Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Davis" from City of Seattle Twice Obstructs Justice

I have a photo I'm trying to upload, of evidence of his call, being blocked by the Blogger server.  This is the second time this man, using a name of "Officer Davis" has used the City of Seattle phone line to call me about a "complaint" I made against Sgt. Guy Pratt, who has twice taken information and this last time a full report from me, and he had a conflict of interest and ignored it to run my statutes.  Officer Davis is a black man who, this time, called only to obtain discovery and details about my report and then harassed me.

This time he asked for information about where I reported it, if I did, at the time of the incident, and wanted information and then was trying to cut me off when I was giving this information and said "There is no report."  He said there's no report from me about it, even recently.  I said I had email from Pratt verifying my written report was received and then Officer Davis said again there is no report.

Then, knowing this was a report of rape and electrocution of me as a minor, he proceeded to harass me by saying, "Maybe you can call 911."

The other concern I have is that when I was physically in Seattle, Washington, in 2009, a black Seattle police officer approached me.  The name on his badge was "Davis" and he told me his name was "Davis" but possibly he was someone else, I'm not sure.  I called to make a report while I was in downtown Seattle and he showed up and acted really paranoid and then told ME the Chief of Police was 100% drug-dealer and distributor corrupt.  He said, "Don't ever try to contact the Chief of Police for Seattle because he is in the mafia and sells drugs."

I believed him and he was saying it was one of the most corrupt police departments and that the very head of it, at the top, was the worst: the controller of the mafia.

Then this Officer, who was Seattle police and black, and I'm pretty sure it was Davis but remotely possible it was another name, proceeded to act suspicious at the place I made my report and my coat with my cell phone in the pocket was stolen while he was there, smirking at the woman in the lobby where he met me to take my complaint.

So I'm not really sure which of all of them are the "drug dealers" or corrupt ones.

What I know, is Seattle police is refusing to have my report transferred from Pratt to someone else, and they need to process my report and then it has to go to the D.A. and they are required by law to transfer criminal reports handled by persons with known conflicts of interest.

If it is true the Chief of Police is the Mafia Boss for Seattle, he is really in a shitload of trouble for trying to conceal my criminal report made against Barak Obama because someone is going to be scouring his bank records now.  Banks, offshore accounts, meetings with people who travel, meetings with international persons, personal and business travel, and his activities at the station will be screened by video camera.  I would not be surprised if he is getting followed with cameras for the Seattle streets, and being tracked from his personal residence, on the inside, all the way down that yellow brick road to work.

Which I've already said before.  But it might be a different Chief because I haven't been looking.

What I know, is the rape of me and the electrocution of me, was done first inside of Seattle FBI offices.  Not the rape, but the electrocution.  It was "demonstrated" to them and USED as a "method" of supposedly trying to get Gary Ridgway to confess to murders.  The FBI had no legitimate reason to do this to me, and electrocution of even death-sentence convicts is deemed "Cruel" and "Unusual" even as a form of death for those on death row.  Aside from "cruel and unusual" crimes of assault, the FBI had previously attempted to USE me for "spying" for THEM.  I turned them down and they and a Seattle officer had me tortured in a basement with Dicksie working the electrocution, and it was done before they all decided to "use" it to get Gary R. to confess.  They assumed that if they had tortured me and got me to say I had a name of "Anna" even if I wasn't a spy, they'd use that excuse and the fact I'd said no to them on secretly stealing DNA information from people.

They even wanted to fly me out of the country to do some of it.

The Seattle police and Seattle FBI were involved in beating me up and with FBI, having me electrocuted in their offices.  The Seattle police (a man) saw me electrocuted as well, but not at the Headquarters.  It was in a private basement of some kind.  I suppose possibly a police basement, but there were microscopes down there, and Dicksie, and Robert Garrett Jr. and Seattle police and an FBI agent.

I guess it was a police basement.  Because they came down the stairs and went in like they were there all the time, and had their office-business dress on, and then they went back up the stairs for "lunch break".  One woman went down the stairs who was some kind of clerk at one point and gave them a message about something.

So possibly it was a forensics basement.  Because that would explain why both Seattle police AND FBI showed up, and why there were microscopes and science equipment.  I wasn't electrocuted with Seattle police in front of a lot of people or in an upstairs office at all.  It was witnessed and coordinated by them in a basement room.

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