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Tortured Still & "Power"

this bottle says "it's in our hands" and then on the front says Arrowhead. source is hope springs, hope, B.C.

How long do you want to stay on a sinking ship called the U.S. Middleton
Last night my parent's house with humming with something. I went against it and could feel it.

The U.S. is still using technology that hurts me by targeting the metal in my neck and metal fillings.

My mother's face had something wrong with it today, on her cheeks by her nose and her chin, the pores were much smaller there, and the surface was shiny and swollen and nothing was wrong with the rest of her face except for black eyes.

My Dad's eyes look sunken in and black from whatever they're doing to him.

All that is going on now, with me, is government obstruction of my getting into college. They are all working together. The owners of the Guarantor agencies and all the Dept. of Ed divisions have been colluding to obstruct me from college.

And now, with all of this going on, my parents are telling me, out of the blue, for no reason bc of something new at all, to go on mental health disability.

They never once said this before, so apparently the U.S. criminals in govt. want a rubberstamp on a document to make me sound crazy so I don't sound healthy if I get into college.

Because, you know, that might screw up the defamation against me by CPS. So apparently, this is the latest excuse to stall and delay my going to college, and now that I've filled out an application for next year as well, and have stated my son is not a citizen of the U.S. and never had a social security number, some group wants me to take SS for mental health so they can feel better about themselves and their own kids who are total criminals.

The first time it was ever brought up was when I started first working on my OIG complaint about the hate crimes that have been done to me and my family. This is when it came up, along with WA state's fears that if I have money from financial aid, I'll sue their asses.

Why else would Judge Wasson ask my mother about how much did they really want to pay for and suggest it might be "too expensive".

They're covering their scheming and lying tracks and want me on SSI so that if I make a UN complaint they can attempt to say it's a discrimination issue instead of hate crime, or so Stephanie Sullivan with the OIG in D.C. can say she doesn't have to be held responsible for her criminals activities with the CIA in technology dept. before she ran over to the OIG to cover for asses in the CIA.

I haven't acted differently at all. I haven't done one thing different or acted differently since I've been here. The only difference is that I didn't work for the fucking U.S. govt. like they want and as long as I refuse to work for them, they know it's easier for me to point out how nothing is consensual and they've been raping and abusing me for decades. Not to mention my son.

Everything was fine, no problem about college, until the fucking FBI got word, along with the criminals they cover for, that I was asking for FOIA again. All of a sudden, with that, torture. And only weeks after I turned down a job working for the U.S. govt., for people who work in the U.S., the U.S. reneged and decided to torture me rather than allow me to exercise my right to be a surrogate mother for a family. They didn't want me to have the money.

They and their corrupt friends have enjoyed obstructing justice by preventing me from working.

They want me to work for THEM, the same assholes who tortured me and my son, or not at all. If I work for them, they think they have their asses covered bc they assume I'm working WITH them and they can use a consent argument, or they imagine I don't hate their guts and can't wait to leak everything I know about all of them. If I don't work for them, for minimum wage which they want to control to ensure I stay poor, they block any attempt I make to make a lot more money legally, by torturing me.

Literally. They torture me to keep me out of money.

So first the FBI, the same FBI that I would get a line-up on if I had the money, because I know they had employees involved in torturing and poisoning me in Seattle, tries to obstruct me from college. Then, that's not good enough so then they force my parents to delay further after I start writing an OIG, and tell them to tell me that I can't go to college unless I apply for mental health disability.

What changed? Nothing about me changed. I'm not newly ill. I haven't had any change in personality. Nothing. What changed is that I've said FUCK THE FBI because they have tortured me and my son and enabled others to torture us. And then the mafia that's in with them worries that if the OIG gets involved with looking into FBI records, and if potentially someone who is NOT catholic or jewish or involved looks at it...they don't want the messy disaster of having me find out exactly who is responsible for defaming me to law enforcement in internal records and memos. If I find out, I can then show who is responsible for having motive to put me in a position of being discredited to then be harmed and torture along with my son.

So both U.S. govt. workers and the criminals they've colluded with, really don't like my FOIA requests or my OIG report-writing, and they also don't want me to challenge what they've done in court with criminal law firms that obstructed justice along with the judiciary that's 100% corrupt.

And then if it goes to the UN, as the U.S. already knows it will, they want an excuse for themselves and what better idea than to attempt to blackmail me into taking mental health disability through the federal govt?

Go on SSI mental health disability or no college?

That's blackmail to service the U.S. govt. criminals.

If you DO THIS, then you get THIS.

If you do something that will screw you and your son and your life over for good, then we'll let you go to college.


If I had NEVER cooperated, in the smallest way, with corrupt CPS and state and federal workers, my son would be with me already. Instead, I did what they wanted me to do. All they do is lie. They took their power, abused it and used it for criminal objectives, told me to go along with them and I wouldn't get hurt and they'd return my kidnapped son, and that's it.

They're liars. Since I knew they were criminals to start with, and liars from the start, why would I allow them to pressure me into agreeing with them?

And now they want more. Now it's not good enough that the State had their psych eval--and since I won't fuck, marry, or work with their assholes, they want me to have a federal psych eval too.

At least, that's what I'm being told. It's not an absolute--I mean, I haven't been given an ultimatum that it's either this or nothing, but pretty close. So I said, tell me how it's going to be right now, one way or the other. I'm either going to college or not, and that transcript is being paid or not, and I'm either being blackmailed to take SSI disability to go to college or not. Yes or No. Am I being told I have to be forced to apply for SSI to go to college or not.

Like the fucking government assholes need more of my blood samples through their fucking federal medical professionals.

I haven't even filled out my form for insurance through Oregon yet bc look at how they've already screwed me over. What happens next? After I fill it out then I get tortured worse and at least the ER knows they'll be paid for each trip I have to make for pain from torture by targeting me with technology that affects my neck? How about this. How about we do it my way, which means I get the doctor's chart notes from this ER first, and make corrections to whatever defamation is there, and then while I am able to first correct the lies said about me in WA and OR by corrupt med. professionals and judges and lawyers, then maybe we can move on to the next thing, bc the next thing means I'm watching every single time you rip me off for 10 cents and steal a roll of thread from my house.

They are greedy selfish BASTARDS. Look at how much of a life this country has allowed me to live. I've been really "free" for the last decade. FUCK THE FBI. I have said, "I know that there are plenty of countries that might treat me a lot worse than the U.S., but I can't believe that every country would treat me as bad as this one does."

All they've done is use me. They haven't allowed me to have one shred of a life. Nothing. For 10 years, and still they want to take, take, take because they are never satisfied with what they get.

They aren't even satisfied with using me. They kidnapped my son, defamed me, and torture us. They torture me every single day in this country and then act like it should be natural for me to fuck one of their assholes, marry one of them, or work for them.

When does the FBI GROW UP.

I am 100% positive that one of the criminals who assaulted me in Seattle, works for the FBI field offices in Seattle. I would love to see a photo line-up of those bastards. I would LOVE to see a photo line up of the FBI employees because I would be able to do some identification.

Oh? got tortured in Seattle? don't go to the Seattle FBI field offices bc they'll turn you away. You might notice one of the perps happens to be working for them.

The U.S. has such a poor imagination they have to hold me hostage to feed their storylines and ideas. What would they do without me? They've been using me since I was a kid. And FUCK the CIA for that. First they use me and they're nice enough about it, and then next someone else is working for the CIA who wants to get ahead. Like it's not obvious.

Tonight I said, am I going to college or NOT. And my Dad said something about okay, the power was going to be out tonight. They said to quit shouting after this fucking country has kidnapped my son and taken everything.

In return, this country probably needs to have something taken from them that is important to them. I think those who take from me and my son and never once feel any pain or suffering for anything, should find out what it is to have something they cared about taken from them. Because they don't listen to peace talk or follow through with ideas about cooperation. All they do is steal, kill, and destroy.

So I'm really not being used by the fucking CIA and military. My Dad said the power was going to be out and I left to get something at the grocery store and instead stopped in to knock on this gym's door that I haven't been to before. I used the bathroom and there were all these "stars" hanging from the ceiling. I wanted to rip them out of the ceiling myself and tear them in the streets.

FUCK the CIA Catholic and Jewish "stars". FUCK THEM.

So I used the restroom and instead, I nicely asked if I could take one of the stars, since there was a pile right there next to 2 stacks of magazines. I asked first if I could take a mag and then said, oh they're not free? and they said I could take one anyway. I said then, could I take a star? they said, "No, they're for the members." I said "What if I pay you for one?" and they said no. So I said, "Okay then, just a minute." I took about 5 minutes and flipped through 2 different "Diana" magazines published by "Curves" and then found what I wanted. There was this big black and white photo of a woman's legs and then the title, "Power On".

Right in front of these women, I said, "This is what I want. I'll take this then." and I tore it out of the magazine saying, "My Dad said tonight the power was out, so I'm taking this out for you, since it says 'Power On'."

And I left the magazines and said "Enjoy your exercising ladies" and then walked out with this one page and tore it in half thinking of the fucking Middletons and every fucking power hungry MOOCH out there and I threw out the top half and put the feet, the shoes with the title "Power On" in my pocket. I let the top half fall into the gutter and walked back and showed my Dad, with this "POWER ON" thing between both of my hands, "DO YOU SEE THIS? You said the power was out? and then I come back with power on? I AM TIRED OF BEING A FUCKING EXPERIMENT FOR THIS FUCKING COUNTRY."

And then I went to my place and was being shocked every time I tried to open my door.

Why? Because the U.S. needs to lose something they love and care about. Because they electrocute and torture me whenever they want, on their own soil, every single day.

SO FUCK THE FBI and FUCK the CIA "stars". And the fucking military "stars" and the hateful catholic and jewish "stars".

You need to suffer and lose something you love. I pray to God it happens to you, those of you who stood by and DID NOTHING while we have been tortured.

And no, I didn't get anything at the store. After I grabbed "Power On" and tore it in half and took the other half to show my Dad while holding it between both of my hands, I didn't want any fucking thing from the store.

What I read in the Bible the day before, was from Proverbs.

Proverbs up to Ch. 20. One that stood out says I will not be an accomplice to my own son's murder.

This country is murdering Oliver Garrett.


They already murdered me and took my life, and they're doing the same thing to him.

GOD DAMN this country and those who have RUINED it. God is not involved with this country anymore so don't even take his name in vain when you claim it's one nation under "God". That's a lie, just like the CIA and military assholes are funded by lies and the FBI is full of criminals that work for the Holy See and Mossad.

Kate Middleton is CIA.

Why else would this country be so interested in defending her? They don't care that much about England. They care about themselves and their own. What happened? they convinced William England wasn't good enough? and that they had something to do with his mother?

The Middletons are CIA.

And who backs the CIA? The Holy See and Mossad.


I asked my mother tonight if she thought I was getting my son back and she said probably not and that if I'd cooperated with them in the beginning I probably would have.

That's a lie.

Just like Gannon's "bubble boy" story is a lie.

Then I asked about college and she said she didn't want to talk about it and that my Dad was saying maybe not if I'm not willing to go on mental health disability.


On behalf of my son, Oliver Garrett, who was murdered in cold blood by the United States FBI,


the FBI

I will put up a photo of the picture and words I tore out of the one magazine and left there. An hour or so before I tore out the power, and took it, I bought bottled water that says "arrowhead" and with the slogan "It's in our hands". It says the source is from hope springs. The water is. Well, my hope springs is my son and I just read in the Bible that you discipline your son and have hope and do not be an accomplice to his death.

This country refuses to discipline their corrupt employees and instead they torture innocent mothers and children like me and my son, and dig this country into the ground.

To cooperate with this country, with what they have done to me and my son, is to be an accomplice to my son's death and I will not do that.

After I randomly went to this gym for the first time in my life tonight and tearing the power out of a magazine and leaving it there, and then tearing off the top half and leaving it in the gutter, I showed my Dad, holding this with both of my hands.

God Knows. God believes in me because God knows what criminals have done to me and my son in my own country.

I then tried to open my door and was electrocuted and shocked every time and my Dad said it was because the power was on so he turned it off and then I went in and the power was on inside. Which is sort of what jealous people in the U.S. have done and want. They want to torture anyone who they fear has some kind of God-given power. God gave me a gift for singing. They couldn't take it so they tortured me and ruined my voice. God gave me the gift of my son. They stole him from me. God gave me the ability to do many things and succeed and jealous people couldn't handle it so they got their friends to torture me and keep me down.

So they want to turn the power off. They want me to kill myself or die from their mockery and torture. They are the ones who should die but they take what isn't theirs by torturing others.

So if I get fat and look stupid and have nothing and go on mental health SSI, and make jealous power-hungry people happy they feel better about themselves. They maybe won't torture me or shock me. If the power is on, and it is clear that God has given me or anyone in my family some kind of ability, they want to control it and take it and use it for themselves, or ruin us.

They have ruined my entire life and my son's life.

God is still on my side and Obama can't fucking see past Biden to figure it out. God is on our side, and these govt. criminals know it and don't like it and they are torturing us in this country because of it.

So I'm supposed to lose everything, have nothing, be tortured, raped, assaulted, stolen from, and do nothing with my life so some Jealous FBI Fuckers can feel better about their criminals friends in the CIA, military, dept of justice, mafia, and law enforcement.

False "prophets" and seers love to anticipate what is going to happen too, and twist things to their own advantage don't they. It doesn't matter what happens it always means something in favor of the people that pay the most or whom they benefit from or favor.

I hate this country. This country is a piece of shit because of govt. corruption and a claim of superiority. How superior are they? I don't count my own son as a citizen because they tortured him. This fucking country is going to hell. I hope that anyone and everyone who has contributed to the lying about me and obstruction of justice and assault, pays firsthand out of their own families for what they've done. Over a decade of my asking for peace means nothing to them and their talk about "compromise" and "cooperation" is a bunch of lies. They should be in jail. 1. May all of the torture, revenge, plots and plans against me and my son return to you double. 2. May all of the torture, revenge, plots and plans against me and my son return to you double. 3. May all of the torture, revenge, plots and plans against me and my son return to you double. 4. May all of the torture, revenge, plots and plans against me and my son return to you double. 5. May all of the torture , revenge, plots and plans against me and my son return to you double. For every year of my son's life stolen from me, may this multiply against you and your families by the hand of God.

And God bless those who bless him and bless us.

Return my son to me without delay. The CPS case is a fraud and due to criminal conduct, there is no validity to his being taken or adopted under pretense of the law. My son is mind, and we have been tortured in this country. Any investigation that is not run by criminals would have the same finding. How disgusting then, to see so many accomplices to obstruction of justice from Judges, lawyers, FBI, and others. Return my son.


I tried to go to bed early tonight and I was woken up from technology and being tortured. I had been in a sound sleep. I went to bed early at 6:30 p.m. and woke at 9 p.m. with all the muscles in my body twitching.

So it's not like I'm being "offensive" and then the U.S. decides to punish me for it. They have religious hate criminals who do this no matter what. My going on disability or not or fighting lawsuits or not, has nothing to do with it. They hate me and used an open door in the CIA through their criminal friend and then an open door in the military, and as long as the FBI hated me for reporting them, no problem for them at all.

FUCK Alvaro Pardo, by the way. He knows who is responsible and is with the guilty party.

So I woke up tonight, because of torture from microwave and all my muscles were twitching just as happened with me and my son. Then earlier today, at the library, a bunch of people came in after it was empty and I had someone using ultrasound on my back. That was this afternoon.

The same day my mother's face was again ruined with something done to her skin.

I didn't have a problem at my house earlier this morning, until I walked to the library. And that's where it started while I was on a livechat with the Dept. of Education regarding their refusal to correct a site that has me in default still.

So I was tortured to my back and pelvis and then when they all left about the same time, it quit.

The librarians there are all atrocious. They were all waiting to see what some Italian guy decided or did. This one librarian tried to give me a paper that said "goldenball" on it and they did this whole thing while watching the Italian man who looked like he was out of a mobster movie. But they all watched HIM, and they're all catholic too. This one woman who is married to a hispanic guy or who is hispanic was bent all the way over for him to view cleavage. It was interesting. After this, there was no one in the library and then all of a sudden, all these people came in a group and all sat down occupying all computers at the same time and then my back started hurting from ultrasound. Same thing they did in E. Wenatchee and same thing they did right after they injecte me with contrast at this local hospital.

Then I got up at 9 and later, they used the metal technology again, along with something from the North end of the property, coming from the direction of the house with the private drive and PA plates and have done things to the one ear that faces that direction.

So right now it is 3:30 a.m. and I can't even sleep bc of this God forsaken country and the people running it. There is no saving it, it's just going down and they don't like to hear that. The cirminals bringing the whole thing down esp. don't like hearing it bc they want everyone to think I'm just anti-patriotic and sound terrible and it has nothing to do with their administration of justice. But there is no saving it in my opinion. You can't "save" a country that tortures it's own citizens.

Other countries come into countries like that, and take over. I believe it is only a matter of time before this happens.

All of the excuses by the U.S. about how Saddam "tortures even his own citizens!" as justification for war, is crazy. It is totally crazy because the U.S. has been doing the exact same thing and it's gotten worse and other countries know.

Plenty of countries hate the U.S. They hate the lies they were fed while the U.S. put on a good cover for the other countries and their own people. But it's not like other leaders don't know who the liars and torturers are.

They already know. All they would have to do is assemble themselves and this land is your land is theirs. The same justification the U.S. gives to others about "liberting a people" is going on in other countries who know the U.S. is not following their own laws or code of conduct anymore. They know the justice system is not just broken but ruined and corrupt. There is a difference between "broken" and "totally corrupt". Broken can be fixed or repaired or worked on. Totally corrupt is like a bad virus that's impossible to get rid of. It's pretty much like we have late stage AIDS if you want to compare this system to a virus. The entire system is dying but bc enough people are still millionaires, they try to distract attention from it bc they don't care. They are never on the other end==they are the ones who pay the system to get in. They pay and bribe to use the system and govt workers for personal vendettas. So they will live short enough lives and don't care about the future of a system. After they die, who cares. If they have kids, as long as they have enough money to be as corrupt as they are, they don't care at all.

Basically, I have been tortured through at least 6 different kinds of technology today alone.

And tell me what going on SSI does. Nothing. They don't quit torturing people bc they go on SSI. I was forced, literally, to go onto a state form of cash assistance bc D.C. and WA refused to pay my unemployment from my work. They didn't want me to work. They wanted me on a general income with a disability reason for the state so the state not only had an excuse to take my son, but could discredit me with it. And then they took THAT and gave it to Tennessee.

If they hadn't had anything in WA they wouldn't have had anything to give TN. They had nothing. All they still have, is a couple of slipshod evals that were unprofessional and paid for by the same state that is a walking Liability case waiting to break.

They had not even one document against me before they literally forced me to go on a cash assistance for a mere $300. Now, they're getting nervous bc since I won't work for the fucking CIA and military and bc the FBI allows torture on their behalf, they get nervous that I might "share too much".

So now it's a push for the exact same thing. They want me to take $700 now, from the federal govt. to get a fed eval that they can use against me, and then what? Let's see, with the WA state eval they still tortured me and then they defamed me to TN with it and set me up to go to a psych ward. And found even further cause to take my son and torture me worse than before. AND they forced me to work with a bunch of corrupt and criminal govt. catholics in Nashville, TN and I am not lying about that. Then I got experimented on in Knoxville, injected, and had my hands broken while being arrested for talking about being tortured.

I come over here and get experimented on by my own parents who are forced (or not) to work for the CIA and military. They do the same things with me here, and have been, for the last 6 months, that they did to me in Knoxville detention center with FBI and CIA there.

My parents are doing, and have been doing, the exact same thing. So it's 100% government and from what I can tell, they are forced to perform for the U.S., like being held hostage and blackmailed to work for the U.S. like Iranian scientists kidnapped to work for the CIA/

The FBI should have investigated religious hate crimes for years against me and insteead they sold me. Yeah, like human trafficking is supposed to be illegal but it's not if you work for the U.S. So they literally sold me. And it's been a nice excuse to torture me and attempt to claim religous hate crime was never such a thing in the past.

After using me over here, they thought I might work for them. Seriously. I mean, these people are so literrally WHACKED they make money off of citizens by torturing them and depriving them of life for over 10 years and then hope that through stockholm syndrome, you're going to be happy to live in this God damned country and work FOR them or WITH them. They had a job and a military man to fuck all lined up.

I turned it down so they tortured me. Then, they got this idea that maybe I'll fuck one of my neighbors if they move me next door. Another military man. But I already know what they're thinking and it's never going to happen. So basically, if I'm not putting out for the U.S. government, the FBI, including Mormons in the FBI, allow me to be tortured. Which is difficult to come to terms with, but that's the truth.

Either I'm supposed to be "married" and providing sex to a man, or hooking up with a man and providing sex to him and it only works if he's catholic or military. Mainly they care if he's catholic bc then it makes the FBI, CIA and military all feel better about themselves since they all answer to the Vatican anyway. The jewish ones don't ask-=they just rape. So it's not like I'm dating any of them.

So if I'm not willing to have sex with someone in govt., or willing to work for the U.S. and act really happy as if they are on my side and are part of a 'good team', they torture me and my son because then they just need to do something. They can't blackmail and can't work me into favors for them so torture is what they do to punish those who say "fuck you" and go find some other woman who has lower standards and might want to be hanging around your sorry asses for the wiping.

So they force my parents to use their own kids for research and I'm not a kid anymore either. I never enlisted in the military or joined any agency so they just figured they'd take what they wanted for free.

This country is seriously getting a bad name because of corrupt govt. So now, since I won't do any of these things for them, and bc criminals want to keep covering their tracks, they think I imagine that taking $700 is going to be helpful.

So WOW. For just $400 more than $300 was, NEXT I might get thrown into a psych ward for months instead of a week and be tortured even worse!

I can really see the benefits of taking SSI. Looks like a real winning plan.

How about this? Get used to...


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