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Upchuck: Kate Middleton Is A Criminal (Maiers)

When I bring up government rape, and torture, I can now point a finger directly at Kate Middleton, who was stupid enough to expose herself as being one of several criminals in a group that colluded against me and tortured my son.

It is because of her family that I was throwing up all the time as a little girl.  I was being given food and drinks that were tampered with, and I threw up as a result.  Not to mention whatever was done that was not food and drink specific.

It was coming from the Car Nation people.  Don't the Middletons and Maiers share a passion for old car collections?  The Middletons knew Summer and J.R.'s parents, who we were around at the time  I was throwing up all the time.

Maybe Katie thought her throwing up drama was a way to win sympathy for herself.  It did not work, because prior to her throwing up, she was mocking me by wearing a hat with 3 birds eggs on it, as she won a lawsuit over frivolous self-interest when she knew she had the FBI and U.S. mafia friends of hers torture me out of 3 of my own lawsuits (and actually, bitch, I had 4 pending at the time, not three).

Katie Middleton was obsessed with me, and mocking me, before I even knew she existed.  The fact that she went to such extremes proves who she was connected to in the U.S., and that she was "aware" enough, in her own right, and not under Mommy and Daddy's thumb, to take part of criminal government activities against me.  She was exactly like Robin Bechtold, working for the government, before she was even out of high school.

So it stands to reason, that when Robin Bechtold was so angry and yelled at me for thinking I was "special", he wanted to call me up somewhere between 1999-2002 and tell me "I used to think you were better than me but now I don't anymore."  So I was "better" than him, he thought, which was a motive, he made clear, for torturing me and raping me and conspiring with others to have me raped.

Kate Middleton is 100% involved.

When I was throwing up all the time, and later, we had milk with instant powdered milk added to it, but I knew about it, and so did my Mom and it wasn't a secret and we weren't throwing up at that time.  My Mom bought Carnation instant powdered milk and added it to regular milk because it was less expensive and made it last further.  I always hated the taste and I could tell when it was added.  She didn't make that a secret from us however.  What I think it indicates, is that it was a reference to others putting substances in our food and drink when we were younger, especially me, that made me throw up all the time.  My brother did not throw up like I did.  He got the flu, with the family, a couple of times, but for me, it was all the time.

I was being fucking DRUGGED by Middleton assholes since I was a kid. 

I never threw up at school.  It was always at my own house.  I believe Summer and J.R.'s last names were "Williams".  I asked my Mom and she's not telling me now, but she knows if it is or not.  I remember "Williams" but I might be wrong.

The only people I was around were our neighbors, and at that time, women who came to see my mother about buying dogs.  Some of these women were serious bitches and I could tell from the "down" look on my Mom's face later.  The Maiers were in our lives already, as were the Sandbergs, and there were church people as well, and the Williams family (or whatever their last names were).

J.R. and Summer were babysat by my mother for one year or 2 years.  B.J. was a different kid, from my school that I liked, when I was in kindergarten and he was in first grade. 

Stephanie Maiers had me watch the old black and white movie "Camille" with her.  From there, my life was turned into a joke and game by Middleton mafia and U.S. FBI assholes and feds kids, who tried to create some kind of charicature from it.   Stephanie gave me a little oval box, like the one in the movie, which is similar to a tin from which my Granny had pastilles.  Stephanie was the one who insisted I see that movie with her and later, people who knew her and her family used this as a template for premeditating rape of me.

Basically, then I see the news tonight and this country is so out of their minds, they still have have their game going over it.  It means nothing to them that I was literally raped my entire life, and mocked over some bitch whose group was obsessed with me to the point of poisoning me, and then later when I find out, pretends I'm the one who has something wrong or a criminal "tendency".

The U.S. must return my son.

I don't believe anything the U.S. stands for anymore and I am not even sure that I am a citizen.  If I'm not, if there is any technical problem with my citizenship, I will seize what's mine on that end.  For one thing, I asked for political asylum so from that point, I have not been a voluntary citizen and neither is my son.

Besides which, there is a serious problem in explaining how I got scared the way I did, and tortured, and no one noticed, if I was living in the U.S.  I remember trips to Canada.  It is very possible that I was not born in the U.S.  There are twin or triplet Dicksies and to keep them interchangeable, they had to be pregnant at the same time, and it is also possible one had twins.  If the Russians had kids over here, and the U.S. found out, and sent them back to Russia, it is not impossible that the U.S. is withholding information they've always known about me.

My Mom said tonight, "Well if that was the case, why would the U.S. want you here?  They'd have sent you back to Russia too, and good riddance."  I said, "No, they wouldn't.  They've been making too much money off of me."  My Mom said, "And you look like you have a lot of money."  I said, "No, I don't have money.  They don't pay me, they make money OFF of me."

The FBI is guilty of not only concealing rape of me by federal employees, they conspired to set it up.  They have known about my history since I was a kid and they have zero excuses to offer.  They knew from the start how Josh Gatov and Robin Bechtold were connected to Pamp and Barbara Maiers and how they are connected to Middleton and later, Tancer.  They knew how Bujanda and Garza were connected to Middleton as well, and Alvaro Pardo.  And Alvaro Pardo had direct knowledge about what was done to me as a baby and a little girl but he didn't care to share that information with me.

It is very possible that I was a test tube baby.  Supposedly, the "first" one happened not in 1974 but a few years later, but that's what was shared to the public by the media and intelligence and medical doctors and experiments that are of a secret nature are always ahead of any public "offering".

I don't think I was test tube, but it is very possible I am not a citizen because this country has not explained to me why they colluded with Canada to torture me for MKUltra and never quit.  They're all liars.

Nothing good ever happened in my life in the U.S.  I have been tortured from birth, and raped, and this country sponsored and paid for ALL of it.  I used to think I had a happy childhood, but no, it wasn't that great, to be dropped and allowed to fall so I could be retraumatized about being dropped as a baby; or sexually assaulted and have memories of knowing about things because of it; or feeling sadness that I couldn't describe; being held back intellectually by the United States government; being starved and poisoned to throw up all the time; having teachers in grade school separate me from any friend I ever made to force me not to have "attachments" because they wanted to rape me more and had 'big plans' for how many times they were going to rape me and mutilate me and steal any child from me unless I married an FBI COCKSUCKER.

My parents were never happy; they were tortured.  As for the teachers that worked for the U.S. government who were part of programs, they deliberately isolated me, even as a kid, from other kids.  They encouraged friendships and then the minute I had a good friend, they forced us to separate parts of the room and wouldn't let us have the same teacher the next year.  I still remember my mother commenting about this specific thing, back then.

The reason they did this, was because all the U.S. and Canada did, was rape me and torture me, and drug me, and then they wanted me to be disassociated and non-emotional and detached from people.  So basically, the military kids that are forced to move every year and have no constant friendships, were like me, or I like them, except they forced me to separate in my own hometown.

The U.S. divides.  They separated me from my parents to induce emotional trauma, and they used a concerted effort to separate me from any friend I made as a little girl, and I am not the only one who remembers this.  Then they separated me from my son, over THEIR CRIMES.

But go ahead Cameo, we don't mind if you SUCK FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DICK FOR US!  Women in the Justice Department, FBI, military, and CIA have been part of this.  They abused me, and when they thought I might have figured it out and they hadn't worked out a plan on how to discredit me yet, they tried to assassinate me.

There is NOTHING good in the U.S., that I have any reason to give thanks to this country for.  I did NOT want my son raised in this country, and the U.S. knew my plans were to leave with him and they held me hostage and tortured us to take him away from me, to torture him and rape him and give him a great outlook on life.

My son has NO FUTURE in this country.  I DO NOT WANT HIM RAISED IN THE UNITED STATES.  The U.S. disrespected every single one of my parental rights, even using CPS to encourage others to spank my son and beat him, and then they tortured him and brought him to visits so that "Both of the guinea pigs" could see eachother and be traumatized and they had fuckers like Sue and Anne to "take notes" after their "Canadian" woman did. 

The first visitation monitor was from Canada, because Canada has always wanted to get "in on the goods".


She was born in Canada and she told me this herself. 

So when I say the United States probably paid for the torture of war prisoners in Germany, I have every reason to know, "I'm RIGHT."

The U.S. lied to the entire world and told everyone they were "heroes" of the prisoners of the Nazis.  The poles, Jews, gypsys, blacks (?), disabled, twins used for medical research, and dissidents all thought "Let's move to the U.S." 

The U.S was on the phone with Germany telling them to destroy records that implicated them.


It's sort of like a victim of U.S. MKULtra torture thinking they can get political asylum in Canada, and they have no idea, Canada "is in on it".  Canada gets MONEY from the U.S. to torture not just their own citizens, but to return any "runaway slaves" the U.S. "holds". 

The U.S. paid for the records of research and medical records obtained from torture because part of it WAS UNITED STATES PROGRAMS they fucking PAID Germany for.

Sound familiar?

If the U.S. CIA pays other countries to torture their own citizens for them, of course they paid Germany to torture their prisoners in a jointly-run program.

Get Katie Middleton to fucking spell that out for you since "I don't have words".  You wanted a bitch-gov player who hypnotizes her own kid, and that's what you got England.  GOOD LUCK.  Now when some of you complain about government crimes against your kids and your prisoners, you can count on Katie to take pride "in my own sacrifices for my country, so suck it up shitters".  While she tortures MY son Oliver, she uses a cover of "cancer support for kids" and while her family gets paid with drug money, she supports "drug addicts".

Not that I envy this--my point is that decent people are tortured and raped while shitters like her, who have been obsessed with me my entire life, to the point of trying to kill me repeatedly, get a chance to have money and have kids, and I have every single right taken away from me and I'm used for federal gang rape, so she can walk down a runway and feel good.

So if the U.S. paid for torture of Nazi prisoners while it was occurring and if they had full knowledge, which they did, of course they paid for some of the records (edited of course) later.  And of course they still torture people in the same ways or WORSE than they did then.

The only problem is the Jews, who, if they think this is also true, or that the U.S. "harbored" people who tortured them, decide they can go after ME and my family?  Is that why Kyle Flick moved to Cashmere, or the others, to get close and "see" if there was a connection between Nazis and CIA or something and my Granny's father, just because I said one day he had some kind of a pin on his lapel and he always specified he was from Luxembourg, not Germany?  (which is true).

That idea might make sense as to why some of the Jews went after me later, but it doesn't explain to me why Jews, Catholic, Protestants, and even Mormons were part of raping me and torturing me as a baby and they colluded to have me killed and then raped in government gang rape again, and tortured, and then stole my son.

Sounds just like Nazi war prison camp to me, but with Jews who think they're punishing someone who is an ancestor of someone responsible for this.

What I know is the Jews have no rights to me.  They can keep their hands of crime off of me.  I also know the U.S. in general, Jewish or not, regardless of religion, supported torture and murder of Germany's prisoners and then made Germany the scapegoat over it.  The U.S. concealed the money they paid for the torture and medical research as it was occurring, and they also worked to destroy documents that implicated them as co-conspirators and criminals instead of "heroes".

Later, when the CIA paid for medical records and took them from Germans, they used the excuse of "We don't agree with how it was obtained, but we do believe it will help others to live and be a benefit to people later."  That's not how it was.  The U.S. paid for and took the records because they moved it from one shareholder to the next.

Then they opened their doors to the victims, now that the public found out about it and said, "Welcome to the U.S!  Come on over and live here!  We're GREAT PEOPLE."  Some of the UK was part of that too, by the way, just as they are part of MKUltra.
The U.S. said, "Look.  Look!  We saved you guys!  We are your heroes!  We are SO glad you're okay!"

It's called "Battered Women's Syndrome."

Whether you're a battered man or a battered woman, when you are raped, tortured, or abused, and your abuser tells you 'I love you.  I'm so sorry.  I'm a good guy", they are psychologically manipulating you.

So the U.S. dumped 10 TONS OF SHIT on Nazi prisoners, and helped dig the graves, and then when the heat was on, they decided to "liberate the prisoners!" 

The U.S. lied.  Then they switched it around on those they protected for helping them get the information they were told to get, and said to the Jews living in the U.S. who became established, whenever some official didn't like someone or needed a new "flow" of victims for torture and "research" (how many ways can you rape a baby), they said to Jews, "It's your turn for revenge!  Come on and rape these women with us, to avenge the prisoners of "Germany".

Queen Elizabeth changed her last name, which is GERMAN, after WWII, to distance herself from the memory of the Nazi party and treatment of prisoners.  What did the U.S. do?  They destroyed records, and continued their torture regime in this country, with new victims:  THEIR own citizens.


Anyone involved in what has been done to me, my son, or to the torture of my parents, is a living replica of the on-going non-defunct "criminal party" that never went out of business.  So now all of you break into my house and every apartment I've had, and collude over lavender martinis about how to next premeditate a rape, discredit me  by newspaper defamation, and use state resources to torture me, and you pawn off everything that belongs to me.

Your "Chris and Wally" is Katie.  She is the modern-day Nazi sympathizer.  Go kiss her ass.  The U.S. wanted a criminal and that's what they bought.

Why do you think the U.S. wanted to be the group that "liberated" prisoners in the camps?  The "story" is that Germans destroyed all kinds of records.  Right.  Like the U.S. wasn't selectively inserting entire volumes of work, some of it by Jewish scientists too, into the incinerator.  What was the Jewish doctor going to say, "They made me do it."  Or the U.S.?  They wanted to be the first ones there because they had a terrible secret to hide.

So it's really nothing "new" in the U.S., to torture people without reason, and to premeditate raping them, conceal records, incite revenge rapes against a former group by a different one in charge.

Mind Kontrol is from the German.  It's from the German, and is a program the UK, U.S., and Canada wanted a piece of, because they thought the suffering from torture of prisoners in Germany was great.  The U.S. CIA funds it, just like the U.S. helped fund the torture of twins and other kinds of prisoners in Germany.  Russians would be as capable of this, or have been known to retaliate against even kids for this.  No one wants to explain why I have scars all over my body and why my son was being tortured in CPS offices and then documented in a Nazi write-up that was shared without discretion or respect for his dignity, to the general public.

No wonder Christa Schneider knew all about my being tortured.  The Mormons, by the way, have a history of racial selection and preference too.  They didn't allow blacks, "browns", or Asians or Indians into their church until after the 70s because their doctrine was that whites are superior.  So LOOK AT THAT BEAST GO.

My son Oliver didn't look as "white" as Elizabeth Smart so Sibel, the Mormon woman from Wenatchee, thought they'd sneak him off for more guilt-free torture of citizens to use for their political goals.  They liked how having my parents live next door to them worked to their own advantage and they want to keep "some of that" close to their church, for their own power.

Where are my 'records' and where is all of my property, by the way?

Oh.  That's right.  Nazi Americans and Canadians took it.  Some of them are Mormon.

You're such good people you make me want to go to your 7th Heaven.

The Mormons support racial segregation and superiority politics for racial reasons, and the Catholics support superiority for religious reasons (we are the best and only church and the Pope is supreme authority).  Anglicans are close to Catholic anymore, and Jews exclude people who are not of "their community".  Protestants are infiltrated by a multitude of different kinds.

Why would Geoff Rasmussen spend all that time asking me about my family and doing "genealogical research" which he claimed he wanted to do so he could tell me who I was related to better.  After I told him, I got the FBI telling me I couldn't leave the U.S. because of an "identity problem".  It was a lie, because the U.S. had documents about me and they were stalling to give their other asshole psychics more time to torture me to fulfill their plans for what they thought should happen to me.  It also gave the U.S. time to figure out how to blow a microchip out of one of my teeth before I left the country and had someone else take it out.

So this "friend" I thought I had, who turned out was never a friend at all, but an Erica Wiltbank/Bechtold/Middleton supporter,  never gave me that information.  After over 2 years of priming me for more information, and working on it, he never gave any of the info to me.  Instead, he TOOK IT TO ENGLAND.

Because yeah, that's where I was.  I was there, in England, waiting to receive my genealogy information.

Oh OOPS.  Katie???

THE FUCK TRUCK?  Alvaro's gee-donkey-donk needed my genealogy before she prepared her public report about "how big MINE is".

She couldn't have done it without his help.  Maybe Geoff was throwing up at The Dalles on that run because he couldn't believe I had actually survived their assassination plot against me.  His Uncle, by the way, is an FBI agent. 

This country took a normal person with a lot of natural talent and giftedness, and raped me, stole everything from clothing to homework from me, and prevented me from being successful by showing me "it doesn't even matter if you try" when I was just a kid.  They wanted me to have nothing to do but give them and their kids blow jobs and when I refused, they tried to kill me.  By that time, they had a lot to cover for, and I wasn't falling into their slimy hands.  When they didn't kill me, they plotted how to rape me again, because they didn't want me to wait until I was a virgin and marry and settle down.  They wanted someone to  fuck over for FBI fun.  They didn't want me to have a career either, because if they ever had, they wouldn't have been screwing with my homework and school before I was even a teenager, to make every effort I made look hopeless, so I gave up.  Then, they wanted to say I was just lazy or not smart enough, when they had stolen my work from me.  This was their way of trying to reduce my independence and ability to succeed on my own, without THEM, the government, and without one of their fucking men.  Then they tortured me to keep me from excelling at work, and deliberately tried to disable me with constant migraines.  And they plotted to rape me, and then repeatedly raped me, to "break" me down.  They had to use drugs and incapacitation to do it if they weren't using knives.  What has this country offered me?

Nothing.  They have ruined my life, from start to finish.  Every single time I started to break away or get ahead or stay determined anyway, and fought for something, they pushed me back and tortured me, stole from me, or raped me.  There is NOTHING good in this country.

Then after torturing me to levels where I almost died and stealing my son, they rest on their ability to make me sound like I'm mentally ill or "bitter", which I most definitely am bitter over, and I have every right to be, and if I had known better, if I had known about battered woman's syndrome or what this country was responsible for, I would have been "bitter" by age 3, and planned to leave this fucking shithole of a country called "Freedom" by the time I was 15, and I would have flown out and left for good.  I wouldn't have been bitter or oppressed the minute I was out of HELL.

The U.S. Army is responsible for a large part of what has been done to me, the CIA is the other part that tried to negotiate and then sold me back to the Army, and the FBI are the scum that use up victims and conceal crimes committed against them.

My son is no safer in this country than I am.  The U.S. has already used him the exact same way they used me, and tortured him, caged him, hypnotized him, tortured him, and reduced his ability to speak and think.  They also keep him from succeeding in school, forced him to wear shoes too small for his feet and stole food and vitamins from him to stunt his growth.  This country wants nothing with my son except to try to create another "Jerod" from Phoenix who went to jail after shooting up a politician, which, he said, he did for the U.S. Army and CIA.

This country then killed my unborn children and prevented me from having any other children.  They tried to force me to be with a shitter who medicated and drugged me and wanted me to live with him like that, for the Army and Canada.  He's a fucking Canadian asshole.

The U.S. blocked me from leaving the country, and then tried to push me into the dirt and told me to give up eggs to them, to the FBI.  When I refused, they retaliated against me by having me assaulted with Haldol after I left a fertility clinic to discuss being a surrogate for someone else.  The U.S. held me hostage and injected me, repeatedly, and they forced me to take tons of pills, more than they documented that they had me take.

Then they still tried to force me to work for them.  Or to fuck one of their employees.  Any federal employee, or mafia that works with federal employees is what they corralled me into, every single time.  I was never free to leave, to choose, to get away, and when I said "no" I was tortured, raped, or drugged.


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