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I Know Edgar Tamayo: Execution Politically Motivated (corrupt cops, lawyers, and Judges)

I read Edgar Tamayo is being executed and wasn't given due process by the U.S. Courts.  The Supreme Court would go along with politicians who want to get rid of him because he knows a lot about their corruption.

I met and know Edgar Tamayo.  I met him in Texas.  There is no other person who has the skin pigmentation changes to his face like he does, who is Hispanic, and who is from Texas, and who shot someone named Guy Gaddis.

It's really interesting how the U.S. likes to kill someone over shooting a cop and then bans all evidence that proves it may have been self-defense.

I'm not going to say Edgar "liked" me or that I always know who was sort of hating me and working with people to assault me, or who was on the reverse side.  I can't say that.

I DO know he told ME my Dad, Robert GUY Garrett, was working with people to kill me.  He told me this and that he was a cop for the FBI.  Something like that.   I am not positive but maybe he said he wasn't my biological father either because I remember something else he said.

Maybe he was lying to me, but I know I was bugged with surveillance because of microchips in my body and any NSA or government person could have picked up on him trying to tell me something (correct or NOT), and I know they went after him.

I also think it's strange that he has one eye that sort of looks like a "black eye" from pigmentation changes and then my son Oliver was being punched in the eye, to have a black eye and come to a corrupt CPS visit to see me that way.

Guy Gaddis was like a combination name between Guy (Robert Guy Garrett jr) and Gatti (Dan Gatti, from Chicago) or, as a kid I thought "like God? like Kate Middleton's godfather or something?"  Because I heard about the cop's name later for some reason and it crossed my mind.

I am definitely not going to say he was honest or on my side, or a good guy, because I'm not sure, but I know I talked to him outside in Texas, by the greyhound betting station we went to, and then for some reason, I visited him in jail with someone.  I am not sure what he went to jail for but I seem to remember he was there a short time for some reason because I remember seeing his face behind bars.  Now was that the bars of a window where people cashed-in their greyhound betting chips?  Possibly, but I mostly think I saw him out in the open in that place and then later at a jail.

I know I later said something to both a Dicksie and a Robert and they had a reaction over him, so I knew they didn't like something.  I remember one of the Dicksies really had a reaction.  A Robert sort of looked mad and grim and then a Dicksie looked furious but withheld saying anything.  It is possible he said something about her too because I wasn't sure why she reacted that way.

I think he's being executed because someone doesn't want him talking.  I wouldn't necessarily trust his lawyers to have done their jobs either.

On the other hand, he is possibly FBI himself.  How that didn't come out into the open, if he's an informant for the FBI or a FT employee, isn't really known.

2004 is when the International court said the U.S. did something wrong with his case and some other cases, and that is also when Raul Bujanda from Texas found me again,  in Portland, Oregon, under George Bush II's reign.  I was suddenly being forced out of court by the FBI and cops.

I don't think he should be executed.  His evidence deserves to be seen and secretive hearings are not due process or right to fair trial.  I also think the comment of "concern" about how other international courts will treat Americans abroad has nothing to do with it.  What it has to do with, is how the U.S. treats humans, citizens and non-citizens, through their court system.  Any weakening of due process in international regards also weakens domestic law.

You know, one minute it's okay to have Guantanamo prisons for international 'suspected' terrorists, and that's fine, because it's supposedly not on U.S. soil and not U.S. citizens and then the next thing we know, a whole new law is getting signed by Diamond and Cocaine Smuggler Barak Obama, to allow the Pentagon and officials "authority to torture kids on U.S. soil who are U.S. citizens if the parent is suspected of crimes."

I remember there was a black man in the background, who was friends with him somehow (Edgar Tamayo) and I did notice that man didn't like me at all or glared at me while Edgar talked to me.  So I had this feeling of "Why is he telling me something about me that sounds like it's to help me and my parents are getting mad at me, but then this black guy that hates me and is his friend is there and then they smirk at each other?"  In the meantime, Robert Garrett was in a back room with people and had talked to the black guy and then the black guy came out on his own behind the other guy.  They all knew each other and had some kind of business together.  I think a Dicksie was there in the back room too because she came out of there.  They wouldn't let me go into the back room.  I had to stay out in the lobby where all the t.v.s playing the greyhound races were up at the tops of the wall.

I was asked to pick a dog when we were outside too or there and I did and it was the fastest one and then all of a sudden, something weird happened in the middle of nowhere. I called it "My dog" because I'd picked it out.  It suddenly had a weird problem with a leg like a horse would, where it broke it's leg or acted hit by technology.  To me, I pegged it instantly as a military or NASA technology "hit".  They didn't want my dog to win.  They wanted someone else's pick to win so my dog was "taken out".  Then it was like, "See, the other one knows how to pick a winner and she doesn't."  There were some men on the sidelines staring at me, watching for my reaction right before and then during and after it happened so I knew it was a set-up.

If I'm correct, first I picked one and it won.  Some white man walked by saying, "You got lucky and that's all you got."  I thought, "Is he implying I have nothing, like no family, no life, no future and nothing but a luck on that pick?"  I also thought, "Is he trying to tell me some Irish guy is attempting to give me a head's up about who wants to harm me and he's the supposedly the only one in the world (the 'lucky' irishman or elf or something) who is?"  I wasn't sure.  Then I picked again.  The rest of my family was split up from me.  My brother Levi, a Robert and a Dicksie all went into a back room.  I was out by myself.  I thought "This is strange.  What are they part of that I'm not part of?"  I did some briefcase and manilla envelopes but you know, it's a betting bar, so of course.  So then I thought this one dog, same one or different and we went outside and there was money on it and like I said, it was some kind of a laser technology--invisible "hit" on the dog.  I could tell by seeing how the dog reacted.  Not normal.  Not like normal torn cartilage or pulled muscle or fracture thing..more like, the dog just got shot.

Edward Spencer once asked me to place a bet with him.  It was sight-unseen and just pick a number and maybe he was really pulling my leg and telling me it won when it didn't, but supposedly it was big money and it won. A lot of people talked about it for a while, and again, I can't confirm it because I wasn't there, but you know.

After that, I was dressed up and taken to the horse races.

I think the U.S. did the same thing to me, at a cross-country meet, where I was being watched because I was told I was good enough to have a full-ride scholarship to a college (quite a few of my choosing) and they stood on the sidelines sort of in the same way and then I had something happen to my leg.

I am not positive but I think the FBI was there, at the greyhound betting station.  There were some cops there because there's always a cop around at those places, but there were some people sort of sounding like they wanted to do something about me.  Then everyone in my family had to pick a dog to win and if I remember correctly, I could be wrong on this, mine was first or at least second.  There was this weird reaction from the FBI like an intake of breath like they couldn't believe it.  Then before or after that I wasn't sure what they were doing because they were going off, looking at documents and then looking back and glaring at me.  Like taking secret testimony against me or something.  It wasn't normal and then there were two black men there, one sort of looking like Larry, a guy from Moses Lake, but different, and another younger one who looked more like Barak Obama and that's whose name he was called by.  They were all there together--FBI, cops, Robert and a Dicksie, Levi, the black guy and Obama, and Edgar Tamayo and others around and they were looking at documents and glaring and pointing at me.  I thought I was in trouble for some reason or someone was trying to get me in trouble, or acting that way.

I think the dog that Dicksie (with Katie Middleton probably) picked was first, and then mine was second and I was standing next to a Robert wondering why he was suddenly wanting me to choose or acting down or something.  I thought he wasn't really trying his best to choose what he thought was right and I think he wanted me to fake a miss and pretend not to know which ones would be good.  I thought "Why do I have this feeling he wants me to seem less psychic? or able to look at a dog and try to size it up?"  Possibly it was because the FBI was attempting to use this ability against me.  The other possibility is he or someone else wanted to have someone else win, or they knew my choice was going to get "hit" and so someone hoped I'd pick a different one.  Dicksie came around looking jubilant, about her dog being first and I...I don't know...I smelled Katie Middleton.

I mean, something smelled like her.  I licked my finger, put it up in the air to find the direction of the wind, looked around...where WAS that BITCH?

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