Monday, May 13, 2013

Princess Diana Reveals National Security Information: "3 of Us In The Marriage"

My parents are kidnapped and I've been kidnapped.

The entire interview of Princess Diana with Martin Bashir alludes to my parents and the triplets and twins that are involved.

This country has been putting one set of twins in jail while the others are seen publicly, and I was kidnapped and possibly held in jail and tortured while with either set.

Throughout the interview, she talks about torture.  She is also seated in front of what comes across as a "tunnel".  It's the back of a fireplace mantle of some kind, but the way it is seen, it looks like a gray tunnel. 

The only way I could have been tortured at the Pemberton operating room in Victoria, B.C., would have been to access it by underground tunnel.  The Pemberton wasn't even known to still exist until its excavation in 1991, at which point, orphans in other parts of Canada began alleging other secret activities of torture against them, by the Canadian government.  There were mass burial sites found in Montreal, of children who died after experiments performed by the CIA and Canada.  No one really heard about it in the U.S. because the CIA basically controls the media, in every aspect.  In Montreal, all they did, to make it look like they were doing "something", was open a police inquiry in 1992.  Out of this, all of the dead kids, and infants, there was one lawsuit against the Canadian government and the CIA and it was for 8 kids that were electrocuted and given drugs and forced into isolation and sensory deprivation.

These Canadian children came to the surface only after the Pemberton was excavated, because someone must have started talking.

When I first saw the Diana interview, I saw the surface, and assumed it was really about her marriage and that was it.  That is not what it is about, or just what it's about.  It was a public way to send a message.  I don't know what the purpose was, or who was supposed to get it.  However, I do know, she chose to be seated by something that looks like a gray tunnel.  She then discusses sensory deprivation.  She says "Isolation" and talks about how isolation is a technique that's used.  "There is no better way to 'dismantle' a personality than to isolate it."

That is straight out of a CIA textbook.

The other thing that the interview focuses on, are the gold panels of the door that pushes open, behind Martin Bashir.  Those door panels are "l" vertical, and "__" horizontal.  They are like the marks made into the sides of my head, at my temples.

Then behind him directly across from the "tunnel" is a painting of water.  I'd have to look again, but I think it's water next to a bridge.

She also talks about "wasting" food.  Throwing up, because of scenes of torture, and inflicted torture.  The other idea is that you really don't need all that food, do you? because you're just going to "waste" it.

When Diana says, cryptically, "Well, there were 3 of us in the marriage" she isn't talking about just herself and Camilla and Charles.  My mother is an identical triplet.  There are 3.  There are 3 of her in the marriage, to my Dad, and there are 2 of him (twins).  So when she says "There were 3 of us in the marriage" she's alluding to my mother and the 3 of them that are married to my Dad and interchanged.  She then goes on to say, sort of smirking a little, at this point, over this secret, to Martin Bashir, "Well, you see...what about the children."  What do you do with the children.  She then says, "I mean, William and Harry" (or she says "the boys").

She is overly quick to correct herself.  This is because she is directly speaking about about the children from my Mom and Dad and how they are interchanged and moved around, and what do they do if there is a "divorce".  She isn't just speaking about her own kids, or she wouldn't be emphatically redirecting to say their names or imply them.  She does this, because she wants to lead and then reverses in order to create a sufficient cover against accusations of treason, or knowledge of what she's talking about by the wrong people.

About the time she says "3 of us in the marriage", 3 boxes from a file cabinet are shown open.  These are the same kind of files that were opened up for me one day at school by one of my teachers.  Basically, the movie "Girl Interrupted" with Angelina Jolie, where she breaks into a room and opens the file cabinet and reads the file...that was done for me by one of my school teachers and the file cabinet was the same height as the one in the Diana room, and the drawer was opened for me.  At a different time, later, I remember being shown some paper from something by Mr. Martinez, but he didn't open a drawer from me, he just told me and then I have a weird memory of being underneath a drawer or table for some time with him in the room.  I was low to the ground, underneath something.

The time a teacher wanted me to see a huge file on me, was when I was in second grade I believe, with Mrs. Raugust.  She was the one who opened the file and had me look.  That was in 1981 or 1982.  One decade later, in 1991, Pemberton was excavated and who knows what house calls and airport visits I had in Moses Lake as well. 

"Doubles" were not originally just terms for "spies" but for twins.  If you have a "double", you have a twin.  "Doubles" have been exploited and tortured by governments in the past, to do what they want.  My parents and I, and my son have all experienced torture and kidnapping because of the United States and Canada and possibly other countries involved as well.  The "MKUltra" secret was primarily between the UK, Canada, and the U.S. and if others found out, they were blackmailed.

What this country has apparently found convenient for themselves, is to allow so many others to know about this, and continue to abuse and torture us, but keep it a "secret" to prevent our escape through normal channels or habeas corpus.  It's not like the U.S. government and FBI don't know about my parents.  What they've chosen to do, is use this knowledge and keep it to themselves and to criminals and people who harm us. 

It is even possible that I had a twin, and if I did, it's possible that twin could die and the U.S. would do nothing and no one would know.  Or die, and people know, but don't know it's a twin.  I was told to work for Lorraine Rose, who had a "twin sister" in England that came over.  As a kid, I was given "Bobsy Twin" books and "Doublemint Gum".  There was always an emphasis on twins and doubles but I didn't notice.  My first babysitting job was for 2 yr. old twins.

The U.S. has done nothing but lie to protect themselves, and encouraged rape, repeated rapes against my family, sodomy, torture in person and by NASA and aerospace defense, kidnapping, and restraints.  They have forced us into hunger for years, and also tortured us when we try to work out to prevent us from being in shape and having good health.  Every single thing the U.S. has done, for the last 10 years, has been retaliatory hate crime and excused with "privilege" with the phoney claim it's a national security matter.

It's not.  Everyone knows.  All of the wrong people know, and the bad people know.  The people that this country haven't wanted to know, are those who could hardly imagine such a thing being done by this country to their own citizens, and who are good.

The Iranian scientist who told me there was an experiment in torturing pigs and watching the effects of MRI and satellite technology on their bodies, was not just talking about animals.  He was telling me what the U.S. had been doing to me and my son.  One of many things.

This country has lied and threatened my parents with death, and most likely, probably killed siblings I had.  They killed Gannon, with a "Taffy Bowen" style "Death Ray" and then they waited until I was born to torture me and it's possible identical twins were born and they took me to be tortured and cut open and electrocuted, and the other one to be out for public show in Wenatchee.  So if the other one spent the first part of it's life in Wenatchee, unharmed, the rest of it has been somewhere else, or it died and the CIA and Canada don't care. I was taken, on the other hand, to some foreign country and tortured while either they tried to "dismantle" my personality or interrogated my parents over something or just used it as an excuse to intimidate and torture them into silence so the CIA and FBI could keep using them.

One of the "dossiers" being compiled, had to do with my family.

Did the Rose family, with their English "twin", really not know about my parents twins and triplets?  I mean, are we trying to say we take labor from victims but we don't care to share the truth with the media that the Rabbi has direct access to?  Lorraine and Rabbi Rose are Jewish and British and they've always known and they made a moral choice of consequence to have us all tortured, raped, and abused, without saying one word in public about it.

Welcome to the Sin-ogogue.

How much crap have I had crammed down my throat about the "Holocaust" when the Jews in America have been exploiting a Holocaust against my family, here and now?

As for the "christians" and Catholics, they've been just as bad, using homeless shelters for their personal "research centers" and trying to make people think there is something wrong with me or that I have a "demon" or something, by using technology and implants they put into my body, to cause eye twitching and other effects that have nothing to do with the supernatural and everything to do with torture.  I mean, what a clever tactic, to try to convince the nice, believing christians, there is something wrong.

Catholics have stood by, as guards, to torture.  How is it that 90% of the women and men involved in holding my son hostage from me, after they tortured our brains out in East Wenatchee and then complained about a cluttered house, are Roman Catholic.  Over NINETY PERCENT Catholic and about 70% of them military.

Meanwhile, this country has been illegally forcing my parents to give away eggs and sperm.  My mother's doctor in Roseburg is a criminal.  Dr. Jane Birchard.  She is the one who has been injecting chromium into the veins on my mother's feet, and that's after it was done by someone else first.  She has my mother ovulating and producing eggs to force them to have kids and then take them away, and to give their eggs and sperm to others.  My mother, one of the triplets, agreed with me one day and nodded about my making a complaint against Jane Birchard.

Jane Birchard's offices are also where police officer Patty Otterbach took my mother the day after I made a report to the UN for the first time, and brought her back tortured and drugged after stopping to shop for corncob dildos (they looked like dildos) at Michael's first.

And what, by the way, was I forced to do when I was in Canada? aside from being tortured or flown to Sandoze Labs in Switzerland for more CIA experiments?  I was being forced to suck on English and Canadian men's private parts.  The "Father of Lies" might be the "Father of Whoppers", and who had the "malt balls".  I was molested by U.S. men, Canadian men, and UK men.  It was not very hard to get a group of them to lie about me and defame me.  The U.S. let Canadians lie to me and kept their secrets for them as they did.  No problem, because the favor would be returned, along with UK favors.

The U.S. has been holding my parents hostage, and makes a show over their owning property when they control everything.  They have controlled every single aspect of my life and allowed me to be kidnapped, my parents to be kidnapped (Bob twins, and Dicksie triplets) and kidnapped my son from me as well.  They have performed surgeries on all of us, to tag and bag us, and track us wherever we go.

They know we've been raped and do nothing, even with rape kits. 
They know we have scars from torture and file no police reports. 
They have murdered my unborn baby that was growing in my womb,
and murdered a newborn after he was born,
 they have forced my parents to have kids and then taken them away from them,
they have violated our reproductive rights and forced us to give them eggs and sperm,
they have violated our religious freedom and encouraged hate crimes,
 they have violated our right to privacy and had us under camera and audio surveillance,
they have exploited our talent and allowed others in entertainment and music to make money off of our work,
 they have passed us around as couriers without our consent so they can give messages to military and intelligence through the implants they put into our bodies by surgeries,
they have forced us to lose valuable lawsuits where we were owed hundreds of thousands of dollars, they have constructed false arrests,
they have defamed us to incite hatred from others to shift the blame from this massive crime,
they have tried to force us into marriages with government employees,
 they have tortured our children in front of our eyes and continued this cycle,
they have prevented our access and entry into business and the marketplace by shutting down bank accounts and making unlawful withdrawals from our accounts,
they have premeditated rapes,
premeditated physical assault with knives,
premeditated beatings,
premeditated torture by NASA and military remote control,
premeditated assault by toxic overdose of chemicals and drugs,
planned assassination attempts using Department of Justice employees,
held us in restraints in small spaces and cages,
stolen vehicles,
stolen personal papers and diaries and documents,
stolen mail and opened and read mail,
stolen clothing, jewelry, and shoes,
destroyed property used for communication (laptops, computers, cell phones, phones, printers, faxes)
given us death threats

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