Monday, May 13, 2013

Rose Family Criminals & Electrocution Last Night

Well, I think some of the criminals are turning out to be Jewish. More of the "kabbalists" perhaps than the "safeds". I think Alvaro Pardo and his group were pretending to be something they're not, and they were "in on it" with some Jewish (and some Catholics here and there, maybe Mormons, whatever) that already had a problem with me--for example, Josh Gatov. I think Josh Gatov was connected to the Roses and Rose-Lewis family. They, in turn, are connected to Middletons. The whole "Middleton" thing I bring up, simply because since I was a baby and toddler, they have been featured, but I never knew, was never told about any religious groups or political parties, and I wasn't raised to hate anyone for their belief system. What happened to me in Canada as a kid, I've found celebrated, oddly, as I'm discovering, by some Jews who have had knowledge all along. I said the other day, "Why do some Jews hate me so much?" and I was told they don't, it's in my mind. Some, though, really do or they wouldn't be making really sick-heart sadistic movies, ads, or other promos over it. It's possibly turning out some of the Eastern Indians who claim to be Muslim or Indian/Hindu whatever, are actually Jewish too.

Thank you, by the way, to anyone who is patient enough to muddle through with me and tolerate me as I lash out, sometimes at the wrong people, in an attempt to discover more about who is behind things. I seriously do pray, now and then, that those will understand.

Before I go into this farther, about which ones are potentially connected, I was severely tortured last night and by the looks of my Dad, so was he today. One of his eyes is totally whacked out. I don't know what happened, but possibly something very extreme.

I am not joking about the twins and triplets either, I am dead serious. Last night I was electrocuted over it. I was being tortured more to my heart after I wrote the post and then I went to bed and I had some kind of bizarre torture being done under my house. My window was open and I wasn't asleep and I heard a dripping noise outside of my window, and it wasn't raining. I knew someone was outside but I didn't get up because what was I going to do, open the door? I wouldn't call the police over "some kind of dripping sound like water outside of my window." Then, about 5 or so minutes later, there was an odd zig-zagging sound that moved the house, or ground under the house and made a weird noise and I can only describe it as "zig-zagging". First it went through at one section and stopped. Then it started a second time and went to my ear that was facing the ground, from where I laid, and out the other ear somehow, I could feel it, and my entire body was electrocuted so that my entire body reflexed and curled up. I don't mean a part of my body, or a finger, or my hand or just my feet, it caused a sudden contraction of my entire body to the point of curling my body. From lying on my side, with arms and legs stretched out, to my entire body curled into a "C" shape.

That is what this country did to me last night, after I wrote about Pemberton and Princess Diana's expose of my parent's work and our torture. With, you know, the Eastern Indian man, of course, Martin Bashir. Why was she divulging information to Eastern Indians in the first place? I mean, it's good, if she was giving this information to have someone share it so kids like me were not being tortured in "royal"-owned or Commonwealth-CIA operated facilities, but it seems odd that Eastern Indians were being made privy to this. It's "odd" to me in the sense of knowing Leon Panetta made a billion dollar trade deal with them (not all are bad, of course), and then Eastern Indians were involved in violating me and almost killing me and maiming me with toxic overdoses of drugs. It is also an Eastern Indian who uploaded Microsoft onto my laptop with the pretense of restoring my hotmail account that he and others know have all medical and legal files, and Microsoft hasn't corrected the problem.

Eastern Indians are also somehow, some of them, working with Jewish groups, from what I've heard. I heard it was Jewish intelligence that wanted the trade deal with India. Then, additionally, one of the women who was international and following me everywhere at the YMCA was Eastern Indian. She followed me everywhere, and then brought in some man and his wife that she knew, who followed me around everywhere and that man was straight-up "killer". This was before Katie's wedding and before Osama was killed. YMCA is connected to England and in the south, even more than typical. I discovered things in the South are still very much connected to the English and ideas of English loyalty. It was Melissa and white people there, connected to U.S. Army, who continued to take money out of my bank account when I told them to stop payment.

I am not the only person in my family that has had U.S. + Eastern Indians taking cash and withdrawals out of our bank accounts. Right before I was electrocuted last night, to curl up and contract this way, which caused my heart to speed up and my eyes to draw in and then feel like they were going out, and a lot of other weird electric shock problems, I wrote about this.

I wrote about how money has been withdrawn from our banks accounts without our authorization. For me, it was done through the YMCA in Middleton, TN and with the cooperation of Matthew Sexton, at that bank. Matthew Sexton struck me as manipulative, shrewd, secretive and devious and even though I saw him a lot and was friendly, he didn't have a talent for concealing that he didn't like me. He acted like he hated me but covered it with a strong attempt to portray "cordiality". I was mostly being watched by U.S. Army and Eastern Indians at the YMCA.

My parents had money being withdrawn from their bank account, from a Wenatchee hotel that was owned by Punjab Eastern Indians. This was occuring in 2009, before I left for Middleton, TN. I stayed at a hotel because Washington D.C. was running me out of housing in retaliation over my refusal to marry Alvaro Pardo (who was possibly not just connected to the Gatov, Rose people but maybe to Wiltbank, Bechtold people, which all connects to Maiers and Canadians in Moses Lake). Gatov and Bechtold were connected and they had Ballingers, Tancer, and others. Anyway, the Eastern Indians at the hotel in Wenatchee were given my parent's credit card number and my parents were calling me asking why they had more money being withdrawn than they should have been charged for. They called to confirm how much it was, because they were missing $100 here, $100 there, and it wasn't going back on their card.

So I went from hearing about Eastern Indians withdrawing $100 and more, too much, from my parent's credit cards, in Wenatchee, in 2009, to having the British YMCA and Wells Fargo, with their Eastern Indian spies all around me, refusing to stop payment to my automatic withdrawal to my bank for gym membership, in 2011. At the same time, someone felt they could rely upon some Eastern Indians, at that point, to carry out U.S. Army and other group goals to have my mind ruined with Haldol.

This is with the FBI giving me "Diane Harsha" who was married to another Eastern Indian.

The only people I knew of, prior to 2009, that had business dealings with Eastern Indians, aside from hearing about Catholic missionaries in Calcutta and that kind of thing, were Mike Tancer (top caste girlfriend, some royal indian princess who was vegan) who is looking connected to U.S. military, and Kathy Kirscher, who traveled to India and really loved the culture. Leslie, her friend, went with her, but Kathy was the one who got into it. I later found out Jewish intelligence had an interest in the trade deal but aside from that, I wouldn't know why a group would want any Indians to be against me. I thought later it had to do with Tancer's connections but, oh, also the Italian Carl and Mary Del Balzo who are looking more CIA than FBI these days. They worked with tons of Eastern Indians in the microchip-intelligence industry through Mentor Graphics and Intel.

I have no problem with Eastern Indians, as people, on their own. They have extremely complicated regional hierarchies and religion and I don't know about it at all. I had thought maybe my Aunt Mary knew of an Eastern Indian or that she was sending me things to read or "chant" as a way of communicating to family or someone with regard to my son's case. I didn't think it was a religious thing with her, and it wasn't for me--I was trying to figure out what she was attempting to say or work out through it. I thought she was telling me this "appeals" lawyer, Tanesha Canzeter, had some knowledge or motive to know about things my Aunt Mary mentioned. I was totally confused because I didn't know why Mary was sending me that stuff, and I assumed it was some kind of "intelligence" benefit or idea, and I was isolated and cut off from my family by the CIA, military, and FBI, deliberately. I wasn't being allowed to even speak with my parents except to make a phone call to them after I was with the FBI's "Alvaro" who turns out to be looking like an FBI Bechtold-Josh Gatov-Rose-Lewis set up. Oh yeah, that involves English.

I mean, maybe this is why a Jewish couple were smirking and thought it was so funny after I texted something about "true blue" because it must have been hilarious to know how I was tortured underground as a baby-toddler. And where was this "party" I was taken to? It was underground. Like, how many have explicit knowledge of crimes of torture and did...nothing? I'm sure a few there were about as clueless as me. I mean, I can't assume every single one there, that they all knew. But most of them, in hindsight, now that I know more, most of them did know. I remember saying 3 things there that night. "It sounds like peanuts hitting a tin can", about a song to a black man who looked like lil' wayne that I danced with; "this is so fucked up" to a blond British man I danced with; and "i found out he's cheating on me...back to true blue" (something like that, I don't remember exactly). The British man showed up after my "true blue" comment that the jewish couple and others thought was so hilarious. I guess it was for "Trudeau" of the Commonwealth.

I have no idea why the music sounded like "peanuts hitting a tin can" but maybe being in the basement underground, with arched doorways and pillars, and the DJ board set up maybe like a medical desk looking out onto the floor, made me think of the "good old days" of torturing guinea pigs. I had a guinea pig, but I didn't name it "peanuts". I had a slushy making machine (a Dog House)with Snoopy on it, and a guinea pig named "Squiggy". I made 2 kinds of slushies. Red and blue, with white ice. I didn't pick out the slushy machine and I didn't pick the name Squiggy, so any illustration intended for me to maybe remember later, and connect with torture from Canada and the U.S., was from them, not a random naming by me as a kid. Squiggy disappeared one day. He was probably given away to someone else. Basically, we had a toy basket where we were able to keep a few things, and everything else was taken away by other people. Even our legoes. They took a few legoes at a time until I noticed, we didn't have any anymore except for preschool-level ones.

The slushies from the Snoopy Dog House were probably a reference to my "drinks" or pop that was drugged and cages and restraints we were put in. You had to crank this wheel to make the slushy and put it into paper cone cups. The crank was on the side of the dog house, and you put the ice in the chimney at the top and poured in the fluid, and then cranked the wheel while holding a small paper cone cup under it for the slushy. Cherry and "blue". We were never told to put on a cone shaped party hat, ever, and the idea made my parents upset. I tried making one a couple of times and saw their reaction, of tears, and never did it again. Maybe they'd seen enough of the "The Royal Jubilees" "unicorns" to last a lifetime.

After the slushies ran out, we were making "homemade ice cream" with rock salt.

Possibly we had lime flavoring for the slushies too, or we got those at the store and made "lime rickeys" now and then.

The ice cream machine was another thing you had to churn and it took tons of rock salt. It was a large circular machine or a box with a large circle inside, and we only used cream and sugar for it. It was round. I hadn't been able to remember if it was round or a box with a white or steel round interior (some part of it white, some part of it steel colored and all of it round I think) but the crank was on the top, on the lid, and I remember it being round and we put rock salt in it somewhere. We had for more than one year and used it in the summers, and my mother always talked about how it was soft set and melted quickly so we had to get more rock salt and ice. It was hard to cut out of but then it melted quickly. I think my brother and I helped once for the novelty, and that's why I remember the salt and ice, and we took turns, but after we all made it one time, my Mom was the one who made it. And actually, possibly it was a stir-thing, because I remember it got thicker on the sides and you'd scrape it off and then kept doing this and it turned into ice cream, so maybe there wasn't a crank thing. I thought there was but I might be mixing it up with the crank that was on the side of the slushy machine. This one, I remember, we stirred the sides because it froze there first. Yeah. Stirred. We stirred it and scraped it as it hardened. There was a lid for storage and to keep it cold, but we stirred it. For what's it's worth. My Mom usually made it because our arms got tired.

We had 2 actually. First a larger one that had a ball that rolled at the bottom somehow and it was the one that used rock salt. It was possibly a box shape with a circle inside. Then the next one was a smaller crockpot size and style and round on the outside and inside and it fit in the freezer. The other one was too big to put in the freezer. We used the large one for years and then it disappeared and there was a smaller one. Both were stirred. The large one had a lid and if we put it in the freezer, it was by taking an inner part out out of the outside of it first.

Michael Middleton: one of the baby "animals". Pedophile. I wonder if Hedy's name is pronounced "hay-dee" or "heh-dee". Hay-dee makes more sense because I would have remembered and then used the word "baby" to point out babies with better familiarity. Baby was one of my first words. I'm told "Kitty" was one of the first words, but I remember how little I was, a baby myself, when I was saying "baby". I remember being held in someone's arms, and pointing them out and saying, "baby". I looked it up and it's hay-dee. I was less than a year old when I was saying "baby" and I remember it. I also remember someone stole my baby book that my mother started for me, a record of firsts. There were entire sections missing. When I asked why, she didn't explain. She skipped entire months and then wrote things in, and then skipped ahead. That isn't like my mother because she marks everything as they happen, like on a calendar, and never forgets. This is possibly because I had been switched with another baby while I was being tortured or because I had no responses because I was tortured.

Also, when I was electrocuted last night, there was a ton of traffic on the road near my house and I could hear it going by. It was at about 3 a.m. last night that it happened and lots of people out. I heard something again tonight and a few smaller things have been done but nothing like last night. I don't want to be electrocuted again.

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