Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Land's End: today & torture (what parents can do)

I'll mention a couple of things my parents can do.

First of all--my Dad has been completely tortured. He is being followed by the military in his car while driving too, and tortured there. I know this because there was not much happening here except someone using the suctioning-of-heart technology on me off and on all day. He just pulled up now and as his vehicle drove by, a wave of technology rushed over my house but I knew it was from overhead, from military focusing on his car and catching my house as it went by. They have done this, while I have been in the car with them. While driving. I am not lying or delusional.

Now I know why I didn't see my Dad yesterday. Today I saw him and his eyes and nose are actually getting concave. There is not just black or dark bruising around his eyes and inside of the nose, but it's starting to recess into his face.

My mother's eyes were the same today as well.

It was on Sunday that more bad things happened to him. I came home and my mother was weeding and looked upset and I knew it was partly with her and partly she knew something bad was happening to my Dad. She said, at one point, while trimming the bushes and plants, "I'm suprised this one still has some life in it." Which made me think about the movie War Horse where the mean and harsh director Ivan (? i think, in the movie), gets a horse out to do breaking work. She said something else which made me think, my Dad really needs to have someone (besides the Red Cross) investigating what is going on here.

I am going to put out my complaint to the UN as soon as possible. I was going to go to the OIG and maybe I will still, first, maybe, but this is actual torture and we've exhausted domestic remedies. None of us wants to leave but we're being tortured and pushed to leave. That's what's happening. It isn't that this cannot be a safe place to live, because it is for most people. They are persecuting and targeting us. I read if I file a complaint you can request immediate intervention regarding torture or nonconsensual use of people while the report is examined.

I had to put my appeal out, to court for my son but all of it is to degrade and humiliate me. They knew I had to file the decisions with the court so all they focused on was writing horrible things about me and taking remote sections out of context from my blog to make it appear no one should award appeal and to embarrass me publicly. How have I been able to counter any of it when they have their friends torturing me? I haven't seen my son at all. I know that if I were not being tortured at all and had a small amount of money, it would be possible for me to fight all of it with the same pace but they are such cowards they have to torture women and children to get their way.

This country is full of cowardice. They reward the cowards actually. They have been breaking the laws about human rights to reward cowards and make their weak-minded motions and lies go farther. Who in their right mind tortures a baby and an innocent mother and her family just so they can slip lie after lie into public court records and provoke upset?

They are the most degrading, malicious and evil people and they are Americans. Almost every single one of them has been Catholic or Jewish. The Catholic and Jewish try to disguise this by highlighting anyone who is Protestant, to conceal the origins and nature of the hate crime. If I talked to a Protestant lawyer for a day, they include that in their motion and leave out the 10-1 Catholics and Jews that have had a lot of time to deliberate on how to obstruct justice. My public defenders have all been completely corrupt. They did the same thing with the justice system. I have 100 huge problems with Catholics and Jews and it's religious hate crime and then I have 1 small problem with a Protestant and they blow it up, highlight it, and trump it up as much as they can to conceal their own collusion. They already know they're guilty of religious hate crimes. They knew I was making that argument by 2004 for sure and earlier than that even. So all they've done is try to cover their tracks with Protestant faces.

And the point is that this is a situation and case that should not be difficult to correct, because the facts side with me and so does the evidence. So they resort to torture to make up the difference. They can't fight Truth with Lies so they torture those who they know will make the Truth known and that they will be exposed as cowards and liars.

Today, not that it matters what I wear, I put on Levi's jeans and green undershirt, then a land's end 63 shirt over a blue henly (warmth) and then a snowflake fleece in cream and tan. Then I changed to courderoys. It is only coincidence, but I was looking at the land's end and thinking about what that means or if there was a meaning that day God might show me and then I turned to the Bible and read about how God knows all, to the ends of the earth (land). Job 27:19-Job 28:1-28 is what I read. First it talks about man being a light, putting an end to the darkness within the earth and then, more outstanding, how God "God knows the way (to wisdom)...he views the ends of the earth, and sees everything in the heavens."

Last night I read a book I haven't found in awhile, before bed, after I read other sections. I read Haggai and it was also random. It followed finding the section on Samuel and his calling and then straw vs grain. I was next on Haggai. Which I thought was interesting to read bc it's about God giving favor to someone who doesn't act like they really should have favor at all. "I have chosen you".

So I then wake up and get this email from Stanford from FASEBJ and a little cartoon of a dark haired woman with a shield and sword next to the words: Not O Bac. Which was really intriguing how they wanted to get that email out the day my notice of appeal hits the judiary and is made public, and pretty much guessing I am not getting my son back, and I guess making an idea with the FASEBJ and the fact that my appeal was sent to "Temple of Justice". So, a nice twist on "BJ" from Stanfords people who support the Middletons. Which I don't have to explain but let's just say I'm intuitive shall we? Is she the "high priestess, BJ, of temple of justice according to Amy Roe and her "steely fan club" and Stanford criminals?" I mean, really not hard to read. I had one thought: criminals. Criminals who literally torture people and support and fund torture, which is basically violent assault on a person every single day. And they get away with it and want to pat eachother on the back? That's why they're experimenting with animals.

They vouch for the heartless. Science is great, but those people, in the "experimental biology" Stanford section, are not your "Vegans" "Vegetarians" or "Humanitarians". They're the beady eyed child wonders that don't mind picking apart a living creature to get an "A" on their paper, or a raise,--the exact same personality type that puts financial status and power of a partner way above any other factor. They are the ones who marry for money.

So I was going to include the link to what they sent me but someone kept disconnecting my computer, having it freeze up while making extremely loud noises, and then refusing to allow me to get into my email.

They want to share an inside joke but keep it inside. I mean, who wants to be accused of being a person that mocks and encourages violence against humans?

I've written about my Backugan tee and photographed it, and I was wearing it yesterday. They send out this newsletter to me today with the ad for "Not O Bac". I don't care how it sounds, and some might not get it, but I knew what they were getting at, because guess what? Stanford literally stalked me when I was in Wenatchee.

They had one of their psi researchers, FROM STANFORD, following me around, wanting to talk to me and experiment with me and this is after I split from my Ex. I did not know then that Amy Roe's alma mater was Stanford, or I forgot.

He even asked me how much money I would want to be compensated with if I were to work with Stanford.

Fuck Stanford.

So like I said, it's not like Stanford U. doesn't know who I am.

I told him I wasn't sure and then moved to TN right after that where Vanderbilt and the FBI used me in coordination with the Catholic church. Ivy Colleges I would not go to: Stanford, Harvard, Vanderbilt..there are many lists online of which ones endorse human suffering for Nazi-style work.

Chris Rozollo--Criminal & Jew Crew

Chris Rozollo is a problem.

He is the only man who tortured me directly to my face. Well, actually, a few other woman and men in Wenatchee did small things which was incredible.

But since when does he start influencing all these people in different states?

I think he's connected to Ed Israel and Rabbi Rose.

He went about in Wenatchee, telling me "You're DONE here" and causing problems and then he has made his presence here in Coquille with people in town writing the same kinds of messages and saying the same things to me.

Guess what. Aaron Bourne's mother is Jewish, you know? and works for the post office? is she connected too? because the post office guy told me on Saturday, "So you're almost DONE here aren't you?

Rabbi Rose is pissed because I contacted the synogogue about the tax issue. I mean, these guys are all Jewish so when you wonder how Steven Speilberg is coming up with ideas for his movies, well...

Chris said he was Catholic. All I know is that they're connected.

In the grocery where this Jewish guy works, where everyone knew I planned to go to get more cinnamon, a big "DONE" sign and then the women there saying this to me over and over.

Judge Hotchkiss feigned ignorance about him which maybe means they have something to hide. I would not doubt that Chris Rozollo would even torture my own son firsthand.

He said to me, "Your son is FINE, I'm worried about CHOO." He knew my son wasn't fine. I think he's part of The Jew Crew.

He showed up after I split from my ex and he was a piece of trouble who stole my coat from me, tortured me to my face, and I think he's tied in with corrupt DEA.

I cannot believe I even spent any time with him at all. After he left, a Jewish guy from the Bronx took a room nearby while some other guy came into a different room and started assaulting me by frying me alive when I was in my hotel room (he had the room beneath me). That man passed me later and said, "IS IT HOT ENOUGH FOR YOU?" wearing a long sleeved button down shirt like Chris Dabney used to wear in D.C.

The fucking Jew Crew.

It's not like they had anything to hide right? I mean, they only solicited one of their pals to deliberately rape me.

He knew cops in town there in Wenatchee and all the way over to Tennessee people were echoing his influence. He is originally from Florida, and this DEA man Brad Uhl moved into Nashville after I was already there, from Florida. After I talked to him, he pressured my mother by calling her and then said to my face my mother said I was nuts.

My mother wouldn't say that unless she felt pressured. The next thing I knew, Brad Uhl's WIFE was assaulting me in the sauna with something she brought into the dry sauna, after I tried to report HIM (her husband Brad). Brad Uhl was from the same area of Florida Chris Rozollo is from. And Chris Rozollo was the one to talk to me about the DEA (I don't know why) and then have me introduced to a friend (I had nothing to say but what do you do and can I get witness protection when I'm being assaulted but I have no info and don't know why exactly?)

Chris Rozollo knew this other woman from the Y who assaulted me, who went to Wenatchee from Seattle. Jill. She had me run out of the women's shelter.

So this DEA's wife, I found out it was his WIFE, when I was looking HIM up and knowing there was some connection to Chris, and then as I did this, I happened to come across a photo of his wife and it was the exact same woman and she told me she was a runner and I even got her license plate number after she tortured me in sauna.

I tried to give it to the Nashville DEA and guess what happened?

I was thrown into the Nashville psych ward.

They KNEW it was his wife. It was her car, her plates, and the description matched. And I had just been talking to HIM in their offices downtown, and he made a point of harassing my mother and intimidating her by calling her when she has nothing to do with me. He supposedly didn't know me at all and says, "I'd like to call your mother."

These Jewish people have ruined our lives. Most of the problem for me has been with Catholics because of lawsuits, but the Jew Crew has really taken advantage of that to cover up their own crimes.

They stalked me all over D.C. I am NOT kidding. I was always being followed by a Jew. And no, I don't have a problem with Jews in general. But I have had a lot of weird things happen and they've taken more than passing interest in me.

I met Brad Uhl who knows Chris Rozollo and then I met the Nashville FBI and next thing I know, the doctors at Vanderbilt were set up and waiting to throw me into a psych ward where the former military supervisor there, used a lot of Chris's mannerisms while there, and made a point of it and then injected me with Haldol.

The Jew Crew has been trying to sideline me for a long, long, time.

I think the guy who pulled me over for the vehicle tow was Catholic and I know the Judge putting the issue out was, but I also notice sometimes when God points other things out to me and says, "look." Vanilla (what he called himself) next to the Coburg Police mail I got. Just ended up there and sort of already what I was thinking. Right after I get an email from Rabbi Rose about maybe we can work this out or I'll contact my lawyer and then I notice how I have just set this next to the new AG: Amy Tilger.

Their lawyer. Not literally, but they know her. I wondered why and then realized, how interesting, she has a Polish last name just like Lorraine Rose is Polish.

She has a hyphenated name and part of it is Polish and the other part is Tilger (who she married).

Ed Israel is the Jew who married a Catholic. Wonderful, the whole religious hate crime intermarriage thing. Carla was his wife. A blond Roman Catholic who hated me.

On topic of Rabbi Rose, yes, I think he is Jewish. The other Rabbi there at Beth Israel, Michael? Catholic. I don't care if he has relatives that went through the Holocaust and has a Jewish last name and his daughter is also a Rabbi and yadda yadda yadda--in his heart he is Catholic. That's what I *think* and I am not sure why and I can't put my finger on it exactly..it's just something.

So the Jew Crew can um, quit torturing my parents too, and take their hands off because I'm not so sweet when you're torturing me and my family and ruining our good name and playing hostage cards.

I guess partly they followed me around here, after I went on a couple of dates with middle-eastern Muslim men. The men never did anything wrong and I wasn't intimate with any of them bc I am not promiscuous. We just went out and had fun. I suppose the one guy with the Iranian father it was slightly different.

I was raped long before that. Just for being me.

Then I was in D.C. and they trailed me every single place I went. They did not act nice. I was nice, in general, and some of them were halfway nice and then they just turned on me. I don't think they ever had "open arms". Their doors were always closed and I believe it's because they knew they sidelined me and my family and couldn't stand to look me in the eyes. I think some of the Jewish animosity was there before I even said I wouldn't date a Catholic. I think it has to do with my parents and fear about me for some reason.

But yes, the Catholic hate crime is serious--it's just been a cover.

I prayed for all the countries recently and the one that was hardest to pray for was Israel. It wasn't me, it was something in my spirit telling me there is something very wrong. I selectively said then direct my prayer to only the few decent ones who are Jewish. But there was something that was not "right".

Maybe I had a harder time because God knows, through my spirit, many of them are responsible for things that have been done to us. That would definitely make sense. I prayed for all the countries, and the good people in these countries, bc every country has good and bad, but there was this "halt" when I got to Israel.

It's not that I take Rabbis or people here out on Israel, but I think there is something that has not been addressed that they should have taken care of a long time ago.

Hmm. Compensation? Or speaking up about torture as they ask the entire world to do for them? They know what's happening to my family so fucking


It's not me or a feeling of unforgiveness that kept me from praying freely--it was a halt in my spirit. Like STOP. I don't think God wanted me to pray for them this last week. It's been in the last week and each time: STOP. So I ignored it and prayed anyway, trying to narrow it down begrudgingly to the few decent ones that must be around.

It's almost like when God sees the boomerang and throws it back to the sender, you know, like the intaglio or relief of the "pharoah" in D.C. for "L'Taken" ends up reflecting on one of their own members.

And again, I have plenty to worry about and write about with regard to religious hate crime and it is majority Catholic. I'm not saying I don't like Israel. I am just saying there is something they need to address. I mean, don't address me personally. That's not what I'm saying.

I am sure God will remind them of what it might be.

stanford gets sued with Roe: torture to avoid lawsuit

I cannot wait for the day. I tried putting up the FASEBJ site bc it's really interesting what they've done and featured. It relates to my appeal for my son even. This is coming from Amy Roe's college and I was stalked by another stanford person while I was in Wenatchee.

If I have to go to the bottom to get the money to then sue the shit out of Amy Roe and her colleagues, it is my fucking pleasure.

Funny when the leverage for people who use big words and don't know what they mean are torture of others.

You are all criminals.

It is not over and it will never be over until you are forced to pay back what you stole through criminal activity.

So be ready bitches.

You may have to wait for a few years but it's coming honey and when it hits you, you are fucking running and hiding again, like the fucking coward you and your mother are.

These people defamed me, and then they used friends in high places to torture me and falsely arrest me to avoid lawsuit in the future. They had nothing to defend themselves with.

They slandered an innocent person with good work history, social connections, college, and no criminal record. When I started writing in a blog, it was normal until I was being tortured by their friends.

They have used torture through friends in CIA and military to cover themselves because they knew they lost by default for illegal reasons.

Now, after they've sent me to jail on false arrest, morally maligned me as being promiscuous, and had me defamed as mentally ill, along with torturing so badly and harassing to provoke a reaction, they fall back on the same blog they never wanted me to write in.

My blog was being used against THEM, not me. They had to torture me before they could elicit a reaction so my blog and history worked in their favor.

It has nothing to do with U.S. interests.

It's criminal conspiracy and I really hope to find most of you in jail.

I had to make this post separate from the one before about FASEBJ because someone repeatedly shut down my computer and wouldn't let me access the link again through my email.

FASEBJ interpretation

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February 2012; 26 (2)

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Research Communications

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Catholic Coburg Police: Sean Gilhousen (religious hate crime)

I got the report from Coburg police. It was definitely religious hate crime and collusion.

The report lists the officer as signing with "L.M. Gill", I guess a play on Anne of Green Gables? The entire report is rife with inuendoes. L.M. Montgomery is the Canadian who wrote the Anne series and "Gil" was the one she cared for.

So I checked, and there is no officer by the name of L.M. Gill. There WAS an officer by the name of "Sean Gilhousen".

I believe this sounds very familiar to an officer who I met here locally. I will have to check on that. He was promoted to Chief of Police after illegally towing my car, illegally search-and-seizing my vehicle, and pulling me over illegally.

He didn't even list the location of where my car was towed from honestly. He even lied in his report about WHY he pulled me over.

This must be why they took so long giving me a copy and wanted to defame and torture me first.

This is 100% corruption. Based on this report, which is full of lies, this man is capable of violence. Why be so daring with the lies as a publicly paid officer unless you're a pretty bad person.

This man was promoted after he illegally stopped me, harassed me, and towed my vehicle in the middle of the night.

His acting Chief of Police was John Bosley and I'm finding a lot of google search connections with Canada but when I click on it, nothing comes up to confirm it. I am not sure then. It keeps mentioning a Coburg police officer who was formerly a politician in Toronto, Canada, but that's the line and then I click on it and there is nothing there.

I am sure that Sean Gilhousen is Catholic. His wife is Dana Gilhousen.

I am not sure but he may be somehow connected to Chris Rozollo.

When I first arrived here in Coquille and tried to report torture and harm done to my parents by Patty Otterbach, Deborah Sweetwater-Burt, and Kathy Hathaway, it was a "Sean" who wanted to take the report and called my parents "old and decrepit." He also referred to himself as "Gil".

If this is the SAME officer, that explains a LOT. I don't see how it is though. I read something that says he was put on paid administrative leave for Coburg in 2011 so how could he then be an officer in a different town?

This is the Coquille officer who was looking out for others after my Dad's knuckles and hands were cracked, after I made my first report to the UN about torture of my family.

A "state", such as the U.S., can be held liable for actions committed by non-state actors if they refuse to act. So when I reported religious hate crime and the FBI refused to act, that is a liability issue for the U.S. in international court.

Usually when making a complaint about a country or state, you focus on what government-paid officials or employees have done, because it shows they are getting their salaries and power through the government. So if a mayor comes over and beats you up and tells you not to get into politics, and involves police, that's something that a country can be held liable for if it continues and they take no action. If a person gets beat up by some random guy who just says I want your money, that's not something you can blame a state over. It has to be connected to officials or those acting in state capacity OR their FAILURE to provide reasonable protection when notified of an ongoing problem.

I read plenty of cases last night about how FBI or police failure to respond to hate crimes constitutes an action against the state/country. It implies that the police or govt. IS involved by their refusal to act.

In our case, this problem has included non-government actors who get protection from the State, and state actors.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Music & Map Tonight

One of my wheat sprouts.
I Samuel 3:8-10
Jeremiah 23:25-32
(this photo and verses were added later, @ 12:55, a little earlier for the photo. I then thought, God show me something that you want me to share that will be encouraging to someone or is something you want even if it has nothing to do with me. I turned to the part about Samuel being called and then read and reflected and next turned at random to Jeremiah right to the side and section about false prophets and, sort of cool, going with this photo in a way, it says, "What does straw have to do with grain?" I suppose I think it's great just bc I wanted something to go with this photo. The part about Sam I don't get, for me personally I mean, but in an artistic sense, very cool to have a photo of a piece of grain! with a grain verse. Well now! Anyway. Maybe it means something to someone or is something for a starting point as I often find myself on trails and ideas from one small spark.)

I don't feel like myself and have no energy. Less torture lately, a little less, thankfully, but I am still tired. I was working on the OIG and a little UN research but I also turned on classical radio and prayed and found these things:

Sat down and turned it on and while listening opened Bible and was on I Kings. At the part where she tells Nathan, this other guy became King. What about my son Solomon? I'm sitting there with just a blank page and three names on the page, the first, separately, being NATHAN. Nathan is this prophet and he tells her, you need to go to David and let him know and remember his promise to you and then I will follow after and confirm the same thing. She goes to him and he is old on his bed, and she bows down to him and tells him. Then Nathan comes in to back her up. So then it's a contrast of the one king being annointed with the horn of oil and the other one holding onto the horns of the altar, worried that now Solomon is king, he'll kill him. Bathsheba tells David, if this other son becomes king, he will make us all out to be criminals.

I put my Bible down and the radio guy says, "That was the 12 walzes by Schubert, Las Noble". Then it was the sentimental waltzes next. So I listened to this and then prayed for all the countries for a minute and then decided to pray for some random towns from this U.S. atlas there so I opened at random and pointed to Pistol Rock. It was Idaho! So I looked to see how far from my Grandpa Garrett's cabin this was and then looked it up online and found from the book AFalcon, first I was landing on p. 33 and it said, "use a small saddle to get past Ghost Mountain." Then I tried to find something about the Pistol Rock and went to the index and found it was in the section for "Big Baldy and Indian Creek" so I went to page 98 and read through pg. 102, and it includes information about a tower there. Which is interesting because this morning I looked in the door and saw someone (I think my Dad) had set out this big box and it said in huge words "Towers". I guess I thought twin towers but then the thing I found all day today was this tower where Big Baldy and Indian Creek are (joining to Pistol Rock). There is even a map of the mountains and streams. I think I've actually landed on this before so that's odd. It would be the second time at total random. Payette is called "Eagles-Eye".

When I saw "Towers" my first association was the Princes in the Towers. The Tower of London actually, was first. And then it was The Twin Towers. I thought of Tower of London first bc of the persecution and false arrests and hostage taking and torture my family is enduring because of the end of "fair competition". I did notice some brush fires from one coast to the next in the last day or two and thought about it. Since I was tortured at this church meeting, whoever usually targets has tortured me a little bit less. Hasn't quit, but a little less. I am concerned for my family though, that if I don't make a torture complaint this will not end and my son will be held hostage. I cannot even focus on legal things because they blasted me with such force for so long. And this is the U.S.? my country? I had to take part of an Ativan just to function at all today. Someone stole all of the money I had and my ID as well. As if they haven't taken and tortured enough. I could not even write tonight or sit down at my OIG complaint without getting up and feeling like pacing. I felt like Charlie. How I imagine him pacing at least. That's how I felt inside. So I definitely have PTSD in a mild form still, but how incredible I haven't cracked, even with torture that would drive some crazy or into a nursing home. So even if I am tortured a little less these few days, how can I know this is true for my parents? I ran over and stood on the porch where my mother had been a fraction of a second before and got a huge blast of some kind of technology to my pelvis and stomach. It was not mild. I am not sure if it was intended for me or my mother.

I got so far as looking up how to send the complaint to the UN and where to and the process and I borrowed a little sugar to keep myself awake and cooked with oil tonight, and then gave my mother some oil I had distilled and a pouppouri thing. That's all I could do all day and I almost slept all day instead so I am sure that despite whatever I got jacked up with, I am rightly depressed.

Who wouldn't be.

I am now forced to take disability? just to go to college? just to smear my name further? Fine. I argued against it as it ruins the contractual nexus defense and makes me more vulnerable but I'll just add it to my list of things the U.S. hate groups forced me to do here, and I will make sure the UN knows it wasn't voluntary. Just because I agree to do something doesn't mean I am not being coerced, extorted, or forced to it. Sort of like the Phillipines contract. They signed away all their property to the government and signed a deal not because they wanted to, but because they were forced to and coerced and later courts held it to be all invalid. No such thing as a valid contract when one is pressured. So hence, I will sign into contractual nexus to then argue it is invalid. The U.S. cheated on me, and dissolved any contractual nexus by torturing me and my son. I don't know which kind I will apply for. I could probably qualify for any of them.

Then I prayed for the place and then I prayed again and said I'd pick one other place at random to pray for and look up and it was in Chicago, IL, called Downers Grove. It says it was founded by Pierce Downer who was attracted to the grove of oak trees he discovered after so many prairies. It was also an underground railroad stop. It's next to the Indian Boundary YMCA, William Gregg Museum and Natl. Shrine for St. Therese (the little flower). This DJ on classical just said he's playing some song about rose in the meadow next...hmm, he isn't playing it now. He said before the break he was next playing a song about a rose in a meadow but now he's playing something else. It's 11 p.m. and he made mention of the rose a few minutes earlier. I like these other ones he's playing though. Sort of Chopin-ish, moonlight sonata-like. Anyway, the song playing when I found Downers Grove was very nice, with french horn, and arranged by Carl Cherny (Cherzny?), composed by Schubert. It played until 10:32 p.m. and I liked that one a lot. I noticed Wheaton is not far and that was the only Bible college I considered. It was the smaller womens-only colleges I liked and then I also though Wheaton sounded alright for religious or Bible aspects-studies. They had a good English lit./writing program for a christian college.

On that note, had to check my wheat sprouts and they are sprouted, just budding now. It's the first time I've sprouted wheat berries.

My Stop In B.C. (researching political asylum)

I have a documented stop in British Columbia.

When I first requested political asylum from Canada, with my son with me, I was told I had to leave voluntarily.

No one tells someone asking for "political asylum" to "leave voluntarily".

I was stopped at the ER in Penticton and asked for political asylum on the spot, and my son and I were taken to an immigration holding place in Penticton. I told the people there I was requesting political asylum for me and my son.

After he talked with the U.S. he came back to me and said, "We are asking you to leave voluntarily."

They didn't give us a hearing first.

By international law, Canada was required to provide for a hearing for political asylum, not to tell me "We want you to leave" (and make it look like this is your own choice).

It was not my choice.

He told me either I "left voluntarily" or he would put me in jail and take my son from me. I said on what grounds and he said "insufficient funds", however, insufficient funds is irrelevant for a political asylum claim.

Most refugees have fucking "insufficient funds".

I had not committed any crimes and I entered Canada legally as guardian of my son, legally. I asked for political asylum.

Instead of addressing this petition for political asylum as required by Canadian law and international treaties, he told me "leave voluntarily".

I was driving to the border because he had threatened me with jail and taking my son if I didn't. I was sobbing.

However, I decided I didn't care what it took, I knew I couldn't go back to the


So I pulled over at a library alongside the road and went in with my son and asked to use the computer. What did I search?

Political asylum.

Which proves that was the issue if you WANT some fucking "issues".

I stood there at the library computer, desperately searching the law to see if it matched what I had been told, because I didn't believe it was correct to tell me and my son to go back to the God Damned U.S. that tortured me and my son and then tortured us further and has deprived me of any instance of justice.

I didn't stop at the library to look up "immigration guest stays". I looked up POLITICAL ASYLUM because THAT is what it was about. I spent over a half hour looking this stuff up and I could probably identify the woman who let me do so, to this day. The librarian.

So this whole "claim" about immigration violations or trying to be a resident illegally is a lie. Any decent Canadian intelligence or hacker who could look up what I was searching would see that.

I looked up "white countries, political asylum" which are countries that don't automatically toss someone out just because they're from the U.S. I looked up laws and rules and tried to think of something.

This country had people HERE colluding with Canadians there to KEEP me and my son in inhumane and unsafe conditions.

All they have ever done is lie. They have lied about everything from start to finish.

So after I made this documented stop, at a library, to research political asylum on a B.C. state-operated and viewed computer, with witnesses, I was approached by someone who wanted to screw me over a different way. The RCMP or FBI-border RAT.

So he said come with him and they'd go to a lawyer and figure things out. I talked to the lawyer and he just addressed the guest issue of insufficient funds. He didn't address political asylum because he said if I had housing through "friends" I was legally there and could figure out what I was going to do (political asylum or whatever).

So since I had talked to him and he said I had time to figure it out while being legally in Canada as a guest, and because I had been given false information from Penticton, I thought I should try to research and make another petition for asylum.

But that's not what they wanted.

These Canadians colluded with people in the U.S. and when I didn't leave voluntarily, they LOST their ability to say I had returned of my free will, consensually, voluntarily.

They did not want to admit that they were attempting to deprive me of the right to make a political asylum claim. So when I didn't leave, and knowing I was legally within MY rights, they came up with an alternate plan to give Wenatchee and the U.S. "time" to concoct a story and fabricate lies about there being an ongoing investigation.

All of it was a flat-out lie.

There was no pending investigation. There was zero investigation. I was not "fleeing" an investigation--I was fleeing for myself and my son, for political asylum, period.

I had every right to do so.

Maybe that's why the FBI is trying so hard to lie and cover their own tracks.

Maybe they don't want people to find out it was FBI border patrol on the B.C. side that picked us up. Because that would make it even worse if they were trying to entrap me, asking me what was I going to "do" for him. I did nothing illegal. He couldn't get anything on me to arrest me with so they resorted to false arrest. They lied about why I was even there and on what grounds.

It was RCMP or FBI. Anyway, that stop proved why I was there and what I had asked for.

Since this time, the damages to both me and my son are beyond repair. We have horrific and irreparable damages because of corrupt persons from two different "states" (U.S. and Canada) colluding to violate their own domestic and international laws.

I had researched political asylum on my own computer before we left. I had done some research. And then in Canada, after being denied the right to asylum, I stopped inside of Canada to look it up again and check what I had been told.

This isn't an official document about cases but is in layman's terms for someone who wants to read. It mentions 'refoulment' which is returning someone to a country of danger. It's like a bad joke that the FBI would then send a guy with the last name "Fowler" to Portland FBI. They have known all along what they are liable for.


Computer & Internet Obstruction

I have my Blogger opening up just fine and hotmail not working at all.

I have someone controlling my computer because they cause different things to appear and disappear on the screen, and then when I try to delete photos I don't want, they should show up in my trash to then empty and they don't show up. This has been going on for awhile.

I have a ton of photos I've taken that are unnecessary and I delete them and it says are you sure you want to delete this photo? and I check the box and then they don't get deleted and don't show up in my trash so I can empty and remove completely.

I have a lot of things going on from every angle basically.

Just obstruction of every kind.

I was at the library recently and the webcam was being added and removed and everyone could hear it--this noise, and I had to put it on mute.

I still can't connect to hotmail. It lets me open some mail, after stalling and disconnecting me repeatedly and then doesn't allow me to open or respond to other email. It says hotmail can't complete the request and might contact me for any "issues" I report.

How about this? Microsoft and the Gates don't like being called under the rug. It is absolutely true what I wrote--

They are Roman Catholics who get funding from the Holy See and the U.S. intelligence that is being run by the Holy See and look at how they have come out ahead.

I could have done it too! if only I'd married a Catholic man.

They squash all competition through criminal means and ruin the system and then want people to notice their "philanthropy" by dropping visible chunks of change into Africa and other places, making sure people know.

They have run how many honest hard-working men and women out of business?

Not because they have a better product, but through monopoly, crime, and anti-trust violations. And then we're supposed to applaud the "corporate sponsors of impoverished children."

Thanks for dumping all of your trash and making us clean it for you and then hope no one notices who the trash belongs to as you put up a little coin to catch the refleciton of the sun before handing it to the poor kid.

What charity. What generosity. What absolute corruption.

For over an hour and a half I had someone obstructing me from responding to an email to my mother but letting me open new mail or other mail. An hour and a half.

U.S. Torture (Burning Stomach)

This morning the U.S. burned my stomach by laser of some kind, only targeting my stomach. It was made to induce epilepsy. It was the same kind of burning I had after I had a habanero and ginko and then got epilepsy symptoms but I knew something was different about it bc of the severity of stomach pain.

I was standing at my laptop and I hadn't had any habaneros and that's the only thing that burns at all. I wasn't having epilepsy either. Not only that, the U.S. targeted my heart and used the technology that makes it feel suctioned.

This country is going to be taken over by another country.

How trite that the President is doing a question and answer while allowing torture of his own citizens. This means God is not favoring this place anymore--the fact that citizens are tortured--indicates there is not much time left for the U.S.

There is no "blessing" over those who torture others and the fact they are disregarding all laws makes this a lawless country.

Here's my question and answer for Obama:

1. Does the U.S. torture its own citizens? Oh wait! you don't have to answer. Yes.
2. Does the U.S. practice fair trade with other nations? No.
3. Does the U.S. have a justice system and intelligence that shows by example and leads by example, that we follow our own laws? No.
4. Does the U.S. practice religious bigotry within its official capacity? Yes.
5. Is the U.S. in debt to certain countries? Yes.
6. Is the U.S. being blackmailed? Yes.
7. Is the U.S. currently experimenting on their own kids? Yes.

My Mother Works For CIA & Consented To My Being Drugged

While my mother possibly wasn't the one to steal my ID and money from me, I don't know for sure, but I don't think so, she does work for the CIA.

She consented to my being medicated and drugged since I got back from Canada after asking for political asylum. She was in no position to do this--neither of my parents would have been because they hated me at that point in time. My mother's family was doing bad things to me and my mother said she could have me on the streets if she wanted me there.

They told me they refused to wire money to me or help me after they took part in defaming me to get me and my son sent back to the U.S. I had $30 on me and they screamed at me over the phone saying it's your fault and we're not doing ANYTHING for you because you left your entire family. My mother's own Dad probably sold her out to the CIA a long time ago. He was Army and it's not like the U.S. doesn't have a military and intelligence presence there. It was CIA from the start. And the FBI has just taken advantage of the situation for their own interests. My son and I were being tortured and we left with good cause and then my Dad was upset I was going to change my son's name and my mom thought I had something to do with my Dad wanting a separation. If they were being forced to be mean to me then, no one said anything. They were upset I was leaving the country. If I had known the kinds of things they're forced to do, I would have tried to sponsor them to leave the U.S. as well.

But I think CPS and my mother worked together because they all had something to cover. They knew my mother didn't want me finding out about her involvement or her family's involvement in any way, and CPS wanted to cover up for their corruption and torture of citizens and hate crime.

She was then wanting to know about any doctor I went to, in Blaine and I was given things to eat that were medicated. She has refused to even broach the subject of my being injected with Haldol, trying to blow it off as no big deal when I got over here and how nurses here told her its just given for nausea or to calm down agitated people. I wasn't any of the above, and it's destructive and since when I arrived in TX they referred to a "guardian", it is possible that she has acted as one for the CIA or military or someone and all this time lied to me about it.

When I was filling out an application for health insurance in Oregon, I didn't include their names as contacts for accessing my medical records and they looked upset about it.

She has demanded access to all my college matters and then doesn't even share with me whatever it is she's telling people over the phone.

If I left for a new area, she was always wanted to find out who the doctor was, or where I was going. If she's taking part in medicating me, or having me drugged, this would give some groups reason to try to blackmail her. "If your daughter finds out..."

In addition to being medicated and doped up by people I worked for or lived with, I was literally poisoned and completely illegally drugged as well, by people random to me. I am not lying about that.

I know she works for the CIA and military because the entire time I've been here, they have been forced (or not) to use me for research. The ENTIRE TIME.

I'm not being paid. I have a tiny trailer and try to look out for them, but it's not like I'm working with them or that I am using THEM for research. I am NOT consenting to any of this. They do it anyway, and this is what they've been ordered to do since I arrived.

That's on top of the U.S. trying to force me to work at Devil's Kitchen for total strangers who used me for the same research. They were experimenting with me in a federal holding facility in Knoxville, TN.

My parents act like twins. One minute I'm dealing with one mother and the next minute I'm dealing with her twin. Same with my Dad. I thought "Did I ever think this when I was little?" and the only thing I remember as being different was that one day I noticed my mother's boobs were a lot bigger than usual. Sometimes they even look differently and if there were twins, at least that would explain the memory lapses from when I was a kid when one of the "twins" didn't remember they had said something or promised something.

When I left that place in TN, I was then bringing up my Uncle Howard who said what is going on with your parents? because they can afford to help you and why don't they? When I mentioned this, I was then sent back home to find out my own parents are using me the same way this woman did in the federal facility.

So let me be very clear about something. I am NOT working "with" them. I have never worked with them and I never had any clue about their psi work until I showed up here. For over 35 years of my life, I never knew what they could do. Ever. It never crossed my mind, I never suspected anything, and I never worked with them on anything or was trained by anyone or talked to by anyone, ever...

My coming up with thoughts about psi was random. It was the same thing with Diana. Totally random. I had no interest, no connection, and then one day I came across soemthing I related to in some fashion and it led me to the next thing. I think Diana came up bc I was being called crazy and I wasn't so I looked at cases similiar and found Diana used as an example, and that led me down the trail. With psi, that came up even later and mainly came up when I started thinking about my old boyfriend saying I had esp or something (I didn't). I looked at that along with MK-Ultra bc I knew govt. was involved with me and my son and I didn't know why and one day I read about this. Which was on the East Coast. I was in Washington D.C. when it first came to mind. But I dismissed it and then didn't really look into it until after I split from my Ex. It was at the end of a year in WA and into the start of TN that I first started seriously reading about.

So these ideas are not planted by anyone, or suggested by anything or conversation. They have come up bc of my own life and research and then being led to something.

So when I first knew positively that the U.S. was using me and had most likely funded all the money for religious hate crimes against me as well, I was in Knoxville. Then they allowed me to go back to see my parents after 7 years and everything was different.

My parents were never doing this stuff in front of me when I was a kid. Not that I noticed. I showed up here and said, "Wow. A help wanted sign right there." I knew someone wanted me to work there. There were about 3 or more signs in town and then I took a job next door and while realizing my parents were doing this same work, the people at Devil's Kitchen (FBI in my opinion) were trying to use me too.

So why is it all these people are assigned to ME. Why doesn't the U.S. have their people trying to figure others out? Instead, they have used me. Since it's my own parents, I noticed and tried to help because I don't think it's consensual on their part either.

But I am not helping them nor is anyone training me. They are doing their thing, in reading me, and it's for the U.S. And I quit that job at DK because I am not consenting to this kind of degrading treatment. I consented to a job as a waitress. If you wanted to turn it into something else, you should have told me. Then, for the first time since I'd been here, someone there used technology on me while I worked for them. So Day One it happened once or twice, and Day Two, it was a little more and I quit because the point is this: I did not voluntarily work at Logan's Restaurant in TN. I was brutally used, ridiculed and tortured there, in the workplace and the only reason I was there that long is because I was forced to be there.

It was NOT voluntary or consensual work. So when another job came up that started to turn in the same direction in Coquille, since I had a place to live and was trying to go to college and had other means to support myself, I quit working for these people on Day 2. Why? Because I do not consent to being tortured in the workplace and if I had stayed there, when I didn't have to and wasn't forced, it implied consent. It would have implied that if I had been willing to work THERE, in Coquille, when I clearly didn't have to, that it really wasn't so bad in TN and I must not have been forced to work there.

I was forced to work there and I was tortured in the workplace and used for govt. research and almost all of them were Catholic.

As soon as I quit working for DK here, and tried to go to college, the U.S., and Catholics in the U.S., tried to block it. They have been obstructing my education and entire life ever since. They wanted me to keep working for DK under the same conditions I worked at in TN, to cover some U.S.A. asses.

I was illegally forced to work there. Period. And yes, I was tortured and ganged up on in that place. And they have a Roman Catholic CEO who has ties to the CIA. It's an international firm and law firm that represents them and they sponsor lawyers to defend Guantanamo prisoners. To be nice guys? No. To get inside information, period. It's self-interest, not altruism. A company that chooses to torture U.S. citizens and force them to work there, doesn't then have a "good" side that wants to help torture victims in Guantanamo. Either you support torture or you don't. Logan's Restaurant supports torture. So the fact that they forced me to work there and tortured me, while claiming to help torture terrorist victims in Cuba or whatever, is a lie. They have a law firm that does "pro bono" work to "help" these people. It's an excuse to get information and most likely, to contain damages that could be worse if the prisoner had a better and different lawyer. One not coming from the law firm that Logan's Restaurant uses.

When I quit working at DK here, after they tortured me in the workplace, the U.S. decided to then torture me on my own property out of spite. My parents have used me ever since I've been here. They (or someone) has this entire property staked out with predictions and if I do this then what. The entire place is basically booby-trapped. SO I said, "What exactly was the plan? that I live here and go on disability as a disabled person for 5 years while you guys predict what I do as I am forced to do nothing? and you just follow me and see if my actions match up to things you've had planted around your yard for govt. research?"

The U.S. Catholics in govt. wanted me to either be fucking one of their men, or forced into poverty and unable to do anything but be tortured.

The United States kidnapped me and my son, defamed me, and has used me ever since. They have never taken responsibility for their religious hate crimes.

They ruined my singing voice. They used me for years to sing The National Anthem for this country, and then allowed people to poison me and torture me to destroy my singing voice.

"I hope you find your voice" is what this B.C. man told me in D.C.

No. I did not find my voice. I lost everything to this God damned country that my parents work for and I DO NOT work with my parents.

It is questionable that they even work for this country on a voluntary basis.

What I know for a fact is that I and my son are not the rest of my family and I know for sure he and I were kidnapped and illegally used and tortured.

For 6 months I have been here, forced to do nothing again and I did put out applications but everyone here is military. If I don't work for one military or FBI/CIA government asshole, I am not going to work out with any of the other ones either. Clearly. So I have been tortured the entire time and now as I have deadlines for court, they have drugged me again, through a "gift" of fucking banana bread, and stolen all of the money I have and my ID.

I cannot respond to any of the federal deadlines for Eastern District, about my injunction or son. I cannot add a Motion to my application for appeal through Washington State. I can't mail a response about an FBI matter. I cannot mail to the Multnomah county courthouse. I have a letter to send to the Commission for Judicial Conduct as well, and everyone knows this. The Catholics all know. They stole from me to trap me.

They trapped me.

They fucking stole everything I ever owned and had, drugged me, and trapped me and then try to tell ME they are not paying off the fucking transcript they said they were paying for.

It is exactly what I said it was. The U.S. has trapped me, allowed people to rob me, and is controlling whether my transcript is paid or not. They are 100% obstructing justice again. This is nothing new. They have drugged me, and tried to use me for other programs, and they're corrupt. I am a hostage and have been made a hostage for almost 7 years.


Significant Amount of Money (marked bill) & ID Stolen

My money and ID are still stolen but I don't think my mother took it herself.

It was stolen by someone else and she knew and that's why she didn't want to come into my house because I'd see it was stolen. It's possible she did, but I think maybe it was already gone which means someone came in at night. In fact I'm sure of it because when she got to the counter, the money was not there. So someone else outside of my family stole it. I put it on the counter with my receipts and someone took the money and ID and left receipts behind. I actually had some in my jeans pocket and that was hanging up next to my bed overnight and the only way someone got that was by illegally entering my house while I slept, and stealing it from the pants.

It wasn't a few dollars, it was a significant amount because I had returned some grocery items and they gave me cash back instead of putting it onto my card. It was all that I had to use for legal matters and making copies and printing.

The man from the post office here saw that money because I went there on Saturday. The post office is closed Saturday but someone was there to pick up mail and I knocked on the door and asked to borrow some tape.

He opened the door and I used the ledge on the door, his counter, to write a letter to TN and enclose money to be sent for payment of fines as I did last month. He witnessed this and I took out a wad of money from my back pocket which was buttoned up and put it on the counter there and he saw it.

After I went to that post office, before 3:00 p.m., I walked to the trailer park and looked at this one trailer and then I walked to Safeway, not stopping anywhere inbetween.

I bought one item, a carrot, and still have the receipt and it was purchased at 15:30on 1/28/12. I took my money out there again, and paid for it.

Then I stopped at McKays but didn't buy anything and I had my money then. I got all the way back to my house and helped my mother with gardening and the money was secure. It was in my back pocket and when I got into my house, I took the receipts out to look at them and put them on the counter. The wad of money was still with me and it was under the receipts.

I only left the house that night for a minute, to knock on my mother's door, and a plane was hovering ahead at that time which is becoming an annoying occurance. I was only at the porch for a minute and went back to my place and that is the only time I left my house between Saturday and Sunday. So then I went to bed and hung up my pants and they had money in the pockets still.

They took everything I had and left 21 cents in my pants. I had more than $21, well over that amount, that was stolen from me.

All day Sunday, I never left the house, not to walk, not at all. My mother came in but I was wearing my jeans and there wasn't money on the counter by the receipts then, I don't believe. There wasn't. I'm positive.

So basically, someone wanted my mother to go in and take the blame for their theft.

She knew ahead of time which was why she didn't want to even go into my house and then get blamed for it.

But it was done overnight.

They stole from my house overnight and it was not a few dollars and it was not just a $20 bill either, it was more than that, and they took all of it and left 21 cents behind, which I still have in my pocket. Someone had marked one of the bills with a number in black ink, with "21" on it. So this person stole this $20, along with a lot more cash, and then left 21 cents in my pants pocket. It's a marked bill so anyone would know who has it. It had 21 and a circle around it in black. I had tried to pay my mother with this for a printer cartridge and then she was saying she didn't know when I could print so I kept it to be able to use for printing and copying my legal documents. And that's not all that I had on me, but it was everything I had and this criminal took all of it, and took my ID. Wouldn't it be funny if I were to discover the same person stealing from me, or asking others to steal from me, is also connected to the criminals that work for the U.S. who hold me hostage? They are holding me hostage and my son hostage.

So the U.S. has paid criminals to not only torture us, but to steal from us.

The man at the post office saw my money as did the checker at Safeway and I had my back pocket secured and buttoned up and my money was still with me when I got to my house, which I never left until I discovered last night it was stolen.

Then my mother sent me an email that sounds exactly like the same person that has told my Dad to write in a journal and write things that don't even sound like him. It's Theo's voice and I can tell, and his parents are in this town and terrorize my parents. They're the ones with the "adopted kids". While his parents were here terrorizing mine, he was abusing me and the U.S. military and CIA knew it, in Wenatchee. Abusing, as in bringing in military technology into the house to torture me with (I saw him do it) and screaming in my face, jumping on my bed while threatening to hit me and rubbing dog poop onto my clothes. Psychological torture and the U.S. knew about it and I was forced to stay there because someone in Seattle told Wenatchee to kick me out of the federal housing without cause. He was sharing with CPS's Erickson the entire time. Erickson is also military connected.

My mother even said, "What is that?" pointing to a lid, because I guess that's what someone told her to do. If she was in my house, point to something and have me notice the money stolen and then think she was pointing something out to distract me so she could take it.

She didn't take the money.

The U.S. federal government is the criminal. I would bet it was someone like Theo, illegally entering my house at night to steal this from me.

I went over to my parents house and asked where it was and said how was I supposed to believe this, or that, and then I said, "You've been using me for your own psi research for 6 months." She said what's that and I said you know what it is--you work for the CIA.

Before that she told me "Get back" and picked up cat food and then she said, in response to my confrontation about psi, "Goodbye Cameo" and turned off the porch light and closed the door.

Goodbye Cameo.

I couldn't even cry when I was there at the door because of whatever was in the fucking banana bread that someone wanted her to take to me.

It's all part of the National Directorate of Intelligecence for the U.S. and it oversees military, CIA, and FBI. They are corrupt and have tortured me and my son and poisoned us and had people rape me and they have done nothing but attempt to cover for their religious hate crime tracks.

God damn the U.S. for torture of its own citizens.

Here's the email they had my mother compose which sounds exactly like Theo Lewis and nothing like my mother:Re: My Money and ID cards‏
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From: dicksiedael@aol.com
Sent: Mon 1/30/12 7:09 AM
To: cameocares@live.com

Hear me and hear me well...we did not...or "I" did NOT take your things. Why on earth would I need them, even? How on earth could you think your own mother would STEAL
from her own daughter??? #1...we SPEND waaaay more than that each month just having you here, not to mention spending money on things for you like clothing, I have spent
probably at least $300 buying you things, and it costs us approx. $200 each month just for additional electricity and water now that you're here...and in the past, we've even offered
things like fixing up a trailer in the park for you! And yet, after all that, you think I'd want to sneak into your trailer and STEAL a few measley dollars and food stamp card from you????
I cant believe you! You'd suspect your own mother before thinking that either you'd misplaced it or had it fall out of your pocket(s) while walking or something!

Well, I did not take it so you won't be getting it from me. In fact, the only thing you'll get from me is a one way ticket out of here if you want it...and if you don't want that, we want you
off of our property and not living here regardless...we've had it with things like you cussing and ranting at us over totally invalid ...or EVEN over valid things. That is NOT how anyone
can or should be allowed...yes, allowed, to treat their own parents...honor and respect???? not hardly...

So, if you've lost those things, you'd better take steps, I guess, towards replacing them....and you won't be getting help from us. You are mentally ill, Cameo, and you need help, but you
refuse to get it or let anyone help you get it, so we have tried to put up with your tirades, but it's taking a toll on US and we're done. You are filled with hate and fear and bitterness. You hate us...yes, you do or you would NEVER even suspect such a thing, let alone treat us and say to us the things you do...and I read your blog post about the church in Winston....how can you
live with such hatred and suspicions and not even want to have a change or help in your life? Satan has got you in his grip for sure, and unless or until you can at least consider that and try
to get help, you will not only continue to be miserable, but most likely get worse..because his goal for you is destruction. Your entire idea of Christianity is warped. You have knowledge of
the scriptures, but you see them through the twisted lens of the enemy; like Adam and Eve, you have believed his lie and it is leading to your destruction... There IS a way out!!! But you
HAVE to be willing to humble yourself and admit that you do NOT have the answers and can not do it in yourself and that you need the help of the Lord Jesus...and need his love and forgiveness to come into your life and loose the chains the enemy has bound you with and remove the scales from your eyes. He CAME to set us free, and if anyone ever needed to be free, it is you...and It is not freedom from CIA or FBI or Catholics or Jews...it is freedom from anger, bitterness, hatred, fear, despair, self-righteousness. I think when you can do that, and mean it,
you will find that he will not only free you from those things but also give you back your health and a sound mind because THEY are being affected by the other with the result that you are truly in bondage ...and Jesus died to set ALL of us free from whatever bondage we are in. Satan has come to put you BACK there, and he has succeeded to a very large degree, but it's not
hopeless because there is always hope in the Lord.

Well, that's about all I can say. I will continue to pray for you and pray for your freedom, healing and deliverance, but for now, I think you need to be seriously figuring out where you want to live and how you're going to do it. Your time here has come to an end.
So that's the end of the email. Your time here has come to an end?

She gave me the end part of a loaf of banana bread that someone had put medications and drugs in. I am not kidding. And then they wanted to set me up to blame my mother for something they stole from me, from my house, at nighttime.

I am not wrong about being drugged. They put some kind of "happy med" into the bread and I started laughing after I ate it, for no reason and then all my emotions have been dulled ever since.

The U.S. doped me up because after they stole everything I had from me, they didn't want me to get too upset. Maybe my mother didn't put it in the bread, but she gave me the bread and there is no way she doesn't know some of the people in on this.

She refuses to talk about who is involved, and lies about me to my face. She knows I'm not mentally ill and not for one single minute has she believed this. She lies to say what she thinks she has to say or someone tells her to do and yes, she has used me for her own personal psi govt. research, along with my Dad, for over 6 months.

The entire time I've been here. And their "friends" are not friends and they do the exact same things.

My Dad is working with that "girl" today.

My mother even tried to denied giving me medicated items or drugging me today but wanted to open the door and see how I reacted at least, and if I cried or how I looked.

Whether she's forced to do this or not I don't know. But she lies about all of it.

She works for the CIA and I would not be surprised if it's Mossad on the side. Half of these people torture my mother and then I see her crying about things to do with me, and then they act like THEY are protecting HER. It's classic Stockholm Syndrome.

Pam & Keith Lewis's Son Theo

My mother had to meet this woman (nurse) named "Pam" Lewis and their son is Theo. The same Theo that lives in Wenatchee. They're all military and CIA and after my mother had to meet Pam, she typed out a pre-composed letter directed by Theo.

It's him and I can tell it's him because I was forced to live with this sick and abusive person for over a month. He works for the U.S. military, talked to CPS's Michelle Erickson about me the entire time I had to stay there, and he's mentally ill. He gets a free ride because the U.S. uses him for psi work and research.

He verbally and physically assaulted me when I stayed there.

I come over here and find out his parents are here and it's no wonder. It explains something.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Mother Stole My ID: SHE is the CIA

I think my mother just stole my ID and all the money I had left.

I would hate to assume and it's a horrible thing to write, but yesterday when I got back from my walk the only thing that had been stolen was a package of shiitake mushrooms.

I noticed the shiitake's were gone, one package. Then a time I told my mother some of my water bottles had been taken and she was trying to prompt me to say how many.

She works for the CIA.

She works for the CIA period. I don't know what they do to her and I'm sure it's horrible, but I do not work for the CIA and they are fucking me over.

Not only that, I don't know what she's up to exactly because one minute I think she's trying to help me and I believe it and the next minute I'm asking her why she went out of her way to deliberately humiliate me in public, in a public store, in front of others. So I asked her about it and then all of a sudden she actually got defensive as if that's not what she had done when it was, to make me look like I was just taking from them and not willing to do anything myself, which isn't true, but she made it a public point to some women in a store. It was a dollar store and I still remember exactly what happened.

So I just remembered this, and said something but wanted to know what her motive would be for actually wanting others to have this opinion of me. Who does this benefit? What is the point?

Then, just today, she was giving me some banana bread and I invited her in and she fucking stole my money and ID. There was no one else to do it. She was the only one here and at first she hadn't wanted to come in at all, so in retrospect I would think maybe she knew someone else did it, or took something, and she knows I will accuse her. But I invited her in and went behind a curtain I have to get to my bread to show her, and in that time, she was on the other side of the curtain and my jacket was hanging right there. I had the money in the jacket pockets.

I thought about it when we went to that church service, how I shouldn't have left my money there. So when I got back, it was still there and yesterday, I went to the store with money in my pocket and my ID and I only bought 1 carrot.

I bought one carrot for 12 cents.

There is no one in the Air Force "transporting" my ID and money. My mother took it today.

It was my food stamp card and my TN ID card which is my only form of photo ID. Then she took all the cash I had left.

So I just went out and said you stole my money and ID and I wouldn't dare say this to my own mother unless I was about 70% positive. She said no she didn't and I said yes you did, you were the only one in my house and she said, "I wasn't in your house" and I said, "Yes you were." She was. I said, "You gave me banana bread and you were in my house."

So guess when she came over with the bread? After I emailed her saying fine, I'll go on the fucking disability and I want to go to college so can you pay for this transcript tomorrow?

I had just sent that email and then she shows up at my door with banana bread and I invited her in and she stole my ID and money.

In the meantime, I had already sent an email stating that yes, I'd go on disability and I wanted the transcript paid for if that's okay, and I said I would so there, I will.

So this is after I didn't know she had stolen from me. I even called up bc I didn't get an answer and she said we'd talk about it tomorrow and I said I would fill it out so could we pay this off tomorrow? and she said they're starting a movie and to talk tomorrow.

She knew all along I would be rightfully upset to have my money and ID stolen.

So she said, "When it turns up and you find it, you're out of here." I said, "FUCK YOU CIA." Not very nice, but neither is having your own mother use you for her personal research project for the fucking U.S. govt. and then stealing from you and lying about it.

It's an excuse again. It's an excuse to provoke me and upset me and then try to wiggle out of paying off the transcript they said they'd pay. I said I would do what they asked and they are provoking me again to find some other excuse.

It's not going to turn up because it wasn't heisted by transportation from the Air Force. She took it. If she didn't take it, she already knows who did, because she acted nervous to be in the house anyway and at first didn't want to come in. I already checked all of my coat pockets and my jeans pockets and my shirts and pants and no, it's not there. It's not anywhere. It's been stolen.

She never wanted me to have my son either. She wants her best friend, Holly Avila, to have him. She never wants to admit to having anything to do with saying things about me that were negative to support her own family and maybe Canada even knew this is why I shouldn't contact her. Maybe they thought she had something to do with it.

I see her being tortured so I would say no. I also see my Dad being tortured. I don't know why she was pointing out a lid to me today. She looked around the corner and then pointed to something and said, "What's that? is that a lid?" and I said yes, it was off of the jar to my sprouts I started yesterday from red wheat berries and then I showed her the jar.

Something was bothering her but I don't know what. So either she knows who took my money or she did it.

The only thing I can think of about the lid, or her mentioning it, I don't know. I guess my Dad's eyelid is permanently damaged. The left one. There is a permanent mark from what someone did to his left eyelid and it's still there. I thought it was just the one day, when I saw his eye the next day and it was different but it's permanent damage. I guess there is nothing else I can think of.

I have been in my house all day today. The entire day.

Yesterday I got home from going downtown and buying a carrot and I haven't been back out. I had my money with me at the time I bought it.

My mother acted upset like something was wrong and the dog was wandering around, cold and wet and shivering like from trauma and usually my mom keeps her eyes on him. When I got into my house my bottle of apple cider vinegar had been moved, and my napkins, and a box of shiitake mushrooms had been taken.

I had my money with me when I came back to my place. And I was here the rest of the night and then I've been here all day, and didn't go out for a walk. No one has been in my house to take my money and ID except for my mom. I haven't opened the door for anyone and I haven't moved things around.

The only thing that's strange is how my mom didn't want to come in or acted like she didn't want to, when I invited her. If she planned to steal my money and ID I don't know why she'd hesitate, which is why I know either she knows who did it or she did it herself.

Then when I was on the phone asking if they could pay it off tomorrow and that I would sign up for this disability, she was stalling saying they'd talk tomorrow.

Most recently, she's said I could pay for a printer cartridge and then she stalled and didn't allow me to. For my own court thing for my son and then I asked to use the copy machine and she said okay and then didn't want me making the number of copies I needed to make.

I think my mother has been acting like she has something to hide which is why she's doing all these favors for gangsters and CIA. Like Wasson telling her it would be too expensive to allow a New Trial. There are some things my Dad has done which I think she disapproves of, but all of it is CIA and military crap.

This one guy that I noticed smirking and not so good, who was driving past as I walked to my house, was one of the drummer's for the "christian" band from last night. He looks Irish but could be German. He had no reason to be in town so close to our house and property.

That money is all I have for making copies and getting other things done legally. I can't mail anything or make copies or file anything without money and my mother stole my cash and ID to force me to do a bottle return?

I have enough bottles for something like $2 if that. That's not enough money. My own MOTHER STOLE MY ID and MONEY.

I think she drugged me too, because I ate that fucking banana bread and I am not responding like I normally would to something like this. Maybe not, but I can't cry so something is wrong with whatever was in that bread.

I don't even have that one bottle. I took it but then it was taken from the place I put it in the bathroom and I only took it to the bathroom bc I thought it was water that was possibly tampered with. History has proven that the FBI lies and cheats and steals and rapes women. The FBI even tries to hide and cover up religious hate crimes, don't they Ms. "Laura Leighton" or oops, "Laughlin". They even commit identity fraud, their own SACS do.

So, why should I think anyone is looking out for my parents after they tortured me and my son for 7 years and did nothing but laugh? I am a better woman than any of them. Not one of them has done their job, that I've met. Not ONE.

Then what? my mother doesn't want to come inside my house because she has been told if she does, to steal my ID and money from me? Or because someone else needs a cover. The only other possibility is that someone came in at night, and I don't see how.

I came back from the store, and put my bag down and had my jeans on with my money with me and ID cards. My mother was weeding so I weeded with her, and said I would haul away all the dried brush and branches. So I did, and took them to a huge burning pile to be burned later. After this, I went to my house. I left the house for a split second to knock and ask a question but never went inside the house and then I went back as a plane that was hovering above with lights on, started to move past me above.

I don't appreciate being stalked by planes either. This is the zillioneth time and I'm fucking tired of it. It started with the military's Chris Rozollo and his wanting me to step outside in Wenatchee and notice a plane and then it's happened here. It's not interesting. It's an invasion of privacy and fucking wrong. So that happened last night when I turned back to go back in. There isn't any possible way anyone was in my house in that couple of minutes when I left and the plane was practically in the same position.

Then I went to bed and was tortured all night and then hung up my pants. They used all kinds of things against me last night and then quit early a.m.

I got out of bed and I've been here all morning and wore the same pants I wore yesterday and different tops. Someone would have had to enter in my door while I slept and stole money out of my pocket. I was thinking it was coat pocket but that was the night before and then yesterday on Saturday I went to town with all my money and paid for a stamp and the post office man saw I had money bc it was on the counter.

It was my MONEY from FUCKING WORKING you assholes. Oh yeah, and I don't hold people hostage either fuckers. You know, I don't do things like practice extortion to get soemthing out of someone, like my college has been held up.

So he saw my money and wasn't happy, and I put it back into my pocket and then I walked home and when I was home, I set down my bag and helped with weeding. Then that's it. My money was in my pocket and I do not believe, for one minute, that it disappeared as the result of Air Force 'transportation'.

They DID teleport a pen and one key and these are separate items. No one separated my bills and money from my change and thought to take my ID cards too. No one does that and that did not happen. What happened is that I've been fumigated here and had a number of incidences of break and entry ALONG with crappy Air Force and CIA shit.

"When it turns up again."

This is my FOOD STAMP card.

YOU FUCKERS. I have to fucking BUY FOOD.

Oh, and since I've had the medicated drug bread, I am not being tortured. Why?

Because these fuckers like to make excuses for why I "feel" things and report things they've fucking done to me.

It would be one thing, wouldn't it, if I tortured people for a living, or held people hostage, or lied about rape cases to get my friends off, or had a lot of money to spare and instead, none of the above is true. I was tortured as an innocent mother with her baby, for making someone feel fucking inferior.