Friday, May 24, 2013

My Mom Tortured Today

I had to take photos of something for a class, and in one of the photos, which I didn't put on the assignment but had on my computer, had a small dot on it and then someone tortured my mother today so she has a large dot on the tip of her nose.

I really cannot stand this country anymore.

My mother gets tortured as some kind of a sick joke over a photo I took last night?

It was done to her while she was supposedly at "work" this morning.

She got home and her skin looked swollen and red and I thought it looked the way it does after Kathy Hathaway has been around her.  Shiny and swollen, and then a couple of hours later, a darker mark on my Mom's nose was obvious.

There is no possible way my Mom got this except by DOD torture and I am sick of this fucking country's crimes.

It's not like a spot you can wipe off.  It's a medium brown dot that wasn't there a couple of hours ago, and must have needed that amount of time to darken from whatever was done to her at work.

My photos taken were for a Jewish class, for OSU. 

I am tired of this country and this country's crimes of torture against my family.

My family is not even living here voluntarily.  My parents are twins, and they are tortured.  The other day my Mom set out 4 vitamin trays instead of two (one for her and one for my Dad).  She designated the vitamins for both sets of twins and then there was an empty set (a 3rd set).

I've already noticed, and it's obvious, that my parents have twins.  I am disgusted by what this country has done to hold them hostage, and torture them, and break into every house or apartment I ever rented in my life, and steal from me.

No one in the "mafia" does that.  No one in the "mafia" is so stupid they'd break into MY house, when they know I have nothing to do with mafia, and break into ALL of my houses and steal from me and snoop around.  That is at least 8-10 different apartments and houses, in different parts of a state, in different states.

Only the fucking United States government employees would do this, and the ONLY reason they would do it, is because they've been snooping into our lives ever since we were born and they held us hostage and tried to control us with their crappy programs.

This has to do with Robin Bechtold, his family, their mafias and the people from high school that tried to murder me and plotted assassination attempts against me, and their fucking government "covers" with Nathan Bechtold's employment with police and the Bectholds mafia and CIA work (and they coordinated with the Rasmussens who work for FBI and whose Uncle is FBI).

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