Friday, January 6, 2012

Implants by U.S. (believe it or not) & Transportation Research


That might really prove one is being targeted by the U.S., wouldn't it?

Well no one needs implants to be targeted. They don't need an implant to follow you or find you and torture you.

Sometimes, knowing what is in someone's body makes it easier for criminals to target and torture a person through technology that taps into this.

However, I had someone bring up implants before and I thought it sounded crazy.

I'm thinking it's maybe not so crazy anymore because when I'm being targeted lately with this technology that affects my neck, why is it only affecting one side of my neck? One spot? which then radiates to the rest of the area?

So my feeling is that the U.S. owes me a reconstructive surgery that gets rid of all artificial constructs that enemies are being allowed to target to torture me by.

And, why does it stop if I press down on a knobby thing that's in my neck?

It takes one fingertip, the width of one fingertip, to push down on something and get a technology induced pain and radiating throbbing sensation to stop almost completely and be dulled about 90%.

So actually, I would be very lucky to have another country investigate and find something was put in my neck that explains why because then I could at least prove the U.S. has used me as a guinea pig. I had my neck surgery in 1995. I remember Janet Bechtold told her son not to go visit me or see me. So he didn't go to Utah and didn't even visit that summer when I was at home recovering in Oregon. I wonder if the Bechtolds knew the people that were involved with the operation. I mean, that, for Janet, would be the ultimate in revenge.

So I have this metal plate that supposedly goes all the way across my neck, one side to the other. But when someone has been torturing me lately by activating something that triggers my neck and the mercury in my teeth to interact, on the left side of my mouth and neck, all I have to do, I discovered, is push on a spot in my neck.

What that might mean, is that there is one specific part of the metal in my neck that is either triggered or that possibly there is an implant, or that when I push, it pushes the metal from this part of my neck out of line from the metal in my molar above it so the interaction stops.

I remember joking with Christa Schneider, and others, about how all my problems were on the left side of my body and I'd look like I was having a stroke by a certain age. Then in Wenatchee they filled one molar with an unknown substance.

I say an unknown substance because I just looked at it today and it's not one thing. Part of it is silver, and the other part is pitch black. I guess that's normal, but I still don't know what is inside of it or why it's being triggered by criminals to interact with, and react with the metal or a specific part of the metal in my neck.

If the U.S. hasn't allowed religious hate criminals to use me for experimentation and to just ruin my life as part of a corruption of blood scheme, to punish my relatives and keep my family down, why is this happening and why are my X-rays for dental records stolen?

Also, when I had my neck surgery, there was a cut from surgery on a part of my body where I didn't even get cut in my auto accident and they stitched it up.

It was under my chin and I always wondered what happened, if someone's knife slipped or they forgot where the injury was or if they started to make an incision and then changed their minds about where to make it. They stitched it up and everything.

I had no abrasion or cut under my chin from the accident. I don't think it's even documented in my medical records. But they stitched it up. And I will get rid of the mercury in my teeth at the first possible chance.

You know who finished off the work? he was military. If I remember correctly, the supervisory dentist was military.

It's not a sore tooth. If I go for a walk and then touch the tooth with the filling and tap on it or try to wiggle it, there is no problem. If I'm in a store where nothing is going on and I do the same thing, no problem. If it was decay, it would hurt when I touched it or tried to wiggle it no matter where I was. Location would make no difference.

Someone is radiating it or something to cause it to actually even move. I can put my finger over it when someone is doing this, and it's super sensitive all of a sudden, like I'm using a cold finger to touch it with, like nerve pain, and then I have felt it moving without moving my finger. And it's not nerve pain or sensitivity that is normal because like I said, any other time, no problem and pushing in on a spot on my neck wouldn't make tooth pain go away either.

In addition to torturing U.S. citizens, all the "pastors" around here are U.S. Air Force. The pastor for the Coquille community church is more interested in experiments than religion. He and the Assemblies guy and the psychologist are all Catholics pretending to be protestants. And they act like atheists.

China will know what I'm talking about, as will Russia and other countries, when I say they've used our property for bug and insect transportation experiments. There is evidence that's not even classified, that proves the U.S. invested a few billion dollars into this research where they try to get insects to "disappear" from one spot and "reappear" in another spot.

It's the truth. Why would our government, with the big nukes, invest billions in this research and experimentation if it wasn't the truth? It's mainly an Air Force sponsored project. And I am a witness to the fact that they have used my own house and the property of my parents for some of their research. Why me? maybe bc they hope I'll write about it when they're not easily capable of documenting things themselves.

The police officer named "Scotty" who worked for Mt. Angel Abbey police? He told me I was under investigation. And he possibly knew the FBI guys.

I guess Obama's role has been to tell these guys to only allow one or a few forms of torture at a time. First laser and overheating and then guys, if you want to torture by testing out your metal technology, you have to quit the laser and infrared.

They have been abusing and assaulting my son, in the name of research, since we were illegally forced back to this God-damned country. And it IS damned when it commits crimes like this against children.

It's 10:45 p.m. now and I can't press on my neck all night and day. I am being tortured and it's this country. So where are the decent people who aren't Catholic then. Like the "Mormons" who refused to investigate a corrupt Catholic Judge Warren who ruined my life. The FBI "Mormon" Wes in Wenatchee.

All that my parents say to me tonight is "repent", like the CIA negotiates with that. "Repentance" is real currency with the CIA isn't it. What. Repent and be Catholic. They're all such spiritual people, with their little saying about "the truth will set you free" right out the Bible. Repent from what. There is nothing I've done that is grounds for torture against a citizen in the U.S. Or torture to my son either. So "repentance" has no bearing on anything. Talking about "jesus" and "repentance" has gone really far with the CIA. What does Leon Panetta do? Get absolved every hour? I absolve you of your sin of torturing mothers and children. I absolve you of your sin of torturing mothers and children. Or does he just go in once a week and say, "Hey, can you cover me for this week?"

They tried to force me to marry Alvaro Pardo. Real spiritual. Here. Here's a CIA case for your laptop. Now go get married.

People still literally think they can pressure me to "repent" or go back to him. NEVER. I will NEVER even think about it, so why I have people bringing that up I have no idea. It's like they want me to try, so they can say it's not so bad and that I tried to go to him and then claim that I am disgruntled. Or they just want what they can get out of me still. I have had all kinds of emotional claims made, to play at my sympathies, with Dabney or Pardo, and there is no sympathy.

These people know, as do others, who is allowing torture of me and my son and they haven't spoken up publicly about it and I have no reason to trust them at all.

They are doing this all the night before FOIA response is due to the FBI. I got a response from the FBI about how I have to respond to them by tomorrow. The 7th. And a notice for appeal is due tomorrow on the 7th. And they're using torture to keep me from doing anything.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's nerve damage from your injury/ surgery that is causing your pain aggravated by the stress your under? Try a nice warm neck wrap!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like your tooth is decaying which could turn into an abscess. An abscess can cause infection and lymph nodes to swell. You should get it looked at, maybe you will feel better. Take care

Mama said...

It's not that. But thanks for the concern.

Mama said...

re. nerve damage. not that either. But again, thanks for the concern.

Anonymous said...

Tin foil hat. Wear it when you feel the technology. In a pinch, an aluminum hat would work too. Or put a pan on top of your head. There. That should do it.