive for killing me, that anyone would have.  I know most of the abusers are government employees.

In the U.S. the right to live my life and not be tortured, is something everyone would take for granted.  My son is also not government property but the U.S. kidnapped him to be another of their pawns.  No one in the U.S. has a right to organize "selective service enlistment" of infants and to steal them from their mothers, the mother they trafficked and tortured for decades and used.  Who really wants to work for the U.S.?  I mean, if they're scraping the bottom of the barrel, it's no wonder.  How many people would feel comfortable working for the U.S. knowing the U.S. uses people and then tries to murder their own employees and tortures kids and even deliberately frames children.  Imagine a scene of 50 adults taking turns to rape or sodomize a kid.  Is that "bullying"?  or is that hate crimes and war crimes and why would the perpetrators be mostly United States government employees?  You know, and then these adults, are yelling at the kid like the kid ruined THEIR grown-up adult lives and they are just not happy until they see repeated torture of the kid.  It's beyond abnormal.  

The other person I was introduced to around the time I was assaulted with dogs and going to Texas where Raul Bujanda already was, and then meeting the Bushes at their house, was Larry Flynt.  I witnessed a lot.  I also witnessed a LOT of FBI criminals committing crimes.  It was a very shocking thing because the FBI came in and did a mafia-style gang-beating, the way the feds did at the Oklahoma Transfer Center (a prison) when they forced me to watch.  The FBI did not even hide who they were.  First of all, someone was pressuring to get photos of me sent to Larry Flynt and I wasn't consensually in any photos I was aware of.  His daughter's claim that he called her many names and abused her, I can't testify to off the top of my head, but he called me by several names.  The FBI wasn't just extorting money from Flynt, and apparently a Robert, they were wanting kid porn of me sent to them.  I mean, I'm not kidding.  They were not just there picking up porn of women or arguing about money--they were talking about Kid Porn of ME and they were NOT "prosecuting" anyone.  They wanted to have dirt on people--blackmail. He (Larry) got kid porn from Michelle Erickson's uncle "Gary" too.  You know, the same Michelle Erickson who lied about me with the other CPS and FBI porn marketers.

Then I was asked to be at the Supreme Court hearing for Larry Flynt's case of all things.  I mean, of all things to be introduced to the Supreme Court justices over, it was a Flynt case.  The big one.  I saw him wheeled back and forth and talked to him and my parents did and then it is said his comment about "This is about 8 assholes and a token cunt" was about the justices but it wasn't.  He looked at me and directed all the attention in the courtroom to me when he said it.  It's not like something you can put on a transcript for a court record.  The other media or news about John Delorean (who I accidentally offended one time) getting threatened by FBI is, I'm sure all true, but the "daughter's head will be bashed in" comment was from FBI to someone standing by me at the time and they pointed at me when they said, "Or your daughters head bashed in".  At the time, I saw the FBI had audio being recorded and phones out.  It sounded to me like they were threatening a man over the phone or planning to, about me.  I can promise, it was said by FBI about me.  Delorean appeared to be working with the FBI, not the person who was the recipient of the threat, but I wasn't sure who the recipient was, I was just there when 3 FBI with badges and ID showed up, beat people up, took documents for blackmailing people, and were doing "interrogations" by making threats to harm me.

At first I thought Larry Flynt was on my side and then I started to notice looks being exchanged with the FBI and others and thought, "No, he doesn't like me for some reason.  He's on Katie Middleton's side."  What I couldn't figure out, is how Larry Flynt knew Middletons or why he'd even care.  I did think he had a nice side and I didn't dislike him as a person.  I just thought, after all that, something is telling me some of the FBI who oppress me got him hooked. I started to feel like he was allowing them to use me at his place to get to this man they were threatening about "bashing Cameo's head in".  I was being called by different names out loud to confuse the fact they were talking about me and who the person was they were threatening.  Sometimes they were calling me Katie, like when a check was being made out by Flynt to "Katie" and he was claiming "It's really you".  No, the money really did not go to me.

Then after that, my Grand Intro to the Supreme Court, which is like a joke, like some kind of a weird model traintrack set with the little station that has the flag on it, I saw politicians in Congress and the House punching each other's lights out in brawls.  No one had a court hearing over torture of me.  I saw Senators and others getting bribes.  I cannot even tell you how much money and blackmail I saw going out to every possible contact there was in the U.S. that someone worried at any time I might go to to expose crimes against me and free myself.  It was no big deal to do a bribe with politicians. They all carried briefcases or legal attaches that locked, and I saw many swaps.  They also exchanged bags of information when there was a crowd all pushed in on the way to go out of a building.

After Larry Flynt's hearing, guess what kind of U.S. employee house I stayed at (aside from Bush)?  Just the FBI's house, that's all, one pegged to be another Director.  I thought, "I'm finally getting rescued" and I was told when I got there, "You're in protective custody so you can be safe while we think about Witness Protection."   I seriously believed it.  I was hesitant though because I already knew some of these people were liars that worked for the government.  Sure enough, as it turned out, this FBI agent wanted me there so he could go into my bedroom when his wife wasn't around and see me in my nightgown.  Then guess who got threatened?  I was threatened, and while they threatened me, him and his wife, the FBI man got a fat pack of money.  After they got this money, they started making accusations about me that were false, out loud.  It was like "on cue" false allegations.  Like a ping-pong machine. Not a word against me, until they got the money.  As soon as they got the money, it was like a ping pong ball hitting the "Lucky Treasure Chest" which had the FBI's name on it and then an announcer went off on loudspeakers to say, "We can't help you." and "We're sorry.  We thought we could do something but we can't now.  We found out it's not possible."  

They had me going from being assaulted and stripped with wolfhounds licking me on a flatbed, to an FBI agents house who had a Great Dane, to that.  The other thing they did on "cue" was start implying I had done something wrong, and they would bring up things they'd already accepted for blackmail or framing me.

In the Flynt trial at the Supreme Court, it was used not only to have a trial for him, the Judges on the Supreme Court were being secretly bribed against me.  A manilla envelope which I had seen ahead of time as not being court documents, was passed to the Judges.  The woman stared at me with cold hatred after viewing the materials.  Then the other Supreme Court Judges did.  Maybe one of them didn't look like he completely hated me, but most of them did look that way and they all looked at me, not at anyone else in court.  It was like they were conducting their secret backdrop trial at the same time as the one being talked about out loud.  They were getting non-trial related materials with that trial being an excuse to have things handed to them.  I could tell it was either more bribery for the Supreme Court to have for themselves, or some kind of attempt to frame me to look bad secretly without letting me know so that no one would ever hear a case brought by me in the future.  It was extremely corrupt.  I have JUST a little more than that on them.  Well, a couple of them perhaps but all of them were getting information of some kind on me.  Whoever didn't hate me or couldn't be persuaded to hate me by seeing photos or documents of some kind, was blackmailed by having an illicit affair or photos to prove crimes or embarrassments.  The Robert Garrett jr. there was acting like a mastermind and I thought why does he act like he hates me?  I wasn't sure if the FBI was forcing him with threats or if he really was trying to get me into trouble in some way.
I think the place where there was snow and I had to stay, in between Russia and the U.S. for awhile was Alaska, maybe not Russia.  I was taken on a boat to Alaska at one point and we were in, believe me, Alaska.  Some of it was touring.  I saw seals on sheets of ice, the aurora borealis, there was no night and day distinction, it was freezing cold if you even stepped outside, and I was pulled on a sled driven by a team of Huskies.  I was told, say "Mush, mush!" and of course I did.  I loved the dogs and that sled.  I told them I wanted to learn how to do it all the time.  Because Alaska is so close to part of Russia, I think it's possible I saw Edward one place and then the others in Alaska, but I remember being in Alaska, and we went there by helicopter, one with skis, and by boat, and I think more than one time.  One was maybe a fishing boat and another was a tour boat to see glaciers and things.  I saw Manchuria one time, a sort of Chinese-Russian place that was really incredibly remote and historic for the time.  I mean, not a lot of people from the U.S. were visiting Manchuria.  I visited Siberia at one point, and was in a jail with some others who were political prisoners.  It was the real thing--exile in Siberia is NO JOKE.  I considered the idea of staying there actually. I said even though there isn't much here, and it's really cold, and it feels so depressing (people crying all the time), I said, "At least there isn't any torture.  I'm not being tortured here."  Probably they all thought I was nuts to say that, because maybe they were tortured and I didn't know it.  In Alaska, I lived with Eskimos for a day or two or maybe up to a week in an igloo.  It was the last of their culture to still be doing that and some of them did, and it was really warm inside, surprisingly.  They had lots of fur pelts and sealskins and it was really shocking that it was this house made of ice, and yet it was so warm!  When you think about it, how can an ice house be so cold it's frozen and then you still feel warm enough?  They ate a lot of soup.  They had a special drink they made, and they made soup and had lots of venison.  The butterfly kisses were taught to me there.  That was their greeting to one another.

There were different places I was taken to where I tried eating just about almost everything except monkey eyeballs.  

When the Eskimoes and people went on sled ventures, it was an all-day to one-week journey sometimes.  The dogs were amazing but then one day, they were all so friendly and someone got one of them to be starved and then snap at me because it didn't have anything to eat.  I'm pretty sure that was done after I did the "pretending" I was starving and eating raw meat because I was getting punished for it.  It was the first clue I had that someone had "exposed" me as having been told to pretend, so I knew I'd been set up by someone.  Also, all of the "If you're asking for help, don't cry wolf" comments came up after this time too.  "Don't cry wolf."  I said what's that and was told, "It's if you pretend to need help when you don't, because if you do it or too many times, people won't believe you or listen to you anymore."  Well, I'd already had the U.S. use that against me.  I'm pretty sure Sarah Palin was one of the individuals there with the Roos people.

Manchuria I barely remember.  It was beautiful.  It was a really beautiful place.  I visited Tibet at one time as well, which is different from Manchuria but there are some slight similarities.  Tibet was highly mystical and symbolic and religious with their monks.  Manchuria was sort of the same way but not as accessible and more into ideas of war and was sort of an Indiana Jones trove.  The caves and hiding places there are numerous.

When I was in Siberia...I am not sure.  It's possible I should have stayed there.  It sounds crazy but the one compound in Moscow or places sometimes near Germany or England I was getting radiated or infrared experimented-on.  The one dacha or whatever that was surrounded by the gates and when we tried to take a train to Moscow one night.  I guess it wasn't in Moscow because that's where we were trying to go.  The Siberian place I wasn't being tortured at.  I was extremely depressed though, and accidentally offended someone there by saying it felt "dark and depressing" there.  Well, I am sure I was just picking up on the grief of many people who had been in a compound before.  I met some people who were desperate to see me and I didn't know why and they were crying and crying.  Then a few didn't like me and I felt this cold aloof observance from them and thought a few were Jewish that were that way around me.  I sensed "plotting" somewhere.  

One of the things the Judges did, from the Supreme Court, was the female judge, who I think is Jewish, Ginsberg or whatever, made fun of me after knowing how I'd been forced down by dogs (staghounds) and then beat and had "Katie Middleton" putting a collar around me and someone else telling me to put the bead necklace into my mouth so she could pull it out.  Well when I was at the Supreme Court for the Flynt trial, it was after this was done to me and the Judge (woman) made fun of me.  It seemed to me she hated me as much as the Robert Garrett jr. seemed to hate me.  She was wearing a pearl necklace, a single strand pearl necklace, and after she made a comment in chambers (without others around us) to me, belittling me, she took off her pearl necklace and gave it to Robert Garrett jr. with the instructions that it was "for Katie Middleton".  This is one of the Judges for The Supreme Court of the U.S. and she was literally getting us back into her chambers to MOCK me, the U.S. citizen, and have a way to hand over jewelry to go to Kate Middleton, without others knowing about it.  I could talk, she supposed, but who would believe me?  It wasn't even that she was making a point of showing me how she was giving a present to Kate and not me, in my face--that wasn't the whole slam of it.  The slam of it was that she was trying to remind me of how I was "nothing" and that dogs were on me and they'd made me 'eat' Katies bead necklace (it wasn't pearls).  The other thing was if I remember correctly, for whatever reason, she took it off, put it in a paper bag, a brown paper bag like a lunch sack, and THEN gave it to Robert who put it into some other bag or case.  I had thought it was strange she was putting her pearl necklace into a lunch bag, but it was like all of it was to insult and degrade me.  She also gave instructions about how someone was going to be taking over for the President for 8 hours and they had 8 hours to do whatever they wanted to me.

Basically, President Ronald Reagan was going in for a surgery for "polyps removal" or whatever and George Bush or the CIA person was going to take over and be in charge as Commander-in-Chief during that time.  So they coordinated an attack against me.

So think about it.  The U.S. has been torturing me for decades and committing massive crimes against me.  First they hated me because I was funded by programs to be a flyer (an airplane pilot) and to do missions.  Then they hated me for gaining attention of men when I was little when that wasn't even my fault, or for following orders given to me by elders.  Next they kidnapped my son from me and after all of that, and attempts to kill me in between, do you really think, while I was being assaulted by remote sensing technology the entire time, and most heavily during my chance to "appeal" for my son to be returned to you REALLY think anyone at all is able to have ANY FUCKING FAITH in the God Damned United States judicial system?  They made a point to take me to the Supreme Court just to see how the FBI manipulated everything to get whatever they wanted and how the Judges (some) were corrupt.  After the U.S. first lied through FBI and Department of State about me, and tortured me through other departments, and tried to frame me for things I never did, or distort the truth of why I did some of the things I did, they had CPS and cops lying about me who were marketing kids for the porn industry.  In the meantime, who were sending their lunch bags to?  Katie Middleton?  I mean, are YOU SERIOUS.

Of course Katie 'won' her 'lawsuits'.  Hah!  Like it was fair play or something.  Let's see...the U.S. hates me and tortures me and obstructed my travel to force me out of court for my lawsuits, but the Supreme Court of the U.S. is sending Katie jewelry through secret meetings in the nation's capital.

It was Ruth Ginsburg.  She wasn't appointed to the court until 1993 or so, to the Supreme Court, but she was around because she was the one in the private chambers who did this.  The other woman around was Sandra O'Connor and she also hated me.  She was from Texas, where I had just been taken and where FBI's Raul Bujanda was talking about Alberto Gonzales (who O'Connor swore into office) prior to a trip we made to George Bush's house, when we went to a greyhound race-betting station, which was after I'd been stripped and mauled by staghounds with a bunch of U.S. media and politicians present to watch.  When Ruth says she counts Scalia as one of her closest friends and how they went to the 'opera' together, it's sort of funny, because her friend who appointed her, Bill Clinton, was at the bridge in Idaho where I was beat up and sodomized by some of Ruth Ginsburg's Cornell alumni, Mary and Carl Del Balzo, Italians who also know Scalia.  Basically, some of Ginsburg's Jewish friends, Emmanuel and Lorraine Rose for example, were ones who participated in assaulting me in Coquille, Oregon after finding out they were going to get a pass on it.  Emmanuel was a Jewish Rabbi and his friend Ruth was a PT rabbi at some camp in NY and he strangled me and arranged with another woman to see if I was a virgin and how I could be sodomized in a rage with a gang of CIA and U.S. employees.  

My work as a pilot, when I was trained to be a pilot, had already been sabotaged by these people.  I wasn't trained for a few weeks or something, like some short-term summer school.  I was trained since I had been a toddler.  I had different individuals stepping in to make it appear I wasn't as good as I was and ruining the outcomes.  In the interview with Dan Rather, Edward Lee Howard talks about the "CIA's Top Gun program" and how "It was highly competitive".  Well it was more than "competitive"--they just wanted to give money to some other brats and start over rather than use me so they began to undermine what I could do.  I flew commercial planes, jets, including fighter jets, field planes (like crop planes), and I was part of at least two secret missions which also included night flying.  I also trained in simulators that were full-size military ones and I knew the difference between a simulator and the real thing.  I was also trained to drive vehicles as a kid with not just practice with the real thing but in a simulator for driving cars.  You'd go in and the sides and front would play a scene as if you were actually driving a car through a setting that seemed real but wasn't.  It was to give the sensation of moving forward.

No mission to Russia was by plane.  For example, there was no secret flight into Russia with a group of planes.  It was other locations.  I was always with another person of course, but often I was the person in the pilot seat.  There were weapons on the jets as well, with ammunition that could be fired from the controls.  

To force me out I had a few "co-pilots" faking 'mistakes'or creating mistakes that I didn't make.  The other thing that was done was I was being assaulted by some form of technology that caused altitude sickness and fainting when I had already proven I wasn't a faintheaded type and was acclimatized to the drops and heights.  And then finally, they were trying to terrorize me with sudden introduction of knives and weapons and syringes full of drugs in the cabin of the simulators.  So they fabricated mistakes to dumb me down, deliberately assaulted me to create health problems to prevent me from doing what I could actually do, and used psychological distress and trauma to try to disturb my focus and then they wanted to say, "It's all fair."

They are all total idiots.  They spent money to train someone who was better than their "replacements" and then spent all of the taxpayers money lying about it for decades and creating multiple covers for themselves.

Then they wanted to put me in college as a pre-teen and use it to ruin my credibility intellectually and called it "a pilot program".

I flew with a Robert Garrett jr., Edward Lee Howard, Mike Middleton, another guy named "Mike", and there were a bunch of guys who only used nicknames.  There was only one other female pilot who was older like the men and no other kids. She looked slightly like Nora Krevans, with dark brown hair.  Sort of like Mary Howard maybe, but shoulder-length dark wavy or curly hair.   I was the only kid I saw out there.  At one time they brought along some younger boy for one jet session and that was about it.  There were a couple of teens who were older than me that I saw who didn't like me and were vicious, as in competitive.  They complained I was too young and a girl.  Even some of the men complained that I was a girl, saying little girls, i.e., women, couldn't be fighter pilots because they were "too emotional".  I said, "Yeah, your little boys over there are more emotional than I am."  They didn't like that.  They didn't like it because it was true.  I was able to counter all of their complaints with evidence just like the brats that were allowed to stay in the program and become full-fledged fucking lawyers.

I thought a couple of them respected me even though they didn't say much.  They asked me, "What do you want to be when you're older?" and I said, "A lawyer."  I remember the blond teenager who looked at me when I said it.  He remembers because I know he was listening.

Then they started doing some weird things to Edward Howard and tried to push me out.  I am sure they did bad things to other people too, but it was after I was flying in practice with his wife Mary Howard and some of the teens, they tried to eliminate me.  It was one of the last times I was allowed to fly.  I thought "I guess one of those men didn't like my comment about their 'little boys'".  They really hated having a young girl smart off.  I didn't go around bragging though--I just defended myself.  One of them had tears in their eyes (real or not) knowing they were going to cut me.  I didn't have a lot of ways to defend myself in-flight either.  It wasn't like I could blame the more experienced adult for doing anything even if they did.  No one would believe me, thinking I was just the kid who couldn't get it or was too young or not good enough.  I wasn't involved in any hijackings by-the-way...that's not the kind of "mission" I was in.  I was involved in missions where we fired live fire and ducked out of the way of the line of enemy fire, and crossing into other airzones and borders without being detected.  It was more "practice surveillance" stuff.  Nothing dramatic.

On one of the tests, is where my adult co-pilot forced me to fail it.  I even argued about what he was doing when he was doing it, or it was that he interfered when it was supposed to be only me and then they made it look like I hadn't made the cut on that round when I was making it.  So then really, either the CIA was just training me to kill myself, by showing me enough to operate a plane and then not giving more training than that, because they planned to kill me in a plane, or they were just getting revenge against someone and cutting me out so their own kids could be squeezed in.  It's maybe also possible someone blackmailed or forced the co-pilot to have me fail on purpose.  Anything is possible.

There was fire, where I had to fire at targets, and there was fire coming at me as well, and my plane.  I also saw an instance of another plane exploding when crashing into a mountain during a chase where the full throttle (I forgot all the words and technology bc I mostly learned by practice) was used and the lever (stick) was all the way back to shoot the plane up and out of the face of the mountain. It was a sudden, emergency fast climb.  It was almost my death.

I think part of the U.S. gang-rape and assault of me with sticks was to mock me over my skills with a plane and the stick there.  Any excuse they had, they used it.

The United States FBI was involved in this.  They blamed ME for "killing some of our FBI" that were supposedly in the plane chasing when I did nothing and they could have pulled up on the stick just the same and they didn't.    THEY DID NOT do what they COULD HAVE DONE.  So here was the CIA, which is U.S. government, training me, without telling ME they were CIA or what it was really, and they were U.S. operated and then they're trying to have me take heat and blame from the FBI over it, and the FBI came out and surrounded me and tried to make accusations.  Then they pulled me out of training.  Why?  It wasn't because I wasn't a good pilot.  I was good.  I was better than some of their trained adults who had a lot more money and experience than I did.

FUCK THE FBI.  I mean really.  God DAMN them for what they've done.  Playing "pretend" like they don't know when they've known all along and I'm really fucking TIRED of their LYING SHIT.

I mean, yeah, I killed some Secret Service guy supposedly (unless it was a blank and he pretended to die) in Africa on a safari because he first had my guns taken from me in the wild where it was dangerous when I always had a gun.  No one does that to another hunter when you're around a bunch of wild animals.  I was always armed and it wasn't like he was looking out for me, because he knew I knew (then) how to safely be armed.  So he takes my gun and then sets me up to be attacked by a ravenous tiger that JUMPED me and I turned around after it MISSED and there is NO TIGER around so why is this man pointed a gun at me and I'm seeing his fingers close around the trigger as he has a look of hate?  I did what anyone would do, which was to only defend myself because I certainly was NOT trying to kill HIM.  He was trying to kill ME.  So that's one instance where the U.S. attempted to say they needed "revenge" against me when I was a kid and if they'd wanted revenge they could have gone to court.  Why not go to court?  Because it was THEIR idea to have me out in the wild in Africa.  

Secondly, when I had to pull up the stick to avoid DYING and crashing into a mountain, I didn't intend to kill anyone.  They crashed and then FBI came up to me claiming I murdered their agents deliberately by luring them in a chase to crash their plane.  I said, "They could have pulled up on the stick and they didn't."

So the FBI is suddenly "The Mafia" because now they don't want to go to court to explain why I was under age 11 flying fighter jets.  And instead of admitting all the training was CIA with some UK cooperative work, they just kept trying to find excuses to incite hatred against me.  I remember one of the pilots out there and one was Mary Howard.  I thought, "Why is Edward Howard's wife Mary trying to report me as if I did something wrong out there?  Or was it one of the Dicksies?"  It was like someone out there was some kind of "cop" that was attempting to report me as if I needed to be reported and then the response of the FBI was to organize hits against me by electrocuting me inside of their offices, raping and drugging me.  They tried to cop this attitude like they were all the "good guys" and innocent and then lied to the public while creating misinformation for getting anyone mad enough to go after me.

And no, I did NOT have anything to do with "killing" Obama's father, though he thought or claimed I did.  I saw some things prior to when he died, possibly, if it was the same person, but I did not drive any vehicle or set someone up to "die".  A lot of people were trying to say I did though and I didn't even know it.  I just thought Barak Obama was a whacked coke dealer because he kept popping up out of nowhere saying "DO I LOOK LIKE A MONKEY TO YOU??" or "YOU KILLED MY DAD".  
Yeah.  Scary enough Mr. Klux.

The other thing Obama was coordinated to was Thebaults.  So I am sure someone probably tried to say I had something to do with the eldest brother's death too and I didn't.  I don't remember all of it but I heard it was to fake it so he got witness protection.  However, I know some of them were connected to Barak Obama through the African diamond smuggling.  A LOT of people were connected to that.  Well, okay, a lot of the people who have been encircling and entrapping me my entire life I should say.

The only thing I had to do with it was I was literally chained up to work in a diamond pit.  They didn't really call them "mines".  It was "the pit".  I was fully chained up and there were a few adults chained up too, white, from the U.S., like hostages.  It was pretty bizarre.  Then one of them unlocked me or let me go and I ran into the jungle in the direction of where I thought people from the U.S. were staying.  I am not sure how I remembered or knew which way it was because it was all thick jungle around.  Then some black guy came up out of nowhere and handed me something saying it was a diamond to take back and he said "Hide it" and I said "Where?" and there was no place to hide it and he tried to say in my pants or underwear or something.  I said, "I can't put it in my underwear" so I said "Do you have a knife?" and he said yes and I cut my arm, pushed the diamond in and wrapped a bandage around it. He looked shocked to the core.  I went back to the U.S. people with a bloody bandage and then they said, "You're going to die you idiot, if you don't go to a hospital" and then they forced the bandage off and George Bechtold was standing there and took it and said, "You think you're going somewhere?" and forced me down and sexually assaulted me while he had the diamond, and pretended to be Bush.  That is when he forced me to kiss him.  I was taken to a hospital and sewed up and never heard where it came from or who it went to eventually but it was stolen from me.  The one black guy had given it to me as a present.  I had nothing on me because they had me chained in the pit.  No weapon, no knife, no gun or ammo, no place to even hide anything.  I am not even sure if I HAD underwear on.  I just knew I had no place to hide anything when he told me to, so I cut my arm with his knife.  It is the only time in my life I cut myself.

So like I said, I was in some hospital and everything was covered up and I didn't know why.  Then when I got out, I never really heard anything about it.  No one brought it up.  If someone accused me of stealing it, that's possible but they were too happy to take it from me.  No one really thought I had stolen it.  It wasn't like I was the one wanting to work in a diamond pit, and I didn't take anything with me when I ran to escape being chained up.  What I know is Barak Obama's family was involved in that place and he hated me.

So then the FBI helped coordinate a rape of me with UK people and US people, with Barak Obama getting to "bloody her up".  

I never got any money from anything, I never stole anything, I was never "in on" a conspiracy to steal anything, and all that ever happened to me was the U.S. used me and then tried to get others to torture and kill me so they could be rich.  I overheard some people saying things like "Did you get it?" to another person, like, did this diamond make it out of the mine.  Well I am not even sure it was a real diamond because when it was handed to me, I was in the jungle, away from the pit, and I never saw it being extracted from the mine, and had no way of assessing its value or if it came from there.  I knew I was on my own out there and then some kid came up to me with it and said "This is for you.  HIDE IT.  You have to hide it."  He tried to tell me to stick it up in my rear end or vaginal opening because I didn't have underwear or something that would hold it.  I wasn't comfortable with the idea of putting an object into my vagina or anus, and said "No.  Give me your knife."  So I cut myself.

I am the best and they fucking know it.  You go find yourself another one of me.  Go ahead fuckers and just try.

I was later told "You almost killed yourself" and I said "No I didn't" and I was told, "Yes, you could have died from the bleeding".  I said, "I think I was smart because I found a place to put it" and they looked at me saying, "You're a Moron".  Basically, I wasn't going to be putting some kind of rock inside of my vagina or anus.  Because I was opposed to that idea, I cut myself.  So basically, I didn't compromise my principles.

I had the idea that if this guy is giving me a huge diamond and I'm being tortured in the U.S. and then taken to Africa to work like a slave in a pit and shuffled all over the place with the U.S. never paying me for anything and just torturing me and abusing me, maybe this guy thinks I could hide it and then find a way to cash it in or use it to make a better life for myself and escape.  So yeah, I was going to cut my arm for that.  I was a virgin.  I was not going to compromise what I valued.

Guess what the U.S. did?  They hated me so much they wanted to make sure I was humiliated and sodomized, knowing I wouldn't do anything like that to myself.  I mean, and I have no idea who profited from the diamond because it was stolen from me when it had been given to me as a gift.  I was not part of some prior scheme.  No one ever mentioned stealing one.  No one said, "..and then you run out and we'll pass the football to you, and then you go like a line-backer to the goal and then we'll put you in the hospital with garish green walls, call you crazy, and steal your kid later and EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPEE HAPPEEE  HAPPEEEE.

I never once thought I had committed any crime because I didn't and I thought some black guy was trying to help me out.  Well, that may not have been the case.  That is what I thought however.  

I am not sure how I was able to cut my own arm actually.  With the bungee jumping, I prepped for it.  I did some thinking and psyching myself up.  With the diamond gift, it took me split seconds to make a decision.  I thought about it and I acted.  My life was THAT bad.  The U.S. IS THAT bad, that it would be enough to make me think cutting my arm is nothing if I am going to be able to free myself and escape the U.S.  They were electrocuting me.

I was in the African hospital, which had French speakers there, for maybe...I don't know...1-2 weeks.  I got really sick.  At first I was better because they did something with my arm.  They also kept me on morphine which helped because when the shock was off I was in pain.  Then, I started feeling delirious, maybe from the heat and was taken out.  I had a few visitors and one was possibly some man I'd married once.  

I also met, in the U.S., or saw actually, on steps to a building in D.C. once, Yurchenko.  You know, like "Your chain company".  Yurchenko was a defector from Russia and when I barely saw him I thought it was my Uncle Valentine or one of his friends at first.  I thought he was Mexican.  Never would have thought he was Russian.  I also thought "He really doesn't seem to like me" and he had a hard look to him and then I noticed, "He is noticing something on me...what is he noticing?  what's he looking at?" and then I realized, "Maybe he is noticing my bruises."  I had bruises on my body from being beaten, tied and chained up.  They were not bruises from playing or normal looking.  They were from really being hurt.  Probably they were not as bad as sometimes or some were covered up but I remembered I hoped to myself, in my mind at that time, "Please God, let him see I'm being tortured.  Please have someone help me."  I never knew who he was, or what country.  I saw him in passing for a moment.  I just know I said a prayer because I was suffering and I hoped maybe he is noticing evidence.  At that point, I couldn't tell anyone anymore.  I was being beat up and chained and electrocuted worse if I did.  It wasn't like I had very much to expect however, because I didn't think he liked me and didn't know who he was. I just thought, if I'm in D.C. where all the national business is, is no one going to notice or speak up for me?  I mean NO ONE in the U.S.?  NONE OF THESE  U.S. Departments and organizations?  It is more like the U.S. was not just hurting me and torturing me and using me to carry missions and blaming me as a scapegoat, they were not just trying to incite others to kill me, it's like they wanted to find reasons to have someone pick a fight.  Sometimes, I think the U.S. deliberately used me as a thorn or "spur" to get some group mad enough to try to do something and then the U.S. was waiting for their move with pre-planned counterplots.

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