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Torture Today & Telecommunication at Safeway

I am being tortured again this morning. The U.S. military is targeting the metal in my neck and my teeth.

They quit triggering the migraine last night because the way I slept there was no possible way to keep targeting that section of my head and it quit when I was still awake if I turned my head to look down. I am serious. I had what felt like a minor migraine but it was military triggering it. If my head was upright, it kept happening and if I turned it so it was at a different angle it instantly quit.

Not only that, but there was a small bump that appeared from swelling and it was much smaller than the last one and now it's gone. The last swelling was gone within a few days and this one was much smaller and is gone. They did the same thing to my head basically, just not as severe. And it started on one night when I woke up with a droopy eye and a small knob on my head. It was done on the top of my head, to the right side, not in the back of my head, but pretty much center top, and to the right.

It's United States military. And the only way they get permission to do things like this is by the CIA.

So basically, the CIA has had a problem with me. The FBI protects the CIA. If they pull crap in the U.S., the FBI covers it up for them, and the military is the only group (DOD, DOE) that has technology to enact anything like this for torture purposes.

The CIA, to my knowledge, doesn't man the technology, nor does the FBI. These groups oversee and protect the carrying out of illegal acts that the military does.

If someone operated outside of the CIA and FBI's jurisdiction, back in 1992, or esp. beginning (with deliberate triggering of migraine) in 1996, it would have been like a loose cannon in my opinion who was illicitly getting away with personal revenge and not many people knowing about it.

George and Janet Bechtold were the only people I knew who, looking back, Janet had a problem with me. George traveled overseas all the time. I know Aaron Bourne, this Jewish guy up the road from me, also acted weird around me and this is when Shara Lerman's family (Jewish) moved to town. It is also a time I can look back to and realize that later some of these same people were somehow connected to others who supported, umm...guess.

Later I possibly angered the Thebaults and Lisa's family was Catholic and Italian. They certaintly did not torture me on their own property however, even if someone took a dislike to me later who knew Lisa or someone.

I had no problems until I worked with the Italian Catholic DelBalzo's and their neighbor next-door was Jewish and wanted to meet me. It was after this time that I was tortured with migraine occuring more often and it carried over to when I worked at CTR Business Systems in Portland, Oregon. It started happenening there with an odd pattern whereas at DelBalzos I didn't detect a pattern at first bc the onset of headache was so strange.

It's like Italian, Italian, Italian, and then some Jewish. Erik Lund and his Catholic group hated me but I don't think his Dad, generally, hated me. I met him and I actually thought he seemed to be a nice man. I had a liking for him and was sorry when I heard he had died.

The people involved though, who acted strange in any way or who didn't like me or might have felt threatened were Italian Catholics and Jewish (back then). And then oddly enough, that's who was involved in my lawsuits later but it never dawned on me bc since all the vandalism and mail theft occured right before lawsuits, I thought at first it was about that and retailiation for my speaking up about being raped.

It is definitely CIA. Don't you love it when you know how much your country loves you? I think DelBalzos had something to do with FBI but anyone in FBI has CIA contacts. The only other ethnic (sort of) group that might come to mind back then would be Irish Catholic (the other side of Robin's family and who his brother, a cop, was connected to) and then probably England. The U.S., Canada, and England are all connected in a lot of ways. There are good English and not so good, like anywhere, and even back then, there were diplomatic and other intelligence ties.

So literally, I've been targeted for assault in my country since 1992, and beginning most markedly in late 1996 or early 1997.

I also believe something went down in 1982 because I see the shift in my appearance and expression, but I don't know what that was. I don't think it was that I ran from school, but something else was going on that I probably picked up on.

No one gets away with using United States government owned and controlled technology without either being a loose cannon criminal or getting permission from some part of the U.S. government to do it.

While it is possible someone was able to trigger seizure in 1992, with something tapping into another thing, I think the migraine trigger is different. It would have to be selective enough that it got me and not kids, and was able to target me in the middle of the night too. And then later that same group would need to know enough about me to try to have it fit a pattern to pass it off as some kind of natural problem that's not natural.

Now it's the same old thing. I don't think I will ever get anywhere in this country while these same groups are in power, and they are in the mafia and in the FBI and CIA. Maybe Alvaro worked "with" the FBI, but most likely he worked "in" the CIA.

That's why the torture quit.

They thought that for the short-term at least, they'd quit torturing me if someone in the U.S. was getting something out of it.

No one is able to get the CIA and FBI to quit something that was started decades ago, unless the guy I was with, was with THEM. They wanted HIM. They couldn't care less about me, but if I was doing HIM a favor (and them), they quit torturing me.

My country has totally betrayed me and my son.

How can my parents even continue to say this is a good country or the best place?

The CIA picked me up, used me, and dumped me and other groups were involved.

In 1996 who was in charge of the CIA? and technology?

Whaddya know. John Deutch was Director of The CIA in 1996 and his father was Russian Jewish. Just like my rapist was, just 1 1/2-2 yrs later.

Not only that, he wasn't even born a U.S. citizen but he got a position as Director of the U.S. CIA (is that good thinking?) He was 7. His work was mainly as a chemist and with the Department of Energy.

I had zero problems under James Woolsey. Aside from my 1995 accident, this was a period of not having seizure or migraine triggered with use of technology. He went to Stanford and Oxford and was born in Oklahoma--not sure, but I'm thinking he was Protestant.

Robert Gates preceded Woolsey and was in the CIA from 1991-1993. He sounds like he could be either Catholic, Episcopalian or Protestant. He went to Georgetown, which is very Catholic. But I'm not sure--he has also been in a position of power of influence all this time, even up to working for Department of Defense. So there is no possible way he doesn't know when torture is occuring on U.S. soil. However...1992? I would think what happened to me then could have been more isolated incidences. It wasn't isolated in late 1996-early 1997. He's spent a lot of time in Texas. This link is fairly inflammatory, but it does list a lot of Jesuit Catholic trained CIA officers and directors and it includes Robert Gates: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?hl=en&gbv=2&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=2969l11266l0l11625l35l28l7l1l2l1l469l5842l0.,+Catholic&ct=clnk.

Most of the searches claim Gates has not disclosed his religion, however, he did go to Georgetown. Their 2 kids live in...guess. Seattle, WA where I was terrorized. No wonder someone told me the CIA lives in Seattle, WA.

Becky and Bob have two children:
Bradley "Brad" Robert Gates: Born abt. 1980. Graduated from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.
Eleanor Marie Gates: Born abt. 1975. Eleanor lives in Seattle and works for a bank.

He's also Air Force, like the twerps over here in Coquille now, posing as "pastors". No one who is truly Protestant attends college at a Jesuit-Catholic Georgetown University. I experienced a ton of hostility on that campus when I was in D.C.

So moving on, this Robert Gates was only in charge of the CIA, when I was subjected to seizures being triggered in 1992, it may not have had anything to do with him, but it's remotely possible, and later, there is no way he didn't know and share responsibility for allowing torture to citizens. His KIDS live in Seattle? and he's just never heard of us? Right.

So Woolsey looks mean actually, but when he was at the CIA, whether it was location or not, I wasn't tortured. Then, it was this Russian Jewish guy and based on when he quit (not to say he didn't help coordinate something later while out of office), I still might not have been tortured with migraines triggered under him.

George Tenet was in charge when I was tortured with migraine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Tenet

And the occurance started up after Deutch was out of CIA office. Tenet was in charge from 1997-2004 which is when I had migraine triggered all the time. He is Greek-Orthodox, from NY, and he also went to Jesuit-run Georgetown University.

The torture full-blast, didn't occur until 2004, when Leon Panetta took position as Director, as an Italian Roman Catholic.

I would think whoever started torturing me on the side, to not be noticed much, would eventually want to get their hands on the entire vehicle, wouldn't you? and control it?

Since 1992 there has been (possibly), only 1 Protestant running the CIA: Woolsey, and this was a time period where I was not tortured and I think it was during the time of Deutch too, though later I was raped by a Russian Jew.

It says Robert Gates got most of his influential appointments through a CIA Director who was Roman Catholic and part of the Order of Knights of Malta: William Joseph Casey, from NY. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_J._Casey

Here is the reference to the nods and favors from Casey: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/09/washington/09gates.html

Upon Gates' resignation from CIA, he most likely recommended Leon Panetta, Roman Catholic.

And the rest is history.

These are not just "Catholics", they are Catholics involved in some of the most extreme and secretive organizations within the Roman Catholic church, some of the most fanatical "defenders of the faith" groups with direct ties to the Holy See.

This might help explain why people from Malta were interested in reading my blog when I first started writing one, while being tortured under the CIA command of Robert Gates', whose mentor was a member of Knights of Malta.


Robert Gates didn't just retire from CIA, he only moved to another department that was responsible for overseeing operations which, if they included torture of U.S. civilians, he couldn't have missed.

As for George Tenet, some of the Greek-Orthodox are close enough to Roman Catholicism. And Tenet went to the Jesuit college Georgetown as well, as his first choice, when he was raised in NY. He didn't have to go to Georgetown--it wasn't like Georgetown was next door to his house and he wanted to live close to his family. Tenet picked Georgetown on his own. It's like getting a degree from the Devil himself.

Oh my gosh. Just went to Georgetown University's line-up of Presidents. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Presidents_of_Georgetown_University

It includes:
Rev. Robert J.Henle: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_J._Henle
Rev. Timothy S. Healy:
Rev. Leo J. O'Donovan:
Layperson John J. DeGioia:

I'll just include the link for Henle bc the others you can link on links for the list of Presidents. So it sort of starts to become clearer why Robin Bechtold really liked my henley shirt back in the day and why my Dad is being almost forced to wear henley after henley after henley. Like he needs more henleys.
Most importantly, O'Donovan and DeGioia. But Henle and Healy were the ones who were in charge when Tenet went there.

Georgetown, a Roman Catholic Jesuit college, has been spawning the majority of CIA directors.

It's also one of the colleges that the FBI is using to recruit new FBI from.

Not only that, this is just looking at CIA directors and not even at those they're in charge of. It's my best guess that there are as many Georgetown alumn in the CIA as there are Gonzaga and Seattle University (both Jesuit colleges) alumni in govt. in Washington state.

It's true then, that when someone decided to quit torturing me, it was about Roman Catholic hate and influence and power in U.S. government and it also does include some Jewish participation. If I married who the CIA wanted, the CIA pulled strings with the DNI and DOD to quit torturing me.

I don't marry their man?

Too bad for my entire family then, we all get tortured every single day. Because of who?

FBI and CIA and apparently Georgetown and other Jesuit schools are the ones churning out the CIA and FBI directors for the past decade. So when this occurs and clergy runs these colleges, that points a finger to The Pope and The Holy See. Which is exactly why this country is falling apart and is corrupt.

It also explains why I was being tortured under leadership of Roman Catholic or Georgetown sponsored CIA, but not under the leadership of CIA directors whose sponsorship was NOT fanatical and clery-tied-to-Holy-See Georgetown.

This also explains why torture of me got worse when I was first researching this very thing and figuring out who was responsible. They didn't want me to get ahead of them and find out, and publish it to the world while I was still deemed to be mentally healthy and well. They wanted to torture me further to cover their Holy See and Jewish retaliation tracks and then after they called me crazy or found a way to match me to one of THEIR men, for THEIR own protection, they didn't care.

This country is totally corrupt.

I am absolutely right to say there is a major problems with Roman Catholics having any judicial or government position. They're all cronies and far worse cronies, wearing a self-righteous badge and first allegiance to ANOTHER COUNTRY, than any other group. The Pope has even encouraged Israel to call itself a religious state. Why?

Because they don't want to stand out as the only country based solely on one specific church, with the head of that church its President and controlling "cells" in other nationas globally. They tortured a child while claiming to be "pro-life"--they're huge hypocrites.

So literally, the Holy See and Popes have been encouraging Israel, for years, to declare itself a religious state. So then they can say it's not just their country that is run by religion of one specific church.

Robert Gates was mentored by Knights of Malta. Then he went to Jesuit and clery-Holy See run Georgetown.

Does it seem strange that our CIA directors are being appointed out of a college that is sponsored and RUN by another country? It's not the U.S. It's the Holy See.

So regardless of whether Gates "reveals his religion" or not, he already did. He already shows evidence of who his ties are to because of the people who wanted so badly to put him in position for THEM. Hence, he gets sponsored and mentored by a radical William Casey who is Knights of Malta and answers to the Holy See long before the American public. Knights of Malta answers directly to the Vatican in the Holy See. I am also finding a lot of links that state it is subject to Jesuit control as well. Which would explain why Gates might first be mentored by Knights of Malta and then have a door opened in Jesuit Georgetown.

The Jesuits are part of "the society of Jesus" which has one of the longest running track records of hate crimes in the history of the catholic church. This is because they take an OATH to defend and protect the Catholic church above anything else. That includes the United States as a country, and it also includes taking an oath against anyone who is NOT Catholic. So if I first offended their brat Robin Bechtold, or their church in 1992, they knew about it and sought to defend even Janet Bechtold simply because her family and mother are prominent and extreme Roman catholics. I am not kidding.

And just like the other blogger says, the Jewish and the Catholics do favors for eachother a lot of times.

So first it's Robert Gates, and then it was Woolsey and I actually thought I read once he was Catholic but I wasn't tortured under him, and then there was Deutch who I don't think I was tortured under but the Russian Jewish thing is suspect when I was then raped a year or so later by a Russian Jew who got tipped off and protected by all law enforcement like he had a govt. connection. Not only that, Gatov (the Russian Jew) was involved with international students and wanted to teach abroad so it's not impossible that someone involved in international affairs knew of him.

Next we have Tenet, whose first pick was to go to Georgetown. And after him we have Porter Goss, Presbyterian from approx. 2004-2005, which was a period when I had problems with the FBI obstructing justice and problems with police and with increased migraine, but was not yet tortured full blast.

After Porter Goss, we have Mr. London.

Can I ask how it is that we have double agents in the U.S. directorship for the CIA?

Middleton, Middleton, Middleton. Just as I thought. There is their man. I knew one of them had a CIA link. He became the Director of National Intelligence for our entire country.

The UK man.

Really really STUPID. And I have been wondering what all of the odd British influence is about and here was London-born John Negroponte working on behalf of UK interests and not those of the United States.

He was in charge from 2005-2007, a period of torture for both me and my son Oliver. His wife, Diana went...GUESS...

She went to Georgetown. The London-born Diana Negroponte also went to Georgetown to get her Jesuit seal of approval and then, what do you know? this woman was involved with Argentina at the same time I was being picked out by the Steel company owner from Argentina.

The Negropontes are not very Protestant if one of them went to Georgetown. But they're both English and they were involved in MY personal life when I was in Washington D.C.

Look, she even has a personal connection to "British Steel".


This is why we're being tortured when I bring up the Middletons, because they have CIA supporters who acted as doubles for UK interests and tried to sideline and torture some while promoting others.

Remember the blog I posted about all the London comments about Kate Middleton's "steely" reserve. Guess who her fucking reserve was? The Negropontes and William married criminals. Not only does Diana have her connection to the Jesuit Catholic church, she has her connection to London and the CIA with her husband and a direct link to the steel industry.

Which explains the song Carol Middleton wanted about "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off". No, they don't do they. They have their friends tearing the brains out of people they're jealous of so why should they need to take their clothes off for anything? They're raping and tearing them off of others.

Amy Roe, the journalist who defamed me for the Willamette Week, is connected to U.S. steel industry. Her grandfather was a head and main owner in US steel for his entire life. Diana Negroponte is connected to British steel, and at the time I was approached by the Argentina steel owner, she was engaging in communications with Argentina.

I knew I had the worst bad feeling about him and about what was going on, but I didn't know. There were all these professional people around, sneering and acting so self-satisfied I spent any time with him and it was because of Carol and her friend Negroponte. I KNEW there was a CIA connection. I KNEW it and I am not even psychic. It was obvious. So first Roe defames me for friends, and Jewish and Catholics alike, and the ONE other US steel connection is with Mike Tanzer. When I went out with Mike Tanzer, he introduced me to a dark haired woman whose father was in the steel industry and that was in 2004. And then Hilton's boyfriend at the time, back then, was the Greek guy whose parents were in the steel industry.

So I'm just sure they all had nothing to do with killing Diana of Wales and then duping her own son to marry the enemy.

What are weapons of war made out of? steel. a lot of steel. And most landmines that were leftover from WWII were made of steel which is a potential lawsuit liability. If you made weapons that are still killing people after their expiration date, you're a likely defendant in a lawsuit for product liability. I've read plenty of case law about it. Not only that, I had a connection to Hilton who was with her steel industry bf at the time, who was Greek and probably had a link to Tenet, who was also Greek. Steel and CIA and MI5 are like hand and glove. Glad my hand isn't the one with the blood on the glove. My limited connection to Hilton who was then dating the Greek guy in steel, was through her former neighbor and bf Beau Blixseth, from 2002-2004.

So yeah, I have some steel connections too, but my connections are all clean, as in, my family has been a victim of torture while others have profited from the suffering of others, haven't they? My connections are those who were trying to sabotage me and destroy my life, and how funny that they are connected to the UK, the same UK whose Kate Middleton wears copies of things I wore first. I'm sure I don't win points with William and others, but I can't help it if I didn't notice the obvious before and I also can't help it if someone deliberately constructed to ruin my life. I am innocent--they are not innocent. So hate me for pointing it out, but don't shoot the messenger. How did William not already know this anyway? They have access to more information than I do and I don't think they're being drugged. Just manipulated. Huge.

So these London-born U.S. intelligence directors are not fans of real Protestants. Which is why we later saw the ushering in of a kilt for the Pope and "peace" in N. Ireland (which is fake) and then an order to remove the ban against marrying Catholics. They've set it all up.

How many kids did the Negropontes kill? and torture? besides MY son?

This explains how people writing for the BBC have knowledge of what crimes of torture are being committed against my family here too.

OH MY JESUS. Negroponte was an executive for McGraw-Hill. "From 1997 until his appointment as ambassador to the UN, Negroponte was an executive with McGraw-Hill." McGraw-Hill had built the house I was a nanny in, for the Thebaults, in 1993. Thebaults had connection to McGraw-Hill by printing business and house. Then in 1997 John Negroponte was not only acting as CIA/National Security director for the entire US (as a UK citizen), he had been an executive for McGraw-Hill. Fr. Joachim McCann knew the McGraws personally.

HIGH CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS coming your fucking way.

The connections to the people I've known, who wanted to get close to me, prove I'm not mentally ill. It proves that I have been tortured because of criminal collusion between parties in the U.S., B.C., and UK whether they are Jewish or Catholic.

So while Negropontes were head over all the intelligence agencies, for National Security Directorate (which was then newly created), the person who succeeded Goss was Roman Catholic fanatic Michael Hayden: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Hayden_(general)

I think wiki screwed up their dates bc for some time it listed Panetta as taking over in 2004, but maybe he got some kind of appointment with CIA then and just not director.

I do remember looking up Michael Hayden when my son and I were being tortured. This man is the one who took lead after Goss, so I guess Negropontes succeeded Goss but at the very top of chain of command, above CIA with the NDI. They formed this new director of intelligence position to bring intelligence agencies "together" to cooperate and share in intelligenc--ironic it's a man who, with his wife, were born in London and were still citizens of the UK at the time.

So Michael Hayden was in charge when my son and I were tortured even worse. Most of these CIA directors were also, I'm noticing, former Air Force. Which is interesting given the high number of fake protestant pastors who relocated to this area as part of the Air Force. Hayden took office in 2006, when my son and I were tortured. He was born on St. Patricks Day. How cute, bc I got served termination of my parental rights by a man wearing a St. Patrick's Day t-shirt in Wenatchee.

This man is a criminal. The criminals serving with him at the CIA, in charge of technology operations were Stephanie O'Sullivan and her husband. She has since moved to be in charge of the Office of the Inspector General. She oversees the entire organization, which means if I write a complaint, that's who it's going to and that's why my complaints have never been responded to. She and her husband are fantical Irish Catholics with ties to Northern Ireland and were supervised by Michael Hayden who is responsible for almost killing me and my son. Hayden is from Pittsburg, PA, which might explain why we have an SUV down the private drive with PA plates. That's the private drive where I said people are being tortured, that is manned with a military scout to watch who comes in and out of the drive.

The people responsible for torture moved their members around to protect themselves and be in place if I made an official report. They have no one who is outside of their own church looking over their shoulder. They put all of their own members at the top.

Basically, Hayden was working with Negroponte at the time of our torture. So it was U.S. and UK which is probably why I intuitively knew there is no fucking way I'm going to England. Yeah, I would probably like a lot of you and maybe you'd tolerate me and even like me, but there's a lot of criminal collusion between the U.S., Canada, and UK with some groups.

Hayden has already been scrutinized for illegal NSA surveillance. Do you know what that means? It means he was the guy in charge when I was living with my son in E. Wenatchee and all my phone calls were monitored and rerouted to other companies. It was when I was trying to call, say, Fred Meyer, and then my call got rerouted to some mental health clinic, and it happened all the time. They did the same thing in Washington D.C. after I was pregnant and living in Arlington, VA. Then they did the same thing in Wenatchee, WA with my phone service, and after that, even in Coquille, Oregon it's been done.

The other day I was at the Safeway in town and called my Dad's cell phone number from the Safeway store. It was from their landline phone. My call got rerouted to the "Department of Transportation". There was a woman next to me and I didn't have her hear this part but I did point out to her what number I had called and it was the number for my Dad.

They've been doing this to me since Michael Hayden took office with the CIA.

He's responsible, along with the FBI director, for torture of Oliver Garrett. Did the FBI's Mueller go to Georgetown too?

Steely Reserve: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?hl=en&gbv=2&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=1219l7141l0l7406l38l31l3l16l17l2l453l2311l0.

These people are corporate killers and baby killers.

Do you know who else uses a lot of steel?

The fucking U.S. Air Force and UK aviation industry. Hi Carol! I knew it, I knew it. I knew this family was involved in crime and supported by criminals and I knew somehow they were connected to CIA.

Hey, um, regular citizens...Do you guys think I'm getting my son back?

How mentally ill am I exactly?

Robert Gates has been in upper levels of control all along, from CIA to Dept. of Defense and he's Air Force and the person in charge of CIA when we were tortured were Negropontes and Hayden (Air Force).

So I have really wondered why all the Air Force over here in Coquille! I wasn't lying or mentally ill when I said there are pastors here pretending to be Protestant who are not Protestant. They knew eachother from Chicago, Il and Air Force and they're torturing my parents. It also wasn't a lie or delusion for me to say someone told me the CIA is operating out of Seattle, WA. This is very possible, and Robert Gates' kids are both living there. The same place where I was tortured and turned away from reporting torture to the FBI.

How much more fascinating is all of this, now that we know a little more about who the U.S. was choosing to run intelligence? Our DOG is afraid of a British accent. We've had British people over here terrorizing my parents and they are blackmailed to not talk about it. Negroponte perhaps? The "priest" I had insulted, some felt, knew the McGraws, and I worked for people who knew them in 1993 and then London-born Negroponte shows up on the lead for intelligence. Right there is a connection to Mt. Angel Abbey.

This "psychologist" here, in Coquille, who is supposedly 7th day adventist, is also closet-Catholic. He is bad news and knew me from Portland, Oregon where I had my cases. And the pastor from "assemby of God" who kept wanting to write email to my Mom about how everyone thought I was nuts, just to smear me? he's Air Force. From TX, where Gates is from and which dept of military Hayden is with. He was telling my parents if they military wants to, they can just take you out in an instant.

Then this other Air Force guy shows up, pastor for the community church and he's no good.

You know what? The Portland FBI's new director is military too. Air Force? I don't know, bc it would be fascinating to find out Gregory Fowler is also with the Air Force. I guess because since fake protestant pastor #1 (Air Force 20 yrs) and fake protestant pastor #2 (Air Force 20 yrs) both have spent a lot of time in Chicago, and since Fowler was an SAC for the FBI in Chicago...hmm

We gotta lotta Air Force Catholics surrounding us or something? for whom? Criminal In Charge Michael Hayden?

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