Monday, January 6, 2014

(UPDATE) Bit by Horse&Hound

I was bitten by Horse&Hound today (boy guinea pig).  He is never like this but he really had his mind made up about mating after he re-acquainted himself with some of the females.  I picked him up when he was determined to keep going after this one, and I couldn't believe it--he bit me.  And none of them are biters at all.  He likes being held and is very sweet and watchful and I was thinking "Maybe I'll give that one to my son."  Ha!  Until I was bit.  When he bit I bled like I had wounded my main artery.  I couldn't believe how much blood.  I was trying to think of a remedy and the main thing was to apply pressure when I saw it was going out of control.  I did some slightly weird things for the wound perhaps.

First I rinsed it.  Then I used an oregano-olive leaf tincture in alcohol extract for the alcohol.  Then it was bleeding like crazy and thick blood too, not just watery blood.  It hurt right away and I took Ibuprofen because my hand swelled up like a mitt.  All puffy and bad-looking and I knew he couldn't have rabies because they've been indoor, but it was alarming anyway.  Then what was really surprising and took some of the pain away was turmeric powder.  I mixed up a turmeric paste with water and aloe vera from a fresh aloe plant and applied it and instantly the pain was gone.  Really incredible.  So then I drank nettle tea for coagulation benefits, ate broccoli for Vitamin C and used apple cider mix in my tea to sweeten it and add C to it.  I then made a paste of pectin powder with the turmeric and applied a bandage.  The pectin sort of seals it and the turmeric helps with pain. 

I'll show you some photos. (UPDATED PHOTOS 1/8/14)

The bleeding was a lot for the small bite.
I used this after cleaning it.
Some tumeric as a paste helped the sting instantly
I used this powder pectin (without the calcium chloride) and a little magnesium salt to fasten paper over the wound.  
This is me with Horse&Hound.  
My hand got really puffed up from the bite that day

I am having massive amounts of computer hacking and obstruction this week.  It looks like it's my computer but there's nothing wrong with it and then I went to another wifi and not one computer error message came up, on a more public network, which tells me someone is messing with my computer on the private network but scared to get caught on a more public one.  I have all of my text running together when I'm not doing this, delay in the connection and posting photos, and this is from my location, not even network because I just tried a new internet service I have and the same thing is being done.  All of my wifi signals are 100% so I know it's someone feeling secure with messing around from a private cell.  I also know the U.S. federal government is involved because they are repeating the same thing they did to me when I was in OSU as a kid, after my first Horticulture term, and also, they've been putting up "gecko doesn't match" error messages for my computer which has nothing to do with anything computer and only has to do with the fact the U.S. post service has a postmaster named Greg who a Robert Jr. said I should ask about sending a gecko in the mail.  Today Karen, the UK connected post office woman was telling me I was going to have to "pay to get it back" and she was talking about mail but it had nothing to do with that.  They want me to take my computer to some CIA asshole who wants an excuse for downloading everything on my computer to his and forcing me to pay money for a problem that doesn't really exist.  Which is the same thing the cops have been trying to do.  The FBI, cops, DOJ, and CIA imagine that if they block all justice and refuse to do even normal duties, they will try to FORCE me to pay money for a lawyer.  Why?  #1 Motive:  They don't want me to do it pro se.  They despise my independence and want to say I had to contact a REAL lawyer and GET HELP like their Darling Katie.  #2.  They want me to spend money when I don't even have money, to make me as vulnerable as possible.  #3.  They are still pissed off that I refused to marry Alvaro Pardo who said he was going to help pay for a LAWYER to get my son back.  Since I didn't marry him, the Department of State and FBI think they can block even normal recording of reports by cops and justice, in an effort to push me around and they imagine I'll feel so desperate I'll try to pay for a lawyer when it's not something any citizen needs to pay for, or that I'll really "feel SORRY" for getting rid of their federal RAT.  #4.  Maybe they imagine I will start feeling I NEED A MAN to HELP me because I'm so helpless as a single woman all I really need is BIG CIA and Department of State ASSHOLES to smooth my path because let's face it--women who are beautiful shouldn't be allowed to run and manage their own lives.  Maybe if they make me desperate and feel my efforts are futile enough, I'll run to the security of the fucking cops who are wolves waiting to date me.  FUCK YOU.  #5.  They are interfering with my first week in a new term of college, to try to set me back out of continuous anti-competition motives.  Not only are they obstructing the speed of what I access online for my classes, they are obstructing my news and information reports through blogger.  #6.  Someone thinks if it's bad enough they can hopefully drive me to the bar next door to their wifi instead so others can view all of my private information with the excuse that there is a disclaimer that anyone using that wifi is going to be able to view all information.

This is the exact same thing that was done to me as a kid.  Someone made my internet go out and be inoperable and I bought new internet and had the exact same problem even when I paid for a brand new service.  Then my landline and speedier service which was scheduled the next day came out and cancelled on me with no excuses, leaving me with only one option that wasn't working and forcing me to go to all Coquille public wifi spots so the U.S. military and CIA employees could nose around into my business.

So far, calling up the Millenicom, which I used last time, over a decade ago, even their customer service is answering the exact same way.  First "Samuel" answered and over a decade ago, they had some guy named "Samuel" answering.  Then it was a woman with a loud clacking archaic sounding computer and they had the exact same loud up-close clacking of the keyboard with tons of clicking, imitating how many times I'm having to repeatedly click on the same "enter" button just to try to send my internet page through when it's stalling and saying there are server problems.  Millenicom is Portland, Oregon run and owned and they use Verizon services.

When you wonder why 10 different computer and phone places are trying to exactly match what they did, said, and how they tried to get me to react almost 15 years ago, there is one thing to consider:  They think I'm special because they know who I married.  Prince Charles.  They really can't get over it and have had me as their special target ever since.  I must be a fascination to them, to the point that they are so intrigued, they literally record every single call and conversation I have and work together to try to recreate the same things because they feel I am that important to keep track of and harass.  They are also kissing Diana's ass every single day.  She's the one who came up with the idea of wanting to tell me about "Deja Vu" and what it was, and don't you think it's strange how sometimes you feel you've been in the exact same place before in life?

That's what these U.S. assholes want to replicate.  Groundhog Day, via Diana's "Deja Vu" ideas.  I think when the U.S. loved Diana that much, they must have really hated my guts.  For one thing, I was portrayed as having done all kinds of horrific things I never did.  She was setting me up to look really bad, to the point of inciting hate crimes against me.  Why?  Competition.  She thought I was her competition.  I wasn't her public competition, it was just a fact she knew Charles married me first.

The U.S. wanted to kill me to cut out any competition too.  They have made many attempts and all along the way, have constantly lied about me, claimed I was mentally ill, and tortured me to extremes no one experiences in this country.

Horse&Hound is becoming a cute problem.  (Updated 1/8/2014).  He keeps sneaking back to my section where the other pigs are and is leaving Princess alone in the other room. I'll have to show some photos later.
All of the running together of the sentences is not my doing.  It's a blogger formatting problem they're having and it goes off and on through google-blogger at times.  It gets fixed and then it happens again and then fixes itself again. Basically, on my side here it shows it's all run together but on the HTML it's spaced extremely far out which is how it's now showing on blogger. And the uploading photos isn't working. So this is the exact same hacking done to my other computer when I was at Eastern Oregon and being asked to have a "teleconference" with someone, and now the exact same thing is being done here with this computer. The U.S. destroyed my other computer the minute I began writing to the United Nations for assistance and with a complaint.

Anyway, 1/8/14. 

Oh Horse&Hound.  Poor Horse&Hound.  I didn't want my whole place over-run with guinea pigs so I kept half the space guinea-free.  However, it got really cold and was too cold in one section and I washed the carpet and it's still drying so they have been separated in other rooms now the last several days.  What I notice, when I am in the other space where they think of it as the place where I am not present, when they can't see me, they act depressed.  They are quieter and sleep more and look resigned.  Horse&Hound kept escaping his spot and I found out how, and he was climbing over a steel pot that had a screwdriver in it, and balancing on this, jumping up to the velvet carpet over a box and into the next room.  I moved the pot and he looked so upset when he fell back down, he went to his cave and just lied down for awhile.  Also, every time I caught him to put him back in the room when I was in the other room I would look over and he was going to his cave and just lying there.  I picked him up though, wondering what was wrong, and then I noticed his heart was acting up and his breathing wasn't normal and the other one with him, Princess, also had a problem with her breathing so I thought maybe they're getting zapped and I don't know it.  It is a linoleum floor in one section and they didn't want to be near as much until I brought in a heater and then a towel and the soft towel makes a comfort difference.

They do like to learn things too.  They like knowing the names of things.  When they are learning, I had thought it was just Francis that did this, or Kipper, from their previous owners, but then Horse&Hound started doing the same thing--tapping one foot as he watched me naming things.  It might be a way for them to retain information.

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