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Correction: Biting Off My Navel: Ecklund, Brice, James Paul, Campbell, Maiers, Roos, and Torture

I found more connections with people involved in torture of me and my son.  It connects Canada/UK, Australia, and the U.S. and it also connects Moses Lake with Wenatchee.

I don't have a lot on it yet, but it also connects Portland, Oregon with a woman who moved there from Montana and had me work for her a short time after I worked for Lorraine Rose.  The Maiers have property in Montana where this woman was from, who gave me some kona coffee I recall.

Drew Ecklund is living in Moses Lake, Washington.  He looks British and he was raised in Okanogan, Washington.  I noticed him because in a photo from the 80s, one of the scars on my arms is imitated with a design on a belt he is wearing.  A squiggly design.  He was in the logging industry, like Pamp Maiers who was in logging before construction.  He eventually married a woman named Rachel Hammer, who looks like a Maiers half-breed.  She looks like Stephanie Maiers combined with a Jewish person.  She has the same expressions and smile and everything.  So then I found out, she has a bunch of friends with the last name "Campbell".  Stephanie Maiers married an Australian with that last name.

I have a scar across my belly button.  It looks like I was either cut there or someone bit me hard enough to leave a scar, after I already had a belly button.  One of Ecklund's friends was a man named Larry Brice.  Larry and Shirley Brice are a black couple from Moses Lake and Larry worked as a car salesman.  Shirley is now in the party design business with party table arrangements.  Larry was refered to as "Michael Jordan", supposedly, by kids in Mexico, and Mexico adults, for his "large hands".  Very clever, given he was connected to Mike Middleton, who had lived in Jordan, and who was into cars.  What I think is interesting, is that I was told, as a kid, I "bit" Lisa (Elizabeth) after she hit me.  It's possible that the reverse is true.  That I hit someone and they bit me.  So then we have "Mike Tyson", close enough to "Mike" Brice biting a piece of ear off of a competitor and spitting it out.  Well, Mike Tyson and Larry Brice were both into boxing.  So, just as some man potentially abused me and bit off a piece of my navel, and spit it out, it was later commemorated with Mike Tyson biting off part of an ear and spitting it out. 

Anyone noticed Mike Tyson's face lately?  his tatoos?  it's almost like the scars on my forearms from my being cut and tortured as a kid. 

So who might have hands for detail work?  I notice Drew Ecklunds niftly little "squiggle" belt.  He must be an artist.

(CORRECTION:  As of today, 5/3/13, I was informed the man to the far right is named James (Jim) Paul.  Left to right, it is Doug Sherman, Kent Pfitzer, Larry Brice, and James (Jim) Paul.
Everything I have said about Ecklund and his wife, I keep and don't change my opinion about, except for his name as attached to this man in the photo, who is said to be James (Jim) Paul.  The person who says this is the pastor so he must know.  I then looked up obituaries and I have to confirm something, but it says a James Paul who lives in Wenatchee, WA was related to him, and this man was raised in Bangor, Maine, which has the largest U.S. Air Force connection with England; it also shares industry with Canada.  This man that might be Jims Dad was also a Mason, and a Maccabee, which is another secretive British organization. Kate Middleton's "grandpappy" trained with the U.S. Air Force of Bangor, Maine.)

The man to the far right looks British.  I believe this is Drew Ecklund.  The squiggle key mark under his belt by his pocket is the exact outline of one of the scars on my left arm (which I didn't trace out but it's identical and if I held my arm out to the side, it would be horizontal like that design.  He has a white square mark on his shirt, with a VVVVVVNvvv mark on it that also matches a scar on the left arm.

I just saw the movie 172 Hours, which is by British men (all from England) and a Jewish man from Ecquador (Enrique Chediak) and there are cutting scenes that are like what was done to me, showing same designs, and then airplanes crossing overhead in white marks across the sky when he cuts his arm.  There is also a shot that shows a heart shaped design cut out of rock, at this time, which matches a heart shape cut on my left arm.  It's all British, which lends credence to the idea Mike Middleton is involved.

Well, following that line, guess who is connected to the woman he married?  The Roos family.  The same Roos family that was involved in trying to assassinate me in 1992.

I would guess, with the symbolism we have, it was either Mike Middleton or Larry Brice who bit off a piece of my belly button.  As for the carving me up, it was more than one person.

The same time I was being given Kona coffee by a woman in Portland, who was commuting from Montana, Rachel Hammer was in Kona, Hawaii with YWAM (what great fun I've had with that organization), or right after.  YWAM is British.  She also spent time in both Cambodia and India.

Drew, for his part, was in Okanogan (near Wenatchee) and then Moses Lake, and then Idaho.  He also went to Portland Bible College, which is where Tom Vice went to college (whose mother was screaming at me to keep my arms up in the air).

Now wouldn't it be a great marriage of consort, for a man who was involved in cutting into my skin, to marry a woman whose relatives had been part of an assassination attempt against me?  Rachel Hammer is connected to Roos.  Drew Ecklund is part of the torture team.  They married June 16, 2007.  Stephanie Maiers, meanwhile, was marrying an Australian Campbell about the same time, and my son and I were being tortured by military and aerospace defense. 

So then, I loved finding this photo of Rachel's parents, holding her baby, with her Dad wearing a shirt that says "More Field Jack".  Apparently, Rachel's family are big European skiing enthusiasts.

The next photo is one of Rachel, from her myspace page, and she calls it one of her "favorites":
She has an entire collection of herself, and some of them are more obviously "Stephanie Maiers" than others.  Half of her friends writing to her are connected to Campbells.  They are at least giving their last names out as "Campbell".  I saw this woman's photos, Rachel's photos, and had a very bad feeling about her.  She is wicked and evil to the root.
When it comes to my being raped as a baby, Ecklund was in both Wenatchee area and Moses Lake.  Larry Brice, the black man, was involved, I believe, but some of the cutting on me would be easier for a man with "smaller" hands to do.  Think of "OJ Simpson" and the glove that does or does not fit.  OJ is from ?  oranges with navels.  I was told as a kid, to bite off the navel first.
When Josh Gatov raped me in 1998, afterwards he took me to see "A Clockwork Orange".
Sort of like a "glock" work orange.
I know Robin Bechtold knew something about this because of the way he and a few other government kids at Sherwood High didn't like how I bit off the navel of an orange first, before peeling it.  They were "uncomfortable".  Then Robin wanted to keep a photo that had me with a cousin and a pink flower on the table, with a bunch of orange peels around.  I had always wondered why he was so interested in that specific photo.    Aside from knowing Roos, who was connected to people that did this to me, he maybe knew through Irish contacts.  Afterall, some government kid named "Patrick" was imitating rape in the classroom in 2nd grade at his Mom and Dad's suggestion.  "The snake".  Then they dared serve ME with termination of my parental rights with a guy wearing a "Happy St. Patricks Day" shirt carrying a "Washington State Archives" box.
The reason I began to think about my belly button being bit off, is because I almost remembered it.  I saw the scar there and thought it was a knife and then I had this idea of someone biting my belly button off come to mind.  I then noticed, after having this come to mind when I saw Larry Brice's photo and some of the other guys, the logo for Grace Harvest Church is basically in the design of what my belly button looks like in the interior.  I also noticed the design on the belt of Ecklund because I had just been looking at my arms and on my left arm I found a weird fine squiggle mark that matches it.  And he has this same design displayed on the left side of his belt.  That was when I decided to find out who he was connected to. I didn't trace the squiggle and photograph it.  I noticed it and decided not to trace it, and then I saw the exact same mark on Ecklunds belt.  That was when I thought, "he's involved or he wouldn't be displaying that on his belt".
The Hammers are connected to Roman Catholic Roos', Wilsons, and Natalie and Hanan Hammer of the Kansas Jewish Community (with Goodmans and Goldsmiths present).  So why exactly was Rachel Hammer interested in Cambodia?  Late Princess Diana interest?
There is a possible connection between Ecklund and Michelle Erickson too.  Wonder at that.
So this "holyfield" thing...that may be why Chris Dabney said "Here's another one in the hole."  I can even think about "Larry" Kargman, in 1994, yelling at me about "leaving cheerios all over the car.  I don't want to pick up pieces of cheerios, you fucking bitch."  That's what he said to me.  Little belly button pieces in his car.  So sorry for Larry.
Larry Brice, the black man from Moses Lake, went on from selling cars (to Middleton, sure), to this church and then working for the Moses Lake Police Department.  Police have always known and always been involved and corrupt.  He worked as a "chaplain" for the police. 

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