Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Notice Of Appeal Returned

I filed a notice of appeal and objections in Wasson's courthouse and they returned it to me saying they weren't filing it because I didn't file a proof of service on all counsel.

I did provide proof of service to the counsel, Ms. McIntosh.

Since the law firm which formerly represented me stated clearly they had withdrawn and were done, why should I copy them?

If I'm the one acting Pro Se and filing for MYSELF, I am my own counsel and they are NOT the counsel.

Therefore, I sent proof to all parties: the court, and the defendant AG, and then I am counsel of record.

My former counsel completely withdrew and said they had nothing further to do with my case at all, and adding a substitution for the AG, just a new name, does not turn a weed into a rose. Cough. Rose?

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