Friday, January 20, 2012

torture (laser burn photo) and theft by U.S. govt.

Here is the laser burn that blistered, after the blister went down. Now it's just burn marks.

I didn't pop them--I let them go down on their own so I could photograph what was underneath without my worsening anything or rubbing it or allowing it to scab.

It was a burn.

And like I said, the pain from this would require maybe 1 advil whereas most of the pain you can't see evidence of, that the U.S. has allowed hate groups to target me with, is on a pain scale that would require about 10-40 mgs morphine any given day.

So after being tortured with 6 or more different forms of technology yesterday, I wasn't in a good mood over the phone and I was rude. But it's not like I'm having "a bad day". this has been going on for years.

So if you see this small burn and think oh, now THAT is evidence, it's true and it's sad bc this looks bad and caused maybe 1 advil worth of pain for a few minutes.

What I experience in pain every single day and night, is so bad no one would hardly believe it. It is literally about the same pain as having cancer and being refused treatment every single day. I would say worse than cancer though, because not only has the U.S. allowed hate crime groups to assault me almost all day and night, on medium to high levels of pain, then they have also jacked it up to the point that they intentionally drive me from my house, or make me feel so ill I almost vomit, or have a seizure. Or, they target my head and laugh while doing the same to my brother and think it's funny when we develop enormous swelling on our heads after damage has been done.

They are doing this to me, my parents, my brother, and my son.

It is completely illegal in the U.S. and they're getting away with it. They torture me 10x worse right before legal and court hearings and deadlines. Without fail, 10x worse. They've allowed hate crime to purpose to keep me from any avenue of justice or income. and then they get ready for the next day, and what they hope to guess right about me and hope I do or don't do and track me all over.

They don't care that we're being tortured at all. They act like it's not even breaking the law. And only because of this, I have not been able to have a life at all, of any kind.

They torture me. They torture my parents. They torture my son and brother.

No, I do not want to live in this country and I do not want my son growing up here around abusers and in a country that has been allowing torture for several years now.

It's crimes committed by The White House, if get right to it. What White House hasn't known or heard about torture of their own citizens in their own country? they run all over rescuing Iranians and Shourd, and negotiating all these crazy kidnapping deals, and then torture us right here under their nose, like no big deal.

What total hypocrisy.

So what's the torture policy in the U.S.? Rescue people as long as the world sees and it makes you look good, but torture as much as you want--just don't get caught?

They are torturing us. Does anyone wonder why I have nothing to show for over 7 years of my life?

I am being tortured. It's not like oh, I was snappy because I had a bad day or week. Try being tortured for 7 years and mocked and ridiculed while your child is kidnapped from you in "the greatest country in the world".

This is maybe the most hypocritical country in the world.
I just saw my Dad and he has been tortured today. I didn't see him all day and wouldn't have tonight but I was having problems with wi-fi. One of his eyes is totally out.

The FBI is torturing him and allowing mafia to do it as well. Around here, it doesn't matter what kind of mafia, Jewish or Italian or whatever, it matters that there is a lot of military and corrupt police back up.

His left eye is open wider than the right and way out, not like normal and all glassy from shock. My mother's eyes look glassy too, sort of from shock in a way, but I don't usually see my Dad's like that.

This country doesn't even tell us we're being charged with crimes or suspected of something or anything. They cut right to the torture.

Torture of their own citizens, without court, without justice, and freezing assets unless they find a way to use us for their own pleasure. They lie and tell everyone we're free to leave and obstruct any access to money. So what if I have a passport. When I had enough money to leave with a passport, they delayed and obstructed my freedom of travel so I couldn't go anywhere. Then, after they felt reassured I had no money and no one would give me any, and while blocking my education, they gave me the passport bc it doesn't matter, bc I'm not going anywhere anyway.

The U.S. is illegally detaining us. AND they are torturing us.

It's not even like we're terrorists or people from Iran or out of the country who don't have certain rights--we are all 100% U.S. citizens and they are illegally detaining us, freezing all our assets, forcing us to slave labor for them, and torturing us.

I guess the U.S. allowed people to torture us so long in this country, without investigating as required, that now after allowing this so long, they know they could be in a lot of trouble so they apparently want to try to find something to use against us. Because either the U.S. supports and encourages the mafia or they are illegally conducting interrogation and torture of my parents and torturing their own kids, U.S. citizens, for their friends and to get to my family.

I can't think of anything they could be investigated for, but when the U.S. allows serious crimes to slide for a very long time against one small family or group, it starts looking bad for them.

I have certain people who are not even contacting me so I am pretty sure there is illegal torture and interrogation happening.

No one has been read "miranda rights" and no one is being legally and formally charged with anything, including me.

In my case, I'm just illegally detained and a prisoner of the U.S. and they allowed hate crime to do this to me. They have blocked me from traveling since 2004.

I never once had a problem with interference of my travel or obstruction of freedom of movement until after I reported FBI agents to the FBI and tried to give them a report about hate crimes that had been ongoing.

I have been blocked from normal travel for 7 years total. In this time I have also been arrested on false charges several times, and been defamed and forced to work for people employed by the U.S. who physically assaulted and degraded me.

My passport was first stolen from me in 2002.

The Department of State and U.S. have acted suspiciously ever since. I know something went down because D.C. FBI was worried I knew about something they'd done to me, a huge mistake they made, which they know caused irreparable harm.

So far, they just enjoy the sound of our being tortured.

And want to find something on us so they're not held accountable for refusing to obey their oath.

The U.S. government has been forcing my parents to let their employees go through my personal house as well. They commit searches without warrants, and basically break and entry and take things that belong to me. Most recently, they stole a roll of thread from me.

They came in, moved things around, and stole thread.

They've stolen my underwear, my shirts, chocolate and other small objects. They've stolen paper receipts from stores that I had saved. Someone came into my house and stole one of my receipts from the Eden healthfood store so I couldn't return something on the right receipt. I had an item that with the 2 together, came to about $15 and someone stole it so I was having to return under "bulk" of a totally different item, with the wrong receipt, for the wrong day. Why? because someone literally came into my house and picked through my things and stole that receipt. I had not thrown even one of my receipts out. That one was a month old and I still remember what was listed on it, and it was stolen.

That's not all. They've come in and smeared poop all over my bathroom. Govt. workers have...inside my bathtub. They got ahold of both of my bras and stretched them out on purpose.

My bra size is a 32 around the ribcage. I'm very small around the ribs. I'm not a 34, I'm a 32. I had 1 or 2 that were 34 and already too big around the ribcage but i had just gotten them on sale, and someone took my bras when I first arrived here, within 1 month, or after I quit working for this one employer, and stretched the band out so it could have only fit a fat woman. My mother would never do this bc she's frugal and so is my Dad and they wouldn't want me asking to buy new bras when we already went underwear shopping.

Someone just maliciously ruined my bras. Instead of bringing it up and asking for new ones, I said nothing to my parents and took them and have been wearing them safety-pinned ever since. It's been months and this is the first time I've mentioned it.

I have someone constantly doing mind control games too, just to get me to do something they want me to do even though it's unnecessary. It's not necessary to tip my laptop a certain way to get the webcam to appear, but bc someone thinks I think this is what works, this is what they do. They force me to have my laptop lid opened at a specific angle and then the cam pops back in. Then, other times, they just have it popping in and out and making a sound each time. It's not necessary to be the administrator on this laptop to keep someone from disconnecting it and freezing my screen. But since they think I am an idiot and that I think going to administrator is what will work, I do and then they quit, even though they can do the exact same thing while I'm administrator. they have been shocking me, literally electrocuting me when I touch my own door to my house when it's raining. Then if my dad makes some excuse for them that isn't even the real reason, they stop, wanting me to think that was it.

So even though doing things a certain way doesn't make a difference, they have experimented on me and harassed me to change the way I would do things, just because the only way they stop blocking me is if I do something totally unreasonable and help them to feel that I am an idiot who must really believe this is how to fix the problem.

It's not necessary for me to have this laptop up against the window to get a connection when it reaches all the way to my kitchen table. they just jerk me around and want me to be standing and to make it more difficult for me to work as if there is something wrong with the distance when it's them. They are the problem. There are no mechanical problems to prevent me from doing anything.

The U.S. is blocking me from having a life out of malice. They're short excuse is that it's mind control research. It's not. It's hate crime.

It's the same thing they did with triggering migraines and then wanting me to think they were natural as they used this as a weapon against me, to prevent me from being productive.

Now they still want to prevent me from being productive and have others think I have mental illness when there is no problem. THEY are the problem and they want a cover for crime.

On top of being literally tortured and manipulated and kept from having any liberties or rights and from being a normal working adult woman with dignity, they have constructed to ruin my life and make me a laughingstock. This country has refused to let me live and allowed people to try to kill me or encourage me to kill myself. They torture me literally and they illegally kidnapped my son.

On top of this, I have people trying to take advantage of me and get away with overcharging me and slipping things in unnoticed while they know I'm being tortured. I have The Department of Ed overcharging me and billing me early for a consolidation that hadn't even completed and they knew it. I have colleges falsely listing me as PT since 2002 when I was a FT student and their incorrect designation of PT costs me money by putting me into interest accruing default at an earlier date. I have lawyers, public defenders even, and Judges, slipping things into the record or deliberately omitting crucial evidence when they know I'm being tortured, hoping to get away with crimes by making a papertrail that has little to do with the actual facts. And then I have the same grocer at the local Safeway who overcharges me every single time I go to her register. First she forgot to take $3 off of a box of chocolates and then yesterday she overcharged me 10 cents. I bought bottled water and it's 5 c. a bottle deposit and instead of charging me $2.40 for the 48 bottles, she charged me $2.50 and owes me 10 cents but I'll get that back when I go in next.

Then, my parents aside from me, my dad's eye is bugged out and totally weird--just one eye, one day after I grabbed some "Vision" eye clinic business cards that have one big eye showing on the card. So I wrote down some plate numbers of people driving by harassing me bc there has been violence against my family. I found out tonight, someone tortured my Dad and specifically targeting just one of his eyes after I was writing plates down on an eye graphics vision card.

I really don't think I'll be going on SSI mental disability anytime soon, but you might want to contact your attorneys. I hope you are investigated for your crimes and go straight to jail. As for me, I'm not staying in a country that uses, abuses, and tortures me and my family and makes excuses for why they took my son from me. It's lies. If The White House wants to support lies regarding torture of citizens, I don't think that's very policy or precedent.

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