Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Assaulted By Some London Police and The Honeymoon and Waterboarding

I remembered, suddenly, a few more things.  I picked up this baby carrier, a bouncer, I saw in a box that I thought would work for a guinea pig plaything.  I picked out the exact same one over 15 years ago as a preteen and Robert Garrett got mad and said to return it.  He said "You can't have that."  I said I was going to bleach and wash it and maybe use it for a doll.  I had put it in the bathtub for this reason, which was the same thing I did tonight and suddenly the memory of being waterboarded in the tub came back to me.  I was not just waterboarded, with this object that was like a baby carrier, I was strapped to it when I was older and forced to stay in the tub.

Then from that memory I remembered how I was assaulted at a room, like the "6" Katie Middleton had her honeymoon in.  I think it was that room.  The London police were involved.  Of course not all of them--I wouldn't blame all.  But after I reported a "rape" which I clarified as a finger into my private area, there was a massive gang-assault of me at Buckingham.

The other thing that I remembered, was, oddly enough, William.  I think I've written this before but I'm tired of the U.S. disrupting my life, torturing, and drugging me, to cause me to repeat the same cycle and forget out of a defense mechanism, when none of these criminals go to jail.

What I remembered was that I did not just see William with Diana, I also saw him with Charles.  I used to carry him around and play with him with Charles there and liked pretending he was my baby. It wasn't very often, and I was more often with Diana with him, but then they said to William one day, in that same room, "Point to your Mama."  He went to me instead of Diana.  I wasn't brainwashing or coaching him though, as some tried to do with me.  I was just nice to him.  Then it was horrible because when Diana tried to reach for him he was trying to run to me and she looked scared and then upset.

I also think I once saw someone pushing him under water.  It was something really shocking to me because even though I was tortured I didn't know why they were doing this to William and I rescued him.  I remember thinking, when he walked to me instead of Diana, I thought, in my childish way, "Maybe he remembers I rescued him."
I remember I was crying after I rescued him.  I was very calm and activated but I think after the danger, I reassured him and then cried eventually.  I didn't usually react in emergencies with excessive emotion.  Then one day, I had gone in and wanted to keep holding him and they all stared at me like they couldn't believe how comfortable I was with him on my hip, and Diana and the rest just staring.  I couldn't figure out what they were thinking because to me, he was like my baby, my doll I always wanted.  I wanted to be his full-time nanny.  So a few years later of course, when I turned my back on him to run after my "Dad", Robert Garrett, and Katie, in the truck, I felt this horrible misgiving when I later realized the hurt expression in his eyes, but I also thought, "I saved my place with my DAD and didn't let KATIE take it."   I mean, I wanted to belong to someone or a family too and I didn't think about his look until I was already in the truck. 

I also know Diana got mad at me when one time I made a slip-up and when she was saying she wanted a certain time with Charles and then I could have summers and weeks or weekends or something like that, when I was there other times, I had asked for one more day and she got upset at me and said coldly, with a mean look, "No."  I then said, sensing her haughtiness, "He married ME FIRST."  Can you even imagine?  You're married with children to Prince Charles and this pre-teen Cameo is reminding you, "He married ME FIRST." 

Of course that all came up later after I thought this was the way it was.  I think she was hoping I'd just think I was a mistress and not remember getting married or having a honeymoon. 

However, after the "honeymoon" I had reported him to London because either Edward Howard and/or Robert Garrett took me there and said I'd been raped.  I just remembered, in that moment, the finger in the castle.  But on the honeymoon he did try something else.  He attempted to have sex with me from the back, not the front.  He was over me in front but then he turned me over and I was really shocked.  I wasn't expecting that on the "honeymoon" and I said, "No, stop" and then asked him why he did that and was he gay?  I don't even know how I knew what "gay" was.

The only reason I mention this now, is not to humiliate him, but to reveal some of the origin for why the CIA and U.S. FBI and military tortured me repeatedly with sodomy.  They used objects:  poles, sticks, and other things like sets of keys, and other objects, and the United States officials went into the most evil rampage against me anyone in the world had ever heard of, who may have found out.  No one attacked me in massive gangs, to sodomize me, that I remember, until after this and they made it a specific goal of theirs to torture me in this way, more than one time.

Those individuals who were sponsoring such torture of me, including all of the last several Presidents of the United States, so it can be assumed if the Commander in Chief of the U.S. is the President, it was a symbol of the entire United States at war against me.  They committed war crimes, not just RICO conspiracy to commit crimes.

Did the U.S. know I have always had a right to political asylum? 

They always knew, and so did Canada.  I have been lied about and defamed and my son is a hostage.

The individuals in England who assaulted me, after I reported at the London station, were a couple of their cops, an MI5 man or two, and every one of the main royals.  Each of them took a turn to do something to me to make me "pay" for insulting Charles with such a disgrace.

I actually did love him and I still have some affection for him, in an odd way, but what they did to me, ruined my entire life and it set many of them up for blackmail and to be blackmailed worse than before, which then, I believe, has been affecting my son Oliver.

Basically, it was like the cops held me and assaulted me and then one by one, a member of the royal family came up either strike me, punch me, push me, trip me, or sexually degrade me.  For example, Anne came up or entered the room and slapped me across the face, and then she'd leave and then another member would go in and throw me across the bed, and tear my clothes off with the police watching.  They took turns.  There were about 4-5 of them remaining in the room at once and then some of the others came in one by one, did something to me and then left as the next person came in and attacked me.  It is exactly what the U.S. FBI and government employees did to me by premeditating gang rape when I was even older, after age 24, where one after the other plotted to find me and date rape me and it turned out, all of them worked together.

England wasn't like the U.S. however, except for the torture chamber and the hot iron pole that was rammed into my rectum.  The U.S. carried out horrific war crimes against me.   The torture chamber torture was bad enough, and being chained to a bed at Middletons, and sodomized and vibrated with a sex toy.  But then the U.S. organized, as war criminals, groups of federal and state employees to repeatedly rape me.  Most of it was sodomy, and then they left vaginal rape to "the black man" Barak Obama.

I will take a photo of the baby carrier that made me remember some more things, after I wash it because I just got it back to my place a second time in almost 2 decades.

I caught William one time when he was about to fall off of something like it.   

I remember one time, someone crying because when no one would go to his defense, I was the only one that did.  I didn't know maybe it was a test then, or that it wasn't how people always were, and maybe they were or not--not sure, but I know one person almost started to cry and then said, "It's you."  I said, "It's me what?"  No one ever explained and I didn't find out but I interpreted it as an idea that I was the one who cared.  Ironically enough.  Of course, I'm speaking about the past and that moment and not trying to make more or less of it and it's just my perspective.

Prince Charles took me out to choose my own wedding ring too.  It was a diamond.  The Queen (Elizabeth II) wanted me to choose a different one or was hoping I would because the one I happened to pick out, though not the largest, was mid to high range in expense.  I had expensive taste and I didn't know it because there were no price tags or numbers anywhere.  They said it was mine but I couldn't wear it anywhere in public because someone might try to steal it from me. 

The problem with all of this, was that because I was a pre-teen and had no attorney to defend my rights, or people with knowledge about how to deal with all of this, I was vulnerable to being targeted and exploited and raped and then ignored and lied about as if nothing ever happened.

The U.S. had all the information and used it, and then created false reasons for inciting hate crimes against me and declared war on me, and committed war crimes.  Meanwhile, as they committed war crimes against me, and conspired, they lied and also pretended none of it ever happened and they attempted to both call me mentally ill and to murder me.

Under English royal law, I had the rights of a royal.  Under church law, I also had rights.  Under government law, it was pedophilia and rape.  They had decided they were going by their own royal traditions and rights, and told me not to trust government, but then they used the government to their own advantage, which also was a way for others to control them and blackmail both them and harm me.

The other thing they did which was extremely grievous, is after they got mad when someone told me to report "rape" by Charles, is they organized to have me sexually assaulted by father-son groups.  They decided another way to degrade me and ruin my life was to humiliate me with sexual assault by the fathers and sons, who worked in teams to attack me.  Meanwhile, they got the women to be jealous, as if it was my fault.

The later rapes of me by the sons of men who had earlier assaulted me and committed pedophilia against me in the U.S. has not been "accidental".  It's been premeditated and most of them are all working for the government (both fathers and sons).

For example, I had both a Robert Sr. and a Robert Jr. assaulting me, and I don't remember as much about Robert Sr. but some of it was after Charles was involved. 

Both Mike Middleton and his Uncle-in-law, a younger man (Gary Goldsmith) sexually assaulted me and I guess since James Middleton was too young, they used Gary.

After I'd reported Charles, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II's husband started using me.  The most shocking thing to me was that I had married Charles and then all of a sudden, Prince Philip was taking me into his private rooms instead.  At the time, I thought, "He likes me too?" but actually, he just wanted to find a way to disgrace me.  I sort of figured it out while I was still a kid in that situation because I wasn't completely naïve to plots.

I was trained to suspect plots, as an royal is.  Plots against me by anyone--family, friends, government advisors, children.  I started to sense or believe Philip had a plot to take me into his own chambers as a way of making me look less honorable to everyone.  I suspected he wanted Charles to think I had less honor, and the Queen, and everyone else because then that was part of trying to re-cast me as a "prostitute" rather than a teenage married royal.  On the other hand, maybe once I wondered if he wondered about the others himself and thought they were crazy.  Then all of the brothers went after me too.

In the U.S., Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. both assaulted me.  Another "father-son" duo.  Where there wasn't a "father-son" duo, they used mentor relationships and other relatives.  Barak Obama worked in teams with Larry Brice, a black man who was a mentor of his (he also had an Italian mentor), and had Robert Jr. with him once.  George Bechtold and Robin Bechtold both assaulted me physically and raped me.  Forrest Tanzer and his son Mike Tanzer did the same.   With Robin, I was moved from one state (Moses Lake, WA) to Sherwood, OR for the entire purpose of giving George's son access to me, to attempt to rape me.  He was tapping on my shoulder the first day of school, on the bus.  This was after George himself had been involved in trying to set me up to be murdered and had physically assaulted me, and he was friends with Barak Obama and Stanley Ann Dunham.  My own "brother", Levi, was another one who was encouraged to go after me at one point--once in a closet and I got out and wondered who had tried to give him the idea, and then later he was involved in trying to murder me. 

These sons of the fathers who molested me, following the same pattern, would have friends and motives for targeting my son Oliver, and they have done this.

With others, where it was more of a woman who got to know me and exploited me (like Cher--who I don't remember sexually doing anything but forcing me to do slave labor for her  on cocaine while she wrote checks out to Katie), she didn't have any sons so they had Chaz, her daughter, attack me with a vibrator.   Now, Chaz is becoming a man, instead of a woman I guess, but then, she was used as the substitute for a son that was the next generation who was premeditated and told to sexually degrade me and torture me.

About Cher, one thing that reminds me of Diana, that Cher also did, was Diana started putting things in my food when she didn't like me anymore.  Well, I think she had some mixed feelings because she knew I could have been an ally but she was mad about Charles.  Also, she got defensive about her place.  I didn't know it, but when William had gone to me in front of all those people instead of her, and turned to me instead of her in private, it was really working on her nerves.  I didn't try to do anything to upset her.  But at one point I told Charles and then Diana, I wanted to watch William full-time.  I said, "If it's okay, I was thinking maybe I could be William's nanny and watch him all the time instead of the servants."  I thought of it because he was happier with me than any of them and cried to leave me.  Diana looked alarmed and said "No" or something and I said, "Well you're working all the time, and YOU don't watch him, so why shouldn't I watch him when he likes me and I take good care of him?"

I figured I was not only a better nanny, but was able to protect him better than the rest of them, after what I'd witnessed.  Instead of thinking it was a good idea, she got defensive as if I was going to steal him from her but I had no "plot".  Later then, to try to set me up to sound as if I was the molesting type, and sending me home without him, was a huge factor for depression because we were bonded. 

Diana took Thorne vitamins.  That is something people wouldn't know who don't know her.  I knew because she talked to me about them and we shared them.  She also went with me to a gynecological appointment which to inspect me and make sure I was okay and I was told I could carry babies but had narrow hips and had to have a C-section.  This was before anyone in the U.S. told me this.  I believe they tried to see where I was at in development for reasons of thinking about reproduction. 

At one point, with what was going on with just Charles, I got a vaginal yeast infection which I'd never had before and I wondered how I got it and I didn't say anything because I suspected it had to have been passed through Camilla or Diana, because I heard it was passed.  So I got upset one of them wasn't keeping themselves clean (my way of thinking).  I told Diana, "I know I didn't have any yeast infection before so someone had to have given it to me."  It was only a vaginal yeast, and it was pretty obvious it had been passed by sexual transmission, and even though I hadn't had vaginal sex, there was touching and contact.  Charles touched me there with it, so it's not like it was an impossibility.  Diana wanted to have my virginity inspected as well as everything else so she went with and was standing in the room with me and the doctor.  When the doctor said it looked like the hymen was intact, or sewed something, I was sent back to the U.S. and raped later by Barak Obama.  I remember they did some kind of stitch for something.  They asked me if Charles ever had sex with me and I said he put his part on me all the time there, and went a little way,  and had me watch him and tried the other way.  He said he wanted me to watch him all the time too and his putting this on me all the time was his way of, as he said, "seducing you".  I told them one time there was blood on a sheet because of his finger, and they both looked at eachother and raised their eyebrows in alarm.  I think really, they wanted to know if it was a consummated marriage, and nothing more.  It was consummated.  You can't really get around that one.  You could always try to sew a button on and hope no one notices.  It wasn't like he was fully doing this to me all the time, regularly, but he did enough and he knows how far and how much.  He was there enough to ejaculate inside of me.  What he did not do, was he didn't go up and down and up and down and that kind of thing, like having regular sex.  He was making sure there was something left to save. I didn't think it was "sex" because he had explained the difference and I thought sex was when someone is in and then out and up and down repeatedly to the end of it.  That's not what he did so I figured it wasn't sex and I wasn't raped, but all of the other aspects were done.  Then he'd have me watch him and say, "I just want you to watch" so I would.  I tried to look away and he made me look so he was not worried about my IDing him or anything like that and wasn't trying to hide things from me.  He made sure to tell me one time about how he was ejaculating in me and that it was how people made babies.  I hadn't had my period yet so he knew I couldn't have any kids.  I said could I have a baby and he said later because I wasn't old enough to have one then.  I think he wanted to wait until I was old enough to have a baby to have full intercourse with me, if he was planning ahead.  That's what I thought he was doing, because then that way it was possible for me to be pregnant the first time he did so.

Instead, in the U.S., the U.S. FBI set me up to be raped vaginally by Barak Obama a year before I started my period.  They did this by organized hate and war crimes against me, knowing of my history with Prince Charles and hating my guts.

The U.S. didn't like me because they tortured me and then whenever they asked if I wanted to work with them or for them, I said "No."  It created further hostility.  The only thing I signed up for, was military, because I was told it wasn't a big deal and was like "being a knight" so I liked learning weapons and how to fight and said okay and then they used this to exploit me and degrade me, and sent me to boot camp and  West Point and then never paid me for anything.

It is also remotely possible the doctor Diana took me to extracted an egg from me, or more than one egg.  I say it's possible because they were talking about eggs when I was examined and the doctor said something about wanting to save some eggs and there was some kind of procedure even if small.  I got this idea they were taking eggs from me but why Diana would want any eggs I don't know and who else would want them I don't know.  I'm not sure it happened, but they were talking about "eggs" for a "baby".  Then later, in Moses Lake, WA, when I was about 13 or 14 (I think), after I'd had my first period, I got an Easter card from "William" that had an Easter bunny on it with a basket of eggs falling out of it.  It was an Easter bunny skipping along with a full basket of painted eggs and a bunch were falling out. 

That's when we started taking the Thorne vitamins but I started getting suspicious because they were broken in half and sometimes sprinkled and I wondered if I was getting some other kind of drug too, but I can't say it was Diana.  It may be she was showing me what someone else was doing.

Also the U.S. doctor Malcolm Butler left me and my son Oliver with thrush untreated out of hate and war crimes against me and my son, over Diana and his federal knowledge about the yeast infection from one of Charles' lovers.  Dr. Butler used his federally funded clinic to refuse to treat me and my son for systemic yeast when we got it, and it developed into tinea versicolor for me, which I've documented by photos.  It wasn't that he couldn't do anything about it--he wanted to get revenge so he could collect money from those who would appreciate his efforts. 

Dr. Butler was not just a doctor at the federal clinic, he was one of the doctors who showed up at the prison in Oklahoma when I was younger, when I was taken to the "Federal Transfer Center" there, and assaulted while in a flannel nightgown.  They tried to make it out to be the alternative version of Balmoral in Scotland, and with the high stone walls around like a castle wall, they had me go there, and then forced me to witness torture of other adults, and they assaulted me.  I was introduced to "Dr. Butler" like it was a joke--as if HE was the "door butler", which the FBI thought was really hilarious.

The other thing I believe has been done to my son to torture him, is based off of the Thorne motif on the vitamin bottles of one thing looking like it's being poured into the other thing, because someone poured perm solution down my son Oliver's throat.  The Thorne vitamins have also patented a special delivery of "ultra chromium" and my mother has chrome sores on her feet from toxic overexposure when I claimed I got warts on my feet from Diana's shoes.  I also think either Diana used Thorne vitamins to indicate an FBI woman she knew, Julia Thornton, or Thornton was positioned around me after knowing I shared Thorne vitamins with Diana.

, back in Moses Lake, of course Stephanie's first video series she was so excited to have me watch was called "The Thorn Birds".  I had such an odd feeling that Stephanie had deliberately picked it out for the title alone and I never guessed she was always spying on me and not really my friend.  There were many people I didn't suspect because I would be caused to forget things out a defense and then not be as cautious.  I never should have had housemates, when I owned my own house, because it introduced spies into my house:  Monica Allen and Shirina Edwin and Jan and Melissa.  They not only had access to my house when I was at work, they had access to allow other people into my house, where I kept personal records and belongings.  They were my own personal bugs.  Then at work, I had a boss get mad I wanted to take personal lunches at my house and I would drive back there and they didn't like it because I caught people in my house one day and they wanted free range of knowing I was away at work.  I never should have had housemates but I did not realize those "friends" were not friends and had been spying on me for a long time. 

I also can add that when I hit Charles on the head with a Bible, it was when I was hysterical and trying to tell him, "My Dad is TORTURING ME."  I was telling him I was being tortured by my Dad and other people were trying to electrocute me and he was just praying there.  I was frantic because I was worried someone would come in at any time and kidnap me to go back to the U.S. again and be tortured more.  This was before England tortured me in their torture chamber.  I wanted to say, "Wake UP!" and I didn't know why he was sitting kneeling there, wanting to pray with me.

Then in Moses Lake, WA, I had to go back to that house and a Robert Garrett Jr. had me kneeling at the edge of my bed with him and a Bible instead of Charles.  This was then every night and then I was being tortured again and out of the same instinct, I took the Bible and hit Robert Garrett jr. over the head with it and he stood up in a rage and said, "YOU don't DO that with ME" and he beat me, really beat me.  He wanted to be sure that I knew he was not Prince Charles and he wanted to feel like the Controller.  Prince Charles never beat me after I whacked him on the head and had thought it was sort of funny, or shocking, but didn't get into a rage and then I did the same thing to Robert and he wanted to get revenge for Katie, Charles or whoever, and look like the Tough U.S. and FBI man who was going to put me in my place.  Then he was ejaculating all over my back and doing things, when it was after I wasn't around Charles anymore, with Dicksie carrying out the sheets.

Both a Robert Jr. and Edward Howard were present when I was assaulted by London police, MI5, and royals, over my reporting "sexual assault" from Charles.  They witnessed what happened and Mike Middleton was also there for one thing.

After I was taken to a doctor's office where they talked about my eggs and saving some for the future, and about what I'd done with Charles and a yeast infection treatment, it was the last time I was with Charles, so having U.S. criminals Chris Dabney infect me with yeast the last time they were with me (before Chris fired me as a pregnant woman for work) and Alvaro infected me with yeast the last time he was with me (when I told him to leave), they were also doing this out of a tribute in war crimes against me, over Charles and Diana.

Chris Dabney is also a son of a father/relative who first assaulted me.  He sought me out in D.C. because of that connection, and for no other reason.  I didn't realize it until later.  As for Richard and Helen and Josh, they were connected by Jewish and government circles but I am not sure about their fathers.

Diana had me take the vitamins with her for awhile and then one day, one of the last times I was around her in England, I was told to serve tea for some British company.  It was a very small tea party and I accidentally spilled a little hot water onto the table.  It was Cherie Blaire, Tony Blair's wife, and a couple of other women.  It was at that tea, or at the next one with Carol Middleton, that I was told to try some red berries from a large bowl on a table and they were schizandra berries which are known to cause internal bleeding, in large amounts, to persons with bleeding disorders (as I was known to have).  I began to bleed from my mouth, from the internal bleeding, not anywhere else and I was spitting up tons of blood.  I filled an entire small bowl with blood pouring out of my mouth and I thought that was the end.  I really thought I was dead at that point--that I was just a few minutes away from never waking up.  I remember Queen Elizabeth II attended one of the teas and then got up and said "No" to me and walked off.  I also think it's possible Joy Sterling was around for one of them because I saw Joy and Carol Middleton together and it was the first time I had ever seen them connected directly. When I began bleeding from the mouth, I remember one of the women ran over to put a small bowl under my face to have the blood go into the bowl and then they took the bowl away.  They wanted my blood for some reason.  The person who captured my blood into a bowl was a Dicksie Garrett and then she took it to the other women and they went into another room.  They said, "Diana, we have some blood for you!"  I never saw what they did with the blood.  I thought, "These women are crazy."  I was almost dying and they were getting this blood from me and calling out to Diana like it was some kind of offering and I thought, "are they witches?"  "what are they doing with my blood???"  "are they casting a spell?"  "are they drinking it because someone needs blood who is hemophiliac?" "are they just being dramatic?"  "is William in there?"  "I think there is a baby in there.  Is it Carol's baby?"  "Are they checking my blood for medical things?"  I didn't vomit the blood.  There was no feeling of throwing up--it was more like all of a sudden, I just had blood pouring out of my mouth.  I really thought I was going to die.  Some of it was maybe coming from my nose or maybe my nose ran a little but mostly it was my mouth.  I know Katie was in there.  She was part of their little "coven".  I guess I do remember that much, because I later walked around the corner and looked and they were teaching Katie things to do with my blood.  Seriously.  I thought, "THEY ARE WHACKO!!!!"   It also hurt my feelings because I could see these women had her under their "tutelage", however whacked it was, and I was on the outside, coughing up blood so they could teach her how to cast a spell at my expense.  It was the same idea as my being in slave labor with people making checks out to go to her.  They wanted me to hate her probably.  They were sort of in a circle and doing this little ritualistic thing and teaching her how to recite and say things and where to put things and stir and all this weird stuff.  No one taught me anything like that.  They didn't expect me to go around the corner either, I don't think, because I was so sick and weak, I thought I was going to die and I was just left there in the other room lying down.  I got mad and my curiosity was aroused, or suspicions, and I quietly forced myself up with all of the meager strength I had.  I was EXTREMELY ill.  It took ALL of my willpower to force myself to get up and quietly sneak to the door and that's when I saw them.  And Katie with a freaking feather in her hand.  Like that's not weird.  A feather, my blood, and recitations.  I am positive they didn't expect me to show up looking in.  They had all witnessed how sick I was and usually, if that horrificly sick, I'd just lie there and try to recover.   It looked to me like they were training Katie to be a bona fide witch, witchcraft and all.

I didn't just want to watch William--I wanted to babysit my brother all the time too and I wasn't allowed to with him, ever.  I was told, "No--you'll Lord it over him."  I was allowed to babysit William but never Levi.  I was possibly his godmother or connected to them because I was present at his birth and baptism and then later when asked about being Harry's godmother someone then retracted the idea and said "No" and it hurt my feelings and then I found out others went to his baptism and they didn't even invite me.  I couldn't believe they didn't invite me to Harry's baptism.  That was after I'd made a report probably, and then with everything done to cause me to forget about it, no one else forgot about it even when I did.

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