Saturday, January 21, 2012

Torture NOW (severe assault)

I am working on my OIG complaint and I started writing about something and then the U.S. criminals in control of this technology to torture us with, turned it on full blast.

I was writing about an Italian Catholic woman.

They turned on the technology so I wasn't even able to keep seated anymore and had to move and it's the technology that targets the mercury in my teeth and the metal in my neck. The metal in my neck especially.

So, I was writing about crimes she had committed and how I had evidence on cassette tapes which I had used to record with, and the person in charge of torturing us and controlling this, just amped up the technology.

Not only that, I just found out her son stalked me and I didn't even know it was her son until tonight.

I had cassette tapes with me of recorded conversations I had with Farmers' and with Donna specifically, and medical professionals who told me straight out that Donna was telling them not to do a knee surgery for me. She was going out of her way to prevent me from having any surgery done. This was after I was targeted to get hit by a guy who acted like an assassin, aiming straight for my car while laughing, after I told Christa Schneider where I was going from my house. He then backed out of my totalled car laughing, with witnesses staring in shock.

So basically, I had already filed my 2 lawsuits when this attack occured.

Then Donna, who was Catholic, did everything she could to tell medical professionals not to treat my injuries. I had nurses telling me she was telling them all about my auto insurance coverage and how they weren't going to pay the PIP (even though by law they were required to) and that if they dared operate on my knee, no one was going to get paid. It was totally illegal. So I started taping.

Some of those tapes were forced to abandon with my vehicle in Canada.

Just now, at 9:18 p.m., whoever is responsible for doing this torture, quit what they were doing.

While Italian-Catholic Donna sought to keep me in pain, which interferred with my ability to go to college and with my lawsuits, THREE different doctors at OHSU lied and tried to conceal medical records which proved I had a serious injury. THREE OF THEM.

The first OHSU doctor took X-rays and hid 1 of the 3 from me--the one that proved I had broken a quarter sized piece of bone off of my femur. The next doctor they referred me to there at OHSU hid these records as well, even though he reviewed them. He told me I had a sprain and "do squats". After this, and knowing he was wrong, I got the radiology reports and X-rays and found out they'd been lying to me, telling me there were only 2 X-rays when there were 3. So I went to a THIRD doctor at OHSU, an older man, who reviewed everything and tried to say nothing was wrong. I had the radiology report with me and said, "I disagree".

So they got their in-house lawyers involved. They had me talk to the Quality Control department and I said, "I was in a serious auto collision and my knee is giving out on me, it's just collapsing under me when I walk, and it's not that I feel pain first, I feel the pain after my knee disappears out from under me and then I strain the injury and feel pain--" It was what made it priority for surgery and I didn't lie bc when I finally had the surgery, everyone saw just how bad it was. I have never lied about my injuries or level of pain. Ever.

Well, except for the one instance of figuring out my migraines are triggered by technology and not naturally. Aside from that, there is no reason for me to lie and the record proves over and over that when facts are exposed, I wasn't lying.

After they got their legal dept. involved, I was glad they said they would do my surgery, but then I was sort of afraid of them. I mean, THREE of their doctors, IN A ROW, lied to my face and HID my X-ray to try to tell me I was "delusional".


Sort of that same sad sob story they have wanted to attach to me ever since--my enemies--wanting to say nothing is real and that I am delusional.

I'm sure OHSU doctors who were lying about my injuries would have enjoyed having me get diagnosed as mentally ill. If I went there now with a broken knee, they have it made don't they? All that any of these criminals need to rely on, is a false report about how I am mentally ill and they commit any crime they want against me--

I ended up then finding out Donna was still telling doctors not to do a surgery. She was calling up their billing people and telling them I had a bad credit rating and everything, saying they would never get paid.

My credit rating wasn't even that bad then. She was sharing insurance, credit rating info, and legal stuff...anything, and trying to keep me suffering with the pain of a broken knee.

So why would 3 doctors lie about my injuries and Ciaramella go way outside of boundaries to keep me from a surgery?

Hmmm. Let's think! Oh yeah. I had two excellent lawsuits filed against people they knew or members of their church. So they colluded to keep me in a poor state of health hoping it would force me out of my lawsuits. And then they colluded to keep me out of the personal injury money I was due. $50,000. Which isn't a lot, but to me, a poor college student who had huge medical bills, it was something.

But for some crazy, crazy, reason, someone in the FBI field offices didn't want me to report religious hate crime. Hmm. And then committed crimes themselves by tampering with evidence and telling me to change my testimony and blocking me from giving an accurate report of facts. That was the FBI, following this other little assassination attempt.

And people wonder why I had problems when I then had to go to WA state.

Let's see. The medical professionals through state-run insurance and the Catholic church have been "just great."

1. I get a doctor who knows female anatomy and ignores me when I asked her to stop and she breaks my hymen right there in her office, stopping to wipe up the blood while I'm still in the stirrups. Thanks.

2. Doctors in Oregon City, OR want to do a "biopsy" of my cerix when there is nothing wrong with it. I didn't have HPV and my PAPS were all normal later. Having a biopsy could have impaired my fertility or ability to have children. What else? someone was going to try to sneak out a few eggs for their friends? I mean, totally suspect! Two different Catholic female doctors lied to come up with an excuse to "biopsy" my cervix.

3. Doctors in Portland hide X-rays from me. Three doctors in a row, through OHSU, hide evidence of a serious injury I was complaining about, preventing me from getting painkillers or surgery. THREE in a row.

And that's just Oregon for the appetizer.

By the time I got to Washington, the criminals in Oregon already lined up their friends in WA to do worse and call me crazy.

So if anyone wonders why I didn't fill out and mail my application for state health insurance on the first day it came in the mail...uh yeah. Still thinking about it.

In the meantime, I have had state employees and the federal govt. obstructing almost all of my freedoms, including the right to procreate and have children. I wanted to be a surrogate and each time I have a family interested, then I am targeted to be tortured again. And they kidnapped my son besides and wouldn't you know--there are doctors who don't really care if kids suffer or not.

While they have blocked me from having children or any kind of a normal life, they've attempted to take eggs from me by extortion.

Like this is a real good country.

I overheard some older man talking about 40 years of illegal surveillance by the U.S. government, in the library the other day, and I thought he was talking about my family. Gosh golly gee. Even before The Patriot Act?!

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