Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Doctor In Coquille Who Defamed Me

The Dr. who tried to defame me to my mother is from California. Are we surprised?

He was born and raised in California, which is where my complaint against FBI went--California.

This Dr. decided to move to Coquille, Oregon in 2007.

Really interesting timing.

Let's see, that would be 3 years from the time I made my complaint against FBI agents. And it would be the same time that I fled to Canada with my son after being tortured.

He decided to fly over to Coquille and the Catholic chilean Dr. moved here too.

If my parents were hoping I'd be able to get out of this country in 2007, they already knew this Dr. was bad news along with other arrivals and persons.

Not only that, he was telling me CT is best for bone diagnostics and he lied, knowing he lied. His training is in Osteopathic medicine, which specifically deals with bones. So he knows what CT, with or without contrast will do, and he knows about plain X-ray too.

If he's been to Osteopathic school, he should know that plain X-ray will provide a much clearer and detailed picture about any kind of subtle fractures or osteoporosis, than a CT with dye will. A CT with dye will highlight fluids and tissues, not bone.

This is why when Dr. Butler did a CT (with contrast-dye) of my pelvis, it showed abnormal fluid, but didn't show any fractures at all. I had to go back and have a plain X-ray to show fractures of my pelvis.

So this is a Dr. who should know better, who lied to me. And HE'S the one suggesting to my parents that I go on mental health disability, because he's a retard with poor ethics.

I love it when incompetence and substandards try to cover for crimes by wanting to say someone who is smarter than they are should go on mental health disability.

Incidentally, I had use of ultrasound targeting me after I was injected with CT contrast in Wenatchee, WA AND after I was injected with CT contrast here in Coquille, Oregon.

No one needs CT contrast dye in order to find someone as a target to direct energy weapons against, or ultrasound, but maybe it makes it easier. I guess that's something military groups around the world might know.

Oh, and I said the other day something about not having a breakdown but I was upset, and my Dad said, mainly quipping, "You already had a breakdown" but he knows I haven't. CPS tried to say I had a nervous breakdown to cover for the shitty United States corrupt officials who torture kids and mothers.

I asked for "political asylum" and that constituted "breakdown".

How many of you refugees out there have heard THAT ONE?

Official Government Comment: "It never happened."
"They're mentally ill." "I don't know where it came from--they did it to themselves." "They had a nervous breakdown."

"Nervous breakdown" works out conviently for two States that colluded to obstruct justice. Corrupt officials in the U.S. use it as an excuse to wipe their ____ with, and corrupt officials in Canada use it to cover for their violation of international law and religious collusion to obstruct justice.

So "nervous breakdown" and smearing me in two State intelligence files, by forcing false confessions, works out well for corrupt Canadians and corrupt U.S. groups.

Wasn't it Canada that allowed the U.S. to inject their own Canadian citizens with drugs? Guess what Canadians? Your own government, which claims guns are bad and war against Afghanistan is wrong, and which purports to help those fleeing from serving in a military, and which protects animal rights...they also used YOU for research.

In fact, Canada specifically invited the United States to hand-pick some Canadian residents and experiment on them without their consent and knowledge. I can find the links for proof and post them here later.

That's the Canadian government by the way, not the people, who made this decision. And I believe the majority of Canadian government officials are Catholic and that the majority of persons used in experimentation were Protestants. So you got Toronto, after you were forced out of everywhere else in Canada, by Catholics, and once they're in government, you got used as an experiment.

How do you like Toronto now?

Is it a great place to live still, now that you have AIDS?

You can thank the U.S. for the virus and thank your own country, Canada, for giving them permission to kill you slowly. They'll just document your slow progress towards death and then exchange the information and results with the United States. Who knows, maybe you'll be a lucky one that they inject with some kind of tree root hormone and get saved. You can all thank Big Brother--the Peace Brothers--the Hills Brothers, for what has been done to you and your families.

Canada is no pink bunny of lucky charms.

Now they're feeling kinda greedy with their oil line too. More money for those who set other Canadian citizens up to be tortured for research and die of AIDS slowly with help from the U.S.

So when it comes down to motive, for saying I'm mentally, people like the Dr. over here in Coquille...might have a reason to want to say I'm mentally ill.

How about the Canadian man who was thrown in prison and whose entire website was taken down, about how he worked for intelligence and knew about a plot for 9-11? He was U.S. CIA he said. Canada locked him up. Canada's not doing any favors for people abused within the U.S. The U.S. intelligence and administration is run by majority Catholics. So is Canada. They all report essentially to the Holy See. So you're either in with them or you're not, and if you're not, you might be a guinea pig.

I wonder how often Canadians and U.S. officials try to swap research and sex trade at the same time.

I never had a breakdown at any time. And any Dr. who tries to say I need to go on mental disablity, after lying to me about what diagnostic is best for bones, has an agenda and conflict of interest.

So they took a lot of blood from me again. I guess they couldn't wait to get their hands on it, excited maybe, after their guys used an airborne substance against me in the library while I tried to write my OIG complaint. Or maybe they were excited to find out why I was bleeding every single day for 3 weeks and then abruptly quit.

Why DID I quit bleeding? I bled every single day after they targeted my HEAD and created a huge swelling inside my skull, creating great amounts of internal bleeding and hemmorhage, and then I just quit bleeding? What was I doped up with to stop the bleeding?

This Dr., who lied about the difference between plain X-ray and CT with contrast told me "You're getting a break" and said I shouldn't be doing any work and should just SLEEP.

Sleep my way right through all legal deadlines.

They took 2 vials of blood to test for bacterial, anaerobic and aerobic and then about 4-5 vials of blood for other things and didn't even tell me what the other things were for. They said my CBC was normal except for low potassium. What about the other vials? Did they ship one to Virginia? I don't even believe them anymore, when they say I have low potassium.

I have no reason to believe one single word that any of these doctors have to say, especially if they're the ones saying I am mentally ill and defaming me. Why should I even believe I have low potassium? they lie about everything,EVERYTHING and then expect me to do the normal thing and believe that at least they're being honest about a CBC.

They experimented on me IN the ER, using technology to torture me further, AFTER they shot me up with Demerol, just to see if I would still react and feel pain.

They're liars. All of them.

They wanted me to stay with Alvaro so he could continue to drug and medicate me for at least 2 years. They already had him medicating me and if I was living with him, they'd keep telling him what to give me while they lied through their teeth in records and tried to use it to justify their own lies about mental illness, or military research.


Anonymous said...

You are out of your mind. Following your logic, the conspirators had a doctor move to Coquille and then somehow got you to go see him for treatment/diagnosis. Crazy stuff. By the way, CT scan is more useful than plain xray. CT scan is essentially using xray to provide a cross sectional view of the body including bones and tissues. An xray will reveal a plain fracture but a CT scan will provide a better understanding if there is something more than just a fracture (damage to the surrounding tissue). So, no, the doctor didn't lie to you. And he isn't part of any conspiracy. He probably woes the day he agreed to treat you for anything because you should have been seeing a psychiatrist and not an osteopath.

Anonymous said...

As to the vials of blood, maybe the doctor has a side business with Lestat the vampire to keep him fed? Just a thought.