Wednesday, January 11, 2012

what parents can do & no excuse of torture for psychic research

91. Chocolate drop and dropping 2 of 6 pills:
My mom came to the door when I knocked to get acetametaphine and there was a chocolate oval drop next to her mouth. Under her lip. It was sort of teardrop shaped. large, as large or a little larger than the oval pills she gave me. She gave me 6.

As I faced her, the chocolate was to the left. Then, she handed them to me and I was talking and didn't think about it and I accidentally dropped one. I said, "Mom, you have chocolate on your mouth." Or I actually said, "Why do you have chocolate on your mouth." Then after the first one fell from my hand she used her tongue to lick it and there was still part of it there and as I was telling her it was still there, I dropped another one.

I dropped two of the pills. Or, I guess I may have dropped the same one twice. I didn't try to,and after I did I realized my Mom had put the chocolate there, or my Dad did, because they knew ahead of time that I would then drop 2 pills from my hand by accident. Both times, they fell to the left side, right under the chocolate drop on my Mom's face.

How in the world they'd know that her tongue would only reach so far as to get part of it, and then I'd drop another one, on the same side, is beyond me.

I guess the other thing is later that night I had the base of two garlic cloves and extracted some oil and put on a spot on my skin and that was sort of like what they'd done. It was the same amount too.

I don't think they'd keep showing me these things if they didn't seriously need help like I do, and my son does.

The other night, I was talking about technology coming from both sides of the property and I stood up and saw my parents crossing eachother in the kitchen with the lights on. One was walking one direction, really fast, as I had just described, and the other was walking the other direction, as I had described. They did it like they had just read my mind and I knew why they did this--they were showing me they knew what I had been thinking and was writing down, and they weren't at their computers.

The other night my Dad predicted I'd say something with swear words and I said when did I say that? and then I ended up getting upset, later swearing and then realized he'd just said I had done this, but he meant I would do this.

There are a bunch of examples from recently but I've been in so much pain I haven't been able to write them down. They've known when I say something, am about to do something, and what I will do later.

But I feel at this point, they're only doing it to survive and want to get out of this. I do not believe for one minute that they are freely consenting to working for the U.S. I think they're doing it because they're forced to, and then they hope maybe someone will believe me, that I'm telling the truth about the kind of things they can do and why the U.S. has us trapped like animals in a zoo.

It was my parents, not me. I didn't have this ability. With me, they just got jealous or the CEOs or other guys (women) in the government offices got jealous of me or wanted me down. I mean govt. and religious. I think they wanted to use my parents and blackmail them and to use this blackmail to obscure me. And then when I started finding my own way, they began torturing me and my parents too. With my brother, I don't know what happened. I believe he is also blackmailed. I think I'm the only one who isn't being blackmailed, so this is why they've targeted me to say I'm mentally ill.

They kidnapped my son and are using him for U.S. mind control and they've allowed even gangs to abuse him.

I feel sorry for my parents because I think maybe one or both wondered if I had friends in Canada, but not the people I ran into. They were all expecting me. What else? My son and I were tortured. So they all lied and almost all were Catholic or Jewish. I believe the supervisor at the border for Immigration, who instructed the guards to have me sign a false confession, was actually Jewish, and not Catholic. The guards yelling at me saying they'd throw me in jail were Catholic, but I caught a glimpse of the supervisor they went to and I may have seen his nametag and something made me think he was Jewish. Either features or the name itself. I do believe there are good people in Canada and in their government, but they didn't want me to get away and start sounding normal and believable.

They panicked when I went to D.C. later, and panicked that I didn't return to Wenatchee.

As soon as I wrote they are blackmailed and I'm the one who is not so they say I'm mentally ill, they started using technology on me again, triggering the metal in my neck.

The U.S. has told my parents to injure and harm their own bodies for the sake of their 'research'. I've seen them with cuts or injuries, which I think someone does to them, to try to prove something is going to happen first.

For the people who think it's witchcraft or the placing of things is witchcraft, let me explain the difference:

There are people who yes, come up with spells, potions, and "magic" and conduct certain rituals in the hope of getting some result. In doing this, they may use specific medicine or plants or parts of things, and do some kind of ritual, I don't know. And sometimes, it really does work, but it's what I think of as "magic". So they may "place" things but it's not to prove they thought of it before it happened. In witchcraft it's placement or ritual for getting any kind of result and has little to do with predicting something.

Placing things, as I've seen my parents do, is simply like saying to someone, "You are going to walk into a net" and then the person shakes their head and thinks there aren't even any nets around here, and then all of a sudden, he gets his braces caught in someone's hairnetting or fishnet. So someone could say something, and prove they knew ahead of time. Instead of "saying" it, what these govt. workers do, or others (don't have to be govt)do, is they say nothing with words and mark what they believe will happen with markers or non-verbal signifiers.

So if someone thinks a man is going to get a drink using a large mug instead of a clear glass, they might put out a large mug to the side so their friend or boss can see it, and then when the man doesn't notice and gets out a large mug (instead of a clear glass) they show they already knew beforehand, because they made their mark first. If they want to show someone they predict a person will wear a certain color, they might say okay I'll dress in the color and they wear the color ahead of time, before seeing the person. If they know someone will have a coughing spasm in a few hours they might start coughing and acting like they're choking on water to show ahead of time. If they think someone will ask for a handful of garbage bags, they'll have the bags set out ahead of time.

This kind of placement, putting things around a place or person, is not casting spells or practicing witchcraft, it's a non-verbal way to show they know what is going to happen ahead of time and proving it, to the person, themselves, or a govt. or group, that they really did know, and it wasn't just that it happened and then they said, "yeah, I knew that."

If it's govt. work, most of it is non-verbal anyway. They don't go around telling people, "this is what you're going to do" and then have people trying to do the exact opposite. But they put out markers to show their progress or what they can do, for govt. research reasons.

This is what the woman did with my when I was illegally detained in Knoxville, TN and then I found out this is what my parents are forced to do as well. Only we're not in a physical jail, we are trapped in the U.S. and made to appear free and we're all being tortured.

But I was thinking the other day, for some cultures or religions who automatically might think something sounds like witchcraft, it's not. I mean, there IS witchcraft of casting spells and such. But this other thing is not that. It's just placement to show something ahead of time. There is no incantation or spell or anything like that. It's like having a gift, like singing, and no one can control if they're blessed with a good voice or not. You can improve upon it, or someone can steal the gift from you, but God's gift was not up to man. It was from God. Why shouldn't God be capable of giving any kind of gift He wants, to anyone? it doesn't matter what religion or race or culture they're from. He gives gifts equally to people in different parts of the world to sing. He doesn't just give gifts to one religious group, or race. People are born with inherent rights to be free, and they are all born with some kind of ability or gift or character. So even if someone is Muslim, or fundamentalist christian, where the ideas of predicting things sounds confusing, like witchcraft sometimes, haven't there always been prophets? Prophets foretell the future or speak to the future. It doesn't mean they're spiritual prophets, but God can give anyone a gift to know things before they happen. Or to have a bad feeling that turned out to be right. Or to see things others can't see. Even to read the thoughts of others, or know someone's actions before they occur. I believe these gifts are "neutral" like gifts to sing, dance, joke, run fast, whatever. People can use it for good or bad.

However, with governments, including the U.S., they take gifts that are natural in people and sometimes decide to trap anyone born with this gift, and try to use this person for their government, or if they're jealous, just keep them down and oppress them because they fear they might be more successful than their own relatives. These people get used, and blackmailed. And worse, they will sometimes take kids and attempt to "create" abilities by first traumatizing them. Someone got the idea that psychic abilities tended to come from those who were traumatized and oppressed, so they decided to experiment on kids and families and try to break them down, thinking they can get better results for God? Not for God. For their country or group. And they keep tight control on these people too. stockholm syndrome, whatever it takes. Try being a kid raised as an MKULTRA kid and grow to be an adult after decades of conditioning and then try to break out. It's almost 100% impossible. That's why they like them young.

Instead of being so twisted as to imagine better results occur if kids are sexually abused, hypnotized, traumatized by splits from their mother, and a variety of other things, why haven't they ever thought that perhaps it's the other way around.

Perhaps it's that those who are given such tremendous gifts from God end up dealing with so much fear, hostility, and jealousy, their family members tended to be raped, assaulted, killed, and exposed to far more traumatic incidences than others.

The U.S. has made excuses for torture when there is no excuse.

You either are who you say you are, or you aren't (the U.S.). Either you're the good guy, and you support freedom for all, like you say you do, or you're all liars and why are you taking my tax money.

The entire gimmic of "creating trauma to induce split personality" and claiming better psychics are born from trauma, is a fraud and a cover for torturing the most talented and bright kids.

The research is backwards and why have you been trusting research that's been in the hands of the devil anyway? As if God is going to bless or improve upon the gifts He gives by wanting people to be tortured. Here. Here's a psychically gifted kid. Now go torture him!

Psychic ability does not follow trauma. Historically, trauma has followed psychic ability because of WHAT?


Think about it. Someone is born to a family known to have the ability to predict things or read thoughts of others. Can you imagine how freaked out a community would be to know this? What do they do? They might want to control this family, they might respect the family, they might try to blackmail them to work for their own little group. If they want to keep them down, knowing that with this kind of ability, they might naturally end up rising to the top, they control them. They rape them. Why rape them? humiliate them. because they're jealous, because they don't want good things for them. Because, in some times past, you could rape and impregnate and have your own tie to psychic ability or gifts a family might carry (maybe not every person but several). Torture them. Steal the kids from the parents because why? because others in the community want to take them or kill them. So a pattern of mother-child separation begins.

And the idiots in the White House nod to the dum-dums and think psychic ability follows child-parental separation because some idiot doctor-psychologist is relying on a faulty assessment of history.

"Well, Mr. President, you see, we have noticed these children, including you Mr. Obama, well, there are more psychic-gifted kids where, we have noticed historically, the child is separated from the parent. So we think this helps."

Dum dum.

Did you ever think about how a family with this kind of gift was usually on the run from people who wanted to KILL them? hence, you will find far more examples of child-parent separation and it had NOTHING to do with their ability or born gift.

You either have it or you don't, and those who want to compensate the have-nots by implementing torture are cruel monsters who DON'T know their history and therefore are condemned.

Just condemned.

It's like doing epidiemology for the Idiots.

Their conclusions are WRONG. If you left these psychic kids alone to grow on their own, they'd be better off, smarter, and more productive. But that's not what jealous people want. They want control.

They don't want kids who are "more psychic". They want control. So they use tactics to control people and create fear and then claim it's enhanced the abilities. As if endorphins from torture don't enhance a runner's speed, and yet no one endorses torture of athletes to give them a little kick in a few races.

Will you begin attaching whips to the backsides of the 100m sprinter? Why don't we start using electric props to encourage our high jumpers to jump higher? Or shock someone if they don't keep up a world class speed?

You can treat people like animals. And maybe you get a short term result but all you're really doing, is ruining someone for your own profit and benefit. And, it gives you a great sense of power doesn't it?

Those who use horse whips mercilessly, must enjoy the feeling that they are able to inflict such pain and are so immune to sympathy, THEIR horse won the race. Their horse retires to torture and suffering and really, the person picking up the prize isn't the horse at all. It's the cruel and wicked person who was driving torture. And even then sometimes you don't win. Foul play, whatever.

So is that what the U.S. is about? because that's what I see.

These psychologists are so twisted, it's no wonder most of them kill themselves. And that's the opinion you value? the opinions of military and doctors whose brains and morals are corrupt and warped?

If they're damaged, can you trust them? Can you trust that someone who is corrupt, warped, and without sympathy, really has motivations for the good of the country at heart? or are their motives most likely to be tied to personal gain and jealousy and feeling they can control others who have what they will never have.

If you get a few people to sell out to it, that are family, they are coerced, or already mind-controlled. Anyone who is psychic themselves or grew up abused for the sake of the going to either be forced to be abusive and go along when they don't want to, or they will fall into abusive patterns like any person who is abused as a child might be suspceptible to.

I am frankly shocked that I have had such idiots attempt to evaluate me. If I am able to see through the gimmic, why can't others?

Torturing and abusing people who are gifted naturally, is not going to enhance their gifts. It might turn them into mind control victims and victims of stockholm syndrome, but it's not going to help their psychic ability. All it does is reduce them to being controlled.

So yes, my family is tortured and my parents and brother are being blackmailed.

I am tortured, and my son Oliver is tortured and being illegally used by the U.S. and encouraged by hate crime groups.

It's the truth.

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