Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Correction To Last Post (Detective Grose Refused Rape Report)

I accidentally wrote something wrong in the last post.  I'll remove it until I can clear those sections.

I said I got very sick after having champagne with Alicia Peters and that it was after this I was raped by Josh.

That is not the case.

I had gone out for a drink on rare occasion by that time, which was after 2003, because I was going to PSU then.

I was raped by Josh Gatov when I was a virgin and didn't ever drink at all.That was in late 1998. I had a small dixie cup worth of wine, but it wasn't a date rape of "drunkenness"--it was because of his force. I was forced, violently, and for Detective Brian Grose to say "he seemed like too laid back of a person to do that" his own daughter should be raped and then maybe he could have his job back after he tipped him off to leave the country to avoid prosecution.  Detective Brian Grose knew Robin Bechtold, and people who knew him, and when he learned I was including Robin in my rape report, whether that affected his treatment of Josh or not, I don't know. 

The Detective had a motive to lie and tip him off, to drop the rape charges, or he wouldn't have done this.  When I tried to report Robin Bechtold's rape of me anyway, because he was still in the country, Detective Grose refused to take my rape report.

Robin raped me 2 years after I was raped by Josh Gatov, and there were witnesses to the incident at the time.

Robin Bechtold's brother Nathan is a Oregon State cop, like Stacey Stubblefield's husband was at the time.  She moved, with her husband, to Washington state after I did.

My report of rape by Robin was not taken by Det. Gross.  He also tipped Josh Gatov off to leave the country when I told him I wanted to include it.

I believe this was because he already knew it would come out they were connected to eachother.  It also made a stronger case for me because I had only even kisses one person until I was 24 years old and then I was raped and the next time, it was another rape that was premeditated by Robin, who was connected to Josh Gatov.

Detective Grose obstructed justice, and when I tried to pursue the complaint about Robin at least, and track down Josh's whereabouts in another country (there was no reason they couldn't make an inquiry with another country) Gross told me he wouldn't do it "Now that the newspaper article is out about you" (by Amy Roe) and told me, sneeringly, "Why don't you buy a new coat."

Recently, when Detective Grose called me at my house, in 2011, claiming to take a report about Josh, he made it all about Josh again, and didn't refer to Robin Bechtold once, and then after using it as an opportunity to harass me, he said the statutes were expired.

I don't think the statutes have expired when police obstructed justice and evidence, and illegally interfered with a criminal prosecution of 2 rapes.

Later, Julia Thornton with the FBI did the exact same thing to me, telling me she would take one kind of report from me, but not another of a situation where crimes had been committed. The Portland Police and FBI were picking and choosing what crimes to cover up for, and they ended up covering for all of them, because both Josh Gatov and Robin Becthold worked for them.

So I had that correction to make to my last post, and the comment or scripture about meeting a mother bear, I remembered because it was a scripture verse my Dad repeated all the time when I was a kid in Moses Lake, WA.  He used to recite different verses and that was one of them.

I didn't go back to a different chapter in the Bible because it was a pattern approach, or "code", it was something I remember from my childhood and because the reference sounded close to it, it came to mind.

Amy Roe also works for the FBI, and is part of the "change" people who wanted me to change, and to "change" my story to their convenience, and if I didn't, they changed it for me.  She was paid money for her article defaming me, not just by Willamette Week.  It was used to smear me as sounding sexually promiscuous, or unstable, as a defense for the Portland FBI and Portland police to use to defend Robin Becthold and Josh Gatov and then they resorted to tipping Josh off to leave the country and telling me they were not taking my report about Robin.

I did go out with Middle Eastern men before Josh Gatov raped me.  They were different ones, and I went with Halea Meyers and there was no alcohol and they were Muslim (one from Iraq and one from UAE).  I tutored some as well.  Josh raped me after I had gone out with them.

The other Middle Eastern men that I went out with, with Peters, were years later (I think Saudi and UAE) and we had champagne for the occasion and I wasn't drinking at all except for rare special occasions and so I did.

At first Detective Gross said he was taking the reports about both Josh and Robin, and then he waited until the newspaper article came out, which was after Josh had left the country, and said, "Not now".

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