Friday, May 31, 2013

Tortured Since 9 P.M. and Leon Panetta's Pigs

I am being tortured, and it was started against me before 9 p.m. tonight. 

I was trying to listen to youtube music and get work done and had constant disconnections with internet.  The song lyrics that were stopping and starting repeatedly said "I'll get you fired up until you're like a smoking gun" something like that, on a dance mix I was listening to.

So then it was 5-10 minutes of internet connection disruptions and then I was being fried.  The stent to my heart stuff, heating my chest was done and then it was the vibrating technology.  Basically, no one from aerospace defense was doing this to me until first having me hear them stop and start the lyrics about "fired up like a smoking gun" over a dozen times and then they began this torture. 

I guess the U.S. "point" is to reinforce that what they are doing is deliberate.  Just like Raul Bujanda and his "burning heart" Roman Catholic saints card.

The pigs involved, from D.C. are Leon Panetta pigs.  Alvaro Pardo and Chris Dabney are Panetta Pigs. 

Everything done to my family has been out of hate crime and this is why it has nothing to do with "research" even though that's what excuse has been made for all of it.  Rape, has been excused with "research" excuses.

My mother always talked about having a clawfoot tub and I wanted one too, and talked about it and the U.S. then tortured both me and my son Oliver until our feet curled up.

That is what the United States is about.

It's not about "freedom" or "free enterprise" or "free trade and market".  The U.S. has turned itself into a hellhole.

I'm sick of Eric Holder's excuses too, by the way.  He is the top Attorney General for the entire nation, and under his leadership, Washington state Attorney Generals broke the law and lied about my son.  He's a black Catholic.  This means he has one chip on his shoulder over white people (and yes, some of them do, because I've met black people who are not racist and some who ARE), and another chip on his shoulder for doing favors for the Catholic church.  He works with Leon Panetta and then whispers in Obamas ear.

At the time the pig Alvaro was trying to coerce me to stay in his pig pen, Leon Panetta was with the CIA.  That is Department of State.  Yeah.  They work with the FBI.  Leon Panetta had all of the information about me and what was done to me through CIA-Army MKUltra, right there at his disposal, as director for the CIA.  He then took a job as the head of the Pentagon, which means he has ultimate control over who is tortured by the DOD, NASA, or aerospace defense industry.

It's the Panetta Pig.  The Panetta Pig is also the one who got a contract with Eastern Indians in billion dollar trade and then used them to hold me hostage and drug me with Haldol as his Italian mobster friend eagerly drove next to the cop car taking me there, laughing the whole way.


Panetta must have thought he was doing the Roman Catholic church a favor if he got me to agree to marry Alvaro.  He would kidnap my son no matter what I did.  When I didn't he controlled all of the Catholics involved in military and state jobs, to make sure I did not have my son returned to me.

He is a bribe-taking, drug-dealing pig.

Alvaro Pardo's friends, in Maryland, were pigs.  Everywhere I drove, suddenly, the pigs were really nice to me and smiling and happy.  They smiled at Alvaro too.  The pigs loved it.  Chris Dabney and Alvaro Pardo worked together--they were not separate from each other.  They knew each other and worked with the same people.  The guards at the courthouse in Maryland knew Alvaro Pardo too, just like the undercover cop in Dryden who nodded at him as we drove up to the Avilas.  That undercover cop hated my guts and was friends with Alvaro and working with him.

I was held hostage by Alvaro Pardo, and he was another U.S. government employee.  I don't even know if possibly he is a twin, and if I slept with both of them and the U.S. didn't tell me.

This country is so messed up, they are using twins in this way, as doubles, and it's all fun and games for them.  They don't care who they drugged or who slept with their federal employees or is raped by them.

Leon Panetta is responsible for what is happening to my son.  He was in charge of the CIA and now he is in charge of the Pentagon.  He is fully responsible for everything done to me and my son when he has had 100% knowledge about what was done to us.  This means he is connected to former FBI Director Louis Freeh.  Freeh decided to get Italian citizenship recently and he is from New Jersey and was in charge at the time I was targeted by Mike Nichols and then implanted in Utah.  Whenever Obama touts the Jersey young starters, he refers to Philip Louis Thebault, whose family connections are with Freeh.

What I haven't figured out yet is how Thebault is connected to William of Wales.  I know Thebault's family is 2nd generation, from France.  That would place them closer to Middletons than Wales.  The Lavendar Martini people.

Panetta's pigs include Italian-Americans who lived in Wenatchee and who lived in Seattle and owned the Coast Hotel.  Alvaro wanted me to try to get a job at an Italian restaurant because of the Panetta-Italian connection.  Of course, when he made it clear he was going to continue to cheat on me, and was taking photos of my personal photos, the Italian connection ended up being people like Tony Block, smirking at me as he went in with Michelle Erickson to have a restraining order put against me, right after she had admitted I never harassed her.

Another pig I haven't identified before as being a pig, is Tim Henderson, the man Monica Allen ended up marrying.  He's a cop.  He didn't tell me this, so he is obviously an undercover cop, and he defamed me for other cops that he worked with.  Tim isn't Italian or Catholic...I don't know what his religious background is in reality actually, because he did have some Catholic books, and if he's undercover, he could be anything.  What he passed himself off as, was Protestant, and he's white, and was playing drums for a 'christian' death-metal band.  He got close to alternative people, hippies, death metal people, and government psychics.

Tim Henderson turned out to be a really, really, bad person.  How he ended up getting a job as a cop, I have no idea.  I don't know if he got into it in Kentucky, where I think he's from originally and where some of his family are, or California, or what, but he turned out to be dangerous and dishonest.

Nathan Allen was working with the Bechtold's already, and Nathan Bechtold was a cop and Robin was FBI.  How Henderson was connected to Bechtold, prior to even meeting Monica, I am not sure, but he is a bad person and has committed crimes against my family.

I don't know if there is a relative connection or not, but the name Henderson is connected to MKUltra experimentation and Watergate.  Tim met Monica through a housemate that was government-connected and who worked in banks, named Kari Sue.  Her employment history was mainly managing banks in the South.  She then went to California and was there the same time (with Tim Henderson) that Robin Bechtold was there.

Funny enough, Robin's favorite book was "Carrie" by Stephen King.

So funny.

Ha.  Ha.

I know it was Robin Bechtold's favorite book because he talked about and wanted me to hear him talk about it all the time.  He even told me to take the book home so I did, but I didn't read it and I gave it back to him.  It involves a woman named Carrie and another woman named "Sue" and then from California, where Tim, Robin, and Carrie-Sue all lived next to each other, Carrie Sue (Kari Sue?) got Tim to date and marry Monica.

The last part of the book ("Wreckage") is with Sue writing about not to forget "Carrie" and what happened, and ends with a letter in Tennessee. 

It's like "Wreck-It Ralph" but my son was the one throwing up because of these people.

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