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Get Out Of Here! and U.S. Holocaust Today

I got a "get out of here" and "go on" tonight, and a "it's too late" and a "see you later" too.  All for asking about taking a shower at my parents because I am working on a different temporary problem at my place now.  Sewer problem.  But they were tired and I had gone to visit and then saw news that really didn't help, except for wondering if Bob Dole is now that old, can't he expose the criminals who tortured me, or doesn't he have photos of my parents or family and things that show our being tortured?


Later tonight I saw some article about a man who was put in jail for taking his grandson somewhere and I haven't read about it yet and don't know what happened, but I don't trust any of the U.S. excuses anymore, for kidnapping of children and calling their relatives the persons "of interest".

The U.S. has kidnapped hundreds of kids from their parents and even if not all are as brutally tortured as the members of my family have been, Child Protective Services is the first place that should be bombed and dismantled inside-out for being a danger to innocent lives.  When I say bombed, I mean, as I've said before, it should be completely abolished, but then that would mean U.S. torture of prisoners in the holocaust today would end.

The U.S. continued the Holocaust.  This country is actively guilty in war crimes of atrocities against their own citizens.

I would be thankful to God if my son disappeared to find out he had escaped to a different country where he was not tortured.

He has no future here.

If somehow it occurred, and then I discovered he was really safe, and that I might visit him or he me, at some point, it is his only chance.  He will not survive in the U.S. because the U.S. has plotted to torture and kill him since he was born.  They have destroyed his life, and used Canadians with this, and some UK persons, and others of course, and all of us lie--we lie every day, my parents mostly because they have no choice.  They and the rest of us are tortured if they don't.  They lie. 

My grandparents must have thought, "It's just happening to us, but not to our kids" and then they had a measure of success and it was their kids.  Then their kids thought the same and were tortured and had their kids killed.  Do you know why Gannon was named Gannon?  I always thought, "Oh, a nice unique Irish-Gaelic name!"  I always thought it was a very nice name and then I realized, if my mother was over-dosed with beta rays, the spectrum for lasers is alpha, beta, and gamma.  Gamma for a girl, Gannon for a boy.  Do I make myself clear? or dear.  He was murdered in this country, just like Madonna Joy was murdered and my unborn were murdered.

The U.S. has been officially murdering our children.

My Mom said she thought it was "from too much Vitamin A" which she said, converts into the body as beta cartotene.  I was also told he kept turning blue when he was dying.  That area was involved in laser technology research and there is evidence to prove it.  They targeted Gannon.  If it was too much beta and he was turning blue from oxygen problems and circulation problems from it, and he was named Gannon, Gannon is close enough to Gamma for me to believe my parents have always known this country murdered him.

I saw for myself what was done to me and my son and parents. 

Someone needs to break the news to the rest of the world that the United States is engaged in carrying out the programs from Nazi prison camps.  Canada is also involved.  They call it MKUltra, but by now, I'm convinced it's just a nicer sounding name for the former practice of torture of people for "medical and mind control" research, which is the same thing the U.S. was giving money to Germany for before they pretended to be "Great Heroes".

Many of those soldiers WERE heroes.  They followed orders and must have felt very proud to be saving people.  How would they have known their superiors gave the order to "liberate" prisoners, for the main purpose of "records destruction".

"By the time we got there, the Nazis had destroyed most of the records."  Right.  They got the cable from the U.S. that said, "Put anything that has the name of U.S. companies and government into the fire".  What was left behind, was happily picked up by the proper owners:  the CIA.  Or the military which delivered to the CIA, which pays unethical and criminal doctors, nurses, and medical professionals to do hideous acts of crime against others now, today, against their own citizens.

So it's a joke.

We have "Holocaust" museums, in the U.S., which are nothing but a mockery of the continued programs of torture occurring ever since those records were brought to the U.S.  Now the U.S. gets to be the organized criminal base, not Germany, but retain a "heroes" image of "liberating" people.

The U.S. is going to seriously pay for these crimes.  What country is going to stand by while the U.S. carries on the work of the German Nazi party?  It isn't about "Nazi" as a name or form of politics, it is the kind of torture programs they ran, using human beings for experiments and research.

The U.S. got out of Germany and turned the program into a continuation using U.S. citizens, sometimes as acts of revenge.  Why else do you think the U.S. wanted all the medical records and to save the "work"?  They weren't filing it away, they were using it, because THIS COUNTRY SUPPORTED AND PAID FOR IT.  Does the name Hilton ring a bell.  That is ONE of many and they are not doing too bad, even though they like to mock others who are tortured as a result of their sponsorship of such programs. How about Doktor Schneider.  Christa was reeeaaally interested in "being my friend".  She is from a Nazi-sponsored and funded family that has continued the work that the U.S. paid for in Germany.

It isn't like all of the Germans were bad people.  It's that some of the Germans worked with U.S. citizens then as today, and no, the U.S. as a nation was not "liberating" prisoners to rescue them--they were rescuing their precious files and records the same way Christa Schneider stole my entire medical record from my house the one night she stayed there.  Some of the Jews involved, have made it revenge to have relatives of those they assume were involved in Germany against them, or elsewhere, suffer torture in retaliation.  Robin Bechtold is another one, and his family had such "high honors" from the torture people, they decided to even change their name from Bechtel to Bechtold, to distance their reputation from being persons who funded torture programs.  In fact, it was Robin Bechtold who was even ordering my mother to make a cookie for me that was part of a whole psychic scheme and plan, and he was the one telling my mother to have me wear brown maskara.  First HE was telling me to use only a small amount of maskara, telling me not to use more, and then when my mother was telling me to use brown maskara and I knew it wasn't her idea, it was him.  His "Nazi" family.  They were so jealous and controlling of my family, they literally stooped to telling us how to put our make-up on; it was him and Middleton.

When you think about Germans watching citizens being carried off in trains, how much fun Americans seem to have, playing a game at watching my family tortured and "forced to perform" for them.  No one thinks about the U.S. being participants in the Holocaust.

Then, we've had some Jewish who apparently get convinced someone was once involved in Germany or something, and they have used it as an excuse to participate in the continuation of a Holocaust, but as long as it's not them, they're fine.

If I use the word "Nazi" it's like a slang adjective.  In the past I've called the U.S. "Nazis" for lack of a better word, but actually, this is it.  This is the story, and the true story is that the United States paid for the mass extermination of thousands of prisoners in Germany, and was funding the medical "research" performed against them.

Pharmaceuticals prospered.  German-Americans prospered, some of them, because some of them were out-sourcing work to Germany who was using prisoners for labor.  The U.S. was paying Germany and sponsoring their torture of others, which was primarily not work camps, but torture and medical research.

The "work camps" were few and far between.  Most of them, had medical units engaged in carrying out grotesque forms of torture against people.  One of the MKultra "projeks"was using twins and multiples and studying their behavior.

The U.S. brought that all back home to the United States and forced people into their programs using those gifted in psychic abilities or prophetic abilities, and violated their right to religion and freedom to practice aspects of the supernatural without government invasion and control of what does not belong to them.

The UK, Canada and the U.S. decided to go in on it together, and carry on the German programs themselves after prisoners were liberated or killed.  They had a good "cover", as the "heroes".


The UK was able to go along with it because they were already engaged in the practice of torturing people in mental hospitals, and using that as their facility for "research" on electrocution.  Canada was engaged in the exact same activities and operations.  They used the same German excuse of "mentally handicapped" as "inferior" and electrocuted them.  Many times, the people were not even mentally ill, so if they needed more people to experiment on, they found them and lied.  They also used orphanages for experiments on children later.  The U.S. solution to this was to implement CPS (child protective services) which allowed them to assign kids to parents under their control for research and experimentation on a one-by-one basis.  Most likely they found it was easier to isolate the child that way and pretend nothing happened.  If someone reported an orphanage for abuse, the entire place could be shut down.  But the U.S. had the idea of isolating kids so that it was only "one project" down at a time and because they controlled it, and controlled who the child was with, the U.S. was able to continue the work of Nazi Germany prison camps through the WW, after the WW and up to the present.

The Mein Kampf Ultra Program.  Ultra means "on the far side of" or "beyond".  It means the UK, U.S., and Canada took the Mein Kampf program outside of Germany and continued the torture in their countries.  The countries of "MY HERO".  The "Allies".  Anyone want to barf yet?

My favorite song as a little girl was "Bonnie".  "My bonnie lies over the ocean/my bonnie lies over the sea/my bonnie lies over the ocean/oh bring back my bonnie to me."  Bonny.  Maybe Cameron Ewan smiled because he liked this song too. 

So yes, it is Mind Kontrol and yes, it is a continuation of Mein Kampf.  Which Alvaro Pardo and Halea Myers might have known something about, as both are connected to government, both sought me out, and both used the expression "My Life" all the time around me.

I am really sick of what people in this country have known about and gotten away with.

This country IS a living representation of Nazi Germany.  And someone wanted me to go to Germany and live next to the U.S. Army???? 

This country is criminal.

The part about the Vatican knowing about it, has always been true.  How many "refugees" have they taken in lately? or defended?

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