Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cut Scars On My Thighs

I don't believe it.

I have cut scars on my thighs.

I guess I thought I'd look since I had just thought about Princess Diana's interview or write-ups about her cutting her thighs with a pen-knife.

I never noticed anything like that before, but I've never been looking for evidence of anything either. I have them. I have cuts on my thighs, or very old scars I mean, from cuts to my thighs.

I looked on the front of my thighs and didn't really see any, in that specific lighting but I might find something in other lighting. I found the scars on the insides of my thighs. So, about half-way up between my knee and top of my leg joint, on the insides, and some of them look very long. They're not tiny little scars. It also looks like, on one with a long straight cut, there is some kind of round circular object at the end of the scar line. Like a round impression at the end of the long line. I might be wrong about that part, so I will have to check again later, but yes, I definitely have scars.

I had to cancel out stretch marks, of course, because I do have some of those at the tops of my thighs, or up high I mean, from being pregnant and gaining weight, but it's where I see the scars, they are definitely there. One section looks really deep and then it is narrow on either end from that, on my right inner thigh, and on the left thigh I found the circle object impression at the end of the scar line. I found a circle mark on the other thigh too, but didn't look to see if it is connected to another scar. It sort of looks like this, if you faced me, and saw the insides of my thighs with my thighs together, it would be like this:


Discount the periods I put there as spacers, because the formatting isn't allowing the spacing for the o shape and the lines. It's a V shape with an o at the top of both sides of the line. I might be wrong about the pattern to it, because I have to check my right thigh again, but there is definitely the line and circle at the top. Again, sort of matching the design on the pocket of James Paul's pants (whose photo I posted awhile ago).

This is a little shocking, because I remember when Laura Rose-Lewis asked me, "How did you get that line on your thigh?" and said she wanted to know what kind of work out I did to get the "nice line" (she pointed to the outside of my thigh).

Basically then, I have scars on the insides of my thighs, just as Princess Diana said she cut herself with a penknife, on her arms and thighs. Which I later, very recently wondered, if it wasn't suggesting something that happened to someone else.

The circle marks don't look exactly like scars from cuts but some kind of deep impression from maybe a burn but only around the edges. Maybe it is a cut scar though, I will check later.

This government is hiding a major, MAJOR criminal case they are liable for and should be compensating me over. I mean, this must be why they were trying to kill me, before I found out, or in case I found out and ruined some political strategy they had, that might have gone another way if I'd talked about it sooner.

At this point, what I think would be fair is the following:

1. Return of my son (he was taken during the commission of crimes and the adoption is invalid and lacked jurisdiction); he is alternately a hostage that the enemy obtained as part of a war crime and lacks jurisdiction for adopting him to/by enemy forces.
2. No torture. My family doesn't want to be tortured. Obviously. No more torture by aerospace/military/CIA/NASA means.
3. Validation. I would like to have an official acknowledgement of what was done to me and my son, and to my parents.
4. Compensation. Monetary compensation commensurate with our damages.
5. Bills. All of our medical bills that are outstanding, should be paid in full by the governments responsible for the crimes, and some of the payments should also include additional compensation for what came out of our own personal accounts, as a price we paid ourselves, for government crimes. I mean, we have been tortured AND stuck with the bill. What "freedom".
6. Release of my parents and me, and/or correction to the record where necessary, of false accusations. This includes correction of defamation by newspapers or other internal reports of "mental illness" and/or criminal disposition, and full and complete FOIA from federal, state, and local agencies involved in our lives.

I have some scars that are higher up than the center scars too.

I am also finding stereotactic frames online, which are headframes that are used to hold a head in place while being scanned or electrocuted. Some of them have a v-shaped frame in the front or back of the box that holds the head in place.

I was being electrocuted, definitely, and I was being forced to have some kind of head frame on at some point. It may be that the ^ shape hair line I have, is because of radiation or some form of torture and being against some kind of frame. I don't know. I was probably given sodium hydroxide to facilitate torture of electrocution. It is an electrical conductor, used sometimes with batteries, and also in electrolysis. Electrolysis is probably even a word derived from the combination of electrocution and lye (lye is made out of sodium hydroxide, a salt). Electro-lys-is. Michael Faraday was a British scientist who first specialized in this. Interestingly, they use electrolysis today, to remove hair. Different process but sort of a commemorative idea. Michael Faraday lived on Middlesex, England.

Sodium hydroxide is also given as a solution for radiation forms of PET scans and some other scans but that's sort of beside the point. It also causes serious burns on the skin.

I also remember having a serious aversion, as a kid, and teen, to seeing stuffing come out of a turkey. Must have been the great medical experience I had, or saw, actually. My mom had to reach in and pull the guts out and I couldn't even look at it. I didn't look at chicken or turkey or guts or entrails until 1997, when I bought my first turkey and forced myself to get over my revulsion. I include this because it's possible that aside from being electrocuted, I was forced to witness other grotesque lab experiments.

I think I was also forced to have my arms up, holding onto something sometimes.

Going back to Diana-suggestive things, or wondering, I also know someone at my house crashed through one of our windows once (1-story level), from the inside and breaking out, in Moses Lake. Someone pushed someone but I don't remember right now, who, but no one was seriously hurt and I'd been surprised. I remembered this so well that later when I was older, but still a kid, I wanted to try it, but I was too afraid I might cut myself doing it. I thought about doing it. If it was me that got pushed, I later thought trying it on my own or something. I think maybe my Dad was pushed one time out of a window too. It wasn't my mother, I remember this much for sure, and she wasn't pushed out of the window or the one pushing. It happened right out of our main front window. I think Jim Sandberg was involved, but I would have to think more about it. If so, he wasn't the one that went out the window. I remember looking at the window after and seeing how jagged it was at the bottom so I was surprised no one was hurt more than they were. Mmm, now I remember. It was me. I was the one who went out the window but I wasn't cut or hurt very much so I was shocked by that. I don't remember why I broke through the glass. I was pushed I believe, but I don't know who. The argument with Jim or a man was some totally different situation. I was the one who went through the window and then I saw the glass and my brother talked about doing it and never did. I think I hurt my arm but that was about it, not tons of blood. Possibly one other person went through one time that I witnessed, but one time it was me.

I think Mike Middleton was involved in torturing me as a kid. I remember a formula too, that I guess I might have been programmed with a long time ago, but it has to do with him. It has to do with salt, light, middlesex or middleton and stone. It also explains why someone at Wells Fargo thought it was hilarious, then, to get a man named "matthew sexton" to transfer to the branch I was going to in person.

Not only that, Granny told me when I was a baby I fell down "stairs that were only partway done." She always said "halfway done" or "partway done". When I first wrote about this, someone over here tried to get my mother to change my memory or story, and say that it was about HER as a baby, when it wasn't. If it happened to my Mom, of course I'd believe that. However, there is no mistake at all about Granny telling me, all the time, that it was me and happened to me, and she wasn't senile. She told me this all the time I was growing up. So if it's not true that the stairs there were "partway done" or "halfway done", she used this to help me later, figure out what happened with the "Middleton" stairs. If they were part-way done, they were middle-done, which is Middleton.

I was suddenly getting all of this pressure to change my story and told the stairs were already completed by the time I was born, and if that's true, it's even more clear and obvious that Granny was implicating the Middletons. I was told this story, every single time I went to visit Granny, more than once.

A few times she specified I was in my walker when it happened. So then, if Princess Diana was giving clues about things that happened to me, she was doing some of it before Katie Middleton was ever even born. One of the things she did, was "throw herself down the stairs", however, with Charles right there, the story could have been changed or meant to suggest Charles pushed her and then ran out "to go riding". Granny was there to see it, (the Queen) she said. Then the first time she ever wored a Katherine Walker dress was after William was born and she was leaving the hospital. Of course, the hospital. It basically sounds like a replay of what was done to me by the Middletons and their group, and if I was pushed or thrown down the stairs, or fell myself, if a man went out to "go riding" it's suggestive of "to go writing". Sounds like documentation or the writing experience of documenting torture to a baby. Diana wore some kind of sailor dress by Katherine Walker. So then, it's strange she was dressed in a Katherine Walker dress later when she died. Did she choose this? in plans "in the event of", or did someone else? I don't know. If she chose to be buried in a Katherine Walker dress, when it suggested me, and was first worn before Katie was ever born, she was possibly suggesting the same Middleton group that threw me down the stairs, was the one likely to murder her. If anything happened to her, or I guess even with me, it implicated Middleton. Also, stairs or a row of stairs, unfinished or not, is called "a flight of stairs". The stairs were halfway done--the flight of stairs was Middleton. Granny would never tell me something wrong, and mix up a story like that, and it is one thing she told me all the time. So someone was torturing my mother and pressuring her, over a year ago, to tell me it wasn't me, but it was. I was told it was me and the "middle-done" stairs. Now, Granny is senile and she'd probably even think Katie was a friend, but she wasn't for the more than 2 decades I was told about this.

It looks to me like William married his mother's murderers. His mother was giving clues about me and my life, and what was done to me. My Granny was as well. And now the worst of it is that Middleton and her group sneaked by long enough, through torturing others, to even get pregnant. They do not have a right to any part of England and the baby is not royal and she and her family should be prosecuted for murder, torture, obstruction of justice, and be put in jail. My parents were absolutely mortified when they knew William was getting her pregnant. They looked like they were being told to eat dead fetuses every day. I think it's because they knew what some were getting away with. My parent's baby, and my babies were tortured and murdered while still unborn. What about Katies unborn? She has a right to be pregnant, as a criminal? as a woman that slashed others and had my son poisoned, fully aware of her parents criminal history and what they did to me? How about her odd act of having a show made about "my dog ate my pearl necklace".

The music group "Pixies" uses references to things that happened to me as well and they are part of the UK-US MKUltra scene. One of the lines is "This is the sound a mother makes, when her baby breaks/we're chained, we're chained, we're chained".

The whole "ET phone home" was another reference to what was done to me. It was electrical convusive "therapy" (ET)but it wasn't therapy, it was torture. He gets reeses pieces of course, in that movie. I got those all the time as a kid. When I got hurt, I got a package of reeses pieces. And then "party pieces" became the bold idea for a business name for people involved in torturing me. Before it was "electroconvulsive therapy" (ECT or sometimes just ET) it was electroshock. You can see the reference by ET and the girl and the electric charge between them. That movie was already in production and then released in 1982, which is the year Katie Middleton was born. It refers to electrocution prior to that time.

One of the things I was programmed to remember a long time ago is Matthew 6. The idea was that I would think about salt and have it come to mind and then when I was told it wasn't right, I would check and find where it was. Matthew 5:13 and 14. Verse 13 is about salt (sodium hydroxide) and the second one is about light (electrocution). I was given sodium hydroxide as a way to better conduct electrocution of me, and it's also used in IVs for PET scans. I was also sexually abused and assaulted, cut up, and had some form of acid poured on me (possibly sodium hydroxide but maybe something else as well). Sodium hydroxide's abbreviation is "ALK" and its other derivative is potassium hydroxide (KOH). The science signs for this chemical include 2 curly ribbon lines like Katie Middleton wore in her hair down the runway when she was trying to get William of Wale's attention. The "Father of Lies" (lye) is the British Michael Faraday (salt and electrocution).

Later, after I'd moved back here, Matthew Sheehy thought it was a great inside joke for Middleton, to suggest I go to the "lighthouse" with him. I could tell the idea bothered my Dad and now I know why. The same people who put "Matthew Sexton" in my path, as an inside joke, in TN, knew others who had information about what was done to me, who was responsible, and how I was programmed but didn't remember.

The formula for who was involved is also found by looking up the ton equation. Michael (faraday) Middlesex's formula for light and salt are not in Matthew six (sexton). It is in the middle of ch. 5 at 13, 14. You have to go backwards ("back to the future"). One ton is equivalent to 157.473 stone. Adding up 157 gives 13 and the sum of 4,7, and 3 gives 14. So it's 13 and 14. So then you have 1 ton=13.14 stone. 1 ton equals sodium hydroxide and electrocution. What a great idea to have hot stones placed on backs too, in spas you know, all kinds of ideas generated from torture. Then the sum of M.5 and 13, and 14 is 14 and adding 1 and 4 together is 5 with the 1 from 1 ton is 6. So then you can wear a crown with 6 on it, to commemorate middlesex, sodium hydroxide, electrocution, middleton, and stones. I got something that looked the hot bottom of glasses on my back, and maybe they were dipped in sodium hydroxide (salt) first and maybe I got royal jubilee jelly on my feet and in other places for ultrasound or other forms of torture.

When Diana drove underground, in a tunnel, called the bridge of pont du alma, she was first photographed looking back and next photographed crashed into a white pillar. I don't know if it was really the 13th pillar, as I've heard (maybe someone counted)? but from things she talked about, and referred to, and then the head brace she wore for "halo trust", she knew me and my family. Whether it was symbolic, intentional, or accidental she crashed in this way, I don't know but it was like a point was made about looking back and then turning into a pillar of salt.

I never thought of it this way before, but then I was targeted to be assassinated myself, and defamed to facilitate better access to torture and assassination attempts of me, and then my son. Then, I was living in Maryland with Alvaro (FBI he said) and some Colombian housemate named "Pilar" (pee-lar). Somebody thought it was "interesting" to have me next to Pilar, who wore some french eiffel tower shirt the first time I met her. I fell! and I can't get up.

It's really time for Middletons to go to jail now, and the FBI to return my son to me and do as I've asked with full restitution and compensation for our damages.

What was pont to alma about? Point to mama? was I asked this as a baby?

I'd rather point a finger at the baby "animals".

Also, what was Tancer's point, with the whole glass with salt or no salt specified on the rim and it was brought back covered in salt, and then I was going to the "cone" art? What about Kelly Halvorson and her English man she married, was he a Middleton fan too?

Granny said I fell down the partway done stairs into the basement, in my walker, and they were shocked because I had landed upright. I was told they all thought it was a "miracle" that I (the baby), wasn't hurt.

Maybe not that time. Maybe someone had tried to kill me and I survived. But I was hurt, and it's the fault of the UK, Canada, and US government persons who colluded against me. Only those who had a motive to conceal these things that were done to me, had motive enough to assassinate me or attempt assasination.

Supposedly Robin Bechtold knew Josh Gatov. They are connected to Mike Tancer, who knows Middleton. Larry Brice, the black man who had something to do with whatever happened to my belly button, in Wenatchee, is involved, and he is connected to Middleton. He died, but he was involved in the "biting off" my belly button incident somehow. When I arrived in Sherwood, Robin and Erica Ballinger already had information about me that even I didn't have. Robin's information was probably coming from Ireland, from people involved in Dublin and elsewhere, that took part in torture of me in Canada. He knew about things before he ever went to college, and I've tried to figure that part out--how much he knew about me, who was talking to him, and why he knew before college. College would expose him to many people, from all over, who might share something, but while in high school, his resources were more limited.

Basically, what I am suggesting, is that someone gave him the "key" to triggers I was programmed with. Why someone would choose to do this for him, I have no idea but it wasn't to my best interests. I was programmed, and in some of it even my parents (mom and dad) were forced to be involved. Who was leading this, I have no idea...the name of the individuals, who were in seniority or in charge, I mean, had to been military and CIA but I don't know who. Basically, the FBI was like the catfish at the bottom of the pond. They never protected me--they just sucked the scum that was done by the CIA and military and attempted to use the "assets" to their own advantage, whether that meant by torturing me to get information, using me as a pawn, or attempting to trade me in international "one-for-one" deals.

This country used the technique they use against enemies...the idea is that what if they take a total enemy, and can brainwash them or shock them to erase their memory, and then convince them they are the good guys and to work for them.

You can see how "malleable" I am. I say f--- you to their faces. This is, of course, after 2-3 decades of being polite and patient as they repeatedly raped me and tortured me, and prevented me from leaving the country.

The techniques that the CIA and military used, and then encouraged the FBI to use against me, are the same as that against the "battered woman". They get you to like them, make you think you can trust them or that they care, and then they assault you. This is after reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance of course, your "vows" to your country. They want to you pledge allegiance to them, after they raped and assaulted you, before you could remember they were responsible, and then they think it's great to hear "I love you" or "I pledge allegiance" to you after they've done this. Later, after keeping you around long enough, they torture you, in a progressive way, escalating. So the whole "escalator" joke is that it's escalating violence, and you keep thinking they must feel bad about it.

By now, they have other countries involved, and have smeared me to protect themselves, like going to the neighbors and having them over for BBQs and saying, "Well, there is really something wrong with her, but we try to do what we can. She needs help, but we don't know what to do" or "She's getting out of control and we're worried she might do something dangerous so keep your eyes open for us, will you?" This is the kind of the thing the U.S. did first with neighbors they colluded with, in the whole MKULtra deal to begin with. Later, to protect themselves and their own interests, they tried to make other countries or officials from other places, think this.

I'm their billion dollar baby. They couldn't "afford" to let me go. If I was going to "go" anywhere, the only way to protect their criminal interests when there was no way to disagree with my character or reputation, was to kill me. My having a public education put me around hundreds of witnesses, some of them kids, who could see whether someone seemed "mentally ill" or crazy or not. They also thought, let's see if she starts sucking the government's dick. If I started giving their government kids blow-jobs, maybe they could "work" with me. If not, I was in their way.

When the woman in Knoxville, TN twisted my arms up behind my back, she knew what she was doing, and did it for effect, for those who were watching from the 2-way mirror, in the federal detention center. She used a technique called "strappado" (strap-otto), which was commonly used during the Spanish Inquisition, and is also less-known by the term "garrucha". It isn't a police officer technique, the way she did it, it was something she did for the entertainment of others who were watching. Strappado is used by taking someone's arms, in chains, and putting them behind their back and then putting the chain through a loophole. From there they pull on the chain, raising the arms up behind the back to unnatural position, usually with wrists together. This is what she did to me, what both women did to me. There wasn't a loophole, to put a chain through, but my hands were cuffed, with a chain, which she used for leverage and then as she raised them up in my back, she twisted them too. The other woman then injected me with something, and this was done by uniformed officers who were acting outside of the scope of duty. Normal officers do not give people injections to the wrist. I wasn't disruptive at all or saying anything offensive or talking loudly, it was just done, and they made sure I was fully naked first, with only my underwear, which was, on that day, g-string. I had no bra on, and was completely naked except for this, and this is what they did to me, for the pleasure and satisfaction of someone, more than one person, behind the glass. Then she barely covered me with a blanket and told me to face a wall that faced a 3-drawer filing cabinet, with the drawers partly opened, and "kneel".

I really don't know why someone is running a plane overhead, next to our house right now, but it's been going on, back and forth, the same jet, for a half hour now.

UPDATE: It lasted for an hour and a half. Also, since I've been back at my house, I've been tortured. I was not being tortured until tonight. At least, not as much, and the remote form of technology used to burn my heart and chest is being used, along with constant radar to my ears, which is being done to my Mom and Dad as well. There is no other form of technology that targets the ears in this way, besides Navy and police/FBI sonar. And yes, the FBI and local and state police have some technology. It's 11 p.m. and the radar to ears has occured every single day, at night, and the torture by accessing the metal stent to my heart, which was put inside of my body by Alvaro Pardo and the doctors in Maryland, has been this entire evening.

All of the government men connected to raping me, or women who facilitated rape or assassination attempts, are connected, and stayed connected from the NW, tracking me as I went to Canada, and later to the East Coast. I find even Alvaro is connected to Bechtold and Irish, but the connection I haven't figured out, is how the Thebault family factors in. The most I figured out is there was a connection with the Benedictine order from NJ to Oregon. Thebaults ended up going to a private school run by them, and my litigation was in Oregon, with men there that knew Tony Roos and about his assassination attempt against me. The only other connection I made was with the law firm Bullivant Houser Bailey. A bunch of lawyers from that firm are connected to them. How this spirals into knowing the others, I've only found government links.

Even the Del Balzos, I think, were connected to my being raped. They are the Italian family that I had to work for after being implanted with more "chips" in Salt Lake City. It's sick that I was flown there, when people knew what was done to electrocute me and about the salt around the rocks in Canada at the Pemberton (underground). After I told Del Balzo's daughter "no" to touching a bookcase (with old glass, because I was afraid she'd break it or break through it accidentally) her parents looked at me like they were suddenly feeling "justified" to take a high horse. They looked sort of humble, meek and mild, and kept their heads down as they ate the best meal I could then afford and prepared for them. They also looked as guilty as bloody hell.

This is after I was working as the nanny, and I had shown them photos I took of myself and their girls, and they liked them and I asked if they wanted to keep any and then they did the same for me, allowing me to select a few photos they had. One of the pictures was of me with a scarf wrapped around my forehead, and a large daisy or chrysanthamum flower on it, in the middle. Next thing I knew, I was meeting their Jewish neighbor next door, who decided to wear a scarf around her head the same way I had in my photo. Then, later, Robin Bechtold saw the photo and studied that one more than any of the other photos I had. The one of me with a big orange-red daisy-type flower in the center. Then the Del Balzos were over for dinner and as soon as I said "No" to their daughter, they straightened up, quit looking guilty, and raised their heads high, got mad and some kind of smirking satisfaction at the same time, and said they were leaving. I hadn't known why they looked so guilty to begin with, but my giving a quick "No" to their daughter, I guess "for the recording" and audio people they knew could hear everything, gave them a kind of satisfaction.

Then I was raped, by a man who apparently knew these people, and who selected knives and "daisy" cups first, who refused to quit when I said "no". It was sort of like a revenge tactic, from federal perps who had crimes of their own to hide, who were all involved in some kind of mafia as well.

Both Del Balzos and Bechtold had Italian mafia connections. Gatov's Italian contacts were through Bechtold and Emmanuel Rose. I am sure Lisa Thebault's Italian family factors in somehow as well, because I had people connected to Bullivant stealing from me as soon as I got back from the East Coast in 1994. I think some of the Italians were more connected to a few Eastern Indians and Jews, and the Irish-Catholic were connected to Italians and Mexicans. For the Irish-Catholic it was more of a connection between religion and military, and for the Eastern Indians and Italians it was more of a connection with technology and business. The Irish-Catholic didn't want me to know how much of it was involving the FBI. They wanted me to think it was all DOD or CIA, and that the FBI had nothing to do with it. The FBI had pretty much taken over, and had everything to do with it--those who were connected to Department of Justice knew the FBI was crucial to their success at getting away with crimes of torture. They needed the FBI to defame me, officially, and the FBI did.

None of the everyday torture occured until I was officially defamed by the FBI. The persons responsible for this defamation of me, in their internal records and out in the open and through personal contacts, were motivated by premeditated plans to torture me. Instead of just torturing me out of the blue, first, the FBI first made allegations that I was "unstable" in their own reports, which they have not released to me, per my FOIA request. They used reporters who worked for them to do this, and lawyers, and they used a man in Washington D.C. who worked for the military (extraordinary rendition) and one from San Francisco who already knew the Bechtold family. They also used Laura Laughlin, and Rick Baken, and as for Robert Jordan, who was in charge at that specific time, it is noteworthy that a man with "Jordan" as his middle name, was in charge then. It is possible that Donna Ciaramella, the Farmers Insurance Agent assigned to my PIP case where I was owed $50,000, was also working for the FBI.

I have thought my knee doctor, the surgeon Jonathan Greenleaf was okay, but when I had asked him for my records they wouldn't give them to me and they refused to even speak to me until my parents paid them bribe money first. The bribe money, or extortion of my parents, was facilitated by Donna Ciaramella and Oregon Health Sciences University hospital.

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