Monday, January 23, 2012

Preview Of FBI and U.S. Crimes (90 Pages)

I have decided to give the world a preview of my complaint. It's right here below my preface.

It's in very rough form, and has repetitions and is clumsy and not complete.

However, with seeing my parents being tortured and seeing my Mom's eyes tonight, totally blacked out, and smelling like like this disgusting man I had to stay with because of the U.S. Army, in Wenatchee, Theo, I think it's important that the world knows what kinds of crimes the FBI has committed in their own agency.

Without an understanding of the religious hate crimes and cooperation by FBI agents in this crime, it is impossible to believe there is great enough motive for us to be tortured and have the FBI approve of it.

The FBI did not just refuse to investigate crimes, or conceal matters pertaining to others, they actively concealed evidence. And that's just off the top, without my having access to their files to know just how badly they defamed me, how far and wide.

I was going through my extremely rough draft, and adding things and editing and still have much more to do, but I wanted to see where I hit upon in my editing when I got to page 90, out of curiosity.

First, it was with Russ Strong and his Catholic wife from Argentina. At the "BBQ" where I was first assaulted with use of ultrasound by someone there, while 7 months pregnant. There was a police officer there, and Russ, who is involved with the U.S. Army, and his wife, a Catholic from Argentina.

Then, I had more editing to do and cut and paste and it went up, the number did, and I was writing more and remembered a section. Oh yeah. So inserted the date: 2006, and then HIPPA violations and how a nurse told me I had been "red-flagged".

Hit 90.

It was a middle section, but the red-flagged bit, pushed it to 90 pages again.

I stopped and remembered. Oh yeah, that was when the police and FBI get to defame me to the medical community as being a drug-addict when I'm not.

Do you know what my mother said to me tonight? trying not to cry? she said you really need help, and was just repeating the same thing these assholes she has to be around, tell her repeat. She said, you won't even acknowledge you have a problem and I said, "Yeah, that's exactly what AG MaryAnn McIntosh, who is connected to military, said in court. And she's the one who blocked documentation of abuse of Oliver too." I added, "Did you know that her son-in-law is the Chief of Police for Wenatchee and is responsible for covering up crime?"

I added, "I just got to page 90 of my report and do you know what I was writing about when I got there? how I got 'red-flagged'."

So actually, my report ends at page 90 right now, in extremely rough form, but with the parentheses about needing to add and list the actual crimes committed by the U.S. FBI. And before that, it's part of a blog post I made and then copied to edit and add.

I have a ton of editing to do.

But since the FBI and OIG have refused to protect the rights of children in this country, and since the OIG has been hiding my reports and requests for investigation ever since a Roman Catholic took the lead office, I think it's important that the world knows exactly how much "religious hate crime" has gone into our torture.

The FBI and United States administration refuses to take responsibility for gross crimes simply because the persons in charge protect others who go to their own church.

Not only that, I'm getting the feeling that aside from "red-flagging" by FBI deceit and trickery to benefit members of their church, there has been red-flagging of me and my family on CIA grounds or for some form of punishment.

No one in their right fucking MIND gets away with the kinds of crimes perpetrated against my family unless they are seriously powerful and seriously FUCKED up.

I am on page 90 and half of it is repeat stuff. Other things need dates and names added. I could edit out part of it and still have room and I need room, because I haven't even added all of the facts of the crimes yet.

I have another 20 pages to go, just to add that, and then once I edit and trim it up to be chronological and more concise and in a format, it might be 90 pages.

But I do remember that. I do remember being defamed and having all my personal information illegally shared with various medical clinics and professionals because I was supposedly "red-flagged". I asked them what does that mean and was told it's when law enforcement basically defames you and alerts medical communities to "keep their eyes open" for drug-seeking behavior.

I had a false lab of use of marijuana right after I was being defamed by Wenatchee ER doctors, and that would only benefit the Portland FBI, whose Thornton had wanted to discredit me by saying my "use of prescription drugs could preclude you from the FBI."

If the FBI defamed me, it would be in their best interests to try to justify their defamation. Might wanna cut off the hair that could be used for hair analysis to prove them wrong and everything.

The FBI doesn't like being wrong about stuff, but being guilty of criminal conspiracy to conceal crimes of others is pretty bad. That's motive enough to say to the military or CIA, "Go get 'em." (with laser, tazers, whatever).

So in my next post, I'll put down what I have so far, because I already know my enemies hate me and they're the ones who access everything I do and torture us. But not all of the U.S. is my enemy. And I don't think the entire world would agree with what the U.S. is allowing either.

Red flagged.


So symbolic

Maybe others have an even better idea of what that could signify than I do.

I have some salt here, if you need some for your horses.

There is a LOT of motive for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and CIA/military to want to conceal their SHIT. It points to clear and convincing evidence of religious hate crimes and use of government friends to commit crimes of every kind, including torture. It also shows why there would be motive to convince others who normally wouldn't care, to work against my family. When religious criminals don't want to get nailed for religious crimes, they find excuses to have others share in the blame or to convince them to target us for other reasons.

This is eventually going to the OIG but it's also, in another form, going to the UN.

We are being tortured, ALL OF US, by U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. Every SINGLE day and night. And it's CIA programs and military that started it and it's just corrupt FBI that backs it.
Retaliation For FBI Misconduct Complaint and Religious Hate Crime Complaint

Reason To Request Investigation By OIG
In 2006 I contacted OIG Headquarters by email and phone and asked for investigation of violence, false arrest, and obstruction of justice by law enforcement. This request came after I made a report of misconduct by FBI agents and religious hate crime, in 2004, to FBI field offices in Portland, Oregon. I told the OIG, a year later, that I needed an investigation into the FBI because after meeting with them, I was obstructed from travel, forced out of college, and then I was put under false arrest by police in 2005 who told me "We know you're smart. Your name is known by law enforcement from Oregon state to Washington state." I said how could police know about me so well when I'd never committed any crimes. I realized I could have been defamed in FBI records that were shared.

First the OIG, through a male agent, took my initial report and responded in writing by email, stating it sounded bad and to send a full report. After this I was turned away by other OIG staff who told me to call the regional office for OIG. I did and the men answering, one named “Michael” , were extremely rude and said they couldn’t help me and also discouraged me from sending in a report. I tried the next closest regional office and both of the OIG offices I contacted were in California. I got the same response. I tried to go to OIG at D.C. headquarters again and someone tried to block me from sending in a complaint.

After multiple attempts which made it clear I was trying to report and request investigation of a misconduct matter, possible defamation of my character, and an attempt by FBI personnel to block a serious report of religious hate crime spanning several years and then States, my son and I were tortured by use of military technology. I attempted to file for a human rights complaint with the State of Washington but the pain was so severe, I could not continue. Birth certificates for both me and my son were then stolen from my house but I had additional copies and I fled to Canada.

I entered Canada legally, showing birth certificates and social security cards for both of us or at least for myself. I also took paperwork from The Department of Social and Health Services that proved no one else was guardian and that this had been decided and resolved by the State of Washington wasn’t in dispute. Once there, I made a request for political asylum. Unfortunately, because it was a religious hate crime matter, I then ran into people of the same group who anticipated my arrival who then lied and created problems as a favor to friends in the U.S.

The religious hate crime was by members of the Catholic church and some in the Jewish community. I knew what motive there was with some of the Catholics but didn’t figure out motive for Jewish and was constantly surprised to find them involved.

Since this time, so many crimes of vandalism, theft, assault, defamation, and kidnapping have occurred in retaliation, it has been impossible to fully address all of the issues in a timely manner.

The main objective for the religious hate crime has been to consistently use positions of authority in government to block my freedom of travel; my ability to work or go to college; to block my access to the courts including filing lawsuits, meeting with FBI to request investigation, and to attend to legal affairs that affect my life. I have had every obstacle thrown my way to impede my course of action including multiple false arrests, destruction of evidence by law enforcement, and defamation claiming I am mentally ill and criminal, which discredits me and any report I try to make.

I have been a firsthand witness of torture to my mother, my father, and my own son who is only a child as well as myself and I have evidence to prove my brother has also been tortured and assaulted.

Conflict Of Interest Within OIG
(Request for Confidentiality and Review by Person Not Party To Groups Accused)
From 2005 or 2006 through 2011 and present, I made requests in writing to the OIG, sent by fax, email, and mail, and no one has ever contacted me except for the initial email contact from D.C. and then a recent response to my request for FOIA. Any and all requests for investigation have been ignored by the OIG. Because of this, and because the leadership for the OIG has been persons who are of the Roman Catholic faith, I feel this complaint can only be reviewed objectively by someone who is NOT of the same group which has colluded to commit acts of crime against me so long. I also feel there is a potential risk with having a person who is Jewish review my complaint as several incidences against my family have included cooperation between Catholic religious and Jewish religious parties.

It may be that the reason no one has responded to my requests for investigation, for over 6 years, is because a member of these faiths or religious groups has been responsible for taking the complaints and then refusing to give it to someone else or to respond. Because so much of what has occurred is tied to religious hate crime, I feel it is a conflict of interest for a member of this same group to be expected to read my complaint without bias. Therefore, I would like to have this reviewed by someone who will respond in writing, giving a name, and who is not either Jewish or Catholic. I’m sure there are people of many other faiths or no faith at all in these offices. If there is any other reason someone should feel they cannot be impartial, please recuse yourself from handling this request, and respect the issue of confidentiality.

History of Events
A brief history of events surrounding the issues of religious hate crime and FBI and law enforcement false arrests is listed below. As to the timeframe when I was targeted with use of military and other technology, this is separate but connected. First I will give the timeline for the hate crimes and obstruction of justice and then I will explain when I believe I was first targeted with use of military technology for private and personal means:

1998. Religious Hate Crime Of Rape. I was raped, as a virgin at 24 years old, by a Jewish man that I worked with while a student at Portland Community College-Sylvania campus. I told my housemates about it and then doctors, and years later, police. He stated, after raping me, “What would your Dad think to know you were taken by a JEW?” His name is Josh Gatov and he seemed to know the Lake Oswego police officers that first approached us that night before the rape. There were 2 officers, both from Lake Oswego, who talked to him privately about an hour or two before the rape was committed. I met Josh Gatov after working for a Jewish Reform Rabbi Rose and his English citizen wife Lorraine at their home in Portland, Oregon in 1997-1998. Lorraine’s sister lives in England as an English citizen. Their daughter Laura met her husband who is part of the prominent Schnitzer family at The University of Eugene. Josh Gatov was born and raised an hour away in Coos Bay, Oregon. I met him while working under Jewish supervisor Nora Krevans for the English As A Non-Native Language center at P.C.C. in 1998. Prior to working for the Roses, I worked for Jewish Conservative Edward Israel at CTR Computer Systems in Portland, Oregon in 1996-1997.

1999. Medical Fraud & Family Targeted With Biological Weapons (and Migraines?). I got up the nerve to address my rape and then the short relationship I went into with the same man, thinking that if he raped me I had to stay with him (I was very conservative and believed in saving my virginity for marriage and that it was then only to one man and if a woman was raped, maybe one followed Old Testament law, which was the only law I knew of that addressed rape. In OT law, if a woman is raped, she is required to stay with the rapist and marry him or be avenged and never marry during her entire life. I.e., the story of Tamar). I admitted I had been raped and had tests done and no STDs.

After it was documented that I had been raped, I had something show up on one leg and it was just one side and they said it was warts. Non-STD ones. But I hadn’t been around anyone except for him so they assured me it was a different variety and then treated it. It was mainly like someone had put something on just one spot on my leg because it was nowhere else and supposedly it wasn’t from Gatov. The Dr. couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it so I followed my Mom’s advice and it went away for good and never showed up again. She later, however, after helping me, was targeted herself, that same year, by something which her Dr’s. called “warts” but that’s not what it is. It was nothing like what I got, and it fit’s the description for chromium sores or ulcers, though her Italian Dr. then diagnosed it as a wart variety. Nothing had worked on it that works for warts and I looked at it and researched it myself and it’s not that. It fit’s the photos and description for toxic chromium poisoning but she refuses to ask to be tested for this and has had this for 7 years now. The only person who took an interest in my warts and my mother’s ability to fix it, before coming down with something herself, was a “friend” who showed up at my church after I met the monks at Mt. Angel Abbey and her name is Christa Schneider. She acted upset that my mother had fixed it. So then my mother comes down with chromium poisoning but has it diagnosed incorrectly as warts ever since and my Dad also came into contact with some kind of toxin which created prostate problems overnight. All 3 of us (Mom, Dad, me) were targeted with (I believe) biological chemicals at the same time. I was repeatedly harassed by a lawyer for the Catholic church named John Kaempf, and I did some research and found he was “in” with the medical community and I then insulted him about his father being a Urologist. It was at this same time that then my Dad was poisoned, requiring him to see a Urologist. At this time I was already being followed by P.I’s for the Catholic church (one P.I. who admitted this to me and said he was working specifically for The Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon) as they got worried I was going to sue them.

Christa showed up with her Catholic family at my church and didn’t tell me she knew the Abbey lawyers Whittemore and Kaempf, and I was already put under a secret investigation with improper use of police by the Abbey, and I recall it all happened before the Christmas of (2001?). Kaempf was a German Catholic attorney for Mt. Angel Abbey and The Archdiocese, and Schneider was German Catholic, whose father (Rob Schneider) was an attorney, formerly a federal Prosecuting Attorney for Portland, Oregon through The Department of Justice.

I then had a female examination, a PAP smear and the results were “of undetermined significance.” My doctor at the time was Catholic, Deborah O’Halloran. She worked at the Oregon City clinic in Oregon City, Oregon. She told me to see another specialist who would take a closer look. That doctor then told me she wanted to schedule me for a biopsy. I did some research and found out it’s impossible to have pre-cancerous PAPs without also testing positive for HPV. HPV is what causes the precancerous changes. This was fairly new information and the doctors were not sharing this in the brochures. So when I checked all the medical journals and confirmed this was true, I said I was not going to have a biopsy which could jeopardize my fertility when I had been tested for HPV and didn’t have it so I didn’t have anything wrong with me. ASCUS (atypical PAP) can mean you ate something weird one day--it doesn’t indicate precancerous changes. When I refused to have the biopsy the doctor became irate and then my primary care doctor became hostile as well. I had also accused the specialist (who was also Catholic) of “lying” to me because she said yes, there was precancer and then I found out that is impossible without also having HPV. So I asked her why she lied to me and then I had huge problems with medical care.

I next went to another doctor who tested me with a more specific test for HPV that covered the entire spectrum and again, it was negative and my PAP was also “normal”. This PAP was done only a month later and every one after it was also normal which proved nothing was wrong.

Not only that, to prove my point, it was not that I was being foolish to question the specialist because when I read all of the medical journals about it, the science was proving precancerous changes could only be caused by HPV and if you didn’t have one of the strains of HPV, it was impossible to have anything to worry about. At that time, this was not in the literature available to patients in clinics but any well-read doctor should have known. And then about 4-5 years later, the American Medical Association and doctors decided to make this knowledge public, but not before they introduced their “HPV prevention shot”. The doctors and medical community knew what caused the cancer but they didn’t want to alarm the public until they presented their “HPV vaccine.” After this, they were happy to admit that any kind of cervical dysplasia was directly attributable to HPV. I was personally so shocked to find the medical community concealing such a thing, that I chose to use HPV as part of a presentation for a class I later had at Portland State University. My professor knew about the science and was thrilled to have me and my partner bringing such a topic to the students. The thing was, HPV is very contagious and many people get it and it goes away without a problem. But since HPV is so contagious, I guess the medical community didn’t want to send people into a panic before they felt they could reassure them with a vaccine. It also wasn’t profitable for the medical community to divulge how cervical cancer (which is what they’re checking for with a PAP, not ovarian or other cancers) was caused by HPV before they had a vaccine. Once they had their HPV vaccine and wanted to make money off it, THEN they started marketing the fact that yes, they knew HPV causes cervical cancer.

My problem was that I figured out the facts and did my research when no one expected a patient to do this for themself. Since cervical cancer was only present if HPV was also present, the literature was clear that if HPV was not showing up on tests, one did not have precancer or cancer of the cervix. This specialist wanted a biopsy of my cervix, specifically. And the risks were sometimes infertility and problems carrying children to term. It was a surgery and procedure that required anesthesia as well. There was no possible "benefit" to having my cervix cut into when I had no HPV and I later had every advanced test that proved this fact. Given this fact, I knew that when the specialist said she "saw" changes, she was lying. There were no changes and why would a doctor lie just to have a chance to get to my cervix? Furthermore, every single PAP I had after this was "normal" and they have been normal for 11 years later and to this day, from 2000 or 2001, which was when I saw the specialist, up through 2011, all of my subsequent PAPs have been normal and I have since been tested for STDs as well, and I have no STD.

Because I accused the female specialist of “lying” and questioned her motives for this, she wrote unpleasant things about me in medical records and it was the first time I had any negative comments made about me by a doctor as they always agreed I was a “pleasant patient” and “friendly”.

It was such a big deal that their entire clinic refused to see me again. So I went to this man who did the HPV test and everything was normal. At this same time, I was in community college and dealing with harassment by religious persons at Mt. Angel Abbey. I was still communicating with a priest, I had thought, on friendly terms but wasn’t told they had asked their police that went to their church to put me under a secret investigation. Not only did The Archdiocese have a P.I. following me around, the Abbey used public police resources to access the members of their own church for defaming me secretly.

I usually had a migraine once a week or so, and they began in a curious way in 1997. Then, while dealing with this medical fraud matter, I had one month where I ended up with 15 severe migraines in 1 month. My migraines were on a scale of the worst possible headaches and doctors thought since they were so severe that they might be cluster headaches but they were not. They were migraines and they were being triggered in the middle of the night. I woke up to the pain of a sudden migraine. I saw a neurologist for the first time in 2002, who said this was not normal at all, and was highly unusual for migraines. However, in 1998 and 1999, the only doctor who heard about the migraines was the man who did the HPV and PAP. He said he wanted to try putting me on “continual birth control” for 3 months to see if the migraines still occurred if there were not big dips and rises in hormone levels. He wanted to find out if they were menstrual migraines, triggered by rise and fall of my cycle. So he put me on the birth control and I still had severe migraines. He thought this was strange.

(The reason I am including this medical information is because it shows how some of the defamation was started and which groups were motivated to defame me, and also, the migraine history is important because it was later discovered I didn’t have natural migraines at all--they were triggered by use of military technology (hard to believe but please bear with me).)

This doctor was fine except then he learned of the problem I’d had with the other doctors and I don’t know if he was defensive on their behalf or what. I know that because I was having to keep a migraine chart, and since he thought it could be tied to my menstrual cycle, I did the scientific research to figure out how to determine the exact days of ovulation and my entire cycle pattern from start-to-finish. I even made a calendar. Because he didn’t understand my personality type, he said this was strange to my face and acted like there was something wrong with me for charting out every detail. I followed the scientific natural fertility detection methods that, ironically, the Catholic church advocates, through following the changes in cycle and then the consistency of vaginal mucus and temperature to determine day of ovulation (without a kit you pay for at the store). I wasn’t the average patient--I did my research. Instead of rewarding me for being thorough and wanting to manage and control migraines so they didn’t control me, he said he thought it was “obsessive-compulsive” to my face and then slammed the door.

I didn’t see a doctor again after that, unless it was for follow-up PAP (all normal), until I saw a neurologist in 2002, again, about migraines. However, a few things occurred here. My doctors were not treating me in the same way or writing about me the same as before, and the other thing that was concluded was that my migraines were not “menstrual cycle triggered”. I told Christa and everyone else that they were. I then began having migraines on a kind of “cycle” that was coinciding with the time I had my periods. It changed from being on a certain day when I was working at CTR in 1997 and suddenly began to conform to a menstrual schedule in 1998-1999, even though they were triggered in the middle of the night, and continuous birth control trial had determined my triggers were not from menstruation. After I said that’s what the doctors thought though, my migraines turned into clockwork menstrual migraine (appeared to be). And when my litigation began later, the only person who knew when I had my period was Christa and the lawyers all scheduled hearings, especially by 2004, to coincide with the same days I was due to have a migraine. By 2004?-2005 I suspected something was wrong with the pattern of my migraines and what was triggering them. First the lawyers were scheduling around the hearing dates to approximate times I had them, and then all of a sudden, I had them triggered the night before every hearing with precise timing. I wondered if they were triggered by technology somehow and if some group was using my cycle as a cover for the origin of my migraine and trigger. So I began to lie to Christa, who knew my cycle information. I lied to everyone and casually mentioned the timing of my period, creating a false date and shifting away from the actual time of my period gradually by over 2 weeks difference. Sure enough. My migraines were triggered on the false dates, when others believed I was having my period. And in actuality, when I really did have my period, I had no migraines triggered AT ALL.

I kept this up for awhile and knew for sure.

I had been tortured by use of military technology which was used by people trying to give their friends an advantage in court. It was also being used against me to obstruct justice and create pain severe enough to interfere with work, college, and my lawsuits specifically. I had discovered crime.

After I figured that much out, and revealed I’d been lying, it was all downhill from there. A powerful group knew they were caught. And they knew that what had been done was not “national interest” or military research and was instead collusion to commit crimes of torture for reasons of keeping someone out of a competitive market and to obstruct justice. Not only that, because I was later even refused treatment for the severe and extreme pain of these migraines, they did not just use them to block my access to justice and give their friends a legal edge, they began using them to deliberately trigger pain severe enough to be torture and then refused to give any painkillers for this pain. They knew they had created the pain and then they used medical friends to prevent me from being treated for pain they created. It was the first step towards torture as a form of revenge and punishment. First they triggered them to obstruct justice and then by the Winter of 2005 they triggered them to make me suffer and for no other reason. Unless their motive was to attempt to drive me to buy prescription painkillers off of someone on the street when I was refused treatment for excruciating pain that lasted 3 days at a time and kept me in bed.

The pain was so extreme I didn’t want to live anymore. I thought about suicide for the first time in my life because of the severe pain and dramatic increase in migraines that were triggered. They increased them to once a week again, and practically incapacitated me. Between this and chronic bronchitis, I was forced to ask the Judge Janice Wilson for a Medical Abatement for illness, and broke down sobbing and trying to explain that I was having an increase in migraines and kept getting bronchitis repeatedly and had to take antibiotics constantly. She refused to give me Medical Abatement, and insulted me instead, saying she would give me a mental health abatement.

I tried to hold onto the case but my health was severely affected. I had told Christa, in 2004, after recovering from breaking my knee in a hit and run in 2003, that the only thing that could keep me down was physical pain and illness because otherwise I had endless energy and drive.

After making this statement which I remember well and she questioned me over, I became very ill and had migraines triggered more than usual and with greater severity, along with repeated bouts of bronchitis. I had treatment for bronchitis through college health insurance but they did not cover narcotics, which I needed for the kind of pain I had with migraine.

Then, after I was forced out of my vehicle and prevented from driving, having lost one case against The Willamette Week, this group increased the number of migraines I had to force me to give up the lawsuit against The Archdiocese and Abbey, which I still had even though I had been blocked from driving to Oregon. The migraines were extreme and often and I was refused treatment for pain and ridiculed by doctors in Wenatchee who were Catholic initially and then others.

It was so bad, and I was in bed so much, I saw no point to living any longer. I knew there was no possible way for me to continue to live in that kind of pain with blow after blow of migraine. I prayed to God to take my life. I wasn’t stressed out more than usual at all. I didn’t feel more worried than usual, or stressed out, and I wasn’t breaking down. I was being tortured.

However, I didn’t confirm how they were triggered until there was another opportunity to check again, when court matters came up in Wenatchee by Fall of 2005 and into Spring of 2006. I was then able to verify with certainty that they were triggered for punitive and obstruction of justice reasons as the exact same pattern resumed, with migraines again being triggered on a schedule after I tried to commit suicide. I then became pregnant, but before I told anyone, the migraines were falling on a false date of when I lied and indicated I was having my period. Then during my pregnancy I hardly had any at all and I was told “that’s what happens in pregnancy” and after my son was born, there were some court matters and as soon as I had my periods again and was claiming I had them, I had this group triggering the migraines to fall on those approximate days. And then I noticed they were triggered exactly on court dates again.

That’s when I had double confirmation that torture and use of military technology continued to be used against me to create medical problems I didn’t even have, and I knew without a doubt that lawyers and Judges were colluding with someone who was able to make this happen for them.

When I finally stated I had discovered what was going on, my son and I were then tortured, both of us, and not through use of migraine triggers alone but by other forms of technology.
Motive is very clear. If it is true that use of military technology which caused torture was used against me when I say it was used, the intended purpose was to obstruct justice and collude to keep me out of competition (work, college, the right to file lawsuits to restore my reputation if defamed). Then, it was used an instrument of punishment, to inflict pain and suffering.

After the first suicide attempt by me, which was done because of the extreme amount of constant pain that was refused treatment, I believe the same group plotted and hoped that I would again be pushed to self-destruct and commit suicide when they targeted both me and my son in East Wenatchee with even worse forms of technology.

Instead of making a suicide attempt, I fled to Canada with my son and asked for political asylum from The United States Of America.

I was being blocked by the FBI (FBI agents hanging up on me on the phone when I tried to call, telling me the FBI refused any calls or reports from “Cameo Garrett”, agents standing in the way of the door of their offices and refusing to allow me to speak with someone in person, ignoring my mail sent by post) from making reports about constant religious hate crimes and the military and CIA were responsible for torturing me and my son. I was pushed out of legal remedies repeatedly, by illegal use of government authorities who were friends with those that hated me. It was correct to ask for political asylum. However, because the main issue was religious hate crime, the same problem continued in Canada where members of the same church and religious groups thought I might run there. Rather than allow me and my son to get away and succeed, they were determined to control every move and continue to defame me, now on an international level.

2000-2001: I reported Oregon State Bar (OSB) and PLF (Professional Liability Fund) for suspected fraud to the Portland, Oregon FBI. No one contacted me in writing, and a man spoke with me only by telephone. He asked me why I was reporting the PLF matter and if I had business with them or knew any of them and I didn’t. I had never had any contact with either the PLF or the OSB and happened to come across a case while researching for my own lawsuits. It stood out to me as a case that indicated potential fraud and I knew the FBI investigated fraud of this kind and thought I should say something. The man who spoke to me from Portland FBI offices said I should get together with __________ (the lawyer who also reported PLF fraud to the Portland FBI) and that he might like to talk to me because he had reported the same thing. I said no, I was just passing on this information and that was all.

About 1 year later from the time I reported the PLF matter to the Portland FBI, I was defamed in a newspaper article and then I was dealing with the OSB personally for the first time because I needed to make a complaint about the attorney who defamed me and I later had another lawyer who took my case and then dropped it last minute with only 2 weeks to spare before the statute of limitations ran out. That attorney was a Catholic lawyer for The Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon and I didn’t realize this. I knew he was Catholic but I still believed then that people could get past conflicts of interest. Because he refused to give me my legal file and wasn’t filing anything in court as we had signed to in a contract, I was forced to then contact the OSB about him. The PLF report was totally chance and altruistic and not motivated by any kind of personal gain. I didn’t even think I would be dealing with them myself down the road.

2000: I reported monk (clergy) misconduct to an Abbot Nathan Zodrow at Mt. Angel Abbey (Benedictine Order) and First Illegal Use of Law Enforcement. I had gone to the Abbey for religious studies and to check out books. I was doing an exegesis on the Book of Hosea at the time and had just been raped and didn’t feel like going to the Multnomah County Library to study where men tried to pick up on me. My pastor noticed all of my study materials and notes on scripture studies and said one of the best places he’d been to for materials was “The Mt. Angel Abbey” and he said it was a monastery. I was very curious about it because I had 5 library cards at the time, and loved books. I also thought the idea of a monastery was interesting and didn’t know they even existed in modern times. So that is how I ended up there. Over time, to make a long story short, a very prominent monk, professor and scholar fell in love with me and began sending me letters and love notes and telling me he loved me over the phone. He even asked me not to date anyone. He was a genius (certified) and we were compatible in the sense that he didn’t know many people who were as well-read on scriptures as I was. The Abbey sent him around the world to give lectures and The Holy See knew him by name. However, I was very na├»ve and confused about what he was attempting and thought he writes letters that are tame but then he invites me to see him and acts like he is about to try to kiss me. And he started wanting to take me into private rooms with no one around as he advanced his romantic speech. I was shocked and didn’t even know if monks could marry or not and what kind of arrangement was he trying to create anyway? I started to feel it wasn’t very honest and talked to a priest about it. At the same time, I became interested in dogmas and doctrine of the Roman Catholic church, shifting from my own exegesis and scriptural study, to become curious about what a “dogma” was. So that is how I began reading Roman Catholic history and writings and promulgations by Popes and even Canon Law. As the confusion increased over what Br. Ansgar’s intentions were, I started to find things, innocently enough, that I thought were “shocking”, and, with the same attitude I’d had in wanting to share what I found about the PLF, thinking of public interest, I thought the public and Catholics should know what was in the fine print of the history of the dogmas.

I guess that didn’t go over so well with The Holy See. As I began asking more pointed questions and Fr. Joachim became more protective of Br. Ansgar I started experiencing hostility. Not only that, I suddenly had someone following me around all the time. I was always dressed modestly on their grounds and actually, outside of their grounds as well. I was respectful and checked books out and returned them on time.

One time I was accused of “damaging” their books but I didn’t do it. They were already getting mad at me and then I was in downtown Portland parked outside the Multnomah County Library and someone broke into my car, and scattered the monastic books all across the road and sidewalk. I even called the police about it and reported it. I didn’t notice then, but when I returned the books to the Abbey, they said one was missing and that it was very expensive and they implied I had STOLEN it. Not only did they insinuate this to me, but Fr. Joachim did as well, stating it was a very old book and cost a lot of money. I didn’t have any books that were that old checked out and I told them, I didn’t take anything.

They knew I had a used bookselling business and asked me if I had sold it online even. I said no and I began to doubt their sincerity because they came up with these accusations after I had expressed concern over what Br. Ansgar’s intentions were and what did monks DO anyway?

To this day I have no clue who broke into my car. For all I know, it was one of their own guys. And I say this because I never once had an incident of car vandalism until they got mad at me when I came up with some good questions about the inconsistency of a couple of post 1850 dogmas and what kind of romances monks were allowed to have. I think in hindsight they had hoped Br. Ansgar could have his jollies with me and I would keep my mouth shut but I was too innocent to even grasp what the plan was. I thought maybe he was thinking of leaving the monastery because why else would he advance his romantic interest? Sex with a monk was the last thing in my mind.

I didn’t know that they were worried enough about things to decide to start rumors about me as their defense. Apparently, they went to police officers who were Catholic, whom they knew personally and who went to their church, and asked them to do them a favor and put me under “investigation”.

It’s possible that I told Christa I had contacted the FBI about something and made a report, because I had, about the PLF. I’m sure I shared this with her but I didn’t tell her what it was about. No one knew it was about the PLF. So maybe someone assumed I had tried to make some kind of report to the FBI about something to do with the monastery.

Whatever the worry, I was innocently checking out books and returning them, and reading in the library and had no idea that they had their police writing up records about me for an “investigation”. When I found out I was shocked and said “For what?!” and the officer said, “They told us you’re mentally unstable and potentially dangerous.” Never in my life had such slanderous things been said about me. Ever. I said, “I’ve never done anything wrong” and he said, “We’ve never seen you do anything wrong either.” Not once had I been in even a verbal argument with any of the people there. I was quiet and didn’t bother anyone. So when I found out about this I wrote a few fiesty emails but that was about it. And then I found out they were also trying to make it appear like I was harassing them with phone calls--they even got Br. Ansgar in on it. They were literally trying to create a false impression. This was so shocking to me that I had a panic attack for the first time in my life. I didn’t even know what it was but I explained my symptoms and said I couldn’t breathe and the college woman (who I later saw in the Portland FBI building years later) told me I was having a panic attack. My cause for shock was to be an innocent woman who had normal questions and then discovering these monks and priests she’d thought were so good and nice, were liars and corrupt and even using police to lie about her. To me, it was shocking beyond belief and knocked out all sense of “things are as they appear to be.” I had figured if someone gives up their money and right to marry and lives with a bunch of guys and sings about God, they must really be sincere and good people. But I was wrong. They were manipulative and wicked.

When I found out they lied to police about me, as soon as they knew I knew, they then came straight out and began asking Catholics to make false reports about me to the same police officers they knew. So they had the Human Resource director for the monastery go to police and lie about me and then they had another staff member complain that even if other town people posted papers on telephone poles for yard sales, I shouldn’t be allowed to post a paper asking people who had been clergy abuse victims to contact me.

Not once was I arrested on their property, nor was I disorderly, immodest, or rude. When I decided to start a protest, I first went to the town police and asked where it was lawful for me to do this, outside of the monastery grounds and they drew a map and I stayed within the boundaries.

I was always conscientious and law-abiding. Despite this, I had to fend off unequal enforcement of the law regarding a few papers and try to defend my name. I had all these Catholic people coming up to me and screaming at me and saying I was trying to seduce a monk and wanted “revenge” because he wouldn’t “leave” for me. Then they even had some guy come up and tell me I was mentally ill and paranoid schitzophrenic. I said and why would you think that or say that? And he said he was a “psychologist” and that I was paranoid schitzophrenic because I was “delusional to imagine a monk fell in love with you.” I said how is that paranoid schitzophrenic? Then he just decided to settle on the word “delusional” and then “paranoid” to imagine religious clergy had it in for me by going to police to make a false report.

There was nothing “paranoid schitzophrenic” about me but it was the worst possible thing they could come up with to tell all the parishioners and townspeople. The only people who had ever said anything about my mental health before, in my entire life, were Catholic and they all had self-serving motives to want to discredit me. At the same time a Catholic psychologist and the Abbey's lawyers wanted to say I was "delusional" and paranoid, their Catholic medical friends in Oregon City wanted to cut into my cervix and lied and then to cover up for this they started writing negative things in my medical charts. They were all members of the Roman Catholic church and they all ganged up against me at the exact same time.

Then Catholic teenage boys stole from me and ran off into the Abbey property and the Catholic town police refused to make a report when I asked them to. Another Catholic cut the corner while driving and almost ran over my foot and ran over one of my signs instead. An entire gang of monks-in-training from the Philipines or someplace like that walked by me jeering and spitting on me. And it was also at this same time that my cars were then vandalized for the first time in my life. Actually, that started before I even protested one time but was after the Abbey told police to put me under “investigation”. At the same time they put ME under “investigation” they had incited Catholics to follow me around and slash my tires and ruin my car every week.

The first time it happened I told Christa I was going to meet this guy who had approached me who was German Catholic, for coffee. I came out of the date from him (2nd date) and all 4 of my tires were slashed. She was the only one who knew where I was meeting him. Then, on another occasion, I had just told Fr. Joachim where I was going to apply for a job and I got out of the interview and one of my tires was flat with huge hole in it. My tires were first slashed when I was parked out in the community. It was never at my apartment in the parking lot but only when I went out and someone had to know where I was going, where I parked, and that it was my vehicle, to do this all the time, at various locations throughout Portland, Oregon. It happened about 1x/week and began in 2001, possibly as early as 2000.

2000 (?). FBI Rick and Claudia Baken Move Next To My Grandparents. Incidentally, about the time I divulged to these monks who my family members were and where they lived, a retired FBI agent and his wife decided to move to a house behind my grandparents house, in approximately 2000. Rick and Claudia Baken, both baptized Roman Catholics who claim to have become evangelical but the sincerity of the conversion is suspect. They moved in behind my grandparents after I had met the Catholic Schneider family--Christa Schneider, whose father worked for the Department of Justice and after I had known the Abbey monks and clergy for at least 1 year, having told them who my family was and where they lived and that I was Granny's favorite grandchild. I told Fr. Joachim McCann about Granny all the time, in emails and in person, telling funny stories. And the Bakens moved right in. I met the Mt. Angel Abbey monks in 1999 and was confiding in Br. Ansgar Santogrossi, Fr. Joachim McCann, and Joe (librarian) within weeks. I told them all about my family, and especially about Granny and Grandpa and how they were orchardists and where they lived and that I was the favorite grandchild and they had a lot of money but were very frugal. I told funny stories. I also remained in contact with Granny. Rick and Claudia Baken decided to take an orchard behind my grandparents house after I had been approached by the Schneider family which was after I met the Mt. Angel clergy. I told clergy and Schneider about my family and Bakens moved in. When the relationship with clergy soured and I was told what had occured was "Professional Exploitation" and "Professional Misconduct" (by clergy), I'm sure Rick Baken heard about it. When I later was reporting FBI agents for misconduct, Rick told me to write a letter to them explaining, (his words), "I didn't think it was professional." I told him I was worried making a complaint would prevent me from being a lawyer for the FBI and he said, "Nah. Just tell them you didn't think it was PROFESSIONAL." He didn't just stop there, he kept saying, "The FBI will like that--let them know you didn't think it was professional." So I did. I used the terminology Rick Baken told me use in my complaint.

After I met the Bakens, in 2005, I started getting the feeling they were connected to the clergy somehow, or to Schneider. And I didn't buy the story about how they had both been Roman Catholic and decided to be "protestant christians". I felt they were lying. Having retired FBI liars with proximity to defaming me while claiming they were just well-meaning protestants would be a certain advantage to the Catholics who defamed me and wanted to get away with it and try to disguise how concentrated the religious hate crime really was.

I found out their daughter went to college in The Phillipines. I think it was the Phillipines or one of those U.S.-run islands that is still considered part of the U.S. That's also where a lot of the monks who knew Italian-Catholic Br. Santogrossi were coming from. When I first expressed my idea that the Bakens were connected to the Abbey and the Catholic church, that's also when vandalisms and torture began. And while Rick Baken pretended to be on my side and helping me to file something for the FBI, I believe he was doing the exact opposite. In fact, he began taking up the same slander as the Abbey clergy and their lawyers took up and called me mentally ill after I started looking into his background with Catholicism.

Having someone like Baken around, would influence how I was treated by local police and "Wes", the local FBI man. It would also definitely be a reason to make Catholics feel secure in torturing my family and getting away with it, if they could get one of their Catholics who pretended to be "protestant" as retired FBI and P.I. up against my family. Before I allowed myself to believe Christa was spying on me for enemies, I even told her that I thought the Bakens were not Protestants really and that they were connected to the Abbey and Catholics from there somehow. I told her this, at a time when I suspected her of things but wasn't willing to fully make a conclusion without more evidence.

Some of the Italian-Catholic and Irish-Catholic men in town were all too happy to have people think torture was only done by the CIA, but they weren't as thrilled whenever I brought up how I suspected someone in the FBI or connected to the FBI locally was a big problem. And I suspected Bakens before I even turned in my complaint to the Portland FBI and then definitely afterwards. I let Rick read it and he snapped that I was mentally ill and was very angry about it.

2000 (?) or 2001. Abbot Nathan Zodrow's Parameters. This man was Ukrainian Catholic and had been born and raised about 15 minutes from Wenatchee, WA, where I moved in 2004-2005. My mother's family was there in Wenatchee, WA, which is why I moved there. Nathan Zodrow's friends and family were located in a town up the hill from Wenatchee, called Waterville. Waterville is part of Douglas county as was the residence where my son and I were tortured in 2006-2007 in East Wenatchee.

Wenatchee is divided into 2 parts by The Columbia River. On one side it is "Wenatchee" and covered by "Chelan County" and on the other side of the river it is "East Wenatchee" and is covered by "Douglas County". These two counties are referred to as "Chelan-Douglas County".

I first met Abbot Nathan Zodrow in Oregon at the monastery he led but it was Fr. Joachim who told me this Abbot was originally from the same area my mother's family was from. When I moved from Oregon to Washington in 2004-2005 and began commuting, I was first in Cashmere which is part of "Chelan county" and is a town that neighbors Wenatchee. By October of 2005 I was living in downtown Wenatchee. And then in 2006 I moved across the river with my son to East Wenatchee which is part of Douglas county, the same county that Waterville, Zodrow's hometown is part of.

When I contacted Nathan Zodrow in Mt. Angel, he had me meet with him and it may have been after this meeting with him that his lawyers then asked their local police to put me under "investigation". I had only gone to him with questions about clergy conduct and then asked him about a "little chapel" out in the woods which he froze up over. It turned out not to be a little chapel at all but a one-bedroom "shack" about a mile from the main Abbey. I also told him or one of the monks that a lawyer had said I should speak with the Abbot because I had been "exploited" and it was clergy misconduct. I was told, by a man in a legal chatroom who said he was Catholic and also a lawyer, that it was improper for a priest or monk to use their position as religious counselor and try to turn it into a romance and was Professional Misconduct. He said I had grounds to sue. I wasn't planning to sue but it caused me to want to ask more questions.

Zodrow contacted his attorneys and they decided to build a case against ME before I filed anything about them. I had not threatened to sue them and only wanted to know what their plans for me had been and I thought it shouldn't happen to other women. I then found out they asked their town police (all Catholic) to put me under "investigation" and claimed I was unstable and potentially violent. The police admitted they never saw me do anything of the sort, however, it was the beginning of my being defamed in police records. Then they tried to give me citations claiming I violated town ordinances that I didn't violate and these were dismissed. One was for putting up flyers in town like everyone else did, for example. I never got a citation while on Abbey property but only while in the public town of Mt. Angel. However, the people creating the problems and asking police to charge me with things were all Mt. Angel Abbey staff employees and clergy. It was no one in town in general. Many months later I happened to see an ad with the Mt. Angel Abbey wanting to hire a cook and I sent in one fax with a "sample menu" and was sarcastic because by that point, they had harassed me endlessly, lied to create an investigation of me, instructed me to call a bunch of people who then said they couldn't talk but call right back and then they couldn't talk (giving me a very mean runaround), and they had defamed me to the entire town of Mt. Angel as being mentally ill when I wasn't and incited some of their people to steal from me and vandalize my property when I was in the public town conducting a peaceful and quiet protest. The people stealing from me and vandalizing things right in my face were Catholic members and apprentice monks. So I did at one point, send in a tongue-in-cheek fax but I never harassed them with faxing or calling. Despite the fact it was not a big deal, they tried to then have their police charge me with "Harassment" but it didn't fit because I didn't harass them so it was thrown out.

One time the Abbey staff sent one of the Mt. Angel police officers to harass ME, and he came over to me and said I had better quit having my (legal) peaceful protest if I knew what was good for me. His threat was violent in nature and then he added, "I could throw you in jail right now if I wanted to but I'm busy." The fact was, he couldn't have legally thrown me in jail, because I was sitting there in a lawn chair reading a book with signs stuck in the ground exactly where their police station told me it was legal to do this. It wasn't on the Abbey property, it was by a public sidewalk and it was City of Mt. Angel public property. He also got so close to my face when he threatened me, I ended up with spittle on my face when he said "You offend my church!"

2000. Assault By A Priest at Mt. Angel Abbey Church. It may be that along with worrying about a professional clergy exploitation lawsuit, or bad rumors harming their reputation, they were worried about an incident where one of their priests lost control of himself and assaulted me in a church service. One of the police officers said, when I described what had happened, that it was "assault & battery." I said what do you mean and he said any kind of unwanted contact or action done in violence was assault and battery. I told him the priest had been using his official holy water sprinkling stick, but that instead of using it the way he was supposed to use it, which was how he used it with everyone else, he took the same stick and assaulted me with it. Another officer came onto the scene who said they refused to charge a priest with assault, despite my testimony and I believe they did not even write a report. The other officer tried to dismiss it, saying the priest was sprinkling everyone with "holy water" and that I wasn't singled out. I told them no, the priest did not sprinkle me with water the way they do. I was sitting all by myself, apart from everyone else, and he marched over to me with hate all over his face and rage and I was so scared I froze. He then raised this stick high above his head and yanked it down with such force that almost all of the water came out in a big flood all over my head, my hair, my glasses, my clothes. I was soaked all the way through and my glasses were covered with water so I couldn't see. I had to take them off and wipe them down. I was so shocked that I sat there and then burst into tears. I didn't storm out. I stood up quietly while people were laughing at me and said in a calm and even voice, stunned, "You're hypocrites." I only spoke in the church after being assaulted and then I walked out. I didn't yell, or slam doors. I was trying not to sob and said this in quiet voice and then walked away.

Then I drove off the property and called police and burst into tears sobbing. It should have been written up as an assault but it wasn't because the Abbey controlled the officers there and most of them were members of the Catholic church.

The priest who did this to me went on sprinkling others like normal. But what he had done to me, was turn his instrument into a weapon and assaulted me with it. I later found out that even if it's just water, if it's done in anger, any unwanted contact with a substance is considered to be assault.

2000. Catholics From Mt. Angel Abbey Follow & Stalk Me and My Family. This is just to add that I didn't realize some of the same Catholics who harassed me in Mt. Angel then tracked my parents to Coquille, Oregon and began harassing and assaulting them there. My parents didn't tell me this, I found out. I don't know about my brother for sure. I do know that as for me, there were members of the Catholic church from Mt. Angel, not just men, but women, who were still following me around, all the way to Wenatchee, WA in 2005. I remember one woman in particular, who stopped and talked to me when I was protesting in the City of Mt. Angel. She screamed at me saying I was crazy and that no monk would ever want a relationship with me and I had been trying to seduce him. She went on and on and I calmly said no, that wasn't true, I never seduced any monk and then she got so angry she started pointing to my boots and said no real christian would wear shoes like that, with high heels, to seduce men with. I had been wearing modest long pants and boots that had a heel. I never forgot her because she attacked me so long and then I asked her who was telling her all these things about my supposedly being nuts or seducing a monk. She said she talked to the Abbot and he told her this. She had gone to him to ask him why I was protesting and what happened and that's what she was told. And then she said all of the priests and monks knew. I felt sorry for her in a way because she had been lied to, but I was also not going to forget her because she was so zealous. I saw the exact same woman, after seeing her in town all the time, driving around in Wenatchee, WA when I moved there after making a report to the FBI about agent misconduct. She was following me around and watching me. I also saw attorney John Kaempf in the town of Mt. Angel, coming out of a parking lot for other lawyers in town who I had to deal with later. And then I found out, after all of this, that there were more Catholic members who had lived there when I was protesting and who harassed me and stalked me and some of them moved to where my parents were living. Literally. I met them again at a "prayer meeting" in Myrtle Point, Oregon and I had a bad feeling about them. The one man said he was raised Amish but regardless he was a mean person. Amish or not, he and his wife were going to Catholic events only when I knew them from Mt. Angel. It looked to me like they had some kind of control over my Mom or were torturing her as well. After all of this talk about being christians and raised Amish, as I saw these mean streaks and hatred, I said in the second meeting, "Didn't you guys live in Mt. Angel?" and they froze. This was in 2011, years after I first knew them from Mt. Angel in 1999-2001. She said no. I said, "No, I'm positive. I'm positive because I remember seeing you there all the time and I have a very good memory." She finally admitted yes, they had lived in Mt. Angel at that time. Then she volunteered that maybe I saw them going to the Catholic church there because they had some friends there. I saw them going to the Mt. Angel Abbey monastery and also to the Catholic church in the adjacent City of Mt. Angel. She was always driving back and forth past me when I was protesting and scowling. So when I figured out how I knew them, she started talking about how people should "forgive". At my first visit there nothing happened with technology and I didn't recognize them yet. At the second visit, fewer people were there and both me and my Mom were tortured with use of technology and it was their house. Not only that, they were doing psychic work, but there was just this horrible mean streak and bad things happened to my Mom both times we went. A cut on the finger one time and something similiar the next time, only occuring after I left the room to use the bathroom. It's like my mother and father have been forced to pretend they are friends with people holding them hostage in various ways. I think it starts pointing to Panetta. However, I found this out not because my mother told me or because they admitted they knew me already, but only because of my memory from 10 years earlier. I am pretty sure this couple is also connected to The Schneiders. And this was another example of Catholics trying to circle around my family and get close and then control us, with the history going all the way back to Mt. Angel Abbey in 2000 and 2001. Not only that, there was a link to the Middleton family too, of all things. The Middleton family as in Kate Middleton. I found out about that after I went to the first meeting and then randomly ended up looking up monarchy news of 2011 and some of the photos featured the same environment and people we had just been around, which not everyone would pick up on, but I did. It's not a stretch of the imagination either.

My mother has had to work with people in real estate that are directly connected to Kate Middleton and I can't prove it but I believe my parents have met one or more of the Middleton family. My mother also has to work with a woman named Susan Hayes who is a banker from England. Kate Middleton's best roommate was a "Hayes" and one of the main religious leaders for the Archdiocese of Washington is also a Hayes. I intercepted email to my parents from Susan Hayes which indicated some mockery of my family and of our being tortured and I found out about the same time that my parents dog is literally terrified of anyone speaking with a specific kind of British accent. He gets so upset, he throws up and is violently ill and begins shaking. He also acts like someone is about to hit him. He doesn't do this with American voices so I am positive my parents have been exposed to some bad individuals who have some kind of European connection and this Hayes may also be connected to the Catholic church through the Archdiocese man. The only person I've known with a British accent, from England, in Oregon, is Lorraine Rose, a Rabbi's wife whose sister still lives in England. I worked for them. However the accent the dog freaks out over is more like Susan Hayes accent and it's a particular kind of accent. Kiera Knightly's form of British, or the man from the movie "Duplicity"--the dog literally goes into hiding and shakes terribly. And after I went to this meeting where there were psychics there and some were Catholic from Mt. Angel years ago, I then found an updated photo gallery with pictures that were mirroring the group and people I had just been around. I encountered a lot of harassment over my interest in Princess Diana later, after I was a victim of religious hate crime so long and being slandered. So this is an aside on that note. My parents are highly talented and gifted people with unique abilities which has perhaps made me more of a focus when I never knew anyone could be interested in me at all. It is now 2011 and there is a lot of convincing evidence to suggest my parents have been oppressed for some time and forced into things. They have been tortured and threatened and have been blackmailed to stay silent. I did not know this during the entire time I was being targeted myself. I feel that the animosity against me was also used to get to my parents and control them as perhaps some of these people felt my family was assisting me in some way. So they attempted to use control of my parents to get them to control me. I do not believe the issue is "political". I believe it is religious hate crime. It only becomes "political" in the sense that when religious hate crime begins using political channels and employees, it indicates corruption.

1998. Sometime in 1998 I got blacklisted from employment in Portland. My only references were East Coast and I had reported Lisa Thebault after awhile, for not paying taxes when I was a nanny which included 80-100 hrs/wk overtime. I contacted the IRS and submitted my own payment of money for the taxes and this check to the IRS "disappeared". Apparently, this, with my letter to the IRS, was taken by someone in the IRS department. I also inquired about how to get taxes paid by Rabbi and Lorraine Rose and the IRS man told me to tell them to give me a "W-2". I said I'd already asked and they refused and later the Rabbi refused to return my calls at his offices at the synogogue. It is my belief that someone on my list of references was using the opportunity to blacklist me to potential employers.

I had someone tell me it was Mary DelBalzo.

However, about the time I tried to get a friend to call up for me and find out, I was being defamed. My former employers that I was using were: Colleen, a Polish-heritage supervisor for me who was head secretary to Ed Israel (his wife's name was Carla); Mary and Carl DelBalzo; Marylynn and Ken Kargman in NJ; Lisa and Brian Thebault of NJ; and Rabbi & Lorraine Rose, and Leagelds (summer job). It was nearly impossible for me to get work after working for Lorraine and Rabbi Rose. I remember even having people tell me outright that one of my references was bad, and in the same sentence, telling me I was being blacklisted throughout the entire City of Portland. Finally, I took a job through the temp. agency Express, for a new start business and the supervisor (Linda, I believe) was hostile and all of my coworkers were hostile. I also found out Lorraine and Rabbi Rose's son's girlfriend knew me and knew I was working there (small company). My manager above her was named Jason (Jason Goodman or Jason Potter, I believe--CHECK) and he knew me from high school, and also knew a former boyfriend I'd had--Robin Bechtold. I then found out this company was monitoring my personal mail even during my designated lunch break and didn't give any notice they did this. After I asked about this, I was fired and it was impossible for me to get work after this woman fired me. The temp agency never employed me again and has refused to release my personal records which I'm entitled to, for almost a decade. I've asked several times. I filled out applications and they are always disappearing in the system or "lost". Before working for the Roses, I never had a problem with them.

(1999 or 2000? check): I meet Christa Schneider, whose family is Catholic but claim they converted to be evangelical. The entire Schneider family is Catholic, baptized and was previously involved in the Catholic church, and it is my opinion that they, like the Bakens who moved next to my grandparents, have never been authentic "converts" to Protestant evangelicalism.

After things got tenuous with the clergy at Mt. Angel Abbey, and I had been asked where I attended church, her entire family showed up at my church and she went out of her way to befriend me. I did not know then that her father worked for the Department of Justice as a Prosecuting Attorney previously and that she knew the Mt. Angel Abbey's attorneys. She encouraged me to take classes at PSU that were held by all Roman Catholic members. They discriminated against me and gave me grades not in keeping with my work after I was defamed (in 2002) by a newspaper regarding their church.

2000: Migraines were triggered in late 1996 or early 1997, which I was later able to tie to technology that triggered them, but then outward signs of religious hate crime became clear.

I was followed and extreme levels of vandalism were done to my car. This began while I was in contact with Fr. Joachim and then he began sending me threatening emails, one which states exactly-- "...I wouldn't want your good name to be dragged through the mud", telling me not to report a monk's conduct to the Abbot. He said I would be in "danger dire".

He knew the monastery and Abbey attorneys were determined to smear my character and that's what they did when I followed through with my complaint. I also began experiencing evidence of the beginning of "danger dire" with my car tires being slashed beyond repair and windows broken in several times each week.
2000 or 2001: I began trying to blog about my experience as a victim of ongoing vandalisms and assault, and police favoritism and obstruction, on AOL. AOL repeatedly cut me off from using their site (even though I was a paying member) and removing my posts. I had been with AOL since 1997 and when they started doing this, I would contact their administration and customer service and they would only tell me someone had reported me to them and asked to have my posts removed. The only thing I was writing about was the Catholic church dogma of the Immaculate Conception and about the Mt. Angel Abbey and how they were using police against me that went to their own church in town. People posted all kinds of things with AOL, scandalous things, X-rated things even, and no problem for them. Everything from me, however, was repeatedly removed. AOL’s customer service finally told me that their lawyers had received a “cease-and-desist” letter from the attorneys for Mt. Angel Abbey demanding that AOL block any posts made by me. First, AOL was doing this on their own and then later they claimed it was because of the legal department for Mt. Angel’s lawyers. I stated I was not writing anything untrue and that it was a violation of free speech. Then they allowed me to put up a post or two if it wasn’t about this or the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception (which, they said, was found “offensive”), or about the illegal use of police. However, they refused to have it hit the regular mainstream internet and while they published materials by others out to the www, they refused to do this with anything that I wrote and said I should be content with an internal “publication” of what I wrote.

Still with AOL, I started missing emails, had emails deleted and emails coming to my inbox multiple times (the same email sent 3x or my email being sent out arriving in someone else’s box very late, like a day late and sometimes in duplicates).

This is the entire reason I quit AOL services. I looked up who owned AOL and they were mainly Roman Catholic. So then I tried another site, Yahoo, and had a similar problem with them and again found many Catholics with that publication service. So finally I started researching which group was NOT run by a member of the Catholic church and it was Google and that’s when I finally found some freedom of speech and was able to post like everyone else, without religious discrimination and harassment.

When I went with Google’s Blogger, I was finally able to publish like anyone else, and what I wrote was ranked normally as well, or came up in appropriate searches for search engines. However, when I was able to publish, that’s when the torture against me and my son worsened to a very severe level.

Aside from migraines being triggered, this was something I experienced only once or twice at close range when I was in late-term pregnancy. I started to wonder if the radioactive iodine I had for a pelvic CT had something to do with it, but it was happening to my son too so I had wondered if he was also more susceptible as a target because he'd possibly ingested some of this through my breast milk. Supposedly, it was to clear my system and I had expressed some milk ahead of time, but I don't know. I had the CT of my pelvis done long after childbirth. I didn't want to take narcotic painkillers (which I was told didn't affect breast milk) to mask the pain when something was wrong so I was the one who asked for a CT. Later, as an entirely non-drug-seeking person, I was defamed by this Dr. Butler to everyone as being "drug-seeking" which is why, he claimed, he kicked both me and my son from his clinic without even providing the mandatory 30-day notice. This was coming from a clinic that received the majority of its funding from federal government grants.

The scab on my son's head, from injury at birth, was still reforming and scabbing over, even 3 months later. I took photos of his scalp and they were stolen in Wenatchee, or were possibly in the car I was forced to abandon in Canada. They were on an undeveloped snapshot camera, and I had it labeled with my writing (I wrote on the paper or label affixed to the camera).

I didn't get the CT for myself until after 3 months after birth and I believe it was closer to 6 months after.

I was basically kicked out after I asked what the "abnormal fluid" was, that the radiologist report referred to, which was said to need follow-up. Dr. Butler told me in a visit everything was normal but then I got the radiology report from medical records and the doctor had written there was abnormal fluid in my pelvis which needed follow-up because it was of unknown origin or cause.

I also tried to report a serious reaction to vaccinations which I believe my son was double-dosed on. When I tried to report to VAERS, I had problems with my computer disconnecting and I told Dr. Butler or a nurse I needed my son's vaccinations records. The first time I called, someone told me my son had recieved 3 different vaccinations and the second time I was told he received only 2. I had been present and I knew how many he'd received and they were lying. I asked for the batch numbers, because they were on the labels for my son's medical chart or Dr. records, and I was refused this information. I went to the Ombudsman about it and I was ignored. I went to the Chelan-Douglas country health department and they were hostile. It was during this time that we were kicked out and "banned" from returning. Dr. Butler also called me "drug-seeking" and removed an order for my receipt of narcotic painkillers for the migraines he knew were so severe, they could not be treated with other things. I was thrown back into suffering.

(On "drug-seeking": The first Dr.'s in Wenatchee to call me "drug seeking" were friends and fellow church members of people in Oregon that I had lawsuits against. Dr. Michael Parnell was the first Dr. to write anything defamatory and when I appeared for migraine treatment, he asked if there was anything else going on aside from migraine, any anxiety. So I said well I had a little anxiety and shock after making a misconduct report over two FBI agents. This was what I said to him, specifically. I limited my blame to specific FBI agents, I did not name them and had not, at that point, ever named them to anyone outside of my family or close friends. I also did not tell him what the nature of the misconduct complaint was about. I made no reference to dating, or anything about anything else. I was very discreet, limiting my explanation to "misconduct complaint" and nothing else.

After this, Dr.'s there treated me badly and didn't want to give me migraine treatment. I finally got my records and saw why: Dr. Parnell had written in a chart something to the effect of, "...this woman came in rambling, paranoid and delusional, claiming she was 'raped by the FBI'" and then he included a smear to say I was "drug-seeking". I wasn't--he had asked what helped and what I was given for treatment in the past and I told him, I'd tried everything in Oregon and finally the only thing that worked for the pain was narcotics and then the only thing that had sort of helped to eliminate the underlying migraine sometimes, was a shot to the back of the head to temporarily paralyze and numb that section. I hated shots but it was nothing compared to the pain. Dr. Parnell couldn't have possibly had good cause to suspect I was drug-seeking. I was also shocked that he made up what I told him, of his own accord, characterizing my complaint as something I told him was a rape by the FBI (the whole agency is how he said I put it). I never said anything to this effect. Dr. Parnell deliberately and maliciously defamed me. And when a Dr. or two started to forget his chart note because it was on the bottom, he actually copied it and put another one at the top so it was the first thing they saw. What concerned me was who leaked information about the nature of my FBI complaint. I was also alarmed that he seemed to be trying to create a defense for them, by calling me drug-seeking and mentally ill, or that he was perhaps adding to something already written (in FBI files? by Thornton? I didn't know), to benefit some group he knew (or a litigation adversary?). Because so much of the hate crime was from Roman Catholics, I wondered if he was as well and if that was part of his motive. So I checked on it and discovered he was a member of the Catholic church. Because the defamation discredited my testimony of severe pain from migraine, it was a serious harm that affected my health in a major way, which was one reason I asked the FBI for FOIA. Another reason, was that I was also being harassed by law enforcement and I didn't know who had defamed me. So after being jailed falsely I needed to know so I could correct it if necessary.

I never had any Dr. accuse me of being drug-seeking or mentally ill, in my life, until 2004-2005 when I was in Wenatchee only. I gave people the benefit of a doubt, thinking "they don't know me and maybe they think I'm making it up". But then I quickly discovered it was malicious and deliberate. Along with Dr. Parnell, the other ER doctors who harassed me and lied and got angry at me if I tried to persuade them to the truth or to get my records, were: Dr. Jonathan Jobe, Dr. Mark Shipman, Dr. John Crane, and Dr. Ettinger as well as Dr. Hughes. All of them started trying to give me either antihistamines (which I'm allergic to) for "tension headache" or turned me away saying I didn't really have migraines and I was just mentally ill.

Dr. Jonathan Jobe literally got angry in my face, and mean when no one was there and said, inches away from me, "You don't have MIGRAINES! you have TENSION headaches!" and I thought if that's the case, why is he treating me like he hates me and saying this with such anger? Then he refused to treat me with anything for pain. He said if I wanted something, he would give me 500 mgs of Ibuprofen, he said, "I won't give you anything for migraine but if you want ibuprofen for your TENSION headache, I'll give you that."

These doctors gave me so many over-the-counter kinds of drugs that were ineffective, like NSAIDS, instead of narcotics combined with a shot or something, that I started to show signs of having mild kidney problems. I had tried tons of ibuprofen before, often, trying to help myself without going to ER. It didn't work and just tore up my stomach. So then I was getting antihistamines (because they said I was crazy) and injections of Toradol. It didn't help. And they kept giving me antihistamines even though I repeatedly told them I was allergic.

Dr. Christopher Hughes took an interest in my "headaches" by saying he had a "cocktail" he wanted to try. He was always pointedly referring to his "Cocktail". I said what is in it, and it was nothing that would help me but I tried it anyway. It was an antihistamine (before I knew I was allergic), and an anti-inflammatory, and then one other ingredient. It was 3 different things and it did nothing for my pain nor did it quit my migraine. He was also mean and said this is what he wanted to do. Later, I looked at his chart notes and they were very thorough and sounded halfway professional but it was like he was writing observation notes of a guinea pig trying out some kind of concoction. And then later, much later, when my son and I were being tortured, I was very shocked to see which Dr.s were the most violently angry with me. I will write about that later.

Dr. Mark Shipman, among the doctors, one time gave me Demerol or a narcotic to treat my migraine, in the middle of one after the other horrific visit to ER. I was showing up at ER all the time because I did not have medical insurance for regular planning with a primary Doctor and although I initially had health insurance through college at PSU, the one thing they didn't cover was narcotic prescriptions. And I started having a lot more migraines triggered, and they were very severe, right about the time I was obstructed from my lawsuits. I also had bronchitis repeatedly and had to go back to PSU health to get antibiotics over and over. Sometimes I didn't even go because nothing helped. It was this weird chronic thing and it started about the time I made my FBI report. Since I was commuting between WA and OR at first, before my car was taken from me, I did have some insurance in OR that covered prescriptions for Imitrex and other things I tried, and it covered the cost of ER visits there, but it did not cover me in WA State. In Oregon, if I went to ER, I had no problem. So while I was being blocked from receiving appropriate painkillers in WA, I remember 1 or 2 times Dr. Shipman treated me with narcotics and without harassment and it was a welcome relief. Later, he became outright hostile and after already knowing I had severe migraine, stopped treating me for them and let me suffer instead.

Dr. John Crane was always around somewhere, in the periphery. He only saw me a few times but he was pleasant. He refused to treat me with what I needed however, if perhaps he did one time. And then when my son and I were being tortured, the nurse suggested a "classic" remedy of Cafergot. He shook his head no, and it turned out this was one effective remedy that would have helped me and alleviated my need for narcotics as well. I discovered this after I was in Canada and they gave me ergotamine and I found out it is very similiar to Cafergot, or has the same action on contricting blood vessels that have gone out of control and expanded, creating severe pain. I remember at the time I had thought it was strange he shook his head no when I had just listed off, to both him and the nurse, a huge comprehensive list of about 20-30 things I'd tried over the years (literally, everything). I'd had botox injections to the back of the head; another agent to paralyze nerves in the back; Imitrex and other sumatriptan and other triptan medications (first tried these while working at CTR with health insurance from work because they were new to me then--before Imitrex, I was taking handfuls of Ibuprofen at DelBalzos and wondering what was wrong with my head (at the end of employment with them); 100% pure oxygen therapy (which was somewhat helpful and I might try it again sometime, but when I asked them to do this in Wenatchee they first gave me this little nose inhaler that is standard for patients in the hospital, with a low amount of oxygen and just a little air going up the nose, when what the neurologist said to do was get out an oxygen tank and give me 100% strength pure oxygen to inhale for 15-20 minutes); I used tons of OTCs to self-medicate; I was given Toradol; tranquilizers; antihistamines; birth control pills; physical therapy with electrodes and deep tissue massage (the deep tissue massage, strangely enough, was sometimes a preventative that worked I thought, but I didn't know that I wasn't having natural migraine and that they were triggered so I probably thought maybe it's helping muscles to relax, when it had nothing to do with that at all.); and then Dr.s wanted to put me on a major muscle and nerve relaxant and I read about it (gabapantin I believe) and knew it would affect and slow down my brain too much to be on something like that every single day. Out of everything I had tried, the most effective was a shot to the head to numb muscles and pain and constrict blood vessels, and this was combined with narcotics for the pain. I would say, on a scale of pain for how severe these migraines are, to give you an idea, I took only 5 mg. of oxycodone to wean down from oxycontin after a major bone graft surgery to my knee. I also took about 5 mg. percocet for my broken neck but I remember the pain and probably should have asked for a higher dose but I was young. With these migraines, 1 5 mg. percocet didn't help with the pain, and 2 percocet was just slightly better. I started having rebound with the headache though, or someone kept triggering them, and it was just over and over. When I got morphine for the first time for migraine, I found that to be the one thing that really helped with the pain, but that was just the pain and then the underlying problem was there. I asked them for shots to the back of my head to avoid morphine repeats, but the Dr.'s there said no one was experienced to do this. They tried 5 mg. morphine and it did nothing. Sometimes, the pain was so incredibly severe, I had a 10 mg. morphine shot and then one after that a few hours later. That wasn't often. But I was never exaggerating the pain. So if someone can estimate what kinds of illnesses and injuries are painful enough to require approximately 10-20 mg. morphine injections, and understand that pain level, that is where I was at, almost every single time, and to not have this kind of pain treated, was what made me just want to die. It was like being beat up by gangsters every single day in a confined jail cell, unable to get away, and not having treatment for the pain or help. It was torture. I looked up what the indications are for giving someone this much for pain and it's for "moderate to severe pain" according to some sites and most of them put it in the "severe" category, for palitive care for severe pain from cancer or post-operative surgery for just 10 mg. oxycodone and then this is the info for morphine (oral) which isn't as strong as an intramuscular injection: This is the kind of pain I was having all day and night for up to 3 days once a migraine was triggered to begin with. It was completely incapacitating and when I found out they were deliberately triggered, it is very easy to say this was a form of torture that was used against me to punish me, cause pain and severe suffering, and prevent me from succeeding at basically anything, but most importantly, lawsuits to restore my good name and character after I was so defamed it made it almost impossible to get hired or be taken seriously when it was imperative to be taken seriously and believed. For my own sake, and later, for the sake of the well-being of my son. It amounts to life-endangerment and becomes a constant life-threatening situation, allowing continued abuse and assault with no hope of relief due to being discredited, obstructed, and tortured in ways that make it almost impossible to prove. This is and has been damaging to the point of irreparable harm and meets the definition for life-threatening. I was not asking for FOIA from FBI to "get someone into trouble" or out of sheer curiosity about how someone was doing their job. My life and my son's life, and the quality of our lives, depended upon prompt release of materials which could have shed light on the reason for sudden defamation about being drug-addicted, abusing, or drug-seeking, about mentally ill claims now coming from Doctors, and an increase in police harassment 3-fold the times what it had been before. Not only that, those who first engaged and colluded to vandalize all my property felt a confidence to continue doing this, steal from me, and try to harm in other ways, and this is concerning enough to warrant investigation and release of all records to a non-Catholic and non-Jew with the OIG, and to me for my ability to examine what I might be able to point out as error.

Case in point: if someone shows up to ER and there is a dispute about someone's medical condition, all that any Wenatchee Dr. had to do was ask who had been in charge of my migraines and call them or have them fax my neurology reports from Tualatin, Oregon over. I told them several times where they were and who my primary migraine caregivers had been and they refused to call or have a Dr. fax records over. Instead, they said I was lying, harassed me and were mean, refused to treat my pain, and usually made me wait for hours in the ER even if no one else was there (literally). I wasn't even just asking for treatment with narcotics, I had told them about an injection to the back of my head they used to give me that sometimes helped a little. I wrote out releases and everything and the Dr.'s deliberately chose to defame me in medical records rather than have a record prove they were wrong. They wanted me to suffer. It is my belief, their actions showed willful malicious intent to keep me in pain and to defame me as "mentally ill" and "drug-seeking".

Since the first time in my life anyone ever suggested drug abuse was through Julia Thornton who interviewed me for my FBI report, it is possible the FBI maligned me and knew someone. First it was the FBI's S.A. Julia Thornton. Next, it was Dr.'s in Wenatchee going out of their way to help someone by defaming me. Because the Dr.'s refused to get copies of my records transferred, I mailed for them myself, but the problem was that I was having so many migraines triggered at that time, it almost disabled me from functioning. I had more migraines triggered AND I was refused pain treatment for them. It was at least once a week. The only other time they were so bad was in 1998 when I had 15 in one month. Nothing like that happened again until after I made my report about FBI agents.

I had even turned down narcotics prescriptions from Butler, because he wrote out a whole bottle of them for me when I was pregnant and I went to the pharmacy to get the other things ordered and left the narcotics. Then they were still there the next time and they told me to pick them up whenever I wanted. I said to them, and told Dr. Butler, "I don't need them because I'm not having migraines right now and I don't want to take them in pregnancy."

If I had been "drug-seeking", I would have taken them and used them later. Or sold them. But I have only used narcotics, in my entire life, for legitimate and very extreme pain. I have never abused them as a substance. If I needed a narcotic, knowing about all the other drugs and how they affect my pain and the severity of my pain, I spoke up for myself. And if I didn't need a narcotic, you couldn't ask me to pick them up if they were sitting in a big bottle at no cost to me through State insurance. The same State that wanted me to pick up those narcotics, defamed me and illegally took my son. I remember telling Dr. Butler I didn't need them and he looked disappointed. With all these people around wanting to adopt my son, I wondered later if someone had hoped I'd take enough narcotics for it to be found in my system at birth, giving them an excuse to take my son--even if they had prescribed them for me. When I later challenged the idea that I was "drug-seeking" and said if I was, then why did you prescribe them, Dr. Butler later claimed to everyone that he only prescribed because it was the lesser of two evils, as if it was preventing worse harm.)

The Chelan-Douglas Health Department, after months, finally wrote to me saying they had the information and they relayed which series of vaccinations my son received. I said I still needed the batch numbers.

All medical professionals in Wenatchee colluded together to prevent me from obtaining these batch numbers and reporting my son's serious adverse reaction to VAERS. I believe it is because they gave him a double-dose of one, because that's what the first woman told me, before records changed. Either that, or he was given a vaccination that was experimental and which was not on the list of proscribed series for that age.

My son's reaction to this set of immunizations was so bad that his jaundice and bilirubin levels were still not resolved from birth, 3 months after. Just as the scab on his head had not resolved. He was having intracranial bleeding for months after our traumatic childbirth.

Additionally, while information about the batch date for vaccines was withheld from me, I discovered someone either lied about the drug they injected me with, gave me a placebo, or was shooting themselves up in the back room. I had an experience with another Doctor when I had to show up in the section of the clinic for walk-in. Someone triggered a migraine, and I showed up at the walk-in and a nurse injected me with "morphine". However, it didn't work, because my pain level wasn't changed at all. I waited for a half hour and said whatever it was, and whatever brand it was, it did not work the way morphine worked for me. I even said, "Was that 10 mgs? because that did not work the way it always worked for me in the past". So I asked him to give me another shot and he did. it still wasn't better, as it normally is. He told me how many mgs he was giving me. However, then when I asked for the itemized bill, I discovered that I was charged for a different amount of morphine. I called and asked how it came, and the nurse confirmed it was only billed according to the units it was packaged in. I was being charged for a lot more morphine that I never got. I brought this up to the administration there the same time I brought up the batch number matter for my son and we were kicked out. I was polite, but someone didn't want to give me that batch number information and they kicked us out instead. I never got it. To this day, I have never received the information I requested. I have subsequently never been able to report my son's reaction to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Reporting System).

Things got worse for both me and my son, but trying to go in order of a timeframe, these are the things that were happening. After we were kicked out of healthcare, vandalism began again, to my vehicle parked outside our house on Methow St. No one else in the neighborhood was targeted.

Dr. Butler also tried to "ban" me and my son from WIC, another federally funded program. He did this after he first defamed me and banned my son and I from the clinic and from the walk-in. I said I would file a discrimination claim with the federal government and they backed off, but instead of banning me, started writing bad things about me there.

The other issue with Dr. Butler was that he refused standard of care to me and my son. After I was asking questions, he tried to force me off of breast feeding my son, saying, "I hope you're not someone who believes in breast-feeding until the kid is 5." And I said no, but I planned to breast-feed for at least 1 year and possibly 2 years if he wanted. We then got thrush and it was a bad case so I asked for a antibiotic. He refused to give me even a topical treatment and said to quit breastfeeding for 2 weeks and put him on formula. I said no, that would train him to prefer formula. I went to WIC and they advocated for my right to breast feed so he wrote out a topical. It didn't work and then he refused to give us treatment for systemic infection. It had progressed and our immune systems had been impaired (I didn't know then) by a house that was later condemned for a black mold issue. We were refused treatment. I went to several lactation consultants and they all said it was systemic by then and we needed a antibiotic. But Dr. Butler refused to prescribe one and when I tried to get one from Central Washington Hospital and Wenatchee Valley Hospital, they also refused to prescribe one. Then it turned into a problem where we had spots appearing on our faces from tinea because of non-treatment. This is how much they first cared about my son Oliver.

This was the approximate time I noticed problems with my internet service, except for one other thing that was done that brought my computer imaging from 32-bit to 16-bit graphics and computer people who looked at it said it was really odd and couldn’t be done unless it was intentional and that was done all the way back in 1997 when I lived in St. John’s, Oregon at a house which I had purchased and owned on my own. Aside from a few strange things in 1997, nothing else happened until I had problems with AOL refusing to print what my story was.

(reorganize by dates &&)

2000-2001: I believe this was the year I was a victim of date rape by a long-time friend, Catholic, Robin Bechtold. I would have to check with my friend about exact date, who was then a witness. She was the one to point it out to me, without my saying anything about it first, and her name is Erica Ballinger.

Robin has two siblings, a brother and a sister. His brother Nathan Bechtold, is also Catholic and was a police officer. At the time I knew him, he made many trips back and forth from Ireland. His mother's family was Catholic Italian and part Catholic Irish. First he worked as some kind of guard at a prison and then he was in other law enforcement.

Robin's sister is Eliza Bechtold, also Catholic, and is a lawyer in Palo Alto, California.

(Incidentally, Palo Alto is where FBI S.S.A. Don ___ held his offices when he and the other guy from D.C. came out to take my report).

Robin went to Claremont College and his best friend Erik Lund went to Pomona, in CA. They were best friends since toddlers growing up in Sherwood, Oregon and from Catholic families. When Robin went to Sherwood High, Erik went to a Roman Catholic Jesuit school.

By the time I was 25 or 26, I was single and had kissed only 3 men in my lifetime, with one relationship ending with making out (Robin), a rape(Josh), and then another relationship with consensual intimacy (B). B knew I'd been raped by Josh because I cried all the time and told him. My housemates also knew. I referred to it in a diary by writing a poem about it as well.

No other man, aside from these 3, had ever laid a hand on me in any way.

If it had been my choice, I would have liked to have been married by 24, but I did not meet the right person. I dated a lot of men, but it was without any form of intimacy in any way, by my choice--it was getting to know each other without physical involvement (aside from these 3).

I had decided to wait until marriage again and start over and then I was date-raped by Robin. For whatever reason, he had been trying to achieve this for years, with no success. It occured on a Thanksgiving weekend. I believe it was the Thanksgiving weekend of 1999, 1 year after I had been raped by Josh Gatov in 1998. There was a witness to my state of incapacity due to intoxication at the time it occured, and that witness was Erica. She also noted that he was not drunk or intoxicated at all.

He attempted to cover it up, to cover for himself. This ruined our friendship but I tried to forgive him later. I don't believe his family and friends ever forgave me for saying I was waiting to marry a Protestant man, they hated me from 1992-onwards. In 2003-2004 we were cordial again and while I was recovering from a hit-and-run collision by an illegal driver who injured me, he tried to buy my narcotic (oxycontin) prescription drugs from me and I reported it to police and was harassed ever since.

Some of the harassment may have been due to the fact that police knew his brother Nathan, who was also in law enforcement. Additionally, Robin was a "darling" of law enforcement all the way back in high school, racing around in drag races with friends and telling me how the police always smiled and let them go. I am positive that the information was relayed to his brother and then to his entire family. The officer I reported it to made fun of me and said he wasn't taking a report. I was blown off about it though I tried a couple of times because I was so stunned that he would do this. I started wondering if he was laundering money through his law firm.

However, I had always witnessed Robin, in high school, selling drugs to my brother at the end of our driveway and after this, without telling him I knew, I had many conservations with him about my feelings about those who ruin other's lives by selling drugs to kids.

I witnessed him giving or selling drugs to my brother Levi in about 1992. Possibly 1993. On our own property. His father always smoked pot when I came over and I never said anything. Then, years later, he was trying to buy my prescription drugs from me. He even told me the exact amount he would give me per oxycontin pill.

2001: After being assaulted in date-rape by my friend Robin, I felt too intimidated to report him but this accumulation of events made me decide to go ahead and report the man who raped me as an associate, when I was still a virgin. That man was Josh Gatov and it occured in 1998 but I reported it later to Det. Gross, of the Portland Police. After an article came out about me, through Willamette Week, Det. Gross said he was dropping the rape investigation and pointed out the newspaper article as his deciding factor. I believe Gross was Catholic and it is possible he wanted to drop the investigation against Gatov because someone was worried I would be reporting Bechtold next. Initially, Gross had been nice to work with, even though I had a lot of obstacles with some other police when I tried to make a report.

I reported the matter first to Tigard police. Two officers took my report and I felt they were objective and handled everything fairly and weren't abusive or mean in any way. They said, however, that it wasn't their jurisdiction. I had thought it was because it occured between Tigard and Portland on Terwilliger (after we were around police from Lake Oswego). They said no, that was Portland jurisdiction. So when I went to the precinct in Portland, I was harassed to no end. They blamed me, and tried to say I needed mental help. Since I had reported Bechtold to Portland police I wondered if that had something to do with their animosity or if it was just my activism at Mt. Angel. I had no problem at all with the 2 police officers (both men) at Tigard precinct but the ones with Portland who first took my report (2 men) treated me badly. They refused to even take a report. I called someone about it and they said go to the Det. unit and ask for an advocate. So I did. Then I was interviewed by Gross.

Gross was the one who said he believed what I was reporting amounted to "hate crime". I didn't go in with those words or knowledge of the terminology but that's what he said.

I told him this man was Jewish and said how would my Dad feel to know his daughter was 'taken by a Jew!' immediately after raping me and holding me down by force, refusing to listen to me say stop loudly and try to push him off and he also had a knife on him which intimidated me into finally realizing he was going to rape me no matter what, and was stronger and got angry and more abusive when I told him to quit. So it was play dead at some point or let him possibly knife me, as his behavior was already violent. Gross heard my facts and said it was hate crime. I believe this is true because I don't see what my Dad had to do with any of it, and the fact that he violently raped me and then had this to say in triumph, was not normal.

He ended up getting away with his crime because someone tipped him off and the day after I made my report or shortly after, he fled the country for Thailand. I always wondered if a police officer tipped him off. I don't know why, but he was very friendly with the cops from Lake Oswego the night I was raped, before the incident occured. And the lengths some law enforcement went to blow this off made me question what kind of arrangement he had with police or who he knew. I found out he'd left the country when I tried calling his place and an Asian man answered who said Josh left for Thailand. I asked if he knew when he'd be back and he said no. So Gross postponed the investigation at that point, and said he would still keep it open for when he got back. So the rape investigation was never closed until after I was defamed by The Willamette Week. Then, it wasn't facts that caused the case to be closed, but defamation and the Det. saying I should change my coat if I didn't want to draw attention to myself. Josh told me he wanted to be an English tutor in Japan. I believe he was even taking Japanese as a language. I didn't hear about any sudden plans from him to travel prior to the attempted call with police, and with his language classes all in Japanese, I didn't think he'd take off for Thailand.

When my son was later taken from me, some sort of retaliatory point was made by the AGs offices and some State workers, who then wanted to repeat the idea of "fleeing the U.S. during an investigation" and they kept sneering at me, bringing up "karma". I didn't flee the U.S. because of a pending investigation. I fled because my son and I were being tortured and prior to that, falsely arrested and harassed after I tried to report things. It's odd that anyone working in a government job would choose to attempt to use this language against me, knowing that this is what Josh Gatov did--he fled the U.S. during a pending investigation. I did not flee the U.S. because of any pending investigation. There was no investigation pending and I had an open door to anyone who wanted to stop by. I believe it would be important to discover who would want to retaliate against me for my report against Gatov. It is my strong opinion that law enforcement, possibly even FBI, or some connected, knew of him or worked with him in some capacity. The only other thing I can think of is how he brought up the part about being Jewish and the supervisor over my social worker Tina Thornton, is Jewish--her name is Donna Titleman. I was told by other social workers that Donna had a lot to do with pushing for something against me. I am also not sure if possibly a woman named Jennifer Godfrey is Jewish. I believe she is Catholic, and most of the people involved in the case involving my son are Catholic, which follows a lot of the hate crime. Godfrey was the person in charge of the CPS case who was immediately below the head supervisor for Wenatchee, and he had known the case was bogus and brought up throwing it all out in the beginning. Prior to working for the Rabbi and Lorraine Rose, I had worked for a Jewish man named Ed Israel and before that, it was DelBalzo's (catholic Italian) who had a Jewish next-door neighbor they were friends with and before this I had worked for a Jewish family in NJ by the last name of "Kargman". Marylynn and Ken Kargman (1993-1994 employment). I believe another person who is Jewish who could have been involved is my mother's family's attorney, Kyle Flick. I would also call into question a woman and her husband named Tim and Barbara Greenman. I don't know if they're Jewish or Catholic or claim to be Protestant, but I know that around this time, she was encouraging familial alienation, telling my mother not to have anything to do with me. I believe it is possible the Greenman's are somehow connected to law enforcement as well and possibly FBI. The only other Jewish contact at the time, aside from former employers and others I knew, was maybe through the FBI later when I called in 2001 to report the PLF matter. It went to a guy by the last name of Koch. I was represented by a law firm on appeal and this firm deliberately ruined my case--there was a partner by the name of Koch there, in Seattle, and another Koch gave my mother a letter of reference after she sold him a house when he moved from California. In this letter he makes a point about a "pin" he was giving to her that meant so much to him and this was right about the time I was telling people my grandfather who didn't want to be called German was photographed with some kind of pin on his lapel that looked like a red cross but I couldn't make it out for sure--and I told people he'd come over here after the war (though I since have discovered it was earlier because they lived in Michigan first). For all I know, some Jews thought we had a former Nazi in the family.

Without any doubt, a group of people tried to retaliate against me for reporting Gatov and rub it in my face for false reports that were written to make it sound like I had left the U.S. with my son under investigation. I also feel that this smear benefited some Catholics I had named as party to sexual misconduct. Given the extraordinary high number of Catholics who controlled the entire case with my son, I believe it is safe to assume the torture of my family has been a joint project.

This is part of the reason I request that this complaint be reviewed by someone who is neither Catholic nor Jewish. (anyone with any other conflict of interest I would also, of course, ask to abstain from investigating or being in charge of the control of the disposition of this report and its handling).

The other person who date-raped me (not as much by force as it was with Josh Gatov but by lack of consent and lack of capacity to consent, was Roman Catholic, whose mother is as well and has a lot of connected Italian-Catholic family in California. My witness to date-rape by Bechtold was Erica Ballinger. She stated it was clear I was beyond drunk and did not have capacity to consent whereas he was sober. She said she felt he had knowingly taken advantage of me and it was date-rape, and that she hadn't thought he would be the type to do this and she was disappointed. I did recall I was beyond drunk because I never drank and had no history of drinking, not even on weekends. With Josh Gatov, wine was involved and I didn't drink, however, I was able to speak up and repeatedly say no and try to push him off. I told him to stop. There is no possible way he misunderstood me. With Robin it was that he knew I was far too inebriated to give consent. I had had liquor less than 4 times my entire life and it was a weekend with college friends and I decided to try something and I don't remember how much I had. I do remember thinking, before I got even more drunk, that Robin was eyeing me oddly as if to hope I became more drunk. He was my friend, but I still remember it was sort of a predator interest. It wasn't romantic, wasn't about thinking about sex, it was more calculated. I just remember this and then not knowing what he would do later, I remembered and put it in my memory and then continued to drink and again, I do have a witness to this. If I am correct, when I had reported Gatov to Gross, I may have later brought up Robin and the fact there was a witness to back myself up. If I had thought Gross didn't believe me and it was my word against his, and then dropped the investigation, I do believe I was then bringing up this other situation and how I had a witness so my testimony, honesty and credibility wasn't damaged. I would assume that if anyone found out I was also using Bechtold, given the protective nature and hostility from his family and some of his friends, I feel there is the potential for collusion to want to defame me or discredit me. This is relevant in that he was also the one telling me not to report the FBI men, and the fact that later my son and I were tortured. Those who never came forward to speak up for me had some reasons of their own, not to. I even mentioned to him that there was a witness, that Erica had said what she thought. So this idea of my possibly saying something and having a witness would give someone connected to him motive for going along with trashing me.

2002: I had an extremely defamatory article written about me by one of Oregon state's largest newspaper publications-- The Willamette Week. The Willamette Week also makes circulation in Seattle, WA, other parts of the NW, and online. It sounded fair, but without the timeline and facts, it couldn't be discovered how badly I was defamed. One of the persons making defamatory comments was Richard Whittemore, attorney for Mt. Angel Abbey.

I called a woman I used to work for, Mary DelBalzo, formerly a lawyer for Intel, and she told me not to file a complaint to the Oregon State Bar against Whittemore. I wondered if it was because he was Catholic, as she was. Sometime between my employment with the DelBalzos and the Roses, I got blacklisted throughout Portland, Oregon. It became extremely hard to find a job and was worse after I was defamed by a paper. The blacklisting started before the publication though.

Richard (Dick) Whittemor-e lied about me and the newspaper printed his lies, one of them being that I was cited for misdemeanors and harassing clergy on clergy property (a lie--I was never found doing anything wrong on Abbey property and never cited for this either) and that he had a stack of paper 8 inches high of sexually explicit comments (also a lie which I proved to the OSB by telling them to prompt him to produce this so-called stack. He did and there was nothing sexually explicit but the OSB let him off the hook claiming however he defamed me was in keeping with "pre-litigation" tactics. However, I had never suggested I was fiiling a lawsuit at that time. I only filed them after I was defamed by the paper and felt the Abbey should be responsible for other things they'd done.

The article impuned criminal guilt to me, by lying and claiming I had committed crimes or was charged with crimes when I wasn't charged. I had received one citation in the town, not on clergy property, for putting up signs on a few telephone poles as other townsfolk did. They singled me out and told me to take mine down. It was "violation of a town ordinance" and had nothing to do with harassing a person, being violent or aggressive, disturbing the peace, or anything against another person. The newspaper made me, an innocent woman with no history of having ever been charged with anything, sound like a criminal. This is a damage on the face, that is actionable in a court of law. I asked them to retract it and they refused. The other thing they defamed me about which was actionable, was claiming I had sexually harassed a monk and sent a lot of sexually graphic email. I was a modest young woman who had been recently raped as a virgin. I was not lascivious, I dressed modestly, and I never swore and had modest speech. Never in my life had I written anything to any man that was sexually graphic, and not even bordering on romantic. I had never written a love letter in my life at that time, and I had also never written casual suggestive comments either. So for me, as a conservative christian woman who was saving sex for marriage and cared about her reputation, having someone so lie about me to sound trashy and promiscuous or even sexually harassing (crime) a monk, was damaging to my life. I had evidence this was a lie and the other statements were lies, before it went to press and I gave the paper proof. Knowing they were lying, they went ahead with the article and then later refused to retract anything. There were other things that were mentioned in this article which were also lies but these are just two examples.

After this article was printed, I experienced a lot of harassment from law enforcement. It was used to incite hate crimes and to create a mean picture of me as a spurned woman who was harassing and criminal, not innocent and attempting to seduce monks and therefore was deserving of retaliation, revenge, and lack of respect or credibility on any other claim I'd made in my life. It caused the Det. to drop my rape complaint, I couldn't get work, and I believe anyone investigating FBI and law enforcement internal memos would find that this was a catalyst for the Catholic officers of Mt. Angel Abbey who first put me "under investigation" just to make me sound bad as if it needed to be done. The FBI has many Catholic members in their field offices and I believe this created motive for some of them to go after me and collude to have me obstructed from my lawsuits which were pending.

I believe the refusal of the FBI in providing me with FOIA has safeguarded the same persons who defamed me and have endangered my entire family by putting us at risk of unnecessary vandalisms, hate crime, mischief, mail theft, and collusion with willing members of law enforcement into the intrusion of private affairs by surveillance that was used to benefit defendant parties to my lawsuits. I believe that the FBI also had agents deliberately engaging in criminal conduct themselves, against me, by promoting hate crimes, by illegally blocking me from making reports to their offices about ongoing crimes of poisoning, assault, and state-to-state vandalism as well as collusion with judiciary and government workers to put me in jail. I was put in jail for the first time in my life, 1 night before I was scheduled to have an interview with a reporter about the problems I was having with the FBI. This was in 2005. It is impossible to have all of these things happen following my report of misconduct by their agents, without several agents being guilty of criminal conduct.

It is my opinion that with judgments made in error, or exaggerated, are part of the hazards of law enforcement. I would not expect every officer to like me, or write about my fairly even, and I have had no intention to pick apart each small thing. What I believe is life-threatening is the fact that several agents engaged in conduct that was illegal and sought to cover it up. They then spread defamatory and false information about me to other law enforcement which put me in a worse position as victim of hate crime as now law enforcement refused to protect my most basic rights. They stopped taking reports, refused to analyze a DNA rape kit after another attempted rape (if they other guys are getting away with it, why not me? bc police are all saying she's crazy and are not on her side so if she's crazy, we can do whatever we want). I have wondered why Josh Gatov got so much protection, as an international russian-ethnicity Jew, I begin to wonder about what kinds of agencies might attempt to recruit someone like that. The CIA, for example, had a Russian Jew as its head, Deutch, just one year before I was raped. This was done to me only a few months after working for a Jewish employer that had once worked in an embassy or govt. office in D.C. His wife was international and a citizen of England.

Then there was motive to discredit me from other groups as well. Julia Thornton is only one of several FBI agents I could name who told me to my face they were not even going to listen to a report made by me. Julia wanted me to make a report about misconduct or "unprofessional conduct", but I tried several times to tell her about hate crimes which were escalating and it was part of their jurisdiction. Every single time I tried to give her more facts about even the agents I was reporting, she cut me off. I feel this kind of obstruction is very close to being a crime in the sense that it is her duty and job to take reports. If I had rambled on and on, that's one thing. But she specifically attempted to alter and change my testimony.

This was not the only time the FBI told me to change my testimony or cut me off and blocked me from providing the facts of my testimony.

Then, after the FBI did this several times, with different agents, a police officer they got involved with also did the same thing and changed my testimony. This was Sgt. Rich Austria with Portland police. I am not positive but I believe he is Mormon or "protestant". He got involved after I had been interviewed by two FBI S.S.A.s, one "Mormon" (is what he told me) from Washington D.C. and one (roman catholic) from Palo Alto, California. Sgt. Austria even prevented me from writing my own testimony when I notified him and told him not to write my statement for me because I was making a statement of my own in writing to mail to him. Instead of waiting for my statement he wrote one up of his own the same day and sent it to the Prosecuting Attorney to have them dismiss it based on the facts or story he chose to tell, which was completely different from what my testimony was.

***I will make my list of the FBI agents who asked me to change or alter my testimony or who blocked me from reporting or changed my testimony on their own, later in the chronology. I will also list what other crimes I believe have been committed by FBI agents and what crimes might be discoverable through investigation by OIG and would help me to protect myself and my life through receipt of FOIA.

2001-2002: Before I was defamed by The Willamette Week, I had a couple of plaintiffs attorneys, whom I contacted to represent me for my cases, try to ruin my statute of limitations by promising to file my lawsuits, signing contracts, and then bailing last minute and ignoring my repeated attempts to contact him. One such lawyer that wanted my case didn't disclose to me that his other client was The Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. He was trying to do them a favor. He asked me to settle for $40,000 and a confidentiality agreement and I asked for $60,000 and in retaliation he ignored me and tried to let my statutes expire. When I say he ignored me, I mean, he kept telling me by phone he was filing a motion for my lawsuit but I soon realized he wasn't putting this to paper. As time passed he refused to return my file to me or even answer my calls. He held onto everything, right up to about 2 weeks before statutes were to expire and I panicked, and had to report him to the PLF and they paid me only $1,000 to "file your claim on your own with." I filed my claim against The Abbey and against The Willamette Week. Two separate lawsuits.

The only reason I knew what I was doing when I was forced to do it myself, was because since I had first talked to Dan Gatti, a lawyer, in late 2000 or 2001, he showed me tort books and from there I began studying the law on my own. So in trying to figure out which torts matched what had actually happened to me, I became interested in the study of law. I had always had an interest, but never had my hands on anything until that time. I didn't expect to have to file myself, but because I had one year to look at things and research a little (actually, a lot), I was prepared to write my own complaint for my specific lawsuits. I wouldn't say "prepared" but I had a foundation for these particular cases and then when pushed to do it, I refined and honed what I had learned, followed a sample lawsuit by David Slader and other plaintiffs' attorneys I found in the public record, and adjusted it to accurately reflect the facts of my case. I also had one lawyer, out of many, give me a Rules of Procedures book later and this was what I used: my head knowledge of scanning torts, combined with looking at other lawsuits and form, along with following directions from ORCP. So I had to combine facts with a what best suited my claim and would hold up in a court of law. I didn't exaggerate any claims and I requested a minimal amount of money. Several lawyers I talked to briefly later said I had filed for too small an amount but the reason I did so was to show I was not trying to get rich or get revenge and cause anyone to go bankrupt--I was only defending my name and asking for a small amount for damages caused by what had been done.

It wasn't as if out of the blue one day, someone said "represent yourself". I had studied the law on my own, for specific cases, without being a victim of torture (which is the worst form of obstruction of justice). Since these lawsuits, I have been a victim of torture and there is no possible way, those involved knew, for me to do the same thing and protect my rights and prepare or study to file lawsuits, while being tortured, medicated, and repeatedly drugged.

At the time that I filed my lawsuits, the extreme levels of vandalism came to a halt. It all ended abruptly which I felt was because I had made the situation public in a legal record and perhaps now those committing hate crimes would be worried about the notice others had. It was no longer a private and guarded secret of hate crime--I had made the motive for hate crime obvious in a court of law through public file and therefore felt I had better protected myself. I took the hate crime, which police were partially involved with and were refusing to investigate, and brought it out to the open. For a while, this worked. I feel this also shows the crimes were connected to religious hate crime and inappropriate use of police and govt. officials as when I filed the lawsuits that it was regarding, the violence came to an end.

Sort of like when, much later, this group quit torturing me and sponsoring torture, only when I was engaged to marry a Catholic man. When we broke up, they went right back to torturing me which is again, a proof of the fact that most of the crimes are hate crimes along the same continuum. So if I marry the Catholic, no torture by U.S. head officials, and if I don't marry a Catholic...I'm punished and tortured again.

Additionally, I was being targeted with hate crime until I filed the lawsuits and then I was being put under surveillance and spied on. Once my legal adversaries lined up friends from FBI and other organizations, and felt they could get away with things, they began torturing me and started committing hate crimes of vandalism and theft again.

2002-2004 (date earlier, more like 1999 or 2000, it was some time after I met the monks at Mt. Angel): One of the "friends" to show up at this time "Christa" was working for the Roman Catholics I was in litigation against but I didn't know it for sure until 2006. I didn't want to believe it so I kept several suspicious incidents in mind but was remiss to make a final conclusion until years later when trying to play devil's advocate for her was impossible--all evidence was against her. No matter how much I liked her personality and wanted to believe it couldn't be true, it was true.

I found out she knew Dick Whittemore and possibly John Kaempf through friends, and her boyfriend, Ryan Barnes, was Roman Catholic and worked for an investment firm and high risk securities (money lending***get exact name of the businesses and ventures he was involved in) in NY and later in CA. He speaks fluent Japanese (which was an interest he had in common with the guy who raped me--Josh Gatov, who took Japanese and wanted to teach English in Japan). He was also from Lake Oswego as were almost all his friends, and this is the location where Gatov took me, where the Lake Oswego police talked to him first. The men were both white male officers and spoke with Josh for 10 minutes or so. He told me to wait at a distance and I was too far away to hear what they were talking about.

As for Christa, it is possible she knew the FBI agents (Bujanda and Garza) that I later met as well, but I am not sure. My information about how I was proceeding in lawsuits was being leaked, and it was worse after I met the Catholic FBI agents who had been at my house. My medical records disappeared after Christa had been to my house.

I had a roommate from Japan that she or her boyfriend may have coordinated to stay with me. I put an ad in the college paper and Christa knew and this Japanese woman responded--not sure but since Christa's boyfriend worked with Japan and knew Japanese, there may have been a connection and I found them going through my files.

At one point I hired someone to work for me to help organize my legal and medical files. I paid her $15/hr. for several days work with me at my home in 2003. The address was 8105 SW Hemlock St., Portland, Oregon 97223. At the same time, I hired a man to detail my car at my house. Because my files were all about Mt. Angel Abbey police obstruction and harassment, my lawsuits, and my medical, I sorted papers with her and was organizing and attaching labels and filing in a filing cabinet. I stayed with her the whole time even though she encouraged me to leave. Then, the one time I did leave, to briefly pick something up, and leaving the man who detailed my car and the personal assistant at my house, I came back to pay this woman and then find right after she left that she had gone through all of the files I had paid her to organize and she had stolen several of the tickets I had been given by Mt. Angel police (which were only to harass me with but never filed with court and also showed nothing was for Mt. Angel Abbey property either). She also pulled out some files, stole notes (paper with information written down) and business cards of several of the names and contact information from victims of clergy sex abuse that had contacted me (who I then put in touch with lawyers and who had said they would speak for me re. Mt. Angel Abbey in court). She also had gone through the files and after days of organizing, disordered the entire file cabinet. She had pulled documents out of one manilla folder and put it in a different labeled section--she did this to my entire file cabinet.

I paid this woman by check I believe, and she had responded to my ad that was posted in a PSU newspaper classified. I placed it with PSU, told Christa about it, and this woman told me she had experience with filing and had worked for law firms before. She had blond hair and I could probably ID her. After I discovered she ruined my files and stole things, I thought she must have been working for the Mt. Angel Abbey lawyers. Who else would want the names and phone numbers of former clergy sex abuse victims and police stuff. She could have also been with the Department of Justice in some sense. She was attractive, clean-cut, and dressed in casual-professional attire.

The other outlier at that location was a woman from Israel who was Israeli Jewish and showed up one day with painting and asked me to buy one. I let her into my house and she was telling me I should buy her painting of California poppies. Actually, I think she had a couple of different ones and she asked if I liked any of them and I said if I were to choose one, I liked the one of the California poppies, but said I didn't have money to buy a painting. She looked like she didn't like my choice and I said I hadn't seen red poppies before, mainly orange. She said they were poppies from a mountain or hillside in Israel. She said it is a specific mountain, covered with red poppies. All it was was a large field of red poppies. I asked how she had come to find my house and didn't even see a car. She said she was just walking through, selling her paintings.

2003: I told Christa I was going to drive to a store and she asked where and when and what direction. I told her this about an hour or so before I left. I said I was going to the Safeway down 99, which is a 4 lane hwyway/road (2 lanes one way, 2 lanes the other way). You have to follow this road for awhile to get to the Safeway and then while driving coming back from there, to go back home (I believe it occured on the way back, not there because of the direction I was turning), I was hit by a hit-and-run driver who was hispanic and deliberatly aimed for my car. There were several witnesses on the sidewalk who told police the same thing. He pulled away, backing out of my crunched car, laughing at me.

My car was totaled and I broke my knee. I didn't want to make a big deal about it so I declined going to the ER immediately, telling police I had banged my knee against the dash and had whiplash but I would see how I felt. Within a couple of days I started having odd symptoms and severe pain so I went to University of Oregon Hospital ER about the knee and the doctor I got, a Catholic, tried to say there was nothing wrong while he concealed one of the X-rays that proved something was wrong. It was the second time medical professionals had lied to me about serious health matters, the first time being with the PAP smear and "biopsy" incident, which, I suppose, followed another incident where the female doctor was told I was a virgin and saw the hymen and used and widened up a speculum anyway, tearing my skin to the point she was wiping blood off of the floor herself while I was still in the stirrups saying, "I'm so sorry." (How does she not know what female anatomy looks like and why didn't she stop when I told her to, when I first told her I was a virgin?) . So this 3rd odd experience with medical professionals was after I was hit and injured and limped into the ER for X-rays. The doctor there, I later found out, took 3 views, but he came back with only 2 of the views and put them up and said, "See? there's no new break." When I went back later to get records, I was given all the X-rays and there were 3 not 2, with my name and the date on it, and he had concealed the one that showed a broken knee. Why? unless he wanted to cause my pain and suffering? I mean, why does a medical professional do something like that? Then the doctor there, this one in particular, made a point to say, "There's no break, just a sprain so do squats." Then he gave me a brochure for physical therapy to do "squats". That doctor reviewed my X-rays too and concealed them from me. I didn't pick them up for myself until the pain got worse and worse and I was picking up on something dishonest about the doctors who wanted to take my care. So the first ER guy knew, and then the doctor I saw knew, and when I brought it up with X-rays in hand, he then eventually apologized but the entire hospital got involved, their legal department and everything and by that time, I didn't trust this doctor cutting into me with a knife.

So I turned down the offer for surgery because they had lied to me so much, causing my pain and suffering, I wasn't sure what they would try next. I said I wanted to get a second opinion. On top of the one doctor who told me to do squats, and the first ER attendant, I did see one other doctor at University of Oregon hospital and he was an older man and he also concealed facts of my injuries. He lied to me, to my face, saying nothing was wrong and then I took out a copy of the radiology doctor's report and gave it to him and said, "that's not what the radiologist report says." So before offering me surgery, I was lied to by 3 different doctors, in a row, at that hospital. I was in extreme and severe pain but because of all the lying and not knowing why they would all lie, I didn't want to end up with a dysfunctional leg. So I left to get a second opinion and they agreed that I needed surgery. But then Dr. Greenleaf's offices refused to do it unless they were prepaid by insurance. I then had to have an evaluation by the PIP doctor and this was the man who gets paid to side with insurance companies but he did good because he didn't lie and he agreed that yes, I was newly injured and needed surgery. So 7 months later, time in which my knee had rapidly deteriorated, I had the surgery. They confirmed that there was severe blistering at the time, which they had to laser off, dead bone they had to cut out, and then injected new bone marrow to fill in. It was not a small injury and I had been having my knee give out from under me. The doctors who wanted me to suffer said it wasn't 'emergent' and claimed it wasn't 'true giving way' and was psychological or giving way in a response to pain. But that's not what was happening. I wasn't feeling pain and then collapsing. I was unexpectedly, without warning, having my knee buckle under me, and then severe pain following this. It was mechanically completely unstable.

So anyway, I had 2 different lawsuits still pending at this time and the only reason for wanting me to suffer that I can think of, is that some of the doctors knew the lawyers in some way and were colluding to keep me in pain to prevent me from successfully litigating my claims.

It was 7 months of sheer misery without any painkillers, during which time I was representing myself on two lawsuits and going to college FT. Then even after the surgery it took one full year for the new bone marrow to harden. Doctors told me this was a fairly new procedure and that it could take up to one year or more for a bone marrow graft to "take". It had to accept the placement and then harden itself and adhere to the other living bone in my femur that was there. I got an X-ray 1 year after the surgery date, in 2004, and it showed that the graft was not yet completed because the part which hadn't yet hardened into solid new bone showed up on the film as a dark or black area. It was working, but it was taking a long time and despite its being a painful process, I chose to quit taking narcotics for the pain just 1-2 months after surgery even though my Dr. would have kept prescribing and I should have taken them longer because I didn't realize that the pain and nausea I had for so long, could have been nausea from dealing with the prolonged pain and not taking painkillers for it. (I mention my refusal to take painkillers for very long, even if it was right for me to ask for painkillers for an entire year while it was healing, to rebut the claim by anyone that I have ever abused painkillers, which was later a claim made to defame me and take my son. If I have ever needed or asked for strong painkillers, it has been because I need them, not because I want them for fun because I value my mind and don't want any kind of substance to harm my ability to think). It was when I was recovering from surgery that my old friend Robin Bechtold asked to buy oxycontin from me and I said no, I needed them for my injury and then I got off of them as soon as I could even though it took 1 full year for my knee to heal--I only used them for a couple of months and didn't ask for refills.

I was living on Hemlock St. at the time of surgery and recovery and after this I moved to a new apartment which, I later found out, may have had a black mold issue. With these things and migraines being triggered, I asked for a medical abatement from court for time to recover and the Judge denied my request telling me she'd give me a Medical Abatement for "mental health" but not for the physical abatement I had rightly requested.

I was run into by a man who purposed to run into me. He saw me ahead of time and sped towards my car on a straight road, running through a red light and seeing me well enough to smirk before ramming into the side of my car and then laughing as he backed out to make a getaway, with witnesses gawking. (Most people who run into others by accident don't laugh about it and feel smug afterwards and they don't directly aim for the vehicle they want to hit either).

On top of injuring my knee, I was then denied honest medical care by 3 different Dr.s at the hospital aforementioned. This impacted everything and made me more vulnerable with my health impaired and then hate crimes stirred up with a defamatory article about me. Then it got worse.

I had to try to collect from my uninsured motorists money (Farmers') and the woman assigned to my case was Catholic, Donna Ciaramella. She stalled and kept me from having knee surgery. I had audio tapes of some of the bizarre lies I was being told by doctors at OHSU, Donna Ciaramella, and some other doctor's offices. I was entitled to full medical coverage by my uninsured motorists, but people were lying and then OHSU admin and a few nurses told me the woman who kept calling them up and telling them NOT to do my surgery was Donna Ciaramella. Donna was crossing the line on her duties as an insurance agent. Of course insurance agents try to save money for the company, or let people know what is approved or not. However, according to what I was being told, she was calling people up in the medical profession to tell them Farmers' would refuse to cover my medical bills if they did my surgery. She also discussed my claim information with persons who were not authorized to receive such information. I had nurses telling me Ciaramella was even suggesting to them that my credit ratings were bad and they would never get paid. I found out what that what Donna was doing was against the law. It was against insurance regulations and policies and state law, to attempt to persuade medical professionals on whether to treat someone or not, at a public hospital, or discussing how much PIP (personal injury protection) someone has, anything about their savings or bank account, their credit ratings, and other assets. It's against the law. So I was doing third party taping onto cassette tapes, of what I was being told. This is legal in the State of Oregon, where only one of 2 parties is required to give consent to recording conversations.

I tried to think why Ciaramella would go out of her way, past normal insurance duties, to keep me suffering in pain. The only thing I could think of was that she was Italian-Catholic and like many of the other Catholics, they were colluding to obstruct my lawsuits, to create pain, suffering, and punishment, and to use their positions to further religious hate crime.

I don't know who Ciaramella is connected to, but it was my opinion then and is my opinion now, that she is connected to a mafia and/or FBI. Since I have met so many Italian-Catholics since this time and one of them rose to power as head of the CIA, I would also wonder about Leon Panetta, because things got drastically worse when the Catholics Michael Hayden and Leon Panetta got into power and other Catholics got in as well.

I had many conversations tape recorded between me and Farmers' (including Donna) and also with medical professionals for proof. Most of the tapes were stolen, and several were in my vehicle that I was forced to abandon in Canada.

Based on conversations I had with Ciaramella, after I moved to Washington State, it is my belief that she was involved with other Catholics in both WA and OR state who colluded to keep me from getting the money I was owed for my personal injury claim (see info. about Judge Warren). I still had my lawsuits going and it is likely that they wanted me to forfeit any money I was owed, as one of several means to force me out of litigation. I believe it was also part of hate crime because they knew my injuries were bad and that my bills from it were high and I wouldn't be able to pay them if I didn't have the PIP reimbursement for injuries and pain and suffering.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&mark of new section
2001-2002: I had a couple of plaintiffs attorneys try to ruin my statute of limitations by promising to file my lawsuits, and agreeing to this by contract and then bailing last minute and just ignoring my repeated attempts to contact him. I found out he had me as a client and his other client was The Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. He was trying to do them a favor. He asked me to settle for $40,000 and a confidentiality agreement and I asked for $60,000 and in retaliation he ignored me and tried to let my statutes expire. I had to report him to the PLF and they paid me only $1,000 to "file your claim on your own with." I filed my claim against The Abbey and against The Willamette Week. Two separate lawsuits. At that time, the extreme levels of vandalism came to a halt and I felt it was because now there was more public notice.
&& (some of this is repeated but add some of it)

2002: PLF? (did I write about PLF already? and having to go to OSB?) and filed where, and Judges names: Lipscomb and other. I filed one case, the one for Mt. Angel Abbey and Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon, in Salem, Oregon (Marion county) and then I filed the one for defamation of character against the same and also The Willamette Week (a newspaper) in Portland, Oregon (Multnomah county). The Judge assigned to my case in Marion county, regarding the clergy, was hostile towards me as were most of the clerks. He was Roman Catholic and didn't like me nor did his clerks like my lawsuit. On certain occasions he claimed he didn't get a copy that I sent him, and when I put together a file of letters and documentation from the monks and clergy, and regarding canon law and interpretation relating to my case, I had it filed with the courthouse so persons of the public could check it out and read what I had compiled. This courthouse began hiding this from the public. Instead of keeping it with my file as they are supposed to, they were holding it separate from my file and putting it on another shelf where no one from the public could get to it. I had referred several persons to this collection of materials and then I found out no one was accessing it. I went in and asked for it and they gave me the file and I said, "Where's the rest?" and they kept it in the back and then handed me these dusty folders, covered in dust. I said "These need to be kept with the file and I filed these documents." The clerks argued with me and said the Judge had said not to file them and keep them separate.

Then, when all the clergy cases were transfered to federal court because the Archdiocese filed for bankruptcy, not one of the documents that I had filed which Judge Lipscomb withheld, was filed as required per bankruptcy rules.

It was the first time I encountered judicial corruption. Judge Lipscomb, advocating for his members of the Roman Catholic church and failing in his duty to be an objective Judge. After this argument, I experienced a vandalisms again even though they had quit for a time, and this was also when, while I was trying to get these documents sent over, I was met by the FBI and then obstructed from my lawsuits. Those documents were never entered into the official record with the bankruptcy court in Portland, and as a consequence, the outcome of the entire case was changed. The information I had made points from their own policies and structure of their corporation, which argued against their motions made before Judges and the public in court. I believe this is why Judge Lipscomb and other Catholics obstructed me from entering it into a more public forum as was required. Basically, if a case gets removed from one court to another, the party removing (here it was the Archdiocese) has the responsibility to make sure all court records filed in the state court for each party involved, are filed in federal bankruptcy court. So they did this with all of the cases except for mine. I was told, "Just let us know which ones you're missing" and I did, repeatedly, but Judge Lipscomb's chambers lied and said there was nothing else. It was up to the courts to have the right documents sent and then I tried to do it myself and that's when my car was towed away, right after I reported FBI and was trying to get these records into the federal file.

I believe Judge Lipscomb acted in the interests of his church and not the justice system and he deliberately and actively concealed evidence that was significant to a case in a court of law.

This compilation of documents which I had filed in Marion county preceded the decision of the Archdiocese to file for bankruptcy. I had made copies of all the documentation, as required by law, and submitted it to each party that required a copy. I made a certificate of service proving I had copied each party as well. It took up an entire binder. Right after I dropped this off, and dropped a copy off for a Judge reviewing another lawyer's clergy case as well, The Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon decided to switch tactics.

When shortly after this, Judge Warren (in another state, WA) began committing hate crimes against me I felt strongly that he must know Judge Lipscomb. He too, made snide comments, even in the computer system, instructing clerks not to file documents submitted by me, following the same pattern of his fellow Roman Catholic judge in Oregon. It is possible Warren knew Archdiocese lawyers he knew, and FBI as well.

The other judge involved who had my case for defamation was Judge Janice Wilson. I found out she had been specifically selected by my opponents who had had favorable case outcomes with her in the past. The judge appointment or selection was supposed to be random but I found out it wasn't. Then, she made some rulings which weren't accurate and disappointed me, but the harshest reality of her bias was when, after major surgery and several bouts of illness following this (unexpectedly, because I was hit and injured after I had filed the lawsuits), I requested Medical Abatement. She sneered at me and said in the middle of court, on the record, that she wouldn't give me "Medical Abatement" (postponing of a case to allow me to take care of medical issues) but she would give me a "Mental Illness Abatement". Basically, she said a medical abatement not for physical reasons but for mental reasons.

This was slander and show of bias on the part of the judiciary because there was no evidence of mental illness nor had opposing counsel brought in documentation to this effect, to argue against me with. She wanted to smear me on the record, and did so, right after I reported misconduct by FBI agents to FBI S.A. Julia Thornton.

She also did something sort of dishonest with the court record. She told me off the record I had 10 minutes, or 5 minutes, to find a case citation upstairs in the law room. Then she said I could have another 5 or 10 but she had split up the time so I was running upstairs and then having to run back downstairs and spending most of the time running back and forth. She then had the tape rolling and wanted to be "on the record" when she said, "Now Ms. Garrett, I've given you TEN minutes to look up a citation and you don't have it." I then explained on the record that yes but she had split it up and I had to run back and forth.

The main thing was that she defamed me as a Judge, on the record, showing bias of me and denigrating my competence. She knew I had physical cause to ask for medical abatement but she chose to insult me and slander me by this insult, on the record, knowing that if it went to a jury trial, it would prejudice a jury and even if a member of the public reviewed my case, it would prejudice any member of the public as well. The hostility from Judge Janice Wilson (I believe, Catholic affiliation again) occured after I made my report against FBI agents to Thornton and I strongly suspect she knows one of them or someone who knows them. I tried to file a removal to another court for reviewing judicial error but it was at this time that a Judge in Washington put an illegal suspension on my license and then FBI had police tow my car away. I was stranded.

Basically, by the time I had my car towed, more than one Judge was involved who was a member of the Catholic church and corrupt and had committed crimes of concealing evidence, FBI was involved that was Catholic and had committed crimes of concealing evidence and trying to intimidate a witness and bribery of another agency, and I was experiencing hostility from Catholic medical professionals who then refused to treat severe migraine. In addition, FBI defamed me to other law enforcement agencies to the point of my being falsely arrested and told all law enforcement from WA to OR knew my name.

2002-2004: "Christa" was working for the Roman Catholics I was in litigation against but I didn't know it for sure until 2006. I am able to elaborate on that. I found out she knew Dick Whittemore and possibly John Kaempf through friends, and her boyfriend was Roman Catholic and worked for an investment firm in NY and CA. It is possible she knew the FBI agents I later met as well, but I am not sure. The thing is, her father, Rob Schneider, had previously worked as a Prosecuting Attorney for the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon. He took cases from, and worked with, FBI. This is the same federal courthouse that the FBI agents I met went to, and is where we met. He had a daughter who married a man and lived in Dallas, TX. She went to Baylor University. My old friend Robin Bechtold also lived in Dallas, TX and the 2 FBI agents were from San Antonio, an hour away from Dallas. They are all Catholic. Christa Schneider and her family knew people in the FBI, from Mt. Angel Abbey, and knew some of the lawyers who were adversarial parties to my cases.

I tried to tell the S.A. Julia Thornton about some of these things but she cut me off and wouldn't let me give her the facts. I also tried to mention how I believed some of the FBI or law enforcement activity had connections to my litigation and religious hate crime that had been going on a few years. She refused to let me make this report. As a result, when I moved to Washington state, things got even worse. Because of the way in which Thornton prevented me from giving my facts and evidence, I believe she had a conflict of interest. She actively concealed crime by telling me not to talk about it. She kept trying to suggest things and wanted me to change the facts of my testimony. Then she told me not to tell police when she was already aware that any sex crime would be investigated by Portland police, not the FBI. She knew whose jurisdiction it would be and that sex crimes and professional misconduct were two separate things.
&& (add somewhere?)

My information about how I was proceeding in lawsuits was being leaked, and even worse after I met the Catholic FBI agents who had been at my house. My medical records disappeared after Christa had been to my house and I had a roommate from Japan that she or her boyfriend may have coordinated to stay with me. I put an ad in the college paper and Christa knew and this Japanese woman responded--not sure but since Christa's boyfriend worked with Japan and knew Japanese, there may have been a connection and I found them going through my files.

2003: I told Christa I was going to drive to a store and she asked where and when and what direction. I told her and then while driving there, I was hit by a hit-and-run driver who was hispanic and deliberately aimed for my car. He pulled away, laughing at me. My car was totaled and I broke my knee. I tried to go to University of Oregon Hospital about the knee and the doctor I got, a Catholic, tried to say there was nothing wrong while he concealed one of the X-rays that proved something was wrong. I had to try to collect from my uninsured motorists money and the woman assigned to my case was Catholic, Donna Ciaramella. She stalled and kept me from having knee surgery and then, I believe, she and other Catholics colluded to keep me from getting the money I was owed (see info. about Judge Warren). It was when I was recovering from surgery that Bechtold asked to buy oxycontin from me and I said no, I needed them for my injury and then I got off of them as soon as I could even though it took 1 full year for my knee to heal--I only used them for a couple of months and didn't ask for refills.

&& (all repeated but edit?)

I met billionaire heir Beau Blixseth (who has lived in CA, CO, OR) in classes and he indicates he knows what's on the walls in my house but only Christa has been there. One of Christa's best friends was an "O'Neil" and lived in CA, Erin O'Neil, also Catholic. Beau grew up next to the Hilton family in California and had been Paris Hilton's first boyfriend. He sought me out when I was a fellow student at PSU and the one thing I thought was strange was that he knew about a painting on my wall and no one else had been there except for Christa. His mother was Catholic or Jewish and the Hiltons are Catholic. He gave me a book in 2003, Milton's "Paradise Lost".
&& (add where?)

I also met a horrible person named "Jonathan" who was positioned to meet me at a club when Christa didn't show up and it was a bad situation--he was Jewish. (look up his last name and mother's name from Portland)
&& (added already but find place)

2004: I meet Mike Tanzer at a club and I am not sure but he may be connected to the other parties I'm mentioning. He also knows the Heinz heir, of the Ketchup and condiments business, and was a son of Theresa Heinz, who is Catholic and who married John Kerry. Kerry was a Presidential candidate at the time. I felt I had something in a drink I was offered that was not straight alcohol because I was drunk within a few sips which was not right for me. I don't know if it was double-proof or what, but something was different about that drink. Mike wanted to date me and called all the time, but I said I was too busy with my lawsuits. Every time he called, I was working on them and I didn't want to be distracted so I said maybe later, after my lawsuits are over but I did always wonder about that one drink. I don't know if it was a bartender that wasn't good or I wasn't watching carefully enough or what.

2004: I meet FBI agents Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza, both Catholic. I met them after telling Christa I wanted to become a lawyer and work against corporate crime in the FBI. Bujanda followed me to the Oregon federal courthouse and then got ahead of me in line and went through security before me. I had to go only one direction so I was in the elevator with him where he gave me his business card with 3 different numbers on it for me to reach him. I called and met him for coffee and told him about my interest in being in the FBI and he told me then he wanted me to meet his boss. I met him on another occasion while he was in a cop car coming back from work and he called to come over to my house several times but I wouldn't let him. Instead, I said I'd meet him in a public location (since I didn't know him well) and I said Fred Meyer? and he said how about the Burger King parking lot next to it.

I waited in my car and then he pulled up in a car with tinted windows. There were already 2 vehicles there with people watching me inside and I said, "Are these your people?" pointing to them. He said to get in his car and we'd get something to eat so I got out of my car and was in his car and then he didn't know how to operate the radio or anything and he had 2-3 CBs with him and was flipping some kind of switch at the top of the car. It was like a borrowed cop car but he said his friend had been messing around with his car even though it wasn't his. So we went through the drive-through and got a burger and drinks. I think I just had a drink. And then we talked and I said what is this? because he had this Catholic saint card on the dash. He said don't touch it but I had already picked it up and turned it over and it said it was the "sacred heart of Jesus" and had a burning flame inside of a heart. He kissed me but sort of pulled back like he didn't really want to. I thought it was a strange reaction, especially since he'd wanted to come to my house. So after this he called me all the time and asked if I wanted to go out and bring a friend for a "double date" but none of my friends were available last minute. I had told him while we were in the car that I wanted to work for the FBI and was getting my GPA up (it was then a 3.6 and I was on Dean's list but I wanted it higher) so I could try for entrance into a top tier law school and then apply to be a lawyer in the corporate crime division of the FBI.

Basically, this is what I had told Christa Schneider and it was like people just wanted to ruin my plans and find a way to stir up trouble to make it impossible for me to do anything I wanted to do. Bujanda told me he wanted me to meet his boss.

After I met his boss, they said they were looking for the right woman for their program and said the FBI was better than the CIA. They got me drunk and then took me to my house and entered even though I asked them not to. Bujanda appeared to be searching my house, or looking for something along the wall by my desk. Then they sexually molested me and asked for "reefer" while looking at a few Vicodin I had for my migraines, which is prescribed. I also held their glocks which they had with them. Bujanda asked what the medication was and I said, "Vicodin, for my migraines." Then Bujanda wanted to stay the night and mess around and Garza left after pretending to be asleep on the couch in the other room. He was left to his own devices there and I gave Bujanda a back massage in my bedroom (clothes on) but refused to do anything else. I was still drunk too. He wasn't drunk because he was designated driver. He got up and left at some point.

A week later I reported what had happened. My friend Bechtold didn't want me to and I thought, I don't even know if they're real FBI because of what they did. So I reported them and the FBI in Portland, Oregon ignored me. Bujanda called up and said he wanted to see me again and give me a "trinket" he'd picked up in San Diego. Then I was told my grandmother, whose neighbor is ex-FBI, to ask to report this to the top, to Laurie McLaughlin. My grandmother's neighbor had decided to move next door to them a few years earlier, after I had met the clergy of Mt. Angel Abbey and had disclosed personal family history to Fr. Joachim McCann and Ansgar Santogrossi. This was Rick Baken and his wife's name is Claudia. They profess to be "converted evangelical christian" but they were born and raised Roman Catholic and I believe this is still their faith. I do not believe they converted but it's a story my grandparents would like to hear as they are both strong and sincere evangelical protestant christians.

Laurie McLaughlin, then head of Portland FBI, was also Roman Catholic. Laurie was bitter and nasty to me over the phone and said she wasn't going to do anything about it. She was automatically so hostile I knew she had read the article about me or knew of me through personal Catholic friends. (Then later, she colluded with another agent to obstruct the reporting of the crime of sexual assault by bribing a Portland police officer).

After I mentioned another FBI person told me to say to her and said it was "abuse of position" and that "I thought it was unprofessional", she had me meet Julia Thornton who was with FBI.

I didn't think about it at the time, but Rick Baken's advice to say it was "unprofessional" then matched what she wanted to do--exclude all relevant facts about anything except to say it was simply an "abuse of position" matter. She changed my entire testimony and blocked me from giving her everything else. Then when I said I would put it in writing, she told me first to only address professional abuse of position. So that's what I did, but it wasn't the report I made which she was blocking. I gave Baken a copy and he was hostile with me afterwards and wouldn't talk to me after that, and THEN, HE started calling me mentally ill. That was when I knew he was connected to Mt. Angel Abbey clergy I had known, and possibly the Schneiders, before he ever decided to move next to my grandparents. He was acting like another "defender of the faith" (Catholic faith) and not like a retired FBI agent.

Julia Thornton met me at a Starbucks and I attempted to report both FBI misconduct to her AND religious hate crime but she blocked me and cut me off from reporting the religious hate crime part. She said, "No, this has nothing to do with religion or the Catholic church," but it did. I told her it was religious hate crime and wanted to explain why and I knew hate crime was FBI jurisdiction as did she.

When she cut me off, she prevented me from filing a report about the ongoing religious hate crimes I'd had from members of the Catholic church, from putting me into an underground and secret investigation, to their teenage boys stealing from me in broad daylight and their Catholic cops in Mt. Angel refusing to write a report, to defaming me with the police station in false reports and withholding names that tracked back to the clergy administration, to vandalizing my cars and property at a rate of 1 slashed tire or more a week, to stealing my medical records. I had also wanted to mention my being raped and the possibility of this hate crime being in connection with other religious hate crimes. The fact that I met these agents when I did, while I was still in lawsuits, made it plausible that they were there to gain access to me for their Catholic church and friends.

After my report to Thornton, no one from FBI contacted me for awhile but Portland police harassment got worse. I started getting pulled over for things I didn't do and I was getting cited with parking tickets even when I was legally parked. It was so bad that I had to carry a disposable camera around with me in my glove box for the first time in my life. I had been cited falsely so many times and had no way to prove it so I bought a camera and just kept it there and then the next time I was cited falsely, it was after I had told Christa over the phone that I was going to Powell's bookstore in Portland. I came out of the bookstore to find a ticket on my dash and it said illegally parked when I wasn't. So I took photos all the way around my car, of the location I was at, the time, the cars next to me, and street signs, and since I was parked next to a construction site and they had a notice with a date on it and times when one could be parked, I took a photo of that too, and then I developed the film and took it to the courthouse. Instead of being told it was dismissed and I didn't have to pay a parking fine, the entire "case" disappeared without a trace from the record. I went to the clerk with my ticket and said well what happened to it? and she said nothing is there. I said, "If there is a parking ticket and it gets settled, is there still a record of it?" and she said, "Yes, there would still be a record." I said, "I came here and brought over a letter showing this was a false ticket and I brought photos to prove it and now it's all just disappeared from the record? even the original citation?" and she said yes. I had looked up the officer online and found out he was Catholic by a church attendance record or school record.

This is the kind of religious police harassment I was having at first, in addition to civilian harassment for religious hate crime. I did park illegally sometimes, over-stayed the meter, whatever. But not as many times as I was cited for and I felt someone was doing this to not only harass me but to drive up my bill so I couldn't pay.

This began after I told FBI S.A. Julia Thornton I was planning to leave the state of Oregon in "6 months" and go to WA and then commute back and forth for college and my lawsuits. Washington state had a law that was new which stated anyone not paying off their ticket fines would lose their license and right to drive. This law was repealed by the time it was to affect me. However, the increase in random unwarranted tickets went up double after I reported FBI agents. This also occured in 2001 or 2002 when I first filed my lawsuits, I got a lot of tickets on a college campus. Downtown Portland police didn't start falsely ticketing me until after I made a report to the FBI, about FBI and that was in 2004-2005.

I was getting cited for every small thing and pulled over for things I didn't do. I also had yet another incident where someone tried to take advantage of a situation and I bolted and got in my car crying and decided this was not a safe place to be. The man in question knew Christa Schneider personally as well. He was good friends with her Catholic boyfriend and we saw him at the club a few times. I had gone there for a BBQ the day after I was assaulted by the FBI agents. Christa's friend had invited me and picked me up because my car was in a parking garage and I got it and then followed to the BBQ where I was silent almost the entire time. I kept thinking some of these people here at the pool are FBI. It just crossed my mind that at least one of them was but I didn't know who. So the host almost took advantage of a situation and I had just been assaulted so I jumped up and ran out, crying, while I was still intoxicated and drove home. He hadn't wanted me to drive and I felt he just didn't want me going anywhere where it would be witnessed what my intoxication state was and how much of a creep he had been by barometer. Especially after what had just happened with the FBI agents. I burst into tears and left and decided that day, it was the day after I was assaulted by two FBI agents, I was moving out of state because lack of protection from FBI and police and harassment.
(Insert name of man from pool party)

I told Thornton I was moving to Washington state and to contact me there, within 6 months. She asked where and I said Wenatchee and said because of family. So I was going to commute back and forth for college. She also blew off what the agents had done and tried to turn things around on me, saying "your use of drugs could preclude you from work with the FBI (my use of vicodin for migraine)".

&&(could go with other thornton stuff)

About this time, Christa held a "last supper" for me and already knew something about the FBI case was going to seal my fate. I noticed she was making fun of me with her boyfriend and other Catholic friends that were all there. It was the first time she'd invited a lot of people to the same place and it was clear most of them hated me while Christa pretended to be friends. All of them were Catholic. It was the first time I witnessed her making fun of me thinking I wasn't noticing, and yet with all the things that tipped me off about her, I remained friends partly to see how she was going to end the friendship. Because the first time she ended it was when she thought I had lost out on expiration dates for lawsuits, in 2001-2002 and then once I filed them, she was calling me up again, wanting to be close.

I moved to Wenatchee, WA and by the time I got there, the same religious hate crime and defamation waited for me there through nurses and doctors that were Catholic and started claiming I didn't have migraines and was "drug-seeking". The "drug-seeking" allegation was brand new and on the heels of accusations by FBI Julia Thornton.

I never had anyone ever suggest I was drug-seeking until I was reporting FBI agents. The first doctor to write a horrible defamatory chart note about me, was the Catholic Dr. Michael Parnell. He went out of his way to smear me. Other doctors there soon joined in but he was first and he was persistent. He also took part, later, in having one of his nurses make a false report about me to CPS, claiming my son wasn't with me when I showed up at ER, when he was. My son had been with me the entire time and after this I went to the hospital asking for a copy of video surveillance to prove I had gone in with my son because I was being harassed with religious hate crime and false reports. I had planned to take it to police because there is a law against making false reports and Dr. Parnell did not "forget seeing" my son there with me. He just made something up, out of nowhere. So I attempted to exercise my right to have him held accountable and Central hospital refused to give me a tape and then the torture against me and my son in E. Wenatchee got worse. CPS cleared the report as "unfounded" (lacking evidence). I was tired of being constantly harassed with defamatory comments in my medical records and lies to CPS about me. So I did try to access regular channels of justice and I was refused. The Wenatchee police refused to allow me to make a report. It was their jurisdiction bc it occured on the Wenatchee (Chelan) side of the river, and the officers flatly refused to make a report. Since they refused to do this, how was I, as a citizen and mother, able to protect myself from undue and constant harassment? It was a continuation of religious hate crime that had gone unchecked because of collusion with law enforcement.

I had one other prior incident in Oregon related to Catholic hate crime and a hospital which I will take a tangent to mention since so much of this is about religious hate crime and how it's impacted my life. It also shows that this religious hate crime went from Oregon first to collusion in Washington state when I moved there. Before I was being called "drug-seeking" for the first time by a Catholic Washington doctor, I had a Catholic doctor in Oregon trying to defame me as "mentally ill" in Oregon.

I went to the Catholic providence hospital in Portland, Oregon, with a severe migraine because I didn't want to go to OHSU where they'd concealed records of my injuries from me. I showed up with a panic attack because of things precipitated by litigation and more harassment. I basically just needed a valium or something, and it was legitimate, and not for any illicit reason. The nurse that took me into a room, or doctor (I think he was a nurse) wore a huge crucifix around his neck and I recognized him as someone who had driven past me when I protested in the town next to the Abbey. He always went up the Abbey drive so he knew their clergy. When he saw me, he already knew who I was and was hostile and the minute I mentioned my lawsuit with Mt. Angel Abbey clergy, he looked smug and angry at the same time and told me angrily to get undressed. I did and then he threw me into a room to detain me. I said what is this about and I was told they were "holding" me 24 hours for psychiatric reasons. I said, "Are you kidding me?" because all I had was a panic attack and it was natural from the stress, and I wasn't crazy and wasn't going to harm myself. I'd said nothing strange. So this man who was clearly Roman Catholic and connected to the monks, put me in a mental hold to smear my previously perfect medical record. That was in 2004. (?) No doctor had ever done anything like this before, and this man was engaging in hate crimes by using his position to cause harm to my reputation for his friends. Then a psychiatrist came around and said I was fine but only after I kept saying you have to let me go because I have to go to work tomorrow morning and I'm opening up the business because the owners are out of the country. So they let me out. But that was at the Catholic-funded Providence hospital and it was the first example of a catholic trying to smear me as mentally ill. This is significant because then the same thing happened, again with Catholic doctors and nurses only, when I arrived in Wenatchee, WA
(back to the doctors at Central or insert OR incident first?).

He labled me as "mentally ill" when I wasn't. Having one or two isolated panic attacks for very good cause, after being assaulted by FBI agents and attacked and defamed by many members of a particular church, it was not a sign of "mental illness" to have a couple of panic attacks (mainly, my symptoms were that I couldn't breathe or felt I didn't have enough oxygen, and felt slightly dizzy and faint, with heart racing). I wasn't delusional, psychotic, or paranoid. It was a matter of anxiety directly due to serious events then taking place.

When I was then commuting back and forth from Oregon and Washington, I was defamed by Catholic doctor Michael Parnell. He made a point of including reference to the FBI in his report and called me drug-seeking which no one had done before. I asked them (the doctors and administration there) to not defame me and gave them the information to contact my doctors in OR who knew I had migraines and wasn't "drug seeking" but Catholic doctors there continued to push this in their chart notes about me and forced me to suffer by refusing to treat my migraines. My regular hospital was in Tigard, Oregon and they usually treated my migraines responsibly and I'd had neurology evaluations through them which concurred I suffered from very severe migraine. I was never called "drug-seeking" or turned down for treatment.

In Wenatchee, defamation with doctors first started at Central, which has Catholic church funding and Roman Catholic clergy as board members (from Yakima). Then later, I tried to go to the other hospital in Wenatchee which was not Catholic funded, but a Catholic nurse named "Alison" with the walk-in clinic started defaming me by repeatedly hanging up on me and telling me they couldn't help me and trying to get a reaction which she then shared with others. She took my call every single time I called, was rude to me, and would tell me to show up in person and then said they refused to treat me. She did this over and over and finally I got upset, which was when I guess she tried to have the conversation recorded to give to the non-Catholics and claim I was an angry or disturbed patient. They had no idea how much she harassed me. It was pretty much 2 months or so, with my being in extreme pain, when I finally got upset.

Every person doing these things, trying to slander me in medical records, when my records were previously clean, was Roman Catholic and all of this occured after I reported the FBI. After the Catholics managed to harass me and defame me enough to get a reaction from me, they attempted to have others, protestants, etc, notice and then blame me for everything as if they had nothing to do with using their positions to spread religious hate crime, defamation, and refuse treatment of severe pain.

Because I kept getting defamed as "drug seeking" and because of an incredible amount of harassment from police, I wondered if I had been defamed by the FBI or that Catholics were sharing information to continue hate crimes against me. Every single person was Catholic so it followed with the religious hate crime. I wasn't even given medication for severe migraine because of it.

2005: I continued traveling to Oregon for my lawsuits and for college. I was also negotiating getting paid by Farmers' for my broken knee, but Donna Ciaramella (Catholic) tried to block it. The condition of my knee had deteriorated to the point that I wasn’t sleeping at night and after 7 months, by the time they did surgery, permanent damage had occurred because of non-treatment. The surgery was done but I hadn't known the healing process was so slow--over one full year and still it hadn't finished healing and I was in the middle of litigation. I was refused a medical abatement when I needed one and it wasn't my fault I had been victim of an assassination (or intent to cause harm if not kill) attempt after I had filed my lawsuits. So then I was supposed to take a settlement of money to cover my bills and pain and suffering but Ciaramella tried to delay and block this. A Catholic Judge in Wenatchee and lawyer for the Abbey, along with Oregon law enforcement, colluded to have my car taken from me and actually did this (explained below).

2003-2004: I also experienced someone at University of Oregon Hospital attempting to hide and conceal my X-rays from me which showed a new break, and then the Dr. told me there was nothing wrong with my leg except for a muscle strain. I was instructed to do “squats”. This was in the middle of my litigation with The Willamette Week and Mt. Angel Abbey. (when did Grandpa Garrett die? date).
(this is a repeat of other material)

2005: Interviewed by FBI S.S.A.s. At some point while commuting between Oregon and Washington for college and my lawsuits, and looking out for Granny's health in WA, I was then visited by two FBI S.S.A's at a house I stayed at while in Oregon. They said they were there to take interview me about "an abuse of position" matter involving FBI agents. I felt someone had been staking my place out for awhile because they came over right after this part-Iranian man left my apartment (he was a U.S. citizen but his father was originally from Iran (Iranian ethnicity or original nationality) and his girlfriend went to St. Andrews University in England). I had met the man at the PSU library and was attracted to him, nothing more, and hadn't known him a long time and not enough to know all about his family or interests. I didn't know anything about him when I picked up conversation with him and I talked to him first. I was stopped by Portland police, however, while making out with him in my vehicle before he was at my house and the police said to me, "Do you KNOW who this IS?" and I said no. I knew his name, and what he told me, but what was the big deal? Portland police then said did you know he's only 19 years old or something and I had actually thought he was in his early 20s because he looked older. It didn't matter and wasn't important but they made a big deal about it and then left us alone. I also, at some point, had dinner with another Iranian man I met, at a Persian restaurant, but it was no big deal, just dinner and that was it. I was used to exploring other cultures and talking to people from different backgrounds and I enjoyed trying new things. I also spent New Years on a double date with men from the U.A.E., but as easily have shared dinner with Germans, or Mexicans, or whoever. There was nothing of significance. However, after this college guy whose Dad was Iranian came to my house one time and we also went out once. The FBI, however, showed up at my door the night he came to my house, right after he left.

It was about 10 minutes after he left, the FBI were knocking at my door. They showed me their ID and number and badges and said they were FBI. Both wore suits and both seemed tired. Actually, the man from CA, Don, seemed tired and the other one seemed slightly nervous. I offered them coffee and I don't think they wanted any but I had some myself. They didn't do anything wrong really, except for two things. One thing is that the man from D.C. kept trying to change my testimony and wanted to word it for me in the way that best suited their legal needs. I again tried to bring up religious hate crime with them but they steered everything to "abuse of position" and said you wouldn't say you were sexually harassed would you? And I said well what does that mean? I hadn't even looked up legal or formal definitions of what sexual harassment or sexual abuse was, so I said no and then said well, I don't know. And I didn't, for sure, know how my facts would be viewed in the eyes of the law. This was because I was naive and didn't know the law and what the definitions were. So they kept trying to say this was about abuse of position with Bujanda and Garza, as they had said they were looking for a new FBI employee and then used it to gain favor with me on personal grounds. This may be true, but when I found out later that my facts fit for sex abuse, I realized these agents already knew what they were trying to conceal. So once again, as with Julia Thornton, FBI agents actively concealed evidence and blocked my truthful and whole testimony and wanted to change it to suit them.

They were polite, well-mannered, and had a sense of humor. There was nothing inherently wrong with their personalities, but they committed crimes of concealment and tampering of testimony as did Thornton and knew at that time, that I was too naive to even understand what was going on. When I later realized what had happened, I tried to get my FOIA from them but they refused to give it to me and then I tried to report to police and they were bribed by FBI and then I tried to go to OIG and then my son and I began victims of severe torture. There were other problems going on, but the FBI didn't care because they had their own liabilities they wanted to cover for and had no interest in helping or protecting me or my son. When these S.S.A.'s left, they gave me business cards and then said call them if anything changes and I tried to call them later to report religious hate crime and add to the sexual harassment part but then after saying they would call me back, they never did. I called about one small thing and they returned my call. But when I was calling about what mattered and was important, they ignored me. I never heard from them again. Other parties I mentioned to them were Kaempf, John Kaempf, Mike Tanzer (wondering if he knew Bujanda and Garza) and then Robin Bechtold as having told me not to tell anyone about the FBI.

Shortly after this, my vehicle was illegally taken from me and illegally searched with help of Catholic judiciary. It ruined my ability to keep going to college and attend my lawsuits and then later, I was jailed on a false arrest the night before trying to tell media my story about the FBI criminal actions against me.

2005: After making report to FBI S.S.A's, Wenatchee medical professionals denying medical care and slandering me as “drug seeking” over migraines. Refusing to treat my migraines. Refusing to provide pain killers for extreme and severe pain. Slandering me in medical records for the first time in my life…etc.

2005: Then my parents sounded like they were being harassed in Coquille, OR and asked me to drop my lawsuits. They wouldn't suggest something like this unless someone was assaulting or threatening them. They began asking me to drop my lawsuits after I reported the FBI agents to the FBI and things got worse for me, when they tried to block my report of religious hate crime. When I didn't cancel my lawsuits, law enforcement and judiciary conspired in an act of religious hate crime, to force me out. This was also at a time where I had to go to Salem, Oregon, to Marion County courthouse to ask Judge Lipscomb to enter the rest of my filed documents into the Archdiocese Bankruptcy case in Portland where these defendants had removed all their cases to. They told me they didn't know what I was talking about and when the defendants didn't do it as required, I was told I had to go to Salem to indicate which documents still needed to be entered and filed in the public electronic record.

Because Marion county was hiding my compilation of Abbey policies and canon law and the structure of the Abbey 'corporation', I had started telling people who wanted to review this for themselves, to specifically request the additional materials that the courthouse was not keeping with the original record as required. When I was then traveling to my parents', to stay the night, I was then going to stop at the courthouse in Salem on my way back and get these records selected and entered into the system. They knew this. They did not want this information in the public record, so I believe this was part of the motive for Catholic Judge Warren in WA knowing what Catholic Judge Lipscomb in OR knew I had to do, along with FBI and law enforcement, and when I wouldn't drop my lawsuits, they cut me out illegally by confiscating my car when I was a legal driver. This preventing me from getting my records entered and each time I tried after this time, I had a huge amount of vandalism done to my vehicle, after this, in Wenatchee. I was trying to still put things together and told Christa about it and then I had one major obstructive effort after the other.

So when I tried to drive to Coquille, Oregon, where my parents lived, I was blocked by Coburg police. When I was approached by an officer, I had already driven off of the freeway and was parked at a gas station getting gas. The officer parked his car and then got out and told me he was towing my vehicle because he had been alerted about me and told to pull me over because of a suspended license "alert". My license wasn’t suspended and I knew this so I asked him what he was talking about. He again said he had received “an alert” to pull me over because I was “driving with a suspended license.” I asked him who this “alert” was from because it wasn’t suspended and he couldn’t give me a straight answer. He said he had been driving and received an “alert” to find my car and pull me over for “suspended license.” Then when I said it was impossible my license was suspended he said he noticed I was speeding but I wasn’t. The main reason he said he had pulled me over was because someone told him to. I was shocked. I had had a matter in Wenatchee, WA where they told to pay for a ticket but I couldn’t afford it and at the time they were trying to pass a law to suspend licenses for unpaid tickets but at the time I was pulled over, it was common knowledge that this law HAD NOT PASSED. My license was therefore in good standing. Not only that, someone had gone out of their way, to instruct this officer to single me out and pull me over. I was in the middle of college, in the middle of 2 lawsuits, and trying to drive over to see my parents and these guys were obstructing my travel which made for certain failure in my ability to go to college and attend to both of these lawsuits. I believe he said the Oregon State police had an alert out, but it was something about how they got an “alert” from Washington that went to Oregon and then he was notified to pull me over. I said why would they get an alert from Washington when my license was from Oregon. He just said he was told to pull me over. I yelled and he kept his camera in his police vehicle running the entire time and videotaped the event.

Then I said it was the middle of the night and he said he could put me in a hotel next door or said my parents were telling me to stay there overnight until they came to pick me up but I told him I had college classes at PSU the next morning and I would miss them. He got on the phone with my mother and talked to my mother for some reason, maybe because I said I needed to let them know what was going on. And he called a towing company and towed away my car, after he first went through my entire vehicle to do a search. I have never had my car “searched” before and he went through the trunk, through the glove boxes, under the seats, pulled on the paneling, and went through all of my bags.

Then he had it towed away and when I finally got my car back, weeks later, when law enforcement had planned for this to take more like a month, all the paneling on the interior of my car was loose and had been pulled apart and put back together badly. Someone went throughout my entire vehicle and searched everything from the inside of the panels on the doors to the tires and they ruined my car. Everything was loose and rattled and the windows didn’t even work the same anymore. I was not compensated for the damage done to my vehicle and no one ever admitted to what was done.

I had never, in my entire life, had my entire vehicle searched and pulled apart like this. And this was after the FBI in Oregon visited me with their S.S.A.s about the Portland agents Bujanda and Garza who were doing “work” in a town that was next to the one my parents lived in (my parents live in Coquille, Oregon which is part of Coos Bay and they had told me they were working on something in Coos Bay at the time I met them). It was also after I had reported my ex-boyfriend, to Oregon police, as having asked to buy my prescription drugs from me and his brother was working for the Oregon State police. This was at a crucial point in my litigation as well. I believe it worked as a convenient excuse for keeping me from entering important documents into the federal electronic file. The Judges involved even knew each other and had a point man in common: Catholic attorney John Kaempf.

Judge Lipscomb was Roman Catholic as were his clerks. Judge Warren was Roman Catholic with a wife as Director for Catholic Charities in Wenatchee. John Kaempf was attorney for the clergy, whose case was filed with Judge Lipscomb and he also served on the Board of Directors for Catholic Charities in Portland. His father was also a doctor with medical community contacts. Dick Whittemore was also attorney of record for clergy and knew the Schneiders, whose daughter wanted to be my close friend only when I was in litigation, and who had a father that had worked with Portland FBI as a former Prosecuting Attorney in Portland, OR. Not only that, right after Fr. Joachim or Joseph Sprugg (the librarian I did volunteer work for at the Abbey) accused me of "missing books" as if I had stolen from them, Christa's father's "fiat" was to falsely suggest I had perhaps taken money from their till/register when I worked for him for a week. It was sort of like they hired me just for an excuse to smear me. Even after this, people I met later, were connected to them and still hoping to cover up old crimes, but that's for a later point in this report. Joseph Sprugg later apologized to me about the book matter, telling me they'd found it (around 2002 or so because this was when I had my book selling business later), and Rob Schneider never formally accused me of stealing. He had his daughter Christa do that, after he stole from me by not paying me for time I spent cleaning at his business, which is counted as employee time. Christa told me before working for him, that he'd had other employees in the past who made complaints about her Dad not paying them for overtime but they were liars. So then I worked for him and my supervisor who had worked for him for a few years told me I could punch in for the time I was behind the register, but if I did any cleaning or prep-work after business was closed, I couldn't count this time and I couldn't count the time I prepped or did any cleaning before the store hours were opened. I told her I thought this was wrong, that you're supposed to get paid for any time you work at all, at a business. She said, "If you don't get it done in the time of operation, you can't count it." I said, "No, if you're asking me to do extra work after I punch out, (as she did) and to stock items or clean after I've punched out, I should still be paid for the extra work I did." So I tried to bring it up to her and then the next thing that happened was Christa was calling acting like she was upset and saying her Dad said they were missing "money" from the till. I said, "No, I counted it out correctly, with the other woman right there" and then another time on my own, when she wasn't there. I told Christa I had asked the supervisor why I wasn't being paid for my cleaning or stocking time and then I was being accused of the till being short?

Even if I had not been paid what I should have been paid, I never took any money from that store. I knew this, and I felt Christa knew this too. Josef Sprugg was not clergy or a monk but a Catholic volunteer librarian that I worked for at the Abbey. I wasn't just checking out book with them, I was working for the Abbey, something they've neglected to mention to anyone. Josef was working on a book publication and I assisted him in the library and took materials home as well, for working on, and delivered back to him at the Abbey. It is highly probably the Schneiders knew him and/or monks as well as the Whittemores.

Too many things were wrong with her and her contacts but I didn't figure more out until later, after things got even worse for me. Not only that, she really had some problems. She said she hated her Dad but she worked with her Dad, and she was constantly expressing plans to get "revenge" on different people, which was not a sentiment I ever shared. She detailed specific plans on how she was going to get revenge or told me about things she'd done after-the-fact. I never once encouraged her or expressed any similar ideas because I never had ideas like that.

As Judge Lipscomb, Judge Warren, FBI, or anyone would have known that if I had my car towed, I would not have transportation for either college or to handle my lawsuits and that it would force me to fail and lose everything. And it did.

I had nothing more than gas money with me and no way to get back to Portland, Oregon. I didn’t want to miss my class the next morning, so I hitchhiked for the first time in my life to get back to Portland. That is how important my college education was to me. I was getting a 3.6 and planning to improve my G.P.A. to closer to 3.8 or so and apply for graduate school. I was managing 2 lawsuits well enough on my own, and going to college FT as well.

When I got back to Portland, I had to pay for a hotel and was going to go to class the next day but instead, when I got on the phone the next morning, I found there was a major problem with my license and this forced me to be on the phone to get my car back. I had to commute to Washington for legal documents I needed in Oregon.

The officer for Coburg had taken my set of keys and license and told me I could only get them back after my license was renewed and I had my car out of towing. He knew, they all knew, I was stranded. My parents had to work and couldn’t drive to Portland to help me for weeks.

I was told my license was fine by DMV in Oregon and fine by DMV in Washington and after days of being told one thing and then another, I finally found out the initial “alert” was sent out by Judge Gerald Warren in Wenatchee, WA.

I was told Judge Warren wanted me to pay him (the court) for unpaid fines. To do that, I had to be in Wenatchee and then somehow get back to Oregon to pick my car up from the tow-yard. I would have been without transportation for about a month. Even if I got back to Wenatchee, and my parents couldn’t help or were being told not to help, it would be weeks and then I would have to figure out the court matter and have a ride back from Wenatchee, to Eugene to then get my car out of towing.
One of the Judge’s clerks told me Warren did this but it was “illegal” because there was no such law in effect so it was unlawful to put an alert out on someone or to suspend their license for unpaid fines. The law was in the process of being reviewed, but it was not a law at that time. So I thought, it’s a mistake and the Judge will fix this. But then Warren told me he knew it was a mistake and I had to pay anyway and he wasn’t going to fix it. I had about $2,000 in unpaid fines because of high cost tickets (speeding allegations) that I hadn’t been able to go to court to contest, for the State of Washington. Anyone familiar with my banking and how much I had in savings, and knowing my “income” was only through college financial aid, would have known it was impossible for me to pay that amount. Maybe by the next college term after more money was disbursed, but they knew that I wouldn’t have been able to pay off the driving fines and that this would keep me from driving at all. Hence, my college and lawsuits would be lost. It was a mistake he could correct, because at the time, I was in good standing to continue with my plans, but Judge Warren refused to reinstate my license knowing the suspension was illegal. So then, I found a legal way around it without having to literally take a Judge to court to fight it and it was to talk to the DMV who said they could “reinstate” me or prove I was never suspended and that I could take my proof to the police in Coburg and show them and get my car back.

Coburg police told me when I went to them with “proof” my license wasn’t suspended, they’d give back my keys.

Making phone calls to find out what was wrong, cost me an entire week staying at a hotel in Portland and I lost an entire week of college from it as well. It was going to be weeks before I got the car back. The car was partially in my parent’s name though, I believe, or they had registration and a key for it and my Dad picked it up from the tow yard and had it parked at the Eugene Airport. So they released the car to my Dad but I couldn’t drive it legally without proof I was not suspended. I didn't tell my parents I had one set of keys, or that the police took keys, just that they took the car. I was told I had to find a way to get documents. I had given the police one set of keys but had another key that I kept with me. He also took my driver’s license but I had a second one, which was hole-punched after I got a new one but I had kept it with me. I paid a housemate $50 to drive me to the airport, went in and unlocked it, got in and showed the guard my hole-punched license. You had to have a license to drive out with the vehicle. He asked what the hole was for and I said it was for my keychain.

I drove to a gas station where I had been forced to leave my belongings which I couldn’t carry while hitchhiking. I picked them up by shuttle from a hotel rather than drive into the town of Coburg. I then drove to Sherwood, Oregon and tried to find my parent’s old friends to see if I could stay with them and try to complete a week of classes and figure things out. I stayed there a couple of days.

I then ended up staying one night with Robin Bechtold’s parents, whose mother Janet smirked and looked satisfied when she said, “So how does it feel to be homeless?” I am not sure why I stayed there even one night after I saw she was gloating and happy to think I was “homeless”. To her, it was satisfaction.

I responded that I wasn’t homeless and that I had just been told by the apartment manager that I couldn’t stay with my friends there, in Portland, but I still had a place in Washington and stayed with grandparents part-time and was going to figure something out for Portland while I continued with college. The apartment manager asked me not to stay with my friends some of the time anymore, after S.S.A.s from the FBI visited me there and took notes for my report about Bujanda and Garza (which should have also included religious hate crime).

I later found out one of the S.S.A.s was from a location where Bechtold’s sister lived--Palo Alto--and all of Janet’s family was (her family is all Irish and Italian and lives in the same area in CA).

Then I drove back to Wenatchee, went to the courthouse and asked the Judge to fix the problem. I was polite and he came out of chambers and went up to the window in person and told me to my face he wasn’t correcting the matter. I was shocked he knew it was wrong what he did, and that the “suspension” was illegal, and refused to correct this so I was able to drive. I was then forced to go to the DMV in Wenatchee and they gave me documents that proved I wasn’t suspended. I had planned to drive back to Oregon to pick up the other set of keys and my license, but I didn’t because when the Judge said he was refusing to correct what he did, and when WA and OR law enforcement were pulling me over for things that were not even true, I was right to be afraid that if I tried to keep commuting between OR and WA, they would attempt to pull me over again, because this Judge refused to take off the “alert”. I could have ended up having my car taken all over again.

I was forced to drop out of college. This forced me out of lawsuits I didn’t want to miss or drop out of, because I was winning and they were important to my ability to have my reputation restored and be able to prevent damages to ability to work and not be victimized or made vulnerable by false allegations.

When I was forced to drop out of college, I still had money coming to me from my personal injury claim--$50,000. I focused on getting this wrapped up and planned to get the money I was owed and then have money to pay off tickets, get back into college, and revive my lawsuits. There was a statute of limitations for me to collect my money from Farmers’ at a hearing. I had already retained a lawyer for this as well. However, religious hate crime by Catholic insurance agents, police, and Judge Warren prevented me from getting this money. They kept me suffering with migraine without treatment, filed dishonest claims against me, committed extortion by mailing a threatening letter to my grandparents, and conspired to arrest me on false arrest.

I was forced to live in Wenatchee after the obstruction of travel. During this time, I sought counseling from a Wenatchee women's domestic assault and sex abuse clinic and aside from blocking my report of religious hate crime, I discovered FBI had committed crimes and knew it. They knew by my facts, that their agents had committed sex crimes in addition to abuse of position misconduct. I tried to file a restraining order against the FBI agents because I had already been told they sometimes worked in this area and I didn't want them around me. I asked for assistance with this, and for help pushing to have a report made with police there in Portland. The counselor explained to me that according to the facts I had given, it was more than sexual harassment, it was a felony crime. It wasn't even misdemeanor but felony level. It was the lowest felony charge one could be charged with, for sex crimes, but it was felony rather than misdemeanor. I brought this up to the Portland FBI.

I also felt I had to have been defamed by the FBI as being "drug-seeking" due to my new treatment by doctors in Wenatchee. I first tried to contact FBI for follow-up of my complaint and they ignored me. Then I asked for FOIA because my life was falling apart and I needed to know what damage had been done to me in internal or secretive files which caused others including police to feel they could mistreat me or discredit me.

The FBI mocked me, harassed me by claiming repeatedly they didn't know what my gender was and therefore couldn't find any information about me, and refused to provide FOIA

2004-2005: Mike Tanzer (connected to FBI?).
Mike contacted me. (fill in)

2005: Contacting Media. I then tried to give my story to media. It was common knowledge of my intentions. I did not first try to tell my story to The Wenatchee World in a local paper. I called every single major media channel and company there was and tried to get someone to be interested in my story. I was making phone calls and talking with different people for weeks and each major station turned me down. So then someone told me to go with a local newspaper and after it was written locally, it would then be picked up by a major media or news program. So I called a reporter with The Wenatchee World who said yes, he wanted to interview me for a story about the FBI. I made an appointment with him and told Christa about it over the phone.

2005: Crime of Extortion committed by John Kaempf and Bullivant Houser law firm.
I made this appointment after John Kaempf sent a letter trying to extort my grandparents to control my litigation or else they were going to "take action" against them (my 80 year grandparents who had nothing to do with my litigation.) They tried to send it to my grandparents secretly, with no return address and inside a manilla envelope, a letter signed by John Kaempf on Bullivant Houser law firm letterhead. I shot off an email to Kaempf saying he had crossed the line to threaten innocent family members about something that had nothing to do with them, and told him I was filing an "anti-harassment" order against him.

2005: False Restraining Order #1.
Retaliation and Collusion with Judge Warren again.
After Kaempf got this from me, he faxed over a request for a "restraining order" to Catholic Judge Warren, the same Judge that had illegally put a "suspension" on my license when I was in Oregon, causing me to lose my vehicle. The fax date and time showed Kaempf sent this directly to Judge Warren's chambers within an hour of my email to him about my intent to file an order of anti-harassment against Kaempf.

I thought this letter amounted to some kind of blackmail or illegal threat but I didn't know until 2012 that this action by Kaempf and the Bullivant firm is not just "harassment" but is an actual crime of extortion for which they could be charged with a felony. To avert being charged of felony, having not expected I would intercept this letter, they retaliated with a restraining order sent to the Catholic Judge who was already colluding with them and had done so with the suspension of my driver's license, to their favor.

I received notice of this, when I was innocent, in the middle of a string of serious migraines that doctors refused to treat, which literally created such severe pain each day I was either in bed or dizzy to the point of almost passing out. With this going on and not understanding other family members were also possibly being pressured, I overdosed on aspirin with the intention to kill myself. The combination of untreated migraine for months, along with shock that criminals were trying to impute crime to ME when they knew I was innocent, made it impossible for me to consider living under torture every day. I have never had this sentiment again even though I was later tortured as badly and worse. I decided the suicide attempt was taking too long, and thought it might be more painful than originally planned, so I called ER. And then after having my stomach pumped I knew I would never again think of ever killing myself. And not once since this time, have I considered it to be an option.

2005: False Lab Report (drug claim from urine test) #1.
When I recovered from a suicide attempt, I then found out the hospital did a lab draw and found "marijuana" in my blood and wrote "cannabis abuse" in my chart. I had NEVER, in my entire life, used marijuana of any kind. I had never taken drugs of any kind except for Vicodin for migraine and prescription medications for surgery and that was it.

So after defaming me as being "drug-seeking", when I wasn't, I had told Central Washington Hospital I was going to sue them for defamation by claiming I was guilty of crimes of using drugs illegally when I didn't. This, following my FBI complaint. I then proved to them they lied about me by including my records from Oregon neurologists that proved I had migraines, which these doctors in Wenatchee had refused treatment for and had even refused to fax for my records for, when I asked them to, rather than defame me.

After they knew they were liable for defamation charges, and knowing I had already filed two successful lawsuits in Oregon, I believe the doctors and administration at Central were concerned I could very well file a lawsuit and win.

So the next time I was in their hospital, they were discharging me with a chart note that claimed one of their labs found "cannabis abuse". This was what they needed, legally, to defend themselves with in the advent of a lawsuit against them for defaming me as being "drug-seeking". They knew they couldn't win by saying my request for vicodin or painkillers was "drug-seeking" because now they had evidence of neurology reports that showed I had migraines. And they knew that they had refused to treat my migraines even AFTER I made copies of these reports and submitted them for inclusion in my medical chart. After they continued to refuse treatment, with documentation from neurologists proving I wasn't drug-seeking, they knew this would be evidence of intentional infliction of pain and suffering. NOW they had medical records which proved I had migraine, not 'tension' headache and it proved I wasn't drug-seeking. Instead of obeying the law and treating my migraines, the doctors at Central then said, "Well we need a neurology report of our OWN." They didn't need one, because both of the diagnosis' I gave them were only 2 years old and it's not needed if an evaluation is not more than 3 years old.

So at this point, the hospital knew they could be sued for refusing to treat severe migraine and for defaming me as being a drug addict or "drug-seeking". They had then received documentation from me proving I had migraines and they still still refused to treat me, which showed it was malicious and knowing malice to cause me to suffer.

So at that point, they needed something that would excuse them or justify them for saying I was "drug-seeking". They couldn't defend themselves when I had proof of migraine and need for narcotic painkillers by doctor direction. So the next time I was coming out of their hospital, they claimed I had a lab which proved marijuana use.

This would be enough to excuse them for calling me "drug-seeking" in court and would also benefit the FBI that was looking for an excuse for themselves. The other shocking part was that they diagnosed me with "cannabis abuse" but they didn't even tell me or question me. I had to get the records and find out myself and that wasn't until months later, after I was put on false arrest and a number of other things. When I discovered this, I found out if I had known, I could have had a test to challenge it and prove it wasn't correct. I called up Wenatchee DEA to ask about false positives on drug tests through urine or blood. Actually, my lab was a urine test, not blood. So the DEA told me urine tests don't hold up in a court of law because they're not accurate and too many false positives. I was still upset that I had "cannabis abuse" written into my chart notes and medical records.

I said I could prove I had never taken any marijuana by having a hair analysis done. And then I could prove fabrication of a lab for the legal motives of the hospital and I could also prove I was being defamed as being drug-seeking when I wasn't.

After this, my property was vandalized worse and by the time my son and I were tortured, I was telling Central Washington hospital administration that I could have a hair analysis done to prove I never took any marijuana or drugs in my life. I told the FBI this too, and said I would do a hair analysis and that I had at least 3 years of length on my hair and I would gladly use it to prove I never used any illegal drugs of any kind.

Their agent, Garza, had asked me if I had any "reefer" when he was there and in the past, I'd had some people accuse me of using weed simply because I could write creative poetry. I had never used drugs.

The first thing my "Ex" from Colombia wanted to do, was have my hair cut. I had told everyone, including Canada, that I could prove this lab was a lie with my hair and then I was coerced into having my hair cut and after that, I had no way of proving Washington committed crimes against me of defamation about illicit drug use. It would also point a finger at the FBI if the FBI had ever defamed me in internal records to anyone in any agency.

I had once thought it was possible I had marijuana given to me without my knowledge, in food I was given, and this is possible, and could have been why I had uncharacteristicly tried suicide, if I had drugs in my system without my knowledge, but I believe there was much more motive for hospital administrators and law enforcement to want to lie about a lab to try to give them a defense in court.

This would also be why medical professionals didn't notify me or tell me about getting a positive THC lab from urine. They never told me while it was still possible for me to go in and challenge it. I found out after I was pregnant, by Dr. Butler. He never told me either. But he made some kind of odd comment about drug use that made me wonder what was going on so I got my records and found out I had a chart note of "cannabis abuse". This was discovered about 3 months after they wrote "cannabis abuse" into my medical records. I feel that this claim helped the legal defense of the hospital more than anything and potential helped the FBI too, since Julia Thornton had been the one to try to accuse me of illegal drug use just because I had Vicodin for migraines. If the FBI had defamed me in any way, regarding drug use, and then shared this with Wenatchee local law enforcement who would share with hospital and medical staff, the FBI would not want the responsibility of being proven guilty of defaming me if I could prove I never used illegal drugs. All I had to do was provide a hair sample to clear myself. But I didn't know about hair samples until after I found out about the lab in my chart and then I had no money to pay for this because I was then pregnant. I was told by Dr. Butler, "Oh don't worry about it, it's no big deal." It was a big deal, because then a year later, CPS tried to use this to claim I had alcohol and drug issues, along with false claims about mental issues.

I decided later that I could prove I had never taken drugs as claimed but then after they took my son from me, CPS and the FBI later decided to shift their tactic to claiming I was mentally ill and make that their focus instead of drugs. They used claims that I was mentally ill to cover for torturing my son and I (the subject of torture and with what methods and by whom will be covered at the end of this report).

After getting a false chart note of "cannabis abuse" in my medical chart and not knowing about it until later, I was still refused treatment for severe migraine even with my records in the file and they refused to retract the defamation.

2005: Appointment With The Press for Wenatchee World. I next tried to contact media because my life was falling apart and false accusations of "drug abuse" and "mental illness" were following criminal actions by FBI and refusal of law enforcement to investigate religious hate crime. They had colluded together to obstruct justice and I couldn't even get normal medical care anymore because of the collusion and defamation. It is also possible that someone connected to Bechtold's was attempting to get revenge as Janet Bechtold showed satisfaction over my being "homeless" after I talked to FBI, since I had tried reporting her son for attempting to buy drugs from me, to Portland police.

I secured, finally, an appointment with a reporter for The Wenatchee World, right after a former FBI attorney I found online, who was from the East Coast, told me I needed to get ahold of my NCIC and FBI file. He suggested there was something there that was affecting my treatment.
On the night before my appointment for an interview with the reporter, to talk about the FBI, which I told the FBI (by email) I was doing, I was arrested by Wenatchee police on false arrest.

2005: False Arrest and Imprisonment#1.
False Restraining Order #2
(False Charge #4 or #5--detail other charges beginning with Mt. Angel police.)
I was preparing to go to trial for my personal injury matter and I was likely to collect the full $50,000 from it. I had all the records to prove my case and that my injuries were severe and bills were high. I also had an appointment to give my story about FBI criminal conduct the very next day.

I asked for a police assist on getting some personal belongings, which I had done in the past with a cousin present. I did this because there had been some family problems and it was better to have more than one person present for keeping the peace. The second time I requested a police assist, my cousin wasn't with me and the police used it as an excuse to fabricate charges against me knowing I was going to be talking to a reporter the next day about some of them and about FBI criminal misconduct.

Instead of showing up to assist, police came to my door and put handcuffs on me, telling me I was going to jail for “assaulting your grandmother.” I had not assaulted my grandmother. I had just been up there and tried to get some belongings and when she pushed me in the stomach after I told her I was pregnant, I protected my body and my unborn by gently holding her arms away from my abdomen and tried to call for assistance from the house but she didn't want me there so I left to call from a different location. I wasn't upset or angry with Granny and did nothing wrong--I was pregnant and needed to get some belongings. No one in my family would have made such a claim. Only police trying to protect FBI would try to use this against me. When 3 officers, all Catholic (3 of them showed up at the same time to take a call for an assist?), showed up to tell me they were taking me to jail, I knew it was about the FBI interview the next day. They said "You assaulted your grandmother," and I said, “I would never do that. I’ve been helping Granny.” One of the female officers snapped viciously, “We know you’re smart. YOU’RE known by law enforcement from Oregon to Washington State.” With that comment, she twisted my arms and had me go into a police vehicle and I was taken to jail.

2005: Catholic Judge Warren Corruption a 3rd Time.
The Judge who they had presiding over this “case” was the same one who put a false suspension on my license and refused to remove it when he knew it was false. Who then knew Kaempf and took an instant fax from his law firm directly to his own chambers for a "restraining order" against me after Kaempf tried to extort my grandparents.

It was Judge Warren again. He claimed that I sounded so violent, that even though it was a first-time misdemeanor charge, I was to be held in jail, without personal recognizance, and they were putting a restraining order against me to prevent me from going to my grandparents or accessing my belongings and legal documents. He also decided to hold me on an excessive bail amount of $10,000. He was mean and he was getting revenge.

I was shocked to hear the Wenatchee (Chelan County) officer tell me I was “known by law enforcement” from one state to the next. I had no prior arrest or charge or record, so how would they “know me” as she claimed. She made it clear to me, with this comment, that I had somehow been widely defamed and that this was affecting my standing as a citizen. At that point, I wondered if the Portland FBI had slandered me and spread this to other agencies or put something in a system that was shared. Because how else could I be so well-known?

They held me in jail, on a false charge, for 14 days in solitary isolation. First they had me with other women and after 2 days, they moved me to solitary isolation when I kept asking for paper and there were too many witnesses who saw guards ignoring my request. When I did get paper, and wrote kites or motions to the Judge, they were all returned to me and never filed.

My cell was about 6 feet by 6 feet. I wasn’t given anything during this time, except for one book and a Bible and some paper. I was told I could use the law library so I asked to make use of it and filed kites to the Judge about “excessive bail” and about “personal recognizance” as this was a first-time misdemeanor. I sent them out through guards and they were returned to me with a post-it from the court clerk that said, “Do not file” and I was told Judge Warren was not allowing anything I wrote to be filed in a public record. I also attempted to mail something out to the FBI and they told me they refused to mail it and returned this to me as well.

They had planned to leave me in jail longer than 14 days but I told them I was pregnant and that I needed to see a lawyer immediately. If I had not been pregnant, I could have been there months. At the hearing, the police officer told the Judge they didn’t have anything on me. They had no probable cause, no witness, and not even one witness statement. The Judge said then why did you arrest her when all you have is a statement made by a police officer. However, this Judge wasn’t surprised. They held me there as long as they could and then when I was released on personal recognizance, I was told the restraining order was still in effect, preventing me from getting to my legal documents. I told my lawyer and tried to tell the Judge and tried to file something but when I got to the courthouse, one of the clerks said, “We can’t file anything from you.” I said, “But I’m out of jail.” She said, “Judge Warren put a note in here himself that says “Do not file anything from Ms. Garrett.” I said, “Can I have a copy of that please?” and she said I’d have to come back for it or she’d have to ask. The next time I went to get a copy I was told, “There is no statement from any Judge in the system.” I asked what happened to the note or instruction not to file documents from me and I was told nothing was there any longer.

I also tried to get records from the jail through the jail administrator and they refused to give me anything and ignored my requests, which were in writing.

My lawyer was working for the other side, against me. There was no evidence against me because it didn’t happen and yet my lawyer was telling me to take a guilty plea. I said no, I’m innocent and I don’t want a criminal record. Finally, after he pressured me several times, his Catholic supervisor with the Public Defender’s offices came into the courthouse right before a hearing and told me if I didn’t take the guilty plea, they were going to go to trial the next day, with no evidence to support me. He knew I had told them I HAD evidence that supported my innocence. I told my public defender I had evidence from counseling which cleared me and I wanted to obtain this and I also had evidence I could get from a cousin who would be a witness for me. I asked them to obtain this and they refused.

Then the Catholic supervisor sat next to me and threatened me. I stood up after he sat back and said to the Judge, “Your Honor, my lawyer’s supervisor is telling me he’s going to take this to trial tomorrow if I don’t plead guilty, but I have told them I need a continuance because I have evidence to support myself and I also have character and material witnesses so I’m asking for a continuance.”

After I did this, and spoke over what they were trying to do to me, the Judge gave one continuance and then I said to my public defender, “If you don’t make an attempt to get that evidence, I will do it myself.” So I made requests for my records and went to the police station, where I noticed Kyle Flick there, the lawyer for my grandparents and Uncle Loren. He saw me and walked around me. I was trying to obtain records of the police arrest and thought that was the right office. Then I made a request for my records from counseling. After I did this, the prosecuting attorney dropped and dismissed the entire thing as having no evidence or reasonable cause. I had to do all of this for myself despite being threatened by my own public defender's offices. The police admitted in court that they were the ones to generate a complaint and there was no agreeing witness or “victim”. It was a fabrication made by police and Judge Warren and it obstructed my ability to attend my press appointment and my personal injury hearing.

2005: Obstruction from PIP process.
During this entire time, I was denied access to my legal papers. My lawyer from Oregon kept asking me to get back to him with this and I couldn’t. They had blocked me from accessing my own legal records with a false charge. Even though I was released from jail after 14 days in solitary confinement, they did not lift the restraining order until the case was dropped and that was months later.

The police told my grandparents to throw all of my legal papers into boxes, out of order, and put them out on the porch. This is not something my grandparents did of their own accord. It is what they were ordered to do by Wenatchee police. So not only was I falsely charged with something, which ruined my record, I was locked up in jail, which prevented me from getting to my hearing and gathering my legal documents to collect the $50,000. In addition to this, the police instructed all of my legal documents to be thrown out of order into dozens of boxes, making it impossible for me to sort through everything in order. I had legal files and papers from 2 major lawsuits and 1 personal injury matter, along with all of my medical records. They were all ordered to be thrown into about 8-10 boxes, all out of order.

I didn’t know then, what condition my legal papers would be in. When I showed up to pick things up, all of these boxes and my belongings were all spread out along the porch. My Grandpa apologized and said the police had ordered them to throw all of my papers into boxes and put them out on the porch. I started sobbing because I only had about 2 weeks or less before the statute expired for my Personal Injury trial and hearing. Everything was out of order and mixed in with other cases. It would take me weeks to sort through all of the paper alone. And then my lawyer called to say he couldn’t represent me. Mr. Roger Harris called to say this. He was waiting for me to file for a bankruptcy which I had planned and which my adversaries knew I had planned. And after I did this, I was having my Personal Injury case and when I was obstructed with a false arrest and blocked from my legal papers, I didn’t have enough time to do this and I lost my entire case.

I lost $50,000 because of Judge Warren and corrupt officers. And that was just the second time I incurred damages because of Warren’s actions and his collusion with other persons in Oregon and Washington state who were members of his church, the Roman Catholic church. First the illegal suspension of license and then the false arrest, and I was never able to defend myself against Kaempf's application for restraining order, made to Warren, against me because I was in the hospital.

2005: Attempt To Report Judicial Misconduct by Warren.
I went to the Wenatchee FBI, a man named "Wes", about Judge Warren and I was blown off and told oh he’s retiring anyway, just leave him alone. I also told him I believed I had been defamed by the FBI because of these things which were happening following my report of misconduct by FBI agents. I was being called “drug-seeking”, “mentally ill”, and blocked from traveling and accessing court and then told law enforcement all knew who I was. So I told him I had been trying to get FOIA for being able to dispute something false written about me and the FBI was ignoring me. I said whatever it was, it was causing damage to my credibility and “Wes”, who told me he was Mormon, and his secretary told me how to request FOIA. I tried again. Every single attempt to write and make a request was responded to by mocking me, or not answered at all. I was either ignored or they made excuses for responding. In the meantime, my life continued to go downhill with no one taking accountability.

I tried to set some of the FBI matters aside while I was pregnant, but after being falsely arrested, after so many other things had been done to me, I began considering a move outside of the country. If I couldn't get assistance from police or FBI in OR, and not in WA, how was anything going to improve while living in the United States of America? I spent my pregnancy thinking of where I would move to with my son, and how much longer I would even want to stay in the U.S. If we had not been injured in childbirth, to the point where I knew it was responsible, as a mother, to stay and try to file a lawsuit for his damages, I would have left earlier. But I had to stay in the State of Washington to file a medical malpractice suit on his behalf. I planned to stay there and do this, and open a daycare and stay with him at home while taking college classes in the evenings. All of this was made impossible when the U.S. then allowed religious hate crime to escalate to torture of its own citizens.

After trying to get FOIA from Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, I tried to report religious hate crime in the form of vandalism again and was told by FBI in Seattle, WA that they refused to take any call or report from “Cameo Garrett”. An agent who answered the phone literally told me this. “We refuse to take any reports from Cameo Garrett.” I said, “Are you kidding me?” and she hung up the phone. She told me her name was "Mary" (if I'm correct but I have it written down somewhere). I was trying to report violence from religious hate crime that was again escalating at my new address on Methow St. in Wenatchee, WA, which is where I lived after I was released from jail.

2005. Attempts To Take My Child.
As soon as it was discovered I was pregnant, when I was in jail, people in the community were propositioning me to give my child up for adoption. I said no. However, not only were lawyers interested in taking my child from me, who wanted a “girl” (as I’d been told I was having), social workers were already approaching me about it. A state worker named Sibel came into the library and said it wasn’t “right” for a single woman to raise a child without a father. I didn’t know then that she worked for the state. Another woman approached me saying her husband was a lawyer and if I gave them my girl they would give me a place to stay and work in their law offices until the baby was born. I had people approaching me only after the sex was determined and I shared this with Christa Schneider.

(put in other section) Her father had worked as a Prosecuting Attorney for the Department of Justice and they showed up at my church, all baptized Catholics, after I started having problems with being defamed by Mt. Angel monks to their local Catholic-churchgoing police. I found out later that her family was connected to some of the people who were in litigation against me. She failed to tell me she was connected to, for one thing, Dick Whittemore, who was the primary and lead attorney for the lawsuit I had filed against the Mt. Angel Abbey and Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. She didn’t tell me until after I’d met Mike Tanzer, and possibly after the FBI agents, and then she had me meet her Catholic friend, the daughter of Dick Whittemore’s best gal pal or former romantic liason. I know she introduced me after I met Mike Tanzer, because I had mentioned what I wanted for Christmas when he asked me outright, and I said a certain kind of pants and then I noticed this woman had these pants, except with a different waist than I wanted. Why Christa kept this connection a secret so long is probably because she was leaking information to her friends about me and in hindsight, it was clear from the start. They took me out and ordered “lavender martinis”. The one looked over at Christa and they were contemplating what to get. One of them said she was thinking about a lavender martini for revenge. She said martinis are celebratory but they have more “bite”. So they were having lavender martinis and I guess I then went along and said I’d try it. That is one of many contacts Christa never divulged to me until when she was ready to dump the friendship because the litigation was over. I believe I had looked into it and found a connection between this woman and Donna Ciaramella as well (the woman handling my personal injury matter for Farmers’).) I told Christa about the sex of the baby and after this, I had people approaching me who wanted a baby girl, who were total strangers to me. They approached me when I was at the public library.

My parents, around this time of 2004-2005, had changed and I have guessed they came under fire or were suddenly pressured and threatened with regard to me. They stayed out of the litigation stuff, and never advised. But they did believe, in 2002, that I was right to say I was defamed by The Willamette Week and I had support (not financial, but verbal validation one time) for trying to get corrections made.

However, then someone got a hold of them, possibly FBI in revenge for my report about agents, and in 2004-2005, they began telling me to drop the lawsuits. My Dad also came down with something at this time, a medical problem that was possibly from a criminal act by someone, and my mother also came down with an odd disorder that I believe was premeditated revenge. It happened to both of them in the same year, in 2004, and I believe it occurred after I reported the FBI agents and my ex-boyfriend. Then, suddenly, they were telling me to plead guilty to the assault charge about my Granny when they already knew I was innocent. I couldn’t figure out why they were telling me to do this and who was pressuring them. I was shocked to the core. They didn’t help bail me out of jail either, which was another drastic shock. And before this, they had started begging me to drop the lawsuit “against the Catholic church.”

When I didn’t drop out from pressure, I was forced out and I told them this but they acted like something must be still going on and I didn’t realize until later that they were most likely being egregiously persecuted by members of the same church too. I couldn’t understand why they were telling me to take guilty pleas when they knew I was innocent, or telling me to do things not in my best interests, like drop a serious lawsuit that was only to protect my name and life essentially. But they were begging me, repeatedly, and neither one of them told me about how they had been infected with diseases at this time, I believe purposed and criminal infection and poisoning. Then, not knowing what was happening to THEM, because law enforcement and Catholic church collusion blocked me from traveling, the next blow was to hear them pressure me to give up the child for adoption. First there was a hint of abortion and that is not like my Dad or Mom at all. They would never, ever, in a million years, come up with such an idea. But it was like someone tried to get them to pressure me and then maybe wanted to use it against me as a bad mark--I don’t know. It was more like something someone would ask them to say to me, who wanted to disparage my reputation with conservatives for purposes of claiming I was an immoral un-christian woman who had attacked the "Holy Catholic church". My parents have always been against abortion and would never recommend this to me, and I am now aware of the fact that they have people threatening them and telling them to do things sometimes, that they don't want to do.

Then they were telling me to give the baby up for adoption and that it should have a “mother” and a “father” and God had something else in mind for me. I disagreed and said I was keeping the baby and then I didn’t hear from them for the entire 9 months until after I had the baby and then they showed up.

A doctor mocked the idea that they weren’t supportive or couldn’t they stay to help me but it was like people were trying to make my parents look bad when they were the ones being forced to try to persuade me to do things that benefited others and not me or my life.

2005: U.S. Approval of Use of Weapons on U.S. Citizens.
Sometime during the late half of my pregnancy, after I found the "cannabis abuse" note in my medical chart, I then found out if the FBI is non-responsive, one can contact the OIG. Although my migraines, I discovered later, had been triggered by military technology all along, it was during my pregnancy that I was assaulted for the first time by ultrasound with military or police technology. It happened for the first time at a BBQ I was invited to attend by my boss, who was from Argentina and whose husband was formerly in the U.S. Army. A police officer was present for that BBQ on that day.

I had tried to report Judge Warren; I was calling the OIG about the FBI; I was trying to get local police records about me; I had then realized Christa had not really been my friend but an informant, and I was determined to prove all of this religious hate crime and obstruction of justice. I took a job at a downtown deli working for a Catholic woman from Argentina and briefly corresponded with her brother by email but quit because of the Catholic difference and maybe it again offended someone.

My attempt to correct damage done to my name angered people to the point of committing worse crimes and calling on friends in government to help them out. (I also came across Catholic clergy abuse news and at some point another bankruptcy by an Archdiocese was filed in Spokane, WA, which I heard about later. find date) I didn’t start looking into this again though, trying to focus on being happy and having a healthy pregnancy, until later in the term. I was at least 5-6 months pregnant when I walked into the Wenatchee FBI’s offices, or tried to contact Wes again. I still remember I wore a cotton crewneck hot pink maternity sweater over dark blue maternity jeans. I was easily 6 months pregnant. Wes stared at me but said he couldn’t help me with anything. I knew cameras were recording me on that visit which is why I remember what I was wearing that day. I had a feeling it was being sent back to Seattle, WA FBI or Portland, OR FBI.

(I had already figured out I had had migraines triggered to coincide with court dates. insert date)

I didn’t experience any other kind of targeting maybe aside from a bacterial virus or flu bug or something (it’s possible because something was occurring when I was commuting from WA to OR and I got sick repeatedly). But it was in my 7th month of pregnancy they had this BBQ and my back began to hurt so bad I couldn’t participate outside and was indoors on the couch, with the owners of the house and it got worse and worse. By the end of the BBQ I was in so much pain I could barely walk. I drove straight to the ER and they said I was in pre-term labor and chalked it up to a UTI but I later recognized the exact same pain as being pain from torture with use of technology, not UTI. And I’ve had both. I know the back pain from UTI and pregnancy weight and I know the back pain from torture with technology and I’ve experienced it while pregnant and also while not pregnant. It’s distinct but I didn’t know it then.

They gave me a shot to stop contractions and then I carried to Full-term. However, I had a lot of problems with dishonesty from the mid-wife, whose husband was a police officer. Ever since I was defamed somehow and then arrested, I was stalked and pulled over by officers. It didn’t happen very much while I was pregnant but as soon as I had my baby, they started doing this again. This mid-wife worked with the hospital and was told ahead of time that I had already been diagnosed with a pelvis too narrow to deliver naturally and that it was an automatic C-section. This mid-wife said yes, it’s too narrow one direction but not the other way and possibly with hormones it would relax. She was an inexperienced mid-wife but I thought I could try and since C-sections are so easy to perform, they could easily make it a C-section.

2006: Nightmare Delivery and Cover-up.
The entire delivery of my son was so traumatic and destructive, those responsible went to great lengths to not only conceal the matter, but to attempt to defame me as an unfit mother and mentally unstable the minute he was born, to keep me quiet and for their own defense. Not only that, they had someone already waiting to pick up a baby girl but it was a surprise boy so no one was immediately prepared to take a boy when they had thought it was a girl. I had a doula, a mid-wife, and an obstetrician. I saw the obstetrician as he managed my migraines and then chose a mid-wife for delivery and also hired a doula as a support person. None of this worked out. First of all, the doula started acting like an informant for the State, and CPS and the social workers who were wanting to take my child before it was ever born. She came into my house and was supposedly there to see the environment of where I would do pre-labor and told me she wanted to “paint the belly” as part of a natural celebratory thing. Sort of hippie, but I thought it was fine until she got there and I found her trying to get into my cupboards and wanting to report on what I ate. She showed up with a can of evaporated milk. Which was fitting, since I later realized that’s what people expected to happen to me, that my milk would dry up after they stole my baby “girl” from me. She first opened my cupboards and tried to put it inside my cupboards while looking around at everything. Then she wanted it opened and made an excuse for examining all the contents of my entire fridge and freezer.

She said, “I thought there would be junk food.” I said, “Why? Because I’m fat? No, I’m fat with only healthful and organic foods.” She said, “How do you have money to pay for all of this?” and I said “I shop at Grocery Outlet and they have a lot of organic food there that’s discounted and I saved up and stocked up. And then I get the rest organic at the other store. I save about $300-$400 in grocery product savings every month.” She said, “What are all these oils for?” and I said, “They’re organic expeller-pressed oils that are for different kinds of omegas and good fats that are necessary for healthful brain development and I also take cod liver oil.” She just stared at me. Like she expected to find a welfare mom with bare cupboards except for “chips and pop” and things. She even asked for a soda and brought one along but I said I didn’t have any. She made it plain that she was inspecting on behalf of someone in the State. And then on the day I went into labor, she harassed me along with the mid-wife. I told the mid-wife, on the day of an exam, that I did not want her to separate this one thing which she said she could do to start labor. I told her no and she did it anyway. This way, it was on her schedule and fit her own plans. I knew right after she did it because something broke and right after that, contractions started and then my water broke. I called the doula and she showed up and I labored at my house for several hours. After my contractions were closer together, we went to the hospital. The nurses there said I was having double contractions which were unusual and more painful than regular ones because they don’t give you a chance to catch your breath. I found out this kind of contraction is what happens from an artificial or induced labor, as was done to me when I specifically said no, I wanted the baby to come on its own timing.

By the time I got to the hospital, I had been at home, several hours, in labor. Then, because they refused to do a C-section as they indicated, we labored far past the normal allowance and that was without even counting the hours I first labored at home with the doula there. My labor was extremely long and over-due, they said, for the strength of the contractions, they said it meant that the baby needed to come out and it wasn’t happening because of narrow pelvis. Instead of admitting my pelvis was too narrow, they forced it. Not only that, after ignoring my request to not be artificially induced, then Stacey (the mid-wife) didn’t give me the epidural I was supposed to have. I asked for an epidural for my pain-killer and made a show of putting in a needle that never went in. I never got any of the painkiller even though I have no idea where it was dripping to. It wasn’t dripping to the place it was supposed to drip because I never had less pain until I was getting localized shots of fentel (?). Then, against my wishes, the mid-wife let it run out. I guess she already knew it didn’t matter because I wasn’t getting it anyway. But she let it run out and refused to call for the anesthesiologist and said I needed to “push harder”. She and the doula then began mocking me repeatedly, harassing me and saying you don’t know what you’re pushing for do you? Do you need to see it in a mirror? And the mid-wife had her hand inside of me for over an hour, manipulating the baby’s skull, and already knew it couldn’t be delivered without trauma. She refused to get a doctor when I asked repeatedly and then finally when she did, she talked to the woman first and she came in and said, “It’s too late.” And both of them kept saying it was “too late” to do a C-section. They said the head was already there and they couldn’t do it. So then the baby’s heart began to drop and Stacey grabbed a plunger thing which is a tool used to suction the baby out and started trying to suck the baby out with this instrument and I knew my pelvis was going to break and I pushed again and there was the loud pop of my tailbone and pelvis breaking and the baby came out and all I heard was “It’s a BOY??!”

Use of a suction device is not “natural birth”. It is also not “spontaneous”. But Stacey had it written up as a “normal, spontaneous delivery.” It was so abnormal, one nurse told me to get a lawyer and that what had just occurred was not normal in the least and another nurse showed me how someone was making changes to the delivery notes even within a few days. She showed me how I had been classified as having the worst possible grade tear you can have to having a lesser tear. My son’s huge head hematoma and bleeding was downgraded to “a bruise”. This “bruise” scabbed over and was like this, with a scab, for over 3 months. My pelvis was fractured, which was later documented on X-ray by ER for U of Washington hospital. I was cut off from compensation for medical visits by social services after I obtained this record. I had abnormal drainage and fluid present in the pelvic cavity 4 months after birth, documented on CT as well, which was supposed to be followed up on and never was. My tailbone was broken, and I was prolapsed to the point that I couldn’t leave the hospital the next day and was there for 2 weeks on a catheter with my son, unable to urinate on my own because of vaginal and bladder prolapse and then I still had the catheter at home for 1 month until I regained some use. My son’s head was so injured he was put under bilirubin lights but they claimed it was just for warmth and “not necessary” when they knew he had bleeding in the brain. He was unable to nurse for more than a couple of minutes at a time because the suction of trying to nurse created such a painful pressure to his head, which lactation consultants noticed all on their own. They said there was nothing wrong with our nursing technique at all and I had enough milk and it was only that he seemed to be in pain and couldn’t nurse long. So as a result, he never got any sleep like a newborn does for a few hours or so because he was always hungry and fighting to take in enough to be full without extreme pain.

Then, he and I both got thrush, which is normal, but we didn’t know then that the house we were living in was full of black mold under the floorboards and in the walls. Later I found out it was condemned and on the sign it said for sanitation reasons but didn’t mention mold. However, a woman who was still there showed me the walls and said they had told her it was condemned for the mold problem which they didn’t write on the cover sheet, but was the real reason for condemnation of the building. While we still lived there the landlords pulled up bathroom boards to work on the shower and said we had to stay out of the house for a week because of the mold. But we didn’t know how bad it was until later when another woman told us what the inspector had said and there was a notice posted on the door.

We tried to get treatment for thrush and finally the doctor ordered a topical treatment but then he called me paranoid for saying it had become systemic for me and my son. All the lactations consultants, who see women nursing everyday, agreed it was no longer localized but systemic. And for this, antibiotics are required. The doctors told me babies don’t get systemic infections unless they have AIDS or are immuno-compromised, but it did occur and we were refused treatment. I later discovered that living in a moldy house would have created conditions for both me and my baby to contract a systemic infection. But no doctor treated us. Ever. And they denied it ever happened and lied for each other.

I found out that if an instrument is used in childbirth, it cannot be called “natural” or “spontaneous” anymore and is considered to be just the opposite. But the medical records were written to reflect what was a lie. Right away, Stacey tried to defame me and wrote ME up, in her notes, after delivering my baby, as needing to see a social worker because I was an “alcoholic”. I didn’t drink a drop during my pregnancy and prior to my pregnancy I rarely drank and only about 1-3 drinks on ONE night during the week. And not every week either. On my questionaire for her offices, I checked the box for “social drinker” and never said anything further but she came up with a story about my being an “alcoholic” to suit her own needs and perhaps the needs of others. Since her husband is a police officer and I was “known from Oregon to Washington” by “law enforcement” we might ask whose needs she was meeting, besides her own.

I asked this nurse how in the world a story of my being an alcoholic came up when I rarely drank and indicated nothing in my visits with her and she said she didn’t know, but that’s what Stubblefield was saying.

Instead of Stubblefield losing her house to a lawsuit, she and her husband opened up their own private midwifery clinic and had enough money to pay for radio ads as well. They did this after my son was taken from me by CPS. They didn’t dare do this while my son was still in my guardianship and I could have sued for him on his behalf. They opened up their profit-shop only after my son was removed, they thought, for good.

2006: Infant and Mother "Banned" From Medical Care.
My infant son and I were kicked out of a federally funded medical clinic when I tried to get the batch numbers for vaccinations that were given to my son which caused a severe "adverse reaction."

We were given a letter stating both my son and I could not go to urgent care, to the other parts of the clinic, or to dental care. This letter was issued without the proper 30-day notice legally required in the State. By Washington law, if a hospital kicks a patient out, they are required to allow 30 days emergency care.

2006: HIPPA Violations by local hospitals.
I discovered I was being slandered as "drug-seeking" in violation of HIPPA regulations. A nurse told me I had been "red-flagged" as a drug-user or abuser.

Dr. Butler began defaming me, I guess to support Stacey and for his own cover as he was there at the hospital on-duty during the childbirth, and his idea was to say he couldn’t be my Dr. anymore because I was “drug-seeking”. HE was the one ordering painkillers for me and I refused to even take everything he ordered for my migraines. An entire bottle of narcotics sat on the shelf at the pharmacy because I refused to pick it up and didn’t want to take it while pregnant. This is a fact that can be verified. But as soon as my baby was born, when it looked like I was going to sue, he kicked me out and tried to have my son weaned from me, telling me he wasn’t going to provide us with antibiotics and that I should wean my son and put him on the bottle (I guess to make it easier for someone else to take my child), and then he put out a false claim in my medical chart saying he kicked me out because I was drug-seeking and he revoked my pain contract from the ER.

After this, I was pulled over non-stop by police, when I resumed driving. I was pulled over every week by an officer, and not for speeding or anything legitimate either. They refused to document each occasion that I was pulled over. I had officers approaching me when I was coming out of stores, and saying they needed to see my registration. Then I had officers pulling me over claiming I made an illegal turn when I didn’t and could prove it by getting the city traffic camera video. It happened in Wenatchee and in East Wenatchee, and then they even harassed me in Chelan when I drove to Lake Chelan to a natural foods health store to buy organic raw milk (fresh from the cow and certified organic and safe) for my son. It was ALL the time. It mainly started up after I had my son, and then was looking into suing and my social worker asked if I had car insurance and registration and I told her one day that I thought my car insurance was about to expire and I had to renew it. Right after I told her, Tina Thornton, this, and I believe Tina’s husband is/was also a cop (police officer), I had police officers pulling me over for all kinds of excuses and then asking to see my insurance and after I showed it to them, and it was good, they then dismissed the whole reason they claimed they were pulling me over to start with. They were coming up with false claims for searches of my vehicle just to try to catch me with expired insurance. Once, I was tailed by a Wenatchee cop all the way from my house to the hospital, with him following close behind, then pulling me over and then claiming I had done something wrong. Another time, an officer parked in a parking lot in East Wenatchee and sat there and stared at me while I loaded my car with groceries and then he walked over and asked to see my license and papers. Another time, a cop totally lied and said I made an illegal turn in Lake Chelan and I didn’t. He just wanted to see my papers again. So on that one, I finally asked the City for a videotape from a camera that I found online which would prove I was pulled over illegally by an officer and help prove I was being harassed and constantly a target of illegal search. I put it in writing and everything and I was told it would have to go to their corporate offices. They sent back a letter and everything, letting me know what to do and that officer and his other friends who harassed me were probably not very happy with me. It got to the point, that I could not even get into my car without being pulled over and having my car searched. They kept waiting and hoping for a lucky day when maybe something would be expired and they could make sure I didn’t drive to Seattle to get a law firm to represent me and my son for our medical damages.

I wanted to file a complaint about this treatment by police and I was ignored locally and then someone told me to contact Washington State patrol and they were responsible for investigating conduct by police locally. Also, another incident occurred where a State patrol officer tailed me on the way to Spokane to file a legal complaint about something and I was with my son and he accused me of reckless driving, which I didn’t do. I found out he was told to track me after I dropped off a notice of intent to sue Central Washington Hospital for medical damages to me and my son. I read that before suing a hospital, you have to give them notice in writing, and so many days, so I did this and then I was driving to Spokane and was accosted by another officer. He prevented me from filing what I needed to file that Friday and then I didn’t have money to stay over the weekend. So I was blocked.

Well, my son and I started experiencing extreme vandalism at our house again, with police officers coming out and shouting that if we didn’t LIKE IT then MOVE out of State. And then after I didn’t move, then my son and I were targeted to be tortured with technology. Literally. It was at this point that social services tried to cut off my benefits and decided not to pay back money to me that they owed of over $1,000 for trips to and from medical appointments they required for me and my son. Later, they also tried to bribe me and my son to move out of state.

2006: Obstruction From Federal SSI Physical Disability Benefits:
Then, I tried to get onto Social Security benefits for temporary physical disability because it would pay $700 rather than $400 per month and my injuries were bad enough that it prevented me from working. The Social Security I was looking at was just temporary, which lasts for 1 year. I figured that as they are required to do a physical examination themselves to determine the extent of the disability from injuries, this would be helpful in getting a more independent assessment of my physical disabilities from the childbirth. I requested Social Security and the exam and social services tried to block me, with a woman telling me they would help me to get Social Security for MENTAL disability but not for PHYSICAL disability, and then she even went so far as to state she wanted to sign me up for “anger management” classes. I said I didn’t need or want SSI for “mental disability” and that what I was asking for, which they were supposed to assist with if asked, was SSI for my physical disability. Instead of providing the evaluation as I repeatedly requested, they refused. Then I tried calling Social Security as well and tried to go through them directly but they said my social workers would assist with setting it up. I was deliberately BLOCKED from getting SSI for temporary physical disability and they tried to force me to take “mental disability” instead. It was Donna Titleman and another woman who blocked me from filing for temporary physical disability. I asked my social worker Tina Thornton about it and she told me Donna Titleman was blocking this and another woman (Barbara from Spokane I believe, and one more) were refusing to set it up and were in fact blocking it. Donna Titleman was the supervisor who lied in a Fair Hearing about me and who perjured herself and she was not Catholic, I was told she was Jewish. She was also part of the reason I was not reimbursed my money for traveling to and from medical appointments in Seattle, WA. The only motive I can think of for having her interfere with my services from a Jewish standpoint would be that at this time I was trying to find a law firm for damages to me and my son and some of the people forcing me out of my lawsuits originally were Catholic and also Jewish. The editor in chief for the newspaper that defamed me was Jewish and I believe the owners of the paper were as well. I was also asking for FBI records about my name or person which may have implicated other Jewish as I had reported a hate crime of a rape by a Jewish man and a few other things which may have potentially involved a few persons who were significant in the Jewish community. I found out that about this time my parents had some problems involving some in the Jewish community as well, in Oregon, but I didn’t know this at the time. I figured most of the problem was that she was angry that I had caught her lying about me in a hearing, but the other thing was that it was strange she should want to deprive my son and I of benefits at all or be offended that I was retaining my right not to have a social security number for my son. It was strange in a religious sense, in that this other Jewish man who was the lawyer for some family matters, didn’t even want me to visit or attend a Jewish service when I asked if there was one around and the discomfort seemed to stem from my litigation and possibly other incidences which occurred in Oregon. I remember I had been very shocked to find out the editor of this paper was Jewish and when the first supervisor refused to make retractions as required for defamatory statements I could prove false, I then wanted to meet with the editor-in-chief. So I sat down with him and was shocked that he refused to make retractions. Not only that, he instructed the other editor in how to treat me. So essentially, that Jewish editor controlled the outcome and he chose to keep all of the defamatory statements about me in his paper, which was disseminated throughout Oregon and was available worldwide online. At the time I was shocked and couldn’t understand what his motive might be other than possibly he was friends with the Rabbi’s family or knew the Jewish man who raped me when I was a virgin, who was connected to police. I couldn’t think of any reason as I was mainly suing the Catholic monks and not Jewish people. But I found out there was religious hate crime and motive on both sides.

In addition to his attempt to steer from me, when I contacted a Jewish synogogue family activity center in Seattle, they were hostile to me and ignored my emails and phone calls. I thought it was maybe because they were hostile to me since I had worked for a Jewish Rabbi in Oregon, in 1997-1998, and tried to figure out if I should report them to the IRS to get a W-2 from them; after this, in 1998, I was raped by a Jewish man who said he thought it would get to my Dad. And then I reported him and I was still trying to find out what to do about this report from Oregon. So there was something that was going on with the Jewish community which was motivating discriminatory treatment by this woman and then pretty much every single Catholic I came across. It was definitely religiously-based and not political because I had nothing to do with politics of any kind.

The same people who wanted me out of my lawsuits and college, and who then obstructed justice to keep me out of $50,000, didn’t want me to then come into money from a serious and non-frivolous medical malpractice suit.

2006: Blocked from Records from WA State:
I then asked Wenatchee Social Services for release of all my records through their department and Washington State and filled out a form and signed it. It supposedly went to Spokane to a Catholic woman named “Barbara” who was supervisor for the Wenatchee offices. No one ever filled that request. I made several written requests to DSHS (Department of Social and Health Services). Then, after they blocked me from getting federal evaluation for temporary physical disability, they sent someone out from CPS to my house to intimidate me and threaten to take my child from me.

2006: Retaliation & Bribe To Leave WA State: They refused to give me records about what they were doing with social services and blocking me from getting disability through SSI, and then they sent out a Catholic woman who was married to a Catholic Judge in town, Judge John Bridges, and she told my social worker Tina Thornton, that CPS was offering me and my son a one-way bus ticket out of the State of Washington. I said what do you mean and she said they offered to pay for all travel costs and expenses and would help to set me up in Utah. But they wanted me out of the State. I said I can’t leave right now, I have medical injuries and the only place I could try to sue for medical malpractice for me and my son was in the State of Washington. And at the moment, I was being blocked from even getting a physical and help with evaluation for SSI, even though they were not supposed to try to force me out of this to protect their friends or keep me from proving damages or injuries. In addition, I had contacted Utah DSHS myself or talked to them after the offer was made and the main reason I even considered it, or why DSHS claimed they were offering this to me was because of the religious hate crime. I felt it had more to do with their attempt to move me out of the State where I would be able to sue people they knew. But they told me it was to get me out of the religious hate crime scenario and lack of medical care and then they turned around and claimed there was never a problem there. Utah knew there was a religious hate crime problem because that’s why I even talked to their offices (I thought maybe there would be more Mormons than Catholics there). But the Wenatchee and WA state people never offered this to me until after I had filed a notice of intent to sue a hospital, clinic, and was trying to find a law firm for me and my son in Seattle. I couldn’t file a lawsuit for this if I was living in Utah, and I decided to stay to do this and instead was tortured with my son and obstructed from justice once again.

2006: “Anger Management as Defense for Corrupt DSHS Workers: After I turned down the offer to move to Utah with my son, my social worker then told me, through Donna Titleman, that same woman who interfered with my 1 year temporary SSI for physical injuries, that they were requiring me to go to someone who would help me with “life challenges” course because I got upset when they blocked me from SSI and tried to force me to go onto SSI for “mental” reasons to discredit me instead. So I went to see the place and took some flyers and they were all about “anger management” and for people who had severe anger issues or were just released from jail and court-ordered to see this person for “violent tendencies”.

I went back to the Department for Social and Health Services and said what does this have to do with my request to have an evaluation for temporary physical disability? I said, if I have injuries they’ll know and find out and if I don’t, then they’ll refuse me. So why are you trying to block me from even being evaluated and then telling me to take courses that will make me sound bad, about “anger management” and “violence tendencies.” I said this makes me sound like I am not a good mother or have some kind of a problem I don’t have.

Instead of acting like social workers, they were acting like attorneys for their friends and bed-fellows in the community who they knew I had a good claim against, and the same people who forced me out of my lawsuits, college, and $50,000, did not want me to then collect anything from injuries to me and my son and they didn’t care at all about my son’s injuries either. All they cared about was keeping me broke and discredited.

2006: Torture:
When I refused to leave the State and was clearly trying to file a lawsuit for medical malpractice for me and my son in WA, and at the same time, filing for an administrative hearing to get back the $1,000 WA owed me, I was also trying to get the OIG to investigate the FBI for non-response to my FOIA requests and my complaint of religious hate crime and judicial corruption, (which was their jurisdiction).

I was upset and kept trying to get this done and started to cry, the same woman then said they weren’t going to allow me to apply for physical disability but she was requiring me to go to an “anger management” course.


they sent someone from CPS out to my house.

After this, my son and I were targeted by technology of some kind

I had nothing because of corruption and obstruction of travel and obstruction of justice. And on top of having nothing, I was pregnant. What is incredible is that after my son and I were severely injured in childbirth from negligence and a cover-up, we actually could have been compensated for this and had a chance to recover, but instead, we ended up being victims of torture because I was trying to report what had happened with Judge Warren and others repeatedly falsely arresting me and obstructing justice. I was not even able to work my injuries from childbirth were so bad and there was corroboration that my son was also seriously injured in a childbirth which was handled wrong. It wasn’t an excuse for another lawsuit--it was serious. I had medical documentation to prove it as well but those who had obstructed me from travel and justice in Oregon, and then from getting my P.I. money following this, also did not want me to have any kind of award for medical malpractice and this time they got a few Protestants on their side, by trying to stir up business fear. In reality, it was a continuation of the same religious hate crimes and use of government-employed friends to obstruct justice for their church.

1. Catholic Church and Willamette Week lawsuits (forced out by John Kaempf, Judge Warren and others--all Roman Catholic members);

Forced out of 2 lawsuits in 2004-2005 through knowing false arrest, obstruction of freedom to travel freely, torture to family who was told to pressure me to quit

2. Farmers Insurance PI Claim: Donna Ciaramella, Judge Warren--(Catholic members). Forced out of lawsuit in 2005 for personal injury money I was entitled to when I was hit by a hit and run driver and broke my knee (they owed me $50,000 and because Judge Warren and Ciaramella & friends coordinated a 2nd false arrest through Warren, I lost this money bc I was in jail and couldn't get to my legal documents). (My parents were threatned and tortured from Coquille, Oregon, to try to persuade their own daughter to plead guilty when there was zero evidence and I was not guilty, and the arrest was false arrest and shouldn't have even made it to court at all because no one was even a witness. It was a police officer, who wrote a charge, with no evidence and with their not being witnesses either. To be charged with any crime, someone is required to be a witness or make a statement and no one was. The police made it up for Catholic Judge Warren, who did a favor for more Catholic church members by knowing if I was jailed I would lose the P.I. money that I was due. This is the second example of pressuring my family or parents to force me out of lawsuits or to take guilty pleas when not guilty, as a benefit to Catholic religious hate crime). I was held in jail without reasonable suspicion, for 14 days, refused personal recogninance on a first-time charge, and Judge Warren refused to file any documents I made from within jail. He kept me there until he and his friends knew it was impossible for me to collect materials to get my Personal Injury money to compensate for all my medical bills. He was also retaliating and getting more revenge for his first crime of colluding to have me arrested in Oregon and my car towed so I couldn't travel, and then refusing to correct himself as required.

3. Medical Malpractice Lawsuit for Childbirth Injuries (Catholic & Methodist church funded hospital, Catholic community clinic, their Roman Catholic lawyers who consulted with John Kaempf and Whittemore, and Stacey Stubblefield, and Roman Catholic members of social services and CPS). Forced out of a malpractice claim in 2006-2007 for myself and my son when we both had serious injuries and damages from childbirth. We were also refused standard of care for systemic yeast infection and then blacklisted to doctors throughout Washington state as having "AIDS". So basically, they denied we had systemic yeast and refused to treat, and said it was rare for babies. Then, they spread lies to other doctors about how I must have AIDS because the only way for a baby to get it is if the mother has AIDS or something and is immuno-compromised. The entire time, my son and I had been living in a moldy house that should have been condemned right after the owners pulled up the floorboards in my bathroom. In fact, they kicked us out at this time, but they put up no notice to the health department about mold until several years later, I went back to the house and there was notice posted on the door about how the building was condemned for mold and then later, I talked to a resident who described the mold problem she'd had there. I was secretly defamed and my son and I refused treatment at the same time. And, I was called crazy to CPS for claiming my son and I had health problems we needed treatment for. I was forced out through use of illegal torture, fraudulent complaints to CPS by medical professionals, and the removal of my guardianship status from my son, making it impossible for me to sue on his behalf or access his medical records after CPS took him.

2004: 1 count obstruction of justice to prevent court remedy and justice

2005: 1 count obstruction of justice to " "

2006: 1 count obstruction of justice " "

Probably more counts than that, because deliberate false arrest and other things might be separate, or using military for personal reasons and personal protection (to get out of being sued) is probably misuse of CIA and military appropriations. Also, this doesn't include use of military to trigger migraine on hearing dates, which might be separate, but I don't know if you lump it altogether or what. 3different specific court actions that were obstructed illegally. they obstructed justice in 2004, 2005, and 2006, they want to torture us.

While other forms of obstruction of justice occured, in the same specific category of forcing my actions out illegally, actions which I filed, this one is next, oh wait, there was one about Judges before this--I filed something about judicial corruption in Portland federal courthouse I believe and it was ignored. Would have to go back and look at record but it was in 2005. Then, this:

4. Preliminary Injunction for Right to Continued Visitation (Roman Catholic clerks and Judges from Eastern District Court in Spokane, Washington (Edward Shea and Cynthia Imbrognio), Courtney Tiffany of Wenatchee's El Mundo press and library, and others). I filed for Preliminary Injunction at this courthouse in 2010 before an Order was entered that terminated my parental rights. I asked for immediate injunction to prevent visitation from being obstructed and in order to review the illegality of my son's removal from me in the first place. It was timely filed, by efile. The courthouse allowed me to file other things in the same way until AFTER I efiled my Motion for Preliminary Injunction. It may be a rare case when members working for an actual courthouse illegally obstruct an actionable cause, and that is what occured. Those involved were all members of the Roman Catholic church. The Judges Edward Shea and Cynthia Imbrognio are Irish-Catholic and Italian-Catholic respectively and are active members of the church. I had already efiled, and then after it was sent, they wrote back to me to say that a Judge decided they would no longer accept efiling from me. I sent an email saying, "This is a Motion for immediate action against the State Court, for preliminary injunction to quit an Order from being entered and terminating my right and my son's right to visit eachother." With a motion for Preliminary Injunction, for those who do not know, what the court is required to do, is upon receipt, it is one of the ONLY actions which will INSTANTLY and upon the moment received by the court, bring all future State action to a halt. Injunction means they get blocked and must wait until the federal court hears the argument of the petitioner (me) about why the State court action, if not blocked, will result in irreparable (unrepairable) damage and then an argument is made as to what rights are about to be severed which are in dispute.

It is not a "restraining order" which is decided down the road, after a hearing date is made, at more leisurely pace. An injunction is a quick cut, right to the jugular of a corrupt body which is attacking a child and mother, which says to all other members of the church or party: HALT.
Once received, upon the minute it is received, it is deemed "filed".

The Eastern District of Washington did not obey the law. In fact, they allowed more members of religious hate crime, Catholic Judges, to obstruct justice.

Instead of obeying the law, and letting the State court know--STOP! as they are required to do, whether or not they agree to the merits, they wrote back to me and said, "We decided we can't take efiling from you anymore."

Not only was I obstructed by people like Courtney Tiffany, at the library, while making my Motion, I then had someone try to "return" an already efiled document. That's obstruction of justice. Because they did not instruct me prior to filing this, that they changed their minds about allowing efiles from me, they were required to accept my efile of Preliminary Injunction.

After I brought THIS to the attention of the court, Italian-Catholic Cynthia Imbrognio wrote an Order on behalf of the court, which was absolutely foul from the get-go and attempting to conceal judidical impropriety and obstruction of justice. She called my Preliminary Injunction a "Restraining Order" request. It was not a restraining order and she knew this as the title for Preliminary Injunction made all too clear. So first, a Judge attempted to obstruct justice by trying to turn away a Motion already filed. Then, upon notice that I knew this was improper and illegal, she filed a document in court to make it appear as though there had been no consequence. The reason she wanted to say it was a restraining order request was because action on that kind of request is determined a week or so later, and is nothing immediate which would be affected by a sudden "change of mind" from Catholic Judges. She knew that if others perceived my action to have been injunction, and that they tried to turn it away, they would be called into question not only for an improper action but also an illegal action as they knew, as Judges familiar with the law, what their "change of mind" affected and how it prejudiced my fundamental rights, which is the very thing I had attempted to protect instantly through an injunction. I would consider her reclassification of my Injunction as "restraining order" to be evidence of an attempt to conceal crime of obstruction of justice. Because they refused to obey the law and attempted to change the rules after I'd already filed for Preliminary Injunction, they knew this gave time for their friends in State Court to write up and enter an Order to terminate my parental rights. Which is exactly what their Catholic friend, Judge Hotchkiss, did.
ALL of these people involved in the aforementioned 4 counts of obstruction of justice are members of the Roman Catholic church.

I would also argue, that the Catholic Judge's "change of mind" was not only obstruction of justice, and concealment of this obstruction by our Italian-Catholic Judge Cynthia Imbrognio, it was Retaliation. This retaliation and revenge underscores the fact that the Catholic Judges knew what they were doing and how this affected my and my son's rights.

Retaliation for what? For not marrying their Catholic friend, Alvaro Pardo. I know Edward Shea also has a special interest in helping people transition from being immigrants to citizens. Since I had not gone through with marrying their Catholic friend Alvaro Pardo instantly, at the snap of their fingers, to benefit themselves, their friends, their plans, and other women's plans, they did all they could, with Christine Gregoire's helpful ideas and planning, to obstruct justice and with wilful knowledge that this obstruction would cause emotional distress of a mother and child.
That's both intentional infliction of emotional distress and obstruction by corrupt Catholic Judges who are protecting and working with other corrupt members of the church responsible for hate crimes against my family.

Did Patrick O'Sullivan then have a shot of whiskey with his friend Edward Shea?

I remembered one other action that I tried to file which was obstructed. I was reminded of how Judge Cynthia Imbrogno is Gonzaga alumni, like Gov. Gregoire, like the current Judge Quackenbush who is also Gonzaga alumni, and remembered another Catholic Judge from Gonzaga who defamed me in a court record after my case was unlawfully transfered out of non-Catholic Judge hands (Unitarian) to him, another Catholic. After this, I tried to file for something else and I was obstructed, right after bringing up how odd it was to find almost all the Judges in courthouses in Washington, and in the Fair Hearings department, are Catholic. Over 80% of Washington's Judges for Fair Hearings is Catholic. Great, if you're Catholic. Not good, if you're a victim of Catholic religious hate crime. I guess that's actually 2 more counts of obstruction of justice to further religious hate crime, so I'll count both of these Fair Hearings cases. That means, there are 5 separate cases of obstruction of justice and access to courts, by Catholic church members, prior to my son and I being tortured. Do you see why these things, along with countless vandalisms and thefts, over several years and across several states, are religious hate crime?! Do you also see how my marrying this Catholic man suddenly made both Jewish and Catholic groups happy enough they were willing to be decent--until I decided NOT to marry him? They reverted back to their old ways, which indicates positive proof for religious hate crime. The other 2 obstructions (on just things I took the initiative to file or actions taken which interferred with actions where I was plaintiff and not defendant, not on actions filed against me):

5. Fair Hearing Case Against Washington State for Unlawful Demand of Infant Social Security Number (obstruction of justice by Catholic clerks and Judges to favor Gonzaga Jesuit Catholic Judge). Forced to have Roman Catholic Judge instead of assigned Judge (non-RC) in 2006, who then defamed me. I had to file an action against Washington State for repeatedly demanding I give them a social security number for my son, then an infant. It is against the law to require a number for an infant and I explained to them that I had been forced to take one for my son at the hospital, against the law, and under threat of removal of my child. Social Services told me I had to give them a number, and it was my social worker Tina Thornton who made the demand. Her supervisor was Donna Titleman and a woman named Tara was involved, but it ultimately, I discovered, went back to a Roman Catholic woman named Barbara, in Spokane, Washington. Barbara was Donna's supervisor and she was RC with her husband active in several Catholic groups. The demand was made by the Roman Catholic woman in Spokane, as they are the regional office. I attempted to communicate with Barbara and explain the law and why I wasn't required to give them a social security number for my son. She said since I already had one, I was required to provide it. I told her I'd been unlawfully threatened to take one and that I had retracted this or was in the process of retracting this from his record entirely. They proceeded to cut off my benefits, knowing then that the only source of income I had (having been forced out of college by Catholics and forced out of my personal injury money by Catholics) was the small amount from welfare which I intended to take only until I registered for college aid again or got onto a temporary physical medical SSI for my childbirth injuries. I was also looking into getting a license to open my own daycare. I went to the licensing department of Social Services and inquired about opening a small daycare and planned to do that for work as I took college classes at night and had my son with me the entire time. Knowing the law, as I forwarded email and links to the law for their review, they cut off benefits to me and my son, knowing this would force us to be homeless if it occured. The people demanding a SS# for my son, for tracking him, were Roman Catholic, once again. I filed a case with Fair Hearings to dispute this decision. I had no obstruction in the actual filing, but once it was received, Catholic members unlawfully took it out of non-Catholic hands, so they could work on it themselves. I found out, right at the beginning. After what Judge Warren had done for his church and fellow religious hate crime members, I checked to see who the Judge was that was assigned. I found out who the Judge was, and they were Unitarian. Next time I checked, it changed. I asked why the Judge had changed and was told, "It's random assignment. Whoever is on duty the day of the calendar it falls on, is the Judge you get." So I asked a clerk to check something for me because I had a feeling about something. I said, so if I filed on this day, then who is the Judge it gets assigned to? and she said it was this Unitarian Judge. I looked them up online and thought, "Neither of them are Catholic, so that's good." So when it changed, I asked why and the clerk said it was strange and she didn't know why. I said, "Did the other Judge recuse herself?" and the clerk said no. She said, "It's supposed to be random assignment and they had it." I said, "So who gave it to someone else instead?" and I found out it was their Roman Catholic supervisor. So literally, a Roman Catholic supervisor, saw that my case was assigned to a non-Catholic, out of a random assignment, and they took it out of their hands and gave it to another Roman Catholic member, a Judge who defamed me so badly in his court statement, that I was then being reviewed by CPS as a "mentally ill" mother. They colluded to make me sound crazy, and this was after I first tried to talk to the Social Services regional director, "Barbara". So instead of getting equal treatment and getting the non-Catholic Judge the day my action landed on, more Catholics trying to screw me over and obstruct justice, gave it to another Roman Catholic, a Gonzaga Judge. His name was Michael. (I will have to confirm Barbara and Michael's last names again). Michael was bad news and I knew it so rather than lose my case, I tried to go up the chain of command to see who to talk to, because I felt there was a conflict of interest. That's when I discovered, going up that chain of command, almost every single "link" was one Gonzaga and Seattle Univerity alumni after the other. Almost all of them were from Gonzaga. So that's when I found out Gregoire oversees this office and I started wondering why Gonzaga and all the Catholics had the monopoly of government chairs. I got to the man at the very top, a black man, and he was THE ONLY one who was NOT Roman Catholic, in the line-up for my region. So I looked at other regions too, out of curiosity. I told him I was concerned about discrimination because of a Catholic conflict of interest. He said he thought it would be okay or something like that. So the case commenced with this Roman Catholic Judge, and technically I won, because my son and I kept our benefits, but ultimately, I lost, because this Catholic man was vicious and took the opportunity to portray me in records as all the other Catholics had attempted, ever since I filed my lawsuit against the Abbey and Archdiocese. Instead of keeping to the facts of the case and what it was over, the unlawful denial of benefits, he used it to express his personal opinions for purposes of defaming me and putting my son in jeopardy of being taken from his mother, regardless of continued benefits. He maliciously described me as paranoid, suffering from some serious kind of mental illness, believes the Roman Catholic church is "The Beast" and quoted me as saying things I had never said. He was the second person to misquote me in Washington at that time, and both men were Roman Catholic. Dr. Parish at Central Washington Hospital attempted to quote me as saying crazy things, and making rape claims about the FBI, and Dr. Parish put this in the chart twice. Michael was the second Catholic to defame me in a written record in WA (aside from police and Catholic Judge Warren). I asked him for an audio copy of the hearing to counter what he had said about me, but shortly after this, my son and I were being tortured through the Catholic church connections to CIA and military. Right after this, WA State social workers, through Catholic Barbara over in regional Spokane offices, and Donna Titleman, refused to reimburse me $1,000 for money I was owed from transportation to medical appointments for me and my son, under the direct instruction of the State. (To this day, 4 1/2 years later, I have Catholics in Oregon, spitefully using this idea of reimbursement as a form of harassment, telling me, for example, that I can't go to the Coos Bay community college and get financial aid but maybe if I pay first they will "reimburse" me later.)

6. Fair Hearing Case Against Washington State for $1,000 Owed Money (obstructed by several Catholic clerks in Olympia in Fair Hearings department, and several Catholic women with CPS and Social Services in Wenatchee, as well as Donna Titleman (jewish, is what they told me, but I have not confirmed whether she is Jewish or Catholic)). In 2006 I was obstructed from filing a case to collect $1,000 from The State of Washington that was owed me. In retaliation for my winning a case against them (administrative case), they refused to pay back money they owed me. I tried to file a case and was repeatedly obstructed by persons in the Wenatchee social services offices and my social worker refused to file my request as she is responsible for doing. They are required to put your request in and you get assigned a Judge and they refused. Instead, they sent CPS to my house for the first time. The persons responsible for obstructing filing of this case were Tina Thornton, Donna Titleman (who perjured herself in the previous hearings), and several Catholic workers at Olympia, who took my calls and told me they put my request in but never did. The clerks I talked to were both male and female and they lied and kept saying they filed something but didn't file. Instead, they contacted friends in CPS and had CPS come to visit me instead of paying me the $1,000 they owed me.
In my agreement to receiving benefits from the State, since I did not work, my responsibility was to keep up with medical appointments for myself and my son. My son and I were forced out of all medical care in the entire Wenatchee community, and the Omak-Okanogan community nearby, so we had to go to Seattle for appointments. I was told that because WA State made my going to medical appointments a condition of keeping benefits, and because they had letters from medical clinics and hospitals stating they refused to treat me and my son locally, I was told I would be required to make and attend appointments in Seattle and that my mileage would be reimbursed. They reimbursed me one time, or for a couple of trips. I was paid, by check, for the mileage to travel to and from Seattle. I received only $400 or so per month in cash and most of it went to my rent. They knew how much my rent cost because it was required I give them this information. So they reimbursed my mileage to establish the idea that yes, this was the deal, and they would promptly pay me back for requiring me to travel to Seattle. After the State of Washington reimbursed me the first time, they continued to ask me to attend appointments, knowing that I had rent to pay and if they did not reimburse me, I wouldn't have enough money to pay my rent. For example, my rent was due by the 15th of the month. I got $400-so on the first of the month. I had to use this money for gas for medical appointments between the first and the 15th. If the State of Washington didn't reimburse me on time, I didn't have enough money for paying my rent. They set up this payment plan after they lost the first case with me. After they established the new rules for keeping my benefits, since they couldn't take them away for my non-disclosure of a social security number for my son, they used the new rules to screw me over. They lost, and then said, "Okay, we have new requirements for you Ms. Garrett. You must make and attend medical and dental appointments for the injuries and things you say you have. This will be required for keeping your benefits and we will reimburse you the cost of travel." So they set it up to reimburse me the first time, establishing my confidence that they would pay me back promptly, and then they stiffed me and had me and my son kicked out of housing because I didn't then have money for rent (though the real reason was huge mold issue at the apartment). Even when they didn't pay me for travel costs, if I was short on rent money, there were other certain safety nets and they refused to provide this. What they did instead, was to have CPS visit my house and then offer me and my son a 1-way bus ticket out of the State. After I was paid the first time, I continued with appointments, and then turned in my mileage and asked for reimbursement. They refused. I asked Tina Thornton, what do you mean, you're not reimbursing me? you made that the requirement for me to keep benefits! And she said, "Our regional offices in Spokane (Catholic Barbara) has instructed us not to reimburse you." I said, "Are you kidding me?! You required me to go to these appointments and paid me back the first time and never said you were no longer reimbursing me and you gave me NO notice that you wouldn't reimburse me. I just spent several hundred dollars driving to Seattle and back for all these dental and medical appointments and I will not be able to pay my rent if you refuse." She said, "Regional offices told us we can't." I had used what little I had of savings or borrowed a couple from my grandparents or something, until I could pay them back, and then my money from my benefits, and I didn't even have enough for my rent because of their denial. She said, "You can file a case to contest it." I said, "File a case after I've lost our apartment because I can't pay the rent? because WA State refuses to pay me?" Then I tried to file a case and it was blocked and never even noted up in Olympia. Ever. At this point, I was frantic. First they tried to kick me off of benefits for refusing to give them a social security number and then they tried to kick me off in retaliation by refusing to pay me money they owed me and my son. All of this, coming from another Roman Catholic member. In the meantime, my house was being repeatedly broken into and my tires slashed every Friday and Saturday. It was after I gave the hospital a notice that I was going to find a law firm in Seattle to represent me on medical malpractice for me and my son, and after I got an X-ray that proved my pelvis was fractured and deemed "from traumatic childbirth" that Catholic Barbara refused to pay me for already spent mileage.

They didn't want me driving to Seattle anymore. Why not? unless they didn't want me to file a lawsuit while I was there for medical reasons.

Next thing I knew, it was CPS at my door, saying they had a complaint (for the first time) and then Tina Thornton called me into her office and said they had an offer to pay for all my moving costs to leave Washington state.

Leave Washington State.

Leave Washington State after cutting me off from driving to Seattle. Leave WA State so it's impossible to file a lawsuit in the proper jurisdiction. How convenient. Leave WA State.
She said the offer was through CPS and that they had coordinated things with Utah Social Services and could have us move there. When I refused to move, and said, "I can't move. I have to file for medical malpractice for our damages" they refused to pay anything from the provision that allows for emergency payment of rent. They were responsible for the fact I couldn't pay my rent. So then we were given an eviction notice. I didn't even realize, at the time, that when the landlords had started working in my bathroom that same month, they had discovered a huge mold problem and told us to be out of the house for a day or so. After that, I was given an eviction notice, because they said they were renovating the entire building and maybe selling it.

I tried to find a new apartment to rent and NO ONE in the entire Wenatchee community, would rent to me. I found out I was getting blacklisted everytime a landlord called Social Services or my former landlord. Finally, I found apartments above this Ukrainian restaurant, and I liked the space, but after we sat down and talked to the man, they said no, after talking to someone. So my son and I had nothing. During this conversation about renting from them I had barely heard something in the news about a Russian guy who went to England getting poisoned soup and I said, "Did you hear about..can you believe it?" since he was from the area, so I figured, might have heard. I didn't follow Russian news at all, it was just a small snip I caught and tried to relate with him about. He said, in response, "He should have kept his mouth shut!" abruptly. I was so shocked, that I admit, I later, for the first time in my life, called CIA and just said, "I don't know but this guy said _________ and I thought it was sort of a strange response." That was all I said. I said nothing more and I don't even know who I talked to except that it was a man. It lasted maybe a couple of minutes and then I thought, "I did my duty and that's it." I never told my parents, I told no one but probably, knowing that town, everyone knew anyway. I was already being bugged and followed since I reported the FBI misconduct and tried to report religious hate crime to them in 2004.

I wasn't trying to cause a problem, I was just thinking "I've never heard of such a thing!" and then in retrospect realized sometimes this is just the Russian way or manner of speaking--whether it sounds "right" or not. (I've already explained this before). So after this, and after Social Services and CPS tried to bribe me to leave the State of Washington (vandalisms replicating what happened and started in Oregon were occuring there), my son and I were tortured. I saw his wife smirking at me at the post office after this and seriously wondered if they were part of it, but since so much vandalism and harassment was from Catholics, I figured it was now Catholics in CIA and U.S. military, torturing us. Also, they had already been doing things in Oregon, like triggering migraines and things, so the shoe fits them. However, if there was any animosity or concern from any Russian or Ukrainian, I am sure they would contribute. Not "they" but some of them, and many in that area are Catholic Ukrainian and know Abbot Nathan Zodrow who had been raised in . The same man who spearheaded a lot of Catholic violence against me before I even filed my lawsuits in 2004.

So, that's 6. Six counts (at least) of obstruction of justice in 6 different cases or injunctions I attempted to file to protect my rights and my son's rights. In each case it was members of the Roman Catholic church colluding to continue religious hate crime and keep me from any kind of equality:

2004. Forced out of 2 lawsuits I filed in OR by illegal means.
2005. Forced out my Personal Injury case money ($50,000) illegally.
2006-2007. Forced out of Medical Malpractice lawsuit for my son
2006. Forced illegally to have Catholic Judge who defamed me in Admin. Case in WA.
2006. Forced out of Admin. Case in WA for payment of $1,000--refusal to note docket.
2010. Forced out of Preliminary Injunction to protect my fundamental right to my son.

So, um, that's just stuff that I iniated to be filed. I have a list 5x as long for things they iniatiated against me, illegally.

So when someone tries to turn this into a "military" top secret gig, yeah, right. Who believes you know?

Any excuse involving projects, programs, or research is nothing more than a cover for the religious hate crimes which these people still want to keep under wraps. They are all criminals, which is why they used people in the mafia and CIA, military, FBI, police, to torture and assault my entire family. Not only that, this is just what they have done to ME and it has nothing to do with the gifts my parents have and how they tried to use my own family against me to their benefit.

The latest obstruction attempt is to keep threatening and torturing my parents to keep me out of college so I am never on my feet to challenge the illegal hate crime of torturing me and my son and then kidnapping him and calling it something besides what it is.
It's religious hate crime. That's it.

The "new information" is giving a more coherent timeline for some of the things that happened in Wenatchee involving case obstruction of justice. So if you look at this incredible list of things that were done to obstruct justice and illegally block court processes, I think there's enough motive for torture right there, don't you? Imagine, for one thing, Judge Warren going to jail, not just getting disciplined by a judidiciary committee, for colluding with other Catholics who go to jail, for committing crimes? What they did was criminal. You get enough Catholic religious hate crimes and you start generating a very strong motive for influencing people high-up to torture.
Like I said, that's just the list of things I was obstructed from that I tried to initiate. It doesn't include...ohh...I forgot something else.

#7. I will write about it tomorrow. Obstruction from challenging bad judicial decision (discrimination) in case involving perjury and restraining order for "harassment". Yes, I will write about that tomorrow.

Look at the magnitude of what was done, though, to obstruct justice, BEFORE my son and I were tortured. It's BIG.

And I was the one willing to compromise even when we were innocent. I never should have "cooperated" in any way, shape, or form, with criminals who call themselves "Catholics" and U.S. government employees.

I want this nonsense about military or other research to END, an investigation into religious hate crime that I reported back in 2004, and my son returned to me at once. Stop using and torturing my parents and family too.

(add specific instances of crime committed by police, law enforcement, govt., anyone in federal and state, local govt and refusal to protect or follow duty--instances of committing crimes, concealing evidence, and examples of religious hate crime)


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