Wednesday, January 22, 2014

UPDATED: Coos County Sheriff's Animal Control

I think I found one of the places were I was held hostage.

It's with Coos County cops--the Sheriff's department.

I was looking up pets and looked at their site and I recognize the building and the inside of it.  They did some painting but not much else to the place.  It is the same location as one of the places I was taken and held hostage and it was in the Summer when it was hot out.

The dog crates and cages are the same size as the ones I was forced into, and they are stacked the same.

Josh Gatov has friends that worked here.

This is the same size of the dog cages I was confined in while being tazered with animal tazer guns and electrified.  They had me in the middle section of cages and on the top section.  They also have an enclosed hard plastic room which is like the room the federal government held me in, in Knoxville, TN.
This is one of at least two locations where I was caged and locked up and tortured when I was a pre-teen.  The other place had dog cages like above and on that side of the room and then there was a large medical-operating table kind of island in the center, like you'd see at a vets or a science lab and then on the opposite wall were windows that looked outside and more counter around the side and equipment.

I have more photos of this place.  They also held me and one of the Dicksies hostage here and accused me of stealing diamonds, and that's when THEY were the ones guilty of colluding with the actual diamond thieves.   They had a Dicksie try to get me to "confess" to it in this enclosed room, when I didn't do anything like it.  So she had to try and try for hours, with no food, to get me to confess by "conversation" as they pretended they weren't recording everything.

The Coos County "Animal Shelter" is a black site for torture of U.S. citizens.  They didn't do anything worse than what happened other places, but they held us hostage on plain cots inside of halls that had no windows, I mean FULL ON kidnapping with no lawyer, no court, no right to see anyone and no one knowing we were even there.

The United States is totally corrupt.  This is only one of MANY places in the U.S.  I copied some photos from their "shelter" where they are advertising dogs in the same halls where they held me and a Dicksie hostage and they've named the dogs "Steel" and "Dixie".

This is a dog the Coos County Animal Shelter has named "Steel" and next to it they've advertised the other dog "Dixie", in a hall with a cot the same way they had me held hostage.  They forced us to stay in these animal halls all day and night and accused me of stealing diamonds and didn't give me a lawyer, no access to a phone or attorney and no attorney was there.  All it was, was cops, military, and FBI and nothing else.

This place is used for kidnapping, interrogation, and torture of U.S. citizens.  I wasn't fully tortured here, not as much as some other places, but they still did things.  This is seriously how they treated me, and I never stole anything.  They forced me into this place after they had me at the NASA site in Texas and at CIA offices in Virginia.  This happened right around the same time as those events.

Most of what happened here was interrogation and accusations about diamonds and being held hostage.  They forced me into observation, tried to get false confessions from me (that I supposedly cut a Dicksie with a knife and that I stole diamonds supposedly), and I am pretty sure they possibly did water-boarding here.  I also saw and heard people (adults) being shoved into rooms and heard sounds of pain and screaming from the other side of the wall.  Is this a prison?  NO.  It's an animal shelter.  So any use of it for other purposes is illegal.  I don't remember being tied up or tazered here but that it was like another place where they did that, if it wasn't this place.  I do think they did water-boarding here.  They had a vet clinic area to do it.  I remember they forced me to have my head back at one point and had water all over me.  I wasn't the only person they did this to.

They had me thrown in with one of the Dicksies and I saw them shoving a Robert jr. into rooms and I heard blows like they were beating him up.   I also heard throwing up in the room when they closed the door, so someone was both throwing up and others were punching and beating.  All behind steel doors of an animal room.  I kept wondering why they were all trying SO HARD to get me to say I used knives and cut up a Dicksie or assaulted her.  I asked her, "Why are you trying to get me to say I cut you with a knife" and then she was getting mad at me.  At another point she looked afraid because they were also claiming I stole diamonds and I didn't and she didn't want people thinking SHE did.  Then they had one of the Roberts sent to my "hall" where it was just steel and concrete and had him sit on my bed and make pedophile overtures, right there while they had access to everything including filming anything that happened.  They were DESPERATE.  Those cops were some of the same ones involved in the gang-sodomy of me on the bridge and all they were looking for were excuses and covers for themselves and their own criminal activity.

They did more with attempting to frame me illegally and using tricks, than other places where they would basically 'send' me to next for massive assault and torture.  Basically, I was repeatedly raped and the Coos County cops covered it up and tried to fabricate against me and then they were happy to send me out to other sites where they were doing even worse things (with torture, specifically). It looked like the same place where I was tortured with tazers and being electrocuted at the feet, where they had their dog cages but I was thinking "Did they remodel the place?  because where is the island that was here before?"  I had one person tell me, yes, they'd remodeled it.  Another said no, no one changed anything.  It was obvious, either way, they were involved in torture.  I mean come on, holding kids hostage in dog kennels?  look at their little "visitation room".  Do you REALLY think that's just for families to visit a cat?

It is possible the surgery of my head was done at the NASA site because I remember when they let me out of the medical clinic, all these people were staring at me and mocking me and looking hateful and glad and I thought, "They wanted me to be operated on and tortured."  "Now they think they're better than I am and that they can control my life and torture me with remote sensing that the NASA doctors and military were all talking about there, as they tortured me."  The only part I'd have to think about was if it was a Corvallis, Oregon operation and then they took me to Texas or if the entire procedure was done in Texas.  I was in several places where different forms of assault to my head were done around that time:  England, Moses Lake, Corvallis (Oregon, possibly), and NASA headquarters in Texas.  I don't think they'd assault me with dogs all over me right after a brain surgery so it was probably after that, and performed by NASA doctors in Texas, and then I was taken to CIA, or it was done in England.  I am sure I will remember.  One thing I never forgot is that the entire time I was literally tortured in Texas at the NASA site, they were talking about remote sensing and trying different applications to see how much pain they could inflict and how I reacted to it.  I was so sick I threw up and was weak and could barely move.

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