Tuesday, January 24, 2012

(photo) Vlazny's "No Names" From Beth Israel & FBI

Peeling from the laser burn. The very least of my concerns and ironically, the only thing I can show evidence of. The other torture is far worse.

I looked him up. The Rabbi I said I saw the photo of and thought was Catholic. I stand by my first impression.

His father went to Paris' L'Sorbonne, which is Catholic, and I think where Br. Ansgar went. The family has done regular work with the Catholic church ever since.

How ironic that this Rabbi's wife gave John Vlazny, bishop for the Archdioces of Portland in Oregon, a painting titled "No Names".

I have a jar in my house that has one word on it: NAME

Kind of interesting, given the fact I have a little Thomas the Train figure on my table right now, and the fact that these two religious groups have certaintly committed crimes and promised "no names" would be mentioned.

That painting is kind of like the tunnel and tracks my own son went down, isn't it?

She gave this to Vlazny in 2009 while we were being tortured alive, and read from her collection of poems entitled "Through My Mother's Eyes". Why didn't you invite my son Oliver to stand there next to your fucking painting.

This is the first time I've looked up any articles about him or his wife and this is what I found. Right now, the train figure that I keep with me to think of my son Oliver with, is riding over a pen that I didn't move when I threw it on the table and it speared right beneath. It says "Sterling".

Is that what the tracks look like for torture victims these days?


Your religious groups and leaders are corrupt and you torture the people who are living now and are innocent.

Don't you ever say God is not with us when it is obvious that he is, despite what you collude to do.

I was thinking about something else. I was thinking about the point I made last night, ironically, about how I haven't been able to get "back on my feet" because of the U.S. "still raping me", meant figuratively.

I never said this to Dr. Parnell, about the FBI or ever expressed myself this way until last night. But since he did write that I said the FBI raped me, I am sort of wondering about Josh Gatov. Was HE FBI? I wonder now because he got a lot of help from police in Lake Oswego that night and then from police and newspapers later. I figured maybe he's tied to CIA if anything, since the CIA pointman and director, Deutch, was in office just a year before I was raped and was also "Russian Jewish".

But maybe not. Maybe it's a lot fucking closer to home than the FBI would like for it to be. Imagine if we found out Josh works for the FBI or that his friends that got him to do what he did, do, and then other men who assaulted me followed that up.

It might be something the FBI would want to conceal.

So no, I never said, to any doctor, "The FBI raped me" but now, years later, looking back, I can think of what they've done and allowed and say yes, they raped me in a figurative sense and are still raping me and my son too.

The Sterling Tracks of No Names.



My son's name

Do you have a place for


Or do you just have a bunch of fucking numbers.

God damn you for your hypocrisy

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