Sunday, January 8, 2012

Parents Predicting My Response To Torture for U.S. Military

The U.S. Army and CIA has my parents predicting my response to being tortured. They were still doing their psychic government work last night, while I was being tortured and am still tortured. And what's sick is that the military is forcing them to make predictions about what I will do while they torture me and allow torture of me.

I am pretty sure they have the entire place rigged. Like, the entire house is full of hidden cameras and audio for the CIA and military to watch us with and note what we do. Because they're not doing this stuff for no one, and it's not all for me to notice. I have seen my parents predicting things about me around the corner, as if they're on a reality show and knowing they're watched, they demonstrate what they are guessing knowing this black ops group is involved.

The people doing this right now are neighbors. We are surrounded by neighbors with access to technology that they set up and use against us. People were doing it in the library and there were waves of it while I walked and when I passed others. They personally don't have metal in their necks, so it's not hurting them. I do know my parents have been tortured with someone targeting the mercury in their teeth though.

I am living in a deep black site, which is used to refer to extremely illegal programs run by the United States, and the excuse is research. What I know is there is no national interest to targeting a woman and ruining her life and using military to obstruct all of her lawsuits and good name.

This morning I woke up crying. And I say woke up, because I was only given about 3 hours or less to sleep without use of this.

They used laser on me last night too.

After I went to my parents house because I was driven out of mine, it was the middle of the night and someone was sleeping next to the fire in the woodstove. Which they don't do, and then an hour later I had to lay down up against a heater because I suddenly had the chills after they quit using a laser or infrared on me. They were still targeting my neck.

The fact that my parents were in front of a stove in the middle of the night, when I ended up having to be the same way that night, I knew that they were still making predictions and being forced to work for the U.S., while knowing I am being tortured.

So they know their own daughter is being tortured and the military knows, and the CIA (I know O'Sullivan has something to do with all of this because she was around and in charge of technology at the CIA when it started against me and my son). And while knowing I am being tortured, the U.S. has horrible hate criminals that are directing them to make observations for THEM.

It's either that, or they make the torture against all of us worse. Unless my parents hate my guts, they are being forced to work for the U.S. and it's criminal hate crime driving it but they've come up with excuses. I know my parents know.

In fact, they were being tortured or they wouldn't have been so upset and worried about what would happen if I was't with Alvaro Pardo. No one fakes fear and concern at a time like that, and my parents weren't faking. When I saw how they acted, that was the first time I wondered what was going on over here in Coquille that was so bad. I didn't know then.

The neighbors around here are all part of black ops research and some of them are just Catholics and people that know we're being tortured and don't care. Up the hill on one side is a retired military man who makes predictions about me or imitates what I am going to do before I do it, whenever he's outside and I'm around. He has some kind of warehouse and the entire thing was humming with technology when I wondered why our entire property was affected by the technology that causes ink to burst out of pens.

And yes, I am being tortured right now as I write and it's no different than what they did to me and my son in E. Wenatchee except its a different form of technology. It's just as bad, and the doctors who were even in the know about it used to mock me and say how can you write in a blog then, if you're being tortured. To me, writing is like breathing, so it's like asking me how can I breathe if I'm being subjected to torture. Not only that, I force myself to write anyway just as I used to force myself to keep running after 10 miles at a fast pace and my body doesn't want to.

This drive is why I'm being tortured.

The Catholic church and others who stole my music ideas (for one thing) and stole a lot of other things, and others who wanted me defamed in lawsuits, knew that I continued to do things even when most people would quit when tortured, pressured, or threatened.

I wrote because I was trying to save my and my son's life and let people know, MY BABY IS BEING TORTURED and the FBI IS DOING NOTHING.

In fact, it's the FBI that put me in harms way. It was THEIR agents who worked with, and were related to Mafia members. I had nothing to do with the mafia.

The FBI was the group that exposed me to the mafia and then refused to do anything when hate crimes got worse and Mafia was motivated to enter the picture.

Why did Julia Thornton, with the FBI, seek to block me from even reporting religious crime unless she was in on it.

Julia Thornton was involved in the religious hate crimes against me. If she hadn't been involved and hadn't known it was happening, she wouldn't have had any motive to keep me from talking about it.

Back to the neighbors. When technology was conducted over our house, the hot spots were at a warehouse or garage that was up the hill from our property on one side, and then this house in a neighborhood that was vacant on the other side.

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