Sunday, January 22, 2012

CIA Attempting To Alienate Me

Now I'm being told I have to leave in a week.

I start writing about the actual crimes committed by some Portland FBI officers and what the CIA has been involved in, and all of a sudden, they think they can drive me out.

Forget it.

Anywhere in the U.S.? There is no God-damn place in the entire U.S. that is safe for me to go if the U.S. fucks around and tortures citizens.

In the 10 years I've been tortured and had justice deprived, only once did something work. Fucking Catholic men. That's never what I thought, oh I'll do this. No, they usually came lurking around to take advantage of a compromising position. It's the ONLY "compromise" they have ever wanted out of me. They wanted to have sex with me, and if they got sex, the CIA didn't allow torture. There were not that many, but the main one was Alvaro.

They quit torturing me if I was going to marry a Catholic guy and if I didn't, torture again.

I DID "forgive" and put things in the past and try to move on with my life and they never allowed that. They have been harassing me, stalking me, and torturing me and obstructing justice, all this time and it never mattered what I tried. I tried EVERYTHING.

I tried everything and the ONLY thing that worked, in 10 years, was getting engaged to a Catholic man.

How is that JUSTICE in the United States?

What a FUCKED up country.

To quit torture just because I'm engaged to some Catholic man. That is FUCKED UP.

It has nothing to do with "God" or if someone or others thought I was being nice enough.

So now I guess someone is trying to tell my parents to not even pay for a transcript for my going to college. They stalled for months through the U.S. Dept of Education and government and now they are hoping to rely on a disagreement with family to find an excuse for me to not go to college.

They don't want anything from me except a piece of ass and preventing my ability to screw them over the way they really need to get screwed. These assholes need a good old-fashioned legal screw for once in their lives.

So this is just so practical. I'm supposed to "leave" and go somewhere? in this fucking country?

There is NOWHERE. I've already tried the location thing. It's FBI and FBI is everywhere and so is the fucking CIA.

They've been torturing me to keep me from being able to appeal the case for my own son. That's what all of this torture is about, because they are using my son for mind control the way they've used me since I was a kid.

They have been using me since I was a child and they just to dump on me in 1992. Then they thought they could drag their mind control project into something new or different and I didn't do what they wanted so they decided since I was already sold out to the government as a kid, they'd just screw me over with some torture. Nevermind the fact it was precipitated by religious and strictly religious hate crime.

These fuckers have used me since I was a toddler.

So now I am trying to appeal this thing for my son, and they get all their fucking military RATS to torture me. The Catholic military rats. And they tell everyone else to stand by and do nothing. Or maybe they graduated to getting a Mormon or two and a protestant worth nothing to do it, but it's all coming from the same head anyway, and it's a Catholic one.

They figure torture me the whole time, and make it look like if they try to jail me or put me in a psych ward, it isn't to keep me from getting my son. All they want is an excuse to keep me out of work, money, and education.

So now, this is the latest...supposedly, since I left a nasty msg on my mother's phone today after she told me to "turn to God with your whole heart" I am supposedly leaving.

But that's not their doing. That's what the U.S. fuckers are doing. They heard me say the other night if I don't go to college I'm leaving and let me know.

So I guess someone in the U.S. just really wants me to leave.

Hmmm. I wonder why FAT ASS.

Maybe it's because if I leave right now, where am I going? I have no money because of what this SHIT FACED country has done to me. They refuse to take accountability for anything.

There is not one single place in this country, that I would "leave" to, without any money and without having my transcript paid in full as this fucking MILITARY gig promised when I fucking first arrived.

And no, fuckers. I'm not going to Canada. Canada is NO different from the U.S.

There is not one single place in Canada where I would be safe or safer than where I am now.

If I leave this country, I'm leaving the fucking landmines assholes.

So no, I'm not going anywhere.

I want my transcript PAID for and someone to FUCKING stand up for their fucking work with the CIA and military ASSHOLES.

They used me in a Knoxville, TN detention center illegally and I said "this is degrading treatment" and they let me go. To where? To another location where they practiced the exact same kind of degrading treatment and threw in torture too.


When I was writing online in my last post about how my ear hurts unless I turn a certain way, then I was calling up my mother and telling her my neck, teeth, and ear hurt now, and I said nothing about turning a certain way and she wasn't reading my blog and she said, "turn to God..."

Every single thing is fucking straight up CIA.

THEY fucking killed Diana if anyone did. I'm sure they got good help. From what I've noticed, these assholes don't just operate on their own turf, they engage more than one other country for their fucking illegal operations and laugh about it too, on the side, if they think no one will ever know.

"Turn to God" is what my mother said, after I'd been blogging about having to turn a certain way to have my ear stop hurting from the technology.

So I called back and she didn't answer and I DID leave a nasty msg because I'm being TORTURED and this has been going on a long time. So I said how does "turning to God" have anything to do with my being tortured and even atheists and agnostics have a right not to be tortured and it has nothing to do with "turning to God" and then I added I was tired of being fucking experimented on by my own parents and when was my transcript going to paid so I could go to college?

I've been experimented on the entire time I've been here and it's the exact same fucking federal CIA SHIT that I experienced when they threw me illegally into a detention center to use me as a guinea pig for some other woman govt. worker.

The thing is, it appears that my parents are forced to do this by the U.S. So they're doing the same thing that the Knoxville FBI assholes did to me with CIA present, in their little nuclear zone hide-out which is about an hour from the nation's 2nd largest nuclear facility. They have CIA there bc it's a nuke zone and there are a lot of internationals there.

Nukes means espionage and secret stupid stuff (SSS). So it wasn't like I was just being attacked by the FBI or their little lousy local police again (who were some serious pork chop eating fat asses), it was the fucking Central Intelligence Agency with their lousy employees trying to make an interrogation and research center look like a normal little prison.


They take hand prints electroncially there. It was a fucking CIA set up. They experimented on me in that facility until I said something about geneva convention violations and degrading treatment.

They didn't dismiss my charge though. They fractured my hand and injected me with crap and experimented on me while humiliating me naked in front of others.

And they didn't even drop their false charge. I'm paying like 50 cents a month towards it bc I have no income because the only job they wanted me to have over here when I arrived, was another job working for their lousy friends. Doing the EXACT same thing.

I came over here to get away from what they were doing to me in Wenatchee, WA with military and CIA assholes, and then got attacked by more CIA assholes in TN, and then got sent to "come home" to my parents who I've been alienated from for over 7 years and be used as a research victim for more U.S. govt. employees.

What was I getting out of it? Well, out of the one job, min. wage and a bunch of lies. I'm a great waitress and I'll even do your dishes or crummy work without complaining, but being used for research so you can try to figure me out and see how well your sorry asses read me, isn't part of what I fucking signed up for.

Meanwhile, as I'm NOT working (but I have made attempts to look for work here), they experiment on me for free.

They have had my own PARENTS experimenting on me every single day since I've been here. That's 6 months of degrading treatment fuckers. And I don't blame my parents, I blame the CIA and military and the FBI for being FUCK UPS and criminals who protect CIA and military to allow them to torture people to push them where they want them to go.

So for 6 months, my mom and dad have done the same thing. What am I going to say? this is in violation of the geneva convention? I'm trapped here because of the U.S., not because of anything I've done wrong.


That was the "Peace".

Peace has nothing to do, with the CIA and Catholic church, about true religion or God as in the real and living God. For them, it's just feeling secure about ones legal standing if Cameo Garrett is fucking one of our Catholic guys.

Being "nice" has never mattered. The people who have hated me could care less about whether I'm "nice" or not. In fact, they prefer that they drive me to anger with torture and point this out, rather than have others feel sympathy for me because I'm "nice".

So no, it's not about whether I'm nice or not, or have "forgiven" or not. All it's about is them covering their asses with a Catholic church wipe. In 10 years, that was all it came down to. The U.S. has extorted me to have sex, essentially, with a Catholic man. If I don't and since most of my life I haven't, they torture me.

Since it really came down to marriage, I think that says a lot about the vindictive Catholic bitches out there. I would throw in some vindictive and jealous protestant and Jewish ones too. If I'm married, they forget about their fucking inferiority complexes. They stop fucking worrying about the fact that I'm an attractive and smart single woman who could make something of herself if she weren't held down with a heel. It's like they just back off and start acting normal simply because if they think I'm engaged they think whatever imagined "threat" was there, is not there anymore. I'm "taken". So they quit bitching about how to bitch slap me and torture my son to get to me, and quit worrying about what might happen if I'm a successful independent woman in her own right, with her son.

They want me to be with a man so their own man doesn't look twice. I guess they are stupid enough to think only single women are a threat to fidelity and that married couples are immune.

So the women are really fascinating in this whole thing, because they backed off when I was with Alvaro. Maybe they were hoping to get their cheeks slapped on the side when I wasn't looking and that's why they were nicer. Or maybe they are just more afraid of a man from Colombia or their own boyfriends tell them to back off becasue THEY are the ones who are afraid, or maybe a few have some fanciful idea of taking a child into a marriage under adoption and then raising him around "Catholics" and that is supposed to make up for everything.

Because if he's not "catholic" they treat my son like a scumbag.

So the bitches feel better when women they're threatened by get married. It "closes a door" so-to-speak.

I think some fucking group has been trying to get that door since I was about 20 years old. SHUT THE GATE! SHUT THE FUCKING GATE!

afraid of Love.

SO FUCK you for trying to control me and use me for your research still and start paying me what I'm worth. Get used to the idea that no, I'm not fucking your men, I'm not marrying your men, and I'm not working for you either.

Guess what? I still have some RIGHTS and you owe me interest for the length of time you've been keeping stolen goods for yourselves.

And the fact that I live here isn't consent to be experimented on either. I'm trapped, so there is no such thing as possible "consent" when that is the case. You've given me options of being with no money and experimented on here or being without money and experimented on there. When it's forced, by illegal means of obstruction of justice, travel, and education, you have nothing but a fucking CIA blow-up problem on your fucking hands.

I am tired of having someone surveil my online activities too. I can't even publish on blogger without little msgs coming up all the time that have nothing to do with reality (the last being "Your Request Took Too Long").

My request took too long?

"Go ahead and get it over with."

I don't have any requests that took too long. And if I fucking find out anyone has put my son on medication of any kind to make up for FBI, CIA, and CPS FUCK UPS and their crimes, or find out it's being done to my family, I'll keep that info for your heinous human rights report.

Human Rights State in America. F.


You get a fucking "F".

It looks like oh, maybe not too bad, hmm, needs some work here, but how about B-?


It's an "F".

You are the richest country in the world, or one of the richest, and your human rights record is one of the worst. You use money to pay for a glossy image that doesn't live up to it's claims.

False fucking advertising.

The glossies in Canada and parts of England are not much better, or are possibly worse.

We have this thing called a law here, about concealing crime, which I posted today (misimprision) or yesterday. According to wiki, England and Canada just threw it out and don't even have a law someone could go by. At least the U.S. has the law, but who gets to access it? No one except the rich and corrupt and they're never in trouble anyway because their friends work for the FBI and CIA.

I could have married in. What a fucking shame.

So if my "welcome is worn out" here, in this little military black op town with a few CIA fucks, what does that mean? It means the FBI that work in the real estate offices and with local police don't like what I said about their people in Portland?

Because they were all hoping I'd just forget about it like it's "water under the bridge"? No one has investigated the religious hate crime yet. No one has returned my son. All they've done is throw a Catholic man at me and tell me to marry him if I don't want to be tortured in this country.

That situation could use an investigation all on its own. It proves religius hate crime is what has been driving the obstruction of justice and torture for over 10 years.

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