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The "Blessing" Of Jew Rape: When Jews Rapes Gentiles

Jewish Rape.

When  a Jew rapes a non-Jew, is it a "blessing".

Do I get a special medal from the Wailing Wall people, for being raped by one of their Jews?  Or is Flushing, NY going to dispense the honors?

I think it is about time to revisit the kinds of propoganda that Germans wrote about Jews who raped German women.

Since Josh Gatov felt it was so necessary to bring knives into the occasion, and since he has had the "blessing" of the U.S. to the point of their notifying him to leave the country, to escape prosecution, I think we need to examine what the "Jews" are really about.

Is it really a "myth" that they are rapists?  I don't think so.

I think it's safe to say, the Germans were onto something that was not fiction, and was actual.  How many Jews raped German women before the Germans had enough of "How would your father feel to know his daughter was 'taken' by a JEW" from Jews?

Jews are rapists and this Jew Josh Gatov, was a hate crime perpetrator who emphasized how his religion was raping me.

HIS Jewishness RAPED me.


YOU fucking killed Princess Diana and inserted your fucking Jewish Princess Catherine Middleton into your fucking role for domination over European affairs.


Mossad is as "holy" as the plumber for a gay man in the Bronx that died, was buried, and dug up again for Passover feast because they didn't have money for Mazo.

FUCK YOU for proclaiming your fucking "jewish" alliance and "holiness" over ME, and having ME work as a slave for fucking Ed and Carla (Catholic bitch) Israel, where you tortured me in the workplace, had me monitored, and then passed me on to Rabbi Rose and his wife Lorraine.  Every single one of the last of you deserve to get cancer from God Himself and so be it.

You used your religion as a cloak for evil.  God DAMN you.

Did you "excommunicate" Josh Gatov?  No, you didn't you fucking heathen and demonic representations of Judaism.  You did NOTHING.  Rather, you colluded to support his premeditated rape of me, and you sponsored him, tipped him off, rewarded him, and praised him for his crimes.  You fucking infidels take the name of God in vain every single fucking day of your lives, and lie and use false testimony against your neighbor but you think you should abide by the Passover.

How is it that you honor the Passover, but you don't even follow your own laws. YOU FUCKERS.  You think you can rape a woman, and lie about her, and defame her to the point that she and her son are being tortured, next-door to you, but you put on a fucking YAMIKUH? and VEIL? and go to CHURCH?


Believe me, you are not fooling God.

He FUCKING SEES YOUR SHITTY ASSHOLES and sees every single piece of shit that comes out of you, every day of your lives and he sees the exact same shit coming out of your hearts and mouths as you claim to be "jews" and "observe passover" and want "brownie points for Holocaust" but RAPE and support the RAPE of women and children.

You all deserve to die.

I'm tired of your pathetic excuses about how you deserve special treatment for being "Jews" and how everyone in the world should not forget how YOU were "persecuted" and how YOUR intelligence is so great and how the U.S. should support Israel and your fucking U.S. SHIT.

Is that what this country is supporting?



You have done nothing to show repentance, or compensation to the victim, as a Jewish community, to someone who fucking worked like a slave for your WHORES.

Was Lorraine Rose a "virgin" when she met Emmanuel Rose?  PROBABLY NOT.  I guess probably not because SHE had a problem with MY being a virgin and said there was something wrong with me if I didn't have sex with a boyfriend.  Lorraine wanted me to be as fucking tawdry as she and Katie Middleton are.  She and her kids couldn't stand the fact that a "Gentile" was "holier" than THEY were so they arranged for me to be raped.

FUCK YOU.  IN the name of GOD, FUCK YOU!

You had your fucking friend Kyle Flick following me all over Wenatchee before my son was taken besides, and even got your Jewish doctor in Wenatchee to turn on me and defame me.

For what?  For your slimy control over MY SON.  God DAMN you.  All that you fucking Jews ever cared about was making me look trashy and ruining my reputation and then promoting your fucking Jewish Princess Katie Middleton.  She is a fuck off JEW.  She is not "Catholic".  Her fucking MOTHER IS A JEW.


Money for Israel, intelligence for Israel, protect Israel, protect U.S. Jews against anti-semitism, but YOU JEWS get to RAPE with NO PENALTY???

And falsely accuse the victim after she coddled your fucking kids?


I don't ever want to hear your fucking Jewish bitch "Patti" Otterbach call my Dad "Bobby" again.  It's Bob.  It's not "Bobbie" to her like Cameo was "Camie" to Lorraine.  Don't fucking forget that you are Jewish scum who premeditate and conceal rapes of others and then try to take a high-hand.

So about the "whores".  Let's examine Lorraine and Emmanuel Rose's "kids" because they fucked whatever had legs that walked up to them.

Joshua Rose:  One fucking con man who knew Josh Gatov.  I would never doubt that Josh Rose is capable of taking a knife to my mother's face, because he was involved in having me raped.  He dated women that were not "intimidating" to him.  This meant, "Ugly". His girlfriend that I met, had a big afro, so-so personality, and larger than average boobs.  All that he must have seen in her were her boobs because nothing else was great, and he was fucking her.  He was basically fucking a Jewish man (she had the face and hands of a man) with boobs.  So maybe he is gay.  Who else wants to date an intellectual woman with man hands, man-face, a moustache, and who is mousy?  Josh Rose does.  He wants menly women.  With boobs.  So don't forget the silicone transies, because he'll take the pansies, but he wants that dough on the fro.  While he's fucking you, he might want to talk about rabbinical literature, and mix it up with homoeroticism, which were 2 subjects he had an interest in, at the same time.  So maybe if you have some kind of swinging lesbo-gayo-mayo group that likes to lick and schtick, he'd go for that, but make sure you have one of those silver rectangular things on your doorframe so he feels "kosher" about it.  He prays on the nights of premeditated rapes you see.  "Please God:  Don't let me get caught."  Whatever happened to that fly-by-night stand-by-your-side Tammy Spynette?  Who KNOWS--she is doing someone else because he didn't marry her and moved on next to some blond chick who was 10x worse.

I would take man-hands FRO over the blond bitch any fucking day.  "Oh, you know my boyfriend? Josh?"  GREAT FUCKING GOD, just kill those bitches.  She was a fucking condescending bitch and my guess is that just because she looked more feminine, or "presentable", Lorraine liked her better--the "Pleasure to meet you" Charles Schumaker fucking bitch. 

I had to go from one fucking Jew patrol station to the next and I'm DONE with them.  Don't even come near me you fucking hypocritical lousy lame-ass dirty excuses for religion.  I went from CTR with Ed Israel and the "Foleys" and Osbornes, to Lorraine Rose, to Laura Rose-Lewis, to Drew-or-Duke man with Josh's girlfriend next to me, until I was raped by Josh Gatov, whom they knew.

Josh Rose's second girlfriend that I met (I'm always the bridesmaid, never the "bride", oh touche), was most likely working for the FBI because she reeked like that.  She smelled like "social worker decides to join FBI and take a covert job in the intellectual property computer field".

And what have YOU done for ME lately bitch.

After I met Josh's #2, I wasn't around to see what follow-ups occured with anyone else.  All I know is that he was pissed at Harvard, pissed about my idea of ironing his shirts (his guilty complex when he probably knew his fucking friends had had an IRON on my BACK as a baby), and he probably knows fucking Chris Dabney and the bitches at THAT Monster Dive.  Fuck you Josh Rose--by the way, since I never got to say "fuck you" to your face, you can read about it:

Fuck you.

I'll tell more about the rest of the Rose Whores tomorrow.

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