Friday, May 31, 2013

Definition of Pig Pen (Cops and FBI)

I wrote something in an email this morning that I am copying here and expanding on:

"What do you mean, 2 screens off of the same hard-drive?  sounds like what a cop in Wenatchee did to my computer one day when I let him look at it.  It was a huge mistake.
He hooked my computer up to his and uploaded everything but I believe it was for Wenatchee police reasons then, because I had a complaint against the FBI by that time.  Prior to this, they just illegally hacked and surveilled me without a warrant or notice to other police at all.
"LOREE Garrett <>
11:42 AM (5 minutes ago)

I realized today that even comments by my mother about what a "mess" I made, which I had thought was MY MOM, was not even coming from my mother at all.  I had thought she was trying to make me a scapegoat for some messes SHE made but the house was never really messy at all, and neither was my bedroom.  I wasn't disorderly.  I created small disasters but cleaned them up and organized like a serious perfectionist.  So the whole time my mother had someone telling her to tell me to wear "brown mascara" and to go out with people or take jobs that I knew she knew were not right for me, someone had her claiming I was uncleanly or messy all the time, out loud.  She did this when no one was around, and would have known only someone bugging our house or ME, would hear.  So whoever had access to do that was responsible for trying to have me portrayed in some kind of transmitted audio about our on-goings, that I was a totally different kind of person than I was.
When I was very little she'd say, "This is a PIG PEN".  Not pig style.  Pig Pen, as in, Cop Prison.  I DID make some messes playing with toys, of my own, but later, it got changed.  Someone didn't like how "pig pen" reflected on police and our virtual house arrest so they had her continue to say I was "messy" but never say pig pen anymore, and then it became this huge thing of how I couldn't clean a house.
The United States government then used that exact same thing as an excuse to take my son from me, when my house wasn't even a mess.  They just lied.
Anytime since, they have had other govt. inside my house, or disbelievers, at times they KNEW it WAS a mess because they had been torturing me and I was too sick to clean and had a bunch of projects going and not enough space.
However, all my life, on my own, people saw how I kept house on my own, and it wasn't a mess.
This country lied to cover up for cops and FBI.

Basically, I moved out of the house, and when I went back home for a short time because of my broken neck, when I was still being accused, out loud, of making messes, I got mad at my Mom and said, "Why have you made me the scapegoat all these years, about messes when I never make a mess?  I just lived on my own and my bed was always made and my room was clean.  I am not making the mess, this is your mess that was already there."

However, even my mother's "mess" was nothing more than a bunch of bills lying on the table and paperwork.  I accused her of saying I made messes to make herself sound better to my Dad, as if I was the one responsible for any mess (and nothing ever was very 'messy' because no one in my family was unclean, a slob, or messy).

When police went to my own apartment in Portland later, after someone broke in, they said loudly, "DID HE MAKE THIS MESS?"  I had wondered why that cop claimed it was a mess when it wasn't.  He kept talking, saying, "What a MESS.  Did HE do this?" and we said, "No, nothing is different, he just stole a few things" and then the cop said, "I thought maybe he had ransacked your house" (or whatever the word is where someone turns everything over and makes a mess doing it).

Why would a Portland COP be making such a statement?

I'll tell you why.  Because HE was a pig, trying to reinforce the idea that I was a messy person and to cover for other pigs and insinuations that pigs had been holding my family under house arrest and surveillance for years.  He also did this, to continue some idea that I was a slob, when I wasn't.

Nowhere else I ever lived, did anything think I was messy, and when I was cleaning my oven and stove-top with a toothbrush, it wasn't "mania"--that is how I am naturally.  I am a perfectionist and I keep my house and apartments clean.  Disorganized under torture yes, or during creative projects, but I have always kept a clean house.  Jan was the nurse-in-training who wanted to rent a room from me, and she saw me cleaning and renovating my house the entire time I was there, so for her to ever suggest, even joking, that cleaning my stove with a toothbrush was "obsessive" or I was just "manic" was a way to displace the fact people had been lying about me since I was a teenager, to conceal the idea that "pig pen" was a comment made by my mother all the time, to later warn me about the fucking cops and FBI who had us under house arrest and surveillance.

When I got back from the East Coast, I got upset she was throwing the old "you made a mess" comments around and I accused her of blaming me to look like she didn't do it.  It was a bunch of bills that the one time was over, on the table.  Stuff from Mike Snow, who was with an insurance agency that interviewed me after my broken neck, and Utah bills, and some real estate mail.

It turns out, my mother wasn't trying to make me a "scapegoat" to "look better for" my Dad.  She was doing what U.S. government criminals told her to do, and say, out loud, for others who bugged our house to hear, and because they didn't like the idea that I might figure out what "pig pen" was really about.

When I was in Middleton, TN, my mother sent me a book called "When Pigs Move In" as police there were getting into my locker and cutting up the bottoms of my shoes.

After this, when everyone there saw me carrying that book around, I was locked up, held hostage, and assaulted with the FBI and DEA involved in it.
The pigs who were around my family at the time I was growing up were Jim and Shirley Sandberg.  Jim must have been a cop, and his daughter Annette then became a State Trooper.  Other pigs were Bill and Sharon McGuire.  One pig worked as a chaplain for Moses Lake police and was Larry Brice (Larry and Shirley Brice), and another pig moved into town, and it was Karin's (now Whittemore) parents, from Canada.  Another pig was living behind our house, Allan and Tammy Springer.  Armstrongs were pigs that talked to my Mom on the phone.  The Sandbergs moved into my life when my Mom was 23 years old and I was 2 years old.

The UK Middleton family worked with pigs.

The U.S. government men who raped me, and premeditated what they were doing, not for "lust" when they could get any woman for that, but for hate crimes, were all pigs and connected to pigs.

A pig moved next to my grandparents in Cashmere, Rick Baken.  Another pig tried to be my friend when his Uncle was an FBI pig (Geoff Rasmussen).  We lived next to pigs in Sherwood, and Robin Bechtold's brother became a pig.  When my house was broken into by a man, my house was clean and pigs came in and took photos of the only mess in the house, created by the man who broke in, who made a pile of photos in the center of a floor.

I have had PIGS invading my life.  Pigs have come into my apartments and houses and made messes and accused me of having a mess to cover for the fact they've been invading my privacy, raping me, and stealing from me and torturing me since I was a toddler. 

Whenever people came to my house unexpectedly, before I was being tortured, everyone saw my house was always clean and sometimes they looked shocked.  This is because it was not what they expected.

It was pigs who went into my house in East Wenatchee and made a mess, and then kidnapped my son from me, to raise him in another pig pen.

Even Chris Dabney and Alvaro Pardo were pigs.When the pig company figured out I wasn't going along with their pig shit, Chris Dabney made a point to say, out loud, his new girlfriend "cleaned the whole house and all my housemates liked it".  His pig girlfriend "cleaned" for the other pigs.  Right.  First, when he liked me, he was telling people I was clean and kept a clean house/room and then when he didn't like me, he told me he didn't want his clothes washed but bragged about his pig girlfriend "cleaning" and how "clean" she was.

Alvaro Pardo, who is a pig, did the same thing, suddenly making comments about how he "cleaned the room" and saying this out loud, about the time he didn't like me anymore, and was trying to switch things around on me.  This is also when my underwear, all pairs that I had except for 2 of them, were stolen from this room.  No one stole from me, until after Michelle Erickson was calling to find out if I knew I was being medicated or not, by the pig Alvaro.

Pigs Bujanda and Garza also lied about me and broke into my house as an excuse to get in and then lie about me.

I have had serious "messes" since being tortured, but not one time did anyone find my apartment or house unkempt when I lived on my own.  Never.  The only person to ever accuse me of having an unclean place or to make comments out loud, is my mother, sometimes my Dad, and pigs.  One time, Carmen, Levi, and my parents saw me when I was sick from being tortured and it wasn't as clean as usual but it was not a mess.  When people have broken into my house since I've been back in Oregon, it's only been allowed at times my house was known to be a mess, after being tortured for months.

I naturally made a "mess" when I played with my toys as a little girl, and I naturally make messes when I work on projects or art, but I have been a naturally clean person who kept my apartments far cleaner or as clean as my parent's house when I lived on my own or with my son, or with housemates.

The only person who didn't agree was Monica, but I even kept my house clean around her.  She was the type that lined every single toilet, even in her parents house, with toilet paper before sitting down on it.  I can't help it if she was beyond normal in that regard, but my house and apartments were visited unexpectedly and often, and they were always clean.

The U.S. used their "messy house" claim as a lie when pigs were the ones making the mess.  They even had pigs going into my clean house and only taking pictures of a pile of photos and outfits hung up on a rail, when my entire house was spotless. 

I am tired of U.S. pig shit.

I want my son returned to me pigs.

I'm talking to you Pig Annette.

I stupidly thought the Sandbergs were "friends" when all they are, are pigs.  She's been a pig for the Middletons too.  Part of the Mickey Mouse club and everything. 

Anytime my parents have ever left the country, since we quit going back and forth to Canada, it has only been while chaperoned by pigs.  The Sandbergs are pigs who went with my parents to Mexico and Patty Otterbach is a pig who went to Mexico with just my Mom.  My parents have never left the country without a pig going with them.

I guess if I'd married the pig Alvaro and gone to Colombia, and my parents went to visit, they would still be "chaperoned" by pigs.  Pig Alvaro.  I could have been killed, or continued to live in Alvaro's pig pen and if it ever looked like my parents were escaping a pig pen, it was just to leave a U.S. pig pen to visit a U.S. pig pen in Colombia.

The U.S. wanted me to live with a pig and stay in their pig pen control.

Guess who wanted to talk to the pig privately?  The pig Alvaro?  Holly and Pablo Avila.  Why talk to a pig in private without me unless they are either mafia working for pigs or pigs.  When pig Alvaro went up to talk to Pablo and I stood in the orchard waiting, without going over, the only person who knew was Alvaro, and an undercover PIG who was patrolling the road when we went up there.  A blond pig who looked like Jamie, the man who managed Mikes Jersey Subs in Nashville and who also worked for FEMA.  He was driving a undercover pig sedan.  He smirked at Alvaro and Alvaro smirked back and I knew they knew eachother.  Later, it was Michelle Erickson, who works with these pigs, who told me she had "information" that I was near the Avilas house and I was not allowed to be because of a restraining order. 

I had SUCH a nice pig fiancĂ©.  The other people who knew pig Alvaro were Valente, who is Locklyn's son, and they exchanged looks too, before I had ever introduced them to eachother when Valente passed us one day.

One big pig parade.

These pigs have lied about me and all of them work for the U.S. government.  They want my son to be raised in a pig pen with the Avilas, in pig control.  I want him OUT and the U.S. doesn't have a law that gives them the right to practice selective military & pig drafts for babies and toddlers.

Pigs raped me and then they wanted to say I was "unclean".


I was even forced to live with Canadian pigs when I was in Canada.  Either that or they were U.S. pigs who happened to live in Canada at the time.

I asked for political asylum and I continue to be the only legal guardian of Oliver Robert Guy Garrett. 

"The FBI raped me"...I never said that to Dr. Michael Parnell.  I will say it now, however, that it is true I was raped by pigs.  Pigs have been lying about me and creating messes for me my entire life, and pigs drugged me as a kid as well.  Pigs in D.C. even admitted I kept a clean room or house and then the minute they didn't like me or wanted a cover for something they had done, they were trying to say there was something wrong with my cleaning.  They never wanted me to figure out the part about my having to live in a pig pen my entire life, and when I wasn't living in a pig pen, a cop cage, I had pigs breaking into my house to snarffle about.


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