Sunday, January 5, 2014

Charles and "The Forgotten Prince" & Forgotten Marriage

I got this magazine yesterday because it was sitting there at a library buy-a-magazine box.  I thought I'd look at it since I don't look up royals online or read or watch news about them.  I mainly got it because of the eyes because I remembered them.  Forgot and then remembered and how the flower matches.

I didn't look at it actually until a few minutes ago and that's after I contacted West Point and Army and asked them where my fucking records are and that I remember their fucking "mess hall". 

I'm not sure and would have to see other photos, but his hands look blown up and puffy all of a sudden in the last few years and it looks like how Robert Garrett Jr.s hands look after cops and internationals have been beating his hands and crushing them.

Maybe he is really extremely rich but I don't look at it that way.  I see blackmail every day of my life.  He was also a programmer.  I do not remember all of it perhaps, but he is the person I remember repeatedly forcing me to "scan" with my eyes, which is a programming technique.  By 'scan" I mean forcing the eyes to look right and left, back and forth rapidly instead of holding a more steady gaze, which is intended to cause the brain to access both sides of the brain hemisphere (right and left brain).  He would hold up a finger and tell me to follow it as it went back and forth and it wasn't like it was a few times or for a few minutes.  It was "programming" in the sense of being for hours many days at a time.  I remembered when I looked at the photo because I can just look at his eyes and I automatically do this more, looking more quickly than usual from his left and right eyes and back and forth. 

The photo of him at his Scotland house shows him next to a separate building which is about the size of the chapel I remember but it didn't have a wall attached to the wall of the chapel and a horse was once tied to the left side of the chapel (if I were looking at this photo, it would be left on the photo) and there is no place to tie a horse and I think there were more windows on either side.  I am not sure when he got this residence but I think he once told me, when he noted I went to chapel with Elizabeth and Anne, that he had a building like a chapel at his house or one he was going to buy.  We toured this house once, and stayed a short time and it was the first time I found out he sort of had a house of his own, not just a lot of castle places.  I think he had said to me he had his own chapel there, as I've already mentioned and then he said did I want to see it.  What I remember is that he took me to it and then opened the door and pushed me in and it wasn't a chapel, it was  a storage shed. I sort of landed against something with a long handle like a broom or a rake.  They are very into "signs" and "symbols" like more psychic-propheticly inclined people and I remembered his watching to see where I landed, and I always wondered if it was to make an assessment of the "lot" or if it was to see if foreknowledge or predictions of where I'd land were correct.   I think it was a rake.  I think I stepped back on it, on the comb end, and then this caused the handle to thwack me on the back of the head.   I am not sure if he kissed me there or just pushed me.  Then a Robert did this and I was locked inside for awhile and cried.  It had hurt my feelings that I cared so much about chapel and got lied to and pushed into a garden shed.  I know James Comey, the FBI director who is now in charge, was also going to England.

I am not sure if it's shadowing but the insides of his eyes on his photo look like markers for the same torture I've seen on some others over here.  If so, it's not "age".

He used his crown to electrocute me as well.  There is a photo of it and most of it is metal and believe me, it conducts electrical charges.  I see it and it scares me.  It wasn't the first crown used to conduct electricity with royals however.  I had someone else's crown on my head before Prince Charles' crown and then later when he put it on my head, I was excited to see what it was like.  Basically, he electrocuted me a few times and then said, "Do you still want to wear a crown?"  Because his crown was not connected to a box, I mean, it was his official crown, I believe they used jumper cables or something of some kind to attach to it.  I am telling you, it will conduct an electrical charge to your brain and how else would I know unless it was done.  It was done.  I sort of remember another man having it on his head and also being electrocuted and possibly it was Charles.  I remember he told me how to react to electrocution or one of them was instructing me on how to internalize torture.

Before he ever did this, I remember before he even married Diana, he asked me if I thought he should.  I don't think he really wanted to marry her.  I think he cried about it.  I mean, I saw him in tears over it.  He was pressured to marry because of his age and nervousness about producing heirs.  I had the impression he wanted to wait until I was older and maybe marry me.  This was not delusional thinking, it was the way he said what he said before deciding to even propose to her.  I then said, casually, well, I was probably too young.  Then he started to cry and I had the impression he cried because I was so dismissive about it because he offered to wait for me.  I just thought, even though I actually really liked him and had a ton in common with him (more than most, no lie), should I be selfish and make him wait and he may as well marry Diana.

I didn't get the impression Camilla was the "love of his life" at all.  I got the impression he felt the May-December one was love of his life because he said as much.  He wasn't even really dating her that much.  He started picking up his liasons with her as a cover for meeting me and references to "Cam".  I think they were always very close, and I don't doubt they were sexual, but no, she wasn't #1.  If she was #1 and Di was #2, I was #0.  Alpha. I didn't think of it that way then at all but I knew what he was saying to me and I felt I shouldn't tie him up for years waiting for me to grow up.  I wanted him to wait, but I was trained to be "sacrificial" and disguise how I felt some of the time.  So I pretended not to care that much and said well he'd have to wait a long time and maybe he should just marry Diana because I didn't know what I was doing with my life yet either.

I really don't care what his sons and whole family think.  All of them should do a LITTLE MORE thinking for THEMSELVES.

Isn't the truth refreshing?

After they married, things changed and also, I made a report, not of "rape" but when someone else mentioned "rape" to London I clarified it wasn't rape, it was a finger inside of me.  He used a ring finger because he scratched me with it.  It was his signet ring.  He also anointed me on the forehead and I didn't know what it was about but I could tell it was important in some way.  It was a kind of anointing oil and I thought it was done to signify how I was the one he anointed to be his wife.  It was secret, but of course I remember it.  I still have an oddly spiritual good feeling when I think of it specifically because it was something not bad at all.  He also gave me my own perfume.  It was before he married Diana.

He used to cry the way I did.  I never thought he was a "cold fish".  He could be extremely cold and callous but he was also emotional and would throw his entire body across a bed, fold his arms under his head and cry into his pillow.  I used to cry at my house, on my bed, and used my pillow to try to muffle my own sobbing because I was tortured by the U.S., which hated my guts.  This country has been targeting me from my birth.

I think once he married Diana, he really bonded more to Camilla.  Still to me, but also there was Camilla on the side.  I think Diana rebuffed him sometimes.  It's always said he didn't want to be with her intimately, but I remember his feelings being hurt because of Diana not wanting him around.  I don't think his affection for Camilla was false at all.  I think he liked all of us for different reasons.  After I reported to the London police, however, then it was punishment and torture.  I did not think he loved me anymore at all, after I was asked about being a mistress and then it was halted when I asked Diana for a little more time than she offered to be with him.  She was upset because she said it was time with her sons to be with him but I just thought it was negotiating.  And this was after more conditioning was done of me so that it was after my report was made and I was forced to think it was all normal and this was my role in life.

I was supposed to not tell or talk.  Prior to this though, I was electrocuted with a crown that was either Elizabeth II's or Edwards.  Or it was another one.  It was heavy, had the metal or gold bracket stuff and velvet and I think pearls all the way around the side.  Or around the band.

The only other thing he did was tell me to watch him masturbate.  He wouldn't have me touch him, he said "Watch.  Watch me."  So I had to sit there and watch.  I remember one time mostly, not like it was all the time.  He also did over my back and liked the iron triangle on my back I was branded with.  I think it was to mark me so if I was ever lost in the world, the iron mark would ID me.  This is something the U.S. used to blackmail and torture me with later, with Obama and Robert masturbating in front of me when Obama raped me.

Charles did not vaginally rape me.  Obama did.  The entire premeditated crimes from the FBI of forcing Katie Middleton into position, was through torturing me.  They set me up to be raped by Obama and had me electrocuted with a metal bracket around my head and then either of them on each side, and with Carol Middleton preparing Katie to get into William's pants.  They did all of this to mock what had happened with Charles. 

I witnessed Larry from Moses Lake and Obama next to Charles in England one day.  He not only saw blackmail every day, there were black males involved.  One day they and another man beat him up in front of me.  I wasn't sure if it was real or an act and they worked for Charles and he wanted to see what my reaction was or think they were thugs and that's it.  However, I saw him beat up more than once and the last time I saw him beat up, one of the black men whispered something into his ear and his eyes got wide and he stared at me and looked scared.  I thought they told him they were planning to do something bad to me.  Maybe it was all an act.  However, I know Obama is connected to thuggery.

Jews wanted me out and Katie in.  It's because they relied on Katie to do them favors, and not me. 

The U.S. has also surveilled me and violated my privacy because of their fascination with the supernatural.  Even if I wasn't psychicly gifted anymore, I have always had sort of "magical"-like or prophetic-like (maybe not prophetic but sort of supernatural signs) occurring around me.  I don't try to do anything, sometimes things just fall around me a certain way and then I look at it with new eyes the next day and realize "how strange how these things are assembled".

I took a couple of photographs tonight to show an example.  Last night I grabbed the magazine to look at while starting this post and then today I walked in and noticed the objects above his head had the same shapes as are on his crown.  I didn't move things around that way intentionally, just happened to notice it.

You can't see it but next to the nailclippers against the side of the shelf is a pen that it straightly aligned close to the clippers and taller so it looks like this design:  l ^  except the pen is up higher than the clippers.  So there is this oval, and then the design that is on his official crown, assembled above his head on my counter. 

I see things like this, all the time.  It's like magic.

See, there is the gray pen, against the side.  Then the wax from a candle melted that way last night onto my counter.  It attached to a flyer for a perfume called "Cashmere Mist" which I used to write Chemistry notes on.


The one above and at bottom are from another counter and were there randomly so I took pics after the one with Charles. 

Dear God please bless me.  And my son.  Protection.

So anyway, the U.S. gets fascinated by the mystery of the spiritual and uses it as an excuse to torture and invade my privacy.  I really just want to raise my son and have a career as a free person.  We're not free.

I don't think anyone should be tortured.  I mean, I don't wish it on anyone, except for those who directly engage in it at the time they engage.  For example, if I'm being tortured, while so, I pray to God those responsible die and are found out and gotten rid of. 

So I would say, it's not schitzo to notice symmetries in random placements of things.  

Back to FBI Director James Comey.  One of the places I met him was at Birkhall where he took me into a room and tortured me.  He was also totally wild and whacked.  He was saying, "My name is James Comey, but you can call me 'J.C.' because I'm like Jesus Christ."  He kept saying his name was Jesus Christ, and this was in England, before I saw him again on Martha's Vineyard with Obama there, telling me "OBAMA is the KING."  James Comey, the current FBI Director, wanted himself to be known as Jesus Christ and Obama as "The King".  He was crazy.  He was pulling off snaps and buttons on my clothes and then he inserted a metal key into my rear end and yanked it up to tear me.  They had done all of this torture of me "for William" supposedly, with a stick and a ball, and then he was saying "This is for Harry" (the baby) and he was using a key to torture me after I'd given Harry the baby a set of plastic keys one day when he was brought into the room.  In the Time article from November 2013, just a couple of months ago, it's mentioned William and Katie met up with Charles at Birkhall, because William was being taught to knight people and it was "key" or something.  Well the "key" I remember, was James Comey's key, and this is exactly why Barak Obama put him into position, to keep the FBI as corrupt as it's been and on their side.  I'm also not sure why I'm reading William is just now being taught to knight people when I knighted some English guys with a sword as a kid.  Why did I have the right?  Yes, I was sent to West Point and they had some swords and sword instruction with me there, but I knighted people in England before I was ever at West Point.  Not a bunch, but a few.  It wasn't a ceremony where a whole line-up comes in to get knighted, it's done in a more special format than that.  But I had some training first and then I actually knighted and since I was a kid, and the sword was heavy, it was especially important not to slice someone's neck or ear by accident because of unwieldiness.  For me, it was extremely heavy.

This article also says "This is all about his grandson".  To read this, from a November article, after I was sexually assaulted and sliced in the rear end with a razor before my birthday October 22, the week of Katie Middleton's bastard non-royal kid's christening, is the same language that they used when they tortured me in England and said, "This is for William" or "This is for Harry".  When I had done nothing bad to either of those kids.

Also, why was Charles coaching me on how to not react emotionally to being electrocuted?  It's like he WANTED me to carry off an appearance of not being hurt at all when I was severely and brutally hurt and in extreme pain, for who?  So the FBI could say it really wasn't that big of a deal?  Because Charles wasn't "preparing" me to "be a royal" when Katie Middleton never had a day of electrocution in her life and was getting U.S. welfare as an English citizen.  It's like they wanted to fry my brain and cause extreme pain to me, knowing how painful it was, and then have me pretend I wasn't hurt at all, so they had an excuse to do even worse.

Also, Charles did get mad at me so he started getting more violent but it was probably to "teach me" a lesson.  He didn't rape me or do worse than what I've mentioned sexually, but he practiced strangling me.  I started getting too scared to be around him anymore.

In the article is mentioned the "7 eggs lined up" thing.  No, Charles did not order this for himself.  He ordered it for me one day.  Before he got violent and mad at me, he was teaching me different things and getting to know me.  I know a Dicksie looked concerned when I told her he ordered a bunch of different eggs for me to try.  I think possibly it indicated his level of interest in me, which was clearly high.  I liked it and thought it was a great idea.  Once he had me try different eggs from a ton of different birds.  Another time he ordered several different eggs of different levels of runniness or cooking, and said, "You should know how you like your eggs best."  We both LOVED eating eggs.  Well, not to sound weird, but we were both slightly weird and I liked eggs.  He wanted to know how did I like my eggs best.  He even cooked for me himself.  He knows how to fry and flip eggs.  Later, in the U.S., I got tortured with frying pans and the sound of crackling grease scared me to death.  One day while frying an egg for me he hit me on the head with the frying pan.  Later, Robert Sr. and Robert Jr. did the same thing, imitating what he'd done.  I was dazed, trying to figure out why Prince Charles was smashing my head with a pan, but he was mad about something I said or he decided about Diana, something about not liking my loyalty level or something but I was a kid, and confused.

He is the only man I've ever married.  I forget how he married me to himself, but we were married secretly, before he married Diana and Camilla.  Basically, Di and Camilla were the mistresses and I have always been the wife.  I'm sure finding out about it is cause for wanting to murder me.  It was done Romeo & Juliet style, and was his solution to being married to me lawfully in a secret way, while I was young, and then marrying Diana on paper for the public and then Camilla.  He did his own ceremony with it and then there was an English Archbishop who approved it.  He would not approve public marriage because of my age but the marriage was "sealed" in a common-law way.   It was definitely a priest so if it wasn't Anglican, it was Catholic but it was done.

He did not even do some of the sexual things until we were secretly married, and that was when he used his signet ring and finger to break my hymen and I bled on his sheets.  He wouldn't do other things yet though and then I think it was possible political conspiracy to have me go to London police at that point and accuse him of rape because either someone thought he was just a crooked pedophile and abuser or they were scared about the disruption and fact of my legal (if underage), priest-approved marriage to Prince Charles.

Why else try to murder me so many times?  Did anyone "annul" the marriage?  No.  I think, upon hearing me say "I still want to be married" (formally on paper was my thinking, not remembering the secret marriage) to Dicksie was enough for Mossad and the CIA to figure I didn't remember anything and they had my statement on an audio record saying I wanted to be married which implied I was not already married.  It was only after this, they tried to assassinate me with Camilla dangling out from the helicopter like a chad voting tab.

Possibly it's legal to be married while young in other countries and that's where we went.  I know it was done by a priest after a secret thing.  It was always secret, which meant people could lie about it and pretend it never happened.  In actuality, his marriage to Diana was a fraud and William and Harry are bastards.  Technically speaking, they're bastard royals.  I'm sure they'd like to kill me and torture me and my son too, along with their entire Mossad Posse.

How does THAT Rock your World?

I know for certain when the assassination plot with Camilla, Dicksie, Robert, and the fucking CIA and Canada was against me, I thought back to the "soundbite" Dicksie had obtained first, by suggesting I could be a mistress to Charles when they knew I was already married to him.  They wanted an audio record of it so they could claim it had never happened before they murdered me.  Their motive was getting me out of the way.

William and Harry, are technically bastards which makes Katie's kid technically a bastard.  That's great if they want to steal England's money and the taxes of the English, but they're technically not entitled to any of it.  I was physically present for the marriage and I have never been served with divorce or annulment papers.  The only way to break my marriage contract was by having me murdered, which the U.S. and Canada and some English tried to do.

Camilla's marriage is invalid.  Go ahead and try to be Queen Camilla.  It's all rotten eggs.

The only reason to lie and defame me and work so hard at torturing me and claiming I am mentally ill and beyond recovery, is for a legal excuse to annul Charles' marriage to me.  It had little to do with my son and care of him and everything to do with the fact that the U.S. kept trying to murder me and they fucking failed.  Queen Elizabeth II?  would be my boss.  Katie?  I would be her fucking boss and yet she's been fucking stealing money from me.

You notice Charles did not marry Camilla until someone in the U.S. tried to say I was "mentally ill".  Who tried to say this?  Fucking Mary Ann McIntosh, the AG who attempted to murder me with some slut cops her daughter was married to over a cocaine allegiance to Middleton.  The only legal time anyone could annul a marriage without the permission or announcement to the partner is by calling the partner mentally ill.  So it was either murder or mental illness that was "unrecoverable" and all of it was a lie and none of it is valid.

I'm entitled to alimony if I'm being divorced and to date, Camilla is Premier Mistress Heinz 77.  I have nothing against William or Harry but because they know the truth, they are a danger to my son Oliver.  They are technically bastard illegitimates and they know it.  They is no way to recover from that.  Diana had them when Charles was already married to me and her marriage was invalid.  There is nothing they can do but lie and rely upon fraudulent charades to claim they are entitled to anything.  In my good grace, I might give them some allowance.

A Dicksie and Robert tried to murder me for Katie and Camilla so they are also a danger to my son, as is Levi Garrett, who was married to Carmen Wilson, a U.S. Army and Mossad agent and both worked for Katie and her drug crew.

I also remember, aside from Dicksie eliciting a statement from me to try to downplay or discredit any claim of marriage to Charles, there was a younger man who wanted to sleep with me one time in England and he did but nothing happened (no physical contact at all) and he claimed he wanted to be secretly married to me, to maybe downplay the fact I was already married and he knew about it and wanted to make such an idea seem possible with dozens, no, hundreds of people.

With at least one of the Robert Jr. and Dicksies, something is seriously wrong.  They not only tried to murder me, they committed treason.

I even had a honeymoon, a secret honeymoon, with Charles.  It was on a ship and we had a large cabin to ourselves and it was Charles who called it our honeymoon.  I mostly remember he was nice and read books to me.  He served me breakfast in bed and I was mostly hidden away.  It was top secret. 

To later be raped by Barak Obama and have all those British and U.S. criminals there and then to run from the car to find a spoonful of honey sitting there on the counter and a "lesson" being read from a book by a Robert to Carol Middleton's "package" was really something else.  I had TONS of Jews stalking me all over the place when I was trying to get out from under the defamation of mental illness to have my son returned to me.  They wanted me wandering all over, homeless, a wreck and a disgrace, and wanted to be sure to secure "mental illness" on me and to steal my son.  My son, who was born out of wedlock actually, and would be considered a "bastard" or illegitimate, and yet, no less, and actually more legitimate than William or Harry.  Diana was never in a valid marriage and she probably knew it from the start.  Katie Middleton would have others torture my son and would do so herself, out of the knowledge he is her superior.  I mean, if we're really being honest, which is something Katie is incapable of being, to "rank" the illegitimates, in order, my son Oliver is head of her children because even her husband is illegitimate.  Her children would be legitimate "Spencers" of Althorp and no more than that.  Charles Spencer knew as much which is why he said the Spencers would look out for the boys, as he blamed the actual royals.  My opinion is that it's all a scheme and Diana is in Witness Protection with the FBI, but of course they all know "who's who" and "what's what".  Paper is paper.  Sacraments supercede ficticious papers.  Not only that, a paper document was made of my marriage.  Where it is, who knows, but it was made.

I guess Prince Philip (who I always knew as Prince Philip, not "Duke", or "Edward" colloquially) would also be my boss technically. 

The cufflinks or monogrammed "CC" Charles wore to his wedding had nothing to do with Camilla.  He was married to me.  He wore the cufflinks as a remembrance of that.  

It is true I turned him down on waiting for me to marry because I said I was young and he should marry Diana.  That's when he cried and then came up with the idea of a secret marriage and then he'd marry Diana publicly.  He didn't even do anything to me sexually until we were married by a priest.  Petting and things maybe, but not anything else.  He said he wanted to transition me into things gradually and he wanted to seduce me slowly, according to him, not some overhaul.

I think if we're squaring the truth, it's no more shocking to hear this than to hear about being Camilla's tampon or whatever.  After being forced to live in the dirt and shuffled around and tortured and raped and sodomized, I don't think there is any disgrace or indignity in my telling this.  For one thing, I have a son to protect and this country is his enemy.  They tried to murder me and defame me, and they've tried to ruin and torture my son as well. 

Of course Charles could have changed his mind at any point about me.  Of course.  The trick is that he was still required to serve me with notice or papers if he was divorcing or annulling.

I have a weird suspicion a Robert and Dicksie had to have either promoted Katie for Mossad reasons or maybe for some kind of biological link to her reasons, or a bond.  I know Robert was visiting her in England half the time and he was bonded to her.  He even said he preferred being over there to being with me and Dicksie and my brother and he preferred diminuative, non-argumentative types, like Katie.  I was always arguing and always bossy and he hated it. 

I remember there were even witnesses to my bloodied sheet after Charles broke my hymen.  They saved it. 

Basically, most of the U.S. government men who raped me knew I was married.  They raped me and tried to call me a prostitute to make the truth seem implausible and to dishonor me.

All this time England was under the impression Diana was upset that Charles brought a handerchief or cufflinks with initials CC linked and they assumed it was about his mistress Camilla.  Most of them had no idea it was about a secret marriage and that the one they were witnessing was a fraud.  Loooks good.

If I were Queen I'd tell Katie to move to the U.S.  She's a traitor to England.

Harry and William are also potential suspects because of a divided allegiance.  One parent (if even one) is English and the other was invalid and talking about going to the U.S.  As illegitimates, they have a motive and incentive to work with the U.S. and against England.  They may feel an appreciation for a country that is trying to assassinate those who are legitimate. 

Katie Middleton is a RAT.

Let these fucking walls FALL.

There has been an influx of corrupt English into the U.S., or Commonwealth, corrupting the U.S. and a reverse influx from the U.S. into England.  Katie is part of the corruption and her entire group is part of U.S. and CIA funding.  Not one single person should be giving their taxes to this woman when her husband William has no legal right to the throne and when she is a CIA and Pentagon brat.

Not only is William illegitimate and destined to have a motive to kill those who are, his wife that he chose for himself is 100% U.S. American pie.  You want nice American pie?  Send a signal for Katie to come over, over, rover.

Not only that, she's been bilking billions off of the legitimate.  


More magic from the pyromaniac:

I have someone blocking the photos I am trying to upload.  Get this fucking straight.  Katie fucking Middleton is a spy for the United States of America.  I believe William is as well.  Sorry Willy.
This says EXILE KATIE and the photo wasn't faded--it's U.S. "special Katie techniques".  Oh yeah, and I witnessed Mike and Robert involved in torture of Charles.  That's not excusing pedophilia.  If someone wanted to admit to a marriage, it wouldn't seem so shoddy.  If a priest and others admitted to it, but instead they tried to reduce me to prostitution.

I didn't let go while it burned because I wanted to see how it burned.
This is how it burned down.  Like the clippers over Charles' head which I posted earlier.  Hmmm.  So it burned into the shape of the nail-clippers above Charles' head which I photographed earlier.

See.  Nothing contrived.  Natural.  What do you really want?  Artifice?  On occasion I can be arty.  Most often--what you see is pretty standard.  Nothing contrived.  So tell me what the interpretation is.  The "EXILE KATIE" sign burned into a triangle.
 So yeah.  This whole new concept of a wine opener was first shown to me before I ever drank wine, in the early 1990s, when someone one day, a man, out of the blue, said to me, "Have you seen the new wine openers?" and looked maliciously sadistic with a smirk and staring at me as he showed me one.  Oh, just like the crown. Haha, so funny.  Boy are you wickedly good at attempting, without success, to get a reaction from me.
So where was the marriage?  With the priest?  I don't exactly remember completely.  I remember a priest.  I remember some kind of ceremony in Greece and I was told I was the bride for a wedding.  But I think this is after I was married to Charles, so it was sort of a ruse?  I had to get into this big round hot-tub type of "bath" but it was some kind of officiating wedding thing and it was a round baptismal I stood in with a young man but I don't remember it being Charles.  I know I didn't think I was actually married.  The only time anyone proposed to me and followed through with it, was with Charles.  Prince Charles, and then we had a honeymoon too and he called it that:  a honeymoon.  I've never had any kind of marriage or honeymoon with anyone else my entire 39 years of life.
I do know an Anglican Archbishop documented something into a book and he showed it to me and told me to remember but I've sort of forgotten.  Then, I think if the Anglican priest didn't officially marry us, it was possibly a Catholic priest who did.  Charles did his own anointing (so to speak) of me in a room, private to us.  Then we were married by a priest but it was a secret and just me, him, the priest, and a couple of witnesses.  I think actually Mike Middleton and Edward Howard were there.  I know Edward Lee Howard was there.  He sat in the very back.  What's bizarre is I think Mike Middleton was there and why would he lie all these years when he was a formal witness?  They killed Edward Howard you know, so it's not like he could testify to the truth.  It was in a small chapel.  There was a priest, me, Charles, Edward Howard and I believe Mike Middleton, possibly Anne? (maybe not) and one or two others.  Only a few but there were witnesses.  There WERE a couple of women but mostly men.  It was sort of like a Justice of the Peace kind of thing.
What I remember happened later, is that to minimize the importance of my marriage to Charles, I was mocked and forced to "marry", in null and invalid pretend marriages (where I was told it was just 'acting') to marry at least 2 other men. One was in an Eastern Orthodox wedding in Greece.  One was some Justice of the Peace deal, and another was a very private one in Italy with a Catholic priest.  Extremely secret.  The only "honeymoon" I ever had was with Charles, on a ship.  Some of the ship attendants couldn't even look me in the eye.  They felt shy and shocked, most of them.  Only one or two were allowed to see me there.  I was sneaked in with a scarf over my head and sunglasses, the way Diana disguised herself when going to and from the house in Seattle, WA where the FBI premeditated and set up the rape and electrocution against me by Barak Obama, who current FBI Director wanted to later call "The King"..  right.  I didn't "consummate" any of the pretend marriages.  The only one where I bled after or had anything to do with that was with Prince Charles and then I was back in Moses Lake and being raped and sodomized by people in Coquille, Portland, and Seattle.
Even though his brothers all slept in the same bed with me, and maybe touched me slightly, none of them were sexually involved.  Edward was sort of into me a little but I think it was an act because he was turning up whenever I was about to be murdered.  Despite his letters to me, I think he was lying.  After the public marriage to Diana, he tried to take over, to make it seem like he was the one interested in me, not Charles.  I think they hoped I'd forget everything and sometimes I did, but not long-term of course.  He was present too many times when I was about to be assassinated.  I think he was working with a Dicksie and a Robert, not for me.  Andrew I can't remember doing anything but flirting heavily but he must have made me do something when I was really young or I wouldn't have tried to identify a penis as "Andy's" when my Mom showed me penis photos one day.  I may have been able to identify Andrew's penis at one time, but I don't remember mentioning the name Edward so possibly he didn't pull it out and just wanted to pretend to like me and try to kill me.  Prince Philip I remember of course, and it confuses me why he'd want me in his bed when he knew I was around Charles but maybe he didn't even know I was actually "married" to Charles.  I mean, I would think they'd know, but I didn't tell anyone, and maybe he didn't know.  I think eventually, much later, I told a Bob or Dicksie and it was probably a mistake.  Neither of them were present for any wedding.  Well, not the one to Charles at least.  I think a Robert Jr. knew about it but it was Edward and Mike I remember there at the one place but I sort of remember some secret Italian gig. I really think I was flown somewhere with Charles.  Totally old-school Romeo&Juliet style.  The honeymoon was no secret to some of the guard for the British because..HELLO, I'm sharing the cabin with Charles and oh, don't mind my negligee peeking from my robe here at your knock.  They looked SHOCKED TO GAL.  My WORD. WhAT IS THAT GIRL DOING IN HIS CABIN IN NOTHING BUT A TEDDY and a ROBE?  I didn't show them myself at all, but the robe was bad enough.
I think Jew Mykal Holt, in Wenatchee, with Alvaro, tried to rub it in by opening the door wearing a robe and nothing else when I was trying to get in.  These Jews really, reeeeaaaallly hate me.  I didn't realize how much they hated me for decades and at one point thought, "Oh! maybe I'm like them!  Hey! I might go to a synagogue."  NO.  They LOATHED me.  Then people like Robin Bechtold, in high school later, were making a big deal about the movie, "Princess Bride" and then trying to rape me.  All of these U.S. rapists felt a thrill raping the woman who had been married to Prince Charles.  I think it made them feel "powerful" or "special" to degrade me in that way and feel like oh yeah, they were knocking me down a few inches.  If the future King of England, who was  a prince liked her well enough to marry her, well, Cameo was desirable and a target to be brought down because WHO DID SHE THINK SHE WAS?  THAT BITCH (thought Robin Becthold and Josh Gatov), "SHE THINKS SHE'S BETTER THAN ME BECAUSE SHE MARRIED A ROYAL and LIVED WITH THEM IN ENGLAND.  I"LL SHOW HER (said Obama). All of these rapists raped me for hate crimes.  The FBI thought it was GREAT and they loved it.  Come on guys!  We need more FBI rapists (they said).  Their objective was to hopefully rape me so many times I had no self-esteem and was degraded as "used goods" and not important or "special" and something to be tossed around.
The United States deserves to pay, in full measure, for what they've done.
From what I remember, I was flown to Italy to marry Prince Charles.  Edward Lee Howard witnessed it.  Then later, I was thinking a Robert Garrett Jr. wasn't there, but I think one was, and the Middletons were trying to have me married by a Justice of the Peace to some other man in England and were witnesses and it was either Gary Goldsmith or Daniel, some Jewish person.  They told me it was acting but I had a veil and everything and rings and they signed things.  However, I had already married Charles.  On our honeymoon, before he married Diana, he brought in a paper and wanted me to read it and sign it and then he tore it up.  It was a post-nuptial agreement about rights and he called it that and I read it and signed it.  It wasn't a marriage certificate or a divorce or annulment paper.  It was a rights paper.  He never said, "I am divorcing you" or "This is being annulled" and I never read anything like that.  He did talk about pre-nuptials and post-nuptial agreements.  He possibly had sex with me on the honeymoon but I would have to think about it more because I don't remember. I don't really think so actually but I would have to think about it more.   The event with the bloody sheet happened before this, at his house, and a servant came to take it away and show it to someone.  Then they were always coming in to take away the other kinds of sheets, after he'd ejaculate on my back and I got embarrassed and tried washing one myself in a giant clawfoot tub type of bath once because I didn't want servants doing it.  Charles got upset when he saw me doing this one day and said, "What are you doing?" and I said, "Washing the sheets" and he said, "That's for servants to do" and I said, "I don't want them doing it.  I'll do it myself."
I don't even know who the person was that I "married" in Greece in a big fat wedding style of ceremony at an Eastern Orthodox church.  There were all of these rituals, like standing in a tub that was a round baptismal, next to the groom and being recited over.  I think someone thought it would be funny to have me in a bunch of marriages after marrying Charles, to mix things up or have it look like all of it was just a joke.
They also tried to later claim I was agreeing to a mistress arrangement after he married Diana and this was another cover, and I believe it was to conceal motives for why the CIA was attempting to murder me.  If I was just a mistress, it's not as big of a deal as being the married wife to Prince Charles.  The CIA had other "designs" for who they wanted in England. 
As for Johnny Spencer, after Diana married Charles, his attitude changed in one regard I noticed.  One thing he did, which is the only thing I ever remember him doing to me, was he put his pinky finger into my rectum.  I really don't know he did that and he said it was a medical reason.  Then, he gave me a toy boat and it was either him or an Italian man, or Edward (Duke) and I was told next time it would be a yacht.  Then I was at this boat christening with royals and Katie Middleton was there, and the boat was taken out of my hands and given to her and a Robert Jr. looked mad at me and the others also looked like they were getting back at me for something and made a big point about how "THIS IS Katie's now".  They stole it right out of my hands and gave it to Katie knowing I thought she was a nincompoop.  That was the one time I felt betrayed by Johnny Spencer, along with the pinky thing.  I still never told anyone his secret, even under torture repeatedly. 
these are all photos from yesterday 1/5/14
the clock is wrong.  I haven't corrected the time yet.  It's about 4 hours and 20 minutes fast or around 8 hours too slow, depending upon how you look at your glass.

(Basically I look like this except my nose has a dent in the center because of U.S. technology and they've done stuff to the side of my mouth that wasn't there and to my chin.  All of it, is scars.  None of it is wrinkles or aging.  The U.S. has committed hate crime on every level out of jealousy.  Every time I've turned the CIA down, the U.S. has gone into a jealous torturing fit.  They did this to me when I turned down Valerie Plames' offer to join the CIA and they did this to me after I turned down the CIA's Alvaro Pardo who contracted with the FBI.  They've also done worse to me over royal things and whenever they get nervous I am stealing any kind of limelight from one of their U.S.-British spies and rats.  I know Katie Middleton is a rat because it's obvious.  I am pretty sure Camilla is as well because why else would she be in the U.S. on a Pentagon helicopter to kill me?  With Katie, so much of her funding came directly from the U.S., and her parents were so entwined with CIA it's impossible she's not.  Everyone over here gets mad when I say as much because to the U.S., Katie Middleton is a Triumph of America.  They got their spy-rat into a royal role.  The U.S. climate over Katie Middleton, since the 80s, has been like Japanese who love America.  Americans would hear about how some Japanese really were huge fans and liked American things and it was sort of a hip-pop culture thing.  Well, in the U.S., Katie has been the hero of the CIA and FBI and these organizations have spent tons of money promoting her with celebrities and socially throughout the U.S. to the point that she is far more popular in the U.S. than England, and it's not a Diana popularity--it's a drug and torture sponsored ring.)

I was "married" in Italy, Greece, and England.  The first one and only valid one, to my knowledge, was with Prince Charles in, I believe, Italy.  Then there was some Justice of the Peace in England and a Greek wedding but I was told it was all acting, however they signed papers and did rings.  I never had any honeymoon with anyone except Charles.  I think the paper he had me sign was basically a pre-nup Diana was demanding first.   I mean, I know what it said, and it was about property.  For all I know, I'm more royal than he is and he married me to gain access to what's mine. 
I guess I can two things on my FAFSA.  Are you married?  Yes.  ?  Prince Charles is my fucking husband.  Or pedophile, whatever.  Oh yeah, and I'm a fucking "Veteran" of West Point you fucking fucks.  So that's another thing I can change on my FAFSA.  And do I have any children?  Yes.  The U.S. is fucked up and fraudulent.  I might be in trouble if I write I have children in my custody when my son is still a hostage, but it's a face I was married and it's also a fact I am a veteran of West Point and I didn't like them as much as Sandhurst.  Some of them were okay but they hazed me and did a lot of mean things to try to knock me down.  Actually, I shouldn't say anything about Sandhurst because I don't remember enough.  They probably tortured me too.  I know the military owes me money.
Regardless of being married, I am still reporting all of their crimes.  They are a danger.  They were dangerous to me and to my life and they are a danger to my son.  I would never want my son around the British royals outside of my supervision.
When Charles married me to himself in his room, he used oil to anoint me and said words and put on a cap.  It was a head covering, not a crown.  He wouldn't marry me to himself without this on his head.   It was supposedly a covering for making a sacrament under the eyes of God.  It was the only time he ever put it on his head.  He also had me kneel with him and pray.  Both of us knelt, not just me.  I don't remember what I had on my head, if anything.  I didn't wear a veil over my face.  I think he had me put a shawl over my head maybe.  Charles was very religious or spiritual.  He had me kneeling at the bedside with him every single night I was with him and prayed.  I was taught more to pray on my knees by him than anyone else.  He also had a Bible he read occasionally.  He prayed with the Bible with him at bedtime.  One day I got mad at him and grabbed the Bible from his hands and whacked him on the head with it.  He was still kneeling there when I did it.  I was frustrated because of the enormity of a serious situation and then he was just praying there, so I grabbed it from him and smacked it down on top of his head.  Maybe it's why he later hit me on the head with a frying pan.  He knelt to my left.  He was always on my left side when praying facing the bed.  Maybe not always, but often.  Actually, maybe it was right.  I just know side-by-side.  I enjoyed it, except when I was really upset because I was trying to tell him, I'm being tortured Charles, don't you understand?   I read once that Diana claimed or someone claimed Diana once hit him on the head with a Bible but that anecdote is about me.  Maybe she did too, but I know I did this.  He also allowed me to break things or someone showed me how to break things.  So one day when I was mad at him, I smashed a plate and he looked shocked.  I never hurled things at people, but I smashed them onto the ground.  I thought it was a great release.  They were nice plates too.  We were next to a table that was set and I got mad and grabbed one in an argument with him and threw it on the ground.  Then I grabbed a glass and smashed it.  He never was violent in arguments.  He was calm.  When he got mad, it was later maybe or a more passive approach on his own.  When I was screaming at him, and smashed plates, he was calm.  He didn't seem to mind really.  I think Elizabeth II was a smasher.  Smashing.  Smashing meets Dashing.  It was something else to see Elizabeth II in her smashing.  Philip was just like Charles.  Calm.  She was really pretty when she got mad.  Her eyes changed color and had this incredible fire.  Philip would say, "Betty, you're beautiful when you're angry."  He was right.  It was not a lie.  I learned smashing from Elizabeth II.  I also learned how to some other things from her.  I sometimes thought she was my Mom.  I got confused about who my mother was.  I learned slicing things from her, how to hold a knife.  She also had some kind of a hand-held x shaped weapon I think.  I remember some woman at least like her, who had this unusual weapon and it was like a jack, like kid's jacks, but larger and held in the center and used as a weapon.  She held it positioned as an X not a +.  It was like a caltrop.  Then I was in Australia once and the Australians were showing me how to use one and I said, "It's sort of like what Elizabeth has but a little different" and they all got quiet because I wasn't supposed to remember or speak of her X shaped weapon.  I didn't know why not.  I remember one time Elizabeth II was scared of me and held this up and she had this fear on her face and I thought, "Why is she afraid of me? or is she afraid of something else and trying to show me a secret?"  She didn't say anything out loud and that was code for secrecy so it was some kind of message she wanted me to know.  There is a caltrop which is the symbol for U.S. Marines.  I am not positive what she was telling me but she was trying to show me something and she was scared.  Then I told a Dicksie and she acted defensive and mad at me.  It was completely X, not inverted, and made of steel and about the length of 1 foot crossways and she was shaking when she showed it to me.  Dicksie just got mad to hear about it.  Her face hardened.  I think it was something where you put your hand forward (or an assailant did) and then the person wielding the weapon twisted it to trap the hand or fingers or some part and give more force.  Possibly one could use it in a crook of the neck.  Then there was someone in Australia showing me how to use a caltrop and Dicksie was really mad about this too.  She said, in a hard voice, "Yeah, it's for hurting horses.  Are you going to hurt a horse?"  I liked learning all weapons.  I didn't care what it was for.  I enjoyed weaponry.  I said, "I don't know, if I have to to defend myself for some reason maybe.  I don't see why it's not to learn."  I thought maybe Dicksie had a bad memory of one or something.  I also said it was different from the iron cross type thing Elizabeth II had and Dicksie didn't like my comment on that either.  She acted like I was some kind of an evil kineeval for wanting to learn.  I didn't think it was a waste of time to learn any weapon.  If it sounded impractical I figured it didn't matter--there was always a possible application or use for it that could come in handy.  I know you could also tie up hands or feet to a cross-bar and it was a more secure hold.
After Charles did the secret wedding, then it was inside a private house with a priest for a marriage.  I don't remember it was in a church.  It was at a priest's house and personal residence and was witnessed.  However, I do remember an English Archbishop also officiating something and writing a document into a book and registering something.  That Archbishop was over all of England and Canterbury.  He's dead now. 

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