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(UPDATED) Kim Campbell, Hedy Fry, Joseph Trudeau

2:06 p.m. 5/113/2013:  I've updated this to include more information that I shared today with someone which I will share here as well, about Hedy Fry and restraints used on me during torture.  I was not in a bathtub getting electrocuted.  I was in a chair with restraints and on a table or bed, with restraints. 

The woman Hedy Fry, I recognize, though I'd like to see a younger photo of her.   I noticed a woman who was similiar to this, who went into my local health food store and the minute I heard her voice, I froze.  I was so afraid, I didn't get her license plate number.  I recognized her voice instantly and she was talking to the store clerk Julie about how she was taking a trip (vacation) to some tropical island.  She said "Ciao-ciao" when she left and got a look at me first and smirked before she went.  It was right about the time Katie Middleton decided to let her eggs down and thought her family was safe from prosecution.  Apparently Julie knows who she is, because she was familiar with her and had conversation with her that indicated they had talked before.  Whoever that woman was, she was involved in torturing me when I was a kid and I am 100% positive about it.  This woman who went into the store was my height or shorter.  Whether it was Hedy Fry or not, I don't know, but I recognized the voice.  It instantly brought back horrible memories.  She is not someone I knew from Washington D.C.  From the conversation, I didn't get the feeling she was local either, but traveling through, so she's been here to visit before.  I also didn't want to give it away that I was so shocked and alarmed by her.  So I stayed where I was, not turning around, and listening, and then pretended like nothing was wrong when she left and Julie looked at me.  I remember exactly where I was standing when she came in and I was facing the carob chips, pumpkin seeds, and cranberry sauce.  I remember exactly where I was, and what she said, because I recognized her as someone who had tortured me.  What I was surprised to hear her say was "ciao-ciao" because she I didn't think she seemed "colombian".  I am NOT saying SHE was Hedy Fry, but I recognized her voice. I thought she looked Japanese, actually, and she said she was going to Trinidad or some "out there" island.  Even if she is not Fry, and probably wouldn't be, I recognized her as being involved and I would not retract this statement.  She had sunglasses on but I recognized her voice. Also, I knew she was connected to Katie Middleton because of what she and Julie said and it was implied she was going to get pregnant "now".  This occured at the Eden Valley Health Food store.  I was surprised she said "ciao-ciao" because she didn't look hispanic, but more islands or japanese, and then her accent wasn't hispanic either and she had a very faint accent (not European or Native American).  When she came in, I didn't even turn around, because I was looking at something but when I heard her voice, I froze.  I knew her.  I had an almost flashback of being tortured, and froze.  Then I heard her talking about Katie Middleton, or in inuendos about it so then when she said "ciao-ciao" I figured she was connected to Alvaro or Colombians somehow or wanted to sound like she was.  The other person who had said "ciao" unexpectedly was when I was in Canada.  A psychologist showed up to interview me.  He went to Bruce and Karins house and looked sort of like Malcolm Butler and was assessing me and when he left he said "ciao" with a kind of wink to Bruce (in Penticton, B.C.).  Of course they tried to set me up to see if I'd do or offer something sexually, I guess, because Canadian officials were already involved in MKUltra activities against me when I was a kid.  He also told me his family or friend had a wine vineyard there.

Possibly it was that Julie asked her if she was going to Trinidad, and then she said no, she was going somewhere else this time, but she was going on a vacation somewhere and an island was brought up that was out in the exotic islands somewhere.  If Julie was the one who mentioned it, that was how I knew she knew the woman already because it was something she said like this that indicated she already knew where this woman liked to go.  It was a year ago.

I also think it's odd that when the FBI knows exactly what happened to me, they have concealed this.  Karin Whittemore is with NY FBI and was from Canada and she knows more too, and how is it NY wanted to send Agent Fowler to this area? 

Also, Hedy Fry was trained in Dublin, Ireland and Robin Bechtold's brother was commuting back and forth from there about the time Robin and his family wanted revenge against me.  Both Robin and Erica Ballinger introduced themselves to me and tried to get close, by sitting behind me and tapping on my shoulder, and repeatedly talking to me and trying to be friends while seated directly behind me.  How "Hedy Fry".  The only students who did this were them and possibly Jennifer Coleman.  Robin did this as soon as I arrived, my first year of high school there.  Erica was next and they used the exact same technique.  Turns out, they were working together all along.  With Middleton.

This idea comes from the fact that if Tony Roos is connected to Middleton and Bechtold, and then Mike Nichols is Canadian (and was) and lived with FBI parents who knew Bechtold (directly or through Erik Lund), and Christa Schneider was connected to the Mexican guy next to Erica Ballinger's house (or if he was related to the man, or linked to Tony or Whittemore or Bujanda who lived in that area), and connected to Yuille, it's all connected.  I think it might be wrong, but I keep seeing a Tiffany Middleton that is showing up as related to Tony Roos as well but I am not sure about it.  I know Bryan Parker had a best friend named Tiffany from school, who he talked to more than any other girl.

This is the kind of thing Canada and the United States did to me, but I was a baby and a little toddler and they trafficked me back and forth between the two countries to do this.

Oh look, it's inside the Pemberton operating room at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, B.C.:

You know, it explains a lot.  It explains why I could never take an apartment next to a window that faced up against a brick wall or be in a basement with brick all around.  I couldn't even sit next to windows like that at cafes.  It was a subconcious aversion which I now know is directly related to one of the sites where I was tortured.

(end of update)
These people were involved in torturing me.

I recognize Hedy Fry as well.

When I saw Trudeau's photo as he is older, it wasn't as much of a shock as his younger photos but I don't remember him specifically, just something about the younger photos.  Kim Campbell is inescapable as to guilt.  The other thing I noticed, is that she looks very much like Mike Nichols, the man who tried to kill me, who was born a Canadian citizen and adopted by a U.S. Nichols family.  He looks like Kim Campbell, who is said to have no children.

Mike told me his biological parents were in Toronto, Canada but he was never telling me the truth.  I have, then, no idea where they are from.  I met an Ingrid Knutson who I thought looked similiar and mostly, that she had an interest in me, but if Mike is someone like Kim Campbell's kid, or of that significance, this is a major reason why the Canadian Embassy and government had factions of it which have been extremely hostile.

Not only is the Canadian government guilty of torturing me, hands-on torture, they have a citizen who supposedly was adopted by U.S. parents but seems to have been working for Canadians instead, or both, as both the U.S. and Canada were involved in MKUltra.

Kim Campbell is someone Katie Middleton would be connected to.  When I stated Mike Middleton was involved, he had Kim Campbell, who went to the London School of Economics, on his side in Vancouver, B.C., where I was being taken several times.  What is also strange is that, I would have to look again later, but aside from an iron print, I saw something on my back that looked like Kim Campbell's initials.  The K and the C in her signature are unique and when I saw something on my back I thought it was a figure 8 and some other thing next to it, but it looks a lot like her initials in her signature or I wouldn't have noticied or thought of it.  That would be seriously bizarre, so I'll have to check again, but if it's true, if it is true I have a K, C, on my back, when she was involved in that area at the time I was tortured, with a surgeon named Hedy Fry present, there is a significant problem.  Significant as well, is the fact that her mother was a "Cook".  Phyllis A. Cook.  The other thing that would be weird, is that Chris Dabney asked me what the label was on the back of my coat and I said, "I don't know.  Campbell?"  He said, shocked, and fumbling then, "Why did you say that?  what made you think of saying that?" I said, "I don't know.  I thought it was Alan Campbell or something".  I believe Stephanie Maiers married an Alan Campbell and I'd noticed a similiar name on a coat.  Wouldn't it be odd to find out I have "Campbell" on my back?

That might explain to me why some students at PCC-Sylvania got really weird (my opinion) once and kept bringing up "Campbell".  I didn't know why the name Campbell kept coming up, and one student went on and on, about did I notice the Campbell soup can art by Andy Warhol.  This was brought up more than once, sometime between 1995-1999.  My response had been no, I hadn't.  I never forgot this because it was being spoken of many times and I had no idea why "Campbell" soup can art was such a big deal.

If I have "K" "C" on my back, along with the iron shape and the "sand dollar" circles all over, we've got a problem.  DON'T we.

Even WORSE, would be to find out who Mike's actual biological parents are because his assassination attempt would implicate them.  I believe he already knew who they were.  Even more than Ingrid, he looks like this Kim Campbell, and it's the eyes, the...I would have to look again, but he looks like a relative.

I mean, Campbell's soup can art?  Where did Princess Diana make sure to take her boys?  to the soup kitchen.  Kim Campbell attended Prince of Wales school, and then went to London and after this, moved to Vancouver, B.C. and married a Russian named Nathan Divinsky.  Kim's name is actually Avril (April).  April Campbell.  Maybe Avril Lavines stage name is a combo of Avril and Laval.

Hedy Fry is someone I recognize.  I also think it's disturbing Canada would have someone with a name like "Hedy Fry" as their surgeon now that I know some of the things they did to me.  They electrocuted me.  And then they appoint "Hedy Fry" to be in charge of the "women's federation of surgeons" (or whatever) in 1977.  I was born in 1974, so that gave them 3 solid years.  She is from a Bermuda Triangle of sorts, from 3 different bahama-type island locations.  It wasn't Seychelles.  She was Catholic and someone made sure to indicate ("lapsed") as if, upon discovery of her crimes, it might reflect upon the church.

Joseph Pierre Trudeau was the PM of Canada at that time.  He went to a Jesuit Catholic school and surrounded himself with Jesuit Spainard cocker spaniels.  I guess Katie was his favorite dog.  He probably clubbed with Larry Galizio while visting Spain.  His sexual companion, it is reported, was Barbara Streisand.  Maybe this is why my parents always hated her.  After a short marriage to a Catholic woman, he married Deborah Coynes.  I wonder if he wasn't sleeping with Coynes before he divorced his wife.

I think someone drank coffee or had coffee breath when they tortured me.  I say this because the smell of coffee made me sick to my stomach for years, all my life, which is why I never drank coffee and only had tea until about 1997.  Granny gave me a cafe au lait, half coffee and half milk as a girl, but the smell of coffee made me nauseous.  Especially the smell of coffee and movement.  So when my parents got coffee at a McDonalds, and then we went "on a drive", I always had to roll down the window to breathe because I felt sick.  Mickey Ds.  There were no Starbucks or specialty shops to get coffee at, and if we went on one of those "drives", my parents never got the coffee at Burger King, they got it at McDonalds.  Or sometimes they'd pour it into a mug.  There was not one time I wasn't sick from it.   I used to ask my parents, "Can you not bring coffee?" or I would tell them, "That smell is making me sick".  I got extremely carsick from the smell of coffee in a moving car, and the only thing that helped was rolling down the window and trying to get fresh air.  Possibly I was even having panic attacks and didn't know it, but mostly I felt sick.

Why should I, unless I connected it to things that were done to me and the smell of coffee on breath or in the air while I was in motion somehow, or being electrocuted, or who knows what.

Maybe Taffy Bowen's Kim Campbell had coffee breath, or the "Shock-ya Kahn" Hedy Fry did.  Here's the other thing--one of those women got right in my face before they tortured me, so I am positive I could smell her sick breath first.

When I later asked Granny what kind of coffee she had, when it wasn't the "Middleton Cup" of half and half, she showed me "International Cafe".  Bingo.  I know of a couple of international cafes, and one would have been in Canada and another at the Moses Lake airport.  Those were international places I was near.  The other one would have been possibly the idea of Wenatchee and hispanic-american but it wasn't really as international.  International would explain why different languages, speaking in tongues, or in languages I didn't know, scared me.  Also, being shuttled between Canada and the U.S. is international in itself.  My Granny was psychic so if she was trying to let me know something ahead of time, possibly, after first showing me the half and half coffee, it was with International Coffee.  I think the one I tried at her house was Suisse Mocha but I also remember French Vanilla.  It's made by General Food, kraft division, in the 1970s.  The other organization is ICO which is International Coffee Organization and combines London with the UN at an address of "22 Burners St.".

I have news for you.  You are going to return what's mine.

Nice artwork on this CD cover, by the way.  Real nice.  This woman, Emily Osment, with the "nice" artwork, and "Jordan" for her middle name, is Roman Catholic.  Which is not surprising because the Catholic Church has known all along, which is why some of them have been trying to kill me.  I love how these people take something horrific and make a mockery out of it.  I mean, not just to make money for entertainment, but to glory in torturing others.  Ironically, she didn't find out about me--I found out about them and my family has known about "them" for a very, very, long time.

This country is so run over with corruption, they literally forced me to work at Logan's, with a bunch of horrific Catholics torturing me, IN the workplace as I worked.  Almost every day.  Their manager Matt is a criminal and he is also U.S. Army.

Additionally, when I had to stay at that women's shelter in Nashville, I was no longer being raped in a drugged state, with some kind of sodomy or something (maybe with an object, I don't know), but I did wake up with razor cuts on my body one day, right before Katie Middleton's wedding.  The same thing happened to me at Chris Dabney's house in Washington D.C.  At the women's shelter, there was more than one cut, I think 2, and I had nothing sharp with me, like a knife or razor.  Some woman had cut me.  At that time, I had NO clue about the scars on my arms, or hadn't thought about it or noticed it since 1995.  I noticed then, briefly, and forgot about it.

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