Friday, May 17, 2013

Granny's Stolen Frame

The photo of me that Alvaro Pardo was so gleeful about taking, was one where the frame was stolen and replaced with something else.

It was most likely given to Granny to mock the idea of "Amethyst Violet" as a name she gave herself later. This is what I told people. However, it wasn't what she really had changed her name to. She had changed it to Amethyst D'Oro. It meant Amethyst of the gold.

About the time I had mistakenly told people she changed it to Amethyst Violet, someone went in, and stole a picture frame that was around my photo and had been the one she had for years.

They stole the original frame, and gave her a cheap porcelain one with violet designs on it.

Someone was then making a point about a "middle name" and taking the picture frame to replace it with a different one.

It had been solidly placed into a gold frame with a stand, with glass pressing down over it. Then it was set on one of the shelves in a hutch-type of built-in in the kitchen, between the kitchen and living room, inbetween the dutch kid sugar, flour, and other cannisters (kitchen) and the t.v. (in the livingroom). There was a calendar hanging on the door by the shelves for a long time, that was also inbetween this, by the door that went to the garden. That was later moved to a different door, that was for the ironing board and Granny didn't like it there but that's where it was for some reason.

Granny didn't take my photo out of the other frame. It was stolen and she told me.

Someone had dropped the photo into a loose frame that didn't fit, that was overlarge, square, with a heart shaped inner frame and violets on the outside, with no glass.

My photo had also been in an oval frame with roses around it before, but it was only roses and the gold frame, and then someone stole these, which she had until about 2005 or a couple years earlier, and put my photo in that instead.

Alvaro knows who did it, or he wouldn't have been so mirthful over taking a photo of my photo in the violet frame, but not want to touch the one of me with tears in my eyes when I was 2 in the blue and white dress, or of my parent's wedding. He took photos of my photos, and then went out and took photos of the orchard and the worst feeling I had was when we on the East Wenatchee property. He was acting excited about photographing a water pump at the back of the property, where I had found a man with a metal detector once, and piping going to the river. He tooks tons of photos of that and at that point I thought, "No one takes photos of pipes when they are out looking around with their 'fiance', just to look around."

After he took photos of all kinds of things on the property, that no normal fiance would take unless it was for someone else, he went through all of my personal diaries and photos and took photos and sent them over to Middleton. And HE was working for the FBI. Which is strange then, that he didn't want to meet FBI retiree Rick Baken, who lived next to my grandparents. After all, my Grandpa Baird only got a knife in the butt since Rick had moved there with Claudia, at Rob Schneider's recommendation, in 2002.

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