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FBI Liars Work For Katie Middleton

The FBI has been working for Kate Middleton.  She doesn't exactly work for them, it's the other way around.  Well, I take that back.  They worked for her parents, and laundered money to them, and then the FBI used their agents to do things to promote her and murder and torture others.  Then, she was working for them and the CIA.

I will give the information that proves this later today.  Also, for the last week I've been tortured by NASA to my heart and to the top of my head and eye, all night and all day.  The information on that one is that their current Director (the black guy) is Jewish and has been doing favors for a militant Jewish group that supports, of course, Middleton.  He is shown with his wife in Israel, at a dressmaker's boutique, doing favors for Mossad.  Mossad supports Kate Middleton.

Laura Laughlin was the FBI agent that came out to meet me at Starbucks and take my report against FBI agents Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza.  She was wired.  She recorded the entire conversation I had with her, and when I asked for my FOIA from the FBI, I specified I wanted anything that was recorded electronically or by videotape as well.  I have not been provided with the information I've requested, in writing, to the FBI, for almost one entire decade now. 

In the meantime, they were busy being micky-mousy dressmakers for Katie. 

Raul and Armando's Mexican mafia support Middleton.  They are not just Mexican FBI agents, they are from families that traffick drugs, and they continued to traffick drugs and used Laura Laughlin in their ring.  William of Wales helped out on a cocaine bust in Colombia, working with FBI and the DEA.  At the time he was doing this, the Middletons were trafficking drugs, and then he went home and had a cocaine snorting party with his girlfriend Katie, at her Uncle Gary's house, who is Jewish, like his sister Carol.  You have to wonder why Princess Diana was found with cocaine in the car at the time of the crash.  She not only had cocaine with her, she was traveling with a United States FBI agent that was hired to be her bodyguard.  The FBI didn't know there was cocaine in the car?  Of course they knew.  How did that point get obscured in the whole "trial"? 

Laura Laughlin wired and recorded the conversation I had with her, which is evidence I could have used, and can still use, to prove what the FBI's motive has been for harming me and my son Oliver.  It would also prove obstruction of justice and "perversion" of the course of justice by them.  The "star bucks" have been going to Katie.

After Laura Laughin was either wired or had "Julie Thornton" wired, they had me going to confidential "counseling" with Brett McDonald, who they already knew was best friends with Tina Thornton, who is related (look at the butts--they're a DNA match) to Julie Thornton.  Tina was the social worked Donna Titleman (Jew) assigned to me.  Donna Titleman's interest in me was in protecting the Jew who raped me (Josh Gatov).  Tina Thornton's motive was to protect cops and the FBI (she is related to the FBI agent that took my report, best friends with the woman they assigned to counsel me through Tina and Social Services, and her husband is a cop).

The State of Washington illegally used "social services" as a way to carry out instructions from the FBI, and illegally obtain personal information about me. 

This was done, knowing I had a case against the FBI, when I was not the person under "investigation", their agents had been reported by me for crimes against me (including rape) and obstruction of justice.

It is a professional breach of confidentiality and conflict of interest to take "counseling" from me when they knew who was getting the information and sharing it.

It is also illegal for the State of Washington to collude with a federal agency to obtain information illegally for them.  I was being forced and ordered to go to this "counseling" with Brett McDonald, per Washington State, as a condition of receiving TANF for my son when I was injured in childbirth.  My counseling was prejudiced because of the conflict of interest, and when it was convenient for Brett McDonald to switch around and claim she DID think I was mentally ill, she did so on behalf of the FBI.

The FBI also knowingly allowed torture of me by the Department of Defense and NASA aerospace, as a means to facilitate their crimes against me.

The FBI needed an "alibi".

This proves the FBI had "no boundaries".  They used agents to rape me.  They used agents to bribe police from making reports about their agents.  They stole my vehicle to keep me from traveling when they knew it would ruin college and my lawsuits.  They used social services in Washington state to get "discovery" for themselves, with Brett McDonald, Tina Thornton, and Donna Titleman, by illegally telling me to go to counseling with a woman who passed information on to the FBI.  They then forced me out of housing by ordering me to go to doctor visits in Seattle and refusing to reimburse me the mileage they owed, which they had contracted with me to pay.  Then the FBI defamed me and colluded with Canadians about me, to kidnap my son.  They continued to use agents to rape me and degrade me and then they tried to force me to marry Alvaro Pardo, an FBI agent.  When I didn't, they had me drugged and sodomized and Alvaro knew about all of it and was involved in arranging for this to happen.  The night that this was done to me, was after I'd seen the movie called 'The Queen' and mentioned how she had said one year was her"anus horriblis" (horrible year).  Floyd knew Alvaro, and had a Canadian girlfriend, and I was drugged and woke up knowing something had happened to me.  I believe right after this, he decided to wear a black shirt like Chris Dabney wore to work at the Post Pub.  It was either right before or after they had me sodomized to degrade me for the FBI and Canadians.  Then they did something to me at Steve Mays house and then had Alvaro calling me up to say, in a sleazy way, "It's too late".  Alvaro Pardo had seen the movie "Into the Wild" (see the movie).  He was refering, sadistically, to my being picked apart and raped and degraded by men, and he knew all along it was happening and he worked for the FBI.  It's a discussion about "don't let worms get on your meat" and then when they do, the guy says repeatedly, "It's too late."  After the "peace sign" and everything of course.  After I blogged about what he'd said and some of this, all of a sudden, they wanted to pretend to be "good guys" and have me live across the street from the FBI in Wenatchee, when the FBI is the entire reason I was tortured and my son has been accessed and tortured to begin with.  Alvaro and the FBI tried to make it look like they "cared" when they were involved in arranging the sodomy to begin with, and had it viewed by members of the British royal family.

Alvaro had not just seen this movie, he most likely knew more about it than some because of the connection to Russian Jews and Catholics in the government.  The movie was made by Sean Penn, whose mother was an Italian Catholic and whose father's side was Russian Jewish, like Josh Gatov.  It was around this time, or a few years earlier, that some producers were making references to "Anastasia", the Russian Royal family that was killed by Jews mostly, in some of their movies.  There is a photo of her with her family, in the collection, of her standing next to a swan fountain and spitting out, or having something sprayed out, in an arch, on someone.  This is mimicked in the movie by Penn, and repeated later, for whatever reason, in a public display of peeing by William of Wales in 2009.  The sequel to "Into the Wild" was produced by all English men, British, who glorified cutting scenes again, as the first one had done.  It's nice Katie got a harness over her wedding getaway car.  The first movie was produced by mostly American Jews, including Russian Jews, who had intermarriage with Catholics.  The second one was produced by English Catholics, who had a Jewish friend in Ecquador.  Which rape scene did you guys like best?  the first movie commemoration, or the sequel?

First Penn was married to Madonna, who after their divorce, was married to Scottish man.  Then he was with Robin Wright, who was from San Diego and moved to Dallas, TX (big to Robin Bechtold).  She was in the movie Forest Gump, about the kid whose legs hurt and he can't run, and then Penn produced "Into the Wild" and features a scene with a guy stretching his legs out in the end, like Forest Gump but without braces, and which is something I had to do as a kid all of the time, because of hemophilia that the CIA and FBI likes to share with their agents and keep to themselves.  Robin Wright started dating yet another Russian Jewish connection in 2012, with Ben Foster, who is related to Sterling.  No suprise as, where was she raised?  Oh yeah--put 2 and 2 together--San Diego Adam/Yuille.  Adam, or was it Ecstasy? (don't you love the one degree of separation?)   I get the street names confused.  Like "reefer".  I hadn't heard of "reefer" until I met the FBI with full disclosure that they were FBI.  Had I known Robin Bechtold was FBI all along, my son never would have been tortured.  Come to think of it, the ONLY times I have seen marijuana are with FBI agents, with them as the users.  "How much do you need Katie?"  I'm pretty sure it's Robin Wright that Sean Penn was married to and not Kelly Preston torture devices.  How about some Kelly Pembroke, Australia, USC (Jordan and Bechtold), and is it any wonder she got shot in the arm, accidentally.  She's just "up the ante" with "Casino Jack".  How great for her to get fly on the Air France to the Hotel Cry-long or Grill on (Crillon), that Pembroke alumni, in 1991 at the grand celebration of the excavation of the Pembroke operating room for the Royal Jubilee Hotel, in Victoria, B.C.  How debonnaire.  Next, she plays "Vickie".  Stay toned, or tuned.

Chris Dabney cut me with a razor at his house.  I woke up and had a cut across my arm.  The next time someone cut me was at the women's shelter in TN, while I was sleeping.  It was a fine enough blade on a razor that they were able to cut me and the I woke up from it and they were gone.  These people were working for the FBI, and cut me, knowing already what my history had been as a child.

What I like, is how I've noticed so many celebrities, government officials, photographers in the modeling industry, and journalists know so much about my being tortured, they even craft entertainment out of it.  Photo shoots, clothing designs, movies, books, all kinds of fun WSJ and Bride 2011 stuff for Katie to love.  The FBI has no problem with stories and themes of my being tortured exploited, as they continue to exploit me and allow torture of both me and my son.

At the same time, they call this a "free" country, with "respect for human rights".

Where's my fucking FOIA BITCH.

If I remember going to Victoria, B.C. more than once, it is also possible that our trips to Vancouver, B.C. (which I also remember, going across the border for) were for torture there at a facility, or who knows...maybe I was even flown to the great McGill where the Allan Institute is, and then the FBI thought it was hilarious to have U.S. FBI psychologist Alan Springer living next door to me with a bunch of military.

Why else would my Dad later bring a hospital bed, some iron bed that looked English, and institutional, to my house in 2003, unless he was trying to tell me something or someone else told him to and thought it was hilarious. 

When I was growing up in Moses Lake, sometimes I woke up on my own, and other times my Dad came downstairs, took both bedposts and shook them back and forth continuously so I was shaking in the bed and said, "Time to get up!"  Or he'd start up a weedwhacker next to my window.  Which country is famous for their weed?  Canada.  I could have even met Dr. Ewan, or Donald Ewan Cameron, at the McGill.  How cute would that be because then I could say I'd been to Mc-Donald's.  And cuter still, the oh-so-tantalizing and sweet idea that I was forced to be "counseled" by the FBI's Brett "McDonald".   Maybe I got a nice cold "Crush" soda pop when I was there, or at the Pemberton.  I wonder if the Commonwealth was more interested in "dismantling" my "personality" through isolation techniques, or if it was the U.S. 

What a great combination:  drugs, electrocution, isolation and cages, rape, cutting, and surgeries.

Because now the U.S. and Canada can move me around between their fucking spies and tell secrets to eachother knowing I'm bugged.  By the time they worry I might find out, they try to kill me.  Which is what they did, beginning 1991-1992 and possibly before then.

I remember getting taffy once in Canada.  I don't remember anything after it, but I had taffy in Canada at least one of the times I was there.  Which had me looking at Laffy Taffy, because later when I was older I got those at the candy store.  They were formerly owned by "Breaker Confections" which was through the Quaker Oats Company and they were known (in the past) to have allowed the federal government to use their products for "experiments" on children.  They had a bunch of Quaker oats laced with radioactive materials to study its affect on kids.  Looking at taffy, this one brand, as formerly part of "Breaker Confections" was possibly why my parents later never wanted to get taffy at the beach when we quit going to Canada and started making Oregon beach sites the vacation place.  Before that, it was Canada.  It was fine to get cotton candy, in Moses Lake at fairs, but not taffy or salt-water taffy in Oregon, after Canadian "fun".  When my parents dropped the swan and it broke, I guess that's a way to break it.  Swans are found in the water, or usually wet somehow.

If you look at Roald Dahl's photo, who owned "Breaker Confections", he was British RAF and part of Nestle S.A. and looks a lot like FBI Director Louis Freeh.  After Raul and Armando joked about "pulling" and how I "pulled" my arms, and how to "pull it right", on and on about this, I was told to talk to S.A. Laughlin.  I guess that was the "Laffy Taffy" part of the joke for the FBI.

Taffy Bowen was an English scientist who worked in the U.S. and Canada using radar and radiation experiments against people, including "the death ray".

If I had no response for 3 months of my life, that is because of electrocution and sensory deprivation.  If I have an identical twin, we were switched so that I was tortured in Canada and she carried a front in the U.S., and left with one of the twins of my parents.  Otherwise, if I don't, it was local and then I do remember going back and forth from Canada.  In Montreal they have something called "pigstye" cemetaries, where kids used by the CIA and Canada were guarded by the Roman Catholic church and prevented from escaping, to the point of murder.  On the other hand, they also have Canadians who get adopted by U.S. government and were commissioned to assassinate me (1995).  In 1991 the Pemberton operating room of Victoria, B.C. was excavated and victims began coming forward with stories.  By 1992 there was a formal police inquiry in Montreal over the use of McGill and the Allan Institution for torture of kids.

I also remember feeling upset my mother didn't hug me but now I know why.  Part of what was done to me was with me in a chair that had restraints, so I strapped down and tortured.  I used to say why does Levi get to sit on your lap or cuddle with you (when I was a kid) and not me?  She said, "You don't like to cuddle."  So I tried one time, saying yes I do and as soon as I sat down and she put her arms around me, I jumped up and got away.  I couldn't stand to be confined in a sitting position.  I had a reaction to it, and later when I was pulling wires out of my arms at Wenatchee hospital, from a sitting position it was the same feeling.  I was tortured and I remembered it.  Cuddle is a lot like "Cut L" isn't it.  Funny how the CIA uses words and catch phrases to try to conceal every crime they commit with the FBI.  Later, I was being pressured to "hug" people and I never liked it.  Then when Mary Del Balzo ordered me to hug her kids, I really didn't want to.  She made this huge show, the Cornell-CIA-funded woman, of hugging her girls and told me she wanted me to hug them all the time.  I did it because she made it part of my job and it didn't hurt the girls, but as a victim that she knew had been tortured and put into restraints as a kid, what she did to me was abusive.  She not only hoped I'd forget about what happened and ride over that memory with a new one, of "love and hugs", she was part of government observation of me after I was targeted for further remote torture, after a surgery in 1995.

Basically, I've been tortured, raped, and had my son kidnapped from me and I want him back.  The FBI was instrumental in crimes of torture against me and it is their responsibility to "come clean" and "pull it off". 

You can also have a look at individuals they forced me to be around from my childhood up until recently and get an idea of who was working for the federal government and who the spies are.  They were not only abusing me, they were trafficking me for sending their messages across.

The FBI knew all about my background and history and they encouraged exploitation of me and they also encouraged rape and sodomy of me.  On their watch.  And then they happily passed that information on to people like Katie Middleton.

It's like the movie Brokedown Palace, with Claire Danes.  She's taking a trip and someone plants drugs on her, without her knowledge, and when she is caught, the authorities accuse her of breaking the law.  This is what the U.S. and Canada did to me.  They tortured me and electrocuted me, cut me up and used me a government mule between them.  They rigged me, and wired me, and had me acting as their "unwitting courier".  When they got tired of this or figured too many people knew and had figured it out, they dumped me into the "daily torture" routine and used government excuses for hate crime. 

Mormons have always been involved, and they cut some slick deals with others, so they've been no use when it comes to FBI.  I had thought, if the groups mainly covering for those who raped me (Catholic and Jew) who also had a motive to want to kill me to cover for what they did to me when I was a kid, maybe Mormons wouldn't have a conflict of interest.  It turns out, they've been riding on the glory box for a long time.  The ones I knew, were in business, illegal and legal (it's illegal until the CIA or FBI says it's "legal") with Catholics or the same ones who were covering up for rape.

Everything to do with my being raped, was planned.

I was stand-offish to almost anyone and I had nothing to do with Robin Bechtold anymore.  I didn't hold hands with anyone even--nothing.  I had an aversion to body contact and when people in church were told to give others a "hug", I wasn't comfortable with that for a reason.  So I kept others at arms distance, even if I was friendly.  Until Mary Del Balzo, who started pressuring me to hug everyone.  Start out small.  Sure.  Hugs the kids every day first.  That was 1995-1996.  By 1997 I had my hymen broken deliberately when there was no possible way that doctor didn't see it.  I mean, thanks for telling me I was abused as a kid, but I told her to stop and she didn't.

I believe the government premeditated raping me.

Afterall, who raped me when I was a kid?  Them.  I wasn't doing what they wanted, and they couldn't use me the way to, or wanted someone else in a position where I didn't stand in the way or keep a mystique.  So first Del Balzo introduces all this touchy feely, hug-the-kids stuff as suddenly the pastor at my church started doing the same thing, even if I kept my distance.  It was hugs hugs, body contact, and more attempts to invade my personal space to reduce my resistance.  When the government had strapped me to chairs and tables and electrocuted me, they knew I didn't want to be touched or confined in someone else's space.  And not by total strangers. 

Next, they broke my hymen, to prepare their alibi for raping me.

The woman who lived next door to Del Balzos was Jewish and met me.  The woman who broke my hymen was working for the state, and right next to a Navy shipyard/base.  Josh Gatov used knives in his approach, knowing my history ahead of time and that this would scare me into being more cooperative than I would have been otherwise.

It was premeditated government-sponsored rape.  Then he got tipped off to go to Thailand, which is a little odd when I had told many people already that I had seen the movie Brokedown Palace.  I told others my Dad had said, "Don't ever go to Thailand" because you don't want that to happen.  Basically, he was saying some countries have strict rules and you can get set up and be too far away from people for help.

So it turns out, THIS is "Thailand".  This country, the U.S., and Canada, and England, and those who colluded in MKUltra are the "Thais".  And why would the United States Portland police and FBI tip Josh Gatov off, unless they helped premeditate my rape and then found him a place to escape to until they decided to tell me the statutes expired and they weren't going to prosecute.  I was shocked when I even heard he'd gone to "Thailand" because he'd been studying Japanese and was saying he wanted to go to Japan.

I have to say I cannot even believe Detective Brian Gross, that he actually did go to Thailand, and not Japan.

Oh and look at the cover of the first edition for Brokedown Palace (the book).  A girl, carved out of stone, with arms out as if sleepwalking, in a place that is "underneath the palace".  Yeah, like "underneath" the Royal Jubilee Hotel in Victoria, B.C.  It even has arched windows like the Pemberton operating room.  How rotten is that.  I'm told all of my hair fell out when I was a baby.  It grew back, supposedly, with a blond triangle at the nape of my neck and the rest of it red.  The triangle goes up, like ^ .  So when the Colombian woman who was getting his license to marry an English man had a dress on with the zipper down in the back to a v,  I guess we might discover what the significance is.

The truth will find you out.

Whether or not Gatov went to Thailand, the fact that FBI and him thought I should know this, or he did go there, is odd enough.  Was the government raping me to get back at me for being wired as a kid, or were they trying to cause someone distress.  Maybe the U.S. thought they were going to traumatically rape me, cover it up, and hope this "activated" me to be drawn into situation where they could get more of their fucking agents to assault me and pass out secrets.  Canadians were connected to people who were using me as their courier already.  It's not like the CIA and FBI didn't know, because they ran MKUltra.

It went from my being tortured and having my hair fall out, to be 2-toned, to a Colombian woman with a "pinking shears" symbolism to the back of her dress, and Katie in the middle deciding to 2-tone color her hair pink.  Sort of branding-iron hot pink.

The police and Gatov knew I might think about that movie, "Brokedown Palace" when they said Thailand, so they were deliberately trying to harass and degrade me further knowing I would make that connection--that I was raped, and what?  I had always been told and read "your body is a temple", so basically, this man and the government wanted to ruin this.  They deliberately desecrated me for revenge and premeditated future rape.

The U.S. government issued a stamp for Katie Middleton, in 2003.  It was created by artist Lou Nolan, of a clock.  Before creating this one, he made 4 other ones with a "transportation" theme. He had made designs for NASA, Armed Forces, Smithsonian, and federal agencies.   When you see how the clock is cut off at the bottom, I'll tell you what it means to Washington D.C.  The artist calls it "American Clock" and the "6" is cut off.  It is of a banjo clock designed by Simon Willard in Roxbury, MA.  By that time, plenty of people knew I had a photo taken of me with a crown and 666 on it, and it was on solid mahogony or purple-pink paper. Basically, the color Katie decided to dye a streak of her hair one day. Mahogany is also the kind of wood this has on the top.   I also found out I had my belly button cut or bit or something, because there is a scar, and it is in the same approximate outline as the 2 hands, and another cuts across about where the 6 would be cut off on a clock.  Specifically, the cut of "hands" is at about 4 and 8 if you look at it straight at me, and if I am looking down onto it, from my perspective, it's the 10 and 2.  It This stamp is issued as a 10 cent stamp, 2nd in series.  It is displayed at the time of 8:22 1/2.  After Josh Gatov raped me, he took me to see "A Clockwork Orange".  I just went with him, in shock, like the little girl that was raped by feds and Canadians and Middleton in the 70s and 80s.  The hands on this clock, are scrolled hands, and it is a James Paul (connected to Canada and Bangor, Maine Air Force base, who was around me in M.L.) that had a scrolled design on his pocket that matches; Drew Eckberg is also connected.   The hands also look like swords, and possibly my parents were cut by then, but I certaintly was, and I was also raped by 2 men that Erica Ballinger knew, and who Middletons knew.  I tried to report it.  By this time, the Hungarian roommate Susie, had told me some story about her Catholic friend that told her a  madonna fell off the mantle and the crown saved it from breaking or broke off but kept the figure from shattering.  Susie was connected to Middleton through another Hungarian and through Ballinger.  Erica's son's name is Jordan and the father was James Bond, and it was around this time as well that Robin Bechtold attempted to call me to buy prescription painkillers from me. Which was, apparently, an attempt to frame me after he'd raped me.  I reported it to police and I was harassed and run into, with a premeditated hit-and-run by a Mexican man who looked like Lonnie and Erica Ballinger's neighbor in Sherwood, Oregon.  Erica Ballinger lived with her mother for a long time at a trailer part in Sherwood, Oregon.  She later moved to an apartment and then to Forest Grove.  There was a hispanic man that lived next to them who I passed sometimes while driving by, and he was always smirking over at the Ballingers but didn't like me.  It looked like him.

After this, and then getting set up with Mike Tancer, I was told to never go to their house again.  This was after over 10 years of their ongoing attempts to get close.  I was told to never go over there because their Mexican friend lived there.  You know, the one that works for Katie Middleton.

So when I see ads by "Wells Fargo" about having a conversation (beautiful things happen when people talk), and "Together, we'll go far", featuring a woman curling up her hand when she sees a baby, with an intonation like Tancer and a tone like Erica Ballinger, it's a problem.

I can link almost every single assassination attempt against me to Katie Middleton and people working with her or for her.

I asked police for a copy of the police report and they refused to give it to me.  That was 2003, with assassination attempt #3 against me in Oregon.
The curling hands in the ad also make me think about curling from torture, the effects.  I guess the hands on the clock also look like shots, and I think it was around then that my Mom got poisoned with chromium along the veins in her feet.

What stands out to me as well, with Erica Ballinger, Katie Middleton, and Robin Bechtold, is they were all very into this movie "Best In Show".  It features dogs and a blue ribbon on it.  It was made by a British man named Christopher Guest, whose parents were diplomats for the UN.  He made the movies "The Hot Rock" (1972) and "Death Wish" (1974).  He coordinated with Hamilton, Canada producer Eugene Levy, who got a "Jubilee medal" for his work in 2012.  His parents were Polish and Austrian jews (Dora Kohn-Warren and Mack Shearer).  Harry Julius Shearer married Penny Nichols.  They both live in Santa Monica, like Sean Penn.  Rob Reiner also directed the movie, and was jewish from UCLA and made "This is Spinal Tap".  Another person involved was Jean Pauline Hindes (a Goldsmid). 

Erica thought this movie was something else.  After Robin tried to get me to watch it, repeatedly, thinking it was great, and with my knowing there was some odd reason he liked it, Erica forced me to watch it.  The thing that was different was in the past, I'd watched movies and no big deal.  This time, it was like her "slam in the face" grand finale and a point to make against me.  She was enjoying making fun of me with my being there watching it.  I never forgot it.  I knew it had something to do with both Erica and Robin because he got her to have me watch it.

Later, as I've said, I wasn't able to go back to the house because I was steered away from it after their Mexican neighbor was involved in trying to kill me.  The road that goes past that place was the same road or connects to the one I was on.  I recognized him and tried to go back to the place, before I ever met Tancer, and no one was there.  He was usually outside working on some car and he was Christy Ballinger's buddy.  I think he was a drug contact.  I saw him grinning and smirking when I was just with Erica and then when Christy was around and he was always watching their house.  I had the impression he had business with them, was a personal friend, and some kind of "guard".

Probably no relation, but Michael Nichols from National Geographic got his start in photography with the U.S. Army in 1970s, and was mentored by Charles Moore (probably no relation to Dr. James Moore, CIA LSD chemist for MKUltra).  Sidenote:  James Moore traveled to Bozell, Switzerland for research with the Sandoze Laboratory and he also worked in Detroit, MI for Parke, Davis & Co., with Wasson.

I remember when the Ballinger's took me camping they didn't like the fact that I'd brought my Bible with me on the trip.

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