Monday, January 16, 2012

Mom & Dad Tortured & The Big Tear Drop

First of all, both my Mom and Dad were tortured today. My mother's eyes were not blackened until Patty came over.

After, I went over and my mother's face was totally dehydrated like she'd been under a sunlamp for hours, or been vomiting or lasered, and her eyes were blackened.

My Dad came back with his eyes and face worse than my mother's. His eyes are not only blackened, they are totally sunken in it's so bad. And yesterday was Sunday and they only went to church and then I didn't see them after that. I didn't see my Dad I mean.

Also, I'd like to know what the big symbolic meaning of The Great Big Teardrop is, because it was on our lawn when I got here, or shortly after, and I am seeing it on labels at the store, and I remember a specific event in my life where I had these big tears roll off my face and drop into a cup and my Dad made a big deal about it.

That was at our house in Sherwood, Oregon. I remember they dropped in and splashed sort of and my Dad made a big deal. That was between 1992-1995 but I know it wasn't after 1995 because I think it was after Mike's car accident that it happened. I was sitting at our round table at the house in Sherwood and it was such a specific moment, I have never forgotten it, and I cried plenty before and after but it was the one time my Dad made a big deal about how my tears rolled into my cup, and my Mom was there in the kitchen. It was such a big deal, that I still even remember which chair I was sitting in and what direction in the dining room. So it was that big of a deal, to my Dad, and was noted at that time in my life.

I think everyone cries and has had the same experience, but since I saw it on our lawn and I've seen it on store labels, I'm just wondering when this became a symbol for something. I mean, I'm seeing it on labels for cooking oil, for printers, and other things, so it makes you wonder. On our lawn in a design...etc.

For me, it predates 1996 and after. I'm pretty sure. Maybe I'm wrong--but I know positively before my parent's sold their house there and that was in 2002 or so. It was at least a year or more before that time.

My Dad commented about it, and was joking around, so I remembered. I had silent tears and they rolled into the cup and splashed and it was a big deal.

But that's just for me personally.

So what does it mean for product labels?

I need to know these things, because even small tiny details mean a lot when you're entire family is being tortured by a jealous, malicious group that clearly has a lot of power.

It makes you wonder who the violent people are supporting if they're NOT supporting us.

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