Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brahams Clarinet Quintet & Je Suis Titania

I heard this yesterday, and I'm not really a fan of clarinet but the opening section almost had me in tears. It was just the beginning section, and then I was later occupied and sort of bored or it was more like background music to me.

But the intro was so modern and yet it was Brahams. I think I'm spelling Brahams wrong. Yah, Brahms.

I just found this link about it so I put it up. The night before, very late, there was beautiful spanish classicial guitar. Then I didn't hear anything until this program in the afternoon and the only one I marked down was the Brahms Clarinet Quintet.

This is what I wrote about it, while listening and I only commented on the first part and into the second and then was occupied:

I also heard Je Suis Titania, a french aria, and I liked it a lot. Everything online said titania means blond but titian has always meant red-haired. How do we get blond from red?

Let me find me notes for Brahms:

I know he's known for children's lullaby's and know this one wasn't that, but I saw children anyway. I saw my son and other children and a letter.

"johannes brahams. classical music modern beginning /sounding discordant but not. 5:55, first part clarinet intro string & melancholic. playful cat and mouse--w/clarinet--sylvester and tweety. "don't forget me?" "listen!" "hey, look at me!" "watch this!"

(I had thought, in notes above, that after the playful clarinet, I thought, he wants to be remembered. he wants someone to pay attention, listen to me, look at me! listen to this one! he wants to be keeping our attention)

"...veil/slowing dragging blanket..."

(here I saw a long white rectangular cloth like a veil or cloth and then it was a child's blanket)

running and hidin around corners "I found you!" petting dog in garden, flowers. letter given by courier to woman tied in string or ribbon? or old fashioned

(saw old fashioned woman receiving letter with older style hairdressing)

children sliding down the bannister. standing pretend playing violin, bowing-
tall conifer trees with snow heavy on branches, falling outside inside snow globe, turning it by window as snow falls. someone pinching cheeks of a child. sewing seam tape. bias tape. ballet arm to right straight to side, other arching over head tip toeing.

closing door slowly on sleeping child evening. (end of 1st section)

opening of second section. morning. sadness, pointing finger dejectedly on key on piano.
anyway, I looked up reviews later and I see a lot of mention about "autumnal mood" but I saw all the season. Mainly spring-summer and winter. I saw the flowers of spring, the snow of winter, and personally I didn't see any autumnal leaves or think of an autumnal mood.

the woman I saw receiving letters had brown hair. Her hair was done up. I don't think it was ribbon around it as much as maybe some kind of twine. So maybe more than one letter but I thought first, just one letter. she was the only adult that came to mind when I heard this music.

I also read he composed this while having cancer and near the end of his life so maybe this is why I thought of pay attention and wanting to capture our attention. don't forget me.

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