Friday, January 10, 2014

Pedophiles and Their Photography and Filming of Me

Well, I guess this time I will have now, without any access to doing the chemistry lab this week, will be spent on making reports in writing of all the pedophiles.

The last time OSU did this to me, when I was a pre-teen, they also did it over the weekend, forcing me to go through the weekend without being able to do any homework.

I was told no, no problem--no one blocked me for any reason...they said it was some kind of computer help desk error and I needed to reset my password. However, they had blocked my access to even changing my personal information, such as my email addresses to include my other one to have a notice sent to for changing it.

When my Mom was at the SWOCC campus and I was returning a chemistry book, they also kicked my Mom and had her limping out of their offices looking like they'd beat her up, which was like some bizarre act they put on to match what happened to Robert Garrett jr. at OSU's campus in the computer server room with Harold J. Nicholson. So basically, this Italian bookstore manager there, whose assistant was U.S. military, thought they'd re-enact a whole scenario to anticipate the "replay" of what OSU would do to me when I tried to take Chemistry again (which they knew I would do because I have always been interested in it and it goes with my degree and grad school interests).

They had these two little Adobe reader guides set up there on the counter when I returned the book.

I didn't go to the post office today because I don't want to be near Greg, the Pedophile. It's creepy enough he decided to transfer his work back over here knowing I was here and creepy enough for the U.S. federal government to be in charge of that transfer.

He was involved in photographing of me, and not just knocking on my door in Coquille to see if he could get pedophile "action". One of the Robert Garrett's was one of the photographers and when I stared into the lens, thinking in my head, "Just stare right through that lens and think about how much you hate him", I didn't say one word and he rammed the camera lens into my eye and said, "Quit looking at me." I was able to think about how much I hated him in that moment because he was using me and torturing me for U.S. military and government pedophilia and I resented him for having me chained up with an ankle chain and then taking photos of me. There was another photographer who was connected to the European side.

First they did this whole photo-shoot of me in Europe with a professional photographer. Then after that, the U.S. government trafficked me and transported me with official Pentagon and FBI employees, to be assaulted and photographed in the U.S. and that included Michael Clark (who was actually either in the U.S. side or in Europe on his Fulbright scholarship), Greg (the postmaster), Alan--the same guy who came over to set up my internet through Charter, and some others.

The U.S. side did a whole repeat-imitation of what they did in Europe when it involved Prince Philip and a French official. After all of that, when I applied for habeaus corpus, Eugene district of U.S. federal courts made sure they directed my petition to a man whose last name was Clark. Magistrate Clark, when they knew Michael Clark, Head of the FILM department, was involved in pedophilia and attempting to make child porn. That same man, Michael Clark, then used his past experience with me when I was a pre-teen, to try to convince me to commit suicide again. He not only blocked me from the Film department when I wanted to study film, he started looking for triggers and ways to try to induce me to depression and to kill myself. Why? He's a fucking pedophile and child porn maker. He was also motivated to want me to hurt myself because he was afraid I'd remember him and what he did. He was violent.

The U.S. pattern has been to move me all over the place because it's their only desperate hope for destabilizing my reports against their pedophiles and child electrocutioners. It was also their way of trying to degrade me into "common property" to be raped by any police officer, FBI, CIA, English royal, MI5, Canadian official, or state/local/federal U.S. employee that wanted to rape me. As long as they kept me looking like cheap and attractive labor, they figured they could both make sure no man who was rich and "decent" had anything to do with me, and at the same time, they made sure to ruin any records I had or ability I had to prevent me from financial and career success. If I was successful it was harder for them to call me "mentally ill" whenever they wanted to.

Why the royals involved me is probably because they know I'm connected somehow but it's not on paper, and that's why they had the line, but who knows. Maybe it's traditional for them to marry one royal and then try to get the person to then be a mistress for a different royal. Who knows. Maybe Katie is actually having sexual relations with Harry not William. Maybe she married William and she's Harry's mistress, or better yet, Charles' mistress. I was married to Prince Charles before Prince Philip, his father, decided I was his own mistress and the point of that is unclear to me.

Why do I have a good feeling to say that? Someone agrees I guess or knows something.

All of it, is pedophilia. The United States government has been rich for 1 reason and that is 1 reason alone: pedophilia. They are not rich because they have entrepreneurs and a free market system. They proved to everyone they oppress those who have brains and who could propel the economy forward. The U.S. resorted to pedophilia as their #1 money-making scheme and then included the military and FBI in on electrocution of the child victims.

The U.S. has made it a gang and mob habit, to encourage institutions and groups of people they're connected with, to force me from one place to the next by crimes. Not because I'm incompetent, but because they get so fucking desperate. To try to make me look bad, in addition to moving me all over the place and trying to force me to be vulnerable to them, they also included all kinds of notions of unfaithfulness, disloyalty, and instability. This is only to offset the fact they are committing treason and war crimes. How many publicly operated, military-supported university employees have I been harassed by for this purpose? How many men did Mike Middleton try to force me to marry, from country to country, to look unfaithful and disloyal, when I was being told it was just acting and when actually he and the U.S. Pentagon were working together on it. How many apartment managers or housing situations have I been forced into where it's all U.S. federal government assholes spying on me and then trying to force me all over the place? Then, to spite me for making a report to London police, or for "marrying" and then being unprotected by lawyers of my own as a pre-teen, how many U.S. government employees first raped me with one generation, and then passed me over to their sons to be raped. Then how many bitter and jealous women could they count on to oppress and blame me for pedophiles they support. How many fucking liars said I was mentally ill when I wasn't, to cover up crimes, and then dropped police reports in the State of Oregon which also has a say in funding to the state-operated University System that I'm constantly being harassed in? Then, when I wanted to go to counseling, to start establishing some records that showed I was NOT mentally ill but would create documentation of damages and evidence against the U.S., how many U.S. offices and medical clinics forced me out of counseling? They blocked me from counseling when they knew it would work against them and then tried to force me to 'counseling' whenever they had a friend employed who they knew would lie about me and drug me or claim I needed treatment or medication.

Carol fucking Middleton was the one who said, "You are cursed until you find this book again" and said "It's Chemistry" as she tortured me in her house. I don't believe her lies or superstitions or jewry. I certaintly didn't sign up for "Chemistry" as a pre-teen because of HER or her whacked comments. Then, as it turns out, their ideas of breaking the "curse" was supposedly to murder me. They had one of the Dicksies in Alan Springer's house, when he and she were electrocuting me as he took NOTES on it, say to me, "Do you think you want to die now? would you rather die than go through this?" It was the only time I nodded yes. Then when they were trying to assasinate me they tried to make some issue out of disloyalty to the U.S. when the U.S. government is PEDOPHILE CENTRAL. Don't go to Taiwan because the U.S. allows rape here, no problem. And pedophilia, and if you work for the government, they'll give you special benefits and covers for it. The U.S. is Pedophile and Torturing of Children Heaven. It's not just pedophilia and "child love" or whatever the crazy people call it, it's electrocution, chaining up of children to closets and beds, trafficking kids around to be molested by entire families and father-son pairs, illegal cutting and surgeries, and even lobotomies.

These assholes have been looking for excuses their entire lives. These people did not just try to push me to suicide a few times, they did the worst things imaginable and never quit. All of that over pedophilia.

I'm also tired of hearing crap from OSU professors about me when they're the criminals. I haven't committed any crime or misconduct of any kind, and instead, they get mad when I want to report them for committing crimes against me and lie about me and throw things at me to try to prevent me from pursuing the complaint and reports against them. All of the ones involved have been English-connected or Democratic party socialists who support Socialism and want the U.S. to be socialist. They even work for the military some of them, but their ideas of socialism are that they have the power and get the guns, and they control and oppress anyone else from having them. People like Sarah Finger MacDonald, with her goose-trumpeting about gun control. Move to Canada Sarah.

This is where the U.S. likes to shove me around. Do you remember when Eastern called me up and tried to create a problem that didn't exist? When was it? It was when I was trying to get records and make a report and the police were attempting to ignore it. It was when I was blogging about things I remembered. So how did they try to control me? they lied about me and used employees to create problems to try to distract me, take my time, freeze my money or have me suddenly with no money at all by blocking financial aid, and telling me to go to other colleges so the U.S. could pass me around for circle abuse the way they do with pornography of kids, pedophilia, and electrocution and poisoning of children by the FBI. They entrench the states so heavily into it, that they start bringing state legal issues into the matter so the can get state protection for federal crimes.

The U.S. had, for example, Alan around trying to seduce me and programming me for weeks in a room. He didn't do as much sexually overtly, but their entire game was to force a child to be attracted to a man they could use to try to control me with as a kid. Then when he showed up at my house and got into a fight with Robert, it was in front of Edward Howard, who did, I believe, assault me possibly with a stick in a sodomy camp thing outside with Mexicans if that was really him. It's possible, if I am biologically related to him he didn't know it at the time maybe. I'm not sure. But he saw this fight and then they were telling him I was his kid, in front of him, and they had control over me and told him to get lost if he knew what was good for him. They didn't let me go with him. Then they were taking me to Iraq to be plotted against by Laura Ingraham who is not and was not Catholic.

Then, while the U.S. used me as a kid to think some man liked me or was my friend or interested in me in some way, they were using them to plot against me and work for this flying pizza freak Katie Middleton, who they were teaching to write with my blood with a feather quill. So she's not nice. We all figured that one out. They had her worked into their witchcraft department that is advised and run by U.S. Army.

Nice bonus pay isn't it Katie.

Who was following up after Mike Middleton in Jordan? The U.S. Army. Who was traveling me around the world to suddenly 'marry' all these different men, which was great for them but made me look trashy? Mike Middleton and Robert Garrett jr. They wouldn't stop having me marry men until they said, "When she can't remember the names of all of them, then we'll stop." So they'd quiz me, after every marriage, "List the names of the men you married. How many men have you married?"

Aside from the marriages, which were mostly full-ceremony, I had some dancing to do in front of other men. I danced in japan, in traditional japanese dance; in Saudi Arabia, in belly dance; in India, in Indian traditional dance. I also danced in Egypt, and in Mexico, and in some Norse country (possibly) around a may-pole. My mother was mortified and horrified and distraught over that one and I don't know what they did to her but she was upset. It was one time she danced with me.

I was taught how to dance with a japanese fan, in full japanese traditional kimono, hair and make-up. It was called a fan dance. What shocked the japanese men who watched was how I was serious and mature for my age about it. I had depth in my eyes and used them, with the fan, because I knew the power was in the eyes. It was a whole group of us. Then later I had a sensai, the same trip, and he taught me to sword fight in a cabin. They were real swords. He told me finally, at one point, after a short time learning with him, "You need a new master." But I had no other master. I don't remember if he said I needed a new one because he didn't want to teach me anymore or if he thought I was advanced

I remember now. He said to find a new master because he was too attracted to me. He didn't assault me at all. He was teaching me and he was highly talented. I mean, seriously good at swords and martial work. Then he sort of came onto me and I turned away because I wanted to learn weapons and swords, not be intimate and he felt offended. He then said if I didn't want to be romantic with him, it was how he felt about me and I had to find a new master. So I never found another one and that was the end of my sword fighting lessons. I guess he must have thought I was decent at it or he wouldn't have admired me because there are many pretty women and even pre-teens in the world, and it is not just about looks for some. I think he thought I could be pretty good at it. He said I had to build my arm-strength though. Many U.S. men and officials were extremely upset at me that I didn't get into a relationship with him. They thought I 'blew it' and had counted on me because I guess they knew how much he liked me but I couldn't believe they were pressuring me. Whose business was it? The governments'?

I also did belly dancing with traditional Middle Eastern attire in, I think, Saudi Arabia and a woman taught me who was professional and they sort of laughed at me in an amused way because I was skinny and no development so it wasn't every Middle Eastern man's ideal but they had me pad a bra and hips and I used a veil. I think I maybe danced in Egypt too, and possibly one person I stayed in a tent with was Ghadafi. I don't know for sure because I thought it was in Saudi Arabia but I did stay with someone, without contact, overnight in a tent. I think I married someone from the Middle East. I don't remember who it was though. I just remember a veil and covered head to toe and a veil from the ceiling and tons of curtains and veils and things. He didn't even see me until after he'd married me and they guaranteed him "she's beautiful". He asked me ahead of time, in 'courting', what color of hair did I have (because he couldn't see it because I was covered) and that kind of thing. He liked my eyes and that's all he could see. I think he was shocked how white I was because he said that, after I was married and he saw my face. We didn't do anything from what I remember. I just slept in a bed and we looked at books and then it was onto the next marriage in some other country. He said, "You are my first wife." He had asked me what I wanted to do after we were married and I said, "Maybe we could look at some books. What kind of books do you have?" I learned to write a few things in Arabic or Farsi or some Middle Eastern language but I forgot how. It may have been someone else teaching me the language becuase I don't remember it as pleasant but more like programming.

I mean, isn't the U.S. just GREEAT. All of the guys they married me to, I think, were all ones they wanted to give a green card to. Then maybe that was part of their motive for wanting to murder me as well.

I danced in India in a traditional dance, with the sari and almost all of it was with the hands. I tried to pay attention because some of them had really nice movements with their hands and there was another white woman there with me and a girl named Anna. Or they were calling me Anna maybe. It was a royal Indian something-or-other place. I had a dot on my forehead and a band possibly around my arm and I think some British people watched us.
For some reason I think William of Wales was there. I think this because possibly Dinaa watched and then the boys were brought around and I remember seeing William after having not seen him for awhile so I focused on him and saw he was looking at me the entire time. I think he remembered me maybe but then he had this scowl and I think Diana had whispered to him and it made me feel bad. I think Harry was there and he liked it. I mean, he liked the performance. I sort of just danced like dancing to pay attention to the kids so they felt included. The Tanzers were also there and they too made fun of me, along with their son Mike. The only one who didn't make fun of me at that performance was Harry, of the kids. He was the only one who wasn't mean so I assumed he was the only one who was "good". Of course, it wasn't psychic to think that, just human and subject to error. At the other dances, I always felt appreciated or usually had fun but that was one where I liked dancing but I felt mocked. And then there was a dance around a may-pole where I ended up getting tied to the pole with the ribbons and was told "you're not the one" or some mean thing was said to me as they pranced off to dance with Katie. It was someone like Alan. I thought how mean to make me dance in this courtyard dance and then to tie me up and say I wasn't the one and then infatuate with Katie like I was nothing, just an amoeba. oooooooh...looook at all the pritty jellyfish with their pritty streamers. I was really mocked and humiliated and it was horrible because I liked to dance and have fun so much and to jump in and then realize it was for purposes of disgracing me was really something. Possibly it was Edward, you know, Prince Edward, but I'm not sure. I remember he acted nice and then wanted to pull this gut-punch idea of putting this pretty hat on my head and then he said "NO" right in my face like I was disgusting and gave it to someone else. Mean.

Like, chuh, I could do without yer pedophilia you backwater countryking bumpkin. I'll take a pumpkin over yer smelly coach any day playur.

So yeah, I rode in a royal coach too but I think that was with Juliana of Orange Netherlands. It wasn't bad. I think once with the Queen or Anne too but I was tucked in and hidden. One of them was hiding me before Diana was from what I remember. One time, in one country, seriously, I was in a sled and I really like that. It was all horse-driven and a big beautiful sled and I had a fur coat and hat and muff and blanket andI was never cold even though it was so cold. I felt very comfortable and warm and secure on the sled rides. I guess it was a sleigh, not a sled. Then one day I think one of the women cut me while I was in the sleigh--this nice cozy luxurious sleigh idea turned into the bloody nightmare on elm st. It was this knife. Oh my goodness. This sharpest pocketknife, held to my wrist and arm and oh my word, I was terrified because I'd been cut before, many times. I thought it was a secret or meant to be because I wasn't sure the other passengers knew I had a knife being held at me under wrap. I went from LOVING to go on the horse-drawn carriage and sleigh rides, to being too terrified to go and excusing myself. It was all because I was afraid of being cut, not that I didn't like the horses and carriages. It had been something I really looked forward to. I was also in a fast carriage for a horse race. We drove a chariot. I think it was England at a race track because it was one of those stand-up the whole time carriages that they still do, and it's one or two horses and one or two drivers. Then I remember our wheel broke because someone had given us a bad one (I think that's what happened).

Another time in Australia I was told to catch the "wild horses" and they hooked me up with ropes to a wild horse. Not a small one. A raving Black Beauty (but it was brown) kind of stallion-energy type horse and I was drug. I mean, you can be drug to your death by a wild horse if you get caught in the ropes. I was told to just let go of the ropes and I wouldn't be dragged around and I refused to let go. I let the horses drag me around for a very long time and wouldn't give up. Then others got mad at me because they'd been told they had to do whatever I did, for as long as I did it and see if they could measure up. I remember Dicksie doing this and she was NOT happy.

The other thing they had me do, or that I did to avoid being killed, was one time I was tied to railroad tracks for an oncoming train. Um.No one trained me on how to escape train death. They really didn't act like it was a joke either, or pretend. I was really tied to the tracks and I was tired for some reason, not feeling well. I know a Robert Jr. and a Jim Sandberg were involved. I kept trying to slip my wrists out of the ties and I am not positive but I was sort of out of it. I was weak or drugged or something was wrong. I think what it was, was I was drugged. I am not positive I was even tied, actually, now that I remember. I remember I couldn't move. I was paralyzed. I was awake enough to think and have my eyes open and I knew I was trying to move my arms and legs and they wouldn't move. I couldn't move any part of my body at all. I think they had given me a tranquilizer or some other drug where your body shuts down. So I was essentially trapped in my own body, lying on train tracks and they parked a bike, my bike, next to it. I think it was my bike. So I thought, "They want me to be killed and have it look like a bike accident?" There was an Italian man involved who was also there, on the site. He was like, full blooded Italian. It may have been Carl Del Balzo actually because I am thinking now, his wife's brother "Dom", was hit by a car while riding his bike and it sort of sounds the same and there was definitely an Italian man there and involved.

I remember I prayed when I heard the train in the distance because the men were to the side in the distance and it was night. It was not day-time where you could see everything. It was more like dusk to night. I really felt that was the end for me. How could they not think I'd be crushed when they'd injected me with a drug and laid me on the tracks? I remember now it was an injection. They kidnapped me and injected me and had me wrapped and rolled into a black canvas material and put me in the trunk of a car. I was driven to some remote location and they took my bike out and had it there on the side and laid me on the tracks. I sort of think I saw a similiar type of Italian man in Nashville, TN when I was being driven by police to the "Middle TN" mental health place to be injected with Haldol and interrogated. They injected me with Haldol and then laid me on my bed supposedly. Well, there was a big Italian man to the side of the cop's car when they were driving me there. The other thing I sort of remember is possibly my Grandpa, Robert Garrett Sr. being there along with the others and I thought, "Grandpa wants to kill me?"

I was lying there and heard the train and I had already tested my muscles and ability and I was drugged. It was bad enough I literally could not move one single part of my body at all.

However, I have no idea what got into me because I did pray and I said, "God you have to help me" and then just as the train was coming over to go across instead of staying on the tracks I rolled somehow into a lower area and as it went over me I reached up, grabbed some rack underneath and fastened my weak arms and legs to it and rode on the belly underside of the train. The train operator saw me at the last moment, because of his lights, so he stopped and brought it to a halt and when he got out he saw I was not dead but linked up under the train. I knew that was a miracle. There is no way to explain why the drugs were that bad and then I was able to use enough willpower to do that and latch on and ride it instead of being crushed by it and killed.

They were FREAKED OUT. I knew they had expected me to die because those men were FREAKED OUT and looked like they had just seen Lazarus.

That was the only time I questioned my Grandpa Garrett and his loyalty to me. I couldn't figure out why my Grandpa Garrett would be involved in such a thing. I also think Mike Middleton and a Dicksie were there. I remember this because I was shocked about my mother being there too and thought why would my mother try to kill me? They had guns with them too but I think they wanted an 'accident' and I know a Dicksie had a gun pointed my way but I thought it was to keep me from wanting to move so I didn't move until the last minute.

I know the U.S. knows about it because the government was entirely involved in torturing me with the FBI and military at the mental ward in Middle TN. They did a little mini-re-enactment of the train scene, but instead of a train, they had me injected, laid me across a bed, and tried to overdose me. Then they got Katie Middleton married off. The next thing was that I was in Baylor hospital and they were asking my Mom if they should do a "spinal tap" when it's done on people with paralysis. There are basically U.S. individuals using my parents as blackmail against me and my son, to do even further harm to both of us. I'm positive it was Carl Del Balzo actually because my Grandpa said his name and then later Carl showed up to assault me when I was on a bridge in Bonners Ferry and I couldn't figure out how my Grandpa knew those people. They were also involved with Dan Gatti. I heard his name too, when I was younger. After I saw my Grandpa there I thought, "Is he on Katie Middleton's side too? He wants to kill me too?" Probably Katie had nothing to do with it unless they thought I had influence over someone's opinions about who William should marry. It wasn't like I was lusting after William by any means--I was just resenting Katie for being rubbed in my face every moment AND I did feel protective about him at that time.

It was in New Guinea, like an island, or Africa when I was taken "bungee-jumping" and the bungee-jumping I did had nothing to do with the American and European style. It was old school. You jumped off a homemade platform with jungle vines tied to your ankles that were bouncy and hit your head on the dirt and then bounced up. It was a rite of passage to "manhood" for youth so I can say I am truly a real Man and a real Woman. None of the jungle women did this. It wasn't their tradition or rite, so why I was doing this I have no idea because it was all young men and youth. I did not do it one time. I jumped off the bungee jump several times and each time I hit my head on the dirt. All of the young men did this. It was considered a false passage if you didn't hit your head. If you hit your head, then you were a real man. To test bravery, they made you do it more than one time. So I watched it, and did it, and I did it again. I did it no less than 3 times and possibly up to double that. It wasn't like you grazed the dirt either or like the U.S. and Euro do with just scaring you by getting close to the surface. No, you had to hit the ground or it didn't count. I'm not sure how I did it because now I could never do that but I know I got "psyched up". I started brain-training. No one could be around me, I had to be alone and just talked myself up to it. The young men said I was the leader after it. I think it was because I had done it more than anyone else so I was considered to be the leader of the tribe. Then they took me hunting barefoot in the jungle
. Seriously. We tracked and hunted game and no one wore shoes so I didn't either. Hunting barefoot is a totally different experience than hunting with shoes on. Everything feels different. They were stealthy. I think one of them tried to murder me. I was out in the woods with them and turned just as an arrow was aimed at me and I ducked and it missed. The man's eyes went huge, and he RAN. I mean, did HE EVer RUN. I had just turned around and caught him trying to murder me. So then I thought, "You know what, the U.S. took me out here for what? to be murdered by the black tribe?" It was one of Barak Obama's relatives. I had already been introduced to him.

Then I was given books at home in Moses Lake about Joni Mitchell diving and hitting her head at a shallow end and breaking her neck so I never wanted to dive in water after that and end up like her, but there were other triggers to diving fear because I had been a diver and then I was terrorized.

I remember I felt suspicious about why I was being taken to do the bungee jumping jungle style because I knew I had an injury to my neck already from a man assaulting me so I thought, "I think they want me to bungee jump like this to blame any possible injury on this and not a physical abuse attack." I believed it was a cover for U.S. torture. The other thing that scared me was that right next to Barak Obama's relative, when I was being targeted to be killed, was a Robert Garrett jr. glaring at me with hate. It scared me to death and I got out of the woods. I wouldn't go back there with them. It wasn't that my feet hurt, because I liked hunting barefoot and the jungle didn't really hurt your feet--it was different from being barefoot in the city or something. I was scared I was the game they were hunting, not beasts, so I went back.

I know Robert, one of them (or both) also did the bungee jump but it was worse for older people I think. He did it once or maybe something else happened but I think once. They said, if you do this more times than anyone else here in the tribe, you are the king of the tribe. They said leader but they also said king. So I thought, "Well, I'll try."

So let me tell you, Mr. FBI Director King-Man-Kong James Comey was referring to this and had knowledge of my being in Africa when we were in Martha's Vineyard and he started telling me OBAMA is "King".

So the FBI head knows all about murder attempts of me, and made one himself while I was still on Martha's Vineyard, and yet he's the Director. Yeah. That sounds like the U.S. A. I've known and been raped by and electrocuted by.

I tried to talk to the relative who had attempted to murder me later even though he knew he was in trouble. I reassured him and said why did you want to kill me anyway? I didn't realize it was over this whole "thing" about how I had supposedly "killed Barak Obama's dad" which is not true. I think it was over other things and not just that.

I think the men resented my attitude sometimes. Sometimes, as a kid, I'd taunt a little or say, "I'm your leader" or "you can't tell me what to do" kind of thing and they'd beat me up over it. I think sure I was bratty sometimes, and mean occasionally with my words, but I was also reacting out of being sexually assaulted, used in U.S. illegal human trafficking, drugged, and tortured, so on occasion, my words were my weapon. As long as I wasn't defaming someone by accusing them of crimes or mental illness that didn't exist, a I had a legal right to say whatever I wanted and to hold any opinion I wanted to have. Anyone who tortures a kid for speaking their mind, or saying one thing now and then, is a moral coward and a criminal.

To reduce free speech to less than that is to be a communist regime, which is better than what the U.S. has become. The U.S. allowed torture of me claiming it was over one sentence I'd say or a couple of things, and nothing more, and really, it was just anger built-up from their crimes they initiated against me. Who was hijacking my car before Barak Obama's "dad" died? Oh. Duh. Barak Obama. He and his family assumed that because Barak Obama committed crimes against me FIRST, I knew and was mad and got revenge by doing something to have his Dad killed. Well, I had not even thought about how ....'OH yeah, that WAS Barak wasn't it?" I never put 2&2 together on that so I had no motive in the first place to go after his Dad. His Dad died because he had an accident and that's that. I mean, if I want to get reeeally technical about it, I could think about how Barak and Larry were driving me around in their car together when I was younger and giving me "driving lessons" and if anything, Barak could have set his own Dad up to die and blamed some kind of knowledge about technical matters on me. I'm tired of being every fornicators scapegoat.

All I wanted to do as a kid, was learn things. I wanted to be a gymnast. I wanted to learn weapons. I wanted to learn skills thoroughly, not half-way. I was completely dedicated. The United States has tortured me unless they are forcing me to cooperate with their extraction of sexual favors to them.

Without any exclusion to this rule, this is an example:
1. The U.S. had me chained by a steel leg cuff and steel chain and locked in a closet until they had one of their employees come over to unlock the closet, put a key into the cuff to unlock the cuff from my ankle, and then they were telling me I could lie down on the bed and they had a U.S. government employee lying there with me. The "deal" was that unless I was lying in a bed with a U.S. man or a UK royal man, the U.S. was locking me up in the dark and torturing me. The only time I was being let out was to go to a bed. I believe it was either 2 different places OR it was in Europe and the U.S. flew a couple of men out there. There were some actual royals and then U.S. people who worked for the government that "looked" like them and then others. The leg cuff and chain was locked and fastened inside of a large wardrobe, and I was not able to get out. I screamed and cried at first and tried to make noise with the chain in case someone could hear me and no one came to rescue me. The only time I was not chained up, and forced into isolation in the dark, with no reading to do, no light, no one to talk to, and nothing to play with, was if a man was going into the room, who worked for state or federal government, to commit acts of pedophilia with me. I was not paid one red cent. I was not a "prostitute". I received nothing from what they did to me. My choices were to stay inside the closet locked up to a heavy chain and sometimes tied as well, or to be "cheerful" and "nice" and "have a good attitude" so the U.S. men could rape and assault me. They threatened me saying "If you try to tell police later, this is where you'll go again", and "We can kill you and we WILL kill you. ONE BULLET. RIght there, in the head, and you're GONE." They got out a gun to imitate how and where they would shoot me in the head and how easy it would be so don't make them want to do it. They also said things like "If you're a good girl and have a nice attitude you can stay out longer" and "If you're nice maybe I can get you something to eat." They used food and starvation of me to force me to be "nice and sweet" and told me "You're not cheerful enough today. If you cry you're going back." They would chain me up again if I so much as shed a tear. The only exception to this rule was when one man was photographing me and said, "I would like to see some tears if you think you could cry." I was coached on how to make myself cry, by thinking about the saddest thing I could and let myself feel sorrow. Well it really wasn't hard to do living like Princess Leia tied up to the Big Fat Jabba The U.S. Hut. And yes, Prince Philip was also involved but I was shortly with them and then they wanted the U.S. to "deal with" me so this is what the U.S. did to me. My "country" which is a bunch of lying false claims. It wasn't enough for them to let a pretty or talented girl alone to be free to suit herself. They had to hunt and capture me and control me for their pedophile and anti-competition agenda. They didn't want me to be successful. They wanted me to be unsuccessful and reduced to their sex slave and nothing more. The lesson they taught me repeatedly was that the U.S. was giving me TWO choices: Dark imprisonment locked in a closet, or 2. Provider of sexual services to U.S. pedophile government men, Japanese Pedophiles, UK pedophiles, and any other international demand for a provider of sexual services. They were hostile I had "insulted" Diana and Charles or whomever, so they decided if I was going to talk, they were going to reduce me to looking like a slut and try to pimp me out to everyone. When I turned down the Japanese senai, who was at least decent enough not to molest me, they were mad I wasn't willing to be his concubine or lover when I was a pre-teen who wanted to learn swords and martial arts, not "sex". The sensai was, from what I remember, the royal Japanese man who was still single. My lot in life was not to be the "sex provider" for the United States' Friends of Pedophiles circle. That's not to say pedophiles can't be otherwise decent people, but those who market for them and who are involved, are also involved in things like cocaine and black market and torture victims which is what the U.S. always did to me.

2. The U.S. military tortured me by electrocution and physical assault if I was not allowing men to masturbate around me and ejaculate. If I tried to leave or run away, I was caught and tortured.

3. London police and MI5 had me assaulted for making a report about being sexually assaulted. They then jailed me and basically implied if I didn't go along, I would be jailed again. They gave me the choice of London and European jail or sexually serving their government.

4. Canada put me in jail and accused me of being a prostitute over their immigration man Ross, and other employees who used and exploited me in Canada.

5. The U.S. set up plans for pedophile fathers to rape me and then lined up their sons to rape me a decade or more later. The U.S. not only forced me to be sexually assaulted and ejaculated on by pedophile fathers, they used grandparents to force me to be exposed to the same, and then passed it to their sons and sometimes, their daughters if their daughter or other relative was willing to assault me. The United States has been ensuring every single generation is able to use the same people in these families to repeatedly rape and torture me. So it was not just Prince Philip (gen. 1), it was also Prince Charles (gen. 2) and then another (gen. 3). It was not just Bob Baird (gen. 1), it was also Loren Baird (gen. 2) and Uncles (gen. 2), and then they used Rory Baird, my own cousin (gen. 3). It was not just George Bechtold (gen. 2), it was his son Robin Bechtold (gen. 3). It was not just Robert Garrett Sr. (gen. 1), it was Robert Garrett jr (gen. 2) and then Levi Garrett, my brother (gen. 3). It was not just Abbot Bonaventure (gen. 1), it was Fr. Ordo (gen. 2) and then an attempt by Mike Santogrossi (gen. 3). It was not just George Bush Sr. (gen. 2), it was George Bush jr. (gen 3). It was not just Forrest Tanzer (gen. 2), it was Mike Tanzer (gen. 3). It was not just Larry Brice (gen. 2), it was Barak Obama (gen. 3). It was not just Sonny, Cher's husband, (gen. 2), it was Chaz (gen. 3). It was not just Josh Gatov's mentor (gen. 2), it was Josh Gatov (gen. 3). It was not just "Johnny" Edward Spencer (gen. 1), it was Charles Spencer (gen. 2) and his sisters (gen. 2). It was not just Mike Middleton (gen. 2), it was Gary Goldsmith (gen. 3). It was not just Dr. Kvammi (gen. 1), it was David Kvammi (gen. 2).

Are you fuckers really telling me I'm not being targeted?

That's a few. That is just a few and as you can see, this is not "random" or "accidental". It's premeditated hate crime and these individuals are guilty of RICO conspiracy to torture, traffick, and rape.

I want the DNA. How exactly am I related to the "Bairds" when every generation of them took a turn in raping or sodomizing me? How about the Garrett's? Including my own brother, who sodomized me with a stick and it was not for a "medical reason" and there wasn't a pretense to call it that either, anymore than there was with Rory Baird, my cousin who sodomized me with a stick and married some rich bitch in Seattle "Jody". Am I supposed to really believe I am biologically related to these people? Or did they just steal me from a hospital because I'm related to someone they wanted to get revenge against. They didn't want my son to be born either, like they have been wanting to extinguish my own family line for good, so which family line is it they are so hell-struck over?

It was not just the main Catholic pastor for Cashmere in the early 1980s and late 70s (gen. 3), it was the assistant (gen. 2). It was not just one FBI Director, it is every single FBI Director since I was born (gens 3, 2,). They've passed it down from one predecessor to the next, all the way through.

(I'm being tortured to my head tonight as well, mostly since writing about the generational plotting pedophiles and electrocutionists.)

How about one of the men, a big rich philanthropist, who I first saw giving the electrocution box to my parents? He said use it however you need to and Robert Garrett thanked him profusely and looked relieved and said "thank you" because they were discussing how torturing me was going to put pressure on someone else who was "doing something" my parents didn't like. So basically, I wasn't someone Robert and Dicksie loved, they loved someone else and thought torturing me was going to improve their odds.

And why should I have to wonder about my grandparents, when one of them I was scared of (Roland Dick Baird--U.S. Army) and the other one Granny, was working with people from the start to figure out how to have me kill myself. All of the nice attitudes and acts of "family-ness" disappeared in 2005 after Camilla married Prince Charles. Even moreso, Edward Lee Howard was dead and Robert Garrett sr. was dead. No reason to be nice to me anymore they thought, or pretend I was related to them. They even told me I wasn't their family or related to them.

Some others who sexually assaulted about lesbian Julia Thornton? It's not every day a kid gets sexually molested by Julia. Passing my FBI misconduct complaint to her was reeeaally starting things off right, wasn't it. I was without my old counselor and they thought how fun to reunite them. Like Laura didn't know that was a conflict of interest. Ha. I mean, seriously you bitches. Can we all take a trip to Chicago and visit Barak Obama? I love having Julie do my "psych evals" and having Raul Bujanda prep up for the inevitable meeting I'd have with her if I reported him, as he knew, by telling me he was getting one done after meeting me.
How many people knew all about the conflict and said nothing. And then passed me off to Tina Thornton in Washington with her friend Brett McDonald. Oh yes. Does every raped and tortured kid need a psych eval by Julie Thornton and sessions with her before getting raped by Barak Obama who went to law school in her home state of Illinois? Ohhhh! So the FBI DID premeditate my getting raped.

Robert and Dicksie are certaintly important people to know so many powerful persons. I wonder who my real parents are.

Are they really dead?

I'm tired of the U.S. torturing me to my head too because they're keeping it up, all to the left top side of my head and constantly jabbing and it's not a migraine or headache. I'm tired of shithole NASA and Military. I was better than most of them and they know it and had nothing but jealousy in store, and attempts to use me for sex and nothing else because that was the only way to degrade me from a profession. Fuck you and I really hope you get what you deserve for your use and exploitation of me.

Which gen. 2 is Chris Dabney related to? Since he's the gen. 3, and since I am positive I know his father, why don't we hear it said from him who the gen. 2 is. Since we all know he's part of the cyclic abusers who are going through generational lines and plotting to rape me or sexually molest me from one to the next, and "keeping it in the family", we'd like to hear Chris himself, tell us who the man is that is the gen 1/2. He certainly wasn't working for me now was he.

Why kill Edward Lee Howard and Robert Garrett sr. to prepare for Charles to marry Camilla? Or for Barak or Katie to rise to the positions promised through cocaine deals?

Why wait until 2005 to marry? Maybe it's because no one, like the FBI, was accusing me of "mental illness" until then and they thought they were safe if I came forward and mentioned pedophilia and marriage to him. The FBI has not released my personal FOIA to me, to this date, since I've been requesting it and all I heard from a former FBI agent, is that they'd smeared me in their internal records. Who better to do it than my former "psychologist" Julie Thornton. I was taken to see her in Illinois and elsewhere. She is a colluder with Barak and the rest of the FBI and Kate Middleton. She knew my parents who know Bechtolds and Bujanda and Garza, and Bujanda worked with Gary Goldsmith distributing drugs. They're all friends. Gary is not just connected to Bujanda, who knew my parents already, Gary is connected to Barak who was going to law school in Chicago when I visited Julie Thornton. She got a bag. You know, Ms. Moneybags. The same kind of bag stuffed with what I always saw to be money , that went to dozens of other officials who were paid off early to lie about me. LOTS of money. Julia got her degree in psychology and she was already connected to the FBI when I was forced to visit her. She practiced hypnosis, and she diagnosed me with a disorder even when I didn't have one, when I started talking about evidence of things I knew about, after she got a bag of money. She wanted more money too and then firmed up her "diagnosis" and prescribed MEDS. I don't know how she was able to prescribe meds without having a license as a psychiatrist but she knew someone or something and that's what she did. I had to meet her and go to visits with her and then stayed at her own apartment while my parents were out doing who knows what.

Frank, the Italian man that Barak Obama knew, drove his car right up to her apartment. She was in a second story kind of place, like an apartment or townhouse deal, not ground level. Anyway, there's Barak and Frank! Right outside Julia Thornton's house! WOW.

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING the kind of magic bunny tricks the FBI pulls. When they're not pulling little boy's penises to get them to ejaculate for them, that is.

My parents were being driven around, back and forth, by Frank. I only saw Barak maybe once and the rest of the time, his friend Frank was waving over at Julie. They all knew each other. She videotaped me and took photos of me in her apartment too--Julia Thornton did. She basically raped me with non-consensual photography of me as well because first she asked my permission saying, "Do you mind if I take some photos of you?" and when I said "Yes, I don't want any pictures taken" she said "Why not" and I said, "I just don't" and she said well maybe you DO have a mental illness and she took photos of me, in my face anyway, knowing I had said NO, and then started writing things about me and came up with a "diagnosis" that there was something wrong with me. Julia Thornton took a bunch of pictures of me and was chasing me around. I put my face into a pillow on the couch so she couldn't photograph me and she attacked me. She started mocking me and then said if you don't sit up I can always put you in a closet. She made some kind of intimidating comment so I had to sit up and look like I was allowing her to take pictures of me.

Fucking BITCH. Meanwhile, she was talking about the FBI one way and then gangstering up with Frank from Chicago and Barak Obama the other way, and the fucking Middletons. She knew I said no and she took photos anyway so she had the personality type of a rapist. She had no respect for me and if I said no to her, she was ready to write me up as mentally ill and nuts. That was when she said she was going to make sure my parents medicated me. I think she's a pedophile herself because she was fondling me and touching me in parts where I knew it was sexual but I'm thinking that part may have been at another house at a party she was at or her office because I don't think it was in her apartment, and then I was wondering what she was doing with my brother because she took Levi into another room at one point and she was often gone with him while I read on the couch or tried to do other things. I remember she molested me one place but not at her apartment because when we were taken to her apartment she didn't do anything and I started thinking, "Why the sudden change in behavior from her?" and I figured, "Maybe she has a secret camera running and it's to film me here and to make it look like she never touches me when she does, just not here." From what I remember, she not only touched me and molested me in another location, she took illicit photos. Not like the photos she took in her apartment of my face and with my clothed. She took other kinds of photos. She is a total scam-artist and defamed me because she bilked for billions.

I met her and Frank before I was electrocuted in FBI offices and then raped and electrocuted by Barak Obama.

Most of the time they came back from Frank's car looking sort of okay but not all the time. Sometimes they looked blackmailed and trashed, but then one day they looked like they had gotten some kind of deal and looked confident and then picked me up along with her recommendation that I get meds and she made a suggestion that if I kept up the way I did, she would be happy to work with them in the future over me.

Julia was taking photos of me in nightgowns and teddies and things. She made me put on a bunch of different ones and took a ton of photos. I remember this occurring in a kind of office, not really a house.

When you have an FBI agent like Julia taking kid porn photos and molesting me, you know she's going to be bought and will defame me over anything. You also know she and Laura Laughlin have known each other a long, long time. Laura was helping Dicksie electrocute me in FBI offices (if she wasn't there anyway she was flown in), and Julia was taking photos for pedophiles with Dicksie there (some of the time, not all of the time). Laura Laughlin worked in Irish and Italian mob circle so I'm sure she knew Larry the Italian, Barak Obama's friend.

I want my son back Bitch.
1/11/14. Another person who used a camera to take photos at that time was Greg, the postmaster Greg. He was also there.

The google idea of "circles" and social circles or "2 have you in circles" and that kind of thing is basically what I was forced to do repeatedly as a method of psyching myself up to do something. They forced me to walk around in circles, over and over, and think and talk to myself. So in Africa when I did this Robert tried to come over and "coach" me the way he did William of Wales once, to catch a wild pig. I was irritated having someone touch me and shrugged him off and then he kept trying and I kept feeling his trying to break my method of concentration and finally I yelled at him, "I don't NEED YOUR HELP. I can do it myself." and I said I didn't want anyone around me. So they stared at me as I walked repeatedly in circles and mentally prepared myself. I know Robert was very upset. First he looked worried and then he looked hurt and sort of mad. I was just trying to do what I thought I had to do. It wasn't personal--I was just working myself up in concentration but I came across as extremely rude. So in a way, the "circles" thing is not a great idea. I mean, I coached myself other ways but it wasn't necessary to walk in circles. I remembered more of it while reading about Claire Danes saying she walked in circles to prep for acting and I remembered what I did in the jungle. I'm really not sure how much she is maybe being used as a cover for some documentation about me either, because several things she says she did or does, are things I did and they are very specific techniques and things I talked about. I remember one time I met someone like her who was an actress and it was at sort of an Ivy league kind of campus or setting. We hung out for awhile and it's the only actress I remember sort of spending time with as a pre-teen. She asked me about my methods. At any rate, regardless, I think she's a very good actress. She tried to coach me on how to cry-on-demand better and I wasn't as good at it as she was. I think I liked her because she reminded me a little of my cousin Avery who I used to visit as a little girl in Canada.

The other thing about FBI-then "psychology major" Julia Thornton, is that she tried to use tactics used against me when I was being chained at the ankle and trafficked against me in her interview with me in Portland, about Bujanda and Garza. When the men had me chained me only to unlock me to be in a bed, as I've mentioned, they would tell me "be nice", "be cheerful", "If you don't act happy, we're going to lock you up again. No one likes a sour puss." So when all I wanted to do was sob into a pillow, they were forcing me to pretend to be happy or get tortured and isolated more. "No crying". "If you cry, we're locking you up." So Julia Thornton, who took part in taking photos of me later and who had me kiss her the way Diana wanted me to kiss her--French kiss style, had me at her office, there was this other older man there too who I thought was her psychology boss or something. I didn't really know what he was about. Julia asked me to French kiss her while a Dicksie was there, and they knew about Diana Spencer having me do this to her. Since I hardly knew Julia and was maybe slightly older, I backed away and didn't want to do it. So then they said they'd demonstrate for me and Dicksie and Julia Thornton did a French kiss in front of me and asked me to kiss Julia again and I shook my head no and they looked mad. Then they were taking all these kid photos of me, full body ones, clothed, but posing and in different outfits. So when Julia showed up to interview me, I didn't recognize her right away at all, or think about it but one thing she did was when I started to cry, she abruptly said, "No crying" or cut me off the way the pedophile government men would do, or have me locked up and she touched her keys or something that reminded me of it subliminally. I knew she was probably recording my report with a hidden device and that maybe they didn't want me to sound harmed and upset or affected by what they'd done, but I didn't think about how the FBI was literally trying to control me by using triggers from trauma in my past against me.

Also, about Prince Charles and Prince Philip (his father), I'm not really sure if the worse 'danger' to me or jealousy incitement, was to be married to Charles or to be Philip's mistress.

In a way, one time I thought maybe even Queen Elizabeth was afraid for me. Maybe she hated me later but when she first found out, she was upset and had some fear in her eyes. Possibly it was because she knew Charles had married me, possibly because she knew I was being abused, or possibly that she knew it was pedophilia. I didn't read her fear in that specific moment as one of competition against me. That could have definitely changed shortly thereafter. It was only that one time anyway, I thought this.

So the FBI was 100% involved in torturing me and trafficking me. People think just the CIA does that kind of thing, and the FBI never does or "can't", but they did and they protect others who commit these crimes against children. This is why the FBI knows legally my son's adoption is a fraud and he was kidnapped and they are responsible for that.

When it comes to my "parents", I know there's more than one of course, because there are two sets of twins. However, why even my grandparents have been involved in generational torture and sexual assault of me, or planning ways to have me kill myself, makes me think I was possibly stolen from other people at a hospital or switched at birth, or that some really horrific idea was developed for "infiltrating" and "punishing" some "enemy" by finding a way to access a kid. If the kid isn't stolen from others, the only way to access into a hated family line is to have sex and produce a child that is biologically half of their "enemy" target. Then maybe they decide to think of the child half that is biologically theirs as nothing more than DNA but know the enemy half will care and be affected by the betrayal. So they use the child to fake an alliance that isn't there, and then want to kill the child.

It's the only thing I can think of for why these large groups set me up to be attacked repeatedly and in generations even in my "family".

Or, I guess some relatives really do kill eachother, fully related and all, or try to undermine them, for various reasons. You know, another one is favored more; one is really hated for being self-righteous or something; someone is jealous; someone wants huge amounts of money and can sacrifice the loss of a life to get it; someone wants power; ..many reasons in history why relatives attack other blood-relatives.

Other dancing I did was in, for example, China. It was either China or Korea but I think China because it was a huge assembly of people--dancers and soldiers and they all had this performance underneath their flag for their country. So basically, like a thousand people it seemed, had their country flag above them and underneath they held it up and danced and then the flag was moved around. As a kid I thought, "Why is this like being under the sheets with Prince Charles?" It was a very big deal to them, a lot of energy in the air, and I thought it was pretty obvious they knew who was around me.

With one of the husbands from the Middle East, it makes me sort of sick it may have possibly been Osama bin ladin and that the U.S. killed him knowing he remembered me and knew which of them was harming me. They would also use people next to me to try to entrap him in that case. The reason it was possibly him is because I was living like a 'freedom fighter' with a bunch of wives and children and we were hiding in underground tunnels in the mountains of rural Middle East-Pakistan-Afghan.

The one I married with the veil was maybe him or another Middle Eastern man, but then his friend was teaching me "Arabic" but it was a U.S. connected person somehow and it was more programming. He was mad at me too, for saying something about Katie M. (the one time, which everyone heard about) and I was getting ultrasounded and harmed while he was supposedly teaching Arabic so I couldn't learn anything. He was of their ethnicity but his allegiance was unknown. I know he announced proudly to others, "No, she's too slow" after he'd tortured me and made a pretense of teaching me Arabic. So he said they wanted the other one, or someone smarter or something and I didn't say anything but I was upset because I knew it was unfair disadvantage.

Then I was either with the same man who took me out anyway, or someone else, and I lived as a freedom fighter. I was officially "one of" his wives and I was the youngest. He said since I was young, he didn't want to do too much (physically) until I was older and had my period. So I slept with him or around him and he touched me a little but wouldn't do anything. I was more free with him than almost anyone. He never under-appreciated my intelligence and he armed me from the start and gave me lessons in weapons. I had a gun at all times. His wives and children were all armed and trained to be freedom fighters, as much as the men. We did the same drills and I was taught to throw grenades and explosives and where to go in ditches and tunnels, and rifle target shooting. I also used a machine gun. It was very hard living on the run all the time however. I cried one time and he said if you want to go back you can, if this is too hard for you. I said I wanted to go back after sleeping on hard dirt with a hard rifle and gun so many nights, and actually, it was maybe better if I'd stayed with them because they didn't sexually molest and torture me. Because it sounds so much like what I've read about how Osama was with his wives and children, and because he was connected to CIA for awhile, I think he may have been one of my husbands. At the time, he considered me to be 100% his wife, even if I was young and he had other ones. I also sort of cared for some of the kids, some of his children but not a lot because their mothers were always right there. There was one that I was sort of a nanny or mother to. It was after some of the wives did something mean to me, that I felt too sad to stay there. The rough living I might have endured, but being mocked and treated meanly a few times, on top of this, and not being able to talk to anyone because I didn't know their language, made me feel depressed. I used to sleep with the one child though. I sort of think it was a girl. If it was Osama, the idea that the U.S. murdered him makes me sick.

I remember after some hard training at first, Robert and someone asked me if I wanted to go and at that time I told them, "No, I want to stay here with them." I didn't want to go back to the U.S. to be tortured by U.S. government hypocrites. I liked living with them and I was able to imagine myself being part of their family and eventually with kids of my own. The U.S. and others didn't like this and saw it as a threat. That I should want to live with them. So the only way they got me 'back' was to bribe some of the wives to be mean to me. I knew one of the wives was bribed because I saw her talking to a U.S. man and then she was cornering me and trying incite other animosity against me with the other women. He told me, the man I married, that I was a 'princess' because he was a member of some royal Middle Eastern family. He never bragged. He was not a big braggart at all. I thought he was respectable, smart, and nice. Had it been left up to me, I would have stayed married to him, and lived the rest of my life with them but the U.S. got mad about it and wanted me out, or back so they could abuse me more, and exploit me further, and like I said, they bribed some inside-asset wife of his who was his own traitor, to be mean to extricate me. Just because she was his own ethnicity didn't make her loyal. I think they gave her money but where she would put her money and hide it from the others I don't know. She got a check. Who gets a "check" in the middle of the underground tunnels and caves or Afghanistan or whatever? It's possible she had me go with her to have it cashed in a town, because I did go to town with them, and then she put it in a safety deposit somewhere. I know I went to town with her over that check and she needed me to be an interpreter. So first she got the check, then she had me go with her to a town and she did something with the money, and then I went back with her to where we stayed and she started being mean to me. I thought, "I'll bet she's a Jew and she married into the Muslim family just to be a spy." I even finally said this to her. I said to her one day, "Are you a Jew?" and her eyes narrowed fiercely. I smelled a rat. I said, "I think you're a RAT." She was one of the few wives who spoke some English so she knew what I said and I said, "I'm going to tell Usama I think you're a rat." I added, "You're not loyal." They got rid of me before I could. He went by Usama not Osama. To keep me from being able to tell him she was a rat first, she obtained a syringe full of drugs with someone from the CIA (because I believe they were getting CIA training at that point and that is part of what I was involved with and how I ended up there) and shot me with it. I was too drugged and passed out. Then I was being threatened with death and told I would be killed instantly if I said one word and to leave. I was then asked if I wanted to go and she was so horrific and then lied about something to the other wives, they all acted like they hated me. Do you know what she did? The CIA gave her some photos they'd taken and she passed them around to the other wives who didn't know English. I didn't see them but they looked shocked and horrified and then turned to me and took the girl I was a mother to away from me and were all talking frantically in their language and kicking me. I knew at that point that the "rat" Jew wife had told the CIA I was going to blow her cover so they gave her photos they had saved up for spreading misinformation about me. I figured it had to have been something that made me look like I was hurting a kid or doing something bad because why else would they suddenly act like a child shouldn't be around me? So then with them kicking me and the rat threatening to murder me, Robert Garrett jr. came in and said we're going now like no option and it was their way of getting me out.

He used to talk to me about "jews" and what he thought about them. He knew a little English. Not a lot, but yes, he did know a little English.

So basically, what was Alvaro Pardo around for? to get close to me so Usama would think I had a friend when really Jew Barak Obama who raped me was finding a way to get close to murder him? And then they murdered him right after they married off Katie Middleton, knowing Usama knew ALL ABOUT them. I think it was Usama but possibly it was another one who knew him, but I was, by their law, a royal princess even if I slept on the dirt ground. I believe it was Usama but the reason I wonder about something is I think one time someone came in and ambushed a man I knew and they shot him the way Usama was shot in front of his 12 yr. old daughter. Maybe he wasn't shot but beat up until he was bloody and on the ground. I think that was it because then I was cleaning his wounds. I think I cleaned everything and bandaged him and then I laid next to him and he used to ask me to sing. This is when he told me his ideas about the jews and how bad they were. He knew it was mostly jews who had assaulted me and he told me this. He said, "The jews are your enemy." He told me the ones responsible for most of the assaults against me were Jewish and he also said some of my family were Jewish and involved. I think he actually told me this first, and then a group assaulted and beat him and I cleaned his wounds and then later I noticed the rat wife watching me like a hawk.

The U.S. could not believe I had wanted to stay with them. They thought they'd give me a real taste of how hard the life was and that I'd say "forget it" and instead I said, "I want to stay with them."

The thing that was odd was that the Jewish woman looked like Dicksie with dyed hair brown and colored contacts in. Then, actually, I said it was this woman who was telling me to go to the bank with her and it was Dicksie. She was also there and she had to use me to cash any checks or do anything with money because I was the only one with authority because I was the one married to the Middle Eastern royal.

I had said to Robert first, "How can I be married to Usama when I'm already married to Charles?" and he said, "That's not something we're talking about. You're not married to him." I said, "Yes I am. I married him. He was there. So how can I be married to someone else when I'm already married?" It was right after Charles that the U.S. threw me in with Usama. I am pretty sure all of the miscellaneous marriages were after Usama. I went from Prince Charles, to Prince Usama, to a bunch of random marriages all over that looked like document marriages and ways to make me look trashy.

Also, I asked Dicksie, "Why can't you cash your own checks?" "How come you have to get my approval to cash any checks?" (or go to the bank).

After the U.S. murdered Usama and had Katie, the Mossad Jew, marry William of Wales, the U.S. deliberately shut me out of my own bank account and then putting a false bad mark on my credit report so I couldn't open any accounts or start a non-profit for myself with an account, or even purchase bonds for it as I'd planned, or for my son so he had something for his future that would accrue interest. Instead, the U.S. was telling me to "get an account with your MOM and have your MOM help you open an account."

I have to say, was Usama ever giving money to Katie? I'm not sure. Since I was there with CIA and U.S. Army, and they were training these guys to fight out their wars on their own, but with supplies, I can't say I have ever known for sure about some things, but I do know there must have been some who were decent to me. I'd have stayed there. I had to stay out in a ditch all night, with a cold gun, keeping watch and I did it. I had to crawl on my belly through the dirt around obstacles and with a gun and I did all kinds of things. Later is when the U.S. and UK strapped me up in another location with a suicide bomb outfit and told me to murder myself.

I was asked would I be willing to fight to the death with them? I actually said, "Okay. Yes." I definitely planned to stay alive but I was not shirking.

I never spied for any group anywhere however. I learned techniques of course, and liked being "sneaky" like most kids. You know, the regular stuff almost everyone does. I did not ever spy in a real sense of the word. I had no political ideas or connections, for example, any kind of political motive to help one country or group more than another one. I liked many things about many countries and though I didn't know what the word "neutral" even meant, that's pretty much what I was or how I felt. I thought I had no enemies because there wasn't any group that I, myself, had a particular hatred or animosity against for any reason. I assumed since I did not carry an idea of revenge or enemies with me, that no one was my enemy. I endured repeated torture from the U.S. and never realized, "This is enmity." I did what I was told to do, to obey my elders when I was a kid and that was about it. I tried to escape many times. The only thing I was interested in was not being tortured and the U.S. has done nothing but torture me and my son and use us. They also tried to traffick me out internationally by not torturing me only if I was sexually serving (at least by being present so someone could masturbate) someone. This is a disgusting true crime of the United States.

My ideas of what I would do if I had money or married or worked and had an excess income, were "Seven Wonders of the World" ideas. Ideas of Restoration periods of art and culture and beautiful architecture and invention. I always wanted to be as educated as possible with many degrees and I wanted to educate my own children. There is nothing perverse about any of my motives for having a normal life. It is also not just top ideas because the ability to be inventive or artistic is something everyone should be able to aspire to, if they want. I talked about things like this as a kid, and the FBI had other ideas. They put me in a house where the sum of numbers added to "7" and had me raped and electrocuted and forced to watch masturbation. That was the U.S. and Mossad way of trying to "show me" how my "Seven Wonders of the World" idea irritated them.

Other things I saw and people I met abroad included Robin Bechtold's grandmother, Janet Bechtold's mother. She toured around the world with female friends, riding elephants (which I also tried, as well as a camel in the Bedouin) and when I met her, she reviewed me with hostility and wrote out a check to be "sent to Katie". This was before I ever met Robin Bechtold or the U.S. Army and CIA told my parents to move to their territory in Oregon. She had on a big straw hat along with her friends, and I believe it was in Africa I met her and possibly close to the same trip where I met George Bechtold who was interrogating people there and where Barak Obama's family lived. She wasn't in the same location though so it was maybe in India that I met her. India or Africa I guess, since she was on an elephant. I had wondered why I was meeting them at all. It was this small group of a few middle age to older women who toured around together and they were all white and from the U.S. so I didn't understand why I was meeting them outside of the U.S. What I later found out, is one of my professors from Oregon State University, has a mother who travels with Janet's mother. She lives in the same area of California as Janet's mother and rode "elephants and traveled the world with some women-friends" until she died. The professor whose relative did this is Kathleen Donegan's relative and I have been harassed over her twice at OSU.

Why these women wanted to meet me and then write out a check for "Katie Middleton" in front of me, is anyone's guess. They let me know, "We are very rich." They had these hats and safari outfits on that made them look like the beekeepers from "Meet the Genius Behind Honeybees." One woman who donated to Katie Middleton (gave her welfare) was Marla Maples.

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