Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oregon plate 629 CYJ & Federal Trade Commission

This woman that shows up to see what my reaction is, whenever I have something horrible done to me pubicly, was showing up yesterday.

She showed up after a bank matter and then after a store incident, both incidences of harassment against me.

I am pretty sure her plates were 629 CYJ but I wrote down, it might be 329 CYJ.  There were several vehicles in the way, mostly a lot of taller, gym-type men, who looked like the U.S. Marshalls, FBI, police and military type.

I noticed her because she has stalked me at different times, and when I have noticed her, others around her have seemed to mind or thought it was a big deal.  She doesn't even drive that great of a car, but it's the same woman.

So whichever vehicle is the older sedan with a younger-mid age woman with long brown hair and a big nose, she was out watching me again.

I figured the disdain I saw from some of the men, was due to the fact I had posted notices with The Federal Trade Commission that morning (yesterday morning).  I posted one about Microsoft commiting a breach of information and wrongdoing, and one about the YMCA (Middleton, TN) stealing money from my bank account.  I have to get FOIA on my own reports because when I called in this one woman said she would make a note that it was over "an email account".  I said, "What did it say before?" and she said, "Breach of security" and I said, "Well it was over more than an email account--they downloaded everything off of my computer, even outside of my email account, so that's a lot different than just an email account."

I have been asking Microsoft to quit blocking me from my own email account, because they claim the reason they're doing this is because they can't verify my ID.  However, I've given them a lot of documentation that verifies who I am, including a letter between the FBI with that address on it, which is what the FBI has used.  There isn't any excuse for them to block me from records that they know I need.

It was after these complaints, that a bunch of men were in town to feel vindictated by my then being publicly humiliated and harassed without cause.

I noticed this woman, who sort of looks, from a distance, like the woman who accused Bill Clinton of something, with the big nose.  I mean, before Monica Lewinsky.  Anyway, she has showed up for specific events which seems odd.

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