Saturday, January 7, 2012

Torture Still (tonight)

Someone quit torturing me for a few hours and then started it up again. It's now 2:30 a.m. and for the last hour someone has used laser/infrared and technology that causes ink to burst out of pens in addition to a few other things.

The metal in my neck and teeth, everything. They never quit. Well, they quit for a few hours and then started slowing doing it again.

I got to the point of tears again over the phone to my parents and saying they were going to have to take me to ER by ambulance every day again if this continued and my mother said I would then be put in a mental institution because they'd try that.

So I said, what country is this then. I make valid 911 complaints and have severe pain because they allow torture and then they want to punish me for that and put me in a mental place? like they did in TN? So what is this country then? It's Yodak, or far worse, because this is the U.S. claiming they think they're better than anyone and allowing this.

My mom asked what my pain level was and I cried and shouted and then realized, yeah, it's a way for military that pretends they don't support hate crime, to get an idea of how much pain they are creating. Rate the pain. Sounds like doctors I've known, who even refused painkillers and treatment too. So is it all about how the U.S. will next be paralyzing Pakistanis by using technology on all of them that creates severe dental pain so they can't function?

Or is it that I'm researching the law and they never liked that. They never liked my gifts or abilities and have continuously obstructed justice by using torture against me.

I know that it's people who are obstructive because everytime there is a deadline or I start figuring something out or focusing and putting it together, torture happens.

They didn't dare even try this, aside from migraines, before 2004.


Anonymous said...

Cameo, I posted before. I think you have stress-induced symptoms. The more stress in your life, the worse the symptoms get. As to the contents of your blog, there are a lot of things in there that would appear to cause any reasonable person a huge amount of stress. Have you thought about anti-anxiety medication and/or counseling to deal with the stress of all the stuff you have been going through? Take care.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you would be put in a mental facility against your will. You don't seem to be a danger to yourself or others, which I think what an involuntary commitment is all about. A person would have to be so disabled that they can't take care of themselves. Or they are threatening physical harm to others or to themselves. That being said, if you agreed to get mental health treatment including medications, I think you would benefit from it immensely.