Friday, January 3, 2014

Torture Tonight to Me and Child and Dangerous President

I'm being tortured with technology to my head, to cause a stabbing pain of pressure/laser in the center of the top of my head slightly to the right.  It's the same thing the U.S. does to my son which results in one of his eyes bulging out more than the other, and it causes my right eye to have pain and bulge and I was woken from sleep.

It's not migraine.  I don't have migraines.  I have the U.S. torturing me.

Yesterday the U.S. used the ultrasound on my back again, that affects my pelvis and lower back which they did to me for months without stopping when I had my son.

They did it in the library in the afternoon and then at my house last night while I tried to order internet.  When I told the woman about it over the phone, whoever was responsible actually quit doing it for awhile and turned off their technology.

There were a number of people around to look at me while I was being tortured, in the library, as I walked home, and I got some plate numbers and noticed a few things, and the woman who took my call from the internet place said her name was "Britney" when Britney Spears is someone I was looking up when my son and I were being tortured in Washington.

The United States was targeting my chin specifically for months until a few days ago and maybe 2 days ago that was quit.  So they started up the other form of torture they use instead.

What kind of a place is the country when it supports dangerous presidents and gives them ultimate power.

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