Friday, May 31, 2013

Tortured Since 9 P.M. and Leon Panetta's Pigs

I am being tortured, and it was started against me before 9 p.m. tonight. 

I was trying to listen to youtube music and get work done and had constant disconnections with internet.  The song lyrics that were stopping and starting repeatedly said "I'll get you fired up until you're like a smoking gun" something like that, on a dance mix I was listening to.

So then it was 5-10 minutes of internet connection disruptions and then I was being fried.  The stent to my heart stuff, heating my chest was done and then it was the vibrating technology.  Basically, no one from aerospace defense was doing this to me until first having me hear them stop and start the lyrics about "fired up like a smoking gun" over a dozen times and then they began this torture. 

I guess the U.S. "point" is to reinforce that what they are doing is deliberate.  Just like Raul Bujanda and his "burning heart" Roman Catholic saints card.

The pigs involved, from D.C. are Leon Panetta pigs.  Alvaro Pardo and Chris Dabney are Panetta Pigs. 

Everything done to my family has been out of hate crime and this is why it has nothing to do with "research" even though that's what excuse has been made for all of it.  Rape, has been excused with "research" excuses.

My mother always talked about having a clawfoot tub and I wanted one too, and talked about it and the U.S. then tortured both me and my son Oliver until our feet curled up.

That is what the United States is about.

It's not about "freedom" or "free enterprise" or "free trade and market".  The U.S. has turned itself into a hellhole.

I'm sick of Eric Holder's excuses too, by the way.  He is the top Attorney General for the entire nation, and under his leadership, Washington state Attorney Generals broke the law and lied about my son.  He's a black Catholic.  This means he has one chip on his shoulder over white people (and yes, some of them do, because I've met black people who are not racist and some who ARE), and another chip on his shoulder for doing favors for the Catholic church.  He works with Leon Panetta and then whispers in Obamas ear.

At the time the pig Alvaro was trying to coerce me to stay in his pig pen, Leon Panetta was with the CIA.  That is Department of State.  Yeah.  They work with the FBI.  Leon Panetta had all of the information about me and what was done to me through CIA-Army MKUltra, right there at his disposal, as director for the CIA.  He then took a job as the head of the Pentagon, which means he has ultimate control over who is tortured by the DOD, NASA, or aerospace defense industry.

It's the Panetta Pig.  The Panetta Pig is also the one who got a contract with Eastern Indians in billion dollar trade and then used them to hold me hostage and drug me with Haldol as his Italian mobster friend eagerly drove next to the cop car taking me there, laughing the whole way.


Panetta must have thought he was doing the Roman Catholic church a favor if he got me to agree to marry Alvaro.  He would kidnap my son no matter what I did.  When I didn't he controlled all of the Catholics involved in military and state jobs, to make sure I did not have my son returned to me.

He is a bribe-taking, drug-dealing pig.

Alvaro Pardo's friends, in Maryland, were pigs.  Everywhere I drove, suddenly, the pigs were really nice to me and smiling and happy.  They smiled at Alvaro too.  The pigs loved it.  Chris Dabney and Alvaro Pardo worked together--they were not separate from each other.  They knew each other and worked with the same people.  The guards at the courthouse in Maryland knew Alvaro Pardo too, just like the undercover cop in Dryden who nodded at him as we drove up to the Avilas.  That undercover cop hated my guts and was friends with Alvaro and working with him.

I was held hostage by Alvaro Pardo, and he was another U.S. government employee.  I don't even know if possibly he is a twin, and if I slept with both of them and the U.S. didn't tell me.

This country is so messed up, they are using twins in this way, as doubles, and it's all fun and games for them.  They don't care who they drugged or who slept with their federal employees or is raped by them.

Leon Panetta is responsible for what is happening to my son.  He was in charge of the CIA and now he is in charge of the Pentagon.  He is fully responsible for everything done to me and my son when he has had 100% knowledge about what was done to us.  This means he is connected to former FBI Director Louis Freeh.  Freeh decided to get Italian citizenship recently and he is from New Jersey and was in charge at the time I was targeted by Mike Nichols and then implanted in Utah.  Whenever Obama touts the Jersey young starters, he refers to Philip Louis Thebault, whose family connections are with Freeh.

What I haven't figured out yet is how Thebault is connected to William of Wales.  I know Thebault's family is 2nd generation, from France.  That would place them closer to Middletons than Wales.  The Lavendar Martini people.

Panetta's pigs include Italian-Americans who lived in Wenatchee and who lived in Seattle and owned the Coast Hotel.  Alvaro wanted me to try to get a job at an Italian restaurant because of the Panetta-Italian connection.  Of course, when he made it clear he was going to continue to cheat on me, and was taking photos of my personal photos, the Italian connection ended up being people like Tony Block, smirking at me as he went in with Michelle Erickson to have a restraining order put against me, right after she had admitted I never harassed her.

Another pig I haven't identified before as being a pig, is Tim Henderson, the man Monica Allen ended up marrying.  He's a cop.  He didn't tell me this, so he is obviously an undercover cop, and he defamed me for other cops that he worked with.  Tim isn't Italian or Catholic...I don't know what his religious background is in reality actually, because he did have some Catholic books, and if he's undercover, he could be anything.  What he passed himself off as, was Protestant, and he's white, and was playing drums for a 'christian' death-metal band.  He got close to alternative people, hippies, death metal people, and government psychics.

Tim Henderson turned out to be a really, really, bad person.  How he ended up getting a job as a cop, I have no idea.  I don't know if he got into it in Kentucky, where I think he's from originally and where some of his family are, or California, or what, but he turned out to be dangerous and dishonest.

Nathan Allen was working with the Bechtold's already, and Nathan Bechtold was a cop and Robin was FBI.  How Henderson was connected to Bechtold, prior to even meeting Monica, I am not sure, but he is a bad person and has committed crimes against my family.

I don't know if there is a relative connection or not, but the name Henderson is connected to MKUltra experimentation and Watergate.  Tim met Monica through a housemate that was government-connected and who worked in banks, named Kari Sue.  Her employment history was mainly managing banks in the South.  She then went to California and was there the same time (with Tim Henderson) that Robin Bechtold was there.

Funny enough, Robin's favorite book was "Carrie" by Stephen King.

So funny.

Ha.  Ha.

I know it was Robin Bechtold's favorite book because he talked about and wanted me to hear him talk about it all the time.  He even told me to take the book home so I did, but I didn't read it and I gave it back to him.  It involves a woman named Carrie and another woman named "Sue" and then from California, where Tim, Robin, and Carrie-Sue all lived next to each other, Carrie Sue (Kari Sue?) got Tim to date and marry Monica.

The last part of the book ("Wreckage") is with Sue writing about not to forget "Carrie" and what happened, and ends with a letter in Tennessee. 

It's like "Wreck-It Ralph" but my son was the one throwing up because of these people.

Definition of Pig Pen (Cops and FBI)

I wrote something in an email this morning that I am copying here and expanding on:

"What do you mean, 2 screens off of the same hard-drive?  sounds like what a cop in Wenatchee did to my computer one day when I let him look at it.  It was a huge mistake.
He hooked my computer up to his and uploaded everything but I believe it was for Wenatchee police reasons then, because I had a complaint against the FBI by that time.  Prior to this, they just illegally hacked and surveilled me without a warrant or notice to other police at all.
"LOREE Garrett <>
11:42 AM (5 minutes ago)

I realized today that even comments by my mother about what a "mess" I made, which I had thought was MY MOM, was not even coming from my mother at all.  I had thought she was trying to make me a scapegoat for some messes SHE made but the house was never really messy at all, and neither was my bedroom.  I wasn't disorderly.  I created small disasters but cleaned them up and organized like a serious perfectionist.  So the whole time my mother had someone telling her to tell me to wear "brown mascara" and to go out with people or take jobs that I knew she knew were not right for me, someone had her claiming I was uncleanly or messy all the time, out loud.  She did this when no one was around, and would have known only someone bugging our house or ME, would hear.  So whoever had access to do that was responsible for trying to have me portrayed in some kind of transmitted audio about our on-goings, that I was a totally different kind of person than I was.
When I was very little she'd say, "This is a PIG PEN".  Not pig style.  Pig Pen, as in, Cop Prison.  I DID make some messes playing with toys, of my own, but later, it got changed.  Someone didn't like how "pig pen" reflected on police and our virtual house arrest so they had her continue to say I was "messy" but never say pig pen anymore, and then it became this huge thing of how I couldn't clean a house.
The United States government then used that exact same thing as an excuse to take my son from me, when my house wasn't even a mess.  They just lied.
Anytime since, they have had other govt. inside my house, or disbelievers, at times they KNEW it WAS a mess because they had been torturing me and I was too sick to clean and had a bunch of projects going and not enough space.
However, all my life, on my own, people saw how I kept house on my own, and it wasn't a mess.
This country lied to cover up for cops and FBI.

Basically, I moved out of the house, and when I went back home for a short time because of my broken neck, when I was still being accused, out loud, of making messes, I got mad at my Mom and said, "Why have you made me the scapegoat all these years, about messes when I never make a mess?  I just lived on my own and my bed was always made and my room was clean.  I am not making the mess, this is your mess that was already there."

However, even my mother's "mess" was nothing more than a bunch of bills lying on the table and paperwork.  I accused her of saying I made messes to make herself sound better to my Dad, as if I was the one responsible for any mess (and nothing ever was very 'messy' because no one in my family was unclean, a slob, or messy).

When police went to my own apartment in Portland later, after someone broke in, they said loudly, "DID HE MAKE THIS MESS?"  I had wondered why that cop claimed it was a mess when it wasn't.  He kept talking, saying, "What a MESS.  Did HE do this?" and we said, "No, nothing is different, he just stole a few things" and then the cop said, "I thought maybe he had ransacked your house" (or whatever the word is where someone turns everything over and makes a mess doing it).

Why would a Portland COP be making such a statement?

I'll tell you why.  Because HE was a pig, trying to reinforce the idea that I was a messy person and to cover for other pigs and insinuations that pigs had been holding my family under house arrest and surveillance for years.  He also did this, to continue some idea that I was a slob, when I wasn't.

Nowhere else I ever lived, did anything think I was messy, and when I was cleaning my oven and stove-top with a toothbrush, it wasn't "mania"--that is how I am naturally.  I am a perfectionist and I keep my house and apartments clean.  Disorganized under torture yes, or during creative projects, but I have always kept a clean house.  Jan was the nurse-in-training who wanted to rent a room from me, and she saw me cleaning and renovating my house the entire time I was there, so for her to ever suggest, even joking, that cleaning my stove with a toothbrush was "obsessive" or I was just "manic" was a way to displace the fact people had been lying about me since I was a teenager, to conceal the idea that "pig pen" was a comment made by my mother all the time, to later warn me about the fucking cops and FBI who had us under house arrest and surveillance.

When I got back from the East Coast, I got upset she was throwing the old "you made a mess" comments around and I accused her of blaming me to look like she didn't do it.  It was a bunch of bills that the one time was over, on the table.  Stuff from Mike Snow, who was with an insurance agency that interviewed me after my broken neck, and Utah bills, and some real estate mail.

It turns out, my mother wasn't trying to make me a "scapegoat" to "look better for" my Dad.  She was doing what U.S. government criminals told her to do, and say, out loud, for others who bugged our house to hear, and because they didn't like the idea that I might figure out what "pig pen" was really about.

When I was in Middleton, TN, my mother sent me a book called "When Pigs Move In" as police there were getting into my locker and cutting up the bottoms of my shoes.

After this, when everyone there saw me carrying that book around, I was locked up, held hostage, and assaulted with the FBI and DEA involved in it.
The pigs who were around my family at the time I was growing up were Jim and Shirley Sandberg.  Jim must have been a cop, and his daughter Annette then became a State Trooper.  Other pigs were Bill and Sharon McGuire.  One pig worked as a chaplain for Moses Lake police and was Larry Brice (Larry and Shirley Brice), and another pig moved into town, and it was Karin's (now Whittemore) parents, from Canada.  Another pig was living behind our house, Allan and Tammy Springer.  Armstrongs were pigs that talked to my Mom on the phone.  The Sandbergs moved into my life when my Mom was 23 years old and I was 2 years old.

The UK Middleton family worked with pigs.

The U.S. government men who raped me, and premeditated what they were doing, not for "lust" when they could get any woman for that, but for hate crimes, were all pigs and connected to pigs.

A pig moved next to my grandparents in Cashmere, Rick Baken.  Another pig tried to be my friend when his Uncle was an FBI pig (Geoff Rasmussen).  We lived next to pigs in Sherwood, and Robin Bechtold's brother became a pig.  When my house was broken into by a man, my house was clean and pigs came in and took photos of the only mess in the house, created by the man who broke in, who made a pile of photos in the center of a floor.

I have had PIGS invading my life.  Pigs have come into my apartments and houses and made messes and accused me of having a mess to cover for the fact they've been invading my privacy, raping me, and stealing from me and torturing me since I was a toddler. 

Whenever people came to my house unexpectedly, before I was being tortured, everyone saw my house was always clean and sometimes they looked shocked.  This is because it was not what they expected.

It was pigs who went into my house in East Wenatchee and made a mess, and then kidnapped my son from me, to raise him in another pig pen.

Even Chris Dabney and Alvaro Pardo were pigs.When the pig company figured out I wasn't going along with their pig shit, Chris Dabney made a point to say, out loud, his new girlfriend "cleaned the whole house and all my housemates liked it".  His pig girlfriend "cleaned" for the other pigs.  Right.  First, when he liked me, he was telling people I was clean and kept a clean house/room and then when he didn't like me, he told me he didn't want his clothes washed but bragged about his pig girlfriend "cleaning" and how "clean" she was.

Alvaro Pardo, who is a pig, did the same thing, suddenly making comments about how he "cleaned the room" and saying this out loud, about the time he didn't like me anymore, and was trying to switch things around on me.  This is also when my underwear, all pairs that I had except for 2 of them, were stolen from this room.  No one stole from me, until after Michelle Erickson was calling to find out if I knew I was being medicated or not, by the pig Alvaro.

Pigs Bujanda and Garza also lied about me and broke into my house as an excuse to get in and then lie about me.

I have had serious "messes" since being tortured, but not one time did anyone find my apartment or house unkempt when I lived on my own.  Never.  The only person to ever accuse me of having an unclean place or to make comments out loud, is my mother, sometimes my Dad, and pigs.  One time, Carmen, Levi, and my parents saw me when I was sick from being tortured and it wasn't as clean as usual but it was not a mess.  When people have broken into my house since I've been back in Oregon, it's only been allowed at times my house was known to be a mess, after being tortured for months.

I naturally made a "mess" when I played with my toys as a little girl, and I naturally make messes when I work on projects or art, but I have been a naturally clean person who kept my apartments far cleaner or as clean as my parent's house when I lived on my own or with my son, or with housemates.

The only person who didn't agree was Monica, but I even kept my house clean around her.  She was the type that lined every single toilet, even in her parents house, with toilet paper before sitting down on it.  I can't help it if she was beyond normal in that regard, but my house and apartments were visited unexpectedly and often, and they were always clean.

The U.S. used their "messy house" claim as a lie when pigs were the ones making the mess.  They even had pigs going into my clean house and only taking pictures of a pile of photos and outfits hung up on a rail, when my entire house was spotless. 

I am tired of U.S. pig shit.

I want my son returned to me pigs.

I'm talking to you Pig Annette.

I stupidly thought the Sandbergs were "friends" when all they are, are pigs.  She's been a pig for the Middletons too.  Part of the Mickey Mouse club and everything. 

Anytime my parents have ever left the country, since we quit going back and forth to Canada, it has only been while chaperoned by pigs.  The Sandbergs are pigs who went with my parents to Mexico and Patty Otterbach is a pig who went to Mexico with just my Mom.  My parents have never left the country without a pig going with them.

I guess if I'd married the pig Alvaro and gone to Colombia, and my parents went to visit, they would still be "chaperoned" by pigs.  Pig Alvaro.  I could have been killed, or continued to live in Alvaro's pig pen and if it ever looked like my parents were escaping a pig pen, it was just to leave a U.S. pig pen to visit a U.S. pig pen in Colombia.

The U.S. wanted me to live with a pig and stay in their pig pen control.

Guess who wanted to talk to the pig privately?  The pig Alvaro?  Holly and Pablo Avila.  Why talk to a pig in private without me unless they are either mafia working for pigs or pigs.  When pig Alvaro went up to talk to Pablo and I stood in the orchard waiting, without going over, the only person who knew was Alvaro, and an undercover PIG who was patrolling the road when we went up there.  A blond pig who looked like Jamie, the man who managed Mikes Jersey Subs in Nashville and who also worked for FEMA.  He was driving a undercover pig sedan.  He smirked at Alvaro and Alvaro smirked back and I knew they knew eachother.  Later, it was Michelle Erickson, who works with these pigs, who told me she had "information" that I was near the Avilas house and I was not allowed to be because of a restraining order. 

I had SUCH a nice pig fiancĂ©.  The other people who knew pig Alvaro were Valente, who is Locklyn's son, and they exchanged looks too, before I had ever introduced them to eachother when Valente passed us one day.

One big pig parade.

These pigs have lied about me and all of them work for the U.S. government.  They want my son to be raised in a pig pen with the Avilas, in pig control.  I want him OUT and the U.S. doesn't have a law that gives them the right to practice selective military & pig drafts for babies and toddlers.

Pigs raped me and then they wanted to say I was "unclean".


I was even forced to live with Canadian pigs when I was in Canada.  Either that or they were U.S. pigs who happened to live in Canada at the time.

I asked for political asylum and I continue to be the only legal guardian of Oliver Robert Guy Garrett. 

"The FBI raped me"...I never said that to Dr. Michael Parnell.  I will say it now, however, that it is true I was raped by pigs.  Pigs have been lying about me and creating messes for me my entire life, and pigs drugged me as a kid as well.  Pigs in D.C. even admitted I kept a clean room or house and then the minute they didn't like me or wanted a cover for something they had done, they were trying to say there was something wrong with my cleaning.  They never wanted me to figure out the part about my having to live in a pig pen my entire life, and when I wasn't living in a pig pen, a cop cage, I had pigs breaking into my house to snarffle about.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Twin Parent's Tortured, Screaming, and FBI Premeditated Rape

My Dad had a "burn" from sodering something today and was icing his thumb.  Yesterday my mother had long burn marks on her arms, and it was a different Dicksie than the one tonight.  The one last night had the nose that is off to the side, from someone breaking it.  The Dicksie tonight doesn't have that nose.

The twins or triplets or whatever, the Bobs and Dicksies, have slightly different noses, slightly different jawlines, and different colored eyes, not by very much but a little.  One has bluer eyes than the other for example, and one has different sectoral heterochromia for example.

The body builds are very close but slightly different as well.

I think there are 3 Dicksie's, 2 or 3, and 2 Bobs.  Maybe there is more than 2 Bobs though.

I made a collage, before I realized there were 3 Dicksies, with a section that had 3 blond girls inside of a circle, sort of in a round well shaped thing, or tunnel.  I remember someone reacting to that.  I didn't realize it might have been that they guessed I had figured out the U.S. has kept the Dicksies and Bobs in hiding and interchangeable.

Tonight there was screaming and some of it was from my parents house.  When I went outside, some neighbors were making these sounds but that's not the direction it was coming from--it was coming from my parent's house as well.  I don't know if someone was in there or not, and left or what.

I had a bad feeling about a few people in town today.  Most of the time, okay, but got a bad drift for a moment. 

I think I was possibly lying semi-submerged in water when I was electrocuted as a toddler.  I believe most of it was in a chair, semi-reclined, or upright, like an electric chair.  But I think something was done while I was semi-submerged in water, as in a bathtub or some kind of rectangular holding table that allowed water in.

I think this because I remember how I reacted to a blindfold (washcloth) being put over my eyes or on top of my head while I was lying down in the tub, with a babysitter there.  I don't think it was Melanie (the regular babysitter) or Tiffany actually.  It was a woman with dark hair or brown hair.  If it was Melanie, she did it at the very end when I didn't expect it.  If it was Tiffany, after she did this, I told my parents and it was the last time she babysat us.  However, I vaguely remember a woman coming in who babysat only a couple of times that did this.   I sort of want to say Tiffany because I thought it was someone I could trust but maybe I assumed this with babysitters in general and that is why I was so shocked.  I remember when the woman did this, she had a sort of sadistic smirk on her face.  This is partly why I remember it--because I remembered how she was acting and I knew it wasn't an accident or mistake and that she was trying to get a reaction.

I think I hit my head on the faucet when I sat up quickly when she did this, but maybe not.  I sort of remember that, and remember my head was under the faucet, near the drain, not turned around the other way.

Later, at Granny and Grandpas house they only filled the tub a few inches full and then later I filled it myself, but no one tried to submerge me or anything.

After this babysitter did this to me, she left the bathroom and then came back in.  She kept leaving and coming in and going out and coming back in.

I guess if she was mimicking what was done to me in a medical-observational "Nazi" setting, to provoke a memory, or to try to ride over that memory with a different one, this is what it would resemble, a doctor or nurse checking things and leaving the room and then going out and coming back in to make adjustments or talk to someone.

A lot of the illegal U.S. experimentation and torture of children is done when they are young and then to prevent memories of the actual torture from resurfacing, they will try to "record over it" with a new memory that is close but different.

Like having a tape cassette, which I used to have, and you record over and over and over it, erasing the last material, as many times as you want.

The U.S. tries to erase and distort memories of torture by re-enacting similar scenes and making adjustments so your memory is confused, or forgets the original memory, or they use phrases and even exposure to the names of people that are close but different.  So if someone was always saying, "Strain the Urine" they might later say repeatedly, "Train and You're In!"  So then as a kid you're thinking about how often people said "train and you're in!" and this is what you most remember and you forgot that what was said originally all the time, around you, while they tortured you, was "strain the urine".

Some of the processing that the U.S does to mask over and cover for their crimes is even plotted out in phases.  First they change one part and then a little more, and then a little more until the original meaning is completely lost, like in the "telephone game".

My Mom bent over recently, the one from yesterday and there was a mark on her chest like from a laser mark that discolored her chest.  When I was growing up, after I commented on a knife scar on one of the Dicksie's backs, I was never allowed to see my Mom changing again, or to see her without her bra on.  I have always wondered what kinds of different marks she might have there if she was made to hide everything from her own young daughter. 

Some of the things the U.S. federal employees did, who had knowledge of how I was raped and abused for MKUltra, used methods that made me more vulnerable when I was already incapacitated or questioning, by trying to use things my Dad did with me when I was a kid, that were innocent, to try to keep me from fighting back and lowering my reserve.  These federal employees were taking opportunities from government files about me, just like priests and pastors who groom kids to sexual assault them.

The use of knives, pocketknives especially, and razors, has been used to intimidate me as well, when this was used to torture me when I was a baby and toddler.  So since they were able to control me and I couldn't do anything about it as a kid, and fear was instilled into my subconscious that if I tried to fight someone with a knife I'd get killed, and not just cut, the same people who knew them used this against me later, to force rape on me and know my fear of knives would come in handy for them.

When it comes down to it, the entire charade of Portland police and FBI using Detective Brian Grose to ask me questions about it, and record what I was saying, had nothing to do with making a case about rape.  Instead, those fucking cops were making documentation for the U.S. Army, law enforcement, and CIA, for what a great job they did raping me and subduing me as a kid, and here's how it played out later when I was an adult.  The police did nothing more than take laboratory notes and documentation, to pass onto the people who first tortured me in MKUltra, as part of their continued excuses to keep doing what they were doing.  They wanted to know "results" from their "scientific" and psychological "torture and experimentation" of raping and trying to control babies and toddlers when they're adults.

That is part of what "mind control" is.  The U.S. uses "mind control" as an excuse for raping and torturing a kid, and then claiming if they do certain things to the toddler then, when they do it again when the baby or toddler is an adult, the U.S. government FUCKERS will be able to "predict" what the reaction will be, how it will work, and how they can use  the subliminal elements of torture to "control" the responses of the adult later.

This country committed heinous crimes against me and then did the same thing with my son.  They premeditated raping me as an adult, using over 6 different federal employees who were given information about me to do it.  They obstructed me from justice when I was smart, and a quick thinker, and had my homework not been stolen, I probably would have been one with a full-ride scholarship to a good college, and in a career that made a lot of money, which I was good at, and made me happy.

Instead, the crimes against me by this country and Canada were SO grotesque, they covered it up, the possibility I might start to figure it out or talk, by defaming me using federal employees and obstructing me from traveling to block me out of my lawsuits that protected me.

The minute that I asked for Federal Information about myself, which would have turned up the information that would have led to my discovery of MKUltra, instead of turning that over to me, the United States tortured me using NASA.  They were already torturing me but not everyday, to incapacitate me totally, until right after I was making FOIA requests for the first time in my life.

Instead of giving me the information I had a right to have, as a citizen, the U.S. wasn't done raping me.

The men who work for the U.S. federal government that raped me all incorporated things I used to do with my Dad first.  Most of them did.  So they tried to use my attachment to my Dad, for themselves, as a way to groom me before they raped me and then use this to keep me from talking about it or reporting it right away.  For example, I used to get ice cream with my parents at Baskin Robbins all the time as a kid.  So Robin Bechtold decided, at some point, to make selection of ice cream at the store, something he did first, before trying to make out with me.  I used to go to the ice cream counter and we'd spend all this time looking at different kinds of ice cream and asking about it, sometimes trying a sample with a mini spoon first to see if we liked it or not.  Robin decided to take me to the grocery store to "look at ice cream".  He started making this a kind of routine, of taking me to a grocery store, to look through the glass doors at different kinds of ice cream and then pick something out that was "Ben & Jerrys".  He then wanted to eat it in the car with me or outside at a park, with each of us with a spoon, from the carton.  As a kid, we were taken outside to eat our ice cream cones with our family.

Everything Robin was doing, was United States government tipped-off grooming.  He was literally premeditating how to gain my trust, and using my DAD and how I had been treated by my Dad or what he did, as a way to gain it.  Robin Bechtold is as sleazy as you get.  The other men after him, did the exact same thing, and even mentioned my "Dad" when they raped me.

Geoff Rasmussen, for his part, in a junior or senior year photo, where we'd been given an award of "Most Enthusiastic", decided to pick me up for the photo, like he was carrying me over a threshold.  I didn't agree, he just did it and it wasn't something he ever did.  I remember the smirks he had with the photographer and didn't think anything of it at the time, but honestly, it is odd that Geoff, whose Uncle is FBI, and who was in business with Wiltbanks (who Bechtolds were in business with) would want to be photographed that way for "Most Enthusiastic".  Most enthusiastic for being carried over a "threshold" how it reads about me.  The only person that ever carried me that way was my Dad, after I fell asleep at parties as a kid or on the floor or bed while being babysat and was then woken up and carried that way to my own bed and tucked in.

I was carried to bed that way, through my doorway, and then I was tucked in.

So guess which FBI asshole decided to try that one again with me?  Mike Tancer. 

But backing up, after Robin Bechtold was wanting to do an "ice cream flavors" decision at the grocery store, guess who wanted to go to the grocery store to do the same kind of "picking things out" first?  Josh Gatov.  Josh Gatov  wanted to "go to the grocery store" just like Robin Bechtold's pattern, and "pick out an apple and wine".  He made the exact same kind of "production" about it, going on and on about which kind of knife to get and how were they different and then picking out cups carefully, examining them and turning them around the way Robin Bechtold did with ice cream cartons first before buying a flavor, to read the label.  Josh turned the different cup packages around the exact same way Robin turned around different Ben & Jerrys cartons before picking one out.  He got different kinds first and then the same kind all the time.  Then it was the apple, finding the perfect apple.  In the middle of all this, Josh stopped in front of a refrigerated section of food, and looked at cheese.  So he threw in a mimicry of going to a freezer case to pick out ice cream, by going to a refrigeration section with shelves and looking at different kinds of cheese and then he said he decided not to get cheese.  But he spent a long time wanting me to stand there as he looked at, and turned over, different kinds of dairy, this time not ice cream, but cheese.

Robin and Josh knew each other.  The men who raped me, who were working for the federal government and whose parents worked for the federal government, knew each other.  Geoff Rasmussen was involved even though he didn't rape me or try anything.

I'm glad a few people know what I'm talking about and believe me, because I know it has been making more sense for a few who didn't believe me before.  I'm glad you can either relate or figured out who the liars are.

These are government employed men who had family members that were cops, FBI, and otherwise employed with the U.S. federal government, and they shared information about me to premeditate raping me and then the FBI threw in some money to obstruct justice to discredit me.

The most interesting part of my "testimony" to Detective Brian Grose was if I detached or disassociated or not and I was encouraged to talk about that.  I guess the FBI wanted to get information on how well they had raped me and cut me up as a kid, to see if I would disassociate and try to forget the memory and then stay bonded to the people who tortured me there, or who I thought it was even if it wasn't.

This country can go to Hell and Robin Bechtold and all of his people are slimy, sleazy, scum that grovel for favors.  On top of being part of the effort to plan and premeditate raping me and defaming me and using police against me internally, he had one motive for dating women and it was money.  If his wife "Wendy" thinks he loves her, guess what honey?  You're a hooker with a hobo bag that says "easier income" to Robin. If he wasn't trying to rape women for the federal government, and lying about how he loved someone, he was targeting women who either had money themselves or came from families with money.  It is all he ever talked about--money.  I would ask him a question about his girlfriend, whichever one it was at the moment and all he ever focused on was how much money she made and how much money her family had.  I have no doubt Robin would take a bribe to rape me, for money, if not for feeling upset that HE thought I thought I was "better" than he was.

He'd take Canadian money in a minute.

After all of these men raped me and defamed me and ruined my potential, with WOMEN literally helping them plan how to do it, and celebrating their accomplishments, they figured no one would want me.  No other country would want to take my family in now, after what they did to all of us.  Because as much as they could use us and steal from us, and make us look like we weren't talented, or very smart after all, the better it worked out for them.

When Robin, who is Catholic, colluded with a Jew, Josh and raped me and then passed on information to have more men rape me, and Geoff, who is a Mormon was involved in giving information and working for Wiltbank, they pretty much tried to reinforce prison walls around us by using their religious affiliation and communities to have them against us collectively as well.


Tortured Tonight (last 2 hours)

I am being tortured again, when it was quit for awhile.

The U.S. NASA and DOD aerospace defense are using the technology that is microwave and causes the muscles to be heated and move throughout the body, twitching.

This is what they used on both me and my son Oliver.

This was done to the extreme of causing imbalance in electrolytes, and potassium, and created toe and feet curling during the severity and in the middle of the torture.

So the United States has not learned its lesson yet.

Something was also done to my ear using sonar tonight around 1 a.m. tonight, or from about 12-1.  I have been awake the last 2 hours because of the United States torturing me.

This is also being done in retaliation for what I wrote about the military and U.S. government in my last post, because it involves people like Mormon Patrick Jolie, who now works for NASA and got onto my property without a legitimate reason for being there other than to check my place out.  It is also after I confirmed information about the U.S. and when they were cutting me and this was taking place in Moses Lake, WA (one of the places).

Additionally, I and my son were not tortured until I had reported some things to the FBI about persons the U.S. deliberately used against me who had knowledge of my past.  One of those persons, who was there with a bunch of government-connected people, was Mike Tancer.  He knew Mike Nichols, who had tried to murder me, and Bujanda and Garza.  Chris Dabney ended up being connected to him through his friend Heinz, who is John Kerry's son-in-law.

They made a game out of raping me and using me.  They even used the movie "Camille" as a template for some of their games, which is something I was told to watch with the Maiers family, who knew Karin Whittemore (from Canada).  Most likely Ross, the immigration officer from Pencticton, B.C. was connected to Mike Tancer and knew him directly.

The technology used against me and my son that caused our feet to curl and toenails to permanently cutl up and warp, was done after I had met Tancer at a club where they played an Usher song "Yeah" all the time and then later, when I was around him.  One of the phrases is how he'll make her "tuck the toes" and while it's just a song, the people involved in torturing me and my son have been sadistic enough to make inside jokes about even things like that.  It's funny to them.

This is the same "joke" reference to torture of me and my son that is made in a Wells Fargo ad I mentioned recently, which uses a woman who is a referent to Mike Tancer and his accent, and torture against my son, in the ad, who curls up her hand, looks like Erica Ballinger, and uses the speech diction and enunciation of Tancer, enough to where it's noticeable and my mother noticed as well as I.

Thebaults are possibly connected to Alvaro through Gatov, who is connected to others in this group.

Also, in the movie "Camille" the person she discovers has been poisoning her is the man whose arms she dies in, and he seems to be working with the baron and the rest of the entire group.  She is the only one who doesn't realize they have all been plotting against her and then they poison her slowly, and steal from her, and she dies.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scars from Barb Wire

I have recently traced some of the scars from knife and razor cuts on my arms.  I recently noticed them, for the first time ever, I noticed how many more, how connected, and was able to realize it has to do with MKUltra. 

I was thinking I had never noticed before and then remembered I had mentioned scars before going on my trip to Nashville in 1995.  I asked where they were from but I didn't notice most of them, or look that hard and I had no information about MKUltra at that time.

It goes back further than this though.  They were there since I was a little girl because I remember talking to my Dad about them.  They are old scars because I was talking about them when I was very little and asking why I had them on my arms.  I then forgot about it and I never asked again or noticed until 1995.  Then I was under assassination attempt again, and I forgot and then it was recently that I found them, and this time, more than before, and I also know it is connected to MKUltra which implicates Canada and the U.S.

My Dad would read bedtime stories to me and my brother at night, at our bedtime.  I was scared to fall asleep sometimes or lie down on my bed and someone sometimes took a nap with me or read stories and I fell asleep.  One night I was showing my Dad all of the scars on my arms. 

Of course, the U.S. had this very "clever" idea of getting me a kitten about the time they thought I might notice "scratches" on my arms.

This is the EXACT same thing the U.S. and mafia did to my son Oliver.  When I took a photo of the cut made out of my son's face, before I put it online, Michelle Erickson said to me, "It's a SCRATCH Cameo."   Michelle knew this was a lie and she is a child abuser.  She works for the government and is being paid to conceal abuse of children; before that, she worked for the U.S. Navy.

I was told he was "scratched" and then I posted the photo that showed clearly it was more than a "scratch" and it was a serious cut that, if anyone was calling it a scratch, knowing I knew it was a cut, they were repeating the same lie that I was being told when I was a little girl, for United States government criminals.

(I am having huge internet connection problems since trying to make this post tonight.  It is disconnecting and staying disconnected for long periods of time and not allowing me to complete this post.)  I started this post at 9:19 p.m. and it is now 10:02 because of the constant disconnections--when normally this much text would take less than 10 minutes to write.

The visible cut on my son's face, called a "scratch", is how the U.S. and Mormon FBI psychologists behind our house, were characterizing my scars from knives and razors.  The fact that the Springers knew about my abuse is a motive for some of the Mormons to want to collude to defame me or even kill me.  It is a reason why a Mormon like Sibel, in Wenatchee, would try to pick out my son and coerce me to give him up for adoption, before he was born so they could control him.  It is why a Mormon police officer and FBI agent would lie.  It is a motive behind some of Geoff Rasmussen's passive-aggressive actions on behalf of the Wiltbanks.  They are also connected to Maiers because Barb is from a Mormon family and they knew them.  The other Mormons were the Coombs, next to our house.  We were surrounded by Mormons who knew about my abuse and shared that information to others and used people like Mormon Shannon Borg to steal my property from me.  The Maiers were taking my property and giving it to people in the UK.

I had this conversation with my Dad in Moses Lake, Washington, before 1st grade.  From what I remember, we were read to then because I wasn't possibly reading yet.  So if that is the case, it was before 1st grade and probably in kindergarten or earlier.  First we had individual books read and then it was chapter books, a chapter or two at a time. 

So I held out my arms one night or day, at naptime maybe, and I remember it seemed to be daylight or light out because I could see the scars.  I said, "I don't know how I got these scars Daddy."  He said he didn't know and I don't know if I had a kitten yet and was told it was "from the kitten" or if I got the kitten later.  I know I said I still didn't know how I got those scratches.  Then I looked at his hands and said, "YOU don't have any scars like me...oh, well, maybe you do."  So I started looking for scars and he had cuts and tonight when I brought this up he said, "I know where all of my scars came from" after I asked, "Have you ever noticed a scar that you didn't know where it came from?"

He said, "I know where all of my scars came from" and I said, "That's not what you told me when I was little."

I said, "I remember you said you got one from here, one from something else, and one you said, 'I ran into a barb wire fence" and then one I asked about and you said you didn't know.  I remember you said you didn't know."

But he did say something about a barb wire fence.  I think it was maybe summer so I noticed things and then I pointed one out on his leg.  It was a slash. 

All of my scars from being cut with knives and razors were from before kindergarten age for me and I noticed them then.

I was afraid to go to my bed on my own at that time and earlier and then when I was older I didn't notice.  But I fell asleep most of the time with a parent next to me, because I couldn't sleep until they were next to me. 

I wasn't able to sleep without someone because of what this murderous criminal country and Canada did to me.  Then people who worked for the government took all of this information they had about me, which they knew I didn't remember, and they played me. 

This is what the FBI is being paid to do.  The FBI has been paid to conceal torture of children, from me, to my son, and of my parents as well.  THAT is what this government is investing in...torture of select kids so a bunch of other kids with government connections can get a free pass at raping us multiple times, steal from us, exploit us, and try to kill us when they worry we might talk or that we've noticed something.

Does "ran into barbed wire" mean "military prison" or does it mean he ran into Barb Maiers during the wiring of me as a kid?

Scars from Barb Wire

I have recently traced some of the scars from knife and razor cuts on my arms.  I recently noticed them, for the first time ever, I noticed how many more, how connected, and was able to realize it has to do with MKUltra.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Babies Can Come Out Of The Belly-Button

According to this article, the eggs of unborn babies, which are still in the mother's womb, are capable of providing eggs that produce babies.

This means, if a baby is born already and a surgery is done to extract eggs from the baby or child, that is also possible and was probably tried in the 70s.  That's when the egg was being isolated with the sperm to try out in-vitro processes.

Also, this article states there is some kind of huge world-wide egg shortage.  ?  Probably, women should have been informed about hazards of long-term use of oral contraceptives (not that this is the only reason).

So when I describe being used by the U.S., and my parents and son being used by them, and tortured for "research", this is one of several things the U.S. has used my family for: their own fertility store.

What was done to me as a baby and child I haven't completely figured out (now I'm talking about things I know relate to me with MKUltra) but I was remembering tonight how I recognized the jelly used on my stomach the first time it was done to me for an ultrasound of my unborn son Oliver.  It brought back a memory that this was done to me when I was a kid.  I also remember how a babysitter who was giving me and my brother a bath folded up a washcloth and put it over my eyes while I was lying in shallow water in the tub.  I freaked out.It brought back a terrifying feeling and I panicked and bolted upright.  I wasn't afraid of the water, or lying in it, and I could hold my breath underwater.  If I reacted this way, it was because I was awake at the time I was being tortured.  I did not have someone so "kind" as to medicate me first, they just blind-folded me so I couldn't see them, but possibly I could still hear them.  Other times, I may have been drugged or had my ears blocked, but I wouldn't remember this, and feel afraid, if I was not deliberately kept awake during torture by the U.S. or Canada.

If you quit thinking about looking at someone and just listen to their voice, you can hear others with similar voices.  Nina Easton, for example, with Fox News, sounds like Debbie Sweetwater-Burt.  At first I thought Lisa Thebault but then right away I thought Debbie Sweetwater.  Table or sweetwater? I went with how she sounded like Sweetwater.  I thought of it as I first realized Brit Hume sounded like our local postmaster Greg, and then I thought "If I don't look at their faces and listen only to the voices who do I hear?"

Also, I do think one of the things I was programmed about was a verse about one thing and then I would think I knew it and they'd say, "nooo" and I'd check and it was something else.  Also, with one relative  I was told to go to the tackle box and pick out a fish hook once and I did and brought it to him and he shook his head and smiled and said, "Noo...that's for a red herring."

All of the kids were fishing and I was being shown how to put a worm on a hook.  I think someone else did it for me but I might have brought myself to do it.  Then when I saw someone knock a fish's head against something, to stop it from suffering, I was the only kid who left.

It wasn't that I was afraid of them--it was probably that it brought back a memory of Canadian or U.S torture of me.  I saw the heads and bodies of the fish in the cooler, flopping around, and backed up fast.  I felt nervous and then someone grabbed one and knocked it's head on something so it didn't suffer and laid it down across the grass.  There were a bunch of fish laid down across the grass, knocked unconscious, and photographs were taken.  After I saw this scene, but before photos, my Grandpa called me over, because I was standing on the bridge, on the other side of it but close to it, because there was a bridge over the ponds.  He then asked me to pick out a hook for him and that's when he said, "Nooo...that's a red herring!" and laughed.

I think about it now, and it was like a recreation of torture by the U.S. and Canada for suspected espionage.  Apparently, they either tortured me and raped me, when I was innocent, to try to get someone to say something, or they just included me in their "program" which is something they never quit, and put my parents into government house arrest.  The fish lying all bloodied up after flopping around in the water, and knocked unconscious and then laid out flat, and photographed, represented the Great United States of America and Canada and what THEY did to ME and others.  There was a whole line up of fish before the photos were taken, though some were in between.  Then they went back into the cooler and into the house.  It was a rectangular cooler full of water, like an Iceberg chest.  They basically looked like a bunch of flopping around on a table covered in water or some kind of a bathtub.

That must be how it is to electrocute humans, but much worse.  I was so upset by seeing this, that I stayed over there, away from everyone else, and they kept trying to call me over and I shook my head and said, "I'll just watch from over here instead".  I think there was more of the lesson I was supposed to see, and I remember a few more things, but because of the torture this country did to me, I wasn't able to watch more.  So I stood next to the edge of the other pond and watched the living fish as I could see across the bridge, or from it, how the others fished.  I don't have anything against fishing but the way the fish got whacked was to make a point. 

I am sure then, that I not only was awake when I was tortured myself as a baby and young toddler, I was also forced to witness others that I cared about being tortured.

When someone asks what I think about eggs being taken from an unborn baby, I think that is what the U.S. always does and has been doing.  They have total disregard for rights, and they went over my parental authority to attempt to use other family members they blackmailed, to get my son.  It's to keep him from ever being successful.  Why else would the U.S. steal my homework and want me to give up as a kid?  They were practicing anti-competition against grade-schoolers.

I Have Milk & Angelina Jolie

If you want to produce milk, as a woman, and you don't drink dairy, milk thistle works.  I wasn't trying some of the tincture I made for that reason, though I have been definitely considering lactation for health reasons, mostly because osteoporosis runs in my family.

I decided to try my milk thistle tincture because it is also very good for kidneys and liver, and mine were affected by toxic overdoses of ibuprofen from doctors in Wenatchee who refused to treat my migraine pain or even the migraines.  They were giving me massive doses of Toradol. 

So I tried it for that reason, and without any attempt to cause lactation at all, I had some of the exact same symptoms of engorgement, and it wasn't PMS.  So milk thistle really works and anyone who might want to induce lactation for health reasons, can get started with that one (if you're a woman and it's probably easier if you have breastfed before).

So here is what I am talking about, with U.S. and CIA hypocrisy.

Angelina Jolie made a huge publication to the entire world about how she was taking "preventative measures" against breast cancer, and so she had both of her breasts lopped off.

That's okay, but inducing lactation to fight against osteoporosis, which runs in my family is NOT okay?

I am so tired of smart people who spread stupid lies and misinformation and judgmental shit.  She had her boobs cut off, in "case" she got cancer later.  It was "preventative" by taking medical ideas and history into consideration and the fact it runs in her family.

But this country spreads vicious lies about who is "mentally ill" or not, or "stable" or not, when the smarter ones simply do not walk the same path or march to the beat of the mainstream drummer every single day.  I am not saying I'm like Angelina or that we'd even like eachother.

What I'm saying, is she made a decision for her own health and where would she be if she hadn't secured her rights and image back to herself by marrying Brad Pitt (stability) and joining some big CHARITY WORK group that the U.S. government was happy she joined because it gave them a "star image".

This was done right after she was being called "mentally ill" by her own father, publicly, and was drawing media attention for having vials of blood around her neck with her partner and describing wilder ideas than that.  Her own Dad and some others close to her told the entire world she was "unstable", and basically "mentally ill" and "nuts".

So her choice was to join a "preventative network" like the fucking CIA.  Or, whatever, a UN or global volunteer organization that saves lives of others.  So she went from "mentally ill" and "unstable" to "humanitarian" and "not mentally ill".

Is that how the CIA gets people to sign up with them?  Or is that how the fucking U.S. Army works.

How "Lucky" that instead of being "mentally ill" and losing my son to state-sponsored torture, and more MKUltra shit, I could have "joined forces" with the Department of State too.

I said FUCK YOU.

However, maybe that is the kind of option and situation Angelina also found herself in, where she was being stigmatized socially, with maybe even a federal mobster telling him to discredit his own daughter, unless she joined the same players that are responsible for facilitating torture of citizens in the first place.

So first she takes a role in "Girl Interrupted" which is close to exposing a few things about government, and then she's called nuts and her Dad calls her nuts, and she portrayed herself as wild and talked about swinging, and cutting herself, and drawing blood, and occultism, and taking daring roles, and then she got divorced and as a single woman, all alone on the prairie home front, the U.S. allowed people to spread this information about her for the purpose of forcing her to choose "Mental illness" and losing her kid, or THEM.

She chose them.

Did Angelina Jolie "sell out"?

Let me be clear about myself and who I am.  I will never work for the U.S. government after what they have done to me and my son.  When I rejected the Department of State, they threw me back to the "mental illness" category, kept my son, and tortured both of us.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie got to star in movies that had plot lines similar to my life, but I'm the one who is not rich, and has not chosen to be in a serious relationship with a man for appearance of "stability", while she moved past the lies and defamation, with her nice little Department of State cover and "Brad" and adopted a bunch of kids.

If she had a "preventative mastectomy", her choice is no different from my consideration of inducing lactation for the purpose of prevention of osteoporosis and other health benefits.

The only difference, is that she is a "celebrity", has money, and support from the Department of State which "manages" the "bad publicity" for her as a "perk" or full exchange for her work for them.  I think it's great she's done what she's done for herself.  I thought she was being savvy from the start, and thinking about a way to counter bad publicity and she did it.  On the other hand, I chose NOT to do something similar because for me, as a victim of this country and their "programs" and crimes, I choose NOT to lend my hand voluntarily after they raped me for decades.  Oh, and don't forget--they also tried to kill me.

As a result of not being a "battered woman" or refusing to give my abusers, the Government of the United States, Canada, and The United Kingdom, further power over me, I said "No" to their offer to "rearrange" the "bad publicity" because it would have meant working with a liar who drugged and medicated me, and used me for his own political points, and telling the world, "It is okay for a woman to be raped, kidnapped, cut up, and electrocuted as a baby, and used as a messenger for spies, and the U.S. Army, and then allow them to repeat the same thing again, and then pretend I've 'moved on' and now we're friends."

We will never be friends.  The United States is not my "friend" or protector and has NEVER been my "friend" or "protector".  This country abused me and used me for their "other" federal employees, and all of it has been without my consent.

They held me hostage, traumatized me, and tortured me to try to force me to do what they wanted.  Of course they wanted me to work for them because as you can see, I am the only one "holding out".  They tried to kill me when they thought I was about to expose those who were attempting to assassinate me and then when they decided killing me wasn't working out, they went for torture, defamation, and obstruction of justice and someone thought I might be "useful" to the government and it was better to keep me under a lie or blackmailed into work with them, than "free".

Ah, the one who cannot be Blackmailed, who did not Sell Out, who did not Believe the Lies, who was Stronger than they are.  Of course they wanted me to work for them and then maybe they could have taken me to another country where it would have been easier to kill me after they got what they wanted.

SO FUCK YOU and you can tell the entire country to Hell with you because that's where it already is.

Also, anyone who takes oral contraceptives, which is unnatural, is no different from someone having a preventative mastectomy or inducing lactation except that what they are doing, puts their health "at risk" and is mainstream, not a decision based on educated research.  I don't blame women who take them, but think the medical profession hasn't fully informed them and I think sometimes it is for a good reason.  I don't look down on any of those women, just the ones who would do this and then criticize ME for my ideas, or call them "bizarre".

I think Middleton's attempts at "preventative assassination attempts" crosses the line.  Or Chris Dabneys "preventative murder" of his own children that I was carrying.  That crosses the line.

By the way, we do not want Kevin Bolls, the U.S. Air Force pastor, over here.  Get rid of him.  He is responsible for torture of my parents, and forcing my Dad to work with people after I'd made reports about sexual harassment by them.  He also knows Chris Dabney and assumed, very wrongly, that I was "attached" to Dabney or that I would trust Bolls if I thought Dabney was connected.  Why is Kevin Bolls, who spent most of his time as a gangster in Chicago, Il, working for the U.S. in Seattle, having lunch with FBI there, and then running over here to terrorize my family since I made a report about crimes to the UN in 2011?  It looks to me like he works for the Middletons as much as the military.  And William of Wales, because they know Chris Dabney.

The latest is that this pastor told my parents I couldn't visit them anymore.  That I couldn't be inside the house, "until we figure out what it is" as if there is something wrong with me when there isn't.  He already had this planned out ahead of time.  And then I had a cop following me up the road and driving past slowly after I turned to the road next to our house.  It would be that big of a deal, but I had just sent an email to Nevada police asking someone to contact me about an investigation in a murder attempt and getting my records from the "incident" that broke my neck, where the military and CIA then seized the opportunity to use me further.

So Katie's pregnancy.  Wow.  No problems.  No torture.  What a surprise.  What a fucking surprise she carried a kid or more to term publicly.  However could she do it, without the U.S. DOD's help.

Lucretia Krebs was a U.S. government worker, and she did a favor for the Department of State, who were upset I didn't marry Alvaro for them.  He was working with FBI and told me he worked with them in Colombia, but the other people were Department of State.  The U.S. made sure they trashed me and ruined my chances to have my son back, and decided to give the U.S. military and the state an excuse to drug and medicate me without my consent.  They had Krebs say there was nothing wrong and then she reversed and said there was, and wrote that they would have to "experiment" with a "trial" of many different drugs to find out what worked.  All of it was lies and the FBI withheld the MKUltra information from me even though Alvaro knew, and Bujanda and Garza and Dabney, and Bechtold and Tancer and Maiers and Roses and Gatov knew.

So they lied and set me up with more of their excuses for how to ruin my brain and make me incapable of exposing them, or being employed and in a financial position on my own, to leave this Hell-Hole.  The "Hole", by the way, is the one that Chris Dabney has been frequenting, and it's not me.  The Hell is the United States intelligence, law enforcement, and justice system.

Every time I try to report something or try to push for the report of attempted murder by Mike Nichols, the U.S. Air Force gets involved.  The police get involved, and FBI too.  I start having services turned off, told I'm out of housing, fired from work, not given financial aid, have my car stolen from me and false arrests and reports made about me.  Anything and everything this country can possibly do, to postpone and delay the inevitable truth, which is that THIS COUNTRY tried to murder me, they have done.  They have been covering for Canada as well.

When my Dad went to college in Moses Lake, WA he took me with him to the military base.  I was also taken to Canada. 

There is nothing mentally wrong with me, and I want nothing to do with this country but to take my son and leave, with enough compensation and financial footing to start over somewhere else.  I do not owe this country ANYTHING.
That means I do not owe The Archdiocese of Portland and Abbey or Willamette or their FBI government lawyers Dick Whittemore and John Kaempf or the rest, ANYTHING.

The FBI had better figure out how to credit my "account", open up my bank account, open up my email account that has evidence against them, and compensate me and my son for our damages.  The FBI used a "lien" against me, that was put against my credit, when it was their obstruction of justice and work against me that ruined my cases.

Let's think of it another way...I've already mentioned how the FBI is interested in the clergy abuse cases because of structure and how whatever happens with the churches also sets precedents for the government groups that are involved in programs that target kids, like MKUltra and the fact that these offices withhold evidence from the victims.  A boy sodomized by a priest, or a woman sexually used by more than one priest, for example, might shudder to find out their superiors are "withholding evidence" that they and their parents could have used to protect themselves.  This is the same thing the FBI did to me because they were involved with the Catholic church on some of those sex crimes against kids.  Some were most likely MKUltra kids and priests were simply used to abuse them or exposed deliberately knowing they would abuse them because of their tendency. 

The step further, is this.  If it is true that the U.S. carried on and continued the programs against prisoners in Germany, in this country, and if it is also true the Vatican knew about the German programs using prisoners for "mind control" research and other things, and said nothing, guess who the "partners-in-crime" are?  The Vatican and the U.S. government.  That is not to excuse Jewish temples or Protestants or Mormons.  Mormons were very invested in the outcome and how it might affect their church too, if someone sued them.  There are kids coming from all of these groups, who have leaders in their churches that work with the federal, state, and local government to select kids for rape and torture and sometimes, it is for a program like MKUltra.

The FBI didn't want me to win any of my cases.  Neither did the U.S. Army or the CIA or Canada or the UK.  Additionally, all of the priests and clergy involved in the cases I had were former U.S. military and CIA.  I was also told most of the monks there who had committed to it, had military backgrounds.

Reporting Murder Attempt (obstructed by U.S. federal govt. for a decade)

When Mike Nichols tried to murder me, in Nevada, I was later contacted by Oregon police.

No one from Nevada police called me.  So when the incident occurred in Nevada, why wasn't I contacted by them?  Instead I had Oregon calling me, who had "nothing" to do with it?  It looks like the Oregon police actually had something to do with it because they did ask questions and said there were grounds for an investigation but then they said, "Well, he's dead." 

I later realized there were definitely grounds for an investigation, and the fact that Mike died didn't change the fact he had tried to kill me and that it has affected my entire life.

Also, how would Oregon police get involved, when Nevada police never called me, unless the FBI was involved?   Mike was connected to the other assassination attempt against me by Tony Roos and Bechtold. 

Later, people who raped me and set me up to be raped again, were connected to Mike Nichols.  It matters who his Canadian connections are as well.

And why was Alvaro Pardo telling me if I didn't marry him, learn to play cards and get a job in Nevada?  And Rick Baken, who was FBI in Nevada, just "happened" to move next to my Granny and Grandpa after Mike Nichols died, when Mike knew the Schneiders and a lot of other government-connected people like Bechtold (alone or through Lund) and Josh Gatov.

Then, I had someone try to kill me again, who was apparently Erica Ballinger's next-door neighbor, just a few miles from Tony Roos' workplace, and then I had someone try to murder me AGAIN, in Washington D.C., and police were involved, and that does not even include my being tortured or my son being tortured, or other forms of attempts.

Every single time I have tried to report Mike Nichols to police, my Mom and Dad get poisoned and beat up.

Why is that?  Why do police have a motive to beat my parents up over Mike Nichols unless he's connected to Nathan Becthold, who is an Oregon cop (like Josh).

Not only are my parents tortured or beat up with every attempt, I have someone doing something horrible to me as well, to obstruct the process.

Why are MY PARENTS punished over Mike's attempt to kill me?  Everyone has known what it was, for over a decade, and it was even admitted to me as grounds for a criminal investigation, but the FBI and cops have been creating ways to kill me, cover up crimes against me, and rape me to smear me and make me look bad in the meantime.

I feel bad for maybe one of his sisters if they had no idea, IF one of them really didn't know, or doesn't want to believe it, but it happened and it's the truth and I never changed the facts of this incident.

Get Out Of Here! and U.S. Holocaust Today

I got a "get out of here" and "go on" tonight, and a "it's too late" and a "see you later" too.  All for asking about taking a shower at my parents because I am working on a different temporary problem at my place now.  Sewer problem.  But they were tired and I had gone to visit and then saw news that really didn't help, except for wondering if Bob Dole is now that old, can't he expose the criminals who tortured me, or doesn't he have photos of my parents or family and things that show our being tortured?


Later tonight I saw some article about a man who was put in jail for taking his grandson somewhere and I haven't read about it yet and don't know what happened, but I don't trust any of the U.S. excuses anymore, for kidnapping of children and calling their relatives the persons "of interest".

The U.S. has kidnapped hundreds of kids from their parents and even if not all are as brutally tortured as the members of my family have been, Child Protective Services is the first place that should be bombed and dismantled inside-out for being a danger to innocent lives.  When I say bombed, I mean, as I've said before, it should be completely abolished, but then that would mean U.S. torture of prisoners in the holocaust today would end.

The U.S. continued the Holocaust.  This country is actively guilty in war crimes of atrocities against their own citizens.

I would be thankful to God if my son disappeared to find out he had escaped to a different country where he was not tortured.

He has no future here.

If somehow it occurred, and then I discovered he was really safe, and that I might visit him or he me, at some point, it is his only chance.  He will not survive in the U.S. because the U.S. has plotted to torture and kill him since he was born.  They have destroyed his life, and used Canadians with this, and some UK persons, and others of course, and all of us lie--we lie every day, my parents mostly because they have no choice.  They and the rest of us are tortured if they don't.  They lie. 

My grandparents must have thought, "It's just happening to us, but not to our kids" and then they had a measure of success and it was their kids.  Then their kids thought the same and were tortured and had their kids killed.  Do you know why Gannon was named Gannon?  I always thought, "Oh, a nice unique Irish-Gaelic name!"  I always thought it was a very nice name and then I realized, if my mother was over-dosed with beta rays, the spectrum for lasers is alpha, beta, and gamma.  Gamma for a girl, Gannon for a boy.  Do I make myself clear? or dear.  He was murdered in this country, just like Madonna Joy was murdered and my unborn were murdered.

The U.S. has been officially murdering our children.

My Mom said she thought it was "from too much Vitamin A" which she said, converts into the body as beta cartotene.  I was also told he kept turning blue when he was dying.  That area was involved in laser technology research and there is evidence to prove it.  They targeted Gannon.  If it was too much beta and he was turning blue from oxygen problems and circulation problems from it, and he was named Gannon, Gannon is close enough to Gamma for me to believe my parents have always known this country murdered him.

I saw for myself what was done to me and my son and parents. 

Someone needs to break the news to the rest of the world that the United States is engaged in carrying out the programs from Nazi prison camps.  Canada is also involved.  They call it MKUltra, but by now, I'm convinced it's just a nicer sounding name for the former practice of torture of people for "medical and mind control" research, which is the same thing the U.S. was giving money to Germany for before they pretended to be "Great Heroes".

Many of those soldiers WERE heroes.  They followed orders and must have felt very proud to be saving people.  How would they have known their superiors gave the order to "liberate" prisoners, for the main purpose of "records destruction".

"By the time we got there, the Nazis had destroyed most of the records."  Right.  They got the cable from the U.S. that said, "Put anything that has the name of U.S. companies and government into the fire".  What was left behind, was happily picked up by the proper owners:  the CIA.  Or the military which delivered to the CIA, which pays unethical and criminal doctors, nurses, and medical professionals to do hideous acts of crime against others now, today, against their own citizens.

So it's a joke.

We have "Holocaust" museums, in the U.S., which are nothing but a mockery of the continued programs of torture occurring ever since those records were brought to the U.S.  Now the U.S. gets to be the organized criminal base, not Germany, but retain a "heroes" image of "liberating" people.

The U.S. is going to seriously pay for these crimes.  What country is going to stand by while the U.S. carries on the work of the German Nazi party?  It isn't about "Nazi" as a name or form of politics, it is the kind of torture programs they ran, using human beings for experiments and research.

The U.S. got out of Germany and turned the program into a continuation using U.S. citizens, sometimes as acts of revenge.  Why else do you think the U.S. wanted all the medical records and to save the "work"?  They weren't filing it away, they were using it, because THIS COUNTRY SUPPORTED AND PAID FOR IT.  Does the name Hilton ring a bell.  That is ONE of many and they are not doing too bad, even though they like to mock others who are tortured as a result of their sponsorship of such programs. How about Doktor Schneider.  Christa was reeeaaally interested in "being my friend".  She is from a Nazi-sponsored and funded family that has continued the work that the U.S. paid for in Germany.

It isn't like all of the Germans were bad people.  It's that some of the Germans worked with U.S. citizens then as today, and no, the U.S. as a nation was not "liberating" prisoners to rescue them--they were rescuing their precious files and records the same way Christa Schneider stole my entire medical record from my house the one night she stayed there.  Some of the Jews involved, have made it revenge to have relatives of those they assume were involved in Germany against them, or elsewhere, suffer torture in retaliation.  Robin Bechtold is another one, and his family had such "high honors" from the torture people, they decided to even change their name from Bechtel to Bechtold, to distance their reputation from being persons who funded torture programs.  In fact, it was Robin Bechtold who was even ordering my mother to make a cookie for me that was part of a whole psychic scheme and plan, and he was the one telling my mother to have me wear brown maskara.  First HE was telling me to use only a small amount of maskara, telling me not to use more, and then when my mother was telling me to use brown maskara and I knew it wasn't her idea, it was him.  His "Nazi" family.  They were so jealous and controlling of my family, they literally stooped to telling us how to put our make-up on; it was him and Middleton.

When you think about Germans watching citizens being carried off in trains, how much fun Americans seem to have, playing a game at watching my family tortured and "forced to perform" for them.  No one thinks about the U.S. being participants in the Holocaust.

Then, we've had some Jewish who apparently get convinced someone was once involved in Germany or something, and they have used it as an excuse to participate in the continuation of a Holocaust, but as long as it's not them, they're fine.

If I use the word "Nazi" it's like a slang adjective.  In the past I've called the U.S. "Nazis" for lack of a better word, but actually, this is it.  This is the story, and the true story is that the United States paid for the mass extermination of thousands of prisoners in Germany, and was funding the medical "research" performed against them.

Pharmaceuticals prospered.  German-Americans prospered, some of them, because some of them were out-sourcing work to Germany who was using prisoners for labor.  The U.S. was paying Germany and sponsoring their torture of others, which was primarily not work camps, but torture and medical research.

The "work camps" were few and far between.  Most of them, had medical units engaged in carrying out grotesque forms of torture against people.  One of the MKultra "projeks"was using twins and multiples and studying their behavior.

The U.S. brought that all back home to the United States and forced people into their programs using those gifted in psychic abilities or prophetic abilities, and violated their right to religion and freedom to practice aspects of the supernatural without government invasion and control of what does not belong to them.

The UK, Canada and the U.S. decided to go in on it together, and carry on the German programs themselves after prisoners were liberated or killed.  They had a good "cover", as the "heroes".


The UK was able to go along with it because they were already engaged in the practice of torturing people in mental hospitals, and using that as their facility for "research" on electrocution.  Canada was engaged in the exact same activities and operations.  They used the same German excuse of "mentally handicapped" as "inferior" and electrocuted them.  Many times, the people were not even mentally ill, so if they needed more people to experiment on, they found them and lied.  They also used orphanages for experiments on children later.  The U.S. solution to this was to implement CPS (child protective services) which allowed them to assign kids to parents under their control for research and experimentation on a one-by-one basis.  Most likely they found it was easier to isolate the child that way and pretend nothing happened.  If someone reported an orphanage for abuse, the entire place could be shut down.  But the U.S. had the idea of isolating kids so that it was only "one project" down at a time and because they controlled it, and controlled who the child was with, the U.S. was able to continue the work of Nazi Germany prison camps through the WW, after the WW and up to the present.

The Mein Kampf Ultra Program.  Ultra means "on the far side of" or "beyond".  It means the UK, U.S., and Canada took the Mein Kampf program outside of Germany and continued the torture in their countries.  The countries of "MY HERO".  The "Allies".  Anyone want to barf yet?

My favorite song as a little girl was "Bonnie".  "My bonnie lies over the ocean/my bonnie lies over the sea/my bonnie lies over the ocean/oh bring back my bonnie to me."  Bonny.  Maybe Cameron Ewan smiled because he liked this song too. 

So yes, it is Mind Kontrol and yes, it is a continuation of Mein Kampf.  Which Alvaro Pardo and Halea Myers might have known something about, as both are connected to government, both sought me out, and both used the expression "My Life" all the time around me.

I am really sick of what people in this country have known about and gotten away with.

This country IS a living representation of Nazi Germany.  And someone wanted me to go to Germany and live next to the U.S. Army???? 

This country is criminal.

The part about the Vatican knowing about it, has always been true.  How many "refugees" have they taken in lately? or defended?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dan Gatti and The Mike Nichols Family

I don't know how lawyer Dan Gatti is related or connected to the family Mike Nichols was adopted by, but he is.

Dan Gatti is a lawyer who I was told to see when I had problems with town police over Mt. Angel Abbey.  It never had anything to do with Abbey property, contrary to the Willamette Week article, which lied, defamed me, and refused to print the retractions even with evidence I provided.

Dan told me he was taking my case for a civil lawsuit but then I thought it was strange how he kept querying me about Mike Nichols. 

I really don't know that much about Dan Gatti, and most of it probably doesn't matter anymore, however, because his firm played a big part in what happened at that time in my life, which was a crucial point for me, I can now say that in hindsight, his involvement and connection to the Nichols was not in my favor.

It makes me afraid.

For one thing, I don't know how Greg Smith is factoring into all of it, but he is as well, and this made a big difference in how I was treated by medical professionals, FBI, and others. 

My concern about Gatti and Smith's interest in the Nichols man who tried to kill me is this:  He tried to kill me.  Mike did.  Mike Nichols tried to kill me and didn't mind if he killed himself in the attempt.

Mike was born in Canada and adopted by the Nichols family, which works for the FBI.

Here is the part I never forgot, which I always remembered and wondered about...

Dan said I had a case and he was taking my case UNTIL he asked me if I wanted to try to go after Mike Nichols family because the statute of limitations hadn't expired and what did I think about it?

Dan asked me this question after I had tried to get police to change their report from "accident" to "homicide attempt" or "attempted manslaughter" and explained to them how Mike had tried to kill me and hijacked my car.  I wasn't the one who called it an "accident"--the police did and I reported all of the facts honestly and accurately from the first, every time around.  What I realized was that my facts actually fit attempted manslaughter or vehicular something or other.  So I had tried to tell police and the police refused to change anything, add anything, or press charges or make a report.  He was dead, but it was still important for the record to note what had actually occurred.

I never thought I could sue for, or receive more than $50,000 from the PIP that was there.  I never thought of Mike Nichols' parents or his being a dependent.  It never crossed my mind until later, several years later, Dan Gatti brought it up.  I said what do you mean, and he told me, "You could sue his parents.  This $50,000 isn't enough.  Do you want to go after his parents?" and he told me to think about it when I said I wasn't thinking about that.  Then after I thought it over more and realized I might have much worse problems in the future than I could afford, I looked at the statutes because Dan had said, "Oh, the statutes have expired."  So when I got curious, I looked it up and the statutes were not expired.

I thought Dan would be happy to hear about it.

Instead, he got this weird dark cloud that went over his face and from that point on he made excuses for helping me file any lawsuits at all.

I knew, in that minute, that something about suing the Nichols bothered him, and yet he had been the one who was, as it turned out to be, playing pretend.  He was gauging my reaction and interest in suing the Nichols family and when I later said I was interested, he acted like they were his best friends and he then used Greg Smith and himself to say I didn't have a case afterall.

I had a case.  And then if I wanted to sue Mike Nichols' family, I "didn't have a case" against Mt. Angel Abbey or anyone in police who were smearing me and committing crimes against me.

So by now, it seems obvious there is a problem.

Someone actually tried to murder me, Mike Nichols, and I gave Gatti the same facts I gave everyone about it.  He wanted to protect a murderer and turned against me when I said I thought I wanted to try to sue his family.

This was before I ever filed any lawsuits.

Greg Smith and Dan Gatti protected Mike Nichols and the Mike Nichols' family, which means they are connected to that family by business or a personal relationship.  Mike was from Canada and adopted in the U.S.

How much more shit does the FBI want to take?

Oh, that's right.  They did inject me with Haldol for over a week to try to make me forget everything, didn't they?

Then later, on the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon's side, through a lawyer I saw, they offered me $40,000 just for the Mt. Angel Abbey and their part in defaming me to police and other things they knew were wrong.  If you notice, $40,000 is the amount "Camille" asks for, as a loan, in the movie Stephanie Maiers wanted me to watch in Moses Lake.


Both Robin Bechtold and Tony Roos, Roos who tried to kill me in 1991-1992, had something to do with the Abbey because later someone was imitating the truck driving by when I protested in the town.  Then it was Mike Nichols.  I had already been raped, by that point, by Josh Gatov, and was being mocked already, and had been "sick" as a girl, and the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon decided to come up with that number.

And then they wouldn't budge from it or be flexible.  So they went for defaming me on top of already knowing what they had done was wrong.

It was like sin adds to sin adds to multiply times 7.

If I found out my Dad or someone was coerced to make the offer of $40,000 and then was being extorted to pay it out, with the pretense the "Archdiocese" was doing this, that would be one thing.  I would have taken the $40,000.  But if it's coming from those who are really responsible for things, I did not think $60,000 was too much, and it wasn't, and then Katie Middleton went from the 4th floor to the 6th floor and how many priests asked for booty shots for the favors later?  It's not like they don't know Chris Dabney or anything.

The Archdiocese already knew who I was, about my history, and who was involved and they knew I didn't know.

So when I say it concerns me that Dan Gatti and Greg Smith were Mike Nichols-The-Assassin supporters, I have a very good reason to be concerned.

These things set me up for failure and they used the FBI and the FBI took part in obstructing justice.  So did the police, because I went back to them 3-4 times in the last decade about changing the report to what it really was, and they have refused.

It is time to re-open that "dead" case.



Me to Mike:  "You're not in Canada anymore Mike."
Mike, to me:  "Where am I?"
Me, to Mike:  "You're in HELL Mike.  HELL."

The U.S. is going to correct their falsification of reports.

Upchuck: Kate Middleton Is A Criminal (Maiers)

When I bring up government rape, and torture, I can now point a finger directly at Kate Middleton, who was stupid enough to expose herself as being one of several criminals in a group that colluded against me and tortured my son.

It is because of her family that I was throwing up all the time as a little girl.  I was being given food and drinks that were tampered with, and I threw up as a result.  Not to mention whatever was done that was not food and drink specific.

It was coming from the Car Nation people.  Don't the Middletons and Maiers share a passion for old car collections?  The Middletons knew Summer and J.R.'s parents, who we were around at the time  I was throwing up all the time.

Maybe Katie thought her throwing up drama was a way to win sympathy for herself.  It did not work, because prior to her throwing up, she was mocking me by wearing a hat with 3 birds eggs on it, as she won a lawsuit over frivolous self-interest when she knew she had the FBI and U.S. mafia friends of hers torture me out of 3 of my own lawsuits (and actually, bitch, I had 4 pending at the time, not three).

Katie Middleton was obsessed with me, and mocking me, before I even knew she existed.  The fact that she went to such extremes proves who she was connected to in the U.S., and that she was "aware" enough, in her own right, and not under Mommy and Daddy's thumb, to take part of criminal government activities against me.  She was exactly like Robin Bechtold, working for the government, before she was even out of high school.

So it stands to reason, that when Robin Bechtold was so angry and yelled at me for thinking I was "special", he wanted to call me up somewhere between 1999-2002 and tell me "I used to think you were better than me but now I don't anymore."  So I was "better" than him, he thought, which was a motive, he made clear, for torturing me and raping me and conspiring with others to have me raped.

Kate Middleton is 100% involved.

When I was throwing up all the time, and later, we had milk with instant powdered milk added to it, but I knew about it, and so did my Mom and it wasn't a secret and we weren't throwing up at that time.  My Mom bought Carnation instant powdered milk and added it to regular milk because it was less expensive and made it last further.  I always hated the taste and I could tell when it was added.  She didn't make that a secret from us however.  What I think it indicates, is that it was a reference to others putting substances in our food and drink when we were younger, especially me, that made me throw up all the time.  My brother did not throw up like I did.  He got the flu, with the family, a couple of times, but for me, it was all the time.

I was being fucking DRUGGED by Middleton assholes since I was a kid. 

I never threw up at school.  It was always at my own house.  I believe Summer and J.R.'s last names were "Williams".  I asked my Mom and she's not telling me now, but she knows if it is or not.  I remember "Williams" but I might be wrong.

The only people I was around were our neighbors, and at that time, women who came to see my mother about buying dogs.  Some of these women were serious bitches and I could tell from the "down" look on my Mom's face later.  The Maiers were in our lives already, as were the Sandbergs, and there were church people as well, and the Williams family (or whatever their last names were).

J.R. and Summer were babysat by my mother for one year or 2 years.  B.J. was a different kid, from my school that I liked, when I was in kindergarten and he was in first grade. 

Stephanie Maiers had me watch the old black and white movie "Camille" with her.  From there, my life was turned into a joke and game by Middleton mafia and U.S. FBI assholes and feds kids, who tried to create some kind of charicature from it.   Stephanie gave me a little oval box, like the one in the movie, which is similar to a tin from which my Granny had pastilles.  Stephanie was the one who insisted I see that movie with her and later, people who knew her and her family used this as a template for premeditating rape of me.

Basically, then I see the news tonight and this country is so out of their minds, they still have have their game going over it.  It means nothing to them that I was literally raped my entire life, and mocked over some bitch whose group was obsessed with me to the point of poisoning me, and then later when I find out, pretends I'm the one who has something wrong or a criminal "tendency".

The U.S. must return my son.

I don't believe anything the U.S. stands for anymore and I am not even sure that I am a citizen.  If I'm not, if there is any technical problem with my citizenship, I will seize what's mine on that end.  For one thing, I asked for political asylum so from that point, I have not been a voluntary citizen and neither is my son.

Besides which, there is a serious problem in explaining how I got scared the way I did, and tortured, and no one noticed, if I was living in the U.S.  I remember trips to Canada.  It is very possible that I was not born in the U.S.  There are twin or triplet Dicksies and to keep them interchangeable, they had to be pregnant at the same time, and it is also possible one had twins.  If the Russians had kids over here, and the U.S. found out, and sent them back to Russia, it is not impossible that the U.S. is withholding information they've always known about me.

My Mom said tonight, "Well if that was the case, why would the U.S. want you here?  They'd have sent you back to Russia too, and good riddance."  I said, "No, they wouldn't.  They've been making too much money off of me."  My Mom said, "And you look like you have a lot of money."  I said, "No, I don't have money.  They don't pay me, they make money OFF of me."

The FBI is guilty of not only concealing rape of me by federal employees, they conspired to set it up.  They have known about my history since I was a kid and they have zero excuses to offer.  They knew from the start how Josh Gatov and Robin Bechtold were connected to Pamp and Barbara Maiers and how they are connected to Middleton and later, Tancer.  They knew how Bujanda and Garza were connected to Middleton as well, and Alvaro Pardo.  And Alvaro Pardo had direct knowledge about what was done to me as a baby and a little girl but he didn't care to share that information with me.

It is very possible that I was a test tube baby.  Supposedly, the "first" one happened not in 1974 but a few years later, but that's what was shared to the public by the media and intelligence and medical doctors and experiments that are of a secret nature are always ahead of any public "offering".

I don't think I was test tube, but it is very possible I am not a citizen because this country has not explained to me why they colluded with Canada to torture me for MKUltra and never quit.  They're all liars.

Nothing good ever happened in my life in the U.S.  I have been tortured from birth, and raped, and this country sponsored and paid for ALL of it.  I used to think I had a happy childhood, but no, it wasn't that great, to be dropped and allowed to fall so I could be retraumatized about being dropped as a baby; or sexually assaulted and have memories of knowing about things because of it; or feeling sadness that I couldn't describe; being held back intellectually by the United States government; being starved and poisoned to throw up all the time; having teachers in grade school separate me from any friend I ever made to force me not to have "attachments" because they wanted to rape me more and had 'big plans' for how many times they were going to rape me and mutilate me and steal any child from me unless I married an FBI COCKSUCKER.

My parents were never happy; they were tortured.  As for the teachers that worked for the U.S. government who were part of programs, they deliberately isolated me, even as a kid, from other kids.  They encouraged friendships and then the minute I had a good friend, they forced us to separate parts of the room and wouldn't let us have the same teacher the next year.  I still remember my mother commenting about this specific thing, back then.

The reason they did this, was because all the U.S. and Canada did, was rape me and torture me, and drug me, and then they wanted me to be disassociated and non-emotional and detached from people.  So basically, the military kids that are forced to move every year and have no constant friendships, were like me, or I like them, except they forced me to separate in my own hometown.

The U.S. divides.  They separated me from my parents to induce emotional trauma, and they used a concerted effort to separate me from any friend I made as a little girl, and I am not the only one who remembers this.  Then they separated me from my son, over THEIR CRIMES.

But go ahead Cameo, we don't mind if you SUCK FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DICK FOR US!  Women in the Justice Department, FBI, military, and CIA have been part of this.  They abused me, and when they thought I might have figured it out and they hadn't worked out a plan on how to discredit me yet, they tried to assassinate me.

There is NOTHING good in the U.S., that I have any reason to give thanks to this country for.  I did NOT want my son raised in this country, and the U.S. knew my plans were to leave with him and they held me hostage and tortured us to take him away from me, to torture him and rape him and give him a great outlook on life.

My son has NO FUTURE in this country.  I DO NOT WANT HIM RAISED IN THE UNITED STATES.  The U.S. disrespected every single one of my parental rights, even using CPS to encourage others to spank my son and beat him, and then they tortured him and brought him to visits so that "Both of the guinea pigs" could see eachother and be traumatized and they had fuckers like Sue and Anne to "take notes" after their "Canadian" woman did. 

The first visitation monitor was from Canada, because Canada has always wanted to get "in on the goods".


She was born in Canada and she told me this herself. 

So when I say the United States probably paid for the torture of war prisoners in Germany, I have every reason to know, "I'm RIGHT."

The U.S. lied to the entire world and told everyone they were "heroes" of the prisoners of the Nazis.  The poles, Jews, gypsys, blacks (?), disabled, twins used for medical research, and dissidents all thought "Let's move to the U.S." 

The U.S was on the phone with Germany telling them to destroy records that implicated them.


It's sort of like a victim of U.S. MKULtra torture thinking they can get political asylum in Canada, and they have no idea, Canada "is in on it".  Canada gets MONEY from the U.S. to torture not just their own citizens, but to return any "runaway slaves" the U.S. "holds". 

The U.S. paid for the records of research and medical records obtained from torture because part of it WAS UNITED STATES PROGRAMS they fucking PAID Germany for.

Sound familiar?

If the U.S. CIA pays other countries to torture their own citizens for them, of course they paid Germany to torture their prisoners in a jointly-run program.

Get Katie Middleton to fucking spell that out for you since "I don't have words".  You wanted a bitch-gov player who hypnotizes her own kid, and that's what you got England.  GOOD LUCK.  Now when some of you complain about government crimes against your kids and your prisoners, you can count on Katie to take pride "in my own sacrifices for my country, so suck it up shitters".  While she tortures MY son Oliver, she uses a cover of "cancer support for kids" and while her family gets paid with drug money, she supports "drug addicts".

Not that I envy this--my point is that decent people are tortured and raped while shitters like her, who have been obsessed with me my entire life, to the point of trying to kill me repeatedly, get a chance to have money and have kids, and I have every single right taken away from me and I'm used for federal gang rape, so she can walk down a runway and feel good.

So if the U.S. paid for torture of Nazi prisoners while it was occurring and if they had full knowledge, which they did, of course they paid for some of the records (edited of course) later.  And of course they still torture people in the same ways or WORSE than they did then.

The only problem is the Jews, who, if they think this is also true, or that the U.S. "harbored" people who tortured them, decide they can go after ME and my family?  Is that why Kyle Flick moved to Cashmere, or the others, to get close and "see" if there was a connection between Nazis and CIA or something and my Granny's father, just because I said one day he had some kind of a pin on his lapel and he always specified he was from Luxembourg, not Germany?  (which is true).

That idea might make sense as to why some of the Jews went after me later, but it doesn't explain to me why Jews, Catholic, Protestants, and even Mormons were part of raping me and torturing me as a baby and they colluded to have me killed and then raped in government gang rape again, and tortured, and then stole my son.

Sounds just like Nazi war prison camp to me, but with Jews who think they're punishing someone who is an ancestor of someone responsible for this.

What I know is the Jews have no rights to me.  They can keep their hands of crime off of me.  I also know the U.S. in general, Jewish or not, regardless of religion, supported torture and murder of Germany's prisoners and then made Germany the scapegoat over it.  The U.S. concealed the money they paid for the torture and medical research as it was occurring, and they also worked to destroy documents that implicated them as co-conspirators and criminals instead of "heroes".

Later, when the CIA paid for medical records and took them from Germans, they used the excuse of "We don't agree with how it was obtained, but we do believe it will help others to live and be a benefit to people later."  That's not how it was.  The U.S. paid for and took the records because they moved it from one shareholder to the next.

Then they opened their doors to the victims, now that the public found out about it and said, "Welcome to the U.S!  Come on over and live here!  We're GREAT PEOPLE."  Some of the UK was part of that too, by the way, just as they are part of MKUltra.
The U.S. said, "Look.  Look!  We saved you guys!  We are your heroes!  We are SO glad you're okay!"

It's called "Battered Women's Syndrome."

Whether you're a battered man or a battered woman, when you are raped, tortured, or abused, and your abuser tells you 'I love you.  I'm so sorry.  I'm a good guy", they are psychologically manipulating you.

So the U.S. dumped 10 TONS OF SHIT on Nazi prisoners, and helped dig the graves, and then when the heat was on, they decided to "liberate the prisoners!" 

The U.S. lied.  Then they switched it around on those they protected for helping them get the information they were told to get, and said to the Jews living in the U.S. who became established, whenever some official didn't like someone or needed a new "flow" of victims for torture and "research" (how many ways can you rape a baby), they said to Jews, "It's your turn for revenge!  Come on and rape these women with us, to avenge the prisoners of "Germany".

Queen Elizabeth changed her last name, which is GERMAN, after WWII, to distance herself from the memory of the Nazi party and treatment of prisoners.  What did the U.S. do?  They destroyed records, and continued their torture regime in this country, with new victims:  THEIR own citizens.


Anyone involved in what has been done to me, my son, or to the torture of my parents, is a living replica of the on-going non-defunct "criminal party" that never went out of business.  So now all of you break into my house and every apartment I've had, and collude over lavender martinis about how to next premeditate a rape, discredit me  by newspaper defamation, and use state resources to torture me, and you pawn off everything that belongs to me.

Your "Chris and Wally" is Katie.  She is the modern-day Nazi sympathizer.  Go kiss her ass.  The U.S. wanted a criminal and that's what they bought.

Why do you think the U.S. wanted to be the group that "liberated" prisoners in the camps?  The "story" is that Germans destroyed all kinds of records.  Right.  Like the U.S. wasn't selectively inserting entire volumes of work, some of it by Jewish scientists too, into the incinerator.  What was the Jewish doctor going to say, "They made me do it."  Or the U.S.?  They wanted to be the first ones there because they had a terrible secret to hide.

So it's really nothing "new" in the U.S., to torture people without reason, and to premeditate raping them, conceal records, incite revenge rapes against a former group by a different one in charge.

Mind Kontrol is from the German.  It's from the German, and is a program the UK, U.S., and Canada wanted a piece of, because they thought the suffering from torture of prisoners in Germany was great.  The U.S. CIA funds it, just like the U.S. helped fund the torture of twins and other kinds of prisoners in Germany.  Russians would be as capable of this, or have been known to retaliate against even kids for this.  No one wants to explain why I have scars all over my body and why my son was being tortured in CPS offices and then documented in a Nazi write-up that was shared without discretion or respect for his dignity, to the general public.

No wonder Christa Schneider knew all about my being tortured.  The Mormons, by the way, have a history of racial selection and preference too.  They didn't allow blacks, "browns", or Asians or Indians into their church until after the 70s because their doctrine was that whites are superior.  So LOOK AT THAT BEAST GO.

My son Oliver didn't look as "white" as Elizabeth Smart so Sibel, the Mormon woman from Wenatchee, thought they'd sneak him off for more guilt-free torture of citizens to use for their political goals.  They liked how having my parents live next door to them worked to their own advantage and they want to keep "some of that" close to their church, for their own power.

Where are my 'records' and where is all of my property, by the way?

Oh.  That's right.  Nazi Americans and Canadians took it.  Some of them are Mormon.

You're such good people you make me want to go to your 7th Heaven.

The Mormons support racial segregation and superiority politics for racial reasons, and the Catholics support superiority for religious reasons (we are the best and only church and the Pope is supreme authority).  Anglicans are close to Catholic anymore, and Jews exclude people who are not of "their community".  Protestants are infiltrated by a multitude of different kinds.

Why would Geoff Rasmussen spend all that time asking me about my family and doing "genealogical research" which he claimed he wanted to do so he could tell me who I was related to better.  After I told him, I got the FBI telling me I couldn't leave the U.S. because of an "identity problem".  It was a lie, because the U.S. had documents about me and they were stalling to give their other asshole psychics more time to torture me to fulfill their plans for what they thought should happen to me.  It also gave the U.S. time to figure out how to blow a microchip out of one of my teeth before I left the country and had someone else take it out.

So this "friend" I thought I had, who turned out was never a friend at all, but an Erica Wiltbank/Bechtold/Middleton supporter,  never gave me that information.  After over 2 years of priming me for more information, and working on it, he never gave any of the info to me.  Instead, he TOOK IT TO ENGLAND.

Because yeah, that's where I was.  I was there, in England, waiting to receive my genealogy information.

Oh OOPS.  Katie???

THE FUCK TRUCK?  Alvaro's gee-donkey-donk needed my genealogy before she prepared her public report about "how big MINE is".

She couldn't have done it without his help.  Maybe Geoff was throwing up at The Dalles on that run because he couldn't believe I had actually survived their assassination plot against me.  His Uncle, by the way, is an FBI agent. 

This country took a normal person with a lot of natural talent and giftedness, and raped me, stole everything from clothing to homework from me, and prevented me from being successful by showing me "it doesn't even matter if you try" when I was just a kid.  They wanted me to have nothing to do but give them and their kids blow jobs and when I refused, they tried to kill me.  By that time, they had a lot to cover for, and I wasn't falling into their slimy hands.  When they didn't kill me, they plotted how to rape me again, because they didn't want me to wait until I was a virgin and marry and settle down.  They wanted someone to  fuck over for FBI fun.  They didn't want me to have a career either, because if they ever had, they wouldn't have been screwing with my homework and school before I was even a teenager, to make every effort I made look hopeless, so I gave up.  Then, they wanted to say I was just lazy or not smart enough, when they had stolen my work from me.  This was their way of trying to reduce my independence and ability to succeed on my own, without THEM, the government, and without one of their fucking men.  Then they tortured me to keep me from excelling at work, and deliberately tried to disable me with constant migraines.  And they plotted to rape me, and then repeatedly raped me, to "break" me down.  They had to use drugs and incapacitation to do it if they weren't using knives.  What has this country offered me?

Nothing.  They have ruined my life, from start to finish.  Every single time I started to break away or get ahead or stay determined anyway, and fought for something, they pushed me back and tortured me, stole from me, or raped me.  There is NOTHING good in this country.

Then after torturing me to levels where I almost died and stealing my son, they rest on their ability to make me sound like I'm mentally ill or "bitter", which I most definitely am bitter over, and I have every right to be, and if I had known better, if I had known about battered woman's syndrome or what this country was responsible for, I would have been "bitter" by age 3, and planned to leave this fucking shithole of a country called "Freedom" by the time I was 15, and I would have flown out and left for good.  I wouldn't have been bitter or oppressed the minute I was out of HELL.

The U.S. Army is responsible for a large part of what has been done to me, the CIA is the other part that tried to negotiate and then sold me back to the Army, and the FBI are the scum that use up victims and conceal crimes committed against them.

My son is no safer in this country than I am.  The U.S. has already used him the exact same way they used me, and tortured him, caged him, hypnotized him, tortured him, and reduced his ability to speak and think.  They also keep him from succeeding in school, forced him to wear shoes too small for his feet and stole food and vitamins from him to stunt his growth.  This country wants nothing with my son except to try to create another "Jerod" from Phoenix who went to jail after shooting up a politician, which, he said, he did for the U.S. Army and CIA.

This country then killed my unborn children and prevented me from having any other children.  They tried to force me to be with a shitter who medicated and drugged me and wanted me to live with him like that, for the Army and Canada.  He's a fucking Canadian asshole.

The U.S. blocked me from leaving the country, and then tried to push me into the dirt and told me to give up eggs to them, to the FBI.  When I refused, they retaliated against me by having me assaulted with Haldol after I left a fertility clinic to discuss being a surrogate for someone else.  The U.S. held me hostage and injected me, repeatedly, and they forced me to take tons of pills, more than they documented that they had me take.

Then they still tried to force me to work for them.  Or to fuck one of their employees.  Any federal employee, or mafia that works with federal employees is what they corralled me into, every single time.  I was never free to leave, to choose, to get away, and when I said "no" I was tortured, raped, or drugged.