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Greg and "Alan": Kate Middleton Pedophile Supporters from 1986

I believe the tech that came out through Charter, a second time, is one who supports Katie Middleton.  He did in 1986.  He came out to put up a phone line and split it with one green end going left and the other green line going right.  I know I walked around the ladder almost 2 decades ago when he set it up and this time, I walked under it.  I basically remember every detail, or almost every detail.  He said his name was "Alan" but what it really was I don't know.  He made mention about how the cord still had a memory of being coiled up, which is the same thing he said back then.  He said it out loud, about the wire, but it was when I had my arms crossed over my chest at the wrist, the way I had to have my wrists together when I was being tied up.  It was at least one of the positions for tying me up.  He said this about the wire or cable, but because I was doing this with my wrists and remembering I did it because I was seeing wire and cable and expected to have to put my wrists together to be tied that way, I had my arms across my chest.

After he came out over a decade ago, he made it plain he didn't like me and then later, I saw him again and he was with the postmaster that is now in Coquille, wanting to get transfered over here since I arrived.  I don't know if Greg was a postmaster then, back then, but I think so and he showed up with Alan and they beat me and tied me up.  It was separate, or a separate incidence to the gang-sodomization of me by a huge group.  This was the two of them and a Robert there not seeming happy with them and then they beat me and Greg acted like he thought maybe I was going to do some kind of sexual thing for him, which I did not do.  I think the reason for this is because Alan gave him the idea maybe.

Then when I saw Laura Ingaham in Iraq, which was after this, I noticed she had a green and black wire out on her table where she was doing "interviews" of U.S. Army soldiers for some report.  It made me feel like she was well aware of who Alan and Greg and people were in Coquille and what they did, and then she wanted to lay out, or the Army and she wanted to lay out, more intimidating symbols in my face, for me to see and be reminded of.  The other person who wore a green and black line around his neck when I was forced to see him all the time, was Camilla Parker-Bowles son, Tom.  I noticed this about him and how he always wore it, before I ever saw Alan in Coquille and he set my lines up back then in the later 1980s.  I also remember Alan hated me because someone attacked him once over me and hurt him somehow so he wanted revenge against me.  He definitely is a Katie Middleton supporter.

What is really disturbing is that Greg made a point today, to go up close to the counter again, when I was standing there, like no big deal, and he wanted it for the cameras somewhere in the post office, because he thinks I don't remember him.  Greg is a pedophile.

I was kidnapped by them.  They knew I didn't want to go anywhere and I made it clear and the Robert jr. there at the time shook his head but then they kidnapped me out of the U.S. and flew me to Iraq where they attempted to have me blow myself up.   I went from them tying me up to being transported to Iraq.  I believe one of the men who was possibly on the helicopter was one of the FBI employees who was military then but it now also FBI.  So I went from them to a U.S. Army base in Iraq where Laura Ingraham was and got documents and then after this, a group of individuals including her, Tom Parker Bowles (definitely), Daniel, Barak Obama, Middletons, and I think James Cartright (or Leon Panetta) were standing there with, I think maybe Gary Middleton too and they began harassing me and saying it's never going to get better for you.  Kill yourself while you have a chance.  If you don't want to suffer anymore, just pull that string and you have the choice.

When I wouldn't kill myself, they organized further hits against me.  It is also illegal to do "extraordinary rendition" of U.S. citizens who are minors for the purpose of kidnapping from the U.S. to try to murder or harass in another country.  They wanted me to blow myself up and had done so many horrific things they believed it was possible I might.  From there, they were going to lie and claim I was a terrorist, or I'd just disappear.  After  Tom Parker had made his presence there with the U.S. Army in Iraq to do this, the U.S. was later trying to murder me from an olive-khaki green Pentagon helicopter, with Camilla inside and others, including Valerie Plame with the CIA.

I  actually remember Alan was a pedophile.  I know about Alan Springer, but I mean this other one, and he went after me one time and was kissing me and trying to have some kind of relationship.  Then a Robert and Alan got into a fight in front of me and because Robert had just been torturing me or something happened, I tried to help Alan.  However, I think both of them were on the same team anyway and just wanted to see what I'd do.  It is possible Edward Howard also showed up when there was the fight.  I had wondered why both Robert Garrett Jr. and Edward Howard were there.  Alan was going to my place and making out with me and I remember him in closets or toolsheds or something.  I also had a Mormon "marriage" once and I don't know if he was the actor for that one.  In the "Mormon" marriage, it was a secret handshake through a slit in fabric.  They did some crazy things in the Mormon temple.  I mean, when I had the "marriage" it was sort of traditional-style and you know, I have no idea what my "secret name" was because they gave me one and I don't know what it was.  Then, another time or after this, I was in the temple again and they did something to scare me and intimidate me, telling me to put my hand into a hole and then someone was on the other side and kept pulling my arm and wouldn't let go as they crushed my hand.  I mean, mobster stuff.  We had to wear solid white gowns and particular long johns or something.  I don't know what town or country it was in though.  There wasn't a honeymoon but I stayed a night with the  guy who wore white long johns the whole time. Then there were at least two others who duplicated.  One was Prince Philip, one was possibly Alan or some other guy who sort of looks similar, and another was (I think) Brad Pitt.   (I don't remember any marriage ceremony with Philip).  Later, when the U.S. was taking me to different countries to marry various men through "acting" as they said, they were getting documents for the men to fast-track them into the U.S.  It didn't have anything to do with me or with someone spying for another country at all--it was all U.S. government exploitation of me.  They'd sign a document and the guy was off to America.  FRRRRRREEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!  At first I thought yeah, okay, this is just pretending so I went along with it.  I mean, marriages aren't a bad thing to act for.  There are far worse things to be acting about than going to a wedding.  Well, for me, they were sending me to 4 Weddings and a Funeral type of a thing.  I was like Helena Bonham-Carter in Fight Club who goes to miscellaneous clubs like AA, when she has no problem and just shows up, but it was the U.S. government instead, moving me around to be "married".  After I saw several documents and overheard something I realized, "Hey.  They are USING me to get guys into the country" so I figured they had to be real marriages and wondered how many times someone had tried to marry me and divorce me and squeeze in Greencard priviledges along the way.  When I mentioned I thought that's what they were using me for, when I said, "Do you just want me to marry him so he can get into the U.S.?" the stiff looks went around.  Of course the U.S. wanted to assassinate me.  The gravy train was asking too many questions.  Aside from one in a government courthouse place, the rest were full-blown weddings. Well, the court one was still a full ceremony.  I didn't even remember the names of all the men they had me "pretend to marry".  I could probably write a book just about all the weddings in different countries.  I remember a Robert around for some of it and I remember a Mike Middleton around for some of it.

Greg, the postmaster of Coquille currently, knew what Alan had done with me and he tried to also do the same and made suggestions and I was afraid of him because he came across in such a lascivious manner.  He sort of fed off of the idea.  He was the type that was stirred up just thinking about the crimes others committed and it put a flashing light in his eyes as he ruminated about whether he too, could do as many criminal things and get away with it.
It is possible Don (not Dan, as in Dan Gatti, though since he's from Chicago, IL and Barak Obama was going there it sounds intuitive) had just been back from NY.  If I saw photos of some people I'd know absolutely, just because Tanzer said Pryzbyla isn't a photo ID right now.  I remember exactly how he looked and sounded so I'd know, with a photo from then.

I do know Plame, Joe Wilson, and Bill O'Reilly were involved in the same plot for this rape, along with the others.  I just looked at the cover for this song.  Midnight Oil.  Diesel on dust.  I know one time I had gasoline poured all over me and someone threatened to light a match.  The U.S. has done horrible things. 

I know Greg and Alan were pedophiles because they kept trying to sneak over.  First it was Alan and then Greg tried to knock on my door once and go in.  He didn't just arrive to have me kidnapped by the U.S. Army.  He literally knocked on my door and wanted to go into my house to commit pedophilia.

The FBI has been protecting pedophiles because the ones assaulting me are employed with the U.S. in government and are royals from the British family.  There was also some strange situation in France.  I want to say some poor part of England, but it may have been France.  I got extremely, extremely skinny.  It wasn't in their dungeon, it was elsewhere and I had this extremely long hair and had lost all this weight and then this man was saying what nice legs I had.  All the time, what nice legs.  I think right now it was Prince Philip but it may have been someone else.  I remember some photographer came over and wanted to take all kinds of fashion photos of me when I was skinny like you can't believe, and a true waif.  I was barely a wisp.  Someone got a whole photo shoot out of it.  I had a flimsy nightgown on and then some of them they forced me to be naked.  It wasn't like amateur photography either.  They were using professional top photographers.  Most of them were taken in dark shadowy kinds of backgrounds, with just some natural light coming in from a window and then sometimes a spotlight.  I was photographed in a bed chambers area that was very ancient looking and in closets and by antique wardrobes and inside of them.  They wouldn't feed me anything hardly and I was crying all the time so I lost a ton of weight.  I was kept locked up and bound.  Mostly they said I had nice legs.  And "She's beautiful", but most of all, it was my legs and hair and I didn't smile for most of them.  I think I tried not to cry, and when they forced me to be naked, then they had some man go in close to me and he looked like Ross from Canada's B.C. immigration.  One man who saw me that way was Philip.  Prince Philip.  He was the one who kept going on about my legs.  Then there was a man who looked like Ross.  Someone told me, one time, I was Prince Philip's "mistress".  However, I was locked up and a waif and I don't think he would have a mistress that way.  I had actually married Charles, but there was something to do with Philip.  I am not even sure if he had decided or thought he liked me more or if it was just punishment for reporting Charles.

I wasn't chained to a bed, but I was bound in a dark wardrobe and left there and I sometimes had a chain around an ankle.  They would take me out or let me out and then I could sleep in the bed and it was a covered canopy kind of bed, set into the wall, like at the house in Ireland I was taken to later where I saw Mike Middleton, MI5, Leon Panetta and James Whitey interrogating people.

I was Kate Moss before Kate Moss.  Petite, skinny and gangly with a waif ingénue face.  I thought first that Price Philip (always (Prince) Philip, not "Duke" to me) was trying to degrade me because of Charles and then I thought sometimes he started to like me despite hating me.  Also, there was sort of a nice apartment and then there was this other situation and place.  First it was the other place where I was kept and then later I was in a nice apartment but not long and then one day he said "Betty knows."  She always knew.  It wasn't like I was in on something.  She knew I had married Charles and she knew something was going on that Philip was doing.  She probably knew about Tom Parker too and what he was trying to do.

The photography of me was done then, and then when I was younger, it was with U.S. military and prison officials and they forced photography of me while they had me in the "hole" in a U.S. prison.  I am not kidding.  Some of it was forced at federal places like that and then other times, it was Michelle Erickson's uncle Gary and others and I was in some kind of confined space but I don't know where.

There was also a French official who went to see me.  I wasn't having full sex with any of them, but they did various things.  I think one time I was raped but I would have to think about which one of them did this.  I was raped in some way.  I don't remember blood like with Charles or when I was raped by Barak years later, but maybe it was sodomy.  With Philip I thought one of the last times I was around him he was really getting disturbed about something.  He wasn't turned on at all and it was more like he was either doing something he was told to do, had to do for some symbolic reason (he thought) or he had found out or changed his mind about something.  They did call me his mistress but I think since I didn't fully know what that meant, I figured it was a way to degrade the idea of a marriage.  For all I know, first they had me marry Philip.  Hmm.  Maybe when I was 2.

Anyway, I got back to the U.S. and when I was in Coquille, these men were coming up out of the weird sketchy woodwork, knocking on my door and trying to have sexual encounters with me and one of them was Greg, current PostMaster for Coquille which is seriously creepy because he wasn't here when I got here and he decided to get transferred back over here.  The other was Alan.  Then there was another who tried to knock on the door and it was George Bechtold.  The local pedophiles all knew each other and they were friends with the cops.  They were excited to see if THEY TOO could be pedophiles with me.

When I went to Bedminster, NJ, the idea I was Philip's nanny and in their house, having been in France or whatever as a malnourished beauty waif ingénue, locked up and chained at the ankle, the magazine W put out a full cover of Kate Moss which was left out for me to see.  I didn't even think about it.  I think if I had a secret name it was Mary.  I remember maybe something about the name Mary from the Mormon temple.  Possibly Anna but there were other versions for that.  Mary is possible and so is Anna and so is the combination of the two.  Mary Anna.  With a contract in the woods I think I remember Mary Kathryn or Mary Katherine, having something to do with a contract but at the temple it was maybe Mary or Anna.

The U.S. used several employees to mock me before electrocuting me in their official offices, saying first, in mockery of me, "Will you marry me?" and on bended knee in Portland and then laughing at me and with other employees, standing there to watch my brain be fried.

It is no problem to them.  To see me in person, suffering, was no problem to them and all the moreso, to think of my being tortured and not seeing it, is no problem for them.

I'm also still being tortured tonight, with technology effects to my chin.  It's U.S. Army.  I think the U.S. Army also thought they could blame a few things on other departments if something happened to me, but this is U.S. Army and possibly Navy and I know this because "Theo" who was working for Michelle Erickson, was U.S. Army and his father is and has been for dozens of years, just as Michelle has been in the U.S. Navy along with her pedophile family for dozens of years.  They were meeting together to discuss me when they had my son kidnapped from me.  Theo tried to come in with bite marks under his lip one day saying he was bit by a "snake" and the U.S. has been doing things to my chin to make lines for scars where he had those marks.  Since it is the U.S. military that knew about that, it is the U.S. military trying to replicate it by torturing me.  They want to give credit to themselves and highlight "Theo" and the only way to do that is by torturing me.  I also know FBI is involved in doing this and half the FBI has military in their background.  The FBI is doing this because they know Rick Baken and know about the woman I met through him who had me at her house to learn things for awhile, who was then having periods of time where she was pushing my face up against a wall and not letting go, until I passed out.  The man she knew, who showed up, was Rick Baken and then my parents, Robert and Dicksie.  Pulling her teeth out or pretending had something to do with my telling someone I remembered the code to the number for the house where Barak Obama raped me:  MNO TUV.  We had vacations at the beach and I think that's how I saw her later there.  She said she was going to teach me some things but then she did and then sometimes she was pushing my entire face out of joint.  So the FBI knows about it and one of the things they did was create a bunch of lines on only one side of my face that are like what were there from her doing this and then they had her show up at a Safeway to see me out of the blue.

I am reporting all of the pedophilia.

The Bankruptcy lawsuits, by the way, to decide "corporate structuring" and things, are frauds.  They are shells of what they would have been with me there.  The FBI knows this.  The FBI is guilty, which is why they have been personally involved in organizing crime in these matters, to have outcomes that will not only favor their pedophiles friends, but their own agency.  It is why they conspired to cut my driving and stole my car with a fraudulent excuse. 

Judge Warren is a U.S. Army Judge.  They used him to obstruct justice.  He was first an Army judge and then a public judge, and like I've said, half of the FBI is U.S. Army.  Other individuals who are U.S. Army include Josh Gatov, who raped me.:

tom_warrenJudge Warren served on the Chelan County District Court in Wenatchee from 1986 to 2007. He received his B.A. from the University of Washington in Business Administration-Marketing. He received his L.L.B. from the University of Washington Law School in 1966, where he was a member of the Washington Law Review and the Order of the Coif. He and his wife Mary Ann, now live in Chelan, Washington.
Following law school Judge Warren served four years in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's Corp, including a year in Viet Nam. His private practice from 1971 to 1986 was with the six lawyer law firm of Whitmore-Phelps in Wenatchee, where he was managing partner at the time of joining the bench. His many community activities included President of the Wenatchee Chamber of Commerce, Director-General of the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival, President of United Way of Washington, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Wenatchee Valley College. He has served as Chair of the Staff-Parish Relations Committee (personnel) and Marketing Committee of the First United Methodist Church in Wenatchee, Chair of the Mustard Seed Neighborhood Childcare Center for low income families, and Vice-Chair of the Board of the Good Grief Center, providing grief services to children and adults. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the North Central Washington Rural Health Foundation, a Past-president of the Lake Chelan Community Hospital Foundation, a member of the Chelan City Planning Commission, is an elected member of the Lake Chelan Community Hospital Commission and is currently President of the Chelan Rotary Club.
Judge Warren was President of the Washington State District and Municipal Court Judges Association in 1993-1994 and served three years on the Board for Judicial Administration. He was the editor and founder of the DMCJA newsletter Gavel Babble for four years. His service to the state judiciary has included membership on the Judicial Information System Committee (JIS), membership on the Workforce Diversity Subcommittee of the Minority and Justice Commission, and on the Long Range Planning Committee of the DMCJA. He has been member of the faculty of the Washington State Judicial College. He was named the 1994 Outstanding Judge by the Washington State Misdemeanant Corrections Association. He recently served on the Washington State Bar Association President’s Initiative Advisory Committee in the term of Brooke Taylor.
For the past seventeen years Judge Warren has been active in the American Bar Association Judicial Division. When Chair of the National Conference of Specialized Court Judges he served on the Judicial Division Executive Committee. In August 1997 he joined the Editorial Board of the ABA Judges Journal magazine. Judge Warren has become noted for his regular column in the ABA Judicial Division newsletter, Judicial Division Record, titled "Tom's Tips" which in each issue gave practical suggestions on court and judicial management. Presently he is writing a regular column for the newsletter on travel issues titled “Time off the Bench.” He was published in the summer 2004 and 2007 fall issues of Experience Magazine with articles on travel tips for senior lawyers. In the fall 2004 issue of the ABA Judges Journal, which featured jury experience, he had an article published titled “One Judge’s Attempt at the Care and Feeding of Juries.” In January 2006 he had an article on senior travel issues in the ABA Senior Lawyer. In 2004 Judge Warren was named as the Editor of the JD Record, the quarterly newsletter of the ABA Judicial Division. He also has been active with the ABA Senior Lawyers Division and is on their newsletter committee and has been Chair of the Judiciary Committee. Judge Warren was a Washington State Bar Association delegate to the American Bar Association House of Delegates for 2005-2008.
During the past ten years Judge Warren has been noted for teaching judges around the U.S. on issues of judicial outreach and media contacts. He has been a regular speaker as a part of the program “Courts Under Attack” sponsored by the ABA Judicial Division. For five years he has been a member of the faculty of the Donald Reynolds National Center for the Courts and Media in the National Judicial College in Reno, Nevada and recently taught at the Court Administrators, Working Press, Judges and Public Information Officers education programs. Although now retired, Judge Warren continues to pro-tem for the Chelan County, Okanogan County, and Grant County District Courts and remains active with the ABA.

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