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More Coincidences & U.S.-Diana Revenge

There were a few more coincidences.  Like I've said, or tried to explain, sort of magical types of things.  One was that I got home after going out and having new internet and it was to mail a letter to my son.  This was the day after I posted about Charles.  Well this man came over and his face in the shadows looked like Charles' in the shadows from the magazine in a way.  Also, the same tech came out and the same thing happened where I could have sworn they are twins because he looked so different in the shadows than in light.  I actually think he's a Katie supporter.  He said some of the same things as over 15 years ago.  He was saying something about it's old and I was just then looking at how his eyes seemed dark and wondered if he was tortured.  I did a few things differently than before.  I remember I left the door open, as before, thinking to "avoid the appearance of evil" and why should I always have that come to mind if he shows up?  I have no idea.

The thing I noticed was then he left and I randomly grabbed magazines from a plastic bag that I had put in there and laid on a bench and I couldn't see which ones they were but thought I'd include something for my son in them.  It was a WSJ and a Dahlia magazine and I pulled out an article called "The Art Police".  Just a 1 page article and put it in with the note I sent.  When I got back to my house was when I thought it was strange because I noticed I had left the magazines upside down and on the back was an iron cross.

Well HULLOO.  I had just written about Betty (Elizabeth II) holding a cross bars like an iron cross, but in the X position in front of herself and trembling and I get back to my house, a day later and there is an iron cross on my couch.  It was for a watch maker in Geneva.  It's not the first time I've seen the ad either, or had an odd coincidence with it, but it was a recent magazine.  I had also just written to my son about sending a watch and what kind would he like?  I guess that doesn't sound very magical but I suppose if you were there to see the order of things, it would be in it's own way.  I don't usually know what it means, I just know strange things happen like this often.

Then, today I left the house after pulling out some photos for my son and including them in a note and I got back, having just written about my eggs being talked about and having a baby, and on my couch was the back of the WSJ at top and it said 2-6 Blooms and then "Dahlias" for the dahlia magazine, when I also have thought of my cousin Dahlia's name not just sounding like a flower but like "dolls".

It's not "trying" to see something that's not there or reading into something--it's seeing what is in front of me when nothing else has changed, and it stands out because it is touching on something I had just thought about previously.

Also, I think, oddly enough, I wore green and black the last time that tech had to do a connection and had noticed then as now, the cables were black and green like my clothes and then I thought, "That's weird.  Why did I wear black and green today?"  It wasn't like I hunted around for the ensemble.  I looked for what was clean and within reach in a dark closet area and that's what ended up in my hands.  Had it been just that day, I might have noticed and no big deal but I think it's the second time and I know for sure it was random this time because I grabbed from a pile of clothes and got the green shirt and then needed something warm to go over it and already had the black sweater next to it.  I do not remember if I had a blue-purple band in my hair then but I found I did later that day recently because when I took it out I saw the color and I hadn't noticed what it was in the dark, I just saw it on the ground and needed a rubber band for my hair.  I suppose the only odd thing about that would be that when I was a pre-teen I had noticed the tools in his box and commented, "You have all the colors of the rainbow in there except purple" and then over 15 years later, I had a purple rubberband in my hair but made no comment.  "Wow.  Your tools are rainbow colors."  Yeah.  Not going to make the same comments I would as a kid of course.  If I had a purple band in my hair by random, back then, I don't remember that part.  What I remember is I did my hair, had a purple something in my hair and then took it out and used another color when I noticed maybe it wouldn't match.  This time, I didn't care to even look first.

I don't think the U.S. holds my son hostage for this reason and I don't think they kidnapped him and lied about me for this reason.  I think the U.S. has been making a lot of excuses to commit war crimes against me since they knew about Charles.  Maybe it was the U.S's idea of revenge for Diana or some kind of distorted thinking, if they saw a lot of false info about me, to know I had wanted to watch William full-time myself and wasn't allowed to, and I had said, "Well Diana works".

I think the U.S. has tried to rub it in ever since.  They resented the fact I would have chosen to stay home and raise my child than to work.  The U.S. was livid that I had, as a pre-teen, suggested I would like to do this and when Diana said he had a nanny already I had said, "Well I don't mind being his nanny and you are always working so I could watch him."

The first thing CPS and Washington State (which arranged me to be raped and electrocuted by Barak Obama with Diana Spencer and Carol Middleton, Joy Sterling, and others involved) did, was try to force my son away from me, telling me, "You have to WORK."  They had ruined my body so badly from the delivery, knowing they were torturing me and it was unnecessary, there was no possible way I could "work" and then they blocked me from even going on SS to get a few hundered dollars more than $400/mo after the FBI in Seattle and Portland colluded to force me onto welfare by stealing my car and obstructing justice by blocking my travel to college (which is how I paid for my living costs at that time) and court.

The U.S. didn't mind at all, having me work as a nanny for their own government employees, but then when they had me in "Diana's shoes", with a child, they made sure they got revenge against me, telling me I could not stay at home with my son because I "had to work" when they knew I was injured, and then torturing us to make me sound nuts to take him away from me.  The U.S. lied about me, through all government-channels.  They had my "Dad", Robert Garrett Jr., telling me to put him up for adoption with the line, "God has more important things for you to do right now" as if they could twist my mind to think raising my son wasn't the most important thing.  They fed me that line out of revenge over Diana as well, because supposedly she wasn't staying home because she had "more important things to do".  For whom?  The fucking FBI?

That was also something the Queen didn't like about me.  She asked me if I would like to be Queen one day, and while I said I don't know why she said this, when I remember more about how, oh yeah, I was married to Charles secretly, it makes more sense.  It was before he then married Diana, while he was still married to me (even if it was a secret).

The U.S. had some of their criminal centers in Oregon and Seattle because that's where they concentrated some people in the FBI to make sure they blocked my access to real police.  They had me work over-time as a nanny and a teacher's assistant, and even Diana was a teacher, but then when I had my own child, the U.S. was determined to punish me for...insulting their personal spy?  Or who knows, Charles with his spy Camilla.  Of course, Katie is their spy so undermining any of the rest of them is going to put Katie into a better "spot" for the FBI.

Literally, they targeted me and when I wouldn't bow under pressure from Robert Garrett, who was told to feed me the line of "God has more important things ahead for you", then the U.S. used other methods to try to force me to work away from my son which I knew was going to be their other excuse for punishing me to not raise my own son when I had criticized some women who preferred working to raising their kids.  I am a feminist, and I think any woman should be able to choose this, but my feminist choice, is to raise my own kid and most resented me for this.  They first hoped I'd abort my son.  That didn't work.  So then they got Robert to try to convince me to get rid of him and put him up for adoption.  That didn't work.  They then got a Mormon out to try to use the religious brainwashing and guilt-trip, hoping I'd fall into the "sacrificial mode" of "giving up what I want most" by claiming my child had to have a father and not just a mother.  That didn't work.  Then they told me to choose work over my son.  That didn't work.  They told me to put my son into what looked like an orphanage of cribs.  That didn't work.

When all else failed, the U.S. tortured both of us and forced us without any money to the only place they knew I could go and then had their other employees waiting for us.  At that point, they kidnapped my son.

The U.S. forced me out of my college, lawsuit, and called me mentally ill in preparation for Charles to marry Camilla on April 9, 2005.  I made my report against FBI in 2004 and right after, the U.S. government tried to block everything I did in life to support the woman they tried to murder me over:  Camilla Parker Bowles.

Whose son, Tom, by the way, was in Africa when I was in Africa.  He was friends with James Cartright and knew Barak Obama.

Before the FBI defamed me in their records over Mexicans Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza (both Catholics, like Camilla's husband and children), the Mt. Angel Abbey had kicked up a storm against me claiming I was mentally ill and having a horrid article written about me.  That was without my having even remembering or having made a report to police about rape and sodomy by their priest George Ordo and Abbot Bonaventure.  They put a crucifix inside of my rectum and vagina during the sodomy of me, along with some kind of stick.

Charles couldn't divorce me until I was declared mentally ill, even secretly, if he went by the law he'd set up and said he believed himself.  So maybe he and the U.S. figured they'd do him and Camilla a favor since they hadn't been successful assassinating me with Valerie Plame and by other attempts.  All the kids at my school, and teachers, knew I wasn't mentally ill.  They couldn't call me mentally ill as a kid so they tortured me to the point of telling me to commit suicide and then I wouldn't hurt anymore, and then resorting to attempted murder.

Also, Diana didn't even like Charles until after I liked him.  I knew Diana more and from Althorp and she didn't care for him when I first knew her.  After she noticed I had some things to say about him or things I noticed about his personality, it made her attracted to him.  Basically, my observations of him drew her to like him whereas she didn't even like him on her own.  I noticed she wanted more and more information about him and her eyes were like these big huge pools of deep waters and she was drawing in all these things I said.  She was 100% no-way about him and then when I liked him, she decided maybe she liked him.  I remembered this thinking about the song by Regina Spectre (?) "I saw him first".  It came to my mind for some odd reason and it made me think how I had said to her, later, "He married ME first!" and then I remembered, "I was the one who saw who he was first."  Even Camilla didn't want to marry him and had made her choice.  Even Diana agreed she didn't even pick up her relationship with Charles again until later.  Basically, I was a threat to be eliminated so the U.S. hauled in their hos.  Maybe that's what a rake needs-A hoe.  For all of the hypocritical jewish sidewinders, they too knew what was true and instead tried to infect me with things and have me raped, knowing very well.

I think the U.S. wanted to be sure they not only tortured me with repeated sodomy and rape and humiliation, they made sure I couldn't raise my son out of revenge too.

Since my son has been tortured and is malnourished and not at his normal height and weight, I can look at Tom Parker Bowles books since 2007, which is when my son was taken away from me, and see all of them are about "Eating Dangerously", "E is for Eating" and find a number of disturbing photos of him.

Tom Parker was also a big Bobbie Fan.  He was friends with one of the Robert Garrett Jr.s.  Maybe it's because they had the military in common, or maybe it's because his mother Camilla is a U.S. spy, or maybe it's because they both hated me.  I know Tom was part of the cocaine ring.  It's like a joke he titled one of his books "E is for Eating" when he was part of the same cocaine and mafia circle Middleton was in.

This is how I remember him, when Camilla had her son attack me and sexually assault me.
This is how he always wore his hair.  His hair is curly, not wavy as he has it now.  He also looks a LOT like Katie Middleton which is bizarre.  He always wore his sunglasses on top of his head and on the day I was told to meet him it was at a horse track and he was wearing a back pack and he took my hand and led to me a house and room, like Barak Obama did, and he attacked me.  His backpack was exactly like the one Barak Obama wore in my house in Moses Lake, WA when I asked Barak if he was taking the drug money to Gary and Barak pulled a gun on me.  I overheard Tom talking to a Robert (unless it was Edward Howard and I don't think it was) about a pending drug negotiation and he was supposed to "take care of me" for Camilla.  I didn't realize he was her son or if I did, that his motive was to disgrace me so he could have his mother married to a royal.  The idea of the title "Thomas Crowne" affair was based on this except his mother Camilla was probably the one with the yeast infection that Diana and I had to split Thorne vitamins up to take over.  He also went after me, knocking things down and over, and telling me he loved me and trying to say he wanted to marry me, and attempting to get statements from me that would disgrace me and make his mother sound good.  His hair is naturally as curly as an afro.  He was always running his hands through his hair, which is something Robin Bechtold imitated.  He exchanged money with a Robert Garrett Jr, was involved in the cocaine business with Barak Obama, was in Africa with James Cartright when I was there and Barak's family was around, and he sexually assaulted me and said he wanted to have "an affair" with me against Prince Charles.  I didn't even know what "an affair" was.  He had a tape recorder with him and told me to say I would have an affair with him and when I did, not knowing what it was, he clicked off the tape recorder, pulled out the tape and held it in front of me, smirked, and left.  That was after days of holding me hostage, repeatedly, in the same place.  He didn't even hide the tape.  He wanted me to know and then of course, I didn't really know what it was about at first and then later I realized how it was and there was nothing I could do at all.  They also forced me to wear a dunce cap and said to me repeatedly, "You are stupid, stupid, stupid."  It was over Katie, and they forced me into a corner with a dunce cap and electrocuted me with something connected to it and said I was stupid and talked to eachother about how stupid I was while they were frying my brain.  The movie "A Civil Action", where the woman's letter to the corporation is being read out loud, which says, "You must be stupid, stupid, stupid" is exactly how they said this to me, repeatedly, while they were electrocuting me.

I know he would assault my son Oliver.  I know he would torture my son like the rest of them, because he's one of Barak Obama's drug dealer friends and the U.S. tried to murder me with Camilla watching, and they were using Dicksie and Robert (one of each of the twins) to do it.

Here are some photos of him with his "eating" books, which he decided to get into in 2007.  He's a criminal.  He also worked with Robert and Dicksie Garrett and tried to assassinate me with Valerie Plame and Barak Obama.  He's a massive drug whore.

He's the one who told me this brand was made after me.  See below.  It's a Korean vitamin called "Kidbones".  He showed it to me and said they'd designed it after me, after he forced my hair to peak up in two places like this.  I suppose since they fried my brain, having an egg shaped like it is saying "This is your brain on drugs"  I wasn't the drug dealer.  They are.  They're running even people from Mexico and I'm very sure they are the ones who got the South Korean girl "Minji" to live with the Avilas when my son was forced to live there.

You can also see the progression of the plants is not growing up but growing down and he is criminal enough to make suggestions about it, with regard to my son.  Because they tortured me and electrocuted me telling me I was stupid and trying to make me stupid, they would do the same thing to my son.
This is from his book from 2007.  That is when my son was taken away from me and lost 25% of his total weight and then CPS lied about it.  After they first lied about it, they then claimed I did it to him when I didn't.  Canada participated because they were trying to assassinate me, the officials in that part of Canada at least, with Ross, the B.C. immigration officer, who was on the same helicopter as Valerie Plame (CIA) and Camilla Parker Bowles.

One time I tried to bring him up and a Robert Garrett Jr. tried to use Stockholm Syndrome on me to persuade me not to say anything about Tom Parker Bowles, but it's because he worked with Barak Obama and my Dad and...oh yeah, they were all trying to kill me with the CIA and military.  He was in college when he sexually assaulted me and then tried to get comments from me on a tape.  He basically took my hand and led me away, the same way Barak Obama did, to be assaulted.  He also held me hostage and forced me to be in a corner and people came in and told me I was stupid repeatedly and electrocuted me.  That was supposedly because I made one single comment that I had a right to an opinion over, that Katie Middleton was really not that smart.  Really.  And time tells.

All of the same people fear my son for the same reason they feared and tortured me.  They feared he was smarter, stronger, and more psychic.   Mexicans like the woman in Nashville, TN from Logan's Roadhouse, who are into military lovers and psychic work like Katie because she is trained in witchcraft.

Which is also pretty sick when you read my last post about this, and how they were first giving Katie a bowl of my blood to write with, with a feather in her hand, and to chant spells about, when they forced me to hemmorhage.  Then the next time Middleton was around me and I was bleeding, they had raped me at a house in Seattle, WA, so I bled everywhere and then I left the SUV going to the airport (to England) and went back into the house and who was there?  Carol Middleton and Robert Garrett, with a spoon of honey on the counter, milk, and reciting letters like when they'd forced me to eat schizandra berries until I hemmorahaged internally, and then Carol ran with the kids when I came back in because they didn't expect me to come back.  Instead of a round bowl of blood, they had held up a red ball before and after I was raped and then electrocuted.

All of Katie Middleton's mafia friends, the ones who are mafia, are Mexicans on that side of the drug business and Italians and they have other internationals as well, working for them.

The house where Katie was visiting when I was forced to eat berries and bled everywhere was either Middleton's or Joy Sterlings house in California and I think it was possibly Joy Sterling-Tanzer's house.  The reason I think it was at Joy's house was because we drove to Sonoma, California and I remember the layout of the house and room to the side was the same as one I remembered from other incidents where I was held and forced to receive multiple injections.  I think Sterling-Tanzers are a reason for Katie to visit California in the first place.

There was a tea with Cherie Blaire and the Queen and it was in England.  Mostly I remember Cherie there.  I spilled tea from the pot by accident from nervousness and their bon-bons they directed me to were drugged.  They pointed to a tray and said, "Have something to eat!" and I had a few things and realized I was drugged.  Then they made fun of me after I ate them.  I remember Cherie Blair lost her nice sweet expression and all of them looked at eachother with smirks of revenge and then over at me, like I was the stupid girl they'd get rid of.

After this, I was taken to a tea in California with Joy Sterling and Carol Middleton and Katie there.  It was the first time I saw Middleton with the Tanzer-Sterlings and it was in their house.  I was used to eating grapes there, because of their vineyard and that time they brought out a big bowl of red berries instead, after depriving me of any food for a long time, knowing I'd be starving, and the only thing they gave me to eat, were the schizandra berries and they took grapes, bowls of grapes, into another room for others to eat.  So others got to eat normal food, and they fed me poisonous berries, which they knew would be poisonous to me because they knew I had a bleeding disorder.  I ate an entire huge bowl of berries on an empty stomach and hemmorhaged so badly, it filled a bowl and then they took it away and what do you know?  They were giving it to Katie, so she could write with it.  With my blood.

That's before they tried to assassinate me again.

Then they had me raped and electrocuted in Seattle and had honey and milk out on the counter and someone using it with their finger dipped in it to go over letters in a lesson book.

Basically.  What do you make with milk and honey?  Nougat.  New gut.

So who was showing up around the corner, in the black fucking FBI SUV?  Bill (who could have been Joe Wilson going by Bill instead of the Wil-son part), and Valerie, and Forrest and when I asked where they had been they said they'd had "wine", which is obviously made of grapes.  They split up their party so that some of them could have grapes, while I was being raped and electrocuted.

Here's Joe Wilson feeling cocky still, in 2006.  Mission accomplished with my being called mentally ill and Camilla married to Charles:

The CIA is still as stupid as they ever were.  Listen to how they've had Joe Wilson trying to mask his actual speaking voice and tone.

Here he is in 2013:

Here he is in 2010:

He's gone from a natural non-affected tenor voice to a baritone or bass with inflections like Rick Baken.  I know why the CIA told him to get speech coaching.  It's because he talked out loud to me from the driver's seat when he and Valerie drove the SUV.

Funny how Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham want to look like Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame.  I actually think it may have been Laura fucking Ingraham in the SUV, because she had the same sarcastic look on her face when she and Bill picked me up that she still carries now.  However, "Bill" doesn't look like Bill O'Reilly as much as Joe Wilson, and Joe Wilson's voice could easily match Bill O'Reilly's.  I would have to think about it and listen to tapes.  All of them are working for the CIA or they wouldn't be shuffling their covers that way.  The way Laura acted, was she was glad I was raped.
Bill O'Reilly has also changed his speech to incorporate inflections, accent, and a different style since this date.  This clip also names JFKs killer as a man named Roscoe White and Edward Spencer talked about a cocaine thug named Roscoe and the only man I knew with a similar name was Ross from B.C. immigration and Whitey, from the U.S. who was in Ireland.

Also, Bill O'Reilly drove an SUV at one point when I knew him as a kid.  He was a designated driver.

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