Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bad Feeling & Torture (Oliver's Microchip)

I have had a bad feeling since this afternoon.

I don't know what it's about, but I did go over to my parent's house to see how they were doing. My Mom got very mad at me, because she got up but I kept knocking because of this horrible feeling. I said what was wrong when she yelled (sort of, or just irritated) and said, "I have a sore back and I don't want to be getting up and down." So now I'm worried it's from ultrasound, that her back hurts from torture, or my Dad.

My Dad had some weird thing being done to him even in Moses Lake. When I think about anyone having pain, I know my mother started getting really weird headaches, pretty much after she had a thyroid surgery. I think it was the first surgery she had, and they put metal staples in, but that shouldn't have caused headaches.

My Dad's back hurt enough that he slept on the couch every night, because it was firmer than their bed, and I guess it really hurt. That was for years actually. He slept on the couch with a hurt back, and hurting other times too, for several years. I thought that's just how it was for him but then all of a sudden, later that was never coming up. But for probably most of the time we lived in Moses Lake, he slept on the couch. I would say at least 6-7 years. He didn't at first because I remembered I asked why he was sleeping on the couch later, and I must have started school when it became a problem.

Also, after I wrote that I've had a bad feeling about something, I was then being tortured myself, to my heart and with the laser technology that causes my blood circulation to change (because my heart is affected) and turns my nailbeds blue and purple on one hand.

It is the direct result of torture to my heart that is used and which affects how my heart and arteries pump blood and circulate it to my body.

The U.S. did this to my son, so severely, that his fingernails and private parts were solid blue and purple. It is from torture.

We really cannot live here and all of us need to find a group that will help us to all successfully get out, together, safely, and not leaving one of us behind.

I also think it's odd that Baylor University hopsital stated in their medical notes, that they consulted me and a guardian about doing a "spinal tap" when my mother and father said no one called them, and it was never discussed with me. This was brought up after I was injured at a federal holding place. I didn't have any disease and it wasn't speculated I did (or do).

Actually, for whatever reason, it's been oddly popular with some medical professionals to stir up rumors that there is something really diseased or wrong with me. I feel, looking at when it's been done, this was to prevent me from actually possibly having a normal relationship with anyone and was an attempt to isolate me socially from normal people. In Washington state, they were circulating rumors that were false, that I had AIDS. I am not kidding. It was literally being used as a tactic against me. This was done after I reported FBI agents and some federal personnel, so I guess they thought if I didn't like going with a federal mafia man, I couldn't be with anyone, or have a normal social life, so they'd defame me as sort of nuts, torture me, and then even better, suggest I had AIDS.

I mean, there are a lot of people who still worry about being around someone who has AIDS. So it was a way to isolate me. By 2006, every single medical clinic throughout the entire state of Washington, was suggesting to me, over the phone, that I had AIDS. So who would hear that except for someone they thought bugged my phones and they wanted to scare off? It was even SAID to me over the phone--I was told, "We can't see you, but the AIDS clinic might have an opening." I had about 6-10 different medical professionals or clinics suggest, by telephone that I had AIDS. Then, I was being blocked from getting a medical appointment at even ONE of the places.

Well, I didn't have "AIDS" and I don't now either. This was the second time doctors tried to imply or spread rumors that something "contagious" of a sexual nature plagued me. The first time I was being falsely rumored as having anything wrong, was when I was told I needed a "biopsy" of my cervix to "rule out cancer". Well, I didn't have "cervical cancer" (which is caused by a contagious disease, HPV) and I did not even have any form of HPV, and it turns out all of my PAPS were 100% normal too. I had been tested, and was tested, for any kind of STD later as well, and there was nothing and the chances were about zero anyway.

I feel that in retaliation for my making reports of rape, I was being punished.

I had doctors and medical professionals suggesting I was tainted, dirty, or sexually ridden with diseases, and some of the accusations were also attempts to access my fertility and possibly, my eggs.

Because of the constant suggestion I had AIDS, I was refused medical care from any doctor in the entire state of Washington. My son was as well, and I left for Canada, and that was only a minor reason why. We were not only tortured, we were denied medical care, at all, in our own country, even with "federally funded" health insurance.

So this idea of doing a "spinal tap" later, was odd, in 2011. The only thing I'd had done to my spine was a really wrong "epidural" that went way off. He was jamming something into my spine for about an hour. Then he was saying he was "new" and he couldn't find the right place. I thought what in the world is he doing? but the pain in my back from ultrasound was before this, because it occured at Russ Strong's friend's house for a BBQ. I didn't get any kind of epidural relief. It was like it was just dripping out the other end and nothing was going to my spine at all. I had no pain control at all. When it ran out, at the top, I screamed for someone to come in and fill it up again but they weren't going to. I was worried that if THAT was how I felt WITTH the epidural, it was going to be much worse without. However, I think it was never going into my spine at all. The way things were going in that room, I wouldn't be surprised if it was leaking into a drip pan on the floor instead. I accepted the idea that he was "new" but the entire thing was planned. From Stacey pushing my son's head back in so he couldn't be born, to refusing to call the doctor for a c-section when it was clearly indicated.

The latest "rumor" that has gone around, is that there is something wrong with my fertility or my wires were cut and tied or that I have something, when I don't. It is pretty much falling into the same mind-games routine as the other stuff, like Washington's state-wide defamation that I had "AIDS". I was giving blood samples later, and everything was tested on the East Coast and I wouldn't have been near an FBI hiree or anyone else "official" if I had "AIDS". The doctors knew I didn't have anything like that and they used rumors to make my life worse, and to isolate me while I was tortured and punished for reporting government-sponsored and mafia-sponsored rape.

I do know that I have a metal stent inside, since I had a surgery in Maryland This was done to me in 2009, in the surgery where I had a D&C for my 3-months unresolved miscarriage where my body still thought I was pregnant. The metal stent was placed next to my heart, by my ribcage. Since it has been there, I have been tortured through remote technology that somehow is able to target that metal stent specifically, and this has been done to me, on a regular basis since exactly 3 months after Alvaro Pardo left Wenatchee and went back to D.C. It doesn't have anything to do with an underwire bra or whether I wear one or not. The U.S. put a metal stent in my heart and has used this to facilitate new forms of torture against me. I don't care what other things were done before-- I know about torture before this--but this was specifically done to me in Maryland.

I don't trust this country about anything anymore. They have imported and supported a bunch of criminal doctors who violate the "hippocratic oath" every day. There are more "nazi-style" doctors in the U.S. now than there ever was in Germany. I would make a bet on it. The nazi-style doctors work with the scientists who are criminal and in aerospace defense. They coordinate with eachother and cover for eachother. The doctors are the ones collecting analysis and methods and "results" information. Some of them are implanting people to begin with, to facilitate torture by aerospace defense. They work hand in glove. No doctor "tells on" the physics people, and no physics people "tell on" the doctors.

After what the U.S. did to me, it is possible Stacey Stubblefield pushed something into my son's head during the delivery. It wasn't a normal scar and the process of healing wasn't typical either. Aside from this, my son has been cut and wounded, but if she was pressing on or pushing into his head for an hour, as she was, it is not impossible that she was specifically pushing something into his skull. At that time of life, the skull plates are not fused together. The head is moldable and flexible and even part of the bones on the skull can be soft, but in some places, they are not yet fused. My son's head was damaged at such a place. He was also taken away from me, or CPS began the process, about the time I had photos developed, of pictures I took of his head. I took pictures and saved them on a disposable camera and didn't get the film developed right away. I photographed his head at 3 months of age, because there was still a large scab over that spot on his head. A superficial scab does not last 3 months.

I took the photos when he was 3 months old but then I just held onto the camera and didn't get them developed right away. After I did, CPS was after me and my reimbursement for driving to appointments was quit by the State of Washington.

It is most likely that the U.S. used the opportunity of his birth to push in a microchip, or to insert one after he was injured and then taken away to another room by Dr. Butler. When he was brought back, the scalp was bloody (it was before too) and I was told he'd have to go under bilirubin lights because of the bleeding. Basically, he had high enough bleeding in the brain to cause extremely high levels of bilirubin (in the 'abnormal' range) 3 months after birth.

My son has school photos now, showing him with one eye bulged out and the other not, and part of this may be because the U.S. government has been able to target him, and locate him, from birth. Which is why we never went far in Canada--I mean, aside from the collusion of some Canadians, the U.S. was tracking me by microchips in my body, and they had full access to target my son as well.

Before CPS came out to "interview" me the first time, the photos of my son's head injury were stolen from my house. I didn't take them outside of my apartment so the only way to steal them was to enter my apartment. If police were ever in my apartment, I would not know. I was not told about any illegal or secretive entry by police into my apartment. The only people who had a key to my apartment were my landlords Pam and Doug Barry, and then I had a roommate next door from Mexico at the time, and Mexican roommates downstairs. Not only were the photos stolen, the negatives were stolen.

The United States has been in the business of marketing and trafficking my family, from birth. My parents were not the ones pushing microchips into my son's head. It was Stacey Stubblefied, the Washington State cop's wife, and Dr. Butler, the federal doctor from University of Washington research hospital, and a japanese doctor was there. Just like good old times in Moses Lake, when I was taught to turn my feet inwards to look feminine.

My parent's history of surgeries are at the ear, hairline, and neckline and dental fillings and they do a lot with dental fillings these days. My Dad has had his tonsils out, dental fillings, and laser surgery to his eyes. My Mom has had hairline surgery (plastic), ear surgery, dental fillings, and neck surgery for thyroid. My brother has had multiple nose surgeries under full anaesthesia, and possibly something to one side of his head.

My son? microchip at birth. You see, first I was photographing his head injury at 3 months of age, the ongoing scab; then I was finding out his bilirubin was excessively high at 3 months; and next I was removing his social security number.

Gee. Where are they going, do you think?

Stacey's husband is a Washington state employee. She is licensed by the State of Washington as well. And Malcolm Butler and the japanese doctor are from Washington state and licensed there. So Washington state's AG in Seattle thought they'd be sneaky and kidnap my son after they first stole evidence of the fontenelle. I thought I'd throw that word in, for fun, since one of my classes requires watching "When In Rome".

There are two main fontanelles, perceivable, one over the top of the head in a + and another at the base of the skull. However, there are 6 fontanelles total, and the plates are flexible themselves. See example from medical journal below:

The State of Washington committed crimes against Oliver Garrett-Avila. It was State of Washington employees who tortured him and pushed a microchip into his head, and then continued to torture him. They coordinated with the AG and the federal department to do this, and they brought in a Japanese doctor 'for fun'. This was done, when it was already known Moses Lake had used U.S. and japanese military base personnel to assault me. This is why someone thought it was also funny to have a japanese doctor mocking me as I left a psych ward where I was held hostage in TN. It is no suprise then, that a Japanese movie about a "fork" inside of a woman came out after I was operated on in 2009 in Maryland. It isn't like some of the Japanese didn't know what was done to my son at the Central Washington Hospital, with Stacey Stubblefield (WA state licensed and OHSU licensed, from Kansas or Kentucky) and Dr. Butler (WA state licensed, federal clinic).

When my son is being targeted, he's being targeted to his head, which affects his eyes, to his heart, which affects circulation to his body including his private parts, and a number of other places. I wonder if Stacey Stubblefield lived next to the Hammer family when she lived in Kansas. I guess it was possibly Kentucky, not Kansas. So basically, this woman from Kentucky, implanted my son and then a joke is made about HIM being "kentucky fried chicken". People from Kentucky are Tim Henderson, who was in California, knows Kari Sue, and whose family is found (possibly) connected to law enforcement and Navy. I found a connection to either Navy or some kind of government work recently.

Like I said, my entire family needs legal support and financial support, to leave this country and actually re-established somewhere else safely, and be together. Canada refouled me when they knew about me and my son and parents.
UPDATE 1:53 a.m. 5/17/13

I was tortured to my head by military while looking up pedophile supporter Canada Judge Mary Southin. I had several sharp jabbing laser kinds of prods onto my head, which has been done to me in the past and caused swelling.

Also, I was being tortured to my heart until I "ate enough" and then the torture quit. This has been done to me several times by the U.S. where they have used torture to condition behavior to try to force me to do something they want, that I wouldn't choose to do, just to not be tortured anymore. They did this with my Uncle Howard and my brother Levi, with alcohol, torturing them until they drank alcohol and only quitting severe torture by aerospace defense technology, after they'd satisfied the people being paid with taxpayer money to do these things. I've had this done to me with food, where the U.S. tortures me while I am fasting, for religious reasons, or after I joked openly about how all the U.S. gave me as a kid, for being tortured, was a candy bar. So I once bought a bunch of chocolate and candy and I was tortured 10x worse than before, and with it only stopping if I was eating candy or chocolate. The same thing has been done with food at other times, where I am tortured until I eat a ton.

I have no eating problem or disorder and I don't feel "pain" from eating or not eating. I can go for hours, studying, without eating, because I forget my hunger pains and keep working. I never have torture to the metal stent by my heart, or head pain from targeting, because I eat or don't eat, except where the U.S. deliberately tortures me to mock forcing me to do something in an attempt to have them quit torturing me.

It has been a goal, for the last year and a half, to keep my family from being in shape as well. All of us have been tortured with aerospace defense technology if we try to work out, which means go to the gym, run, walk, lift weights, or do any form of exercise, especially aerobic exercise. We are tortured. This first was done to me in Nashville, TN, at the YMCA after I started to get into very good shape. After I was up to running 10 miles a day and taking classes, I was being tortured with aerospace defense technology, and it was being electrocuted. I was getting zapped and electrocuted every time I was on any kind of machine and then in the sauna I was being tortured with ultrasound to my back at times and to the metal stent in my heart.

As soon as the U.S. and CIA decided they wanted to have Katie Middleton working out and getting in shape, for her wedding and then afterwards with a personal trainer, my entire family was suddenly being forced to get out of shape and fat. Not one of us is naturally lazy or unathletic. We all work out and we've always run or gone to the gym. For me, I was tortured for the first time while working out, at the YMCA in Nashville. Then later, I was able to run with my Mom and work out until I reported the U.S. to the UN. After this, we were all forced into not working out. Basically, about the time I reported the U.S. to the UN and said something about "Harper Seven" and the possibility Victoria Beckham was a surrogate for Katie. From that point-forward, when I had also made it clear I wasn't interested in being in a relationship with any of the U.S. feds or military here, the U.S. decided to punish me. If I wasn't going to give their feds and military blow jobs or sex, then they didn't care if I was in shape or not. They don't care about my health--this country doesn't. This country doesn't care about my parents health either. All of a sudden, my parents were being forced to wear really weird things they'd never choose to wear for themselves, and were not able to work out anymore, and were being tortured.

We were all being degraded and humiliated and this is with Osama as President, and I voted for him, but he has a duty to me and my family that he is not upholding.

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