Saturday, January 21, 2012


All night last night. Then it didn't stop until late morning. I slept maybe 2 hours at most. My Dad didn't sleep at all but something else is being done to him bc he showed up with both eyes and nose looking blasted out. No glassy eyes, but like he'd been forced to wear goggles that were pressed in tighter and tighter until the sides of his nose bruised as if pinched with a clothespin and huge goggle circles and dark circles under eyes.

I haven't seen my mom. I had a break while writing today but mostly all day I've been tortured at lower levels.

I am being tortured along with my family. My Dad said he can't do anything about it.

He lied, to do what he's supposed to do, and deny we're tortured at all, but said he can't do anything about it.

I added a small amount of sugar into my diet again just to add something to get through the pain while taking handfuls of OTC for pain it doesn't even touch. There is no reason to take OTCs because it's pain caused by torture, not by a problem in the body or injury. So despite the pain, I refuse all the time, to take anything. Then last night, my mother said take 5 all at once and for once I did.

That is my plan with my son as well. To have him returned all at once, upon the arrests of many people involved in torturing U.S. citizens.

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