Monday, January 6, 2014

MNO TUV (7): House Number Barak Obama Raped and Tortured Me At In Seattle

I memorized the house number where I was raped by looking at my phone and looking at what letters were on the number keys for the numbers.

I told Robert Garrett Jr. and others found out I'm sure because I said it out loud.  So when I had my tooth blown out by the U.S. military with Barak Obama in charge, I know it was over this.

The sum of the numbers to the house was "7".

I had a horrible sinking feeling when I found this out as a kid.

My "Dad", Robert Garrett Jr. had instructed me "3" and "7" were lucky numbers and he seemed to especially like "7".  So when I found out they'd picked out a house (most of them Jews) that had a sum number of seven, I was sick to my stomach and never cared for the number since.

It made a lucky number, into a number of torture.

I always remembered the arrows and then "mean-o toov" and that it summed 7.  The worst feeling about it was what that whole group did to me and then I just knew, they chose that house number for a reason and for them, it was their "lucky" number, and they used it to torture me.  I was told try to remember the number by a Robert and then tortured and electrocuted so much I forgot but one thing I did before forgetting through all the electrocution, was look up a mnemonic device for remembering it.

Harper Seven.  Ha.  Nice Katie.

When I told a Robert how I'd remembered, he got mad.  I thought, first one of these Roberts said try to remember it and then he's mad I did?  I just felt sick.  All of this judeo-biblical number crap used for symbolizing their torture of a kid.

For what?  Power.

They tried to usurp my authority.

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