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Torture at NASA in Texas and CIA Virginia Offices

One of the places I was heavily tortured at, prior to the assassination attempt of me while "rock climbing" with Valerie Plame, was the NASA base in Texas.

We were already in Texas, after I'd been assaulted by some dogs (with Laura Ingraham and others present), and visited a greyhound betting track where the U.S. FBI was present, and then we also visited the Bush family there.  The next place I was taken to, which was shortly before I was
 victim of the rock-climbing assassination attempt, was the NASA site in Texas.  They did a similar thing to me in Virginia, like at a CIA-military base there first, but we were then in Texas.

For one thing, someone in the U.S. was checking to see how well Dicksie and a blond or two swapped out for looking like each other (doubles).  The other things they did there was they set off a rocket and had us inside shuttle rockets looking around, which is where they had some conversations about secretive matters.  They did bring up Katie Middleton there and I didn't see her immediately but I wondered if she was around on the same site.

I was tortured intensively at the Texas NASA headquarters.  They mostly used torture to affect my head and brain, strapping me into a chair and putting a device on my head and turning it up and then testing various remote sensor equipment on my head while they were still present.  They had me in observation for being torture for several days.  I was so sick from what they did to me, I couldn't walk by myself when I was unstrapped or let go from their chair.  The only thing that was different about being tortured there was that I didn't see anyone being interrogated about being a spy.  Instead, it was just like plain torture with no other point to it.  If someone was in a back room, that's possible, with tinted windows, but I didn't see anyone.

They had a Bush there involved, Cheney, and I remember Karl Rove's name mentioned and there was a man there who looked like him.  The other individuals they had around were some of the same individuals that assisted in setting me up to be raped and electrocuted by Barak Obama or tried to assassinate me.

They was Laura Ingraham, who was there on her militant gay crusade, who had just been a witness of my being assaulted by dogs and who I saw being handed money in Iraq while interviewing U.S. Army soldiers, and who was involved in the rape of me by Barak Obama; Valerie Plame who was there with her husband--the first one she had who was tall and blond and possibly gay (it was one time I saw him with Valerie and not just her with other people); Bill O'Reilly, who was present when I was assaulted by dogs; Susan (who also went by Susanna) and John Roos, whose family was part of trying to assassinate me and a part of which knows the Bechtold family; and the Rooses were friends and hanging out there with an Asian man I didn't know.  The Roos family later got diplomatic covers to work in Japan but I'm not sure the Asian man they knew there was Japanese.  The Rooses supposedly were the ones (unless it was through Jim Sandberg) who gave me a cushioned kid's chair after this torture session, and it was like a small chair with a plastic or vinyl cushioned back and seat and underneath it were controls for a radio (AM/FM).  The radio was basically attached to the seat or part of it, at the bottom section of the chair, under the seat part.

I was basically taken straight from the FBI-swarmed greyhound betting station, to the Bush house, to the NASA site where I was tortured by military and CIA. 

From the Texas site I was flown to a CIA office in Virginia and tortured there again, maybe not as much, but my head was discussed basically, and there was an interrogation there as well but mostly it looked more like administrative visiting, like who was going to do what, where, and when.  It was like I was there just because they were plotting and wanted to see me before trying to murder me.

No one ever accused me formally of anything.  I never once had any impression that I was being accused or charged of doing something wrong.  There was no espionage claim, even though they may have asked a routine question about if I was a spy or not, and there was no assault or murder claim against me with instances brought up to me or a lawyer assigned to me.  I never saw a lawyer, never had any legal counsel provided of any kind, and I was basically being tortured and observed for remote sensing technology and how badly they could harm me with it.  I never noticed anything to do with testing remote sensing technology on me until I was at the NASA site in Texas and that was the first time I was around people literally talking out loud about it.  They didn't try to hide their conversation.

When I was out I said, "You took me there to be EXPERIMENTED ON???"  I was so upset, that when we left and I was in the car I was saying, "I am telling EVERYONE what you just did to me and let other people do to me."  They had these hard looks to their faces and I kept going on, saying I was telling everyone, including police, reporters, all my friends, and everyone I knew.

So I was taken to the CIA offices in Virginia.

The other person who was there in Texas that I didn't expect to see was the Hispanic man accused of shooting Guy Gaddis.  They had him there because he'd told me Robert Garrett jr. was a cop and they found out.  I saw him there.

The other thing that was happening was something was being made of one of the Dicksie's backs, like FBI at the greyhound place were looking at her back and then making a point to glare at me and they were all huddled in their group whispering, and then at other places too.

The other persons I saw in Texas, at the NASA station, were either Joy and Forrest  or Mike and Carol.  It was one of those two couples.  I think it was possibly Joy.  She was sort of in the background.  Then there was a royal and someone who looked like one there as well, moving in and out secretly from the shuttle where people were having private conversations.  The royal I recognized was Valerie, Princess Michael, but the thing is, Valerie Plame was there too, so they were deliberately getting two of them with the same names mixed together.  And then I saw a woman who looked like Diana Spencer.  She did not get up close to me to talk but was leaving one of the shuttles and looked back at me with this serious expression and sort of fear.  Which is odd, but the next time I saw her was at the house where I was raped by Barak after FBI had electrocuted me.

The U.S. had me electrocuted and tortured at all of their official federal sites.  By "all" I mean, military bases, NASA, CIA in Virginia (main headquarters), and inside of FBI offices.  For whatever reason, they "all" wanted to be in on it.  The only place where I overheard any conversation about experimenting with me and remote sensing technology for torture purposes, was at the NASA sites where they had scientists, military, CIA, and doctors assembled.

I thought the entire reason I was taken to the CIA headquarters was because I had said so insistently I was telling everyone, the whole world, what NASA in Texas did to me.  I was told, "No you're not."  And I said, "Yes I am".  And then a Dicksie joked with a Robert about "What goes up, must come down."  I thought they were referring to gravity because we'd just been at the NASA place but I could also tell it was code for something else and then I was suddenly at CIA headquarters.

I was also harassed at the NASA place with comments about "Do you still feel like calling gays faggots?" and that kind of thing and it really had nothing to do with what was going on.  If Laura Ingraham thought I should be punished because she thought I was  a gay insulter, it was just another excuse for hate crime.  I remember a man there who I wondered if it was her brother, and then there was Valerie Plames husband who I thought was maybe gay.

Then at the CIA headquarters, after I had said in the car from the NASA site, "I'm telling EVERYONE" they were saying, "Don't ask, don't tell."  The whole idea about calling some military policy "don't ask, don't tell" came from the CIA, not the military and it wasn't originally about military or gays either.  It turned into a catch phrase for that to cover for what it was actually being used to refer to which was torture.

I saw Carol Middleton inside of CIA offices before, and I also was being tortured at some location Mike Middleton drove me to where they put on a pot of coffee while torturing me.  There was more than one site that did this to me when I was very young, about toddler age or so.  One of the other locations was Dick and Beverly Baird's house.  They even had a coffee pot where they later put a toaster instead, the day they realized I noticed the coffee pot and remembered what they'd done to me and how the coffee pot was always in that location when I was tortured.  One day, I was just sitting there at the table and someone turned on the coffee pot and I had a flinch reaction, and saw it there and had a flashback, remembering what they did to me, and then Granny noticed this, and unplugged it and moved it and put a toaster there instead.  They were always trying to replace one thing with another to keep a kid from remembering what was done to them.

I was tortured at Granny and Grandpa's house (in Cashmere, WA)  in a high chair to the left of the kitchen table, which was closer to the living room, and then I was tortured in a chair with a booster seat to the right of the same kitchen table.  The table was this round wood table with wood chairs.  Why would my own family, IF they're my family, torture me? as a toddler?  There were a couple of Wenatchee doctors who were coming over sometimes to "assist" too.  It was extremely painful what they did to me.  Did they do the same thing to Dicksie too?  I mean, my Grandpa was in the U.S. Army, so is that the mother-fucking organization to finger?  I know they were supporting Katie Middleton at some point and I am not sure why.  I don't know if Kate Middleton is a half-breed that is half English and half U.S. CIA or U.S. Army or what.  I don't know if it has something to do with that or if it's a kind of Mossad project.  I am really not sure.

I can say for sure, I was tortured, even as a baby and as a toddler, and go ahead and try to come up with an excuse for that.  What is it?

Some of the time I was blind folded.  Not just in the highchair to the left of the table, but also in the booster seat to the right of the table.  I was not always blind-folded, but sometimes, I was because of the people torturing me didn't want me to see them.  It was very, very, bad.

I think it also happened at Robert Garrett Sr.s house because it was a yellow vinyl table there and a coffee pot.  Not from one side to the next from what I remember, though I am possibly not remembering all of it now.  Actually, I think one form of torture was done on one side and another kind on the other side.  I don't remember as much because I blocked it out. I remember some pain but not like the same pain from Granny and Grandpas house.  I do not remember any doctors around either, in Idaho but at Cashmere, yes.  Those doctors in that town are really guilty.

The other thing about this, is there were men from Canada sneaking over into Cashmere to torture me, just as they've done to my son Oliver.  I think it's possibly why Edward (Johnny) Spencer said something about "ROSCOE!"

Maybe he was referring to the "Ross company".  I mean, maybe he really had a friend named Roscoe, but I was tortured next to a coffee pot at Granny's house by a Ross from Canada whose friend Michael Clark also made an appearance.  They got mad I took the scarf off of my eyes and saw them.

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